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3. Parker mss., 1264-1871 19 linear feet (95 volumes)

Macclesfield, Thomas Parker, Earl of, 1666?-1732
The Parker mss., 1264-1871, consist of commonplace books, legal records, account books, volumes on heraldry, rhetoric and logic, genealogy, sermons, political tracts, a diary, gazetteer and a jest book in verse.
The Calverley mss., 1359-18/19th cent., consist of Arabic manuscripts collected by Edwin Elliott Calverley, 1882-1971, professor of Arabic and Islamic studies, whose notes about the documents are occasionally found inscribed thereon.
The Latin American mss. --Mexico II, 1560-1940, consists of individual items acquired separately either as a gift, purchase, transfer, or removal from a variety of sources, complementing the materials in the Latin American mss. Mexico collection. Additions continue to be made.

27. Mutis Daza mss., 1568-1936 1 linear foot

Mutis Daza, Camilo
The Mutis Daza mss., 1568-1936, except for a small portion, were assembled by Eduardo Posada, 1862- , historian and bibliographer, for Camilo Mutis Daza. Included are a number of outstanding items on Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela during the wars of independence.

29. Lafayette mss., 1572-1939 10 linear feet

Gardner, Walter P.
The Lafayette mss., 1572-1939, consist of correspondence and papers assembled by banker Walter P. Gardner around the central figure of Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette, 1757-1834, general.
The Philippine mss. II, 1594-1908, consists of accounts of the lives and deaths of various saints and other religious figures, copies of royal decrees, correspondence, government and military reports, historical accounts, maps, wills and inventories of estates, and a water-color painting.

38. Latin American mss., Peru III, 1602-1753 1 linear foot (4 bound containers)

Librería de Antaño
The Latin American mss., Peru III, 1602-1753 consists of several documents that trace the historical, economic and social development of what is presently known as Peru, with lesser coverage of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador.
The Aristotle mss., 1603-1704, consists of commentaries on the works of Aristotle. At least half of the volumes concentrate on logic, but other subjects are covered as well, including physics and general philosophy.

45. U.S. History mss., 1612-1977 17.2 linear feet (551 items)

The U.S. History mss., 1612-1977, consist of individual items acquired separately either as a gift, purchase, transfer, or removal from a variety of sources, relating to the United States. Additions continue to be made.

53. Leo F. Solt papers, 1643-1996, bulk 1940-1996 16.2 cubic feet (17 boxes)

Solt, Leo F.
Leo F. Solt, professor emeritus of History and dean of the University Graduate School, taught at the University of Iowa and the University of Massachusetts before joining the Indiana University faculty in 1955. In 1978 he was named dean of the University Graduate School, a position he held until 1987. The collection consists of biographical records, research notes, correspondence, and lecture notes.

60. Ketcham mss., 1666-1793 0.1 Linear Feet (1 folio)

Pickering, Timothy, 1745-1829
The Ketcham mss., 1666-1793, consists of deeds, wills, a passport issued to Daniel Ketcham, 1753- 1828, and a document signed by Timothy Pickering, 1745-1829.

66. Augustan mss., 1688-1748 1 linear foot (1 box, 1 volume)

The Augustan mss., 1688-1748, consists of manuscripts and correspondence collected by Indiana University Professor William T. Morgan, 1922-1945, relating to the Age of Queen Anne.

67. Lieber mss., 1691-1945 784 items (12 boxes; 36 bound volumes; 3 folios; 4 oversize folders)

The Lieber mss., 1691-1945, are papers of Richard Lieber, 1869-1944, director of the Indiana State Department of Conservation from its creation in 1919 to 1933.

68. Helm mss., 1693-1965 3 boxes

Cinti-Damoreau, Laure (Cinthie Montalant), 1801-1863
The Helm mss., 1693-1965, consist of operatic scores largely in the hands of copyists, works of Mme Laure (Cinthie Montalant) Cinti-Damoreau, 1801-1863, singer and composer, and documents connected with the opera in Bologna, collected by Everett Helm, 1913-1999, composer and musicologist of New York and Asolo, Italy.

69. German mss., 16th century-2004 35 items (5 vols; 1 folio; 3 boxes; 3 folders)

The German mss., ca. 16th century-2004, consist of individually acquired letters, documents, and historical and literary manuscripts written in German, relating to the history, culture, and life of Germany.

70. Hodge mss., 1700-1899 0.5 linear feet (1 box; 1 bound)

Hodge, C. T. (Carleton Taylor), 1917-1998
The Hodge mss., circa 18th-19th century, consists of codices and related materials collected by linguistic scholar Carleton Taylor Hodge, 1917-1998.

72. Walpole mss., 1715-1781 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Walpole, Horatio, 1678-1757
The Walpole mss., 1715-1781, consists of the correspondence of Horatio Walpole, 1st Baron Walpole, 1678-1757, to his brother-in-law, Charles Townshend, 2nd viscount Townshend, 1674-1738.

