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Juniper Von Phitzer Press
The Juniper Von Phitzer Press mss., 1719-2012, consists of correspondence, business papers, ephemera, printed materials, reprints of original materials, photographs, albums, and plaques related to the activities of the miniature book publisher Juniper Von Phitzer Press.

6. Boerner mss., 1779-2020 4 Boxes (3 standard; 1 custom)

Wolzogen, Caroline von, 1763-1847
The Boerner mss., 1779-1828, consist of manuscripts, journals, and correspondence by and relating to German writers Caroline von Wolzogen, Oskar Seidlin, and Friedrich von Schiller, along with related research material from German literary scholar and Goethe researcher Peter Boerner.

8. Translations mss., 1800-2010 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Translations mss., ca. 19th-21st centuries, consist primarily of manuscripts of literary translations, either from a foreign language into English or in some cases from English into another language. Also present are letters from authors to translators of their work or from the translators to the authors they translate.
Indiana University Folklore Archives
The Indiana University Folklore Archives was established in 1956 by Richard M. Dorson of the Indiana University Folklore Institute and grew to comprise 40,000 field collections gathered in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky, before closing in 1990. This collection contains the Folklore Archives' administrative files, special collections of prominent folklorists' research materials, reprints of journal articles, bibliographies, a collection of folksongs, and subject files and index cards on topics that include beliefs, customs, games, jokes, and legends.
Wells, Herman B
Before becoming president of Indiana University, Herman B Wells served as an assistant cashier at the National Bank of Lebanon before going on to work for the Indiana Bankers Association, the Indiana Commission for Financial Institutions, and the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions. He was named dean of the Indiana University School of Business administration in 1935 by IU President William Lowe Bryan. In 1937 he was named acting president of the university and president the following year, a position he held until 1962. Upon his retirement, IU created the position of University Chancellor, which Dr. Wells held until his death in 2000. This collection consists of Wells' personal papers and includes papers pertaining to his family and personal finances, his activities in the banking profession, his work in Germany for the United States government after World War II, and to his research and teaching and professional activities as a member of the faculty of Indiana University.
Weaver, William Fense
The Weaver, W. mss. II, 1833-2006, consists of the correspondence, writings, research, photographs, and teaching materials pertaining to the life and work of literary critic and translator William Weaver, 1923-2013.
Indiana University. Trustees
The Indiana University Trustees serve as the governing board of the university. Created in 1820, the current Board meets six times per year. Among the Board's powers are their capacity to possess all the real and personal property of the university; to expend the income of the university; and to all bylaws necessary to carry these powers into effect. The minutes in this collection include official acts, resolutions, policies, agreements, and other business pertaining to the governance of Indiana University between 1838-1859 and 1883-2017.

15. Jansen, Peter K. mss., 1836-2005 1 Box (1 standard)

Jansen, Peter K.
The Jansen, Peter K. mss., 1836–2005, consists primarily of manuscripts, drafts, correspondence and other material relating to translations into English from the German made by Peter K. Jansen (1934–2007) over the course of his career.
Jay, John, 1918-2008
This collection consists of the family papers of Indiana University alumni John and Hilda Jay. The collection primarily consists of correspondence between John, Hilda, and family or friends largely spanning 1939-2002; personal files containing educational materials, a journal, and a scrapbook; as well as several home movies from circa 1939-1946.

18. Arthur R. Metz papers, 1853-2018 6.6 cubic feet (10 boxes)

Metz, Arthur R., 1887-1963
Arthur R. Metz was a student at Indiana University from 1904-1909 and one of the first recipients of the IU Distinguished Alumni Service Award. He was a doctor who served in multiple capacities including for hospitals, railroads, the military, corporations, and universities and also was a member of many medical organizations. The collection consists of Metz's family records, school materials, personal and professional correspondence, personal photographs, military and travel materials and photographs, magazine and newspaper clippings, medical and organizational publications, and professional certificates. There are also papers and photographs documenting the Metz Foundation and Metz Suite.
Indiana University. Alumni Association
The Indiana University Alumni Association was founded in 1854 as an organization through which graduates could contribute to the pursuit of university interests. Members of the Association held semi-annual meetings, first as the Alumni Association and later in separate branches, including the Alumni Council, established in 1913 (later called the Executive Council). This collection consists primarily of the minutes of the IU Alumni Association, Alumni Council, Executive Council, and Board of Managers meetings spanning 1854-2011.
Indiana University, Bloomington. Chemistry Library
With a history dating back to 1895, the Chemistry library was initially housed in Wylie Hall, however with the completion of the Chemistry building in the 1930s it relocated and remains in that location to this day. The collection consists primarily of administrative files such as handbook, notes and memos.

