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Zukofsky mss., 1928-1933

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2106
The Zukofsky mss., 1928-1933, consist of letters and writings of Louis Zukofsky, 1904-1978, poet.

Zenith mss., 1999-2004

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2614
The Zenith mss. consists of the correspondence and manuscripts of translations from the Portuguese, ca. 1999-2004, of Richard Zenith.

Zelazny mss., 1966-1976

44 items (1 folder) Collection ID: LMC 2109
The Zelazny mss., 1966-1976, consist of the letters of science fiction writer Roger Zelazny, 1937- , to editors at Doubleday and Company.

Zarifopol-Johnston mss., 1988-2008

5 linear feet (4 boxes) Collection ID: LMC 2492
The Zarifopol-Johnston mss., 1988-2008, consists of translator Ilinca Zarifopol-Johnston's research and writings on the Romanian philosopher E. M. Cioran.

ZANUCK MSS. II, 1954-1969

10 items (Short Box ALF) Collection ID: LMC 2802
The Zanuck mss. II, ca. 1954-1969, consist of a collection of letters by the Academy Award-winning film producer Darryl F. Zanuck to his wife Virginia Zanuck.

Zanuck mss., 1935-1951

26 items Collection ID: LMC2108
The Zanuck mss., 1935-1951, consist of inter-office correspondence and notes to and from Darryl Francis Zanuck, 1902-1979, producer, and other officials of the Twentieth Century-Fox film studio.

Young mss., 1941-1974

9 boxes (8 boxes, 1 oversize) Collection ID: LMC 1843
Consists of prompt scripts, ground plans and elevations, light plots, sound plots and type recordings, property and costume plots, and printed playbills for twenty-seven New York stage productions.

Young, Louisa mss., 1914-1919

2 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2965
The Young, Louisa mss., 1914-1919, consist of World War I correspondence to Louisa (Louie) Young of Bath, England, primarily from her son, Private Fred C. Young, who served with the British Army in India and Mesopotamia.

Young, David mss., circa 1980-circa 1990

1.25 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2702
Young, David mss., circa. 1980s-1990s, consist of the papers of American poet and literary translator David Young 1936-.

Young, C. mss., 1935-2014

41 boxes (41 Hollingers) Collection ID: LMC 2915
The Young, C. mss., 1935-2014, consist of the writings, correspondence, research materials, and personal papers of journalist and activist Charles M. Young.

York Y. Willbern papers, 1939-1994, bulk 1945-1988

9.4 cubic feet (10 boxes) Collection ID: C334
York Willbern began his career at Indiana University in 1957 when he was named Professor of Government and director of the Bureau of Government Research. He was one of the founders of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana University, and was an accomplished scholar and author of many books and articles on the subjects of cities, public policy-making, urban planning and education for governmental administrative careers. This collection includes correspondence, writings, teaching files, project files, and records on a variety of subjects related to York Willbern's career and interests, including papers related to his book The Withering Away of the City, files on the American Political Science Association, and university committees such as the Urban Studies Committee.

Yellen mss., 1863-1968

3 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2104
The Yellen mss., 1863-1968, consist of the correspondence and writings of Samuel Yellen, 1906-1983, author and professor of English at Indiana University at Bloomington.

Yeats mss., 1889-1954

109 items Collection ID: LMC 2105
The Yeats mss., 1889-1954, consists of letters and writings of William Butler Yeats, 1865-1939, and materials about him, collected by Allan Wade, 1881-1955, compiler of A Bibliography of the Writings of W. B. Yeats... (London, 1951), and editor of The Letters of W. B. Yeats... (New York, 1955).

Yanez mss., 1597-1831

0.8 linear feet (2 boxes) Collection ID: LMC 2456
The Yanez mss. collection consists of historical documents pertaining to Colonial Ecuador.

X mss., 1928-1961

2 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2103
The X mss., 1928-1961, (principally 1959-1961), consist of the office files of X: A Quarterly Review, edited by David John Wright and Patrick Swift and published by Barrie and Rockliff, London, England, vol. I, no. 1, November 1959 to vol. II, no. 2, August 1961, inclusive.

