Vonnegut mss., 1941-2007

Papers of Kurt Vonnegut, 1941-2007, at the Lilly Library, Indiana University

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Creator Vonnegut, Kurt
Creator Farber, Donald C.
Title: Vonnegut mss.
Dates: 1941-2007
Quantity: 49.5 Linear Feet38 boxes, 1 oversize
Abstract: The Vonnegut mss., 1941-2007, consists of the papers of novelist Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-2007.
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Lilly Library

Biographical Note

Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-2007, was an American novelist. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 11, 1922. He attended Shortridge High School in Indianapolis, where he wrote for the Shortridge High School Echo, one of the few daily high school newspapers in the country. At the urging of his father, Vonnegut attended Cornell University to study chemistry and biology. While at Cornell, Vonnegut worked for the Cornell Daily Sun, even writing his own column. However, before he could complete his degree, he enlisted in the Army. While serving during World War II, Vonnegut survived the firebombing of Dresden as a prisoner of war, an experience that would later influence his novel Slaughterhouse Five (1969). Vonnegut had seven children in all, three from his first marriage to Jane Cox, his three nephews, and a daughter he adopted with his second wife, Jill Krementz. Vonnegut lived in New York with Jill until his death on April 11, 2007.

His first published work was a piece of short fiction "Report on the Barnhouse Effect" which appeared in Collier's, Feb. 1950. Over the years his short stories and articles have appeared in many magazines, but he is best known for his novels, the first of which, Player Piano, was published in 1952. Vonnegut has also written for both the stage and screen, and many of his works have been adapted to film, television and theater.

Scope and Content Note

Much of the general correspondence is from colleagues, friends and fans. Along with major works the Writings section contains screenplays, teleplays, play scripts and many short stories and articles. The Farber files are those of Vonnegut's agent and lawyer Donald C. Farber. They consist of contracts, correspondence and notes concerning translation, performance, and publication rights and permissions. The Publishing Records include royalty reports, contracts and items related to the publication of his works. Miscellaneous items include: awards and trophies, artwork, family related materials, school papers, photographs, and clippings. The additions are materials received since 2002.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. General correspondence; II. Writings; III. Farber files; IV. Publishing records; V. Miscellaneous; VI. Additions; VII. Additions II.


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Related Material

See Vonnegut mss. II, Vonnegut mss. III, and Vonnegut mss. IV, also located at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

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Vonnegut, Kurt--Correspondence


American Literature--Indiana
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[Item], Vonnegut mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

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Acquired: 1997, 2002-2007, 2010

