Dorson mss., 1925-1981

Papers of Richard Mercer Dorson, 1925-1981, at the Lilly Library, Indiana University

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Creator Dorson, Richard Mercer, 1916-1981
Title: Dorson mss.
Dates: 1925-1981
Quantity: 135.5 Linear Feet94 boxes, 9 oversize
Abstract: The Dorson mss., 1925-1981, consists of the papers of folklorist Richard Mercer Dorson, 1916-1981.
Language: Materials are in English
Repository: Lilly Library

Biographical Note

Richard Mercer Dorson, 1916-1981, was a folklorist and professor at Indiana University. He was born in New York City, studied at Phillips Exeter Academy, 1929-1933, earned his A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard University, and began his teaching career as an instructor of history at Harvard in 1943. He moved to Michigan State University in 1944 where he stayed until 1957 when he accepted a position at Indiana University as professor of history and folklore as well as that of Chairman of the Committee on Folklore. When the Indiana University Folklore Institute was established in 1963, Dorson became its first director, and in 1978 he was named the first Chairman of the Folklore Department. Dorson also held a variety of visiting professorships, including a year at the University of Tokyo as a Fulbright Visiting Professor in American Studies (1956), a semester at the University of California, Berkeley (1968), and a semester at the University of Pennsylvania (1980).

A tireless scholar and researcher, Dorson received many awards and honors over the years, beginning with the Harvard Sheldon Traveling Fellowship for 1942-1943. Other awards included a Library of Congress Fellowship in History of American Civilization, 1946; three Guggenheim Fellowships, 1949, 1964, and 1971; fellowships from the American Council of Learned Societies in 1952 and 1961; and a year as fellow at the National Humanities Center's Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, 1978-1979. His many grants from a variety of foundations and institutions include the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U.S. Department of Justice.

He was an active member of professional societies and organizations, serving as Editor of the American Folklore Society's Journal of American Folklore, 1957-1962, as president of the Society, 1966-1968, and as the Society's delegate to the American Council of Learned Societies, 1969-1973. Dorson also served terms as vice president of the International Society for Folk Narrative Research from 1959 to 1964 and of the International Society of Ethnology and Folklore, 1964-1971. In 1973 he was elected to honorary membership of the English Folklore Society on whose Council he had been serving since 1969. In 1981 Dorson retired as Chairman of the Folklore Department but remained Director of the Folklore Institute and professor of folklore and history until his death a few months later.

Scope and Content Note

The correspondence section, consisting of approximately 14,500 items arranged chronologically, documents Dorson's determination to turn the American Folklore Society and American folklore studies away from amateurism toward rigorous scholarship. He set standards for folklore scholarship on all levels--research, documentation, writing, and the material to be studied. The correspondence also shows Dorson's wide network of national and international relationships established with numerous scholars over the years.

Writings in the collection are divided into those by Dorson and those by other folklorists, historians, and colleagues. Materials for the following books by Dorson are represented here: African Folklore (1972), America Begins (1950), America in Legend (1973), America Rebels (1953), American Folklore (1959), American Folklore and the Historian (1971), American Negro Folktales (1967), Bloodstoppers and Bearwalkers (1952), The British Folklorists: A History (1968), Buying the Wind (1964), Davy Crockett, American Comic Legend (1939), Folk Legends of Japan (1961), Folklore and Fakelore (1976), Folklore and Folklife: An Introduction (1972), Folklore and Traditional History (1973), Folklore in the Modern World (1974), Folklore Research Around the World: A North American Point of View (1961), Folklore: Selected Essays (1972), Folktales Told Around the World (1975), Handbook of American Folklore (1983), Jonathan Draws the Long Bow (1946), Land of the Millrats (1981), Man and Beast in American Comic Legend (1982), Negro Folktales in Michigan (1956), Negro Tales from Pine Bluff, Arkansas and Calvin, Michigan (1958), Peasant Customs and Savage Myths: Selections from the British Folklorists (1968), and Studies in Japanese Folklore (1963).

He edited and wrote the foreword to all volumes of the Folktales of the World Series, and both drafts and/or final manuscript copy of many of these volumes are in the collection. The type of material present for Dorson's publications varies but most often includes research materials, drafts of manuscripts, galleys and page proofs, corrected proofs, book production materials, publicity and reviews. There are also materials for about ten more books which he was considering publishing.

Dorson also wrote approximately 200 articles, most of which are represented in the collection in various phases of development from notes to final printed item. He prepared numerous reviews of printed works and frequently provided critical evaluations of items that had been submitted for publication, and many of these are present or are represented in these files. Papers and/or notes for papers presented at conferences and seminars, as well as materials relating to several journals (especially the Journal of the Folklore Institute), and series (particularly the Indiana University Folklore Institute Monographs Series), which he edited are also here.

Fieldwork and research materials in the collection include notes, transcriptions, and field tapes from Dorson's work in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the 1940s; in Calvin, Michigan and Pine Bluff, Arkansas in the early 1950's; in Jonesport, Maine, 1956; and in northern Indiana, 1968 and mid 1970s. These files highlight areas of special interest to Dorson--early American heroes; Black, immigrant, occupational (lumberjacks, cowboys, miners, railwaymen, steelworkers), and urban lore; as well as lore of the youth and countercultures of the 1960s.

Dorson's Indiana University related files include materials for the Folklore Department, the Folklore Institute, the Folklore Archives, the Archives of Traditional Music, the History Department, and various University committees. Also here are papers of folklore and history students, dissertation materials, and Dorson's class notes.

The remaining files in the collection are a miscellany of materials pertinent to Dorson's career, including his testimony in 1970 Senate hearings for an American Folklife Bill. The many societies and councils of which Dorson was a member and the many conferences which he attended are also represented. Dorson's personal files, in addition to regularly updated vitae, include materials on grants and fellowships. Other files contain materials on a film about the Northeast Sea Community, photographs, and printed items. Amongst the last are journals, newsletters, and clippings on Dorson, on the Folklore Institute and Department, and on folklore in general.


Organized into the following series: I. Correspondence. II. Writings. III. Research and fieldwork. IV. University materials. V. Miscellaneous personal and professional files. VI. Additions.


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Related Material

Correspondence between Richard Dorson and Stith Thompson can be found in the Thompson, S. mss.

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Gift: 1977, 1978, 1982, 1984

