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Ege mss., 1100-1500

52 Items Collection ID: LMC 2438 (VAD8279) (VAD8279)
The Ege mss., 12th-16th cent., consist of original leaves from medieval manuscripts of Western Europe collected by Otto F. Ege, 1888-1951, dean of the Cleveland Institute of Art and lecturer on the history of the book at the School of Library Science, Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

Ege mss., 1100-1599

52 Items (1 box) Collection ID: LMC 2438
The Ege mss., 12th-16th century, consists of original leaves from medieval manuscripts of Western Europe collected by Otto F. Ege, 1888-1951.

English Legal Documents mss. IV, 1200-1898

4 Boxes (1 standard, 3 custom) Collection ID: LMC 1333
English Legal Documents mss. IV, 1200-1898, consist of those manuscripts concerned with English legal matters which have been acquired as individual pieces.

Ege mss. II, 1240-1923

1 Box Collection ID: LMC 2973
The Ege mss. II, 1240-1923, consists of Otto Ege's Original Leaves from Famous Books - Eight Centuries portfolio of leaves collected from books deemed historically significant.

Parker mss., 1264-1871

97 bound Collection ID: LMC 1673
The Parker mss., 1264-1871, consist of commonplace books, legal records, account books, volumes on heraldry, rhetoric and logic, genealogy, sermons, political tracts, a diary, gazetteer and a jest book in verse.

English Legal Documents mss. III, 1279-1668

1 folio Collection ID: LMC 1332
English Legal Documents III, 1279-1668, consist of samples of handwriting from the thirteenth to seventeenth centuries.

Ege mss. III, 12th-18th centuries

1 Box Collection ID: LMC 2974
The Ege mss. III, 12th-18th centuries, consists of Otto Ege's Original Oriental Manuscripts porfolio of leaves of non-European origin.

Calverley mss., 1359-1799

2 Boxes (2 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2432
The Calverley mss., 1359-18/19th cent., consist of Arabic manuscripts collected by Edwin Elliott Calverley, 1882-1971, professor of Arabic and Islamic studies, whose notes about the documents are occasionally found inscribed thereon.

Binkley, Raglind mss., 1450-1842

3 Items Collection ID: LMC 2873 (VAE0927) (VAE0927)
The Binkley, Raglind mss., ca. 1450-1842, consist of medieval fragments collected by Thomas and Raglind Binkley.

Spain History mss., 1468-1887

5.6 linear feet (123 items) Collection ID: LMC 1962
The Spain History mss., 1468-1887, consist of correspondence, histories, governmental papers, and literature relating to Spain.

Spain History mss. II, 1493-1870

4 Boxes (4 standard) Collection ID: LMC 1963
The Spain History mss. II, 1493-1870, consist of legal forms, personal wills, governmental papers, and real estate documents relating to 15th-18th century Spain.

Charlton mss., 1498-1588

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 1182
The Charlton mss., 1498-1588, consists of copies of Aristotelis de poetica interprete Giorgio Valla Placentino; Federicus Cerutus, De re poetica; and Alemannus on Aristotle's Poetic.

Scottish mss., 1500-1707

2 Boxes (2 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2447
The Scottish mss., 1500-1707, consists of materials concerned with the genealogies, history, letters, and writings of Scotland.

Fernández Nodal mss., 1500-1883

7 Boxes (7 standard) Collection ID: LMC 1359
​The Fernández Nodal mss., 16th cent.-1883, consists of the papers of José Fernández Nodal, a Peruvian scholar born in 1822.

Boxer mss. II, 1500-1899

18 Linear Feet (3 boxes, 65 volumes) Collection ID: LMC 2444
The Boxer mss. II, 1500-1938, consists of manuscripts and documents collected by colonial historian Charles Ralph Boxer, 1904-2000.

Latin American mss. Mexico, 1502-1925

6 Boxes (6 standard) Collection ID: LMC 1620
The Latin American mss. Mexico, 1502-1925, is an extensive collection covering much of Mexican history in depth.

English Legal Documents mss., 1510-1858

4 Boxes (1 standard, 3 custom) Collection ID: LMC 1330
The English legal documents, 1510-1858, consist of mortgages, deeds, indentures, wills, leases, marriage settlements and contracts and powers of attorney.

Latin American mss. Peru, 1535-1929

6716 Items Collection ID: LMC 1627
The Latin American mss. Peru, 1535-1929, consist of over 6500 documents which trace the historical, economic and social development of what is presently known as Peru, with lesser coverage of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador.

Latin American mss.--Miscellaneous, 1536-1957, 1992-2006

11 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 1623
The Latin American mss.--Miscellaneous 1536-1957 consists of miscellaneous documents from various Latin American countries, compiled from the other Latin American mss., including correspondence, goverment documents, literature, photographs, and other documents.

Baltic mss., 1539-1710

4 bound Collection ID: LMC 1050
The Baltic mss., 1539-1710, consists primarily of Russian and Slavic legal documents.