Table of Contents

I. General Correspondence

II. Writings

III. Farber Files

IV. Publishing Records

V. Miscellaneous

VI. Additions

VII. Additions II

I. General Correspondence
Scope and Contents
The general correspondence is mostly with Kurt Vonnegut and is divided into an alphabetical file, rejection letters and a chronological file. Correspondence with Donald C. Farber concerning contracts, translation, performance, and publication rights and permissions are filed in the Farber files. Occasionally letters were left with related writings or in other miscellaneous sections.
box 1 Arranged alphabetically with occasional letters from Vonnegut filed with correspondent. Mostly with colleagues and friends. Correspondents are:
Scope and Contents
Anderson, Laurie
Anderton, David A.
Balakian, Peter
Barrio, Raymond
Batscha, Robert M.
Boldt, David R. (David Rhys)
Boorstin, Daniel Joseph
Bourjaily, Vance Nye
Boyer, Rick
Broer, Lawrence R.
Cadou, E.J. (Eugene J.)
Cargas, Harry James
Carmichael, Leland E.
Chapin, Schuyler
Coffin, Tristram
Cooper, Richard
Cousins, Norman
Davenport, Basil
Davidson, Avram
Deal, Borden
Dees, Morris
Degnan, James P. (James Philip)
Dillon, Diane
Dobler, Bruce
Donoso, José
Dorsen, Norman
Downey, Thomas J. (Thomas Joseph)
Eagan, Andrea Boroff
Eisenhower, Julie Nixon
Ellison, Harlan
Engle, Paul Hamilton
Ewick, Charles Ray
Failey, Majie Alford
Farber, Donald C.
Finch, Nigel
Flynt, Larry
Frayn, Michael
Gettleman, Marvin E.
Ginzburg, Alexander
Godwin, Gail
Goodson, Mark
Gordimer, Nadine
Grant, Leonard T. (Leonard Tydings)
Grass, Günter
Gray, Stephen
Harris, Charles B.
Hart, James David
Hefner, Christie
Heimlich, Henry J.
Hills, L. Rust
Howie, John Marshall
Hume, Kathryn
Irving, John
Jacobson, Michael F.
Klinkowitz, Jerome
Klunder, Barbara
Laber, Jeri
Lathem, Edward Connery
Lawrence, Seymour
Lewis, Anthony
Lipson, D. Herbert
McCullough, Frances Monson
McLaughlin, David T. (David Thomas)
Macrae, John
MacShane, Frank
Maschler, Thomas Michael
Meissner, William
Mellen, Joan
Mendelson, Anne
Metzenbaum, Howard M.
Minetree, Harry
Moore, Paul
Nalbantian, Haig R.
Nault, Clifford A.
Navasky, Victor S.
Nicholas, Ralph W.
Pantzer, Kurt Friedrich
Penner, Jonathan
Pieratt, Asa B.
Pittman, Bruce
Plimpton, George
Plumley, William
Pohl, Frederik
Randolph, David James
Rattray, Helen Seldon
Reed, Peter J.
Rees, Robert A.
Reilly, Charles E.
Roy, G. Ross (George Ross)
Savary, Louis M.
Sharp, Eliot Hall
Shriver, Robert Sargent
Simon, Daniel
Simpson, Alan K.
Sipper, Ralph Bruno
Slavitt, David R.
Soifer, Aviam
Somer, John L.
Thomas, Marlo
Thomas, Ronder
Trotter, Herman
Tullos, Allen
Updike, John Hoyer
Vaughan, Samuel S.
Wakefield, Dan
Wästberg, Per Erik
Webb, Martha G.
Weide, Robert B.
Wilson, Donald W.
Wouk, Herman
Ziegfeld, Richard Evan
box 1 50 rejection slips from various magazines. Mostly printed slips; two or three with notes explaining the rejection 1940s
box 1 Correspondence includes fan letters, invitations to speak, or regarding various projects 1955-1978 1971-1994
Arranged chronologically.
See also: Farber files
box 2 Correspondence 1979-1987
box 3 Correspondence 1988-1997; undated
II. Writings
Scope and Contents
Organized into the following sections: major works; reviews; short stories and articles; speeches. A few letters to Vonnegut from a publisher or editor are filed with manuscripts.
Major Works
Scope and Contents
Includes books, play scripts, screenplays, television scripts, and librettos. Arranged alphabetically.
box 3 Adam. Typescript of screenplay adapted by Robert Bassing, second draft June 28, 1954
box 3 All the King's Horses
box 3 Screenplay adapted from short story by Tom Cotter
box 3 Teleplay adapted by Stan Daniels from short story
box 3 The Bagman
box 3 Typescript of synopsis and play script
box 3 Typescript of fragments of play
box 3 Between Time and Timbuktu ...a musical. Book and lyrics by Andrew Barrett, music by Neil Ginsberg (Based on the works of Vonnegut). Typescript of play; program
box 3 Bluebeard
box 3 Typescript, 303 pages 1987
box 3 Photocopy of the final corrected typescript, 319 pages
box 3 Miscellaneous pages
box 3 Preface to Franklin Library edition
box 3 Breakfast in Bethlehem: A one-act play for children at Christmastime. Four typescript copies, ca. 20p. each; four mimeograph copies, 8p. each. Contains some correspondence. Published as "The First Christmas Morning" in Better Homes and Gardens. Dec. 1962
box 3 Breakfast of Champions
box 3 Original title: Goodbye, Blue Monday. Corrected typescript drafts of various sections 1973
box 4 Vonnegut's carbon copy of his final project for the Program in Creative Writing at the University of Iowa, titled:Goodbye, Blue Monday: The Autograph of a Pontiac dealer in the American Middle-West
box 4 Typescript. Corrected in autograph, with Vonnegut's original line drawings throughout. Large unpublished section with drawings. Additional typescript, not corrected, perhaps from earlier or later drafts
box 4 First draft of screenplay by Paul Golding and Peter Bergman
box 4 Screenplay by Alan Rudolph. Draft 9/25/97
box 4 Stageplay adapted by Robert Egan. Typescript
box 4 Cat's Cradle
box 4 Early typescript, carbon copy 1963
box 4 Draft pages
box 4 A play for seven actors, by Bruce Pribram 1977
box 4 The Chemistry Professor. (based on Jekyll and Hyde story). Play, 1978 (see also: Shilling Shocker) 1978
box 4 Class of '45. Skit for "peace project." 2 copies
box 4 D.P.. Carbon typescript of play, with corrections; teleplay