Table of Contents

I. Correspondence 1925-1981

II. Writings

III. Research and Fieldwork

IV. University Materials

V. Miscellaneous

VI. Additions

I. Correspondence 1925-1981
Scope and Contents
This collection is indexed at the item level in the Manuscripts Index located in the Lilly Library. The correspondence is arranged chronologically. Consult the Manuscripts Index in the Library for dates of letters of individual correspondents.
Among the correspondents in the collection are:
Abrahams, Roger David
Adams, Robert Jesse
Allen, Thomas Benton
Andrzejewski, Bogumił Witalis
Arguedas, José Maria
Armistead, Samuel Gordon
Armstrong, Robert Plant
Arnott, David Whitehorn
Arpad, Joseph John
Ashton, John William
Austerlitz, Robert Paul
Basgöz, Ilhan
Babalola, Adeboye
Babcock, Barbara Anne
Bachrach, Arthur Julian
Balys, Jonas
Barber, Cesar Lombardi
Barua, Birinchi Kumar
Bascom, William Russell
Baughman, Ernest Warren
Bauman, Richard
Bayard, Samuel Preston
Beam, C. Richard
Beatie, Bruce Alan
Beck, Horace Palmer
Beeson, Lewis
Beitl, Klaus
Ben-Ami, Issachar
Ben-Amos, Dan
Berry, Jack
Berwick, Keith Bennet
Bianco, Carla DiFazio
Biebuyck, Daniel Prosper
Blacker, Carmen Elizabeth
Blair, Walter
Blegen, Theodore Christian
Bloom, John Porter
Blumenthal, Joseph
Boatright, Mody Coggin
Boggs, Ralph Steele
Boorstin, Daniel Joseph
Boorstin, Ruth Carolyn (Frankel)
Botkin, Benjamin Albert
Bowen, Carroll G.
Braddy, Haldeen
Braden, Samuel Edward
Brady, George Keyports
Brandon, Elizabeth (Kaplan)
Brednich, Rolf Wilhelm
Briggs, Katharine Mary
Bringham, Clarence Saunders
Brown, Henry Daniels
Browne, Ray Broadus
Brunvand, Jan Harold
Burkhardt, Frederick Henry
Byington, Robert Harold
Byrnes, Robert Francis
Campbell, Marie Alice (Umbach)
Carey, George Gibson
Carpenter, Inta (Gale)
Carrière, Joseph Médard
Carter, Byrum Earl
Carvalho-Neto, Paulo de
Catton, Bruce
Charters, Werrett Wallace
Cheney, Thomas E.
Christiansen, Reidar Thoralf
Clark, Thomas Dionysius
Clarke, Kenneth Wendell
Claudel, Calvin André
Coffin, Tristram Potter
Cohen, Hennig
Collins, Camilla Anne
Collins, Carvel Emerson
Collins, Ralph Leonard
Conroy, Jack
Cortazar, Augusto Raúl
Creighton, Helen
Crowley, Daniel John
Curtis, Richard Bertram
Dégh, Linda
Danielson, Larry William
Rothstein, Manuel Dannemann
Davison, Levette Jay
de Caro, Francis A.
Deva, Indra
Dömötör, Tekla
Dundes, Alan
Dupree, Louis Benjamin
Eberhard, Wolfram
Eder, Matthias
Fred Russell Eggan
Emerson, William Richard
Emrich, Duncan Black Macdonald
Evans, Emyr Estyn
Evans, Luther Harris
Fee, Walter Ray
Fenton, William Nelson
Fernandez, James William
Farrell, Robert Hugh
Ferris, William Reyonalds
Fife, Austin Edwin
Fikry, Mona
Fitchen, Allen Nelson
Flanagan, John Theodore
Fraenkel, A. Peter
Franklin, Colin E.
Friedman, Albert Barron
Fry, Gladys Marie
Fuld, James Jeffrey
Gallman, John Gerry
Gargi, Balwant
Garraty, John Arthur
Gavazzi, Milovan
Georges, Robert A.
Gerow, Bert Alfred
Gillmor, Frances
Glassie, Henry Haywood
Gohdes, Clarence Louis Frank
Goldstein, Kenneth S.
Goswami, Praphulladatta
Green, Rayna Diane
Greenway, John
Greverus, Ina-Maria
Griffin, William James
Gucker, Frank Thomson
Halpert, Herbert
Hand, Wayland Debs
Haque, Abu Saeed Zahurul
Haring, Lee
Hassell, James Woodrow
Haywood, Charles
Heilfurth, Gerhard
Henderson, Hamish
Henningsen, Gustav
Herskovits, Melville Jean
Herzog, George
Hines, Donald Merrill
Ho, Ting-jui
Hoffman, Daniel Gerard
Holbek, Bengt
Holbrook, Stewart Hall
Hole, Christina (Stanley)
Hori, Ichiro
Hsu, Francis Lang-Kwang
Htin Aung, U.
Hudson, Arthur Palmer
Hurreiz, Sayed Hamid Ahmed
Hyman, Stanley Edgar
Hymes, Dell Hathaway
Ives, Edward Dawson
Jackson, Bruce
Jackson, Kennell A.
Jackson, Kenneth Hurlstone
Jacobs, Melville
James, Edward Topping
James, Thelma Gray
Jameson, Raymond De Loy
Jankovic, Ljubica S.
Jansen, William Hugh
Johnson, Aili Kolehmainen
Johnson, John William
Jones, Howard Mumford
Jones, Louis Clark
Karpeles, Maud
Keller, John Esten
Kendrick, John H.
Kennedy, Douglas Neil
Kirk, Russell Amos
Kirkland, Edwin Capers
Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara
Kirtley, Bacil Flemming
Kishibe, Shigeo
Klymasz, Robert Bogdan
Knappert, Jan
Knott, Sarah Gertrude
Köngäs Maranda, Elli Kaija
Korson, George Gershon
Koster, Donald Nelson
Krzyzanowski, Julian
Kunene, Daniel
Kurath, Gertrude (Prokosch)
Laade, Wolfgang
Lacourcière, Luc
LaPin, Deirdre Ann
Leach, MacEdward
Lee, Hector
Legman, Gershon
Leibovici, Marcel
Liebenow, J. Gus
Lindfors, Bernth O.
Lindgren, Ethel John
List, George Harold
Lomax, Alan
Loomis, Charles Grant
Luomala, Katharine
Lurie, Edward
Mabuchi, Toichi
McAllester, David Park
McClellan, Edwin
McCulloh, Judith Marie (Binkele)
McDavid, Raven Ioor
McDermott, John Francis
McDonald, Donald Archie
McGuire, Paula
MacQueen, John
Mancini, Pat (McNees)
Manuel, E. Arsenio
Mason, Leonard Edward
Meine, Franklin Julius
Merriam, Alan Parkhurst
Merritt, Lynne Lionel
Messenger, John Cowan
Matcalf, George Joseph
Millar, Branford Price
Mintz, Jerome Richard
Misra, Bhabagrahi
Mitchner, Ann (Patterson)
Moe, Henry Allen
Mook, Maurice Allison
Moore, Bai Tami'a Johnson
Morris, Alton Chester
Morse, Wayne Lyman
Mott, Howard S.
Moyne, Ernest John
Murdock, Kenneth Ballard
Nkaya, Ken-ichi
Nettl, Bruno
Neumeyer, Peter Florian
Newall, Venetia June (Tubbs)
Nickerson, Bruce Edward
Nicolaisen, Wilhelm Fritz Hermann
Noss, Philip Andrew
Noy, Dov
Nye, Russel Blaine
O'Beirne-Ranelagh, Elaine (Lewis)
Ó Duilearga, Séamus
O'Neil, Robert Merchant
O'Suilleabhain, Sean
Oinas, Felix Johannes
Opie, Peter Mason
Oplier, Morris Edward
Ortutay, Gyula
Oster, Harry
Ouwehand, Cornelius
Overton, Douglas
Paredes, Américo
Patai, Raphael
Peeters, Karel Constant
Pentikäinen, Juha Yrjänä
Perry, Bernard Barenson
Philipson, Morris H.
Pinon, Rodger
Pop, Mihai
Porter, Kenneth Wiggins
Randall, Thomas Edwin
Randolph, Vance
Ranke, Kurt
Ray, Gordon Norton
Rayford, Julian Lee
Reuss, Richard A.
Richmond, Winthrop Edison
Ridenour, Harry Lee
Roberts, Roderick Joseph
Roberts, Warren Everett
Rodger, Ian Graham
Rodriges, Lucio
Röhrich, Lutz
Rosenburg, Bruce Alan
Rosenburg, Neil Vandraegen
Routledge & Kegan Paul
Rubin, Ruth (Rosenblatt)
Ryan, John William
Sackett, Samuel John
Saleh, Ahmed Rushdi
Sanderson, Stewart Forson
Saucier, Corrine L.
Scheub, Harold Ernest
Schlesinger, Arthur Meier
Sebeok, Thomas Albert
Seki, Keigo
Selden, Sherman Ward
Shugg, Rodger Wallace
Siefert, Marsha Sue
Simeone, William E.
Simmons, Merle Edwin
Sinor, Denis
Smith, Henry Nash
Solt, Leo Frank
Stahr, Elvis Jacob
Stekert, Ellen Jane
Stolz, Benjamin Armond
Sullivan, William Francis
Sutton, Joseph Lee
Szövérffy, Joseph
Szwed, John Francis
Tax, Sol
Taylor, Archer
Thompson, Harold William
Thompson, Katharine (Simonds)
Thompson, Stith
Tillhagen, Carl-Herman Olof
Tillson, Merl William
Toelken, Barre
Upadhyaya, Krishna Deva
Utley, Francis Lee
Vazsonyi, Andrew
Voegelin, Charles Frederick
Wachsmann, Klaus Philipp
Wallis, Charles Langworthy
Walton, Ivan Henry
Wang, Arthur Woods
Waugh, Butler Huggins
Weatherby, Meredith
Webb, Hilda (Eggleston)
Weinreich, Uriel
Weisinger, Herbert
Wells, Herman B
Welsch, Rodger Lee
Wentworth, Richard Leigh
Wheeler-Voegelin, Erminie Brooke
Whiting, Bartlett Jere
Whitten, Norman Earl
Wildhaber, Robert
Wilgus, D.K.
Wilson, Edward Meryon
Wilson, George Macklin
Wilson, Thomas James
Winkelman, Donald Marvin
Wolff, Kurt
Woods, Barbara Allen
Wrigglesworth, Hazel J.
Yarborough, Ralph Webster
Yoder, Don
box 1 1925-1951, Aug.
box 2 1951, Sept. - 1953, May
box 3 1953, June - 1957, Feb.
box 4 1957, Mar. - 1959, Dec.
box 5 1960 - 1961
box 6 1962 - 1964, Feb.
box 7 1964, Mar. - 1966, May
box 8 1966, June - 1968, May
box 9 1968, June - 1969
box 10 1970 - 1971, Mar. 16
box 11 1971, Mar. 17 - 1972, Oct.
box 12 1972, Nov. - 1974, July
box 13 1974, Aug. - 1978, Apr.
box 14 1978, May - 1979, June
box 15 1979, July - 1981 undated
II. Writings
Arranged as follows: Writings by Dorson: Books, Articles, Reviews, Critical Evaluations, Papers Presented, Journals, Series, and Royalties, followed by Writings by Others
box 16 African Folklore (New York: Anchor Books 1972)
box 16 Correspondence, contract, drafts and corrections, setting copy
box 17 Setting copy, galleys, corrections, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 17 American Begins (New York: Pantheon 1950) Publicity, reviews
box 17 America in Legend (New York: Pantheon 1973)
box 17 Correspondence, contract, research, drafts
box 18 America in Legend (cont'd.)
box 18 Drafts, corrections, setting copy
box 19 Galleys and corrections, production materials, illustrations, publicity, reviews
box 95 America in Legend.
box 19 Illustrations
box 19 American Rebels (New York: Pantheon 1953)
box 19 Correspondence, contract, research
box 20 Research, draft, corrections, production materials, illustrations, publicity, reviews
box 20 American Folklore (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1959)
box 20 Research, drafts, corrections
box 21 Bibliographical notes for revised edition, publicity, reviews
box 21 American Folklore and the Historian (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1971) Correspondence, contracts, drafts, setting copy, galleys, proofs, corrections, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 21 American Humor [not published] Contract, outline, research
box 21 American Legendary Heroes [not published] Draft
box 21 American Negro Folktales (Greenwich, Conn.: Fawcett 1967) Correspondence, contract, description, research, drafts, galleys, publicity, reviews
