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Ricketts mss., 800-1899

332 Items Collection ID: LMC 2449
The Ricketts mss., 9th-19th cent., are illuminated medieval and renaissance manuscripts assembled by Coella Lindsay Ricketts, 1859-1941, calligrapher, of Chicago, Illinois. Most of the material relates to religious matters.

Ege mss., 1100-1599

52 Items (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2438
The Ege mss., 12th-16th century, consists of original leaves from medieval manuscripts of Western Europe collected by Otto F. Ege, 1888-1951.

Allen mss., 800-1972

150 Items Collection ID: LMC 2454
The Allen mss., 800-1972, consists of manuscript pieces collected by William Edward David Allen, 1901-1973, foreign service officer, businessman, and author, and his own writings about Georgian history.

Poole mss., 200-1600

18 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2452
The Poole mss. are a collection of 137 ancient, medieval and renaissance manuscripts and single leaves ranging from the 3rd to the 16th century. The collection was formed by George Amos Poole, 1907- , printer, of Chicago, whose interest was in the development of scripts which have had a direct influence on the design of Western printing types, rather than in illumination and decoration. Most of this material relates to religious matters.

Pliny mss., 800-1938

28 Items (1 folder; 27 volumes) Collection ID: LMC 2414
The Pliny mss., 9th cent.-1938, are photostats of Pliny manuscripts assembled by Selatie Edgar Stout, 1871-1969, professor of Latin and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University.

English Legal Documents mss. III, 1279-1668

1 folio Collection ID: LMC 1332
English Legal Documents III, 1279-1668, consist of samples of handwriting from the thirteenth to seventeenth centuries.

English Legal Documents mss. IV, 1200-1898

3.2 linear feet (4 boxes) Collection ID: LMC 1333
English Legal Documents mss. IV, 1200-1898, consist of those manuscripts concerned with English legal matters which have been acquired as individual pieces.

Ege mss. II, 1240-1923

1 Box Collection ID: LMC 2973
The Ege mss. II, 1240-1923, consists of Otto Ege's Original Leaves from Famous Books - Eight Centuries portfolio of leaves collected from books deemed historically significant.

Ege mss. III, 12th-18th centuries

1 Box Collection ID: LMC 2974
The Ege mss. III, 12th-18th centuries, consists of Otto Ege's Original Oriental Manuscripts porfolio of leaves of non-European origin.

Calverley mss., 1359-1799

2 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2432
The Calverley mss., 1359-18/19th cent., consist of Arabic manuscripts collected by Edwin Elliott Calverley, 1882-1971, professor of Arabic and Islamic studies, whose notes about the documents are occasionally found inscribed thereon.