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Mamet mss., 1947-2005

3 Boxes Collection ID: KS
Mamet mss., 1947-2005, consists of the correspondence, typescript drafts, and personal items of screenwriter, director, and playwright David Mamet.

Gathorne-Hardy, J. mss., 1705-2017

32 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2281
The Gathorne-Hardy, J., mss., 1705-2017, consist of the correspondence, family materials, journals, and manuscripts of writer Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy, 1933-2019.

Comic Art mss., 1901-2010

4 folios (oversize) Collection ID: LMC 2213
The Comic Art mss., 1906-1967, consists of original illustrations for comic books, newspaper comic sections, pulp magazines, and film animations.

Corman mss. VI, 1993-2003

1 folio Collection ID: LMC 2635
The Corman mss. VI, 1993–2003, consist mostly of letters from poet, translator and editor Cid Corman, 1924–2004, to German poet and carpenter Charlie Mehrhoff.

Corman mss. V, 1993-2002

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2634
The Corman mss. V, 1993–2002, consists of letters from poet, translator, and editor Sidney "Cid" Corman, 1924–2004, to poet and translator Nicolas Linkert.

African American Film Script Collection, 1929-2002

814 Volumes Collection ID: LMC 33000
The collection consists of typescripts of films written by, directed by, or starring African Americans. The typescripts are in various states of revision and various formats.

Raintree Press mss., 1975-2010

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2289
The Raintree Press mss., 1975-2010, consist of manuscripts, galleys, etc., of the Raintree Press of Bloomington, Indiana.

Wells, H.B. mss., 1980-2000

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2410
The Wells, H.B mss., 1980-2000, consists of the writings of Herman B Wells, 1902-2000, president of Indiana University.

Translations mss., 1800-2010

2 Boxes (2 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2245
Translations mss., ca. 19th-21st centuries, consist primarily of manuscripts of literary translations, either from a foreign language into English or in some cases from English into another language. Also present are letters from authors to translators of their work or from the translators to the authors they translate.

Periodical Contributions by and about Nelson Algren, 1933-2004

4 Boxes Collection ID: PS3501.L4
This collection includes essays, editorials, and fictional work by Algren as well as interviews with Algren, essays about Algren, and essays about his work.

Forker, Charles R. mss., 1906-2014

7 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2847
The Forker, Charles R. mss., ca. 1906-2014, consists of the papers of Charles R. Forker and his collection of microfilms and images.

Michael E. Uslan Collection: Popular Culture Collectibles, 1966-2007, 2008-2010

21 Boxes Collection ID: AM501.U86
This collection consists of t-shirts, lunchboxes, statues of comic book characters, a model car, and a jigsaw puzzle, all collected by Michael E. Uslan.

Bush, Peter mss., 2000-2009

15 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2713
The Bush, Peter mss., 2000-2009, consists of the translations, writings, correspondence and professional papers of translator and writer Peter Bush.

Community Cookbook Collection: Local Organization Non-Profit Cookbooks and Nationally-Published Popular Cookbooks, 1907-2008

238 items (13 boxes) Collection ID: TX614.C66
A collection of cookbooks printed in the United States between 1907 and 2008, with particular focus on cookbooks from Indiana.

Latin American mss.--Miscellaneous, 1536-1957, 1992-2006

11 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 1623
The Latin American mss.--Miscellaneous 1536-1957 consists of miscellaneous documents from various Latin American countries, compiled from the other Latin American mss., including correspondence, goverment documents, literature, photographs, and other documents.

Michael E. Uslan Collection. Action figures, 1990-2013

28 Boxes Collection ID: NK9509.95.C43 U86
This collection consists of comic book action figures from the collection of Michael E. Uslan.

Carroll L. Lurding Library of College Fraternity and Sorority Materials mss., 1840-2014

135 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2859
The Carroll L. Lurding Library of College Fraternity and Sorority Materials mss., ca 1840-2014, consist of books, pamphlets, histories, yearbooks, and other bound volumes detailing the history of fraternities, sororities, colleges, and universities from all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the United States as well as some colleges in Canada.

