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IU Folklore Institute, 1987

41 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc070
The project deals with the beginning, the building, and the growth of the Indiana University (IU) Folklore Institute into an internationally recognized program. The interviewees are mostly students and/or faculty of the folklore program from the 1940s to the 1980s. They discuss those who most influenced and impacted the institute, namely Stith Thompson and Richard M. Dorson. They share their memories and experiences of the time they spent, or continue to spend, in the IU Folklore Institute.

Generations of Auto Workers: Anderson, Indiana, 1930-1982

28 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc042
This project examines the impact of unionization on Guide Lamp and Delco Remy, two automobile plants in Anderson, Indiana, between the years of 1930 and 1982. It details the events of the 1937 sit-down strike at Guide Lamp and the various improvements in working conditions, wages, job security, and benefits that the United Auto Workers helped to influence at the two plants. The project highlights changes in policy towards women, minority groups, and retirees in the factory workplace, and it offers descriptions of the evolving roles of management and the union and changing relationships among workers in the two plants. Finally, the project details the history of the two plants within the community of Anderson at large, and it offers commentary on the then-current problems and challenges facing the automobile industry as a whole.

Whiting, Indiana: Generational Memory, 1991-1993

88 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc102
This collection of interviews primarily delves into the Republican view of Indiana politics from the nineteen twenties to the early nineteen sixties. Major emphasis is placed on both state and national elections and conventions from 1940-1948. The project contains discussions of political campaigns (including finances), the patronage system, and legislation battles. The interviews also reflect on William Jenner by describing his character, beliefs, and influence on Republican politics in Indiana.

American Foundations Oral History Project, 1989-1993

42 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc001
The American Foundations Oral History Project consists of a series of interviews with prominent American philanthropists, each of whom relates their background, the development of their values, and their philosophies of philanthropy. The purpose and state of American philanthropy, including those family foundations and corporate foundations, form a central topic, as do the recent trend of increasing diversity and opinions on grant evaluation and philanthropic assessment. In addition, many interviewees comment on the role of government in philanthropy and the system of ethics at play in American philanthropy.

Archer mss., 1838-1940

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 1024
The Archer mss., 1838-1940, consists of notes on lectures and papers written by Calvin Beza Kell Archer, 1822-1947, while he was a student at Princeton Seminary (now Hanover College) and Indiana University, 1838-1844.

Art mss., 1740-1993

19.3 Linear Feet (5 boxes, 31 volumes, 81 folios) Collection ID: LMC 2443
The Art mss., 1740-1993, consists of drawings, sketches, etchings, illustrations, and other works of art acquired individually from various artists.

Barnhart mss., 1813-1962

2 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 1057
The Barnhart mss., 1813-1962, consists of the papers of history scholar John Donald Barnhart, 1895-1967.

Barnstone mss., 1948-2015

76 Items (62 boxes, 7 oversize) Collection ID: LMC 2343
The Barnstone mss., 1948-2015, consists of the papers of poet and translator Willis Barnstone, 1927-.

Autobiography: Mary M. Barr-Koon, 1984

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc009
Mary Margaret H. Barr-Koon talks about her experience as a woman in academia and the issue of bilingualism in schools. She talks extensively about her travels around the world and the experiences she encountered acting as an interpreter. During the interview she talks about her relationship with her family and her husband's children.

Bartholomew mss., 1838-1886

0.6 linear feet (2 boxes, 1 folio) Collection ID: LMC 1058
The Bartholomew mss., 1838-1886, consists of the papers of American businessman, pioneer, and judicial officer Jacob Bartholomew, 1818-1863, and his wife, Emily Ebersole Bartholomew, 1825-1913.