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Biography: Melvyn Douglas, 1972-1980

35 interviews Collection ID: ohrc021
The interviews contained in this project revolve around the life of Melvyn Douglas and include information about his biographical history, his family, his theatrical, motion picture, and television acting career, and his efforts during World War II. The interviewees include fellow actors and actresses, the man himself, former employees, and others who came into contact with Melvyn Douglas throughout his life.

IU Oral History Archive, 1991-1998

194 interviews Collection ID: ohrc072
This project is a compilation of interviews of subjects with strong ties to and memories of Indiana University, primarily at the Bloomington campus, including former students, faculty, and staff, among others. The information spans most of the twentieth century and deals with the administrations under presidents Herman B Wells, John Ryan, Thomas Ehrlich, and Myles Brand. The project occurred in two parts. The first round of interviews was with administrators, trustees, and other high-ranking members of the university hierarchy. The second round of interviews was with senior faculty from a number of departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. The project is a survey of Indiana University's history as a whole including information about various academic departments, athletics, student organizations, campus growth, and the university's growth in the twentieth century. This project was funded by President Emeritus John Ryan.

Claude Barnett and the Associated Negro Press, 1976-1977

8 interviews Collection ID: ohrc028
These interviews consist primarily of interviewees discussing their relationships with Claude Barnett, their work at the Associated Negro Press, and Barnett's ongoing efforts at improving race relations. In addition, many interviewees comment on the difficulties they encountered while working for the Press and its impact on the Civil Rights Movement.

Indian American Diaspora in the Hoosier State, 1999-2000

21 interviews Collection ID: ohrc068
This project, sponsored by a CLIO grant from the Indiana Historical Society, consists of interviews with Indian-American living in Indiana. The interviewees, the majority of whom were born in India and immigrated to the United States, discuss a variety of topics including: Indian foodways, Indian traditions, Indian national politics, education, career choice, family history, parenting philosophy, reasons for coming to the United States, reasons for remaining in the United States, citizenship and naturalization, marriage and dating customs. media coverage of India, and differences between Indian and American cultures. This project was co-directed by Professor M. Gail Hickey of the School of Education at Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne.

Indian American Communities in Indiana, 1998-1999

21 interviews Collection ID: ohrc065
Indian American Communities in Indiana provides a sampling of Indian American voices, most of whom were born in India and now reside in the United States. Among the topics discussed are maintaining Indian cultural values in an American context, religious beliefs and practices, imparting Indian traditions and values to children born to Indian parents but are growing up in the United States, differences between Indian born and American born Indian Americans, educational and career choices, politics of India and America, current events, Indian community associations, and cultural differences between India and America. his project was co-directed by Professor M. Gail Hickey of the School of Education at Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne.