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2. American City Bureau Records, 1919-1995 43.0 cubic feet (42 record cartons and 2 boxes)

American City Bureau
American City Bureau, a fundraising consulting firm, works with not for profit organizations to design and run fund raising campaigns. Established in 1913 by Edgar and Harold Buttenheim, the company merged with Beaver and Associates in 1963. The firm has worked on capital campaigns on the national and local level. American City Bureau has been instrumental in developing campaigns for organizations such as the Young Men's Christian Association,(YMCA), the Young Women's Christian Association, (YWCA), United Fund, and the Salvation Army. The records detail the fund raising efforts and campaigns of the American City Bureau and its predecessor origins. It consists of 4 page reports of campaigns from Howard T. Beaver Associates, (later Beaver and Associates) from 1936-1963, campaign information from American City Bureau from 1944 -1995, conference addresses and programs, from 1938-1978, promotional materials and publications from 1919- 1973, and their newsletter, Bureau News from 1920-1976.

3. Bill Heim Company Records, 1964-1998 17.0 cubic feet (16 cartons and 1 flat box)

Heim, William G.
The Bill Heim Company provides management and fundraising advice to the leaders of American not-for-profit organizations. The company counsels staff and volunteers at schools, colleges, and universities; historical societies; cultural arts, youth, business, professional, and sports organizations; and foundations. The company's services are used for designing and directing fundraising and membership campaigns, expanding membership, and for program development. The collection contains correspondence, survey reports, speeches, and publications.

4. Commission on Foundations and Private Philanthropy Records (Peterson Commission), 1949-1970 6.4 cubic feet (6 cartons, 1 pamphlet box, 1 cassette box)

Commission on Foundations and Private Philanthropy
The Commission on Foundations and Private Philanthropy was formed by John D. Rockefeller, III, in 1969, and chaired by Peter Peterson, to objectively investigate foundations and their role in society. The Peterson Commission, as it was known, was designed to be influenced by neither the government nor the foundations they investigated. An objective appraisal of foundation activities was necessary to give the Commission the credibility it needed to influence Congress' decisions on foundation activities. By researching the roles of foundations in society, the members hoped to construct policy recommendations that made foundations more accountable while allowing them to maintain their independence from outside interference. This collection contains meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, speeches, the House of Representatives and Senate Hearings on the Tax Reform Law, and the foundation research collected by the commission that includes annual reports, surveys, articles, and correspondence.

5. George A. Brakeley, Jr. Papers, 1928-1995 31.4 cubic feet (30 cartons, 1 document box, and 1 oversized box)

Brakeley, George A.
George A. Brakeley, Jr., has been involved in the business of providing counsel to fund raising entities since 1934. In that year, he joined the firm for which his father was Senior Vice-President, the John Price Jones Company, Inc. (JPJ). Brakeley and JPJ developed "Survey, Analysis and Plan" reports for groups seeking to begin a fund raising campaign. In the 1940's, Brakeley began developing a campaign for a Canadian client, McGill University, which led to the creation of John Price Jones Company (Canada), Ltd., headed by Brakeley. A few years later, in the mid-1950's, he started a firm, G. A. Brakeley Company (GABCO). This company was extremely successful, and by the late 1960's had offices on both U.S. coasts and in Canada. Brakeley continued his association with JPJ during this period, however, as well as developing smaller ventures such as Brakeley and Roberts Ltd. (a public relations firm in Canada), and the Robert Johnston Company (headed by an associate of Brakeley). In 1972, GABCO and JPJ officially merged to become Brakeley, John Price Jones, Inc. (BJPJ), with Brakeley as Chairman of the Board. In 1983, George A. Brakeley III and other senior officers of BJPJ bought the controlling interest of the company, although Brakeley Jr. stayed on as Chairman until 1986. A year later he was named Senior Consultant, a title he still holds. The Brakeley papers consist of client files of seven companies associated with Brakeley, staff training materials, publications and marketing materials, manuscripts, study reports, magazine and journal articles, speech transcriptions, and staff memoranda.

6. John J. Schwartz Papers, 1948-1994 3.4 cubic feet (3 record cartons, 3 card file boxes)

Schwartz, John J., 1919-
John J. Schwartz, fund raising executive and author, worked hard to assist in the development of standards and ethics for fund-raising professionals and to influence legislation on the national and state level. During his 41 active years in the field, Schwartz was employed by various philanthropic organizations including John Price Jones, Inc., Fund Raising for Traveler Aid Society of New York, Development for the Community Service Society, G.A. Brakeley & Co., the American Cancer Society, and American Association of Fund Raising Counsel, Inc. (AAFRC). Schwartz spent a majority of his career, 1966-1987, at AAFRC, advancing to become the President of the organization in 1973 until his retirement. Throughout his career, he has served on various boards and committees promoting the understanding of philanthropy and was instrumental in the establishment of Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations (CONVO), Independent Sector, and the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy. The papers consist of records documenting his involvement with several philanthropic organizations as an employee and as a member of professional organizations. Included are organizational information, correspondence, meeting minutes, project reports, conferences, articles and papers.

7. Maurice G. Gurin Papers, 1945-1990 1.8 cubic feet (1 record carton and 2 document cases)

Gurin, Maurice G.
Maurice Gilbert Gurin (1911-1990), was nearly 50 years old in 1959 when he made the career change from public relations to fund raising. Gurin incorporated new and innovative fund raising methods with more traditional techniques and in only 12 years rose from free-lancer fund raising to president of a fund raising firm with offices in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. He continued over the next 30 years to seek creative new answers to old questions, using imaginative new approaches to fund raising focused on individual client needs and making the fund raising plan fit the client rather than the client fit the fund raising plan. The papers consist of correspondence, speeches, published materials, client feasibility studies, and client files.