73. Montreal Superior Court mss., 1718-1739 0.4 linear feet (1 box)

Montreal Superior Court
The Montreal Superior Court mss., 1718-1739, are certified typescripts of documents no. 9068-9085, 9470-9488, 9763-9777, 11333-11346, 11885-11894, 11900-11916, 1238-12244, 14112- 14133, 15229, 15314-15328, and 15330-15341 registered in the Montreal Court superieure and preserved in the Archives judiciaires du district de Montreal.
Juniper Von Phitzer Press
The Juniper Von Phitzer Press mss., 1719-2012, consists of correspondence, business papers, ephemera, printed materials, reprints of original materials, photographs, albums, and plaques related to the activities of the miniature book publisher Juniper Von Phitzer Press.

78. Indiana History mss., 1725-1973 108.9 Linear Feet (14 boxes, 57 volumes, 40 oversize)

Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848.
The Indiana History mss., 1725-1973, consists of individual items related to the history of the state of Indiana, acquired separately either as a gift, purchase, transfer, or removal from a variety of sources.
Delany, Mrs. (Mary), 1700-1788
The Delany mss., 1728-1760, consists of an anthology, a volume of original drawings, and the manuscript of Marianna by Mary (Granville) Delany, 1700-1788, artist and writer.

80. Uriarte mss., 1729-1790 0.4 linear feet (1 box)

Uriarte, Manuel Joaquin, 1720-1802
The Uriarte mss., 1729-1790, consists primarily of the correspondence of Manuel Joaquín Uriarte, 1720-1802, and his diary of missionary life in the province of Mainas.

81. Stuart mss., 1730-1841 5.75 linear feet (3 boxes, 1 oversize)

Stuart, Sir Charles, 1779-1845
The Stuart mss., 1730-1866, are the papers of Sir Charles Stuart, baron de Rothesay, 1779-1845, British diplomat to Portugal and Brazil.

82. Sharpe mss., 1733-1755 2 Linear Feet (1 oversize box)

The Sharpe mss., 1733-1755, consists of papers from the office of John Sharpe, 1700-1756, London solicitor for the British West Indies, relating to the enforcement of the 1733 Molasses Act.

83. Thiébault Family mss., 1733-1872, bulk 1793-1872 15 linear feet (30 volumes, 4 boxes, 2 oversize)

Thiébault family
The Thiébault Family mss., 1733-1872, consist of the papers of mutiple generations of the Thiébault family. The collection contains correspondence, journals, sketches, legal documents, poems, songs, drafts, military papers, autographs, and other miscellaneous objects belonging to the family.

84. Vernon mss., 1737-1740 0.1 linear feet (1 bound)

Vernon, Edward, 1684-1757
The Vernon mss., 1737-1740, consists of contemporary copies and extracts of the correspondence between Admiral Edward Vernon, 1684-1757, and the Great Britain Navy Board.
Williams, Jonathan, 1750-1815.
The Williams, Jonathan mss., 1738-1869, consist of letters and papers of Jonathan Williams, 1750-1815, merchant and soldier, grand-nephew of Benjamin Franklin and first superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

86. Chesterfield mss., 1740-1777 276 items (1 box; 1 oversize; 1 folio)

Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of, 1694-1773
The Chesterfield mss., 1740-1777, consists of letters and papers of Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th earl of Chesterfield, 1694-1773, statesman, and his godson, Philip Stanhope, 5th earl of Chesterfield, 1755-1815, master of the horse.

87. Art mss., 1740-1993 19.3 Linear Feet (5 boxes, 31 volumes, 81 folios)

The Art mss., 1740-1993, consists of drawings, sketches, etchings, illustrations, and other works of art acquired individually from various artists.

89. Chesterfield mss. II, 1745-1770 34 items (1 letter; 2 volumes)

Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of, 1694-1773
The Chesterfield mss., II, 1745-1770, consist primarily of the writings of statesman Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th earl of Chesterfield, 1694-1773.

90. Stevens mss., 1749-1916 11.26 linear feet (9 boxes, 1 folio)

Stevens, William Arnold, 1839-1910
The Stevens mss., 1749-1916, consist of papers of William Arnold Stevens, 1839-1910, his wife, Mrs. Caroline (Clarke) Stevens, 1834-1916, and members of their respective families.

92. U.S. Secretaries of Treasury mss., 1750-1961 4.5 linear feet (2 boxes, 1 oversize)

Eastburn, Walter N.
The U.S. Secretaries of Treasury mss., 1750-1961, consist of letters, documents, and autographs of secretaries of the treasury, government officials, and other prominent people collected by Walter N. Eastburn, 179 South Harrison Street, East Orange, New Jersey.

97. Lafayette mss. III, 1759-1880 1 linear foot

Gribbel, John, 1858-1936
The Lafayette mss. III, 1759-1880, consist of a bound volume of holograph correspondence and documents assembled around the central figure of Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette, 1757-1834, general, his contemporaries, among whom were Pierre François Audry de Puyraveau and Jacques Charles Dupont de l'Eure, and members of his family.