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9. Boerner mss., 1779-2020 4 Boxes (3 standard; 1 custom)

Wolzogen, Caroline von, 1763-1847
The Boerner mss., 1779-1828, consist of manuscripts, journals, and correspondence by and relating to German writers Caroline von Wolzogen, Oskar Seidlin, and Friedrich von Schiller, along with related research material from German literary scholar and Goethe researcher Peter Boerner.
Wissing, Douglas A.
The Wissing mss., 1994-2016, consist of the papers of Indiana University alumnus and Bloomington-based journalist Douglas Wissing. The collection includes his freelance articles as well as several book projects, including two books on US aid to Afghanistan.

14. Winston mss., 1998-2008 30 Items (2 boxes)

Winston, Krishna
The Winston mss., ca. 1998 - 2011, consist of drafts of German literature translations by Krishna Winston, a professor in the German Studies Department at Wesleyan University.

15. Winston mss., ca. 1998-2011 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Winston, Krishna.
The Winston mss., ca. 1998 - 2011, consist of drafts of German literature translations by Krishna Winston, a professor in the German Studies Department at Wesleyan University.

17. Wilson, R.A. mss., 1960-2001 6 Boxes (5 standard, 1 custom)

Wilson, Robert Alfred Jump, 1922-
The Wilson, R.A. mss., 1960-2001, consist of the correspondence of bookseller Robert Alfred Jump Wilson,1922-2016, and poet John Wieners, 1934-2002, related to the publishing of Wieners' Ace of Pentacles (Lilly PS3545 .I18 A62) in 1964.
William T. Patten Foundation
The William T. Patten Foundation was founded at Indiana University in May 1931 by Indiana University alumnus William T. Patten. The Foundation hosts scholars from various institutions and disciplines to give lectures in his/her area of expertise. This collection contains files on each scholar who has assumed the role of Patten Lecturer since 1968. The files include recommendations from IU faculty to the Patten Committee, programs, and correspondence, as well as some audio and video recordings of the lectures.
Williams, Camilla, 1919-2012
Camilla Williams was an internationally acclaimed soprano opera vocalist who broke racial bias barriers in society as well as professionally. Miss Williams came to Indiana University in 1977 as a professor of voice at the Jacobs School of Music. The collection contains performance posters, correspondence, clippings about her career and former student's accomplishments, photographs, awards, plaques, and scrapbooks.

22. Logan H. Westbrooks Collection, 1936-2016 40 document cases (28.7 linear feet)

Westbrooks, Logan H.
The collection of music industry professional Logan H. Westbrooks contains professional and personal papers, photographs, sound recordings, video recordings, digital files, posters, books, memorabilia, artifacts and other material documenting his life and work from the 1930s through the 2010s. Professional papers pertain to his employment at Capitol Records, Mercury Records, CBS Records, CBS International, Soul Train Records, Source Records, and his management firm Ascent Music Inc. Personal papers pertain to his upbringing in Memphis, TN, the Church of God in Christ, lectures at California State University and Indiana University, philanthropic activities, and civic service. Topics include African American music industry executives; record labels; recording industry in United States, Africa, and Jamaica; African American musicians; black churches; rhythm and blues, soul, jazz, and funk music; radio and African American disc jockeys.
Wells, Herman B
Before becoming president of Indiana University, Herman B Wells served as an assistant cashier at the National Bank of Lebanon before going on to work for the Indiana Bankers Association, the Indiana Commission for Financial Institutions, and the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions. He was named dean of the Indiana University School of Business administration in 1935 by IU President William Lowe Bryan. In 1937 he was named acting president of the university and president the following year, a position he held until 1962. Upon his retirement, IU created the position of University Chancellor, which Dr. Wells held until his death in 2000. This collection consists of Wells' personal papers and includes papers pertaining to his family and personal finances, his activities in the banking profession, his work in Germany for the United States government after World War II, and to his research and teaching and professional activities as a member of the faculty of Indiana University.
Weaver, William Fense
The Weaver, W. mss. II, 1833-2006, consists of the correspondence, writings, research, photographs, and teaching materials pertaining to the life and work of literary critic and translator William Weaver, 1923-2013.

35. Volková, Bronislava mss., 1983-2011 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Volková, Bronislava
The Volková, Bronislava mss., 1983-2011, consists of typescripts, drafts, email correspondence and other material relating to poetry in Czech and English by Bronislava Volková, 1946- , Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Indiana University.

