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4. Duval, K. D. mss., 1973-1976 630 items (2 boxes, 1 oversize)

​The Duval, K. D. mss., 1973-1976, consists chiefly of the correspondence between Kulgin Dalby Duval, bookseller, and 23 British bookbinders commissioned by him to produce original bindings for a catalogue and exhibition: British Bookbinding Today.

5. Eastman, A.F. mss., 1896-1956 0.6 linear feet (2 boxes)

​The Eastman, A.F. mss., 1896-1956, consists of the correspondence of Anstice Ford Eastman, 1878-1937, surgeon, with his mother, Annis Bertha (Ford) Eastman, 1852-1910, minister; his father, Samuel Elijah Eastman, 1846-1925, clergyman; his sister, Crystal Eastman, 1881-1928, lawyer; and his brother, Max Eastman, 1882-1969, author.

6. Elliott, J.B. mss., 1851-1853 11 items (1 folder)

The Elliott, J.B. mss., 1851-1853, are letters written by and to John Bennett Elliott, 1836-1904, student at Indiana University, 1852-1853, and later farmer and fruit grower of Harmony Township, Posey County, Indiana.

8. Bryer mss., 1996 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

The Bryer mss., 1996, consist of letters and manuscripts of various authors assembled by scholar, editor, and author Jackson R. Bryer, 1937– , for his F. Scott Fitzgerald at 100: Centenary Tributes by American Writers (Rockville, MD: Quill & Brush, 1996).

10. Chapman mss., 1913-1922 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

The Chapman Mss., 1913-1922 and 1933, consists of the correspondence with and relating to Indian author Charles Edmonds Walk, 1875-, from the office file of president of the International Press Bureau, Chicago, Illinois William Gerard Chapman, 1877-1945.

12. Catey mss., 1862-1865 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

The Catey mss., circa 1862–1865, consist of the correspondence between six members of the Catey family serving in different Indiana regiments during the Civil War to the family members at home in Oxford, Indiana (Benton County).

13. Blackwood mss., 1852-1887 0.1 Linear Feet (1 folio)

The Blackwood mss., 1852-1887, consists of letters to Sir Stevenson Arthur Blackwood, 1832-1893, postal official and reformer, and to his mother, Cecilia Georgiana Byng Blackwood, 1802-1881.

14. Cagle mss., 1964-1973 0.4 linear feet (1 box)

The Cagle mss., 1964-1973, consists of the correspondence of Geoffrey Edward West Household, 1900-1988, novelist; Anaïs Nin, 1903-1977, author; Eric Honeywood Partridge, 1894-1979, author; and Ian Hamilton Finlay, 1925-2006, poet, with William Rea Cagle, 1933- , librarian at Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

21. Cooper mss. III, 1927-1980 .35 linear feet (1 folder; 1 oversized folder; 35 items.)

The Cooper mss. III, circa 1927-1980, consists of letters, photographs, and memorabilia such as plaques and resolutions, of and relating to journalist and Associated Press Director Kent Cooper, 1880-1965.

28. Burke, A.T. mss., 1955-1958 18 items (1 folder)

The Burke, A.T., mss., 1955-1958, consist of letters from Dorothy (Davies) Rogers and her husband, Dr. Allan F. Rogers, 1919?- , medical officer of the British Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1957-1958, to Avis (Tarrant) Burke and her husband Robert Elisha Burke, Professor of Art at Indiana University.

29. Ciardi mss., 1949-1953 .1 linear feet (1 folder)

The Ciardi mss., 1949-1953, consists of correspondence from the files of editor John Ciardi, 1916-1986, relating to William Carlos Williams and to his daughter-in-law, Virginia Carnes Williams.

30. Charlton mss., 1498-1588 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

The Charlton mss., 1498-1588, consists of copies of Aristotelis de poetica interprete Giorgio Valla Placentino; Federicus Cerutus, De re poetica; and Alemannus on Aristotle's Poetic.

34. Aylesford mss., 1941-1968 0.5 Linear Feet (1 box, 1 folio)

The Ayelsford mss., 1941-1968, consists primarily of correspondence, articles, photographs, and miscellaneous material collected by friar Father Brocard Sewell, 1912-2000, during the years he edited The Aylesford Review, a literary quarterly sponsored by the British Carmelites, 1955-1968.

38. Lincoln mss., 1798-1959 490 items

The Lincoln mss., ca. 1798-1959, consist of letters, documents, and facsimile copies of documents by and about Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865, his ancestors, immediate family, members of his cabinet, and other persons closely connected with him.

40. Boone mss., 1791-1868 1.1 Linear Feet (1 box, 1 folio)

The Boone mss., 1791-1868, consists of the letters and papers of lawyer, teacher, merchant, and politician Benjamin Pennebaker Douglass, 1820-1904, and his second wife, Queen Victoria Boone, 1837-1885.