box 4 Deadeye Dick
box 4 Typescript, corrected in autograph. Labeled "Rough ms." 1982
box 4 Typescript with revisions
box 5 Typescript, corrected in autograph. Labeled "Finished ms."
box 5 Typescript
box 5 Photocopy of corrected typescript
box 5 Typescript
box 5 Photocopy of corrected typescript. Labeled "Summer 1981 revise xerox."
box 5 Editorial notes
box 5 Emory Beck. Typescript of play by Robert B. Ruthman and Vonnegut
box 5 Epicac: A one-act comedy
box 5 (see also: Short Stories: Epicac) Typescript
box 5 Mimeograph. 2 copies
box 5 The Euphio Question. Screenplay adapted by Jeffrey Cohen. Outline only June 15, 1990
box 5 Fates Worse than Death
box 5 Typescript, corrected in autograph. Titled: In the Capital of the World: A Collage. 1991
box 5 Typescript, incorporating scenes from the play "Make Up Your Mind," plus Appendix, lightly corrected. Titled: The Hocus Pocus Laundromat: Freethinker Papers
box 5 Typescript photocopy, incorporating scenes from the play "Make Up Your Mind," plus Appendix. Titled: The Hocus Pocus Laundromat: Freethinker Papers
box 5 Typescript. Titled: The Hocus Pocus Laundromat
box 5 Photocopy of corrected typescript, "Complete 1.2.91."
box 5 Photocopy of corrected typescript, January 1991 revised January 1, 1991
box 6 Photocopy of corrected typescript, 2 copies. Labeled "Complete as of 2.8.91."
box 6 Final typescript. Corrected in autograph
box 6 Miscellaneous pages
box 6 Page proofs
box 6 Fortitude: A short film. Typescript; teleplay by Stan Daniels, first draft, several draft pages; photocopy from PlayboySept. 1968 Oct. 30, 1991
box 6 The Foster Portfolio. Outline of script, written by Jeremy Hole May 27, 1990
box 6 Galapagos. Introduction to Franklin Library edition
box 6 Girl Pool. Typescript and carbon typescript of play (see also: Short stories and articles: Girl Pool)
box 6 God Bless you, Mr. Rosewater
box 6 Typescript. Corrected in autograph 1956
box 6 Galley proof. Corrected in autograph. Stamped "Master Proof..." November 25, 1964
box 6 Galley proof of God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater (published) 1965
box 6 Three typescripts and photocopy of "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater: A New Musical" by Howard Ashman, Alan Menken, and Dennis Green. Dated: Apr. 1, 1979 June 4, 1979 Sept. 4, 1979 undated
box 7 Grieve My Lord No More. Typescript of play
box 7 Happy Birthday, Wanda June
box 7 Typescript, corrected in autograph, of an early draft of the play in novel form. Additional pages of corrected typescript. Titled:The Fur-Lined Bouillon Cup 1971
box 7 Photocopy of early draft of play. Titled: The Fur-Lined Bouillon Cup, or a Woman Is Not an Electric Scoreboard
box 7 Two different typescript versions, corrected in autograph, of an early draft of the play. Titled:Penelope. Additional uncorrected or very lightly corrected typescript drafts.
box 7 Photocopies of Acts 2 and 3, two photographs of production and cover letter from Thomas A. Power of early version of play entitled: Penelope as performed at University of Maine
box 7 Two different typescript versions, corrected in autograph, of an early draft of the play entitled:Something Borrowed. Additional uncorrected or very lightly corrected typescript drafts of various sections
box 8 Typescript photocopy, rev.typescript, rev. typescript, labeled "Final script heavily corrected in autograph; typescript, labeled "Final script lightly corrected in autograph; typescript, labeled "Revised final script with photocopied and original corrections 8/5/70 8/24/70 October 12, 1970" October 12, 1970" 11/20/70"
box 8 Photocopy of a revised ending, with a photocopy of a letter for Vonnegut to Dusty Hughestypescript of another revised ending, with an original letter from Vonnegut to Don Farber Apr. 12, 1977 Jan. 8, 1981
box 8 Photocopy of French translation
box 8 Heidi Again. Two page synopsis and typescript of play
box 8 The Helmer Case. Nora. Play. Autograph pages; typescript; and mimeograph
box 8 Hey Earth--We're Watching You. Synopsis and proposed cast list for play by Vonnegut and Dick Feldman
box 8 L'Histoire du Soldat. Music by Igor Stravinsky, libretto by Vonnegut. Six typescripts; page proofs; two related letters; program for performance at Webster University, advertisement for the concert performance at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, Thursday 1997 Feb. 24, 1997 May 6, 1993
box 8 Hocus Pocus
box 8 Typescript, corrected in autograph. With a second version of chapter twelve. 1990
box 8 Typescript of the preface to the Franklin Library edition
box 8 The Hoosier Symphony. Synopsis and various typescript versions of play 1955
box 8 I Know What I Like. Typescript synopsis of play
box 8 I'll Go to Sleep in Dresden. Typescript of play (incomplete)
box 8 Jailbird
box 8 Several early typescript drafts, entitled:Mary Kathleen O'Looney or Unacceptable Air. mostly rewrites of the beginning chapters, corrected in autograph 1979
box 8 Early typescript, entitled: Mary Kathleen O'Looney (Or, Fats in a Windstorm). corrected in autograph
box 9 Typescript, Mary Kathleen O'Looney (Or, Fats in a Windstorm). retitled: Jailbird by Vonnegut in autograph
box 9 Final typescript. Corrected in autograph
box 9 Galley proof, photocopy, with autograph corrections. Labeled "Auth set 1st pass...not shooting copy."
box 9 Photocopy with corrections
box 9 Jonah. Two typescripts of Act I; typescript of fragments of Act II
box 9 Long Walk to Forever. (a short musical). Music and lyrics by Jeff Lazarus
