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The Lilly Library is the rare books, manuscripts, and special collections library of the Indiana University Libraries, Bloomington. Its collections represent a diversity of subjects, including literature; children’s literature; history; folklore; science; radio, film and television; book collecting and bookselling; journalism; and translation.

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Schab, William H. mss., dates unknown

2 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2785
The Schab, William H. mss, dates unknown, consist of auction and dealer catalog clippings, mainly focusing on German-speaking cities and works from the 15th and 16th centuries.

O'Connor mss., 1911-1941

109 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 1945
The O'Connor mss., 1911-1941, consist of the legal and political papers of New York lawyer John Joseph O'Connor, 1885-1960.

Wensinger, Arthur S. mss., ca. 1798-2007

7 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2877
The Wensinger, Arthur S. mss., 1798-2007, consists of the papers of translator and academic Arthur S. Wensinger, 1926- .

Sanders, Scott Russell mss., ca. 1966-2009

48 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2412
Consists of the correspondence and papers of Indiana University Distinguished Professor Emeritus Scott Sanders (b. 1945), who taught at IU from 1971-2009.

Slocum mss., 1955-2012

50000 Items Collection ID: LMC 2681
The Slocum mss., 1955-2012, consists of the papers of Jerry Slocum, 1931-, and the Slocum Puzzle Foundation.

Helm mss. II, 1948-1981

24 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2308
The Helm mss. II, ca. 1948-1981, consist of letters, writings, music compositions, and tape recordings of author and composer, Everett Burton Helm, 1913-1999.

MacCarthy mss., 1863-1991

15 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 1684
The MacCarthy mss., 1863-1991, consists of the papers of drama and literary critic Desmond MacCarthy, 1877-1952, and his wife, author Mary (Warre-Cornish) MacCarthy, 1882-1953.

Literary Clipping Services Archives, 1929-1973

83.75 linear feet (67 boxes) Collection ID: PN165 .L5
The Literary Clipping Service Archives, 1929-1973, consist of the partial contents of the archive from a commercial clipping service provider aimed primarily at authors.

Kinnell mss, 1936-1980

22 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 1678
The Kinnell mss, 1936-1980, consists of the correspondence, writings and other papers of poet and professor Galway Kinnell, 1927-2014.

The Breon Mitchell Collection of Bilingual Dictionaries, 1559-1998

80 Boxes Collection ID: Z7004.D5B7
Consists of a collection formed by Professor Breon Mitchell of first and early editions of bi–lingual dictionaries of languages throughout the world, including the languages of Africa, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific Rim.

Bogdanovich mss., 1885-1994

793 Linear Feet (773 boxes, 11 oversize) Collection ID: LMC 1115
The Bogdanovich mss., 1885-1994, consists of the papers, scripts, correspondence, business records, production materials, and films of director, actor, screenwriter, producer, critic and author Peter Bogdanovich, 1939-.

Solt mss. II, 1912-2021

62 Boxes (Boxes 1-59, OV1-3) Collection ID: LMC 2607
The Solt mss. II, 1912-2021, consists of the papers of concrete poet and scholar Mary Ellen Solt, 1920–2007.

Castañeda mss., 1950-1991

100 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2719
The Castañeda mss., 1950-1991, consist of the papers, correspondence, and professional files of Indiana University Professor of Philosphy Hector-Neri Castañeda, 1924-1991.

Cleverdon mss. II, 1926-1988

47 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2000
The Cleverdon mss. II, 1926-1988, consists of the papers of bookseller, publisher, and BBC producer and director, Douglas Cleverdon, 1903-1987.

Corman mss. III, 1943-2004

98 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2514
The Corman mss. III, 1943-2004, consists of the papers of poet, translator and editor Cid Corman, 1924-2004.

Finlay mss., 1953-1972

4011 Items (6 boxes, 3 oversize) Collection ID: LMC 1406
The Finlay mss., 1953-1972, consists of the correspondence and writings of Ian Hamilton Finlay, 1925-2006, poet of Stonypath, Dunsyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland, where he published works from The Wild Hawthorn Press and of material sent to Finlay for inclusion into issues of Poor. Old. Tired. Horse.