Wyndham mss., 1813-1841

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2102
The Wyndham mss., 1813-1841, consist of letters from Charles Wyndham, 1796-1866, army officer, to his father, Sir George O'Brien Wyndham, 3rd earl of Egremont, 1751-1837, patron of art; to his sister Charlotte Wyndham, 1795-?; and to his wife Hon. Elizabeth Anne (Hugh) Wyndham, ?-1873.

Wylie, F. mss., 1946-1991

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2101
The Wylie, F. mss., 1946-1948, 1969-1974, and 1989-1991, consist primarily of letters from Ross Lockridge, 1914-1948, author, to Francis Ernest Wylie, 1905-?, journalist.

Wylie family collection, 1822-1990, bulk 1840-1900

2.4 cubic feet (3 boxes) Collection ID: C203
The Wylie family represented in this collection are all family members or descendents of Indiana University's first president, Andrew Wylie. Many of the earliest family members were closely associated with the university themselves. The collection includes correspondence, financial records, newspaper clippings, obituaries, academic records, journals, scrapbooks, drawings, and poetry. In addition to family affairs, the collection includes information about Indiana University and Bloomington, Indiana, including land deeds and a 19th century account book from Bloomington's McCalla store.

Wyeth mss., 1908-1945

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2100
The Wyeth mss., 1908-1945, consist of the letters of Newell Convers Wyeth, 1882-1945, painter.

Wroth mss., 1961-1969

1 box Collection ID: LMC 2099
The Wroth mss., 1961-1967 and 1969, are letters to William Henry Wroth, 1938- , co-editor then living in Eugene, Oregon, of The Northwest Review.

Writing The Saga of Coe Ridge, 1976

1 interview Collection ID: ohrc013
William Lynwood Montell answers questions about the oral history methods he used in writing The Saga of Coe Ridge.

Writings of Bruce A. Rosenberg, 1976

1 interview Collection ID: ohrc004
Bruce A. Rosenberg talks about his writings, folklore theories, and folk legends. This project also includes discussion of his book Custer and the Epic Defeat.

Wright mss., 1878-1907

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2097
The Wright mss., 1878-1907, are letters and papers of Thomas Wright, 1859-1936, relating to his The Life of Walter Pater ... (London, Everett & Co., 1907), 2 volumes.

Wright, D. mss., 1955-1967

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2098
The Wright, D. mss., 1955-1967, consist of letters and literary papers of David John Wright, 1920-1994, author. Included are also some letters to Martin Seymour-Smith, 1928-1998, poet.

Wright, B. mss., ca. 1930-2009

7000 items(ca.) Collection ID: LMC 2360
The Wright B. mss., ca. 1930-2009, consists of the papers of translator Barbara Wright relating to her English translations of French authors.

Wrancher, Elizabeth mss., 1943-2002

6 linear feet Collection ID: LMC 2856
The Wrancher, Elizabeth mss., 1943-2002, consist of correspondence, photographs, printed material, and personal ephemera related to opera singer Elizabeth Wrancher.

Wrage mss., 1957

10 items (1 folio) Collection ID: LMC 2110
The Wrage mss., 1957, consist of sketches by Klaus Wrage, 1891-1971, illustrator, upon which some of the block prints in his Dante Blockbuch... [Eutin, am Kellersee], Handabzug- Holmpresse-Klaus Wrage, [1957], are based. (Lilly PQ4303 .W7).

Wortsman mss., 1977-2006

4 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2568
The Wortsman mss., 1977-2006, consist of the writings, translations, correspondence, and professional files of translator Peter Wortsman.

Wordsworth mss. III, 1805-1956

7 items (1 folio) Collection ID: LMC 2096
The Wordsworth mss. III, 1806-1956, consist of correspondence of William Wordsworth, 1770-1850, and of Mrs. Dorothy (Wordsworth) Dickson; a photograph of a chalk drawing of Wordsworth; and a photograph of Mrs. Dickson.

Wordsworth mss. II, 1848-1909

4 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2095
The Wordsworth mss. II, 1848-1909, consist of letters and papers of the family of William Wordsworth, 1770-1850, and their friends. They are concerned chiefly with family matters, financial accounts, and the welfare of Dora Wordsworth, 1858-1934, his granddaughter, after the death of her mother.

Wordsworth mss., 1805-1948

57 items Collection ID: LMC 2094
The Wordsworth mss., 1805-1948 consist of primarily correspondence from William Wordsworth, 1770-1850, to family members, friends, and colleagues.

