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2. Charles Connor Collection, circa 1950s-2007, bulk 1985-2007 1 document case (0.42 linear feet)

Connor, Charles
Materials documenting the period Charles Connor, known as "Little Richard's original drummer," spent on the road with Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Dee Clark, Larry Williams, Chuck Willis, and others. Included are more recent articles, interviews, and audio recordings of Connor and an unpublished book manuscript.
De Caro, F. A., 1943-2020
Frank de Caro and Rosan Jordan are both folklorists who worked at Louisiana State University. They co-authored several books together. This collection includes drafts and correspondence pertaining to published works, de Caro's family history, as well as some of Jordan's teaching materials and research on Day of the Dead. Included in the collection are an extensive amount of postcards that were collected from various travels.
Lockridge, Ross, 1914-1948
Lockridge mss. III, circa 1837-2000, consists of the correspondence, unpublished manuscripts, photos, papers, and audio tapes pertaining to the life and work of author Ross Lockridge, Jr., 1914-1948, and the Lockridge family.
Bernstein, Leonard, 1918-1990
Materials collected from the composition studio of Leonard Bernstein, a conductor, composer, and musician active during the mid-20th century. The collection includes recordings, books, scores, awards, artwork, clothing, furniture, and other artifacts pertaining to his professional and personal life.
Ferguson, Claude, 1923-
The Ferguson, A. Claude mss., ca. 1970–2009, consist of the correspondence, collected subject files, writings and legal records of Claude Ferguson, a career employee of the U.S. Forest Service who was instrumental in the creation of the Charles C. Deam Wilderness area, Indiana's only Federal Wilderness area, in the Hoosier National Forest.

15. Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System (IHETS) Records, ca. 1953-2007 36 cubic feet (35 cartons, 9 VHS tapes, 1 U-matic S tape, 6 U-matic tapes)

Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System
This collection contains the records of the Indiana Higher Education Telecommunications Service (IHETS) and its related entities. IHETS arose from the passage of the Indiana Higher Education Telecommunications Act by the Indiana General Assembly on March 11, 1967. The service oversaw statewide telecommunications systems connecting university campuses and partner institutions, including voice, video, and data networks.

23. Gottfried mss., ca. 1300-2008 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Gottfried, Rudolf B. (Rudolf Brand), 1909-1986
The Gottfried mss. consists of Latin manuscripts and a working translation of Giovanni Della Casa's Rime by Rudolf B. Gottfried, 1909-1986, professor emeritus of English, Indiana University.

24. James Spooner Collection, approximately 2000-2007 4 document cases (2.26 linear feet)

Spooner, James
Collection consists of casting, production, and promotional materials used by James Spooner in the production of his film White Lies, Black Sheep and materials associated with the film Afro-Punk including interview footage, promotional materials, film festival awards, and periodicals in which the film and/or Spooner was highlighted.
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This series contains audiovisual recordings of events hosted by the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame including the annual Oscar Micheaux Awards Ceremony, Independent Film, Video & Screenplay Competition awards ceremony, Film and Lecture Series, annual symposium, and Black Filmworks film festival, as well as various workshops, lectures, interviews, and miscellaneous smaller events.
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This series contains administrative documents generated by the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame in the process of planning and producing the annual Oscar Micheaux Awards Ceremony and the Celebrity Dinner and Dance Gala from 1974-1993. Also included are a handful of documents related to planning a 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 35th awards ceremony between 1995 and 2008, although these ceremonies ultimately were never hosted.
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This collection contains a wide array of materials documenting the history and activities of the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame (BFHFI). The materials were collected and/or created by Mary Perry Smith from the time immediately predating the BFHFI's first Black History Month celebration in 1974 to the efforts of its remaining supporters to revitalize the organization following its final film festival in 2003. Highlights include event publicity and souvenirs; celebrity memorabilia; moving image and screenplay submissions to the BFHFI's annual competition; Phil Moore's personal papers, arrangements, lyric sheets, recordings, and photographs; video recordings of BFHFI events; correspondence; and administrative, board, and planning documents.
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This series contains documents and artifacts that do not fit within the other series of the collection or whose fit within the collection cannot be determined. Included are roughly three dozen U-matic videocassettes of the 1989 Black Choreographers conference and production cassettes for a project on Black soldiers.
Gugler, Josef
The Josef Gugler collection consists of promotional materials for films produced in or directed by filmmakers from Africa and the Middle East. Over 500 unique films by approximately 350 film directors are represented. Formats include film posters, pressbooks, chirashi flyers, lobby and storefront cards, handbills, photographs, slides, and audiovisual recordings.