Solt mss., 1960-1974

1 folio (oversize) Collection ID: LMC 2422
The Solt mss., 1960-1974, consists primarily of the correspondence of poet Mary Ellen Solt, 1920-2007, with other poets and writers.

Lish mss., 1951-2017

144 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2404
The Lish mss., 1951-2017, consists of the correspondence, manuscripts, and papers of editor, writer, and teacher Gordon Lish, 1934- .

Hughes, R. mss., 1777-1981

44 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2348
The Hughes, R. mss., 1777-1981, consist of the correspondence and writings of British novelist, playwright, and poet Richard Arthur Warren Hughes, 1900-1976.

Meltzer mss., 1954-1974

3041 Items Collection ID: LMC 1837
The Meltzer mss., 1954-1974, consists of the correspondence and writings of Lionel David Meltzer, 1937- , poet.

Gill, G. mss., 1964-2000

24 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2633
Collection consists of business records, subject files, correspondence, newspaper/magazine clippings, and speeches.

Smith, W.J. mss., 1947-2007

13 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2547
The Smith, W.J. mss., 1947-2007, consists of writings, translations, correspondence, and research materials of poet and translator William Jay Smith, 1918-2015.

Haurowitz mss., 1920-1985

23 Boxes Collection ID: LMC1538
The Haurowitz mss., 1920-1985, consists of the papers of chemist Felix Haurowitz, 1896-1987.

Baker, Hord, and Hendricks mss., 1862-1916

84 Boxes Collection ID: LMC1053
The Baker, Hord, and Hendricks mss., 1862-1916, consists of records of the Indianapolis, Indiana, law firm founded in 1862 by Thomas Andrews Hendricks, 1819-1885, and Oscar B. Hord, 1829-1888.

Kael mss., ca. 1939-2001

172.5 Linear Feet (114 boxes, 12 oversize, 3 oversize folio ) Collection ID: LMC 3004
The Kael mss., ca. 1939-2001, consists of the papers and correspondence of film critic and author Pauline Kael, 1919-2001.

Jay mss. III, 1984-2018

11 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2990
The Jay mss. III, 1984-2018, consist of correspondence, scripts, and production materials from playwright and filmmaker David Mamet (b. 1947) to his friend and collaborator, magician Ricky Jay (1946-2018).

Day, Don mss., 1932-1983

12 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2992
The Day, Don mss., 1932-1983, bulk 1940s-1950s, consist of science fiction and fantasy fan zines, many of them distributed through amateur press associations (APAs), that were collected by Portland, Oregon-based fan Don Day.

Davis, Nathaniel mss., 1947-2010

119 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2773
The Davis, Nathaniel mss., ca. 1947-2010, consists of the papers of diplomat Nathaniel Davis, 1925-2011.

Eastman mss. II, 1869-1981

44 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2427
The Eastman mss. II, 1869-1981, consist of the correspondence, writings, personal papers, and photographs of Max Eastman, 1883-1969.

Zarifopol-Johnston mss., 1988-2008

4 Boxes (4 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2492
The Zarifopol-Johnston mss., 1988-2008, consists of translator Ilinca Zarifopol-Johnston's research and writings on the Romanian philosopher E. M. Cioran.

White mss., 1932-1969

97.25 Linear Feet (65 boxes, 8 oversize) Collection ID: LMC 2181
The White mss., 1932-1969, consists of the correspondence, writings, and memorabilia of critic, editor, and writer William Anthony Parker (W.A.P.) White, 1911-1968.

Belton, Don mss., 1960-2009

37 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2761
The Belton, Don mss., 1907-2009, consists of the papers, writings, and correspondence of Indiana University Assistant Professor of English Don Belton, 1956-2009.

Hahn mss., 1900-1991

15 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 1438
The Hahn mss., 1900-1991, consists of the correspondence and writings of author Emily Hahn, 1905-1997.

Muller mss., 1910-1967

116 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 1899
The Muller mss., 1910-1967, consists of the papers of Hermann Joseph Muller, 1890-1967, geneticist and Nobel prize laureate, including correspondence; writings and reprints; research and data from his work as well as from his students and colleagues; materials related to conferences; and work with various professional organizations.