Wooley mss., 1862-1865

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2293
The Wooley mss., 1862-1865, comprise a collection of Civil War letters; a diary, January 1-July 11, 1865, and the discharge, July 5, 1865, of Cary A. Wooley, who was born in Ripley County, Indiana, in 1839? and enlisted on August 10, 1862.

Wooley, E. mss., 1913-1964

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2294
The Wooley, E. mss., 1913-1964, consist primarily of letters to Indiana University Professor of German, Elmer Otto Wooley, 1883-1964.

Wood, W. mss., 2007-2008

0.4 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2611
The Wood, W. mss. consists of three corrected drafts, 2007, of Jean-Christophe Rufin's Le Parfum d'Adam, as translated by Willard Wood (The Scent of Adam) and a cd with accompanying text files.

Woodward, S.C. mss., 1767-1961

1235 items Collection ID: LMC 2207
The Woodward, S.C. mss., 1767-1961, consist of correspondence, autographs and pictures of actors, actresses, managers, dramatists, musicians, and other persons connected with the theatre from the collection of Sidney C. Woodward, journalist.

Woodward mss., 1844-1905

0.6 linear feet (2 boxes) Collection ID: LMC 2206
The Woodward mss., 1844-1905, consist of the correspondence of John Trotter Woodward, 1819-1877, physician of Buena Vista, Monroe County, Indiana, with his family and friends, accompanied by related family materials.

Woods mss., 1977-2004

1505 items Collection ID: LMC 2269
The Woods mss., 1977-2004, consist of correspondence and manuscripts of German works translated into English by John Edwin Woods.

Wood, S. mss., 1898

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2093
The Wood, S. mss., 1898, consist of seven of the eight black and white watercolor illustrations by Stanley Llewellyn Wood, 1866-1928, for the book Convict 99. A True Story of Penal Servitude by Marie C. and Robert Leighton, published by Grant Richards, London, 1898.

Wood mss., 1862-1923

29 items (13 volumes; 1 folder) Collection ID: LMC 2202
The Wood mss., 1862-1923, consist of the account books, deeds, etc. of Hiram Wood, 1819-1878, and his son Eugene Waldo Wood, 1848-1925.

Woodforde-Finden mss., 1914-1927

7 items (1 folder) Collection ID: LMC 2107
The Woodforde-Finden mss., 1914-1927, consist of letters written by Amy (Ward) Woodforde-Finden, 1860-1919, composer.

Woodburn mss. II, ca. 1911-1974

11 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2770
The Woodburn mss. II, ca. 1911-1974, consist of letters and papers of the Woodburn family. The majority of the collection belongs to James Albert Woodburn, 1856-1943, and his son, James Gelston Woodburn, 1894-1980.

Woodburn mss., 1795-1942

3 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2092
The Woodburn mss., 1795-1942, consist of letters and papers of four generations of the Woodburn family, James Woodburn, 1748-1812, farmer; Dorrance Beatty Woodburn, 1786- 1856, farmer and teacher; James Woodburn, 1817-1865, teacher; and James Albert Woodburn, 1856-1943, historian.

Woodburn family collection, 1848-1978, bulk 1892-1914

.3 cubic feet Collection ID: C91
The Woodburn family first settled in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1830, having relocated from Chester County, South Carolina. This collection consists of personal correspondence and other material of family members of James Albert Woodburn (1856-1943), a professor of history at Indiana University (1890-1924), including his father James Woodburn, wife Caroline Gelston Woodburn, brothers Walter E. and Theophilus Wylie Woodburn, son James Gelston Woodburn, and granddaughter Janet Wiecking. Collection materials date from 1848-1978 and notably include Caroline Gelston Woodburn's letters describing her experiences as a new member of the Bloomington and Indiana University communities in the early 1890s, and a photocopy of James Gelston Woodburn's diary ("My Trip Abroad"), which documents his trip to Europe in 1911-1912.

Women's History, 1977-1980

6 interviews Collection ID: ohrc106
Interviews include discussion of the Equal Rights Amendment, the women's movement, politics, civic affairs, and the Nineteenth Amendment. Most interviewees were born during the 1930s and discussed their involvement in Bloomington, Indiana from the 1940s-1970s.