box 21 Bloodstoppers and Bearwalkers (Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press 1952)
box 21 Research, drafts
box 22 Drafts, corrections, production materials, illustrations, foreword to paperback edition, publicity, reviews.
box 22 The British Folklorists: A History (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1968)
box 22 Correspondence, contract, research
box 23 Research, drafts, corrections, corrections for galleys, production materials, errata, publicity, reviews
box 24 Publicity, reviews
box 24 Buying the Wind (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press. 1964)
box 24 Correspondence, research
box 25 Partial drafts, partial galleys, corrections, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 25 Davy Crockett, American Comic Legend (New York: Spiral Press 1939) Research, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 25 The Field of American Folklore [not published] Outlines, drafts
box 25 Folk Legends of Japan (Tokyo: C.E. Tuttle 1961) Correspondence, research, drafts, proofs, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 95 Folk Legends of Japan. Research
box 25 Folklore and Fakelore (Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press 1976)
box 25 Correspondence, contract, research, drafts, corrections
box 26 Drafts, corrections, setting copy
box 27 Proofs and corrections, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 27 Folklore and Folklife: An Introduction (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1972)
box 27 Correspondence, research, drafts, galleys and corrections
box 28 Galleys and corrections, proofs, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 28 Folklore and Traditional History (The Hague: Mouton 1973) Correspondence, contract, partial drafts, partial proofs, publicity, reviews
box 28 Folklore in American Life and Thought [not published] Correspondence, outlines, drafts, articles to be included
box 28 Folklore in the Modern World (Bloomington, In.: Folklore Publication Group 1974)
box 28 Correspondence, drafts
box 29 Drafts, proofs and corrections, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 29 Folklore in the United States [not published] Correspondence, research, production materials
box 29 Folklore Research Around the World: A North American Point of View (Bloomington, In.: Indiana Univ. Press 1961) Correspondence, production materials, drafts of two articles, proofs, publicity, reviews
box 30 Folklore: Selected Essays (Bloomington, In.: Indiana Univ. Press 1972) Correspondence, contract, drafts of two articles, setting copy, galleys, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 30 Folklore, Sex, Politics, and Religion [not published] Notes
box 30 Folktales of the World [series] Correspondence, production materials, miscellaneous, publicity and reviews
box 30 Folktales of Chile (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1967) Correspondence, research, drafts of foreword and bibliography, setting copy, galleys, corrections, production materials
box 30 Folktales of China (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1965)
box 30 Correspondence, research, descriptive index of tales, drafts
box 31 Drafts, galleys, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 31 Folktales of Egypt (Chicago: Chicago Univ. Press 1979) Working bibliography
box 31 Folktales of England (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1965) Correspondence, research, drafts of foreword and bibliography, proofs, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 31 Folktales of France (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1968) Correspondence, research, partial drafts and setting copy, production materials, publicity, reviews.
box 31 Folktales of Germany (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1966)
box 31 Correspondence, research, drafts
box 32 Drafts, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 32 Folktales of Greece (Chicago: Univ. Of Chicago Press 1970) Correspondence, research, drafts, galleys, proofs, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 32 Folktales of Hungary (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1965) Correspondence, partial drafts, partial proofs, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 32 Folktales of India [not published] Tales
box 32 Folktales of Ireland (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1966) Correspondence, partial drafts and corrections, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 33 Folktales of Israel (Chicago: Univ. Of Chicago Press 1963) Correspondence, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 33 Folktales of Japan (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1963) Correspondence, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 33 Folktales of Mexico (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1974) Correspondence, research, partial drafts, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 33 Folktales of Norway (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1964) Correspondence, research, drafts of end matter, proofs, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 33 Folktales of Poland [not published] Drafts, production materials
box 33 Folktales of Scotland [not published] Tales
box 33 Folktales Told Around the World (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press 1975)
box 33 Correspondence, contract, tales, drafts
box 34 Drafts, setting copy
box 35 Setting copy, galleys, corrections, proofs, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 35 Fulminations of a Folklorist [not published] Correspondence, outlines, proposals, research
box 35 Handbook of American Folklore (Bloomington, In: Indiana Univ. Press 1983) Notes, drafts, production materials
box 35 Jonathan Draws the Long Bow (Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press 1946) Research, publicity, reviews
box 35 Land of the Millrats (Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press 1981)
box 35 Research
box 36 Drafts and corrections
box 37 Drafts and corrections, galleys
box 38 Galleys and corrections
box 38 Land of the Millrats: Folklore in the Calumet Region (Indiana Folklore 10:2 1977) Research, drafts
box 38 Man and Beast in American Comic Legend (Bloomington, In.: Indiana Univ. Press 1982) Correspondence, research, drafts, production materials
box 38 Negro Folktales in Michigan (Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press 1956)
box 38 Correspondence, research, drafts and corrections
box 39 Drafts and corrections, proofs, production materials, illustrations, miscellaneous, publicity, reviews
box 39 Negro Tales from Pine Bluff, Arkansas and Calvin, Michigan (Bloomington, In.: Indiana Univ. Press 1958) (IU Folklore Institute Monographs Series No. 12) Research, drafts, corrections, publicity, reviews
box 39 The Other America in Legend [not published]
box 39 Correspondence, contract, research
box 40 Research, drafts, production material
box 40 Peasant Customs and Savage Myths: Selections from the British Folklorists (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul 1968)
box 40 Correspondence, research, drafts and corrections
box 41 Setting copy, corrections on galleys and proofs, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 42 Studies in Japanese Folklore (Bloomington, In.: Indiana Univ. Press 1963) (IU Folklore Institute Monographs Series No. 17) Correspondence, research, drafts, corrections, production materials, publicity, reviews
box 42 Symbolism in American History [not published] Notes, abstract, contract
box 42 Three Worlds of the Folklorist [not published] Correspondence, articles proposed for inclusion, outlines, proposals
box 42 Miscellaneous Fragments, chapters of unidentified works, footnotes, etc.
box 42 The Academic Future of Folklore
box 42 African and Afro-American Folklore: A Reply to Bascom and Other Misguided Critics
box 42 The African Connection: Comments on 'African Folklore in the New World'
box 42 Afro-American Folktales [not published?]
box 42 Afterword
box 42 American Civilization at Harvard
box 42 American English: Some Current Tendencies
box 42 American Folk Narratives of the 17th Century [unpublished?]
box 42 American Folklore
box 42 American Folklore Bibliography
box 42 The American Folklore Scene, 1963-68
box 42 American Folklore vs. Fakelore in America
box 42 American Folklorists in Britain
box 42 American Lifestyles and Legends
box 42 American Studies in Japan [article? unpublished?]
box 42 The American Studies Type
box 42 America's Comic Demigods
box 42 America's Robin Hoods [unpublished?]
box 42 Andrew Lang's Folklore Interests as Revealed in 'At the Sign of the Ship' [unpublished?]
box 42 Anecdote
box 42 Applied Folklore
box 42 Archer Taylor
box 42 The Art of Negro Storytelling [unpublished?]
box 42 The Astonishing Repertoire Of James Douglas Suggs, a Michigan Negro Storyteller
box 42 Aunt Jane Goudreau, Roup-Garou Storyteller
box 42 Big Eaters
box 42 The Birth of American Studies
box 95 The Birth of American Studies
box 42 Blood Stoppers
box 42 Bogies of American Folklore
box 43 Campus Folklore
box 43 Canadians in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
box 43 The Career of 'John Henry'
box 43 Characteristics of the Japanese Folktale
box 43 Choosing the World's Folktales [unpublished?]
box 43 Collecting Folklore of Jonesport, Maine
box 43 Collecting Folklore in the United States [unpublished?]
