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The U.S. History mss., 1612-1977, consist of individual items acquired separately either as a gift, purchase, transfer, or removal from a variety of sources, relating to the United States. Additions continue to be made.
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[Item], U.S. History mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.


Scope and Content:

The U.S. History mss. collection is a miscellaneous collection of manuscripts in American history, which do not fall into any of the library's more specialized manuscript collections. Some of the manuscripts in this collection are in an oversize case.

Note on Indexing Term - "International relations": Of particular interest is: a May 13, 1797 letter from Thomas Jefferson which discusses foreign relations and American isolation. A May 2, 1819 letter from John Quincy Adams to Richard Rush in London. In this letter Adams discusses diplomats and treaties. A 1828-1830 journal written by Edward Thornton Tayloe while secretary to the U.S. Legation in Colombia under William Henry Harrison. From U.S. president John Tyler dated June 7, 1843, a commission of George Proffit as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the U.S.A. to the Emperor of Brazil. A May 19, 1852 letter from J. Heard of Canton, China to George Heard of Massachusetts in which the U.S. preparations to visit Japan are discussed and that Commodore Perry will relieve Commodore Aulick. Apr. 4, 1884-Apr. 27, 1992. Copies of letters and documents written by Woodrow Wilson including a draft of the 14 Points address before a joint session of Congress dated Jan. 8, 1918; an early draft of the Covenant of League of Nations dated August 1918. Oct. 20, 1919 letter from U.S. senator James Eli Watson opposing signing the League of Nations treaty. Written by statesman John Jay, an undated document consisting of 29 numbered questions concerning the subject of neutrality with specific reference to the US and France.

Note on Indexing Term - "Labor unions and socialism": Of interest is a 1933 copy of a document from the National Executive Committee of the U.S. Socialist Party announcing that the disruptionist tactics of the Communist Party has forced it to withdraw from participation in the U.S. congress against war.

Note on Indexing Term - "Law": Of interest are - 1742-May 15, 1786: Legal documents pertaining to Pennsylvania. 1791, Feb. 23: Alexander Hamilton. On the Constitutionality of the bill for establishing a National Bank. 1805, Jan. 5: Case of Samuel Young vs. John Shlife. 1829, Oct. 13: Declaration in St. Lawrence County, New York, Court of Common Pleas in support of a claim to a pension for Revolutionary war service. 1865, Feb. 1 Thirteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The Charles Sumner-James Wormley copy signed by Hannibal Hamlin, Schuyler Colfax, John W. Forney, Edward McPherson, 33 Senators, and 114 Representatives. 1892, May 2: The criminal code of the Northwest Territory written by David Demaree Banta. n.d. The Earl of Bellomont's case. Consists of a defense and a complete summary of the case against Bellomont, the precedents of the supremacy of the Port of New York, Basse's opposition thereto and the vindication of the former's conduct... n.d. From Hughes, Denver & Peck, lawyers to A.W. Rixon regarding the Quin case. n.d. From Chief Justice Frederic Moore Vinson to Duncan Lawrence Groner, refers to the Glass-Ickes case.

Note on Indexing Term - "Medicine": Of interest are: 1790, July 4. Letter from Samuel Adams to Dr. James Paine in which he mentions outbreaks of influenza and measles. 1846, Aug. 14. Letter from Thomas Wait to Martha Jane Weed in which he discusses the recent smallpox outbreak. 1866, Apr. 18. Letter from Matthew Vassar to William Hague in which he expresses the opinion that dancing is necessary for moral and physical health. 1952, Aug. 19. Letter from Upton Sinclair to Bruce Baton, refers to fasting.

Note on Indexing Term - "Religion": Some of the collections which relate to religion are described as follows: 1858-1892. Memorandum books of a Baptist minister in Wisconsin: sermon, doctrinal and church notes, remedies and recipes, agricultural hints, personal and church accounts, general information. 1862, Oct. 24-1863, Sept. 9. Diary of Israel Cogshall, Chaplain, 19th Michigan Infantry. 1865, Jan. 1-July 4. Diary of J.F. Lovering, Chaplain, 17th regiment Maine Infantry. 1886, Nov. 25. Henry Ward Beecher. Thanksgiving sermon notes, Plymouth Church. n.d. Paper relating to Mormonism at Nauvoo, Illinois...

Note on Indexing Term - "Travel": Of interest: a 1788-1807 memorandum book written by Evan Roberts, farmer and town official. Includes a listing of expenses for coming to America in 1794 from Wales, history of journey to America in 1794 on the "Astria" with Captain Alexander Askin, and other journeys and places lived until 1797 (in Welsh), list of boat names and names of travelers and settlers from Wales to the U.S. A 1830-1831 journal of a cruise on board the "U.S.S. Guerriere" written by Commander Charles C.B. Thompson about a voyage from Valparaiso, Chile to Callao, Peru. Dated 1841-1845, remarks on board the ship "Addison" of New Bedford, Mass. on a whaling voyage. A 1843 diary of a journey from Boston to St. Louis and return, entitled "I started for the West." A 1844-1846 log of the whaling barque "Sarah." A 1848-1852 journal of a whaling voyage to the Pacific Ocean in the ship "Archer." Copies of 1850 letters from clerk of the courts Samuel Millikan to his wife, Rhoda Houghton Millikan, en route to California. A 1851-1852 journal of a business trip through numerous states of the U.S. written by liquor dealer Charles B. Cotten. Includes description of the country, the cities, the people and customs.