32. Phyl Garland Collection, approximately 1945-2006, bulk 1972-1992 22 document cases (9.24 linear feet)

Garland, Phyl
The Phyl Garland Collection consists primarily of personal papers, including original typescripts for Garland's columns in Ebony and Stereo Review, and related research and photographs. Also included are 41 original audiocassette recordings of interviews conducted by Garland (except as noted) primarily with various African American musicians, artists, and filmmakers. Topics include African American composers and musicians as well as various genres of music including, but not limited to, jazz, R&B, soul, rock, classical, and blues. Record company publicity materials include publicity photos and press releases for over 900 artists.
Smith, Mary Perry, 1926-2015
This series contains memorabilia related to the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame including inductee plaques and handprints, signed books and programs, offical government proclamations and commendations, costumes and clothing, and an assortment of additional three-dimensional and print artifacts.
Green, Ronald J., 1944-
Papers and related materials of writer, researcher, and professor J. Ronald Green. The collection contains research, drafts, and correspondence pertaining to the publication of Green's books Straight Lick: The Cinema of Oscar Micheaux (2000) and With a Crooked Stick—The Films of Oscar Micheaux (2004), as well as a number of his scholarly articles.

42. Coates mss., 2000-2003 2 Boxes (2 standard)

Coates, Carrol F., 1930-
The Coates mss., ca. 2000-2003, consist of correspondence, drafts, corrected proofs and publication related files for the English translation L'espace d'un cillement by Jacques Stéphen Alexis.

44. Conti mss., 2000-2002 3 Boxes (3 standard)

Conti, Gregory, 1952-
The Conti mss., 2000-2002, consists of correspondence, readers' reports and manuscript drafts relating to Gregory Conti's translation into English of Rosetta Loy's Cioccolata da Hanselmann.
Indiana University Center for the Study of History and Memory
In the Tuba-Euphonium Oral History Project, seven tuba musicians were interviewed about their early training and subsequent careers in the music industry. Each man--Robert Rusk, Jerry Lackey, L.B. Oliver, Ivan F. Hammond, Kenneth Schubert, Samuel Gnagey, and Paul Krzywicki discussed instrument design and different methods of teaching about and playing the tuba. All five of these men studied at Indiana University and went on to play in other venues. They talk about their experiences with William J. "Bill" Bell at Indiana University as well as Bell's methods of teaching at the school.
Lugar, Richard G.
The Post-Senate series of the Richard G. Lugar Senatorial Papers consists of files collected by Richard Lugar after his tenure as a United States Senator ended in 2012. In particular, it consists of documents related to his work at the Lugar Center and his continued work on many of the issues that had framed his Senate career.
Hamilton, Lee Herbert
The collection consists of appointment books, key speeches, documentation of several of the commissions on which Hamilton served subsequent to his retirement from Congress, extensive files of clippings on international affairs and major U.S. policy issues, his personal working notes, and his born-digital Commentaries.
Indiana University Center for the Study of History and Memory
This project, sponsored by a CLIO grant from the Indiana Historical Society, consists of interviews with Indian Americans living in Indiana. The interviewees, the majority of whom were born in India and immigrated to the United States, discuss a variety of topics including: Indian foodways, Indian traditions, Indian national politics, education, career choice, family history, parenting philosophy, reasons for coming to the United States, reasons for remaining in the United States, citizenship and naturalization, marriage and dating customs. media coverage of India, and differences between Indian and American cultures. This project was co-directed by Professor M. Gail Hickey of the School of Education at Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne.
Indiana University Center for the Study of History and Memory
The Indian American Community in Fort Wayne interviews focus on those Indian persons who have either permanently or temporarily made Fort Wayne, Indiana their home. These people have moved to Fort Wayne mostly for job-related purposes but have stayed on for other reasons: the excellent education system, the nice environment, and friendly community. The interviewees, some of whom were born here or have spent most of their lives here, share a common respect for Indian religious and social customs, diet, and language. These interviews thus provide keen insight into the ways Indian Americans shape their lives in the American context and how they combine Indian and American culture. This project was co-directed by Professor M. Gail Hickey of the School of Education at Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne.
Indiana University Center for the Study of History and Memory
This project consists of Indian American views of all aspects of life in the United States and India. Most interviewed in this project were born in India and came to America in search of better education, or because their spouse came for more educational and business oppurtunities. They discuss their reasons for immigrating to the United States, and their reasons for remaining to raise their children. They talk about the ways they practice Indian traditions and values in an American context and the importance of the larger Indian American community in their lives. They also discuss advantages and disadvantages of living in America, and what they miss or don't miss about their homeland of India. Other topics discussed are educational background, work history, religion and religious practice, and raising children. This project was co-directed by Professor M. Gail Hickey of the School of Education at Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne.