Women in Folklore Oral History Project records, 1982-2002

0.8 cubic feet (3 boxes) Collection ID: C652
The Women in Folklore (WIF) Oral History Project was a centennial initiative of the women's section of the American Folklore Society. The project aimed to capture the experience of women folklorists across the country. Mary Ellen Brown, Professor of Folklore at IU, organized the project and donated the interviews in her possession to the IU Folklore Archives in 2000. The project was physically housed at the Oral History Research Center, now part of the Indiana University Center for Documentary Research and Practice, and coordinated by a graduate assistant in folklore. Interviewees include Edith Fowke, Eleanor Long, Helen Creighton, Linda Degh, Shirley Arora, Thelma James, Eleanor Long, and Frances Cattermole-Tally. The collection contains correspondence, project information, transcriptions, and audio recordings of interviews, primarily on cassette tapes.

Women in Communications, Delta Chapter records, 1913-1990, bulk 1940-1960

3 cubic feet (3 boxes) Collection ID: C454
The Woman's Press Club established the Delta Chapter of Theta Sigma Phi at Indiana University in 1913 as a professional sorority for women in journalism. Early on, their aim was to "unite women engaged in or planning to engage in journalism; work to set and achieve definite standards in journalism and letters; and inspire members to greater individual effort." In 1972, the group changed its name to Women in Communications. The collection consists of scrapbooks, event files, newspaper articles, awards, meeting minutes, and other administrative files.

Woman's Christian Temperance Union mss., 1943-1947

1 box Collection ID: LMC 2853
The Woman's Christian Temperance Union mss., 1943-1947, consist of a scrapbook containing correspondence and printed material pertaining to the plays and pageantry programs of the WCTU in Indiana.

Wolverton mss., 1919-2005

0.4 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2488
The Wolverton mss., 20th century, consist of three unpublished novels by Indiana author Ethel Traugh Wolverton, 1890-?.

Wolfson mss., 1994-2002

2 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2396
The Wolfson mss., ca. 1994-2002, consist of the papers of Laura E. Wolfson relating to her translations of works from Russian into English.

Wolff mss., 1934-2016

18 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2958
The Wolff mss., 1934-2016, consist of the writings, correspondence, and born-digital material of memoirist Tobias Wolff.

Wolfe mss., 1933-1972

3 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2567
The Wolfe mss. consists of the correspondence and writings of American author Bernard Wolfe, 1915-1985.

Wokoun mss., 1941-1953

4 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2337
Consists of radio scripts collected by psychologist William Wokoun, 1931-1984. The scripts are mostly for NBC-affiliated, Chicago-based programs and were collected by Wokoun when he worked part-time at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago as a high school and college student.

Wizard of Oz mss., 1938-1939

3 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2090
Wizard of Oz mss., 1938-1939, is composed principally of drafts and revisions of the screenplay for the 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie starring Judy Garland.

Withers, George mss., 1944-1945

8 items (1 folio) Collection ID: LMC 2907
The Withers, George mss., 1944-1945, consists of eight posters by Army war artist George Withers (1911-1959) during World War II.

Wissing mss., 1994-2016

42.5 linear feet (34 boxes) Collection ID: LMC 2649
The Wissing mss., 1994-2016, consist of the papers of Indiana University alumnus and Bloomington-based journalist Douglas Wissing. The collection includes his freelance articles as well as several book projects, including two books on US aid to Afghanistan.

Wirt mss., 1899-1957

23 boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 oversize folder Collection ID: LMC 2338
The Wirt mss., 1899-1957, consist of correspondence and papers of William Albert Wirt, 1874-1938, educator, and of his wife, Mildred (Harter) Wirt, teacher.

Winther, O.O. mss., 1963-1967

7 items (1 folder) Collection ID: LMC 2076
The Winther, O.O. mss., 1963-1967, consist of the letters and book reviews of Oscar Osburn Winther, 1903-1970, historian, of Indiana University.

Winther mss., 1934-1964

3 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2333
The Winther mss., 1934-1964, consists of the papers of novelist and literary scholar Sophus Keith Winther, 1893-1983.

Winter mss., 1864-1906

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2086
The Winter mss., 1864-1906, consist of letters written to drama critic William Winter, 1836-1917, largely from theatrical or theatre-related people.

Winston mss., ca. 1998-2011

2.5 linear feet (2 boxes) Collection ID: LMC 2656
The Winston mss., ca. 1998 - 2011, consist of drafts of German literature translations by Krishna Winston, a professor in the German Studies Department at Wesleyan University.