38. Betty van der Smissen papers, 1954-2008 8 cubic feet (8 boxes)

Van der Smissen, Betty, 1927-2008
Betty van der Smissen was an alumna of the University of Kansas and Indiana University and an educator, writer, and consultant in the field of outdoor recreation and risk management. Contents of this collection date from 1954 through 2008 and consist mainly of teaching material such as course syllabi, correspondence, readings, and exams; research and drafts of publications; handbooks and self-assesment material for park and recreation agency accreditations; and material related to van der Smissen's participation in professional organizations and conferences.
Uslan, Michael (Michael E.), 1951-
The Uslan, Michael mss., 1973-2007, consists of the files, typescripts, emails, memorabilia, original artwork, recordings, periodicals, realia, photos, production boards and ephemera of Michael E. Uslan, 1951- , the originator of the Batman movies.

40. Indiana University Women's Club records, 1913-2004, bulk 1940-1975 8 cubic feet(Approximately) (8 boxes)

University Women's Club (Indiana University, Bloomington)
The University Women's Club was established at Indiana University on April 24, 1913, under the name of the Faculty Women's Club. The goal of the club was to hold social gatherings for members. In 1959 the group changed its name to the University Women's Club to avoid further confusion with the Women's Faculty Club. The collection consists of meeting minutes and reports, subject files and scrapbooks.

41. Indiana University Club records, 1959-2021 2 Cubic Feet (4 boxes: 1rc, 2 dc, 1 custom box)

University Club (Indiana University, Bloomington)
The University Club was established at Indiana University in 1959 by combining four older Indiana University clubs: the Men's Faculty Club (established in 1912), the University Women's Club (originally titled the Faculty Women's Club when established in 1913, renamed in 1959), the Women's Faculty Club (established in 1923), and the Newcomer's Club (originally part of the University Women's Club). From 1959 until 1988, the University Club acted as an umbrella organization for the four separate clubs it contained. In this structure each individual club pursued its own programs and also participated in University Club programs. Starting in 1989, however, all programs developed by the four separate clubs have been listed under the rubric of the University Club and have been open to all members of the University Club. The goals of the University Club are to organize and implement social and cultural events.
United World Federalists
The United World Federalists mss. IV, 1927-2011, consists of books, pamphlets, and research related to the United Nations, the environment, and generalized politics, as well as copies of World Federalist Association annual reports, the World Federalist News magazine, and miscellaneous related awards and conferences materials.

44. Unger mss., 1968-2003 3 Boxes (3 standard)

Unger, Douglas, 1952-
The Unger mss., 1968-2003, consists of the correspondence, interviews, writings, and other materials relating to Raymond and Maryanne Carver and their friendship with the Unger family.
Townsend, E. Reginald,
E. Reginald Townsend (1917-1980) is best known as the man who built Liberia's Information Service. He served as Press Secretary and Chief of the Bureau (now the Department of Information, Culture and Tourism) to William V.S. Tubman, President of Liberia from 1944 to 1971, and as Minister of State for Presidential Affairs to William R. Tolbert, President of Liberia from 1971 to 1980. Townsend's wife, Evelyn Diggs Townsend (1932-2004), was involved in and led several church and women's organizations. After a coup brought down the Tolbert government and resulted in her husband's execution in 1980, she worked to attain peace in Liberia. The materials in this collection include papers from the years of Reginald Townsend's service during the Tubman and Tolbert presidencies and those from Evelyn Townsend's work in many service organizations, as well as personal correspondence and memorabilia from the Townsend family

48. Maida Tilchen papers, 1970-2022, bulk 1974-1979 .8 Cubic Feet (3 Boxes consisting of 1 letter dc, 2 small letter dc, OS Boxes 15 and 16)

Tilchen, Maida, 1949-
Maida Tilchen is an Indiana University alumna and activist who focused on LGBTQ+ and women's rights. This collection comprises .8 cubic feet and primarily consists of Tilchen's papers and collected materials documenting her life in Bloomington, Indiana and the local social justice initiatives of the 1970s.

51. Theroux, Peter mss., 1969-2015 3 Boxes (3 standard)

Theroux, Peter
The Theroux, Peter mss., 1969-2015, consists of papers and correspondence related to Peter Theroux's work as a translator of Arabic novels, as well as materials related to his brothers, novelists Paul Theroux and Alexander Theroux.

