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Zenith mss., 1985-2004

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2614
The Zenith mss. consists of the correspondence and manuscripts of translations from the Portuguese, ca. 1999-2004, of Richard Zenith.

Wright, B. mss., ca. 1930-2009

17 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2360
The Wright B. mss., ca. 1930-2009, consists of the papers of translator Barbara Wright relating to her English translations of French authors.

Wortsman mss., 1977-2006

4 Boxes (4 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2568
The Wortsman mss., 1977-2006, consist of the writings, translations, correspondence, and professional files of translator Peter Wortsman.

Woods mss., 1977-2004

7 Boxes (7 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2269
The Woods mss., 1977-2004, consist of correspondence and manuscripts of German works translated into English by John Edwin Woods.

Wolfson mss., 1994-2002

2 Boxes (2 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2396
The Wolfson mss., ca. 1994-2002, consist of the papers of Laura E. Wolfson relating to her translations of works from Russian into English.

Winston mss., ca. 1998-2011

2 Boxes (2 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2656
The Winston mss., ca. 1998 - 2011, consist of drafts of German literature translations by Krishna Winston, a professor in the German Studies Department at Wesleyan University.

Wing mss., ca. 1984-2010

6 Boxes (6 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2486
The Wing mss., ca. 1984-2010, consist of materials pertaining to the literary translations of Elizabeth Nelson Wing.

Weissbort mss., 1968-2005

7 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2597
The Weissbort mss., 1968-2005, consists of the papers, translations, correspondence, and notes of translator and poet Daniel Weissbort, 1935-2013.

Weaver, W. mss. II, 1833-2006

27 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2690
The Weaver, W. mss. II, 1833-2006, consists of the correspondence, writings, research, photographs, and teaching materials pertaining to the life and work of literary critic and translator William Weaver, 1923-2013.

Vennewitz, Leila mss., 1964-2007

2.5 Linear Feet (2 boxes) Collection ID: LMC 2268
The Vennewitz, Leila mss., 1964–2007, consists of the papers of translator Leila Vennewitz, 1912–2007.

Translations mss., 1800-2010

2 Boxes (2 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2245
Translations mss., ca. 19th-21st centuries, consist primarily of manuscripts of literary translations, either from a foreign language into English or in some cases from English into another language. Also present are letters from authors to translators of their work or from the translators to the authors they translate.

Theroux, Peter mss., 1969-2015

3 Boxes (3 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2267
The Theroux, Peter mss., 1969-2015, consists of papers and correspondence related to Peter Theroux's work as a translator of Arabic novels, as well as materials related to his brothers, novelists Paul Theroux and Alexander Theroux.

Strand mss., 1953-2016

16 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2379
The Strand mss., 1953-2014, consists of the correspondence, writing, and other materials regarding the American poet laureate Mark Strand, 1934-2014, including correspondence concerning his work as a translator of poetry.

Sorkin mss., 1998-2012

4.5 linear feet Collection ID: LMC 2935
The Sorkin mss., 1998-2012, consist of drafts and page proofs of translations from the Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin.

Smith, W.J. mss., 1947-2007

13 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2547
The Smith, W.J. mss., 1947-2007, consists of writings, translations, correspondence, and research materials of poet and translator William Jay Smith, 1918-2015.

Smith, Annette mss., 1964-2004

7 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2613
The Smith, Annette mss. 1964-2004, consists of the papers of Annette Smith, 1924-, Professor Emeritus of Literature at the California Institute of Technology.

Rubin, Jay mss., 1984-2006

7 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2571
The Rubin, Jay mss., 1984-2006, consist of the corespondence, papers, manuscripts, and typescripts related to literary translations from the Japanese by translator Jay Rubin.

Rosenberg, Betsy mss., 1979-2013

6 Boxes (6 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2489
The Rosenberg, Betsy mss., ca.1979-2013, consist of the papers, writings, and correspondence of poet and translator Betsy Rosenberg.

Razum mss., 1998-2003

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2359
The Razum mss., circa 1998-2003, consist of literary translations from English into German by Kathrin Razum.

Pollock mss., 1971-2007

4 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 3010
Consists of the notes, drafts and final manuscript of Nature, Man and God in Medieval Islam: 'Abd Allah Baydawi's text, Tawali' al-anwar min matali' al-anzar, along with Mahmud Isfahani's commentary, Matali' al-anzar, sharh Tawali' al-anwar, edited and translated by Edwin E. Calverley and James W. Pollock (Leiden: Brill, 2002).