Winston mss., 1998-2008

30 items (2 boxes) Collection ID: LMC 2656 (VAD7199) (VAD7199)
The Winston mss., ca. 1998 - 2011, consist of drafts of German literature translations by Krishna Winston, a professor in the German Studies Department at Wesleyan University.

Winona Fletcher Collection, 1939-1987, bulk 1982-1987

3 document cases (1.05 linear feet) Collection ID: SC 2
This collection documents the activities of Dr. Winona Fletcher as Producing Director of the Indiana University Afro-American Arts Institute's 1986 revival of the Federal Theatre Project's 1939 production Prelude to Swing, entitled Prelude to Swing +50.

Wing mss., ca. 1984-2010

6 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2486
The Wing mss., ca. 1984-2010, consist of materials pertaining to the literary translations of Elizabeth Nelson Wing.

Wilson, R. A. mss. II, 1967-1979

2 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2583
The Wilson, R. A. mss. II, 1967-1979, consist of three albums of documents pertaining to the Oblong Octavo series published by R. A. Wilson of the Phoenix Book Shop.

Wilson, R.A. mss., 1960-2001

6 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2089
The Wilson, R.A. mss., 1960-2001, consist of the correspondence of bookseller Robert Alfred Jump Wilson,1922-2016, and poet John Wieners, 1934-2002, related to the publishing of Wieners' Ace of Pentacles (Lilly PS3545 .I18 A62) in 1964.

Wilson mss., 1891-1983

5 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2327
The Wilson mss., 1891-1983, consists of the papers of William Edward Wilson, 1906-1988, Indiana University James A. Work Professor of English at Bloomington, Indiana, author, and newspaperman.

Wilson, J.S. mss., 1918-1919

0.4 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2088
The Wilson, J.S. mss., 1918-1919, consist of a scrapbook of Colonel James Sprigg Wilson, Chief Surgeon of the American Expeditionary Force in Siberia for a year, relating to that expedition.

Wilson, H. D. mss., 1969-1992

12 linear feet Collection ID: LMC 2637
The Wilson, H. D. mss., 1969-1992, consist of correspondence, proposals, and other material related to H. Donald Wilson's involvement in the founding and development of LexisNexis.

Wilson, G.R. mss., 1913-1941

40 vols. Collection ID: LMC 2318
The Wilson, G.R. mss., 1913-1941, consist of the papers, manuscripts and Dubois County, Indiana, historical notes, compiled and often illustrated with pen and ink drawings, by teacher, surveyor, and historian George Robert Wilson, 1867-1941.

Wilson, C.H. mss., 1956-1964

0.4 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2087
The Wilson, C.H. mss., 1956-1964, consist of the writings of Colin Henry Wilson, 1931-2013, author.

Will T. Hale papers, 1900-1962

1 cubic foot (1 box) Collection ID: C358
With a focus on Biblical literature and Victorian poetry, Will T. Hale was a professor of English Literature at Indiana University from 1913-1950. Included in this collection are correspondence, journals, engagement calendars, and teaching materials, such as lesson plans and notes.

Willkie Residence Center scrapbooks and other materials, 1962-2007, bulk 1968-1981

1 cubic foot (4 scrapbooks, 3 legal folders and 1 oversize folder) Collection ID: C680
The Wendell L. Willkie Quadrangle opened in the fall of 1964 as a residence hall for men and women, and was rededicated as the Willkie Residence Center in 2000. This collection contains four scrapbooks that were compiled by staff of the Willkie Quadrangle residence hall between 1968 and 1981. The scrapbooks contain photographs, newspaper clippings, event pamphlets, and other materials that document staff and resident events during their respective time periods. In addition, the collection contains loose photographs of Willkie staff and leadership teams from 2004-2007, as well as loose newspaper clippings and other materials documenting Willkie residents and staff from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.

Willkie mss., 1934-1945

500000 items Collection ID: LMC 2191
The Willkie mss., 1934-1945, consist of correspondence, diaries, political memorabilia of Wendell L. Willkie.

Willkie Clubs mss., 1940

31 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2325
The Willkie Clubs mss., 1940, consists of the presidential campaign records of the Associated Willkie Clubs of America for the U.S. presidential election of 1940.