box 43 The Collecting of the Folktale in the Field and Its Problems [unpublished?]
box 43 Comic Indian Anecdotes
box 43 Complementary Techniques and Concepts of the Folklorist and the Historian
box 43 Concepts of the Folklorist [article? unpublished?]
box 43 Contemporary Folklife in the Hellhole of the Universe
box 43 Cowboy Folktales about Cowboys
box 43 Crockett, David (Davy) [unpublished?]
box 43 Current Folklore Theories
box 43 Davy Crockett
box 43 Davy Crockett and the Heroic Age
box 43 The Debate over the Trustworthiness of Oral Traditional History
box 43 Defining the American Folk Legend
box 43 Dialect Stories of the Upper Peninsula: A New Form of American Folklore
box 43 Doing the Fieldwork in the City
box 43 The Down-Easter Who Knew Too Much
box 43 The Eclipse of the Solar Mythology
box 43 Elsie Clews Parsons: Feminist and Folklorist
box 43 Esthetic Form in British and American Folklore Narrative
box 43 The Ethnic Research Survey of Northwest Indiana
box 43 Ethnohistory and Ethnic Folklore
box 43 European vs. African Origins of American Negro Tales [unpublished?]
box 43 The Fable of the Young Man Who Wanted to Be Learned [unpublished?]
box 43 Fakelore
box 43 [Fieldwork on Martin Piniak's Turf] [incomplete article? unpublished?]
box 43 The First Conference on Asian Folklore
box 43 The First Group of British Folklorists
box 43 Five Directions in American Folklore
box 43 Folk Arts. American People's Encyclopedia Yearbook
box 43 1952
box 43 1954
box 43 1955
box 43 1956
box 43 1957
box 43 1958
box 43 1959
box 43 1960
box 43 1961
box 43 Folklore. Collier's Encyclopedia
box 43 Folklore. Dictionary of American History
box 43 Folklore. Encyclopedia Britannica
box 43 Folklore. Encyclopedia Universalis
box 43 Folklore and American Anthropology [not published?]
box 43 Folklore and Cultural History
box 43 Folklore and Fake Lore
box 43 Folklore and the National Defense Fund Act
box 43 Folklore for Defense
box 43 Folklore in American Literature: A Postscript
box 43 Folklore in Higher Education
box 43 Folklore in Michigan
box 43 Folklore in Periodical Literature
box 43 Folklore in Relation to American Studies
box 43 Folklore in the Modern World
box 43 Folklore in the Universities
box 44 The Folklore of College Students
box 44 Folklore of the Midwest
box 44 Folklore Research in Japan Today as Seen by an American [unpublished?]
box 44 Folklore Studies in England
box 44 Folklore Studies in the United States Today
box 44 Folklore Trip to India
box 44 Folklore vs. Fakelore - Again and Again
box 44 Folkloric Behavior as a Preventive to Heart Disease
box 44 The Folklorist in the Hospital [unpublished?]
box 44 The Folktale Repertoires of Two Maine Lobstermen
box 44 Folktales
box 44 Foreword. Crow Killer
box 44 Foreword. Folklore in the Writings of Rowland E. Robinson
box 44 Foreword. The Legends of Tono
box 44 Foreword. Ozark Folklore; A Bibliography
box 44 The Founders of British Folklore
box 44 A Fresh Look at Negro Storytelling
box 44 Giant Kansas Corn
box 44 Gib Morgan 1842-1909 [unpublished?]
box 44 The Great Team of English Folklorists
box 44 The Growth of Folklore Courses
box 44 Heart Disease and Folklore
box 44 Henry Hyatt and His Sister
box 44 Historical Method and American Folklore
box 44 The Historical Validity of Oral Tradition
box 44 History of the Elite and History of the Folk
box 44 How Shall We Rewrite Charles M. Skinner Today?
box 44 Hugh Miller, Pioneer Scottish Folklorist
box 44 The Identification of Folklore in American Literature
box 45 In Memoriam: Edwin C. Kirkland, 1902-1972
box 45 The Indiana African Folklore Conference
box 45 Introduction. The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Magic
box 45 Introduction. Heroic Epic and Saga
box 45 Introduction: African Oral Data Conference
box 45 Introduction: Folklore and Traditional History
box 45 Is Folklore a Discipline?
box 45 Is There a Folk in the City?
box 45 Jewish-American Dialect Stories on Tape
box 45 John Henry. An American Primer
box 45 John Henry. Encyclopedia Britannica
box 45 John W. Ashton, 1900-1971
box 45 Jonathan Draws the Long Bow
box 45 Jones Tracy [unpublished?]
box 45 The Jonny-Cake Papers
box 45 Just B'ars
box 45 Katharine Briggs, James Delargy, Vance Randolph
box 45 King Beast of the Forest Meets Man
box 45 The Legend of the Missing Pajamas and Other Sad Sagas
box 45 The Legend of Yoho Cave
box 45 The Lesson of 'Foxfire'
box 45 Local History and Folklore
box 45 Luc Lacourcière: An Appreciation
box 45 The Lumberjack Code
box 45 Manifest Destiny
box 45 Material Components in Celebrations
box 45 Melville J. Herskovits, 1895-1963
box 45 Melville J. Herskovits Festschrift: Current Folklore Theories
box 45 Mishaps of a Maine Lobsterman
box 45 More Jewish Dialect Stories
box 45 More Negro Tales of John Blackamore
box 45 Mose the Far-Famed and World Renowned
box 45 Mythology and Folklore
box 45 Negro Folksongs in Michigan from the Repertoire of J.D. Suggs
box 45 Negro Folktales from Around Detroit [unpublished?]
box 45 A Negro Storytelling Session on Tape
box 46 Negro Tales
box 46 Negro Tales from Bolivar County, Mississippi
box 46 Negro Tales of John Blackmore [unpublished?]
box 46 Negro Tales of Mary Richardson
box 46 Negro Witch Stories on Tape
box 46 Old New England. American Regional Folklore [unpublished]
box 46 The Oral Historian and the Folklorist
box 46 Oral Styles of American Folk Narrators
box 46 Oral Tradition and Written History: The Case for the United States
box 46 Paul Bunyan
box 46 Paul Bunyan in the News
box 46 Paul Bunyan in Upper Michigan [not published?]
box 46 Personal Histories
box 46 Polish Tales from Joe Woods
box 46 Polish Wonder Tales of Joe Woods
box 46 Preface. Beyond the Enlightenment
box 46 Print and American Folktales
box 46 The Question of Folklore in a New Nation
box 46 Reactions to Remarks on a Visit to Africa
box 46 Read, Opie Pope
box 46 The Reception of the British Folklorist or, Have You Read the Great Team?
box 46 Replies to Questions on 'A Theory for American Folklore'
box 46 Reply to Eliot Wigginton
box 46 Report of the Delegate to the American Council of Learned Societies
box 46 Research Opportunities in American Folklore
box 46 Saga of the Nat'ral Born Durn'd Fool
box 46 Sam Patch
box 46 Samuel Eliot Morison: A Reassessment of His Writings on Early America [by Dorson? unpublished?]
box 46 The Scholar as Artist
box 46 The Scholarly and the Popular Approaches to Folklore [unpublished?]
box 47 The Shaping of Folklore Traditions in the United States
box 47 Should There Be a Ph.D. in Folklore?
box 47 Sources for Anecdotes of Local Characters [unpublished?]
box 47 Sources for the Traditional History of the Scottish Highlands and Western Islands
box 47 The Sources of Davy Crockett, American Comic Legend
box 47 A Southern Indiana Field Station
box 47 Southern Negro Storytellers in Michigan
box 47 Squash Memories
box 47 Standards for Collecting and Publishing American Folktales
box 47 Stith Thompson (1885-1976)
box 47 The Student Folklore Contest
box 47 The Study of Folklore and Folklife in American Universities
box 47 Summer Session at Harvard
box 47 Tales of a Greek-American Family on Tape
box 47 Team Fieldwork
box 47 Theories of Myth and the Folklorist
box 47 A Theory for American Folklore
box 47 A Theory for American Folklore Reviewed
box 47 Two City Yarnfests
box 47 Two Letters That Never Got Published; or Folklore's Censors
box 47 The UCLA Conference on American Folk Legend
box 47 The Use of Printed Sources
box 47 The Uses of Oral Tradition in American History [unpublished?]
box 47 The Value of the Humanities: A Folklorist's View
box 47 The Voice of the Horned Toad
box 47 Ein Vortwort [by Dorson? unpublished?]
box 47 The Watchdog Committee [unpublished?]
box 47 Watergate as Folklore [unpublished?]
box 47 We All Need the Folk
box 47 We Americans
box 95 We Americans
box 47 Whoppers, Jingles. Graffiti
box 47 The Yankee on the Stage - A Folk Hero of American Drama
box 47 Yorker Yarns of Yore
box 47 The Yugoslav-American Seminars in Social Sciences and Humanities Sponsored by Indiana University with Special Reference to Folklore
box 47 Yuletide Gift-Givers
box 47 Miscellaneous
Arranged alphabetically by the author reviewed
box 48 A
box 48 B - Boswell
box 48 Botkin - Bz
box 48 C - D
box 48 E - F
box 48 G - I
box 48 J - L
box 48 M - R
box 48 S
box 48 T - Z
Critical Evaluations
Scope and Contents
Evaluations made by Dorson of other author's writings. Arranged alphabetically by author.
box 48 A - Z
Papers Presented
Scope and Contents
Includes papers presented to various societies, conferences, and other groups.
box 48 African Seminar
box 48 African and Afro-American Folklore: A Reply to Bascom and Other Misguided Critics
box 48 America in Legend
box 48 American English
box 48 American Folklore and Folk Speech
box 48 The American Folklorist Model Compared with the Great Team Model
box 48 American Life Styles and Legends
box 48 Baldwin-Wallace Talk
box 48 Career of a Folklorist
box 48 Collecting Folklore in Gary, Ind.: Problems in Urban Fieldwork
box 48 Contribution of the Folklorist
box 48 Creatures of Legendry: the United States versus the Rest of the World
box 48 The Culture of the American People
box 48 First Principles
box 48 Folk Speech
box 48 Folklore and History
box 48 Folklore in Japan
box 48 Folklore in the Modern World
box 48 Folklore in Northwest Indiana
box 48 The Folklorist Looks at Myth
box 48 Four Worlds of the Folklorist
box 48 History of the Elite and History of the Folk
box 48 How American is Appalachian Folklore?