Baatz mss., 1940-2010

2 Boxes (1 standard, 1 custom) Collection ID: LMC 1043
The Baatz mss., 1940-2010, consists of correspondence from prominent literary and political figures to librarian Wilmer Henry Baatz, 1915-1991.

Casady mss., 1980-2001

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2121
The Casady mss., circa 1980-2001, consist of writings, correspondence, and photographs of Mortimer Jerome Adler, 1902-2001, philosopher and educator.

American Literature mss., 1789-2000

7 Linear Feet (4 boxes, 76 volumes, 9 folios) Collection ID: LMC 1016
The American literature mss., 1789-2000, consists of an ongoing collection of individual items related to American literature.

Bloomington Area Arts Council mss., 1985-2007

6 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2691
The Bloomington Area Arts Council mss., 1985–2007, consists of organizational documents of the Bloomington Area Arts Council (BAAC).

Bloomington Garden Club mss., 1938-2021

18 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2377
The Bloomington Garden Club mss., 1938-2016, consists of the papers, minutes of meetings, scrapbooks, and photograph albums relating to the activities of the Bloomington Garden Club, especially the annual Garden Walk.

Individually catalogued manuscripts, 1591-2005

160 Items Collection ID: Various call numbers

Reed mss., 1950-2005

2 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2960
The Reed mss., 1950-2005, consist of the papers of scholar Peter Reed related to Kurt Vonnegut, including correspondence, book proofs, commercial recordings, recorded interviews, and copies of early Vonnegut publications.

Capra Press mss., 1955-2010

68 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2228
The Capra Press mss., 1955-2010 , contain the correspondence, book production materials, manuscripts, galleys, printing records, and cost sheets of printer/publisher Noel Young of Santa Barbara, California.

Young, C. mss., 1935-2014

43 Boxes (42 standard, 1 custom) Collection ID: LMC 2915
The Young, C. mss., 1935-2014, consist of the writings, correspondence, research materials, and personal papers of journalist and activist Charles M. Young.

Wakefield mss. II, 1995-2002

1 Box Collection ID: LMC 3017
The Wakefield mss. II, 1995-2002 collection consists of materials related to the film adaptation of Going All the Way by novelist, journalist, and screenwriter Dan Wakefield, 1932-

Agee mss., 1957-2019

6 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2922
The Agee mss., 2002-2014, consist of the manuscripts, books, and correspondence of translator Joel Agee.

Alden mss., 1951-2001

8 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2483
The Alden mss., 1951-2001, consists of correspondence and research files generated by historian Dauril Alden, 1926-, in preparation of his biography of Dutch and Portuguese colonial historian Charles Ralph Boxer, 1904-2000.

Allen, Woody mss., 1980-2004

2 Folders Collection ID: LMC 2898
The Allen, Woody mss., 1980-2004, consist of the correspondence and ephemera of director Woody Allen.

ALTA mss., 1978-2001

10 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2246
The ALTA mss., 1978-2001, consists of records of the American Literary Translators Association, founded 1978.

Anderson mss., 1967-2004

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2499
The Anderson mss., 1967-2004, consist of the correspondence, catalogs, and ephemera of Frank John Anderson related to private press publishing, miniature books, and book collecting.

Bouchercon mss., 1970-2019

13 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2951
The Bouchercon mss., 1970-2019, consist of program books, badges, tote bags, and other materials associated with The Anthony Boucher Memorial Mystery Convention (Bouchercon).

Antioch Review mss., 1940-2007

38 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2665
The Antioch Review mss., 1940-2007, consists of the records of the literary publication Antioch Review of Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Archipelago Books mss., 1981-2016

1 folio (oversize) Collection ID: LMC 2542
The Archipelago Books mss., 1981-2016, consists of the records of Archipelago Books, founded by Jill Schoolman in 2003.