box 9 Make Up Your Mind. Typescripts for different versions of play, three of the typescripts corrected in autograph: four undated Jan. 1986 Nov. 2, 1987 Summer 1988 Mar. 28, 1989 Apr. 2, 1989 June 28, 1990 1991
box 9 The Midlanders. Typescript of play
box 9 Money Talks. Synopsis of play (see also: Short stories...: Money Talks)
box 9 Mother Night. Galley proof of Mother Night; mock-up of trade edition; introduction for 1966 Harper & Row hardback edition.
box 10 Next Door. Second draft of script, adapted by Jeremy Hole June 15, 1990
box 10 Pink Door. Typescript of play
box 10 Player Piano. Galley proof of Player Piano. A few pages missing 1954
box 10 Player Piano. Typescript of play, adapted by Arthur Gerald Brown; outline of novel and synopsis of play by Vonnegut; letters from Brown about the play
box 10 Report on the Barnhouse Effect. Episode 3. Revised mimeograph of television script, Adapted by Claris A. Ross (see also: Short stories: Report on the Barnhouse Effect) Apr. 22, 1950
box 10 Requiem. Music by Edgar David Grana, text by Vonnegut. Typescripts and related correspondence and other materials
box 10 Shilling Shocker. Story line for a musical play, based on "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (see also: The Chemistry Professor)
box 25A-25B The Sirens of Titan. Typescript. Corrected in autograph. Fifteen bundles of rolled-up leaves, with a few pages of typescript drafts. One bundle for Chap. 1-5, 7-9, 11, two for Chap. 6 and 12 [no Chap. 10]. Typescript of a new introduction, 1989. 1959
box 10 Slapstick. Five typescripts of screenplay, lyrics to "Lonesome No More"
box 10 Slaughterhouse-Five
box 10 Corrected typescript drafts of various sections of the novel including three radically different versions of the beginning chapter 1969
box 11 Corrected typescript drafts...(cont.) 1969
box 11 Final typescript and two photocopies
box 11 (play). Typescript of synopsis and revised script, dated brochure/order form for performance in Munich; ticket stubs and stagebill for performance in Chicago at the Steppenwolf Theatre; undated clipping of review from the London Financial Times Dec. 15, 1995
box 11 Slice of Life. Synopsis, draft and two typescripts of television script
box 11 Sun Moon Star . (juvenile fiction). Page proof and printer's copy
box 11 Tarkington, Or Adventures in Education. Unpublished. Two typescripts and misc. pages. Contains letter from Vonnegut to Faith Apr. 23, 1989
box 11 Thumbkin. Typescript of filmscript
box 11 Tom Edison's Shaggy Dog. Script adapted for radio by Bill Zucca
box 11 Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Script
box 11 Wampeters, Foma, and Granfalloons. Final draft, made up of typescript pages, magazine clippings, and photocopies, corrected throughout in autograph, with printer's notes in margins 1974
box 12 Welcome to the Monkey House. Script of Act I
box 12 Who Am I This Time?. Two scripts; mimeo script adapted by Aaron Posner 1977 1988
box 12 The Windup Man. Three typescripts of television script
box 12 Synopses of Vonnegut's books
box 12 Untitled filmscript
box 12 fragment
box 12 Introduction to story by Frank Conroy for Gentleman's Quarterly
box 12 Book reviews written by Vonnegut for the following: The Disney Version by Richard Schickel; The Triumph by John Kenneth Galbraith; Unless Peace Comes edited by Nigel Calder
Short Stories and Articles
Scope and Contents
Contains drafts, final typescripts, and related materials. Many accompanying envelopes are covered in Vonnegut's characteristic doodles; some list (in another hand) dates for submission of the story, and, if accepted, the amount paid by various magazines. Arranged alphabetically by title.
box 12 A.W.O.L. (see: Long Walk to Forever)
box 12 Adam. (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 12 Ambitious Sophomore. Saturday Evening PostMay 1953
box 12 The Amphibians. (see: Unready to Wear)
box 12 And On Your Left. (unpublished)
box 12 Annie. (beginning only) (unpublished)
box 12 The Ants of Erz Gebirge. (unpublished) (2 folders)
box 12 Any Reasonable Offer. Collier'sJan. 1952
box 12 Anybody Can Say Thanks a Million. (see: Guardian of the Person)
box 12 The Armadillos. (see: The Humbugs)
box 12 Der Arme Dolmetscher. (see: Das Ganz Arm Dolmetscher)
box 12 Armageddon in Retrospect. (unpublished)
box 12 Atrocity Story. (unpublished)
box 12 Bagombo Snuff Box. CosmopolitanOct. 1953
box 12 Baker's Dozen. (unpublished)
box 12 Basic Training
box 12 Beat Generation: I Hate You. (page 1 only) (unpublished)
box 12 Beeline, Inc. (unpublished)
box 12 Between Timid and Timbuktu
box 12 Bevo. (unpublished)
box 12 The Bleeding Hearts. (see: Robotville and Mr. Caslow)
box 12 Bockman's Euphoria. (see: The Euphio Question)
box 12 Bomar. (unpublished)
box 12 Bride Doll. (see: The Honor of a Newsboy)
box 12 The Briefcase. (unpublished)
box 12 Brighten Up. (unpublished). Includes Vonnegut letter to Charles Angoff Aug. 21. 1947
box 12 Bugs. (see: The Widow Koradubian)
box 12 Build Thee More Stately Mansions. (see: More Stately Mansions)
box 12 Cape Cod Compass. (see: The Cruise of the Jolly Roger)
box 12 The Cape Cod National Seashore. (unpublished)
box 12 Chains. (see: The Genius Club)
box 12 The Chicago Specialist. (see: The Good Explainer)
box 12 Christmas Contest. (unpublished)
box 12 City
box 12 The Commandant's Desk. (unpublished). Includes correspondence with Knox Burger,Collier's1951
box 12 Commuter Ticket. (unpublished) (two pages only)