box 48 Hunting Folklore in the Armpit of America
box 48 Intellectual History
box 48 Is Folklore a Discipline?
box 48 Japan
box 48 Jeffrey's Class
box 48 Kansas City Paper
box 48 Lamont Lecture
box 48 Legends and Life Styles
box 48 Legon Seminar
box 48 The Nature of Folklore
box 48 Negro Folklore
box 48 Passage to India
box 48 The Pernicious Influence of the Grimm Brothers on American Folkloristics
box 48 Perspectives in African Folklore Research
box 48 Printed Sources
box 48 The Professor as Author
box 48 Publishing Folklore and the Folklore of Publishing
box 48 Rationale of Folklore Ph.D.
box 48 Scholarship and the Student
box 48 The Strands of American Folklore
box 48 Teaching Folklore to College Teachers
box 48 "The Today Show" appearance
Scope and Contents
Editor's reports, correspondence, contracts, reviews, questionnaires, and articles submitted for journals with which Dorson was associated.
box 48 Asian Folklore Studies
box 48 Folklore Forum
box 48 Indiana Folklore
box 48 Journal of American Folklore
box 48 Journal of Midwest Folklore
box 48 Journal of the Folklore Institute
Scope and Contents
Drafts, correspondence, synopses, reviews, and production materials for monograph series on folklore with which Dorson was associated
box 48 American Folk Literature Series
box 48 American Folklore Series
box 48 Indiana University Folklore Institute Monographs
Series nos. 13, 14, 21, 23, 24, 30
box 49 International Folklore Series (cont'd)
box 49 Studies in Folklore [Mouton]
Arranged chronologically.
box 49 1950-1978
Writings by Others
Scope and Contents
Drafts and copies of books and articles by authors other than Dorson. Arranged alphabetically by author.
box 49 Augusto, E. David. "Network Theory" (Photocopy)
box 49 Babcock, Barbara A. "Helene Cordero, Creator of the 'Storyteller'" (Photocopy)
box 49 Bascom, William. "Sir James Frazer on Myths and Rituals" (Typescript)
box 49 Bauman, Richard. Verbal Art as Performance (Photocopy of ms.)
box 49 Bennet, Pamela J. "Indiana's Historical Services and Beyond" (Photocopy)
box 49 Blanche, Martha. "Analysis of Memorates and Anecdotes" (Photocopy)
box 49 Bradunas, Elena. "From the Familiar to the Unknown: A Fieldworker's Progression" (Photocopies of drafts)
box 49 Carpenter, Inta Gale. "Introduction" (Typescript and photocopy of drafts)
box 49 _____. "'Only the Second Worst Things': Personal Accounts of the Field Experience" (Typescript and photocopy of drafts)
box 49 Dundes, Alan. Analytic Essays on Folklore (Photocopy of ms. with foreword by Dorson)
box 49 Dupree, Louis. "Folklore and History" (Outline and mimeograph of project report)
box 49 Fernandez, James W. "Traditional Elements of Fang Folklore in Bwiti Initiation Visions" (Mimeograph of abstract)
box 49 Fine, Gary Alan and Clara Giraro. "Black-White Relations in Dubois County, Indiana: The Pinkston Community 1857-1939" (Photocopy)
box 49 Golopentia-Eretescu, Sanda. "What is Right, Is Right" (Photocopy)
box 49 Gutowski, John A. "The Art of Professional Wrestling: Folk Expression in Modern Mass Culture" (Mimeograph)
box 49 Hancock, Frank. A Hoosier Heritage; A Recollection of Early Indiana Days (Carbon of ms.)
box 49 Haring, Lee. "East African Oral Narrative Progress Report of a Survey" (Carbon)
box 49 Hertzfeld, Michael. "Cretan Animal-Rustling Narratives" (Mimeograph)
box 49 Highwater, Jamake. [Paper presented to Children's Books International IV] (Photocopy)
box 49 Holbek, Bengt. "Folklore Research in Denmark - A Danish Point of View" (Typescript, in Danish)
box 49 Hori, Ichiró. "Japanese Folk Beliefs" (Carbon)
box 49 Jackson, Kennell. "Proposal for Research: An Analysis and History of French and British Ethnography" (Carbon)
box 49 Jensen, Donald D. "An Efficient, Effective, and Humane System of Large Class Instruction" (Mimeograph of essay and course outline)
box 49 Keyworth, Glenda May. "An Exploration of Rhythm in Folktale Performance" (Photocopy)
box 49 Kyriakides, Stilpon P. Two Studies of Modern Greek Folklore (Photocopy of ms. and carbon of dust jacket notes by Dorson)
box 49 Lee, Duhyun. "An Outline History of Korean Traditional Theater Ares" (Mimeograph)
box 49 Lipson-Walker, Carolyn. " 'Shalom Y'All': A Folkloristic Analysis of Southern Jews" (Photocopy)
box 49 Lovingood, Sut [pseud.?] "Why Did the Albany Plan Fail? (Typescript)
box 49 McCoy, Donald R. "Underdeveloped Sources of Understanding in American History" (Photocopy)
box 49 McDavid, Raven I. "Dialect Geography and Social Science Problems" (Mimeograph)
box 49 _____. "The Linguistic Atlas Project" (Mimeography)
box 49 Mancini, Pat McNees. "The Alluring Leer of Folklore" (Photocopy)
box 49 Marsh, Richard. "How I Became 'The TV Man': Video Fieldwork in the Calumet Region" (Photocopy)
box 49 Marshall, Howard W. "The Paradise Valley Folklife Project: An Experimental Study" (Photocopy)
box 49 Messenger, John C. "Balladmongering in Ireland" (Photocopy)
box 49 _____. "Ibibio Drama" (Photocopy)
box 49 _____. "When the 'Natives' Read: Publish and Perish" (Carbon)
box 49 Miller, Wayne D. "Tradition and Innovation in Domesticated Gardening" (Photocopy)
box 49 Misra, Bhabagrahi. "myth and Mechanics of Snake-Worship in Orissa" (Photocopy of abstract and paper)
box 49 Nicolaisen, W. F. H. "A Case for an American Folklore Atlas" (Photocopy)
box 49 Ouwehand, Cornelius. "Some Notes on the God Susa-No-O" (Carbon with corrections)
box 49 Paredes, Américo. "The Shaping of Folklore Traditions in North America: Mexican-American Groups" (Draft)
box 49 Phelps, Richard. "The Two Histories of Stringtown" (Photocopy)
box 49 Reuss, Richard A. and Jens Lund. Roads into Folklore: Festschrift in Honor of Richard M. Dorson (Mimeograph)
box 49 Rikoon, Sandy. "Some Problems in Soliciting Folklore Residency Applications for the Indiana Communities Project and Some Thoughts about the 'Folk Concept of "Limited Folk"'" (Photocopy)
box 50 Röhrich, Lutz. "The Sage" (Typescript, carbon, photocopy of drafts with notes)
box 50 Sebeok, Thomas A. "A Cheremis Sonnet" (Mimeograph with ms. notes)
box 50 _____. "Close Encounters with Canid Communication of the Third Kind" (Signed photocopy)
box 50 _____. "Style in Finnegan's Wake" (Mimeograph)
box 50 _____ and V.J. Zeps "An Analysis of Structured Content, with Application of Electronic Computer Research, in Psycholinguistics" (Mimeograph)
box 50 Seki, Keigo. Japanese Folk Tales; translated by Robert Jesse Adams. (Typescript, 4 vols.)
box 50 Seward, Adrienne Lanier. "Some Dilemmas of Fieldwork: A Personal Statement" (Photocopy)
box 50 Shpoon, Saduddin. ["Life Story of Ajab Khan"] (Mimeograph)
box 50 Snow, Loudell. " 'The Sun Don't Shine No Way All the Time!': Popular Medical Beliefs in a Black Neighborhood" (Photocopy)
box 50 Sonnichsen, C.L. "The Grassroots Historian" (Photocopy)
box 50 Sturgill, Virgil L. "The Murder of Lottie Yates" (Carbon)
box 50 Suggs, Simon [pseud.?] "Roger Williams and Democratic Thought" (Typescript)
box 50 Thompson, Stith. "Professional Aspects of the Trip to Scandinavia, 1951-52" (Mimeograph)
box 50 Towne, Jackson E. "Victory Parade in Vichy" (Carbon)
box 50 Tsuji, Mitsue. "Ainu Folk Tales" (Draft)
box 50 Van Dommelan, David B. Review of Meddelelser Om Grønland (Carbon)
box 50 Weber, Brom. "A Note on Edmund Wilson and George Washington Harris" (Mimeograph)
box 50 Wildhaber, Robert. "About a 'Folklore Institute' in USA" (Ms. and typescript)
box 50 Williams, John Alexander. "The Establishment and the Tape Recorder: Radicalism and Professionalism in Folklore Studies, 1933-1968" (Photocopy, with notes by Dorson)
box 50 Winther, Oscar O. "Oral History: A Report and a Commentary" (Carbon)
box 50 _____. "Regionalism in the USA" (Mimeograph)
box 50 Zimmerman, Zora Devrnja. "The Changing Roles of the Vila in Serbian Traditional Literature" (Photocopy)
box 50 [Author Unknown] "Folklore as Culture of Contention" (Photocopy with corrections)
box 50 _____. "The Hour Is Come But Not the Man (Carbon)
box 50 _____. [John Woolman] (Draft)
box 50 _____. "Structural and Aesthetic Characteristics of the Kwaiti Chanties" (Photocopy)
box 50 _____. [Tayil among the Mapuche of Argentina] (Photocopy)
box 50 _____. "Torleus and the Dapamorz: Two Examples of Ethnic Amalgamation in the Song of Roland" (Carbon)
box 50 _____. "Wandlung und Bedeutung des Rumpelstilzmärchens" (Photocopy)
III. Research and Fieldwork
Bibliography and bibliographical citations; Fieldwork notes, notebooks, and tapes; Research Bibliography and Bibliographical Citations.
Scope and Contents
Includes materials on general folklore, African folklore, American humor, Dictionary of Popular Beliefs, ethnomusicology, heroes, immigrations, mythology, oral tradition, the Ozarks, urban lore, on the folklore of the Germans, Mennonites, Micronesians, Slavs, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Americans, Yugoslavians, and American Studies.
Bibliography and bibliographical citations
box 51 Bibliography and bibliographical citations (cont'd)
box 82 Index Cards, Boxes 1-2
Fieldwork Notes
Scope and Contents
Arranged chronologically. Filed separately are field tapes.
box 51 Informant: John Jacob Niles 1945
box 51 Michigan (Upper Peninsula)Immigrant-Old Country folklore 1946-1947
box 52 Michigan (Upper Peninsula) (cont'd) 1946-1947
box 53 Michigan (Upper Peninsula) (cont'd) 1946-1947
box 53 Michigan (Calvin and Benton Harbor)Black folklore 1952-1953
box 53 Michigan (Woodland Park and Idlewild)Black folklore 1952-1953
box 53 Michigan (Mecosta)Black folklore 1952-1953