56. Winston mss., 1998-2008 30 Items (2 boxes)

Winston, Krishna
The Winston mss., ca. 1998 - 2011, consist of drafts of German literature translations by Krishna Winston, a professor in the German Studies Department at Wesleyan University.

58. Luo mss., 1998-2003 1 Box (1 standard)

Luo, Hui, 1973-
The Luo mss., ca. 1998-2003, consists primarily of a series of drafts of Hui Luo's English translations from Chinese of the poems by Zheng Danyi, 1963- .
Rafal, Nancy
The Rafal mss., 1998-2003, consist of correspondence between poet Cid Corman and poet Nancy Rafal, as well as Rafal's correspondence relating to the 100th anniversary of poet Lorine Niedecker.

61. Quixote Foundation Records, 1997-2018 12 cubic feet (10 record cartons, 1 oversized box, 1 oversized folder in a drawer, 4 tubes/spools of oversized papers)

Quixote Foundation
The Quixote Foundation was established by Arthur Stuart Hanisch as a family foundation in 1997, and after his death in 2002 the organization adopted a limited-life strategy that resulted in full expenditure of all philanthropic funds by 2017. The foundation espoused a progressive world view, with a majority of grantees working for media reform, election integrity, reproductive rights, environmental equity, and social equality. The records consist predominantly of grant files, with other materials including board meeting minutes, Forms 990-PF, publications, and other materials created by or for the organization.
Krapf, Norbert, 1943-
The Krapf, N. mss., 1997-2018, consist of the papers of Indiana poet and writer, Norbert Krapf. The collection includes submission and publishing correspondence, reviews, responses, readings, promotional materials, drafts, proofs, manuscripts, some audiovisual materials, and personal correspondence with mentors and collaborators.

63. Marsha Adler's America Reads Collection, 1997-2017 1 Cubic Feet (1 record carton, including 1 VHS tape)

Adler, Marsha
This collection contains predominantly publications and reports of the America Reads Challenge program with correspondence, news clippings, posters, and a VHS. The America Reads Challenge, a national movement, was started to promote and ensure children's literacy in 1997 as part of President Clinton's Call to Action for Education. The publications are from the America Reads Challenge office creating teaching materials and guidebooks, and institutions that received grants for the program review by Marsha Adler, who was a director of Higher Education at the America Reads Challenge office.
Beyond the Pale Productions
The not-for-profit group Beyond the Pale Productions was founded in 1998 to promote avant-garde and improvisational jazz in the Bloomington, Indiana area. This collection includes includes press releases, newspaper clippings and flyers announcing upcoming concerts as well as background information on individual artists.
Kling, Vincent, 1942-
The Kling, Vincent mss., 1996-2013, consists of materials related to the translations of various works done by Vincent Kling, 1942- , German professor and translator at La Salle University in Philadelphia.

