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Calder & Boyars.
Consists primarily of the papers of the British publishing firm of Calder & Boyars Ltd. Also included are the papers of its predecessor John Calder (Publishers) and the personal papers of John Calder, 1927- . A few personal papers of Marion Boyars, 1928-1999, are also present.
Creeley, Robert, 1926-2005
The Corman mss. consists of letters, December 14, 1949- November 22, 1955, from poet Robert Creeley, 1926-2005, to poet, translator, and editor of literary magazine Origin, Sidney "Cid" Corman, 1924-2004.

13. Hays/Brecht mss., 1939-1981 1 Box (1 standard)

Hays, H. R. (Hoffman Reynolds), 1904-1980.
The Hays/Brecht mss., ca. 1939-1981, consist primarily of a series of typescripts sent by German playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) to his first American translator, Hoffman Reynolds (H.R.) Hays (1904-1980), along with drafts of translations and related correspondence and documents from Hays's Brecht files.
Heath-Stubbs, John, 1918-2006
The Heath-Stubbs mss., 1952-1967, consist of correspondence of John Francis Alexander Heath-Stubbs, 1918-2006, poet, with other poets concerning his books, matters of common interest among friends, and his writings.

19. Jansen, Peter K. mss., 1836-2005 1 Box (1 standard)

Jansen, Peter K.
The Jansen, Peter K. mss., 1836–2005, consists primarily of manuscripts, drafts, correspondence and other material relating to translations into English from the German made by Peter K. Jansen (1934–2007) over the course of his career.
Nims, John Frederick, 1913-1999
The Nims mss. II, 1929-2003, consist of the correspondence and writings of poet John Frederick Nims, 1913-1999, including materials relating to his work as a translator of poetry.
Montherlant, Henry de, 1896-1972
The Quennell mss., 1959-1971, are the letters of Henry Milon de Montherlant, 1895-1972, essayist and dramatist, to Peter Quennell, 1905-1993, editor of History To-day in London.

32. Sonnenschein, Hugo mss., 1945-1946 1 Box (1 standard)

Sonnenschein, Hugo, 1889-1953.
The Sonnenschein, Hugo mss., 1945–1946, consists of four bound manuscripts of poetry and memoirs by Hugo Sonnenschein, 1889–1953, a German–language writer born in the Austro–Hungarian Empire, who often wrote under the pseudonym "Sonka."

33. Strand mss., 1953-2016 16 Boxes

Strand, Mark, 1934-2014
The Strand mss., 1953-2014, consists of the correspondence, writing, and other materials regarding the American poet laureate Mark Strand, 1934-2014, including correspondence concerning his work as a translator of poetry.

34. Strawn mss., 1959-1998 3 Boxes (3 standard)

Strawn, Richard R., 1923-2015
The Strawn mss., 1959-1998, consist of translations of opera libretti by Wabash College professor Richard Strawn for the Indiana University School of Music Opera Theater.

35. Taymūr mss., 1929-1953 1 Box (1 standard)

Taymūr, Mahmūd, 1894-1973
The Taymūr mss., ca. 1929–1953, consist of mostly short stories by Mahmūd Taymūr (1894–1973), one of the most influential Arabic writers of the 20th century.

36. Translations mss., 1800-2010 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Translations mss., ca. 19th-21st centuries, consist primarily of manuscripts of literary translations, either from a foreign language into English or in some cases from English into another language. Also present are letters from authors to translators of their work or from the translators to the authors they translate.

37. Weaver, W. mss., 1954-1999 23 Boxes (22 standard, 1 custom)

Weaver, William, 1923-
The Weaver, W. mss., 1954-1999, consists of the notebooks, manuscript drafts, typescripts, galley proofs, correspondence and related material of literary translator and critic William Weaver, 1923-2013.
Weaver, William Fense
The Weaver, W. mss. II, 1833-2006, consists of the correspondence, writings, research, photographs, and teaching materials pertaining to the life and work of literary critic and translator William Weaver, 1923-2013.