box 53 Michigan(General) 1952-1953
box 53 ArkansasBlack folklore 1952-1953
box 53 Mississippi Black folklore 1953
box 53 Michigan and ArkansasBlack folklore 1952-1953
box 53 Michigan State University (informant: Jim Johnston). Folktales and Folksongs 1954
box 54 Informants: Paul Green and A.P. Hudson 1954
box 54 Michigan (informants: Corombos family). Greek-American folklore 1955
box 54 Maine (Jonesport, Machias) 1956
box 54 Rhode Island Supernatural, local legend 1956
box 54 Maine (informant: Donald Taverner) 1960, Sept. 20
box 54 Indiana University, Bloomington 1960, Nov. 9
box 54 Scotland 1967
box 54 California Immigrant 1968
box 54 Indiana (The Region) Industrial, ethnic, urban folklore 1968 1975-1976
box 54 Africa 1970
box 54 Japan 1975
box 54 India 1978
box 54 Miscellaneous
Scope and Contents
Spiral-bound notebooks containing notes on fieldwork
box 55 Notebooks
Contains the Following:
1-2. St. Ignace
3-4. Soo
5-6. Newberry
7. Grand Marais
8. Munising
9. Marquette
10. Gwinn-Ishpenning-Negaunee
11. Ishpenning-L'Anse
12. L'Anse-Houghton
13. Hancock
14. Menominee
15. Iron Mountain-Crystal Falls
16. Crystal Falls
17. Watersmeet-Ontonegon
18. Printed sources
19-22. U.P. [Upper Peninsula] 1947
23. [untitled]
24. Marquette-L'Anse, Aug.-Sept.
25. [untitled]
26. Blaney Park
27. Crystal Falls to Ontonegon (June)
28. Stories
29. Shingleton
30-36. [untitled]
37. Manistique
38-39. Escanaba
40. Ironwood
41. Gwinn
42. Blaney Park
43. Addresses, 1946
44. [untitled]
45. Daisy Distal, K of C, Masons
46. Oremos, Mrs. Eichmayer, Mary Claire
47. Webberville
48. Eden, Canterbury Club
49-50. [untitled]
51. Meridian, Mason
52. 1947 Fall
53. East Lansing, Alf Jones
54. Manitowoc
box 55 Notebooks
Contains the Following:
1-4. Calvin, Mar. 1952
5. Benton Harbor, Mar. 1952
6. Calvin, Benton Harbor, Mar. 1952
7. J.D. Suggs, June 1952
8-10. Benton Harbor, June 1952
11. Calvin, Sept. 13, 14, 1952
12. November 21, 22, 1952
13. Suggs, Nov. 23, 1952
14. Suggs, Feb. 7-8, 1953
15. Calvin, July 11-12, 1953
16. Calvin, Benton Harbor, Covert, July 12-13, 1953
17. July 14, 1953
18. Calvin-Niles, August 21-22, 1953
19. August 23, 1953
20. Iron Mountain
21. East Lansing
22. Jim Dungee, weather signs, Mar. 1952
23. Calvin
24. Calvin, Sept. 14, 1952
25. Calvin (small), Mar. 1952
26. Benton Harbor, Mar. 1952
box 55 Notebooks
Contains the following:
1. Inkster, Sept. 6-9, 1952
2. Mecosta, Feb. 21, 1953
3. Mecosta, Aug. 14-16, 1953
4. Inkster-Walter Winfrey, July 6-7, 1953
5. Inkster-Walter Winfrey, July 8, 1953
6. Arkansas 1, June 23-24, 1953
7. Arkansas 2, June 25-27, 1953
8. Arkansas 3, June 28-29, 1953
9. Arkansas 4, June 30, 1953
10. Mississippi, July 2, 1953
11. Woodland Park, Idlewild, Sept. 11, 18, 1952
12. Inkster, 1952
13. Arkansas, June 1953
14. [untitled]
box 56 Notebooks
Contains the following:
1-2. Gary diary, 1
2. Gary diary, 2
3. Gary texts
4. Africa 1, 3 March-4 April 1970
5. Africa 2, Notes
6. Gary 1
7. Gary 2
8. Gary 3
9. [untitled]
10. Gary 4
11. Gary 5
12. East Chicago
13. Gary 1975
14. Gary 2
15-21. [untitled]
box 56 Notebooks
Contains the following:
1. [untitled]
2. Scotland
3-4. [untitled]
5. Jonesport
6. [untitled]
7. Duluth
8-12. [untitled]
13. Cambridge
14-15. Minneapolis
16. Bulgarian
Fieldwork Tapes
box 80 Jonesport, Maine (reel-to-reel)
Contains the following:
1. Cecil Kelley, June 29, 1956
2. Capitan W. L. Farnsworth, July 1, 1956
3. James Alley, Curt Morse, Luther Sawyer, July 1-2, 1956
4. James and Frank Alley, July 2, 1956
5. James and Frank Alley, Stuart Alley, James Alley, July 6, 9-10, 1956
6. Maurice Alley, James Alley, July 8,10, 1956
7. Riley Beal, James Alley, Alfred Alley, July 9, 10, 1956
8. Alfred Alley, Curt Morse, Losey Grant, July 10-12, 1956
9. John Porter's home, Lowell, Maine, July 15, 1956
10. Beal's Island, Jim Alley, Mary Huling, Vi Pierce, July 17-18,28-29, 1956
11. Vi Pierce, Charles Sherman, Ira and Gus Tisdak, July 29-30, 1956
12. Madrigal Singers, June 8, 1956
box 80 The Region (cassettes)
Contains the following:
13. Gary Project. Gil Rozo, Joseph and Angela Maniak, Oct. 17, 1975
14. Gary Project. Gil Rozo, Larry Regan, Oct. 20, 1975
15. Dorson 44. William Harvey, Cavalry Baptist, Nov. 30, 1975
16. Dorson 87. Milan Ospich, May 8, 1976
17. Dorson 89. Yamil Sahb, Ruth Rodriguez, May 11,14, 1976
18. Dorson 90. Ed Zivich, Rev. Anthony, May 26,30, 1976
19. Dorson 91.
20. Dorson 95. Warren Reeder
21. Dorson 96. Warren Reeder
22. Gary Bicentennial Senior Citizens Festival, Orestes Hood, Robert Anderson, July 7, 1976
23. Rick Broodstone. 118 Valparaiso,July 17, 1977
24. Scott Szybala, collector. Greg Szybala
25. Scott Szybala, collector. Kevin McDaniel and Rob Cope on the Steel Mills
26. Scott Szybala, collector. Mill, Wally, and Doug, Nov. 19, 1975
27. Dorson. Interviews on steel mills
box 80 Calvin, Michigan (reel-to-reel tapes)
Contains the following:
1. J.D. Suggs - Tales and Songs (Negro), 1952
2. J.D. Suggs - Animal Tales (Negro), June 1952
3. J.D. Suggs - Humorous Tales (Negro), Mar. 1952
3. J.D. Suggs - Humorous Tales (Negro), Mar. 1952
4. Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Smith and Mary Richardson - Songs and Tales (Negro), 1952
5. Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Smith and Mary Richardson - Witchcraft Stories (Negro), 1952
6. Gib Morgan tales - Dorson, collector (copy of ATL 1354), undated
7. Miscellaneous cassette
box 80 Miscellaneous (reel-to-reel tapes)
Contains the following:
1. Julian Lee Rayford, Mobile, AL - Cries, Chants, Tales, Songs, 1952
2. English L384, March 28, 1961
3. Bob Dylan - P.P. Federspiel "The Folk in American History, July 8, 1970
4. Soledad Perez Newman - Spanish-Mexican Southwest Folklore, June 30, 1960
5. Harold Males - Jewish dialect stories from Brooklyn, June 30, 1959
6. The Smiths: Songs and tales, June 3, 1952
7. The Smiths: Witchcraft stories, June 3, 1952
8. Curt Morse - Machias, July 13, 1956; Kilton's Store - Jonesport, July 14, 1956
9. Storys (sic) told by 9 different informants, undated
10. "from Donald V. Taverner, The University of Maine, Orono, undated
11. Two unidentified tapes marked "Dorson?" undated
box 81 Reel-to-reel tapes Dec. 12, 1968 Sept. 10, 1980 Feb. 24-25, 1968 1947 1948 1949 1949 1949 1947 (!) May 10, 1956 May 22, 1956 June 19, 1953 Mar. 28, 1952 June 2, 1952 Spring 1956 Dec. 1 and 10, 1954 July 1, 1956 July 2 and July 3, 1956 July 3, 1956 July 3, 1956 July 5, 1956 July 6, 1956 Feb. 7, 1953 Mar. 14, 1953
Contains the following:
1. Demo 102 - Cowboy music and lore, B. Taylor, Dec. 12, 1968
2. Demo 126 - Regional Lore
3. Demo 127 and copy - Child ballads in America
4. Demo 128 and copy - Negro Lore
5. Demo 129 and copy - Historical events
6. Demo 130 - Occupational Lore
7. Demo 131 - College & Modern Folklore
8. Demo 132 and copy - Labor-Protest uses of folksongs
9. Demo 133 - Immigrant lore
10. Richard M. Dorson - Parrington, Sept. 10, 1980
11. Gary - Charles H. King, St. John Primitive Baptist Church, Feb. 24-25, 1968
12. The Folklore Institute Conference, Reel #2
13. Two unidentified tapes
14. History 230, 1947, Dorson
15. History 230, 1948, Dorson
16. History 230, 1949, Dorson
17. Irma Ireland, 1949, Dorson
18. John Laitala, 1949, Dorson
19. George T. Springer, Dorson
20. 1947 (!), Dorson
21. Gib Morgan stories, Mrs. Verna Lowry, May 10, 1956; Venezuelan songs, May 22, 1956
22. Mary Jo Davis, Fayetteville, Arkansas, June 19, 1953
23. Session One: R.T. King/RMD
24. J.D. Suggs - Humorous tales, Mar. 28, 1952 and Songs and stories, June 2, 1952
25. Jewish Dialect jokes, Harry Lux, Spring 1956
26. Jim Johnston, East Lansing, MI, Dec. 1 and 10, 1954
27. Bible and hoodoo stories - Suggs; Brer Rabbit stories
28. Curt Morse and James Alley, July 1, 1956
29. Jonesport: Frank C. Alley, July 2 and July 3, 1956
30. Frank C. Alley, July 3, 1956; Napoleon Beal, July 3, 1956
31. Jonesport: Stuart Alley, July 5, 1956; James Alley, July 6, 1956
32. Suggs, Feb. 7, 1953 - songs with guitar; Suggs, Mar. 14, 1953 - mixed
Scope and Contents
Articles, brochures, and ephemera collected by Dorson on various topics and regions. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 56 Africa
box 56 American Folklore:
box 56 Black
box 56 Egypt, Illinois
box 56 Hawaii
box 56 Immigrant
box 56 Midwest
box 56 Mormons
box 56 Native American
box 57 New England
box 57 Pennsylvania Dutch
box 57 The Region (Indiana)
box 58 The Region (Indiana) (cont'd)
box 95 The Region (Indiana) (cont'd)
box 58 Regionalism
box 58 Rocky Mountain and West Coast
box 58 Shakers
box 58 South
box 58 Spanish Southwest
box 58 Urban
box 58 Folklore in America
box 58 American Studies
box 58 Czechoslovakia
box 58 Egypt
box 58 England
box 58 Gypsies
box 58 Hungary
box 58 India
box 58 Ireland
box 58 Japan
box 59 Japan (cont'd)
box 59 Scotland
box 59 Celebrations: Christmas
box 59 Children's Folklore
box 59 Creatures of Legend
box 59 Dialects
box 59 Folk Art
box 95 Folk Art
box 59 Folk Beliefs
box 59 Folk Dance
box 59 Folk Drama
box 59 Folk Festival
box 59 Folk Heroes
box 59 Folk Heroes: B
box 59 Folk Heroes: Bunyan
box 59 Folk Heroes: C-F
box 59 Folk Heroes: G-M
box 59 Folk Heroes: Mose, the Bowery B'hoy
box 59 Folk Heroes: P
box 59 Folk Heroes: Patch
box 59 Folk Heroes: Smith, Oregon
box 59 Folk Heroes: S-Z
box 59 Folk Heroes: Mss.
box 59 Folk Humor
box 60 Folk Humor (cont'd)
box 60 Folk Life
box 60 Folk Medicine
box 60 Folk Song
box 60 Folklore and Anthropology
box 60 Folklore and Education
box 60 Folklore and History
box 60 Folklore and History: Local History
