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Hustad, Thomas P.
The Hustad, Thomas mss., 1976-2014, consists of the correspondence, Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) conference proceedings and notes, proceedings and reports of PDMA activities and journals.

15. Eoyang mss., circa 1974-1980 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Eoyang, Eugene Chen
The Eoyang mss., ca. 1974-1980, consist primarily of the correspondence and papers of Indiana University Professor of Comparative Literature, Eugene Chen Eoyang, relating to his translations from Chinese into English.
Lockridge, Ross, 1914-1948
Lockridge mss. III, circa 1837-2000, consists of the correspondence, unpublished manuscripts, photos, papers, and audio tapes pertaining to the life and work of author Ross Lockridge, Jr., 1914-1948, and the Lockridge family.

18. Winston mss., ca. 1998-2011 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Winston, Krishna.
The Winston mss., ca. 1998 - 2011, consist of drafts of German literature translations by Krishna Winston, a professor in the German Studies Department at Wesleyan University.

23. Cott mss., ca. 1977-1985 1 Box (1 standard)

Cott, Jonathan
The Cott mss., ca. 1977-1985, consists of correspondence and other materials relating to Jonathan Cott's book Pipers at the Gates of Dawn: the Wisdom of Children's Literature (Random House, 1983).

24. Thielman mss. II, ca. 1974-1993 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Thielman, James L.
The Thielman mss. II, ca. 1974-1993, consist of the correspondence of fine bindings collector James L. Thielman, primarily with book binders and usually commissioning a fine binding by each of them.
Ferguson, Claude, 1923-
The Ferguson, A. Claude mss., ca. 1970–2009, consist of the correspondence, collected subject files, writings and legal records of Claude Ferguson, a career employee of the U.S. Forest Service who was instrumental in the creation of the Charles C. Deam Wilderness area, Indiana's only Federal Wilderness area, in the Hoosier National Forest.

26. O'Brian mss., ca. 1970-1994 5 Boxes (4 standard, 1 custom)

The O'Brian mss., ca. 1970-1994, consists primarily of notes and full-text manuscripts of author Patrick O'Brian's historical sea novels. Autograph manuscripts for eighteen of the twenty published novels are present.

32. Cameron mss., ca. 1955-1965 1 Box (1 standard)

Cameron, Polly.
The Cameron mss., ca. 1955-1965 consists primarily of original art, writings and book design materials for six children's books written and illustrated by Polly Cameron. Includes also children's fan letters, art and cards sent to Cameron.

37. Curry, J.S. mss., ca. 1941 0.1 Linear Feet (1 folio )

Curry, John Steuart, 1897-1946
The Curry, J.S. mss., ca. 1941, consists of those watercolors of John Steuart Curry, 1897-1946, illustrator, which he prepared for illustrating the Limited Editions Club volume of The Literary Works of Abraham Lincoln.

43. Farano mss. II, ca. 1931-1972 1 Box (1 standard)

Farano, Michel
The Farano mss. II, ca. 1931-1972, consist of correspondence and writings of poet Michel Farano of West New York, New Jersey. Also present are files relating to Farano's close friend, poet Jean Starr Untermeyer.
Masaryk, T. G. (Tomáš Garrigue), 1850-1937.
The Masaryk, T.G. mss., ca. 1923-1934, consist of 5x7 black and white photographs of or relating to Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, 1850-1937, president of the Czechoslovak Republic, 1918-1935.
E. Mathews (Firm)
The Elkin Mathews, Ltd. mss., ca. 1919-1987, consists of the correspondence and business papers of Elkin Mathews, firm, booksellers, as well as the personal papers of Percival Horace Muir, 1894-1979, bookseller and author.

53. Renoir mss., ca. 1913-1968 1 Box (1 standard)

Renoir, Claude, 1901-1969
Consists primarily of the correspondence and papers of Claude Renoir, 1901-1969, film producer, together with some papers of his better-known filmmaker brother, Jean Renoir, 1894-1979. The correspondence includes letters between the brothers regarding both family and film matters, as well as other business correspondence relating to the various film projects in which Claude and Jean were involved from Nana in 1926 to Opera-Musette in 1942. There are also film scripts and synopses by Claude and by Jean Renoir, financial documents, a film distribution notebook, a notebook of Claude's notes for "Cezanne," and photographs of Claude and Jean Renoir from 1914-1968.

55. Cooper mss. II, ca. 1905-1985 9 Boxes (3 standard, 6 custom)

Cooper, Kent, 1880-1965
The Cooper mss. II, ca. 1905-1985, consists of the papers of newspaperman Kent Cooper, 1880-1965, and of his wife, Sarah A. Gibbs Cooper, mostly dating from after Kent Cooper's death. Most of the collection concerns his work as a journalist, but some of it relates to his work as a composer.
McFarland, Demas Lindley, 1791-1869
The McFarland, Demas Lindley mss., ca. 1812-1849, consist of correspondence concerning the experiences and conduct of Demas Lindley McFarland during the War of 1812, as well as with the Jacksonian controversy over the Second Bank of the United States.