21. Jay mss., 1864-2005 5 Boxes

Jay, Ricky
The Jay mss., 1864-2005, consist of approximately 325 spirit photographs and related correspondence and printed materials collected by magician Ricky Jay, 1946-2018.
Campbell, Robert W. (Robert Wellington), 1926-2015
Robert Campbell was a professor of economics at Indiana University from 1961 until his retirement in 1993, during which he held the positions of chairperson for the Department of Economics and Director of the Russian and East European Institute. He was a scholar of centrally planned economies, especially of the former Soviet Union. The collection consists of materials used for his publication A Biobibliographical Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Economists, records related to his consultations and conferences, documents related to his distinguished professor nomination, and correspondence.
Jelavich, Barbara, 1923-1995
Both graduates of the University of California, Berkeley, Barbara and Charles Jelavich were hired at Indiana University in 1962 as specialists in Eastern European History by then Chair of the History Department Robert Byrnes. The majority of the collection reflects the work of Barbara while a small portion of the work of Charles is included with publications.
Frey, David G. (David Grover), 1915-1992
David G. Frey was a professor of zoology at Indiana University who specialized in limnology (aquatic ecology) and Cladocera (water flea). The collection consists of Frey's personal correspondence, reprints of most of his publications, as well as extensive research files encompassing his years as a limnologist.

27. J. Gus Liebenow Collection, 1882-2011 18 cubic feet (18 records cartons)

J. Gus Liebenow was a professor emeritus of political science at Indiana University. Starting his tenure in 1958, Liebenow also served as the dean for Research and Advanced Studies as well as vice president and dean of Academic Affairs. In 1961, he also found the University's African Studies Program. This collections consists of lecture notes, personal files, department records, Liebenow's writings, and materials from numerous organizations he was affiliated with.
Caldwell, Lynton K. (Lynton Keith), 1913-2006
Lynton K. Caldwell was an assistant professor of government at Indiana University South Bend from 1939-1944 and returned to Indiana University Bloomington in 1965, where he taught political science as well as public and environmental affairs until his retirement in 1984 as the Arthur F. Bentley Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Professor Emeritus of Public and Environmental Affairs. Caldwell was a recognized authority on environmental policy. His papers include a large amount of published works, but also contain correspondence and material related to conferences and professional organizations.
Spulber, Nicolas
Nicolas Spulber was a Distinguished Professor of Economics at Indiana University. Born in Romania in 1915, he immigrated to the United States in 1948 and began teaching at IU in 1954. His research interests focused primarily on the Soviet and post-Soviet economy and the functions of states in economic frameworks including centrally planned, developing, and market economies. Spulber continued researching and writing until his death in 2004. The collection consists of his research materials, reports, conference presentations, correspondence, and manuscripts and reviews of his published works.
The Hill, A. mss., ca. 1886-2004, consist of correspondence, journal fragments, legal and financial documents, clippings, photos, and account books of Lady Anne Hill (1911–2006), author, public figure, and wife of prominent bookseller G. Heywood Hill.

32. Solley mss., 1888-2006 35 Boxes

Solley, Thomas T.
The Solley mss., 1888-2006, consists of the automobile and coachbuilder catalogs, photographs, and related automobile literature of architect Thomas T. Solley, 1924–2006.
Ostrom, Elinor
The Ostrom, Elinor mss., ca. 1889-2012, consist of the research, papers, correspondence, publications, manuscripts, proposals, photographs, audio tapes, and realia of Vincent and Elinor Ostrom, their colleagues and families, and the Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis.
Eastman, Eliena Krylenko, 1895-1956
The Eastman mss. IV, 1890-2009, consist of the photographs, correspondence, personal papers, writings, and artwork of Max Eastman, 1883-1969; Yvette Szekely Eastman, 1912-2014; and Eliena Krylenko Eastman, 1895-1956.
Indiana University. Trustees
The Indiana University Board of Trustees serve as the governing board of the University. Created in 1820, its powers include the capacity to possess all the real and personal property of the university, to allocate the income of the university, and to create or approve all rules necessary to carry these powers into effect. This collection contains agendas, correspondence and reports which support the discussion generated at the official Trustee meetings.