box 12 Confido. (unpublished)
box 12 Cream of the Eighth Grade. (see: Baker's Dozen)
box 12 The Cruise on the Jolly Roger. (unpublished)
box 12 Custom-Made Bride. Saturday Evening PostMar. 1953
box 12 D.P. (Welcome to the Monkey House) (see also: Major works. D.P.)
box 12 Damn Your Eyes. (see: Bevo)
box 12 Damon and Pythias. (unpublished)
box 12 Das Ganz Arm Dolmetscher. Atlantic MonthlyJuly 1955
box 12 The Debt. (idea only)
box 12 Deer in the Works. (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 12 Desire Under a Hot Tin Streetcar. (unpublished)
box 12 Diddle-Diddle Dumpling. (see: Manny)
box 12 The Divine Portfolio
box 12 A Dresden Goodnight. (unpublished)
box 12 The Drone King
box 12 Dry Bones
box 12 Easy Go. (unpublished) (see also: Desire Under a Hot Tin Streetcar)
box 12 Ed Luby's Key Club. (unpublished)
box 12 Eden. (see: Fubar)
box 12 Eden by the River
box 12 Epicac. (Welcome to the Monkey House) (see also: Major Works. Epicac)
box 12 The Epizootic. (unpublished)
box 13 Eternal Good Taste. (unpublished)
box 13 The Euphio Question. (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 13 Evil Companions. (page 1 only)(unpublished)
box 13 Explosion in a Putty Factory. (see: The Humbugs)
box 13 Father of the Man. (unpublished)
box 13 The Finders. (idea only)
box 13 First Command. (see: Fubar)
box 13 Forbidden Fruit. (see: Fubar)
box 13 Form 572. (see: Fubar)
box 13 The Foster Portfolio. Collier'sSept. 8, 1951
box 13 Fountain of Youth. (incomplete)
box 13 Four Utterly Honest People
box 13 Fubar. (unpublished)
box 13 Gas. (see: The Man Without No Kiddleys)
box 13 The Genius Club. (unpublished)
box 13 Girl Pool. (unpublished) (see also: Major works: Girl Pool)
box 13 Go Back to Your Precious Wife and Son. Ladies Home Journal. Feb. 1, 1962(Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 13 God's Gift to the Women. (unpublished)
box 13 Gongs On In Blg 226. (see: Noodess Collny)
box 13 The Good Explainer. (unpublished)
box 13 Great Day. (unpublished)
box 13 The Great Integrator. (see: Eternal Good Taste)
box 13 The Great WJZM Conspiracy. (incomplete)
box 13 Grieve My Lord No More
box 13 Guardian of the Person. (unpublished)
box 13 Guns Before Butter. (unpublished)
box 13 Hal Irwin's Magic Lamp. CosmopolitanJan. 7, 1957
box 13 Hall of Mirrors. (unpublished) Includes correspondence with Ken Littauer 1961
box 13 Happy Birthday. (unpublished) 1951
box 13 Harrison Bergeron. Fantasy and Science FictionOct 1961 (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 13 Hayden's Hedgehog. (see: War Story)
box 13 The Heavenly Athletes. (two pages only) (unpublished)
box 13 Hello, Red
box 13 High Papooli on the Sherezade. (unpublished)
box 13 Honeybug. (unpublished)
box 13 The Honor of a Newsboy. (unpublished)
box 13 Hotbox. (see: With His Hand on the Throttle)
box 13 Houseparty. (see: Any Reasonable Offer)
box 13 How to Write With Style. (advertisement for International Paper Company). Apr. 30, 1980
box 13 The Humbugs. (unpublished)
box 13 Hundred Dollar Kisses. (unpublished)
box 13 The Hyannis Port Story. Saturday Evening PostNov. 14, 1963 (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 13 Hyannis Port to West Palm, The Log of an Ordinary Seaman Aboard the Kennedy Yacht "Marlin," on a Voyage Down the Inland Waterway. (see: The Inland Waterway)
box 13 I Don't Feel Any Different. (see: Guardian of the Person)
box 13 I-Don't-Know-What-It-Is and Eve. (see: Runaways)
box 13 I Grasp Your Hand. (see: The Manned Missiles)
box 13 I Shall Not Want
box 13 I Used to Work in Chicago. (see: Easy Go)
box 13 The Ice Man and the Rose. (incomplete)
box 13 Ice 9
box 13 If Sherman's Horse Can Take It. (unpublished)
box 13 The Inland Waterway. VenutreJan. 22, 1965
box 13 The Island. (incomplete)
box 13 [Jackson Pollock]
box 13 Jazz in Czechoslovakia. 1986
box 13 Jenny. (unpublished)
box 13 Julio-O. (see: King Mouso Is Dead)
box 13 Just You and Me, Sammy. (unpublished)
box 13 King and Queen of the Universe. (unpublished)
box 13 King Mouso Is Dead. (unpublished)
box 13 King of the Hill. (see: A Night For Love)
box 13 The Krummbein Portfolio. (see: Custom Made Bride)
box 14 Land of Opportunity. (unpublished)
box 14 The Last Customer. (unpublished)
box 14 The Last High Papouli. (see: High Papooli on the Sheherazade)
box 14 The Lie. Saturday Evening PostFeb. 24, 1962(Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 14 Little Drops of Water. (unpublished)
box 14 Live Happily Ever After. (see: Powder Blue Dragon)
box 14 A Locomotive Named Spitfire. (see: With His Hand on the Throttle)
box 14 A Long, Long Way From Home. (see: Land of Opportunity)
box 14 Long Walk to Forever. Ladies Home JournalAug. 1960 (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 14 Look at the Birdie. (unpublished)
box 14 Love in the Daytime. (unpublished)
box 14 M.R.A. (story notes)
box 14 Mad Annie
box 14 [Making Peace with Dying Father (unpublished)]
box 14 The Man with no Kiddleys. (unpublished)
box 14 The Manned Missiles. CosmopolitanJuly, 1958 (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 14 Manny. (unpublished)
box 14 Merle Pfitzer. (unpublished)
box 14 [Minister and Message] (unpublished)---incomplete
box 14 Miss Snow, You're Fired. (unpublished)
box 14 Miss Temptation. Saturday Evening PostApr. 21, 1956 (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 14 Mnemonics. Collier'sApr. 28, 1951
box 14 Money Talks. (see also: Major works: Money Talks)
box 14 Moonshine. (unpublished)
