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American Foundations Oral History Project, 1989-1993

42 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc001
The American Foundations Oral History Project consists of a series of interviews with prominent American philanthropists, each of whom relates their background, the development of their values, and their philosophies of philanthropy. The purpose and state of American philanthropy, including those family foundations and corporate foundations, form a central topic, as do the recent trend of increasing diversity and opinions on grant evaluation and philanthropic assessment. In addition, many interviewees comment on the role of government in philanthropy and the system of ethics at play in American philanthropy.

Biography: John Hurt, 1985-1986

5 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc018
This collection of interviews focuses on the political career of John E. Hurt. The bulk of the collection consists of Mr. Hurt's interviews where he speaks about his role as a leading Democratic fundraiser and political advisor to several gubernatorial candidates and governors in Indiana from the late nineteen forties through the early nineteen sixties. The other interviews offer background and specifics about Hurt's political career and actions.

AURA - Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Incorporated, 1983-1984

4 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc002
These interviews discuss the construction of the Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona and the negotiations that took place with the Papagos Indian Tribe in order to obtain the lease of the land. The issues of mineral rights and university and community relations are discussed in these interviews.

Autobiography: Ernest D. Butler, 1979

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc006
Ernest D. Butler discusses his career and his involvement in the civil rights movement in Indiana.

Biography: Martin Luther King, Jr., 1979

2 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc020
This collection of interviews offers some insight into Dr. Martin Luther King's character and strength as a leader. It also provides some information about the role of adult education in the Civil Rights Movement and how that facilitated social change.

Blacksmithing, 1978

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc025
In this project, the interviewee speaks about blacksmithing, welding, and the production of bells.

Autobiography: Edward O. Craft, 1978

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc005
Edward O. Craft, former senior legislative counsel to the House of Representatives, recounts his early life, education, work in Washington, DC, and his retirement into private practice as a partner in the law firm of Wickham, Craft & Cihlar.

Autobiography: John M. Cooper, 1978

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc008
John M. Cooper, a professor of physical education at Indiana University, discusses his life-long love of basketball, its history, its development over the years, and his time as a player and coach of the sport. He also talks about his current interests in kinesiology and biomechanics.

Autobiography: Raymond Seifert, 1978

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc010
Raymond Seifert, born January 1, 1920 and died September 17, 1996, discusses his experiences in World War II. He also touches upon his opinions of war in general.

Biography: Morris L. Ernst, 1977

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc022
Malcolm A. Hoffman discusses his relationship with Morris L. Ernst, best known for his defense in the censorship case against Ulysses by James Joyce.

Autobiography: Robert C. Wiles, 1976

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc011
This project consists of one interview with Robert C. Wiles, who discusses his life and experiences, especially with regard to the community in Bloomington, Indiana. He shares his memories of his military experiences prior to World War I, his educational experiences at Indiana University, and his work experiences at his family's drug store. In addition, he speaks of the character and quality of life in the first third of the twentieth century.

Writings of Bruce A. Rosenberg, 1976

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc004
Bruce A. Rosenberg talks about his writings, folklore theories, and folk legends. This project also includes discussion of his book Custer and the Epic Defeat.

History: Pike County, Indiana, 1976

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc023
The project explores the history of Pike County, Indiana.

Writing The Saga of Coe Ridge, 1976

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc013
William Lynwood Montell answers questions about the oral history methods he used in writing The Saga of Coe Ridge.

Biography: Melvyn Douglas, 1972-1980

35 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc021
The interviews contained in this project revolve around the life of Melvyn Douglas and include information about his biographical history, his family, his theatrical, motion picture, and television acting career, and his efforts during World War II. The interviewees include fellow actors and actresses, the man himself, former employees, and others who came into contact with Melvyn Douglas throughout his life.

Biography: Homer E. Capehart, 1969-1973

29 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc015
This project is comprised of interviews regarding Homer E. Capehart and in particular, his political career as a Republican United States senator from the state of Indiana from 1944 to 1962. Often emphasized in the interviews is Capehart's organization of the Cornfield Conference in 1938 which served to rejuvenate the Republican Party in Indiana. Also much discussed is Capehart's legendary business acumen and status as a wealthy self-made man, proud of his humble origins. Many of the interviews also deal with national politics, Capehart's friends and political opponents, his impact and influence in Congress (through the Senate Banking and Currency Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee), his personal characteristics, communism, and the reasons for his unexpected defeat in 1962 at the hands of Birch E. Bayh, Jr.

Biography: J. Edward Roush, 1969

3 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc017
This collection primarily covers Roush's time spent as United States Representative (D) from the 5th District of Indiana between 1959 and 1969, though his education and history prior to national politics are mentioned. Major topics of discussion include his campaigns, work on the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and the flood control reservoirs in northern Indiana, as well as his position on the Committee on Science and Astronautics.

Biography: Robert A. Taft, 1968

1 Interview Collection ID: ohrc003
Charles Taft discusses politics in Cincinnati during the late 1920s. He talks about his brother, Robert A. Taft, and his political career.

Jewish Life in Indiana

7 Interviews Collection ID: ohrc019
This project depicts Jewish life in Indiana in the twentieth century through descriptions by Jewish people of various backgrounds. The interviewees discuss their faith, community involvement, anti-Semitism, and Jewish-owned businesses.