36. George List papers, 1894-2008, bulk 1958-1990 16 cubic feet (18 boxes)

List, George, 1911-2008
Collection consists of the papers of George List (1911-2008), Professor of Folklore, Director of the Inter-American Program in Ethnomusicology (1966-1976), and Director of the Archives of Traditional Music (1954-1976) at Indiana University. His primary research interests included folk music, the traditional music of the Hopi tribes of Northern Arizona, and the music of indigenous tribes in the Caribbean regions of Colombia and the Andes and Amazon regions of Ecuador. This collection includes personal and professional correspondence, publications, research, subject files, audiovisual content, and many of his musical compositions.

37. Warren d'Azevedo Collection, 1895-2001 35 cubic feet; (35 records cartons, 3 being oversized, 1 being restricted materials)

D'Azevedo, Warren L.
Warren d'Azevedo is a retired ethnographer, renowned for his work in anthropology and African studies. D'Azevedo began his research in the 1950s, focusing primarily on African cultures, including the Gola ethnic group of Liberia and the Native American Washoe culture of the Great Basin. This collection consists of d'Azevedo's writings, photographs, memorabilia, and U.S. and Liberian government documents and teaching materials.
Indiana University. University Graduate School. Graduate Council
In 1894, Indiana University instituted a standing Committee on Advanced Degrees charged with directing the growing number of students undertaking graduate studies. Formal organization of the Graduate School was authorized by the faculty in 1904, with the continued governance of the Committee until the office of the dean within the IU Graduate School was created in 1908. At that time, the committee emerged as the Administrative Committee and in 1909 became the Graduate Council. As the school's faculty took over the duties of the council in the 1930s, the council was deemed unnecessary and disbanded. However, in the 1950s the Graduate School underwent a reorganization and the Graduate Council was reestablished. The council is still active, meeting monthly during the academic year. Collection consists of memos, proposals, reports, and minutes of the Indiana University Graduate Council.

41. Czech mss., 1900-2010 1 bound

Nezval, Vitězslav, 1900-1958
The Czech mss., ca. 1900-2010, consists of individual items by Czech writers, artists, etc., written in the Czech language and acquired from a variety of sources.
Madison, James H.
James Madison is the Thomas and Kathryn Miller Professor Emeritus of History at Indiana University. He graduated from Indiana University and has spent nearly his entire career teaching at IU. The collection largely consists of materials relating to his written works and extensive service activities both at IU and within the state. Of particular interest are the notes and drafts for his books Eli Lilly: A Life, 1885-1977 (1989), Indiana Through Tradition and Change (1982), and The Indiana Way: A State History (1986). The collection also contains correspondence, class syllabi, various committee materials, and materials related to his activities within the History Department.
Local Council of Women (Bloomington, Ind.)
The Local Council of Women mss., 1902-2010, consists of the papers, financial records, and publications by and about the Local Council of Women service organization in Bloomington, Indiana, as well as of the Bloomington Hospital.

46. Frank K. Edmondson papers, 1904-2003 95 cubic feet (95 boxes)

Edmondson, Frank K. (Frank Kelly), 1912-2008
Consists of the personal papers of Edmondson and includes correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, research files, publications, records related to the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), teaching files, and departmental files.

47. Indiana University Department of Astronomy records, 1904-2018, bulk 1940-1988 2.8 Cubic Feet (1 rc, 2 dc, 1 legal dc, slide storage)

Indiana University, Bloomington. Department of Astronomy
This collection largely reflects the results of research conducted by the Indiana University Department of Astronomy at the Goethe Link Observatory and the Daniel Kirkwood Observatory. The collection discusses equipment and instruments relevant to their work, topics related to the observatories, papers related to the Conference on Red Giant Stars/Cool Star Conference, publications, record books containing collected data, and files about select faculty.
Townsend, E. Reginald,
E. Reginald Townsend (1917-1980) is best known as the man who built Liberia's Information Service. He served as Press Secretary and Chief of the Bureau (now the Department of Information, Culture and Tourism) to William V.S. Tubman, President of Liberia from 1944 to 1971, and as Minister of State for Presidential Affairs to William R. Tolbert, President of Liberia from 1971 to 1980. Townsend's wife, Evelyn Diggs Townsend (1932-2004), was involved in and led several church and women's organizations. After a coup brought down the Tolbert government and resulted in her husband's execution in 1980, she worked to attain peace in Liberia. The materials in this collection include papers from the years of Reginald Townsend's service during the Tubman and Tolbert presidencies and those from Evelyn Townsend's work in many service organizations, as well as personal correspondence and memorabilia from the Townsend family