Sonneborn mss., 1922-1981

67 Boxes (62 standard, 5 custom) Collection ID: LMC 2167
The Sonneborn mss., 1922-1981, consists of the papers of American biologist Tracy Morton Sonneborn, 1905-1981.

Frasier mss., 1934-2014

22 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2962
The Frasier mss., 1934-2014, consist of David K. Frasier's research materials, drafts, and related correspondence for his encyclopedias of show-business homicide and suicide as well as his biography/bibliography of Russ Meyer. Also included is correspondence with and writings about serial killer John Wayne Gacy and filmmaker Kenneth Anger.

Fogelman mss., 1902-1974, bulk 1950-1965

6 Boxes (6 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2529
The Fogelman mss., 1902-1974, consists of the compoistions, papers and recordings of Jewish Cantor Felix Fogelman.

Calder & Boyars mss., 1939-1980

229 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2196
Consists primarily of the papers of the British publishing firm of Calder & Boyars Ltd. Also included are the papers of its predecessor John Calder (Publishers) and the personal papers of John Calder, 1927- . A few personal papers of Marion Boyars, 1928-1999, are also present.

Sinclair mss., 1814-1968

178954 Items Collection ID: LMC 1964
The Sinclair mss., 1814-1968, consists of the correspondence, writings, and miscellaneous papers of author Upton Beall Sinclair, 1878-1968.

Beckman mss., 1940-1966

4 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 1078
The Beckman mss., 1940-1966, consists of the papers and correspondence of United World Federalists leader Fredrik Woods Beckman, 1886-1978.

Bobbs-Merrill mss., 1885-1983

327 Linear Feet (281 boxes, 23 oversize) Collection ID: LMC 2192
The Bobbs-Merrill mss., 1885-1983, consists of the records of book publisher Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc., located in Indianapolis, IN.

Norse mss., 1934-1980

13 Linear Feet (11 boxes, 2 folios) Collection ID: LMC 2340
The Norse mss., 1934-1980, consist of correspondence, writings, photographs, and memorabilia of poet Harold Norse, 1916-2009.

Upton Sinclair Miscellaneous Materials I: Articles, Source Materials, Photographs, Recordings, Memorabilia, etc., 1878-1968, 1957-1968

57 boxes plus 3 folders Collection ID: PS3537.I85
Includes clippings and articles on the Sacco-Vanzetti case, other research materials for Boston, speeches, and interviews with Upton Sinclair.

Felstiner, John mss., 1955-2011

8 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2767
The Felstiner, John mss., 1955-2011, consist of the works of writer, translator, and Stanford professor emeritus, John Felstiner (1936- ).

Adomeit mss. II, 1950s-1995

17 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 1009
The Adomeit mss. II, 1950-1995, consists of the papers of Ruth Elizabeth Adomeit, 1910-1996, relating primarily to her collecting of miniature books and manuscripts.

Ngũgĩ mss., ca. 1950s-2014

79 Boxes (74 standard, 5 custom) Collection ID: LMC 2905
The Ngũgĩ mss. (ca. 1950s-2014) consist of the papers of Kenyan author, playwright, essayist, educator, and activist Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o.

Bernofsky mss., 1993-2014

5 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2577
The Bernofsky mss., 1993-2007, consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and proofs of translator Susan Bernofsky, 1966-.

Boorman, John mss., 1940-2014

277 Boxes (207 standard, 70 custom) Collection ID: LMC 2889
The Boorman, John mss., 1940-2014 consists of the papers, memorabilia, and reel–to–reel films of director–writer–producer John Boorman, 1933-.

Old Stile Press mss., 1989-2009

47 Boxes (22 boxes, 25 oversize) Collection ID: LMC 2732
The Old Stile Press mss., 1989-2009, consists of materials documenting the process of traditional book design, production, and publication for more than fifty titles from the British private press, The Old Stile Press.

Johnston, Bill mss., 2001-2010

4 Boxes (4 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2754
The Johnston, Bill mss., 2001-2010, consists of the translations, drafts, notes, and other documents surrounding the translation work of various Polish poets and writers by Professor Bill Johnston.