69. Indiana Humanities Council Records, 1996-2005 1 Cubic Feet (1 document case)

Indiana Humanities Council
Indiana Humanities Council (IHC) is a statewide nonprofit organization based in Indianapolis that was established in 1972. The purpose of the organization is to infuse the humanities into people's daily lives by providing grants and programs as one of 56 Humanities Councils affiliated with the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) in the United States. This collection contains documents from two programs related to IHC's work donated by Beth Kloote: Habits of the Heart and the Aspen Summit: Rethinking the Public Humanities conference.
Indiana University. President
The first president of what was then Indiana College was elected by the Board of Trustees in 1829. Gerald L. Bepko served as interim president of Indiana University January through July 2003. Collection consists of one series, Subject files, and is comprised of records collected and created by Bepko and his office during his six month tenure as interim president of Indiana University. A wide range of topics are covered in the records, including IU athletics, the regional campuses, and Bepko's files on the I-69 controversy.

72. Pamela W. Freeman papers, 1996-2001 4.6 Cubic Feet (4 rc; 1 dc and 1 small dc)

Freeman, Pamela W.
Pamela W. Freeman was the Associate Dean of Students and former Director of the Office of Student Ethics and Anti-harassment Programs at Indiana University Bloomington (1985-2011). This collection holds papers relating exclusively to Freeman's involvement with the Lambda 10 Project National Clearinghouse for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Greek issues and two of its resulting publications.
Indiana University, Bloomington. Cultural Studies Program
The Cultural Studies Program was established circa 1992 and promotes interdisciplinary research with a focus on the relationship between cultural forms and power relations in society. The Cultural Studies Program records spans 1995-2012 and documents various aspects of the program's administration, including budgeting, funding, course scheduling, and staffing, as well as conferences and other events organized by the program.
International Studies in Schools
The project ISIS was started in about 1995 by then Dean of International Programs (OIP) Patrick O'Meara and then Dean of the School of Education (SOE) Howard Mehlinger, and is ongoing today. Originally ISIS stood for "International Studies for Indiana Schools," when Indiana schools were all that it served, but some years later was changed to "International Studies In Schools", since it now serves schools (and a few other audiences) right across the country. The Collection consists of videos of programs, program files, and general administrative files of ISIS.

77. Extensions of the Tradition concert series, 1994-2017 1 document case (0.21 linear feet)

African American Arts Institute (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Extensions of the Tradition is an annual event featuring a concert of music by black composers with related exhibits and programs, co-sponsored by Indiana University's African American Arts Institute, the AAAMC, and the Jacobs School of Music. The event is documented through program booklets, flyers, photographs, and video and audio recordings.
Wissing, Douglas A.
The Wissing mss., 1994-2016, consist of the papers of Indiana University alumnus and Bloomington-based journalist Douglas Wissing. The collection includes his freelance articles as well as several book projects, including two books on US aid to Afghanistan.

79. Malcolm Richardson's Philanthropy Conference Records, 1994-2013 .5 cubic feet (1 archival box, 3 VHS tapes)

Richardson, Malcolm
Malcolm Richardson's records contain the planning documents and proceedings from the White House Conference on Philanthropy, as well as materials from the President's Council on the Arts and Humanities, the White House Millennium Council, and the 3rd annual Expanding Philanthropy through the Internet conference.
The I Association (formerly I-Men Association (1913-2006) and I-Women Association (1982-2006)) honors exceptional athletes at Indiana University Bloomington. This collection contains files about I Association alumni events and event planning, Board of Directors meeting information, I Association membership, and email, letter, and memo correspondence between I Association staff and alumni.
Center for the Art of Translation
The Center for the Art of Translation mss., 1994-2010, consists of editorial files, proof copies, correspondence, and other material relating primarily to the Center's publication of Two Lines, an annual bilingual anthology of international literature featuring work from approximately twenty different languages.

