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IU Oral History Archive, 1991-2001

194 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc072
This project is a compilation of interviews of subjects with strong ties to and memories of Indiana University, primarily at the Bloomington campus, including former students, faculty, and staff, among others. The information spans most of the twentieth century and deals with the administrations under presidents Herman B Wells, John Ryan, Thomas Ehrlich, and Myles Brand. The project occurred in two parts. The first round of interviews was with administrators, trustees, and other high-ranking members of the university hierarchy. The second round of interviews was with senior faculty from a number of departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. The project is a survey of Indiana University's history as a whole including information about various academic departments, athletics, student organizations, campus growth, and the university's growth in the twentieth century. This project was funded by President Emeritus John Ryan.

Early 20th Century Pennsylvania Coal Mining, 1981

5 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc123
This collection contains 5 interviews with 7 people conducted by John Bodnar in 1981 for the Pennsylvania State Archives oral history project "Nanticoke Women Oral History Project." The people being interviewed were born in the late 19th and early 20th century and lived in the mining towns of Nanticoke and Plymouth, Pennsylvania. These towns were involved with the coal mining unions and strikes of the 1920's and 1930's. Some of interviewees worked in the mines while others had other occupations. Of the 7 people interviewed, 6 are of Polish descent with either their parent(s) or grandparent(s) immigrating to the U.S., while the other person was born in Italy and moved to the United States at the age of 15. Among the topics brought up, there is a lot of emphasis on the strikes that went on in the 1920's and 1930's involving the United Mine Workers and the union that broke off from them, the United Anthracite Miners. Many key figures from this time are discussed including John L. Lewis, Thomas Maloney, John Fine, Judge W. A. Valentine, and Rinaldo Capellini. The interviewees discuss the impact that the strikes and politics of the coal mines had on their jobs and towns. They speak of the violence that occurred at the time including dynamite attacks, fighting during the strikes, and the assassination of Thomas Maloney, who was a president of the United Anthracite Miners.

Leng mss., 1909-1957

2 Boxes (2 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2366
The Leng mss., 1909-1957, consist of the correspondence and papers of English photographer and printer Kyle P. Leng (d. 1958) and his family. By far the bulk of the correspondence is with Robert Gathorne-Hardy, 1902-1973, covering the years from the beginning of their relationship until Leng's death, or 1921-1958. There are several folders of Leng's correspondence with various members of his family and several more folders of correspondence with colleagues and friends. Correspondence with family includes that with Robert Leng, Ruth Leng, William Leng, and most abundantly, his brother Basil Leng, as well as childhood letters from both Kyrle as well as Basil. Correspondents in this latter group include Cecil Beaton, Lord David Cecil, Norman Douglas, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Siegfried Sassoon, and Stephen Tennant. Much of these correspondence involve communciation between British socialites, royalty, and other wealthy or upperclass members of early 20th century British Society. Also present are photographs, some poems and other writings by Leng, and a few clippings or other printed items.

Whiting, Indiana: Generational Memory, 1991-1993

88 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc102
This collection of interviews primarily delves into the Republican view of Indiana politics from the nineteen twenties to the early nineteen sixties. Major emphasis is placed on both state and national elections and conventions from 1940-1948. The project contains discussions of political campaigns (including finances), the patronage system, and legislation battles. The interviews also reflect on William Jenner by describing his character, beliefs, and influence on Republican politics in Indiana.

History: Paoli, Indiana, 1987-1989

40 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc057
This collection of interviews presents the life histories and impressions of a variety of residents from or near Paoli, Indiana. The interviewees range in age from early twenties to senior citizens and represent diverse professions, educational levels, and interests. This collection highlights some of the major changes in Orange County over the twentieth century and provides insight into the rich community life experienced by its residents.