Note on Indexing Term - "West (U.S.)" and "Americana": Of particular interest: 1837-1844. Journal of a trip to Ohio, and journal of a trip to Saratoga Springs, New York, written by Israel Wilson. 1843, May 6-June 28. "I started for the West" --diary of journey from Boston to St. Louis and return. 1850, Apr. 3-Sept. 24. Copy of letters from Samuel Millikan to his wife en route to California. 1886, Aug. 10-1894, Dec. 22. Correspondence relating to Dakota lands written by Arthur Calvin Mellette, governor of South Dakota. 1886, Aug. 25-1895, Jan. 8. "A Hoosier in Kansas: the Diary of Hiram H. Young." 1889, Apr. 22-June 16. Photographs of the Oklahoma and Native American territories. Most images are of Guthrie, Oklahoma days after being opened for white settlement. 1892, May 2. "The Criminal Code of the Northwest Territory," written by David Demaree Banta. 1944. "Western North America with special consideration of the German immigrants in their relation to agriculture, trade, and commerce conditions" written by Nicholas Hesse. Translated from the 1838 German edition. n.d. "Echoes of the Past: Some Biographical Notes on James Steel, farmer, carpenter and preacher of Perry Township, Ohio." n.d. Historical notes on the Northwest Territory. n.d. "History of the Old Northwest" written by Logan Esarey. n.d. Letter from William How of Independence, Missouri to A. Birham How in which he writes about his family, weather conditions, the interest in the California gold mines with "about 500 coming up the river in every boat, and 2,000 planning to depart on the first of May."

Note on Indexing Term - "World War, 1914-1918": Of pertinent interest is The Official History of the Fifth Division ...1917- 1919, compiled and written by 2nd Lt. Kenyon Stevenson.

Note on Indexing Term - "World War, 1939-1945": Of interest: 1940, Nov. 1. Radio speech by Wendell Willkie which discusses planes for Britain. 1941, Dec. 8-1942, Feb. 28. Report on the U.S.S. Houston from Dec. 8, 1941, until she was reported missing Feb. 28, 1942. 1945, Mar. 3. Letter from Mark Wayne Clark, General of the 15th Army Group to Herman B Wells of Indiana University, contains one paragraph on the Italian campaign. 1945, Apr. 2. Letter from George C. Marshall to Herman B Wells pertaining to R.O.T.C. For digitized content, see Digital Collections.

Acquisition information:
Received from numerous sources at various times. Accession information is given for the majority of entries. The most recent addition was made in 1994.

Arranged chronologically. Undated items are arranged alphabetically at the end of the series.

Physical location:
Lilly - Vault 2; Lilly - Vault 1 (Washington to Langdon, General Orders No. 9, 13th Amendment); ALF (Auxiliary Library Facility) - OVFlat; ALF (Auxiliary Library Facility) (Box 19, 20, 21); Lilly - Stacks; Lilly - Map Case

Indexed Terms

Slavery--United States
Abolitionists -- United States
North America--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775
International relations
Labor unions and socialism
West (U.S.)
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
World War, 1914-1918
World War, 1939-1945
United States--History--War of 1812
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783
Indians of North America --Government relations.
United States. Declaration of Independence.
Adams, John, 1735-1826.
Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848.
Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803.
Addams, Jane, 1860-1935.
Brown, John, 1800-1859.
Cleveland, Grover, 1837-1908.
Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969.
Crockett, Davy, 1786-1836.
Fillmore, Millard, 1800-1874.
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790.
Garfield, James A. (James Abram), 1831-1881.
Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885.
Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804.
Hancock, John, 1737-1793.
Harrison, Benjamin, 1833-1901
Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845.
Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826.
Harrison, William Henry, 1773-1841.
Johnson, Andrew, 1808-1875.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Little Turtle, 1747?-1812.
Madison, James, 1751-1836.
Monroe, James, 1758-1831.
Penn, William, 1644-1718.
Pierce, Franklin, 1804-1869.
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945.
Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.
Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, 1812-1883.
Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972.
Talleyrand-Périgord, Charles Maurice de, prince de Bénévent, 1754-1838.
Tyler, John, 1790-1862.
Van Buren, Martin, 1782-1862
Washington, George, 1732-1799.
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924.
Winthrop, John, 1588-1649.
Woodbury, Levi, 1789-1851.
Wright, Joseph A. (Joseph Albert), 1810-1867.
Lilly, Josiah Kirby, 1893-1966
Confederate States of America--Manuscripts.
Northwest, Old..
Cherokee Nation.
United States--History--20th century--Manuscripts.

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[Item], U.S. History mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

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