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1. Toyoshima mss., 1966-1998 0.4 linear feet (10 items)

Toyoshima, Joe.
The Toyoshima mss., 1966-1998, consists of audio cassette tapes of interviews conducted by Joe Toyoshima in 1966 as an oral history of Upton Sinclair. Also included are materials related to the Industrial Workers of the World.

2. Stone mss., 1888-1965 1.25 linear feet (1 box)

Stone, Meta Fuller, 1880-1964
The Stone mss., 1888-1965, are the papers of Meta (Fuller) Stone. They consist of her writings, including an autobioraphical novel and poetry, and her correspondence with her friends and with her (ex-)husband Upton Beall Sinclair, 1908-1917, much of it concerned with her divorce.

3. Sinclair mss. IV, 1900-1963 10 Linear Feet (11 boxes)

Sinclair, Upton Beall, 1878-1968
The Sinclair mss. IV, 1900-1963, consists of correspondence and writings of author Upton Beall Sinclair, 1878-1968, and of his wife, Mary Craig (Kimbrough) Sinclair, 1883-1961.

4. Colorado-Sinclair mss., 1950 .1 linear feet (1 folder; 11 items.)

Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
The Colorado-Sinclair mss. consists of letters exchanged between author, Upton Beall Sinclair, 1878-1968, and University of Colorado Director of Libraries Eugene Holt Wilson, 1909-?, Boulder, Colorado, August 25-October 31, 1950.

5. Viereck mss., 1943-1953 0.1 Linear Feet (1 folio)

Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
The Viereck mss., 1943-1953, consists of typescripts of letters from novelist Upton Beall Sinclair, 1878-1968, to Peter Robert Edwin Viereck, 1916-2006, author and professor of history at Mount Holyoke College.

6. Stokes mss., 1905-1906 3 Folders

Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
The Stokes mss., 1905-1906, consist primarily of letters from Upton Beall Sinclair, 1878-1968, novelist, to James Graham Phelps Stokes, 1872-1960, regarding the activities of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society.

7. DeWitt mss., 1941-1955 0.1 Linear Feet (1 folder)

Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
The DeWitt mss., 1941-1955, consists of letters from Upton Sinclair, 1878-1968, author, to Samuel Aaron DeWitt, 1891-1963, poet and businessman, and correspondence between Mary Craig (Kimbrough) Sinclair, (Mrs. Upton Sinclair), 1883-1961, and DeWitt.

8. Lush mss., 1956-1957 0.1 Linear Feet (1 folio)

Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
The Lush mss., 1956-1957, consists of two letters from Upton Beall Sinclair, 1878-1968, author, and a letter from Mrs. Mary Craig (Kimbrough) Sinclair, (Mrs. Upton Beall Sinclair), 1883-1961, author, to Samuel Beryl Lush, 1893?-?, cotton merchant.

9. Lesser mss., 1933-1971 78 Items (1 folder)

Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
The Lesser mss., 1933-1971, consist chiefly of the correspondence between Sol Lesser, 1890-1980, motion picture executive, and Upton Beall Sinclair, 1878-1968, novelist, and others concerned with their interests.

10. Haldeman mss. III, 1915-1918 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
The Haldeman mss. III, 1915-1918, consists primarily of correspondence of Upton Beall Sinclair, 1878-1968, novelist, and Appeal to Reason staff members Louis Kopelin, 1887-1949, and Walter H. Wayland, 1884-1980.