box 60 Folklore and History: Oral History
box 60 Folklore and Literature
box 60 Folklore and Psychology
box 60 Folklore and Religion
box 60 Folkloristics
box 60 Folkloristics: Historiography
box 60 Folkloristics: Historiography (British Folklorists)
box 61 Folkloristics: Historiography (British Folklorists) (cont'd)
box 61 Folkloristics: Historiography (Chicago Folklore Society)
box 61 Heart
box 61 Magic
box 61 Myth
box 61 Narrative Genres:
box 61 Texts
box 61 Anecdotes
box 61 Family Sagas
box 61 Local Legends
box 61 St. Peter Stories
box 61 Tall Tales
box 61 Occupational Lore:
box 61 Business, Circus
box 61 Cowboys
box 61 Lumberjacks
box 61 Mining
box 61 Oil Drilling
box 61 Onomastics
box 61 Ritual
box 61 School and College Lore
box 61 Sports Lore
box 61 Supernatural Beliefs and Legends
box 61 Word Play
box 61 Writing
box 61 Youth/Counter Culture
box 62 (cont'd)
box 62 (Draft Dodging)
box 62 (Drug Lore)
box 62 (Motorcycle Lore)
box 62 (Religious Movements)
box 62 (Ephemera)
box 63 Youth/Counter Culture (cont'd)
box 64 Youth/Counter Culture (cont'd)
box 65 Miscellaneous Research
box 82 Miscellaneous Research: Index cards Boxes 3-5
IV. University Materials
Arranged as follows: Administrative files, Class Notes, Student Papers, and Dissertations
Administrative Files
Arranged alphabetically by Indiana University department, followed by a file of Michigan State University materials.
box 65 Archives of Traditional Music
box 65 Folklore Archives
box 65 Folklore Department and Institute. Budget, course evaluation, course outline, equipment, faculty meetings, lecture schedule, News Bureau releases, personnel
box 66 Folklore Department and Institute (cont'd). Reports, students, summer institutes and seminars, miscellaneous and printed
box 66 History Department. Budget, course outlines, department meetings, faculty, appointments, memos, students, and printed
box 66 Indiana University. Committees, forms, I.U. Foundation, I.U. Library, I.U. Museum, memos & miscellaneous, reports, and Printed
box 66 Michigan State University
Class Notes
Scope and Contents
Notes for folklore and history courses, primarily at I.U. but also at Michigan State, UCLA, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania. Arranged by class number or title.
box 66 Class notes
box 67-69 Class notes (cont'd)
Student Papers
Scope and Contents
These are primarily from I.U. classes and are arranged by class number or title, or where those details are missing, by author's name.
box 70-71 Student Papers
box 72 Student Papers (cont'd)
Scope and Contents
Chapters and drafts of dissertations in folklore. Arranged alphabetically by author.
box 72 Adams, Robert J.
box 72 Bronner, Simon J.
box 72 Gallagher, James
box 72 Georges, Robert A.
box 72 Kirschenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara
box 72 Kulii, Elon A.
box 72 Piersen, William Dillon
box 72 Reuss, Richard A.
box 72 Schmaier, Maurice D.
box 72 Stone, Ruth
box 72 Yahaya, Ibrahim Yaro
V. Miscellaneous
Scope and Contents
Contains both personal and professional files. Arranged as follows: American Folklife Bill, Conferences, Societies, Personal, Northeast Sea Community, Photographs, and Printed.
American Folklife Bill
box 72 Includes Dorson's testimony at Senate hearings on proposed bill 1970
box 72 African Folklore Conference
box 72 African Studies Association Conference on Oral Data Sources in Africa
box 72 American Anthropological Association
box 72 American Folklore Conferences
box 72 American Folklore Society Conferences
box 73 American Folklore Society Conferences (cont'd)
box 73 American Indian Ethnohistoric Conference
box 73 American Studies Association
box 73 American-Yugoslav Seminar on Nationalism and Regionalism in American and Yugoslav History and Folklore
box 73 Anglo-American Folklore Conference
box 73 Asian Folklore Conference
box 73 Association of African and African-American Folklorists
box 73 Behavioral Science Symposium
box 73 Bicentennial Writer's Workshop
box 73 British Association for the Advancement of Science
box 73 California Folklore Society
box 73 Conference for History and Social Studies Teachers
box 73 Conference on African Arts
box 73 Conference on African Language and Literature
box 73 Conference on American Folk Legend
box 73 Conference on Folklore and Social Science
box 73 Conference on Folklore in the Modern World
box 74 Conference on Immigration in American History
box 74 Conference on Modern Ethnography of American Folklife
box 74 Conference on Oriental-Western Literary and Cultural Relations
box 74 Conference on the Relations Between Verbal and Visual Arts in Africa
box 74 Congrès International d'Ethnologie Européenne
box 74 Congress of European Folklore
box 74 Critical Issues in the Humanities
box 74 Detroit Bicentennial Lecture Series, Ethnic Folklore in America
box 74 Deutscher Volkskunde-Kongress
box 74 English Institute
box 74 The First World Congress for Jewish Folklore Research
box 74 Folklore Institute Conference
box 74 Folklore Society International Centenary Conference
box 74 Forms upon the Frontier
box 74 German-American Literary Relations Conference
box 74 Hoosier Folklore Conference
box 74 Hungarian Ethnographical Congress
box 74 Indiana Conference on Historical Preservation
box 74 International Congress of Americanists
box 74 International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences
box 74 International Congress of Ethnography
box 74 International Congress of European and Western Ethnology
box 74 International Society for Folk Narrative Research
box 75 International Society for Folk Narrative Research (cont'd)
box 75 International Symposium, National Academy of Sciences
box 75 International Symposium on Creatures of Legendry
box 75 James Fenimore Cooper Centennial Meetings
box 75 The Kansas Folklore Society
box 75 Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters
box 75 Michigan Library Association
box 75 Mid-Atlantic Folklore Society Conference
box 75 Middle Atlantic Conference on Folk Culture
box 75 Multi-Regional Folk Culture Group
box 75 National Workshop on Oral History
box 75 Oral Literature and the Formula
box 75 Organization of American Historians
box 75 Purdue Conference on American Culture
box 75 Research Opportunities in American Cultural History
box 75 Seminar on American Culture
box 75 Seminar on the Techniques and Use of Oral History
box 75 [Shattering the Stereotype: Folklore in Contemporary Life]
box 75 Société Intenationale d'Ethnologie et de Folklore [S.I.E.F]
box 75 Society of Indiana Pioneers
box 75 South Atlantic Modern Language Association
box 75 Southeastern Folklore Society
box 75 Symposium on the Urban Experience and Folk Tradition
box 75 Texas Folk-Lore Society
box 75 The Urban Experience and Folk Traditions Symposium
box 75 Urban Folklore Conference
box 75 Volkskunde-Kongress
box 75 Western Folklore Conferences
box 75 Yugoslav-American Conference on Social Science
box 75 Yugoslav-Indiana University Seminar on Selected Problems of Social Sciences and Humanities
box 75 American Anthropological Association
box 75 American Association of University Professors
box 75 American Council of Learned Societies
box 76 American Council of Learned Societies (cont'd)
box 76 American Folklore Society
box 76 American Historical Association
box 76 American Philosophical Society
box 76 American Studies Association
box 76 Asia Society
box 76 Asian Folklore
box 76 Association for Asian Studies
box 76 California Folklore Society
box 76 Campanha de Defensa do Folklore Brasileiro
box 76 Cleveland Folklore Society
box 76 Commission Internationale des Arts & Traditions Populaires
box 76 Detroit Historical Society
box 76 Festival of American Folklife
box 76 Festival of Traditional Arts
box 76 Folklore Society
box 76 HAF
box 76 Hammond Historical Society
box 76 Historical Society of Michigan
box 76 History Club
box 76 Hoosier Festival
box 76 Hoosier Folklore Society
box 76 Indiana Historical Society
box 76 Kansas Folklore Society
box 76 Keene Folk Festival
box 76 Louisiana Folklore Society
box 76 Michigan Folklore Society
box 76 Midwest University Consortium
box 76 Mississippi Valley Historical Association
box 76 Modern Language Association
box 76 National Folk Festival
box 76 North Carolina Folklore Society
box 76 Ohio Folklore Society
box 76 Oral History Association
box 76 Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Festival
box 76 Scottish Anthropological & Folklore Society
box 76 Sheffield
box 76 Smithsonian Council
box 76 Sociedad Folklórica del Uruguay
box 76 Société Internationale d'Ethnologie et de Folklore
box 76 Society for Folklore Studies
box 76 Society for the North American Cultural Survey
box 76 Society of American Historians
box 76 Miscellaneous
box 76 Biographical materials
box 76 Address Books
box 76 Agenda Items
box 77 Appointment Books
box 77 Awards
box 95 Awards
box 77 Bookplates
box 77 Classwork. This includes Dorson's notes from classes he attended and papers written for class
box 77 Curriculum vitae 1953-1979
box 77 Grants
box 78 Grants (cont'd)
box 78 Identification papers
box 78 Thesis. "Frontier Humor" 1937
box 78 Will
box 78 Work pads
Northeast Sea Community [film project]
box 78 Northeast Sea Community. Includes memos, specifications, content outline, suggested treatment, storyboard, etc.
box 78 Jonesport, Maine
box 78 Ox roast
box 78 Dorson and two of his Ph.D. graduates
box 78 Two color slides of Dorson with other people
box 78 Color negative of Dorson
box 78 Dorson, Folklore faculty, and Laurie Honko