Ardizzone, Anthony V. mss., 1969-2012

13 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2818
The Ardizzone, Anthony V. mss. consists of the papers of author and English professor Tony Ardizzone, 1949-.

Arikha, Avigdor mss., 1933-2011

2 Boxes (2 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2764
The Arikha mss., 1933-2011, consists of correspondence from writer Samuel Beckett, 1906-1989, to Avigdor Arikha, 1929-2010, and Arikha's wife, poet Anne Atik, 1932-. Arikha's various collected periodicals, catalogues, theatre ephemera, criticisms of Beckett, and other related items.

Baker, E. mss., 1958-2003

5 Boxes (5 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2386
The Baker, E. mss., 1958-2003, consists primarily of the correspondence and writings of screenwriter and novelist Elliott Baker, 1922-2007.

Baker Street Irregulars mss., 1923-2021

72 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2936
The Baker Street Irregulars mss., 1923-2007, consists of correspondence, business files, and publications of the Baker Street Irregulars, a Sherlock Holmes literary society founded in 1934.

Bales mss., 1922-2000

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2161
The Bales mss., 1922-2000, consists of the papers, writings, research files, and photographs of Pyle family historian George Carson Bales, 1920-2016.

Baraka mss., 1981-2003

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2516
The Baraka mss., 1981-2003, consists of the notebooks and unpublished works of poet Amiri Baraka, 1934-2014, previously known as LeRoi Jones.

Barnhart Dictionary mss., 1929-2005

450 Cubic Feet Collection ID: LMC 2876
The Barnhart Dictionary mss., 1929-2005, consists of the correspondence, business records, project files, reference books, notes, and proofs of lexicographer Clarence L. Barnhart, 1900-1993, and the dictionaries he edited.

Barnstone, A. mss., 1968-2010

2 Boxes (2 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2344
The Barnstone, A. mss., 1968-, consists of the poems and correspondence of poet Aliki Dora Barnstone, 1956-.

Barnstone mss., 1948-2015

65 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2343
The Barnstone mss., 1948-2015, consists of the papers of poet and translator Willis Barnstone, 1927-.

Barron, Cecelia mss., 1965-1974

5 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2878
The Barron, Cecelia mss., 1965-2015, consists of the papers and brass rubbings of artist Cecelia Barron.

Bell mss., 1942-2006

19 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2572
The Bell mss., 1942-2006, consists of the correspondence, writings, and printer's proofs of the works of author Charles Greenleaf Bell, 1916-2010.

Bellevue Gallery mss., 1976-2014

3 linear feet Collection ID: LMC 2948
The Bellevue Gallery mss., 1976-2014, consist of promotional material and artwork from the Bellevue Gallery in Bloomington, Indiana.

Bellos mss., 1954-2014

10 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2533
The Bellos mss., 1954-2014, consists of correspondence, notes, manuscript drafts, and research files of literary translator and writer David Bellos, 1945-.

Belton, Don mss., 1960-2009

37 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2761
The Belton, Don mss., 1907-2009, consists of the papers, writings, and correspondence of Indiana University Assistant Professor of English Don Belton, 1956-2009.

Bernofsky mss., 1993-2014

5 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2577
The Bernofsky mss., 1993-2007, consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and proofs of translator Susan Bernofsky, 1966-.

Boehm mss., 1992-2008

3 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2248
The Boehm mss., 1992-2008, consists of translation drafts, page proofs, and correspondence relating to literary translations from German and Polish by noted American translator Philip Boehm, 1958-.

Bond mss., 1965-2010

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 1104
The Bond mss., 1965-2010, consist of the drafts and newspaper clippings of theater director, poet, screenwriter, and playwright Edward Bond, 1934-.

Bononno mss., 1996-2003

9 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2249
The Bononno mss., 1996-2003, consists of translation drafts, proofs, editorial correspondence, and other materials by Robert Bononno, 1949-.