52. Esther Thelen papers, 1977-2005 14 cubic feet (16 boxes)

Thelen, Esther
Esther Thelen (1941-2004) was a professor of psychology at Indiana University Bloomington and a well-known researcher in the field of developmental psychology. She is known for applying the dynamic systems theory to the study of infant motor development; this has since become the dominant theoretical viewpoint in the field. Much of Thelen's research was done at Indiana University Bloomington's Infant Motor Development Laboratory, which she established and directed. This collection contains personal files and correspondence; documents related to public speaking appearances, publications, and roles in professional organizations and committees; educational materials from psychology courses taught by Thelen; and materials related to Thelen's research, including handwritten notes, drafts of studies, and videotapes of research subjects.

55. Charles E. Sykes Motown Collection, 1957-2003 1 document case (0.42 linear feet)

Sykes, Charles E.
Research on the Motown Record Corp., including photographs, Motown-related videos and television programs, and audio and video interviews with vocalists, instrumentalists, arrangers, songwriters, producers, technical staff, management, and consumers. Interviews include Thomas "Beans" Bowles (saxophonist and first road manager of the Motor Town Revue), Maxwell Powell (image specialist at Motown's Division of Artist Development), Bobby Rogers and Ronald White (vocalists with the Miracles), Sylvia Moy (songwriter), and Michael McLean (audio technician).
Strong National Museum of Play
The Media School Video Game Periodical Collection includes more than 4300 catalogs and magazines related to various aspects of games and gaming, with special emphasis on video and computer games, computer programming, and home video formats and equipment. The collection is comprised of two accessions of print materials gifted to IU by Stony Brook University Libraries and The Strong National Museum of Play in 2016 and 2018, respectively. These collections were brought to IU through Media School professor Dr. Raiford Guins, who is a leading expert on video game history and preservation. Notable items include complete runs or strong representation from the following publications: Antic: The Atari Resource, Amiga World, DieHard GameFan, EGM2, Game Developer, GamePro, Next Generation, Nintendo Power, and the Official U.S. Playstation Magazine. Collection is described to the item-level.

57. Strand mss., 1953-2016 16 Boxes

Strand, Mark, 1934-2014
The Strand mss., 1953-2014, consists of the correspondence, writing, and other materials regarding the American poet laureate Mark Strand, 1934-2014, including correspondence concerning his work as a translator of poetry.
Sterrenburg, Joan
The textile and papermaking artist Joan Sterrenburg joined the faculty of the School of Fine Arts at Indiana University in 1970 and remained until her retirement in 2004. This collection consists of teaching and research material, exhibition and professional service information, materials related to student work, and correspondence.
Spulber, Nicolas
Nicolas Spulber was a Distinguished Professor of Economics at Indiana University. Born in Romania in 1915, he immigrated to the United States in 1948 and began teaching at IU in 1954. His research interests focused primarily on the Soviet and post-Soviet economy and the functions of states in economic frameworks including centrally planned, developing, and market economies. Spulber continued researching and writing until his death in 2004. The collection consists of his research materials, reports, conference presentations, correspondence, and manuscripts and reviews of his published works.

66. James Spooner Collection, approximately 2000-2007 4 document cases (2.26 linear feet)

Spooner, James
Collection consists of casting, production, and promotional materials used by James Spooner in the production of his film White Lies, Black Sheep and materials associated with the film Afro-Punk including interview footage, promotional materials, film festival awards, and periodicals in which the film and/or Spooner was highlighted.

69. Solley mss., 1888-2006 35 Boxes

Solley, Thomas T.
The Solley mss., 1888-2006, consists of the automobile and coachbuilder catalogs, photographs, and related automobile literature of architect Thomas T. Solley, 1924–2006.

70. Snodgrass, W.D. mss., 1984-2013 2 Linear Feet (2 boxes)

Snodgdrass, W.D. (William De Witt), 1926-2009
The Snodgrass, W. D. mss., 1984-2013, consists of the original and photocopied correspondence, emails, obituaries, and tributes concerning the illness and death of W. D. Snodgrass, 1926-2009. Most correspondence and emails are between Snodgrass's friends and colleagues and his fourth wife, writer Kathleen Snodgrass.