box 78 Dorson at a conference
box 78 Stati and Dorothy Dobrovits
box 95 Dorson in sombrero and Dorson with tennis team
Scope and Contents
This category includes newspaper and magazine clippings, scattered issues of various non-folklore journals and magazines, and newsletters.
box 78 Clippings: Dorson & Folklore Institute 1944-1978
box 78 Clippings: Folklore 1895-1899 1950-1980
box 78 Clippings: Miscellaneous 1950-1976
box 79 Clippings: Miscellaneous
box 79 Journals: A - Z
box 79 Newsletters: A - Z
box 79 Miscellaneous
VI. Additions
Scope and Contents
Contains materials received since 1982. Arranged in the same order as Series I through V.
Correspondence 1955-1981
Andersen, S.P.
Arewa, E. Ojo
Arno Press
Ball, John
Barbour, Frances M.
Barnes, Tom
Benson, Martha A.
Blair, Walter
Blank, Les
Call, Thelma
Callery, Joseph S.
Carvalho-Neto, Paulo de
Cogswell, Roby
Constantin, Charles
Current-Garcia, Gene
Dégh, Linda
Dorson, Richard Mercer
Dundes, Alan
Elliott, Gerald A.
Encyclopädie des Märchens
Fallon, John
Fergusson, Donald A.
Ferris, William Reynolds
Flanagan, John Theodore
Ford Foundation
Garbat, Audre D.
Gillis, Frank
Gillmor, Frances
Glassie, Henry Haywood
Greenway, John
Greenwood Press
Gresham, William B., Jr.
Gunderson, R.G.
Hand, Wayland Debs
Harvard University Press
Herskovits, Melville Jean
Ho, Ting-jui
Indiana University Press
International Zeemanshuis-Antwerpen
Janson, H.F.
Jones, Stephen S., Jr.
Kane, Richard
Kendrick, John H.
Kirkendall, Richard S.
Laade, Wolfgang
Lindahl, Car
McCann, William C.
MacPhail, Heather
Matičetov, Milko
Merino de Zela, E. Mildred
Muelder, Milton E.
Nye, Russel Blaine
Pargellis, Stanley
Popov, A.
Remak, Henry
Richmond, Winthrop Edson
Roberts, Warren Everett
Ross, E.
Senn, Harry A.
Shamy, Hasan M. El-
Simmons, Merle Edwin
Slobin, Mark
Stampe, Betsy and Dennis W. Stampe
Stetson, R.H.
Trevor, J.C.
Visher, Halene Hatcher
Warren, D.M. (Mike)
Wheeler-Voegelin, Erminie Brooke
Wrigglesworth, Hazel J.
Family Unidentified correspondents
Scope and Contents
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent, followed by correspondence with Dorson's family and a folder of unidentified persons (39 folders).
Writings by Dorson - Books
box 83 African Folklore (New York: Anchor Books 1972) (7 folders)
box 83 America in Legend (New York: Pantheon 1973) (17 folders)
box 84 America in Legend (cont'd) (17 folders)
box 84 American Negro Folktales (Greenwich, Conn.: Fawcett 1967) (1 folder)
box 84 Bloodstoppers and Bearwalkers (Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press 1952) (17 folders)
box 85 A Book of American Legends [unpublished]. (2 folders)
box 85 Folklore in the Modern World (Bloomington, In.: Folklore Publication Group 1974) (1 folder)
box 85 Folklore in the United States [not published] (1 folder)
box 85 Folklore: Selected Essays (Bloomington, In.: Indiana Univ. Press 1972) (2 folders)
box 85 Folktales of the World [series]. (36 folders)
box 85 Folktales of Brazil [unpublished]. (3 folders)
box 85 Folktales of Burma [unpublished]. (4 folders)
box 86 Folktales of Burma (cont'd). (1 folder)
box 86 Folktales of Egypt (Chicago: Chicago Univ. Press 1979) (3 folders)
box 86 Folktales of India [not published]. (14 folders)
box 86 Folktales of Poland [not published]. (6 folders)
box 87 Folktales of Poland (cont'd). (1 folder)
box 87 Folktales of Scotland [not published]. (9 folders)
box 87 Folktales of Southern Africa [not published]. (4 folders)
box 87 Folktales of Switzerland [not published]. (4 folders)
box 87 Folktales of West Africa [not published]. (2 folders)
box 88 Folktales Told Around the World (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, ). 1975 (3 folders)
box 88 International Handbook of Folklore Studies [not published?]. (1 folder)
box 88 Land of the Millrats (Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press 1981) (3 folders)
box 95 Land of the Millrats... Maps
box 88 Man and Beast in American Comic Legend (Bloomington, In.: Indiana Univ. Press 1982)/ (1 folder)
box 88 "Anthology rejects" and notes. (2 folders)
Writings by Dorson - Articles
Scope and Contents
Mostly drafts. One folder per title, unless otherwise indicated.
box 88 African and Afro-American Folklore: A Reply to Bascom and Other Misguided Critics
box 88 American English (2 folders)
box 88 Classifying Ethnic Folk Behavior
box 88 Collecting Folklore in Jonesport, Maine
box 88 Contemporary American Thought
box 88 Current Folklore Theories
box 88 Historical Validity of Oral Tradition (3 folders)
box 88 History and the College Student
box 88 Is There a Folk in the City?
box 88 Negro Protest Tales
box 88 The Poverty of American Culture
box 88 Should There Be a Ph.D. in Folklore?
Writings by Dorson - Reviews
Scope and Contents
Book reviews written by Dorson. Arranged alphabetically by the author reviewed
box 88 A - Z (4 folders)
Writings by Dorson - Papers Presented
Scope and Contents
Includes papers presented to various societies, conferences, and other groups.
box 88 American Folk Heroes
box 88 Folklore Studies in the United States Today
box 88 Peace-making
Writings by Dorson - Series
Scope and Contents
Include drafts, correspondence, synopses, reviews, and production materials for monograph series on folklore with which Dorson was associated.
box 88 Indiana University Folklore Institute Monographs Series. (8 folders)
box 89 Indiana University Folklore Institute Monographs Series (cont'd) (7 folders)
box 89 Regional American Folklore series. (1 folder)
box 89 Studies in Folklore series. Proofs
Writings by Others
Scope and Contents
Books and articles by authors other than Dorson. Arranged alphabetically by author.
box 89 Alvey, R. Gerald. A Second Look at the Secondary Ballad. Photocopy
box 89 Binkele, Judith. The State of Folklore Study in Belgium. 1958. Photocopy
box 89 Davidson, Levette J. An Introduction to American Folklore. Mimeograph copy
box 89 Degh, Linda. untitled
box 89 Dundes, Alan. Structuralism and Folklore. Mimeograph copy
box 89 Green, Archie. A Discography of American Coal Miners' Songs. Photocopy
box 89 Hines, Donald. Traditional Narratives of Plateau Indians. Correspondence and photocopy
box 89 Jones, Steven S. The Classification of Prose Narrative Folklore: A Reassessment. Photocopy
box 89 Lee, Hector. The Three Nephites. Carbon copy
box 89 Midgett, Douglas K. Performance Roles and Musical Change in a Caribbean Society. Photocopy
box 89 Nakhnikian, George. Love in Human Reason. Photocopy
box 89 Oinas, Felix. Folklore, Nationalism and Politics. Photocopy
box 89 _____. The Transformation of Folklore into Literature. Photocopy
box 89 _____. Folk Legend-VOlkssage - A Stumbling Stone in Division of Types of Oral Narrative. Typescript
box 89 O'Meally, Robert G. Invisible Man: "Black and Blue" Photocopy
box 89 Skendi, Stavro. Serbocroatian Herioc Songs. Typescript
Research and Fieldwork
Scope and Contents
Correspondence, notes, printed materials, etc. pertaining to the following subjects. One folder per subject, unless otherwise indicated.
box 89 Bibliography and Bibliographical Citations. (4 folders)
box 89 Africa (3 folders)
box 89 Afro-American folklore
box 89 American Indian
box 89 Anthology (2 folders)
box 89 Bambakou tape transcription
box 89 Belgium
box 89 Bulgaria
box 89 Celtic Folklorists
box 89 Ecuador
box 89 Egypt
box 89 English folklore
box 89 Europe
box 89 French-Canadian folktales
box 90 Homosexuality
box 90 Japan
box 90 Latvia
box 90 Maine (3 folders)
box 90 Melanesia
box 90 Oceania
box 90 Palestinian-Arab folktales
box 90 Peru
box 90 Philippines
box 90 Poland
box 90 Romania
box 90 Scotland
box 90 Toronto
box 90 Ukrainian folktales (2 folders)
box 90 Miscellaneous research and fieldwork (10 folders)
box 90 Notebooks
box 90 Gary 1975 (5 notebooks)
box 90 Region diaries 1976-1977 (3 notebooks)
box 90 California 1950
box 90 Cambridge (2 notebooks)
box 90 Evanston (3 notebooks)
box 90 Gary (1 notebook)
box 90 Ireland (1 notebook)
box 90 Stockholm (1 notebook)
box 90 [Untitled] (14 notebooks)
University Materials - Administrative
box 91 Archives of Traditional Music
box 91 Folklore Department and Institute (6 folders)
box 91 History Department (4 folders)
box 91 Indiana University (5 folders)
box 91 Michigan State College
University Materials - Class notes, student papers, dissertations
box 91 Folklore and History class notes (39 folders)
box 92 Student papers (22 folders)
box 92 Dissertations
box 92 Bianco, Carla
box 92 Fish, Lydia
box 92 Marshall, Howard Wright
box 92 Stone, Kay
Miscellaneous - Conferences, Societies, etc.
box 93 American Council of Learned Societies
box 93 African Folklore Conference
box 93 American Folklore Society
box 93 American Studies Association
box 93 American-Yugoslav seminars (3 folders)
box 93 Anglo-American Folklore Conference (4 folders)
box 93 Folk Festivals (2 folders)
box 93 Folklore institute of America
Miscellaneous - Personal File
box 93 Calendars
box 93 Calling cards
box 93 Phillips Exeter Academy - Chess Club
box 93 Travel materials (4 folders)
box 93 Miscellany
Miscellaneous - Photographs
box 93 Dorson and others
box 93 Miscellaneous photographs (3 folders)
Miscellaneous - Printed
box 93 Clippings (7 folders)
box 93 Arno Press catalogs and summary sheets (2 folders)
box 94 Book catalogs
box 94 Folklore Institute - newsletters and The Folklore Forum
box 94 Magazines (2 folders)
box 94 Newsletters
box 94 Newspapers
box 94 Programs
box 94 Reprints by Dorson
box 94 Reprints by Others
box 94 Miscellany (5 folders)