Boorman, John mss., 1940-2014

277 Boxes (207 standard, 70 custom) Collection ID: LMC 2889
The Boorman, John mss., 1940-2014 consists of the papers, memorabilia, and reel–to–reel films of director–writer–producer John Boorman, 1933-.

Boyd, J. mss., 1946-2019

16 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 3014
The Boyd, J. mss., 1946-2019, consists of the papers, writings, correspondences, keepsakes, and publications of activist and artist Jerry Boyd.

Bradbury, M. mss. III, 1950-2000

129 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2695
The Bradbury M. mss. III, 1950-2000 consists of the papers of Sir Malcolm Bradbury, 1932–2000 who was knighted in the year 2000 for his services to literature.

Bradley mss. II, 1986-2008

2 Folders Collection ID: LMC 2726
The Bradley mss. II, 1986-2008 contains materials pertaining to the life and career of actor Charlton Heston, who was "discovered" by early pioneer of independent filmmaking David Bradley.

Bradley, M. mss., ca. 1929-2002

11 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 3009
The Bradley M. mss. ca. 1929-2002 consists of the papers of sculptor, art restorer, Morton Clark Bradley, 1912-2004.

Breton mss. II, 1946-2010

6 folios Collection ID: LMC 1125
The Breton mss. II, 1946- , consist of literary works acquired through Jean Breton, proprietor of the firm of Librairie Saint-Germain-Des-Pres in Paris. Some of the writings are accompanied by letters and related materials.

Bruner, Paul mss., 1941-2011

2 Boxes (1 standard, 1 custom) Collection ID: LMC 2746
Bruner, Paul mss., ca. 1967-2011, consist of Paul Bruner's artist's book edition of the 1954 Holocaust era poem, "The Plains," written by Polish poet Tadeusz Rozewicz and translated by Paul Mayewski, as well as accompanying materials.

Cagle mss. II, 1977-2002

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2507
The Cagle mss. II, 1977-2002, consists of the correspondence and tributes of and to former Lilly Librarian William R. Cagle.

Campbell, Mary mss., 1954-2012

75 linear feet Collection ID: LMC 2849
The Campbell, Mary mss., 1954-2012, consist of the personal correspondence, writings, photographs, concert and theatre programs, and professional materials of music and theatre journalist Mary Campbell.

Catbird Press mss., ca. 1983-2003

22 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 3003
The Catbird Press mss., ca. 1983-2003, consists primarily of the files of small, independent book publisher Catbird Press.

Center for the Art of Translation mss., 1994-2010

8 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2705
The Center for the Art of Translation mss., 1994-2010, consists of editorial files, proof copies, correspondence, and other material relating primarily to the Center's publication of Two Lines, an annual bilingual anthology of international literature featuring work from approximately twenty different languages.

Chambers, Anthony mss., 1969-2006

1 Box Collection ID: LMC 2835
The Chambers, Anthony mss., 1969-2006, consists of correspondence, printer's proofs, reader's notes, drafts, fliers, and reviews of the translation works of Anthony Chambers.

Christ mss., 1967-2007

3.75 linear feet (3 boxes) Collection ID: LMC 2250
The Christ mss. 1967-2007, consists primarily of notes and drafts of translations by Professor Emeritus of English Ronald Christ. In addition, it contains collected papers from fellow authors and translators Helen Lane and Charles Greenleaf Bell.

Claxon mss. II, 1937-2004

7 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2646
The Claxon mss. II, 1937-2004, consists of the personal papers of Baptist missionaries William Neville and Emma (Osborne) Claxon.

Calinescu, Matei mss., 1959-2009, bulk 1975-2005

8 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2836
The Calinescu, Matei mss., 1959-2009, consists of the correspondence and diaries of literary critic and Indiana University professor of comparative literature Matei Calinescu.

Calinescu, Matei mss. III, 1957-2009, bulk 1973-2009

15 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2963
The Calinescu, Matei mss. III, 1957-2009, bulk 1973-2009, consists of the scholarly work of Indiana University professor of comparative literature Matei Calinescu.