box 14 More Stately Mansions. Collier'sDec. 22, 1951 (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 14 The More Vivid, the Better. (see: Mnemonics)
box 14 A Mouldy Catcher's Mitt, A Leaky Showerhead, and Thou. (see: Fubar)
box 14 Mr. Ambassador. (page 1 only) (unpublished)
box 14 Mr. Z. (unpublished)
box 14 Mrs. Jacobin. (unpublished)
box 14 [My Fair Lady (unpublished)---incomplete]
box 14 My Heart in My Hands. (see: Four Utterly Honest People)
box 14 My Name is Everyone. (see: Who Am I This Time)
box 14 My Visit to Hell. ParadeJan. 7, 1990
box 14 New Moons. (see: The Manned Missiles)
box 14 Next Door. CosmopolitanApr. 1955 (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 14 The Nice Little People. (unpublished)
box 14 A Night For Love. Saturday Evening PostNov. 23, 1967
box 14 Noodess Collny. (unpublished)
box 14 The No-Talent Kid. Saturday Evening PostOct. 25, 1962
box 14 One Dead Puritan. (see: Miss Temptation)
box 14 One Hot Night in Cuba. (unpublished)
box 14 120 M.P.H. Guaranteed (see: Powder Blue Dragon)
box 14 $100 a Day. (see: The Foster Portfolio)
box 14 One Very Stale Cigar. (see: The Man Without No Kiddleys)
box 14 Out, Brief Candle. (unpublished)
box 14 Out in All That Moonlight. (see: A Night For Love)
box 14 The Package. Collier'sJuly 26, 1952
box 14 Paris, France. (unpublished)
box 14 The Paper Sale. (unpublished)
box 14 Parts Unknown. (see: Return to Salerno)
box 14 The Pete Parry Murder. (story idea only)
box 14 The Petrified Ants. (see: The Ants of Erz Gebirge)
box 14 The Pipe City Blues. Collier'sSept. 1961
box 14 The Pit
box 14 Pity the Poor Alewives. (unpublished)
box 14 Please Omit Flowers. (unpublished)
box 14 Poko
box 14 The Poontangishads. (unpublished)
box 14 Poor Little Rich Town. Collier's Oct. 25, 1952
box 14 Poupan
box 14 The Powder Blue Dragon. CosmopolitanNov. 1954
box 14 The Poisoner. (unpublished?)
box 14 The Queen Bee. (see: Manny)
box 14 Report on the Barnhouse Effect. (Welcome to the Monkey House) (see also: Major works: Report on the Barnhouse Effect)
box 14 Requiem for Zeitgeist. (unpublished)
box 14 Return to Salerno. (unpublished)
box 14 Robotville and Mr. Caslow. (unpublished)
box 14 Rome. (unpublished)
box 14 Runaways. Saturday Evening PostApr. 15, 1961
box 14 Ruth. (unpublished)
box 15 Saint Big Nick. (unpublished)
box 15 Sally in the Garden. (unpublished)
box 15 Seventeen Again. (unpublished--incomplete)
box 15 Shelter-Hopping. (unpublished)
box 15 Shout About it from the Housetops. (unpublished)
box 15 Sinbad. (unpublished)
box 15 Skyscraper National Park. Architectural Digest1987
box 15 Slavery. (unpublished)
box 15 Slice of Life. (unpublished) (see also: Major works: Slice of Life)
box 15 Slightly Salty. (unpublished--incomplete)
box 15 Something Borrowed. (see also: Major works: Happy Birthday, Wanda June)
box 15 Something Magic About Me. (unpublished)
box 15 A Song for Selma. (unpublished; Vonnegut correspondence)
box 15 Souvenir. ArgosyDec. 1952
box 15 Spit and Image. (incomplete and unpublished; see: Introduction to Jailbird)
box 15 Spoils. (unpublished; New Republic contest entry)
box 15 Steady as She Goes. (see: High Papooli on the Sheherazade)
box 15 Sucker's Portfolio
box 15 The Sultan's Sons. (see: The Humbugs)
box 15 Sweet Adeline. (see: Bevo)
box 15 Sweet Revenge. (see: To the Victor)
box 15 T.L.C. (unpublished)
box 15 Tango. (unpublished)
box 15 Target of Opportunity. (page 1 only)
box 15 Ten Nights in a Ballroom. (unpublished)
box 15 $10,000 a Year, Easy. (unpublished)
box 15 Thanasphere. Collier'sFeb. 1950
box 15 Thanks Just the Same. (see: This Son of Mine)
box 15 They're Everywhere You Look! (incomplete)
box 15 This Little Piggy. (see: Jenny)
box 15 This Son of Mine. Saturday Evening PostAug. 18, 1956
box 15 Ticklish. (unpublished)
box 15 Time and Motion Study. (see: Poor Little Rich Town)
box 15 Time For One More. (see: Guardian of the Person)
box 15 Time The Present. (see: Moonshine)
box 15 2 B R 0 2 B. IfJan. 1962
box 15 To the Victor. (unpublished)
box 15 Tom Edison's Shaggy Dog. Collier'sMar. 14, 1953 (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 15 Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 15 Tovrov. (unpublished)
box 15 A Trip to the Doctor. (see: The Good Explainer)
box 15 Triple Armor. (unpublished)
box 15 Twins. (unpublished)
box 15 The Twister. (unpublished - story idea only)
box 15 The Unicorn Trap. (unpublished)
box 15 Unknown Soldier. with a rejection letter from Cosmopolitan1992
box 15 Unpaid Consultant. CosmopolitanMar. 1955
box 15 Unready to Wear. GalaxyApr. 1953 ( as: The Amphibians; Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 15 Up-Beat. (see: The No-Talent Kid)
box 15 Varga Girls. Esquire1987?
box 15 Vetorino. (unpublished, story idea only)
box 15 Wailing Shall Be in All Streets. (unpublished)
box 15 Walnut Versus Something Light. (unpublished)
box 15 War Story. (unpublished)
box 15 War Zone. ParadeJan. 7, 1990
box 15 Western Style Meditation. (Essay for "Kroch's and Brentano's")
box 15 Where There Are No Laws. (see: The Manned Missiles)
box 15 While Mortals Sleep. (see: Christmas Contest)
box 15 White King. Collier'sNov. 10, 1950
box 15 Who Am I This Time. Saturday Evening PostDec. 16, 1961 as My Name Is Everyone (Welcome to the Monkey House)
box 15 Who Says It's a Parade? (see: Robotville and Mr. Caslow)
box 15 Why I Am Funny and Original. (unpublished)
box 15 The Widow Koradubian. (unpublished)
box 15 With His Hand on the Throttle. (unpublished)
box 15 Yeh, Mabel