Willis mss., 1942-1945

6 folders Collection ID: LMC 2080
The Willis mss., 1942-1945, consist of letters and documents of Hugh Evander Willis, 1875-1967, professor of law at Indiana University, dealing with Professor Willis' plan for achieving lasting peace through a federation of the world and with his proposals for the constitution of the United Nations.

William Wylie Blair essays and correspondence, 1847-1848

.1 cubic foot (2 legal sized folders) Collection ID: C429
William Wylie Blair entered Indiana University in 1845. He attended through the 1848 school year, but did not graduate. This small collection consists of six essays written by Blair while he was a student at IU as well as an 1848 letter written to Blair and friend Jonathan Dixon Wylie by former classmate James Strean, who was an IU student at the time of writing.

William W. Spencer papers, 1872-1911, bulk 1876-1877

.1 cubic foot (3 folders) Collection ID: C288
William W. Spencer was an 1877 graduate of the Indiana University Law Department and was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives in 1911. Collection consists of writings, moot court trial records, and general files.

William V.S. Tubman Papers, 1904-1992

21 cubic feet; (21 records cartons) Collection ID: LCP2005/014.EAP 027
William V. S. Tubman (1895-1971), Liberia's longest serving President, served from 1944–1971. Tubman's presidency was marked by great changes in the economy, politics and social environment of Liberia. The materials in the collection include papers from the years of Tubman's presidency, his personal correspondence and memorabilia from Tubman's family.

William T. Patten Foundation lectures records, 1938-2021, bulk 1981-2013

13.4 cubic feet (14 boxes) Collection ID: C276
The William T. Patten Foundation was founded at Indiana University in May 1931 by Indiana University alumnus William T. Patten. The Foundation hosts scholars from various institutions and disciplines to give lectures in his/her area of expertise. This collection contains files on each scholar who has assumed the role of Patten Lecturer since 1968. The files include recommendations from IU faculty to the Patten Committee, programs, and correspondence, as well as some audio and video recordings of the lectures.

William T. Morgan papers, 1922-1945, bulk 1922-1928

0.4 cubic feet (1 box) Collection ID: C671
William T. Morgan was a professor of history at Indiana University from 1919-1946. This collection includes typescript and handwritten essays by Morgan and other authors on pedagogy and the state of higher education; various annotated resources and notes related to Morgan's research on British history and educational practice; and a small amount of correspondence.

William Tinsley family journal, 1837-1920

.3 cubic feet (1 box) Collection ID: C573
William Tinsley was an architect from Dublin, Ireland; he is well-known in his profession for designing part of the original Indiana University Bloomington campus. This collection consists of a journal written by William Tinsley and two of his children, Charles and Harvey.

Williams, W. mss., 1788-1857

0.4 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2078
The Williams, W. mss., 1788-1857, consist of the letters and The Journal of Penrose, Seaman by William Williams, 1727-1791, painter and novelist.

Williams, W.C. mss. III, 1884-1995

6 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2084
The Williams, W.C. mss. III, 1884-1995, consist of letters to poet William Carlos Williams, 1883-1963, and his wife, Florence (Herman) Williams, 1890-1976, from their son William Eric Williams, 1914-1995, most of which were written while William Eric was in the armed forces, and of letters to Florence Williams, or to Williams' publisher at New Directions Press, James Laughlin, 1914- , pertaining to requests for Williams material by editors and researchers. Also included are a number of condolence cards and letters sent after Williams' death.

Williams, W.C. mss. II, 1913-1978

2 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2083
The Williams, W.C. mss. II, 1913-1978, consist of letters from poet William Carlos Williams, 1883-1963, to his son William Eric Williams, 1914-1995, most of which were written while William Eric was a college student, and of letters to Williams's widow, Florence (Herman) Williams, 1890-1976, or to his publisher at New Directions Press, James Laughlin, 1914- , pertaining to requests for Williams material by editors and researchers.

Williams, W.C. mss., 1909-1955

2 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2082
The Williams, W.C. mss., 1909-1955, consist of letters from poet William Carlos Williams, 1883-1963, to his wife Florence (Herman) Williams, 1890-1976, during their courtship years and those periods of separation caused by travel or hospitalization.