Coates mss., 2000-2003

2 Boxes (2 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2251
The Coates mss., ca. 2000-2003, consist of correspondence, drafts, corrected proofs and publication related files for the English translation L'espace d'un cillement by Jacques Stéphen Alexis.

Collins mss., 1926-2001

35 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2411
The Collins mss., ca. 1926-2001, consists of the correspondence, writings, photographs, albums and chess club records of influential American chess teacher John William (Jack) Collins, 1912-2001.

Constantine mss., 1995-2002, 2001-2011

5 Boxes (5 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2252
The Constantine mss., 1995-2002, consists of literary translations by Peter Constantine, 1963-, of German and Russian authors.

Conti mss., 2000-2002

3 Boxes (3 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2253
The Conti mss., 2000-2002, consists of correspondence, readers' reports and manuscript drafts relating to Gregory Conti's translation into English of Rosetta Loy's Cioccolata da Hanselmann.

Corman mss. III, 1943-2004

98 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2514
The Corman mss. III, 1943-2004, consists of the papers of poet, translator and editor Cid Corman, 1924-2004.

Costa, Margaret Jull mss., 1980-2016

13 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2610
The Costa, Margaret Jull mss., 1980–2016, consists of the papers of one of the most important literary translators of her time, Margaret Jull Costa, 1949-.

Cunningham mss., 1985-2008

11 Boxes (11 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2655
The Cunningham mss., circa 1985-2008, consist primarily of manuscripts, drafts, correspondence, and other material by scholar and writer Rodger Cunningham, Professor of English at Alice Lloyd College in Kentucky.

Messick mss. XI, 1948-1980

9 Boxes (9 custom) Collection ID: LMC 1748
The Messick mss. XI, 1948-1980, consist of original pen and ink drawings of the Brenda Starr newspaper comic strip by Dale Messick, 1906-2005, cartoonist. All stories interrelate with those found in Messick mss. IX.

David mss., 1996-2008

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2605
The David mss., circa 1996–2005, consists of the papers of professor Alfred David, 1929-2014.

Davis, Nathaniel mss., 1947-2010

119 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2773
The Davis, Nathaniel mss., ca. 1947-2010, consists of the papers of diplomat Nathaniel Davis, 1925-2011.

De Lange mss., 1970-2011

8 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2401
The De Lange mss., 1970-2011, consists of the correspondence and translation manuscripts of Nicholas de Lange, translator of modern Hebrew literature.

Depréaux mss., 1940-2004

3 Folders Collection ID: LMC 2502
The Depréaux mss., circa 1940–2004, consists primarily of a diary written by Marie Louise (Brent) Depréaux in Paris during the German occupation.

Diamant, Alfred mss., 1917-2012

4 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2822
The Diamant, Alfred mss., 1917-2012, consists of the personal correspondence, emails, school records, military papers, birth and marriage certificates, and family trees of Alfred Diamant. It also includes various drafts and pre-publication copies of his and his wife's co-authored memoir Worlds Apart, Worlds United: A European-American Story.

Diop mss., 1963-2017

4 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2944
The Diop mss., 1963-2017, consist of the notebooks, drafts, writings, correspondence, teaching materials, and born-digital materials of Senegalese author and journalist Boubacar Boris Diop, 1946- .

Di Prima mss. II, 1980-2014

1 Box Collection ID: LMC 2831
The Di Prima mss. II, 1980-2014, consists of the correspondence of American writer, poet, and editor, Diane Di Prima.

DuVal, John mss., 1975-2016

2 Boxes (2 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2700
The DuVal, John mss., ca. 1975-2016, consists of correspondence, notes, newspaper clippings, drafts, typescripts, poetry, and translations relating to the publications of John Tabb DuVal (1940- ), especially his translation of The Song of Roland. Also includes materials about John Duval and his daughter Kathleen Duval's "Interpreting a Continent: Voices from Colonial America" (2009), and includes texts translated from French and Spanish. Other parts of this collection in order of publication include Cuckolds, Clerics, and Countrymen: Medieval French Fabliaux (1982), From Adam to Adam: Seven Old French Plays (2005), and Fabliaux, Fair and Foul (2008).