82. Indiana Senior Corps Directors Association Records, 1994-2009 0.4 cubic feet (1 letter-sized document case)

Indiana Senior Corps Directors Association
Indiana Senior Corps Directors Association (ISCDA) was organized to unite all Senior Corps Directors into a state-wide organization. This association combines the three programs, Foster Grandparent Program (FGP), Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), and Senior Companion Program (SCP). The by-laws, New Director Handbook, RSVP Director's Manual for New RSVP Directors of Indiana, Words of Wisdom for RSVP Directors, two photographs of RSVP volunteer conference, and RSVP pins are included.
Indiana University, Bloomington. School of Music
David G. Woods is a leading educator and researcher in the field of music who became the Dean of the Indiana University School of Music on July 1, 1997 and served until 1999. This collection consists of records created and collected during his time as Dean, and it includes the administrative files of his office including correspondence, records on master classes, and plans for the Distance Learning Program.
The Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) was founded in 1993 by Cheryl Chase, herself an intersexual who underwent female sex assignment and clitorectomy in early childhood. Her goal was to support and advocate for intersexuals by increasing awareness and acceptance of their various conditions and by discouraging medical professionals from surgically assigning gender to intersexed infants who are unable to consent to the procedure. In 2003 Cheryl retired from her position as director of the ISNA, passing the direction of the organization to Monica Casper, with Jane Goto acting as her assistant. In a posting on the message boards in June 2003, Monica Casper described the goals of the ISNA very clearly: "Our mission is to end shame, secrecy and unwanted surgery for people with intersex conditions. We are a policy/advocacy organization working toward systemic social change… At the heart of ISNA's mission is fostering social acceptance of all bodies – be they intersex or not, trans or not, queer or not – and fostering informed consent for people to decide what happens to their bodies. Many people with intersex conditions have choice stripped from them when they are operated on as children, while many trans people have choice stripped from them when they are unable to obtain the surgical care they want and need." This collection contains a great deal of correspondence from people with intersex conditions looking for information and support, from urologists and sexologists, and from people affected by ISNA's many press releases who wish to express support. The collection also includes a huge number of academic articles on intersex issues as well as popular press articles intended to raise awareness about intersex issues. Key Members and their positions at the time of these materials: Cheryl Chase, Founding Director (1993-2003) Monica Casper, Director (2003) Alice Dreger, Chair (1996-2005) Robin Mathias, Chief Financial Officer (2001- ) Sherri Groveman, Treasurer and Founder of the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Jane Goto, Operations Manager (2003- )

95. America's Promise Alliance Records, 1992-2019 40 cubic feet (37 record cartons, 3 oversized boxes)

America's Promise. The Alliance for Youth
America's Promise - The Alliance for Youth was founded at the Presidents' Summit for America's Future in 1997. The Five Promises to children are at the core of America's Promise and are as follows: Caring Adults; Safe Places; a Healthy Start; Marketable Skills; and Opportunities to Serve.

96. Boehm mss., 1992-2008 3 Boxes

Boehm, Philip
The Boehm mss., 1992-2008, consists of translation drafts, page proofs, and correspondence relating to literary translations from German and Polish by noted American translator Philip Boehm, 1958-.
National Center on Accessibility (U.S.)
Indiana University Bloomington is the home of the National Center on Accessibility, a collaborative program of IU and the National Park Service. The nation's premiere resource promoting access for people with disabilities in recreation, the NCA is a program within the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation and the Department of Recreation and Park Administration. Collection is comprised of reports, studies, brochures, materials used in a summer seminar, and copies of Access today, the Center's newsletter.

100. David Reingold Papers, 1991-2009 2.5 cubic feet (2 record cartons, 1 document box)

Reingold, David A.
David Reingold is the current Justin S. Morrill Dean of Liberal Arts and Professor of Sociology at Purdue University. This collection primarily focuses on his time working with the Corporation for National and Community Service as Director of Research and Policy Development where he was responsible for managing the agencies research and evaluation portfolio, providing consultation to the CEO on policy development, and working with the White House on the President's USA Freedom Corps initiative. This collection includes paper records as well as digital records.