41. Crist mss., 1861-1865 0.2 linear feet (1 box; 50 items.)

The Crist mss., 1861-1865, consists of letters to Barbara Ellen Crist, chiefly from her brother, Milton C. Crist, 1838-1864, and her future husband, John Erastus Lane, 1837-1893, both of whom were soldiers with the Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.

42. Dubin mss., 1923-1953 5 boxes

The Dubin mss., 1923-1953, consists of manuscript, mimeographed, and printed materials collected by Martin Dubin in connection with the preparation of his Ph.D. dissertation in the Department of Government, Indiana University.

45. Bissonette mss., 1855-1862 10 items (1 folder)

The Bissonette mss., 1855-1862, consist of letters and documents primarily of Joseph Bissonette, trader and frontiersman, from Nebraska Territory, relating to claims for losses incurred from depredations committed by the Indians.

49. Brooks mss., 1838-1845 26 items (1 folder)

The Brooks mss., 1838-1845, consist of letters to Thomas Jefferson Brooks at Mt. Pleasant, Martin County, Indiana, from John Bell of Louisville, Kentucky, agent for trustees of Bell Evans Co., Daniel Hunt of Boston, Massachusetts, David Jones of Belleville, Illinois, Nancy Newell of Pittsford, Virginia, George Brown, Henry B. Shields, Thomas Lacy Smith, and Charles Woodruff of New Albany, Indiana; and to Lewis Brooks at New Albany, Indiana, from Rufus Brown of Mt. Pleasant, Indiana.

51. Brown, E.F. mss., 1936-1942 0.4 linear feet (1 box)

The Brown, E.F., mss., 1936-1942, consist of the correspondence of Edward Fisher Brown, 1889-1973, businessman, concerning the acquisition of a number of early Peruvian documents and their description and inclusion in the Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada, by Seymour De Ricci and William Jerome Wilson.

52. Brown mss., 1933-1955 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

The Brown mss., 1933-1955, are letters and papers of Paul Van Dyke Brown, 1899- , executive of the Indiana State Department of Conservation, the U.S. National Park Service, and the Washington State Department of Parks.

54. Cleland mss., 1911-1946 0.6 linear feet (2 boxes)

The Cleland mss., 1911-1946, consists of the papers of botanist Ralph Erskine Cleland, 1892-1971. They consist chiefly of correspondence with prominent scientists on Oenothera, evening primrose.

56. Clemens mss. II, 1945 .1 linear feet (1 folder)

The Clemens mss. II, 1945, consists of letters sent to author Cyril Clemens, 1902-1999, of Kirkwood, Missouri, concerning a symposium planned in honor of Ernie Pyle (Ernest Taylor Pyle, 1900-1945, journalist) following his death on April 18.
Dorith Minna Ofri-Scheps (1930-2015), known as "Jɛbɛ" to the Vai people, was a linguist and scholar of the Vai language and culture. Her dissertation, "On the Object of ethnology: a propos of the Vai culture of Liberia 1963-88" was submitted and defended in 1991, at the University of Bern, after the outbreak of the First Liberian Civil War had interrupted her field research.Her correspondence covers many aspects of Vai language and culture, touching on the cumulative work of August Klingenheben, Bai Tamia Moore, Gail Stewart, Jangaba Johnson, C. K. Kandakai, and many others. Her research drew on interviews with Mɔmɔlu Cole, and her assistants included Morris Davies, who died in the war, Fatu Kiazolu, and in later life Poppy Willard.

59. Buley mss., 1951-1964 69 items (2 boxes; 1 folder; 1 oversize folder)

The Buley mss., 1951–1964, consist of correspondence, awards, photographs, and clippings relating to Roscoe Carlyle Buley, 1893–1968, professor of history at Indiana University.

62. Augustan mss., 1688-1748 1 linear foot (1 box, 1 volume)

The Augustan mss., 1688-1748, consists of manuscripts and correspondence collected by Indiana University Professor William T. Morgan, 1922-1945, relating to the Age of Queen Anne.
The Barnard mss., 1940-1966, consists of the research materials gathered by scholar of English literature Ellsworth Barnard, 1907-2003, for his biography Wendell Willkie: Fighter for Freedom (1966).

66. Bartholomew mss., 1838-1886 0.6 linear feet (2 boxes, 1 folio)

The Bartholomew mss., 1838-1886, consists of the papers of American businessman, pioneer, and judicial officer Jacob Bartholomew, 1818-1863, and his wife, Emily Ebersole Bartholomew, 1825-1913.

67. Anna Karenina mss., 1935 0.1 Linear Feet (1 folio)

The Anna Karenina mss., 1935, consists of papers relating to the motion picture Anna Karenina, a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer release directed by Clarence Brown, 1890–1987, and written by Clemence Dane, 1888–1965, and Salka Viertel, 1889–1978.

