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Lavrov, Fëdor I︠u︡r'evich, 1965-, Strogachëv, Aleksandr, 1962-2005, Aksenov, Aleksandr, 1964-2007, Pshishli︠a︡k-Parfenov, Dmitriĭ, 1965-, Otdel samoiskorenenii︠a︡ (Musical group), and Narodnoe opolchenie (Musical group)
This collection consists of materials smuggled out of the Soviet Union and donated by Fedor (Feddy) Lavrov--all materials relating to his Punk rock music production studio, Begemotion Records. This collection includes physical and digitized recordings, photographs, promotional materials, lyric sheets, and album art relating to the music he produced, performed, and composed with various Soviet punk rock musicians and punk rock bands in 1980s Soviet Union, Leningrad.
211 Items (5 record boxes, 1 oversize folder, 16 open-reel cases) and 16 Audio Files (16 audio files of digitized open-reel tapes.)
Text materials are largely in Russian, but also include English.
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[Item], The Fedor Lavrov Collection, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, Bloomington.


Biographical / Historical:

Fedor Yurievich Lavrov, born August 18, 1965, in Leningrad, USSR is a Russian musician, composer, sound producer, arranger, artist, and designer. He is known for his work in several groups he helped found, including Rezinovyi Rikoshet, Otdel Samoiskoreneniia (presumably the very first Soviet Anarcho-Punk band), Narodnoe opolchenia, Brigadnyi podriiad, and several others. In addition to his songwriting, he sings and plays the guitar, keyboard, and drums. As a sound producer, he began recording music in 1980. From the very beginning of his career, he has been working at his own studio, which since the days of the punk underground has been called "Begemotion Records".

Lavrov studied percussion in school (1981-1982), during which time he also played drums in the group Rezinovyi Rikoshet, with whom he made his first recordings. In 1982, Lavrov went to work at the Youth Theater in what was then Leningrad. He founded his first original group Otdel Samoiskoreneniia and joined Narodnoe Opolchenie. He composed and recorded for both groups, releasing self-designed magnetic albums on 6 mm films (magnitizdat), which he distributed for free through the underground punk studio Begemotion Records, located in his apartment. Throughout the early 1980s, his recordings featured musicians such as Andrey "Svin'ia" [Pig] Panov, Alex "Ogoltelyi" [Frantic] Strogachov, Alexander "Rikochet" [Ricochet] Aksenov, Dmitry "Oslik" [Donkey] Pshishlyak-Parfenov, Georgy "Gustav" Guryanov, Yulia "Aktivnaia" [Active] Zaretskaya, Evgeny "Titya " Titov, Mikhail Dubov, Dmitry "Volosatyi" [Hairy] Buchin, the group Brigadnyi Podriiad, and guitarist Andrei Otriaskin.

In 1984, Lavrov was drafted into the Soviet Army and sent to the Southern Military District with the prospect of serving in Afghanistan. Lavrov refused to serve due to personal political beliefs, but his refusal was overruled under USSR article #4. In the summer of 1984, upon returning from the army, Lavrov was summoned by the KGB for interrogations about the provocative and anti-Soviet activities of Begemotion Records and his group Otdel Samoiskoreneniia. Lavrov was required to surrender his recordings, photographs, and lyrics to the KGB archive. He was also required to sign a document vowing to stop his subversive activities and discontinue any further efforts to compose and record works that discredit the image of the USSR and its leaders. Begemotion Records continued to exist until 1986, recording with groups Narodnoe Opolchenie and Brigadnyi Podriiad. The group Otdel Samoiskoreneniia ceased to exist after 1986.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of five series documenting the Begemotion Records during its years in Leningrad in the 1980s. Series 1 contains physical sound recordings including 16 open-reel tapes. Series 2 contains 16 digitized audio files from the open-reel tape recordings. Series 3 contains 46 lyric sheets created by Lavrov, Ogoltelyi and Rikoshet as well as post cards from Rikoshet and Oslik and photographs by Vadik Mrachny. Series 4 contains photographs of himself and various members of his bands. Series 5 contains album art, promotional materials, and costume pieces for various bands for which Begemotion Studio recorded their music.

Acquisition information:
All materials were donated by Fedor Lavrov in 2019 to Indiana University Cook Music Library.
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Arranged in five series:

  1. Series 1: Physical sound recordings
  2. Series 2: Digital sound recordings
  3. Series 3: Lyric sheets and correspondence
  4. Series 4: Photographs
  5. Series 5: Album art, promotional materials, and costumes
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[Item], The Fedor Lavrov Collection, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, Bloomington.

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