Eastman mss. V, 1880-2009, 2008, 2018

34 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2933
The Eastman mss. V, 1880-2009, consist of the photographs, correspondence, personal papers, writings, and legal documents of Max Eastman, 1883-1969; and Yvette Szekely Eastman, 1912-2014.

Eastman mss. IV, 1890-2009

64 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2929
The Eastman mss. IV, 1890-2009, consist of the photographs, correspondence, personal papers, writings, and artwork of Max Eastman, 1883-1969; Yvette Szekely Eastman, 1912-2014; and Eliena Krylenko Eastman, 1895-1956.

Eichler mss., 1928-2002

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 1311
​The Eichler mss., 1928-2002, consists primarily of letters between educator, journalist, and businessman David Kemble Eichler, 1913-2003, and actress Katharine Hepburn, 1907-2003.

Eisenberg mss., 1964-2006

9 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2689
Consists of manuscript drafts, notes, galley proofs, correspondence and other materials pertaining to author and playwright Deborah Eisenberg (born 1945).

Elder, Robert K. mss., 1970-2012

101 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2711
The Elder, Robert K. mss., 1970-2012, consist of the papers of journalist, author, and film critic Rob Elder, 1976- .

Fahnestock mss., 1975-2009

4 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2255
The Fahnestock mss., 1975-1979, consists of the correspondence and translations by Lee Fahnestock of works by French author Michael Butor, 1926- .

Farber, Donald C. mss., 1950-2010

10 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2833
This collection consist of the papers of attorney, author, and theater producer Donald C. Farber (19– - Present). Farber was also friend to author Kurt Vonnegut and served as his sole literary agent.

Felker mss., 1971-2015

1 linear feet Collection ID: LMC 2941
The Felker mss., 1971-2015, consist of annotated crossword drafts, clippings, and correspondence relating to crossword creator J. A. (Josephine Ann) Felker.

Felstiner, John mss., 1955-2011

8 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2767
The Felstiner, John mss., 1955-2011, consist of the works of writer, translator, and Stanford professor emeritus, John Felstiner (1936- ).

Ferguson, A. Claude mss., ca. 1970-2009

9 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2753
The Ferguson, A. Claude mss., ca. 1970–2009, consist of the correspondence, collected subject files, writings and legal records of Claude Ferguson, a career employee of the U.S. Forest Service who was instrumental in the creation of the Charles C. Deam Wilderness area, Indiana's only Federal Wilderness area, in the Hoosier National Forest.

Fiene mss., 1972-2001

1 Box (1 standard) Collection ID: LMC 2370
Consists mainly of correspondence between Professor Donald Mark Fiene, 1930- and author Kurt Vonnegut, 1922- regarding current activities in both of their lives and often discussing literary affairs.

Forsyth, Frederick mss., 1960-2013

10 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2880
The Forsyth, Frederick mss. (1960-2013) consist of the papers of author Frederick Forsyth (b. 1938).

Meade, Frank L. mss., 1936-2002

4 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2845

Franzen, Cola mss., 1982-2010

7 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2615
The Franzen, Cola mss., 1982-2010, consist of manuscripts, drafts, correspondence and other material relating to literary translations from the Spanish by translator Cola Franzen, 1923-2018.

Frasier mss., 1934-2014

22 Boxes Collection ID: LMC 2962
The Frasier mss., 1934-2014, consist of David K. Frasier's research materials, drafts, and related correspondence for his encyclopedias of show-business homicide and suicide as well as his biography/bibliography of Russ Meyer. Also included is correspondence with and writings about serial killer John Wayne Gacy and filmmaker Kenneth Anger.