71. Raymond Smyke Collection, 1951-2003 3 cubic feet; (3 records cartons)

Smyke, Raymond J.
Raymond Smyke worked in African education for over 30 years teaching and developing programs to assist teachers and leaders in English and French speaking countries. He was the executive secretary of the World Confederation of Teachers and published several books and articles on Africa, especially on Momulu Massaquoi, a king of the Vai people and the first indigenous African diplomat, and his family
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This series contains audiovisual recordings of events hosted by the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame including the annual Oscar Micheaux Awards Ceremony, Independent Film, Video & Screenplay Competition awards ceremony, Film and Lecture Series, annual symposium, and Black Filmworks film festival, as well as various workshops, lectures, interviews, and miscellaneous smaller events.
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This collection contains a wide array of materials documenting the history and activities of the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame (BFHFI). The materials were collected and/or created by Mary Perry Smith from the time immediately predating the BFHFI's first Black History Month celebration in 1974 to the efforts of its remaining supporters to revitalize the organization following its final film festival in 2003. Highlights include event publicity and souvenirs; celebrity memorabilia; moving image and screenplay submissions to the BFHFI's annual competition; Phil Moore's personal papers, arrangements, lyric sheets, recordings, and photographs; video recordings of BFHFI events; correspondence; and administrative, board, and planning documents.
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This series contains documents and artifacts that do not fit within the other series of the collection or whose fit within the collection cannot be determined. Included are roughly three dozen U-matic videocassettes of the 1989 Black Choreographers conference and production cassettes for a project on Black soldiers.
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This subseries contains papers, application packets, and audiovisual materials related to the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame's Black Filmworks film festival and annual Independent Film, Video & Screenplay Competition.
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This series contains memorabilia related to the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame including inductee plaques and handprints, signed books and programs, offical government proclamations and commendations, costumes and clothing, and an assortment of additional three-dimensional and print artifacts.
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This series contains administrative documents generated by the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame in the process of planning and producing the annual Oscar Micheaux Awards Ceremony and the Celebrity Dinner and Dance Gala from 1974-1993. Also included are a handful of documents related to planning a 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 35th awards ceremony between 1995 and 2008, although these ceremonies ultimately were never hosted.
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This series contains human resource files and miscellaneous files generated by the BFHFI's staff members and volunteers that are not clearly related to one of the other series (e.g., reports on BFHFI supported conference trips, BFHFI-related grant applications, personal files, etc.).

93. Sipper mss., 1973-2010 20 Boxes

Sipper, Ralph B.
The Sipper mss., 1973-2010, consists of the correspondence and business records of Ralph Bruno Sipper, 1932-, an antiquarian bookseller specializing in modern first editions.

94. Denis Sinor papers, 1939-2008, bulk 1961-2006 23 cubic feet (23 boxes)

Sinor, Denis
Denis Sinor was a faculty member of Indiana University in the Uralic and Altaic Program (now the Department of Central Eurasian Studies) from 1962 to 2011. Sinor founded the Department of Uralic and Altaic Studies in 1965 and the Asian Studies Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies (now the Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies [RIFIAS]), both of which he served as director for until his retirement from IU in 1986. He was active in many organizations during his tenure at Indiana University, most significantly the Journal of Asian History (JAH), Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and National Defense Education Act (NDEA). This collection consists of Sinor's correspondence with various organizations, IU, and personal contacts.

97. Evelyn Simpson-Curenton Collection, 1964-2021 1 document case (1.25 linear feet)

Simpson-Curenton, Evelyn, 1953-
This collection spans the active career (1964-) of Evelyn Simpson-Curenton as well as holds materials highlighting the renowned Singing Simpsons, and Evelyn's sister, Joy Simpson. It consists of CDRs, LPs, DVDs, and home-video tapes; along with several concert programs, photographs, personal letters and more.

99. The William Siegmann Collection, 1932-2007 34.5 cubic feet; (35 records cartons)

Siegmann, William
William Siegmann was the leading expert on the arts in Liberia and Sierra Leone. His collection contains an exhaustive lists of resources, both primary and secondary, pertaining to the arts, culture, language, and history of Liberia and Sierra Leone. Also included are materials from his various projects, espeically those from his "Aesthetics of Power: African Art Along the Windward Coast." Correspondence with various museums and universities, personal and teaching materials are also in this collection.

100. Roy Sieber papers, 1958-2010, bulk 1975-1990 9.4 cubic feet (18 boxes)

Sieber, Roy, 1923-2001
Roy Sieber was a historian of African art who taught at Indiana University Bloomington from 1962 through 1983. Having been the first person to receive a degree in African art in the United States, Sieber was the creator of the study of African art history in the United States. This collection contains prints of his black and white photographs of African art in use and on display, slides of African art in museums, and annotated bibliographies written by his students exploring specific aspects of art in Africa.