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The Woodburn mss., 1795-1942, consist of letters and papers of four generations of the Woodburn family, James Woodburn, 1748-1812, farmer; Dorrance Beatty Woodburn, 1786- 1856, farmer and teacher; James Woodburn, 1817-1865, teacher; and James Albert Woodburn, 1856-1943, historian.
Williams, Kenneth P. (Kenneth Powers), 1887-1958.
The Williams, K.P. mss., 1820-1958, consists of letters and papers of Kenneth Powers Williams, 1887-1958, professor of mathematics at Indiana University and author of Lincoln Finds a General.

4. Owen mss., 1821-1911 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Owen, Richard, 1810-1890
The Owen mss., 1821-1911, consist mainly of letters and papers of Richard Owen, 1810-1890 (son of Robert Owen), professor at Indiana University, and first president of Purdue University, and his descendants.

5. Holman mss., 1822-1894 0.6 linear feet (2 boxes)

Holman Family
The Holman mss., 1822-1894, consist of the papers and correspondence of Richard Henry Holman, 1817-1841, lawyer, written chiefly during his attendance at Indiana College at Bloomington; of his father, Jesse Lynch Holman, 1784-1842, judge; and of his brother-in-law, Allen Hamilton, 1798-1864, Indiana state legislator, largely concerned with land speculation and payments.

6. Bicknell mss., 1828-1881 1.5 linear feet (2 boxes)

Bicknell, George A. (George Augustus), 1815-1891
The Bicknell mss., 1828-1881, consist of the papers of George Augustus Bicknell, 1815-1891, of New Albany, Indiana, professor of law at Indiana University, 1861-1870, and a member of Congress from Indiana, 1877-1881.

7. Esarey mss. II, 1830-1865 12 items (1 oversized folder)

The Esarey mss. II, 1830-1865, consists of a commission to Jonathan Davis Esarey, 1783-1858, as associate judge of Perry county, Indiana, 1830; deed for the transfer of real estate in Crawford county, Indiana, by John Hughes to Tolbort T. Yates, 1840; land grants to Jonathan Davis Esarey, 1837, 1841, to John Hughes, 1840, 1841, and Jesse Clark Esarey, 1817-1869, soldier, 1858; a commission to Jesse Clark Esarey as an ensign in the 12th regiment, Indiana Militia, 1841; report by Jesse Clark Esarey of the Perry county Oil Rifles, 1865; certificate issued to Jesse Clark Esarey for study and drill at the school of instruction at Burnside Barracks, 1862; a bill for rations furnished for picket duty at Cross Roads near Hitt's blacksmith shop, July 13-18, 1863, at the time of Morgan's Raid by G.W. Hitt; and a diploma to Louisa E. Hight from the Monroe County Female Academy, 1856.

8. Hughes mss., 1833-1888 5 linear feet (4 boxes)

Hughes, Denver & Peck.
The Hughes mss., 1833-1888, are legal papers of the law firm of Hughes, Denver and Peck, Washington, D.C., largely consisting of Confederate and Native American claims before the U.S. Court of Claims.

9. Elliott, J.B. mss., 1851-1853 11 items (1 folder)

The Elliott, J.B. mss., 1851-1853, are letters written by and to John Bennett Elliott, 1836-1904, student at Indiana University, 1852-1853, and later farmer and fruit grower of Harmony Township, Posey County, Indiana.

10. Eigenmann mss., 1851-1971 1767 items (4 boxes; 2 volumes; 2 folders; 2 folios)

​The Eigenmann mss., 1851-1971, consists of the papers of Carl H. Eigenmann, 1863-1927, ichthyologist, and his wife, Rosa Smith Eigenmann, 1858-1947, ichthyologist.