box 16 At Mark Twain's House, Hartford, CT 1979, Apr. 13
box 16 Eugene V. Debs Award acceptance 1981, Nov. 7
box 16 Saint John the Divine, New York City 1982, May 23
box 16 War Preparers Anonymous. YM-YWHA, New York City and printed inThe Nation 1983, May
box 16 At Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1980, Oct. 22
box 16 Ware Lecture, Unitarian-Universalist Association, Rochester, NY 1986, June 26
box 16 To American Psychiatric Association 1988, Oct. 5
box 16 Congressional Arts Caucus, New York Historical Society 1990, Mar. 31
box 16 Notes for various speeches 1990
box 16 On steps of Lowe Library at Columbia on the Gulf War 1991, Jan. 14
box 16 Paul Engle Memorial service 1991, Apr. 14
box 16 Jerzy Kosinski tribute 1991, Oct. 7
box 16 Untitled, given at Yale? 1991
box 16 American Humanist Association 1993
box 16 Fiftieth anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. For Coalition for New Priorities, Chicago, IL 1995, Aug. 6
box 16 Memorial service for Terry Southern, All Souls Unitarian Church, NYC 1995, Dec. 9
box 16 Introduction to reading by John Irving at 92nd St. YMHA 1996, Mar. 11
box 16 Tribute to former student Loree Rackstraw to be read at party celebrating her retirement from the University of N. Iowa 1996, May 10
box 16 Graduation speech, Butler University 1996, May 11
box 16 Tribute to poet William Meredith, Connecticut College 1996, Oct. 4
box 16 At the Athenaeum, Indianapolis 1996, Oct. 10
box 16 [Censorship] undated
box 16 Richard Yates Memorial undated
III. Farber Files
Scope and Contents
Contain the files of Donald C. Farber in his capacity as Vonnegut's lawyer and literary agent. Arranged alphabetically by work. Includes: correspondence, contracts, notes, and other materials. The correspondence includes requests to publish, translate, or produce on stage or film various works. "Notes" refers to Farber's and his secretaries' handwritten notes. (See also: I. General correspondence)
box 16 Between Time and Timbuktu. Correspondence: notes 1971-1992
box 16 Bluebeard. Correspondence: notes 1986-1992
box 16 Breakfast of Champions. Correspondence: contracts; notes; promotional material 1972-1995
box 16 Cat's Cradle. Correspondence: contracts; notes 1970-1995
box 16 Deadeye Dick. Correspondence: notes; promotional materials 1981-1995
box 16 Fates Worse Than Death. Correspondence: notes 1991
box 16 Galapagos. Correspondence: notes 1982-1994
box 16 God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
box 16 Correspondence: contracts 1975-1992
box 17 Notes; promotional materials and playbill; Rosewater Partnership
box 17 Happy Birthday, Wanda June. Correspondence: contracts; notes; programs, poster, set plan & property plot 1970-1994
box 17 Hocus Pocus. Correspondence: notes; publicity schedule 1986-1995
box 17 Jailbird. Correspondence: contracts 1989
box 17 Make Up Your Mind. Correspondence: contracts; notes; programs 1985-1991
box 17 Mother Night
box 17 Correspondence: contracts 1959-1994
box 18 Contracts (cont.); notes
box 18 Nice, Nice, Very Nice. Correspondence:contracts 1974-1975
box 18 Palm Sunday. Correspondence: contracts; notes 1980-1991
box 18 Player Piano. Correspondence: contracts 1970-1992
box 18 Rage and Outrage. Correspondence: contracts; notes; story outlines 1978
box 18 The Sirens of Titan. Correspondence: contracts; notes; programs 1971-1991
box 18 Slapstick. Correspondence: contracts 1976-1988
box 18 Slaughterhouse Five. Correspondence: contracts; movie press kit; notes 1967-1995
box 18 Wampeters, Foma, and Grandfalloons. Correspondence:contracts; notes 1969-1995
box 18 Welcome to the Monkey House
box 18 Correspondence: 1957-1971
box 19 Correspondence: contracts; D.P. tear-sheet; notes; TV series - cast and crew lists 1972-1995
IV. Publishing Records
box 20 Materials concerning contract negotiations and foreign publication rights, miscellaneous contracts, and royalty reports
V. Miscellaneous
box 21 Biographical
Includes: "An account of the ancestry of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. by an ancient friend of his family, Indianapolis, 1970"; passports; clippings; copies of entries to various biographical sources
box 21 Adams, James C., Jr
"Thirteen haiku composed by James C. Adams, Jr., for the seventieth birthday of his uncle Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., November 11th, 1992..."
box 21 Artwork
Includes: several original drawings by Vonnegut, catalog of his work, articles about his artwork, materials concerning an exhibition at the Margo Feiden Galleries in New York; two drawings of Vonnegut signed "GR81" (probably drawn from photographs).
box 21 Certificate of birth
Two copies and associated materials
box 21 Conference Speakers International, Inc
(later: Cosby Bureau International). Includes materials pertaining to speaking engagements
box 21 GHQ
Description, rules, correspondence, and diagrams in Vonnegut's hand for the boardgame G.H.Q. (General Headquarters) invented by Vonnegut. With the original typed draft of a letter to Mr. Saalfield at Saalfield Game Company in Ohio
box 21 Jane's Book
Typescript, over 100 pages. Part of a novel by Vonnegut's ex-wife, Jane Cox
box 21 The Public Concern Foundation, Inc
List of Board of Directors, November 1988
box 21 School Material
box 21 Photocopy of Vonnegut's final high school report card and history of PS43. Both enclosed in letter from Robert Weide at "Whyaduck Productions" to Vonnegut May 18, 1994