69. Antonow mss., 1956-1963 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

The Antonow mss., 1956-1963, consists of poems by James Vincent Cunningham, Stanley Kunitz, Robert Lowell, Marianne Moore, Carl Sandburg, Sir Walter Scott, Karl Shapiro, and Richard Wilbur, all collected by lawyer Joseph P. Antonow, 1915-1990.

73. Eigenmann mss., 1851-1971 1767 items (4 boxes; 2 volumes; 2 folders; 2 folios)

​The Eigenmann mss., 1851-1971, consists of the papers of Carl H. Eigenmann, 1863-1927, ichthyologist, and his wife, Rosa Smith Eigenmann, 1858-1947, ichthyologist.

76. Bright mss., 1832-1873 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

The Bright mss., 1832-1873, are mainly letters from, to, and about Jesse David Bright, 1812-1875, U.S. senator. The collection is made up of reproductions (i.e. photostats, typescripts, xerox copies, and microfilms), of material in other libraries, collected by Wayne J. Van der Weele for his doctoral dissertation "Jesse David Bright, master politician from the Old Northwest," at Indiana University, 1958.

77. Bowen mss., 1932-1938 0.1 Linear Feet (1 folio)

The Bowen mss., 1932-1938, consists of the correspondence of research worker Kathleen Bowen with businessman George Alexander Ball, 1862-1955, and naval historian Sir Geoffrey Arthur Romaine Callender, 1875-1946.

78. Brindeau mss., 1970-1976 0.6 linear feet (2 boxes)

The Brindeau mss., 1970-1976, consist of the incomplete text for La Poesie Contemporaine de langue Francais depuis 1945, edited chiefly by Serge Brindeau, 1925-1997, poet and editor, and letters largely to Brindeau about the work.
The Calverley mss., 1359-18/19th cent., consist of Arabic manuscripts collected by Edwin Elliott Calverley, 1882-1971, professor of Arabic and Islamic studies, whose notes about the documents are occasionally found inscribed thereon.

80. Caine mss., 1891-1931 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

The Caine mss., 1891-1931, consist of papers of Sir Hall Caine, 1853-1931, novelist and playwright. Letters are addressed in 1891 and 1892 from Caine to Miss A[delaide S.] Lauprecht of the Midland Institute, Birmingham, [England], who had written to him about translating The Scapegoat into German. Other letters are addressed to George Bowler in 1918 concerning arrangements for his will; two replies from Bowler, chartered accountant of Liverpool, examine these arrangements. A letter from H. S. B. Goldsmith to Caine in 1914 was readdressed to George Bowler and bears the dark blue wax seal of HC.

83. Caldwell mss., 1862-1863 6 items (1 folder)

The Caldwell mss., 1862-1863, are Civil war letters to William Caldwell, and his wife, Sarah, of Hubbard, Indiana, from James H. Richardson, brother of Mrs. Caldwell, A. H. Caldwell, brother of William Caldwell, and Robert J. Biggs.

84. Clark mss., 1909-1957 3 boxes

The Clark mss., 1909-1957, consists of the letters and writings of author, editor, and publisher Thomas Curtis Clark, 1877-1953, as well as the autographs and poems of other writers collected by him.

85. Burton mss., 1940-1967 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

The Burton mss., 1940-1967 and 1976, are the papers of Lindley James Burton, 1921-1968, professor of Mathematics at Lake Forest College, Illinois, concerning various phases of the work of the United World Federalists movement in Illinois.

86. Clark V. mss., 1861-1922 .25 linear feet (1 oversized folder)

The Clark, V. mss., circa 1861-1922, consists of documents, genealogical information, and photographs pertaining to Virley Ellsworth Clark, 1880-1947, of Monroe County, Indiana.
The Latin American mss. --Mexico II, 1560-1940, consists of individual items acquired separately either as a gift, purchase, transfer, or removal from a variety of sources, complementing the materials in the Latin American mss. Mexico collection. Additions continue to be made.

94. Allen mss., 800-1972 150 items

The Allen mss., 800-1972, consists of manuscript pieces collected by William Edward David Allen, 1901-1973, foreign service officer, businessman, and author, and his own writings about Georgian history.
Collection is closely related to Mexican history since in 1822 Salvador was part of the Mexican Empire. Over half of the collection is concerned with the proposal of Juan Jose de Viteri to reunite the members of the revolutionary Cuerpo de Dragones under the name of Cuerpo de Voluntarios Imperiales. Other items commend the Salvadorians for their patriotism during the War of Independence and their loyalty to the Mexican Empire. The correspondents in this collection are Jose Fernandez Padilla, Vicente Filisola, Mexico. Ministerio de Guerra y Marina, and Juan Jose de Viteri.

100. Bement mss., 1843-1891 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

The Bement mss., 1843-1891, consists of the correspondence of Isaac Bush, 1815-1864, farmer of LaPorte County, Indiana, and his wife, Sarah Ann (Bement) Bush, 1821-1891.