61. Johnson, J. mss., ca. 1740-1759 5 Boxes (1 standard, 4 custom)

Johnson, Jane, 1706-1759
The Johnson, J. mss., ca. 1740-1759, consists of materials devised by Jane (Russell) Johnson primarily for the instruction of her son, George William Johnson. The materials consist of 438 items and are arranged in 24 groups. Included are alphabet cards, religious and secular lesson cards, all hand-made. Some contain colored illustrations and are decorated with multi-colored Dutch paper.
The collection consists of a group of 28 hornbooks. Also included are two auction catalogs for sales where some of the hornbooks were sold and a description of a hornbook in brass from dealer Patrick King's list no. 11, 1986.

64. Gottfried mss., ca. 1300-2008 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Gottfried, Rudolf B. (Rudolf Brand), 1909-1986
The Gottfried mss. consists of Latin manuscripts and a working translation of Giovanni Della Casa's Rime by Rudolf B. Gottfried, 1909-1986, professor emeritus of English, Indiana University.

66. Allen mss., 800-1972 150 Items

The Allen mss., 800-1972, consists of manuscript pieces collected by William Edward David Allen, 1901-1973, foreign service officer, businessman, and author, and his own writings about Georgian history.

67. Pliny mss., 800-1938 3 Boxes (2 standard, 1 custom)

The Pliny mss., 9th cent.-1938, are photostats of Pliny manuscripts assembled by Selatie Edgar Stout, 1871-1969, professor of Latin and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University.

68. Ricketts mss., 800-1899 332 Items

The Ricketts mss., 9th-19th cent., are illuminated medieval and renaissance manuscripts assembled by Coella Lindsay Ricketts, 1859-1941, calligrapher, of Chicago, Illinois. Most of the material relates to religious matters.

69. Near Eastern mss., 700-1915 3.5 linear feet

Jazūlī, Muḥammad ibn Sulaymān, 1404-1465
The Near Eastern mss., 700-1915, consist of a collection of individually acquired manuscripts pertaining to the region formerly known as the Near East, now referred to as the Middle East.
Frisch, Shelley Laura
Frisch, Shelley mss., ca. 2012—, consist of the writings and translations of translator Shelly Frisch. The collection includes corrected drafts and copy edits for a biography of Kafka, translations of Sooner or Later by Husch Josten and works by Stefan Klein: Survival of the Nicest and Leonardo's Legacy.
Contreni, John J.
The Contreni, John J. mss., 2015, consist of a typescript and printed issue containing Contreni's article "'A Story that Can't be Printed'" about the final ceremony held at the burial of Ernie Pyle on Ie Shima.
The Plath mss. VII, ca. 2012, consist of posters, schedules, handouts, programs and other ephemera related to the events surrounding the Sylvia Plath 70th Year Literary Symposium, 2002 and the Sylvia Plath Symposium 2012 - The October Poems: the Archives and the Creative Process Seminar, which were held on the IU Campus.
Lloyd-Jones, Antonia
The Lloyd-Jones mss., 2007-2008, consists of the translator's final edited copy and related material for Paweł Huelle's "The Last Supper" (2008), translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones and published by Serpent's Tail, London.

86. Wood, W. mss., 2007-2008 1 Box (1 standard)

Wood, Willard
The Wood, W. mss. consists of three corrected drafts, 2007, of Jean-Christophe Rufin's Le Parfum d'Adam, as translated by Willard Wood (The Scent of Adam) and a cd with accompanying text files.

88. Beacons mss., 2006-2008 3 Boxes (3 standard)

Levitin, Alexis
The Beacons mss., 2006-2008, consists of the administrative files, correspondence, and manuscript materials of Beacons: A Magazine of Literary Translation and its creator and editor Alexis Levitin, 1942-.

91. Brock, G. mss., 2005-2007 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Brock, Geoffrey, 1964-
The Brock, G. mss., 2005-2007, consist of the literary translation manuscripts, correspondence, and papers of poet and translator Geoffrey Brock, who teaches Creative Writing and Translation at the University of Arkansas.

93. Pike mss., 2002-2003 3 Boxes (3 standard)

The Pike mss., circa 2002-2003, consist of the translations from German into English made by Burton Pike, 1930- , Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature at The City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center.

95. Devenyi mss., 2002 1.25 Linear Feet (1 box)

Devenyi, Mary
The Devenyi mss. consists of the manuscripts, original illustrations, and other relevant materials, ca. 2002, for the miniature book "My Name is Leonard," published by Beaux Art Publishing under the direction of Mary and Paul Devenyi.

96. Poole mss., 200-1600 18 Boxes

The Poole mss. are a collection of 137 ancient, medieval and renaissance manuscripts and single leaves ranging from the 3rd to the 16th century. The collection was formed by George Amos Poole, 1907- , printer, of Chicago, whose interest was in the development of scripts which have had a direct influence on the design of Western printing types, rather than in illumination and decoration. Most of this material relates to religious matters.

98. Johnston, Bill mss., 2001-2010 4 Boxes (4 standard)

Johnston, Bill, 1960-
The Johnston, Bill mss., 2001-2010, consists of the translations, drafts, notes, and other documents surrounding the translation work of various Polish poets and writers by Professor Bill Johnston.

100. Drolshagen mss., 2001-2002 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Drolshagen, Ebba D.
The Drolshagen mss., 2001-2002, consists of the correspondence, manuscript notes, corrected drafts, and line-edited manuscripts of Ebba D. Drolshagen's translation into German of Griefwork, by British author James Hamilton-Paterson.