Williams, Samuel mss., 1796-1919

4 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2081
The Williams, Samuel mss., 1796-1919, consist of letters and papers of Samuel Williams, 1786-1859, and his son, Samuel Wesley Williams, 1827-1928.

Williams, R. mss., 1862-1866

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2077
The Williams, R. mss., 1862-1866, are Civil War letters to and from Rudolph Williams, 1844?- , and William H. Rudulph, 1840?- , both of whom served in Company K, 111th regiment, Ohio infantry.

Williams, Oscar mss., 1920-1966

11232 items Collection ID: LMC 2428
The Williams, Oscar mss., 1920-1966, consists primarily of correspondence, 1927-1966, notebooks, agreements, anthology material, poetry, and financial records of American poet and anthologist, Oscar Williams.

Williams, Orlo mss., 1924-1952

19 items (1 folder) Collection ID: LMC 2075
The Williams, Orlo mss., 1924-1952, are letters to Orlo Williams, 1883-1967, author, from Thomas Stearnes Eliot, 1888-1965, poet.

Williamson mss., 1885-1940

0.4 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2079
The Williamson mss., 1885-1940, consist of correspondence and papers of George Charles Williamson, 1858-1942, author, relating to the Sette of Odd Volumes, a London society of which Williamson was a member.

Williamson, H. mss., 1924-1956

1421 items Collection ID: LMC 2085
The Williamson, H. mss., 1924-1956, are letters from Henry Williamson, 1895-1977, author of Shallowford, North Devon, England, to Ann Thomas; writings by Williamson, and a Synopsis of the Years, 1931-1948, by Ann Thomas.

Williams-Kuhn mss., 1921-1932

9 items (1 folio) Collection ID: LMC 2047
The Williams - Kuhn mss., 1921-1932, are the pen and ink cartoons of Gaar Williams, 1880-1935, and Charles H. Kuhn, 1892-1989, both cartoonists for The Indianapolis News at one time.

Williams, K.P. mss., 1820-1958

11 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2312
The Williams, K.P. mss., 1820-1958, consists of letters and papers of Kenneth Powers Williams, 1887-1958, professor of mathematics at Indiana University and author of Lincoln Finds a General.

Williams, J.S. mss., 1857-1879

0.2 linear feet (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2072
The Williams, J.S. mss., 19th cent. consist of reminiscences of John Samuel Williams, 1857-1940, Indiana schoolteacher, titled Skeletons from a Homespunner's Closet.

Williams, Jonathan mss., 1738-1869

7203 items Collection ID: LMC 2441
The Williams, Jonathan mss., 1738-1869, consist of letters and papers of Jonathan Williams, 1750-1815, merchant and soldier, grand-nephew of Benjamin Franklin and first superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Williams, Diane mss., 1986-2013

29 boxes Collection ID: LMC 2852
The Williams, Diane mss., ca. 1986-2008, include the correspondence, papers, and drafts of American short story writer, Diane Williams.

William R. Ringer papers, 1916-2011, bulk 1916-1918

.8 cubic feet (2 boxes) Collection ID: C451
William R. Ringer graduated from Indiana University in 1920. After earning his JD at the University of Michigan, he went on to have a successful legal career. This small collection consists primarily of diaries and journals maintained while Ringer was an Indiana University student.

William Miles Collection Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II, 1982-1997

18 items Collection ID: COL 9
Materials relating to William Miles' 1992 documentary, Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II.

William M. Gering's David Starr Jordan research, 1855-1987, bulk 1869-1892

4.4 cubic feet (5 boxes) Collection ID: C363
William Gering was an associate professor of speech and theater at Indiana University South Bend from 1964 until his retirement in 1988. Beginning with his academic career as a graduate student at Indiana University in the early 1960s, Gering displayed an interest in researching the life and career of David Starr Jordan, Indiana University's President from 1885 to 1891. The collection consists of Gering's research notes and writings on Jordan. The research itself primarily focuses on the period of Jordan's life from his time enrolling as a student at Cornell University in 1869 to his 1891 departure from Indiana to become Stanford University's first President.

William M. Daily collection, 1835-1925, bulk 1835-1859

.6 cubic feet Collection ID: C227
William Daily was a Methodist minister, and served as president of Indiana University, 1853-1859. The collection includes correspondence, speeches, financial records, administrative records relating to his presidency at Indiana University; most prominent are records relating to charges brought against Daily during his presidency.