box 21 Anthropology 220, 230, 345, 499 and unidentified classes. Worksheets, notes and papers with notes and doodles throughout; notes, assignments, and charts; papers and exams, some with teacher's comments and grades.
box 21 History 201. Syllabus and Problems. University of Chicago Bookstore, June 1945. 153 pages. Vonnegut's college textbook, with his annotations and doodles. Various related pages laid in
box 21 Political Science 256. Notes with doodles
box 21 Thesis, tentatively titled "Mythologies of North American Nativistic Movements." Removed from binder. Summer, 1947. Notes, charts, annotated pages, with doodles throughout. Laid in are a couple of notes from his advisor and an outline for the project
box 21 Thesis "Fluctuations Between Good and Ill Fortune in Simple Tales" written at the Writer's Workshop at University of Iowa. Four copies October, 1965
box 22 Screen Actors Guild
Materials relating to membership
box 22 Tax materials
paid bills, investment information, life insurance, retirement trust, etc.
box 22 Travel
ephemera, including maps, Vonnegut's handwritten itineraries and schedules, tickets, visas, etc
box 22 Vonnegut, Alex
(KV's uncle). Letter to Alex from Vonnegut, Nov. 28, 1947 accompanied by anecdote about it written by Vonnegut
box 22 Vonnegut, Bernard Apr. 25, 1997
(KV's brother). Material relating to his death, Apr. 25, 1997
box 22 Vonnegut, Mark
(KV's son). Color photocopy of painting with description of why he paints
box 22 Writer's Guild of America
Materials relating to membership
box 22 Photographs
Copies of family pictures (9); Vonnegut, et al. taken at breakfast at Gracie Mansion honoring President Vaclav Havel of Czechoslovakia, 1990; Vonnegut taken at United Jewish Appeal-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, 1986; scrapbook: photographs taken at Vonnegut's 60th birthday celebration, Nov. 11, 1982; Bound volume: photographs taken in Prague, 1985; Scrapbook: "Vonneguts (from Aunt Raye's Scrapbook)," mostly clippings, a few photographs(see also: Box 23)
box 22 Miscellany
box 22 Clippings
Mostly reviews of Vonnegut's books and some about him
box 22 Printed
box 23 Awards and degrees
Drama Desk Award, 1970-1971; Grammy Award nomination, 1973; The John Steinbeck Award, 1992; Man of the Year award from General Electric; recognition from Indiana Arts Commission, The New School, Phi Beta Kappa, and The American Civil Liberties Union; honorary degrees from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, University of Rhode Island, and University of Chicago, University of Evansville; Television-Radio Writers' Annual Award, Writers Guild of America for "Auf Wiedersehen, 1957-1958 (see also: Box 26)
box 31 Awards and degrees
Trophies: Distinguished Artist Award, North Shore Community Arts Center, Great Neck, NY 1977; Best Science Fiction Film, 1972, Slaughterhouse Five; International Poetry Forum, 11-17-71; Friends of the Chicago Library, Freedom to Read Award Presented by Christie Hefner, Dec. 4, 1982; Annual Playboy Editorial Award, 1976; ILLOWA Library Association, 1989 Intellectual Freedom Award.
box 23 Calendar
The Freethinker's Calendar, 1989. Vonnegut's birthday noted on Nov. 11
box 23 Photograph of Vonnegut
box 23 Scrapbook
photographs taken at Butler University, honorary degree presentation, May 11, 1996
box 23 Vonnegut, Kurt, Sr
Senior Portfolio, 1908, M.I.T. (yearbook)
box 24 Audio cassettes:
box 24 Aunt Irma V. Lindener, interview with KV, Jr. Side 2: Aunt Irma and Richy May 3, 1984
box 24 Grana/Vonnegut Requiem. (Four tapes)
box 24 Jazz Section Interview - NPR. A concert and series of press conferences organized to bring attention the plight of the Jazz Section and it's struggle for cultural freedom in Czechoslovakia, International Jazz Coalition
box 24 The players pipe night in honor of Irwin Shaw Oct. 7, 1979
box 24 [God Bless You, Mr.] Rosewater, First Preview Sept. 1979 (Two tapes)
box 24 Vonnegut on Republican Convention 1980
box 24 Side A: Vonnegut AMF Bluebeard. Side B: Vonnegut NPR ME Feature Dec. 20, 1987
box 24 Cambridge Forum: I call that mind free "The dignity of human nature" 1980
box 24 Voices of freedom (Two tapes)
box 24 VHS tapes:
box 24 Kurt Vonnegut Show at the 1/1 A Gallery in Denver, Colorado Sept. 7-18, 1996
box 24 Donahue Show. Is the pen mightier than the Ayatollah. Letter from Marlo Thomas taped to box undated.
box 24 Our Father. Seven episodes from just outside the pearly gates. Dir: Michael Cumming 1987
box 24 CBS News Nightwatch interview 2/10/86
box 24 CBS News Nightwatch w/Charlie Rose March 16-17, 1989
box 24 Color slides of two pages each of manuscripts: Slaughterhouse Five and Breakfast of Champions
box 24 4x5 transparencies:
box 24 Kurt Vonnegut art show, NYC, Margo Feiden Gallery(51) Oct. 10-Nov. 15, 1980
box 24 Kurt's paintings (57)
VI. Additions
Scope and Contents
Contains materials received since 2002. Arranged in the same order as Series I through V.
Arranged chronologically. Not indexed.
box 26 1952-2007
Writings - major works.
Arranged alphabetically by title
box 26 God Bless you, Mr. Rosewater: A New Musical, by Howard Ashman, Alan Menken, and Dennis Green. Typescript undated
box 26 Happy Birthday, Wanda June. Revised ending for operatic versionplaybill for The Access Theater, New York City, opening night press kit for stage version directed by Robert Weide, Elephant Theater, Hollywood, CA, photocopies of reviews of various productions February 14, 2006 Apr. 1, 2004 Oct. 26 to Dec. 9, 2001
box 26 L'Histoire du Soldat. Revised libretto...prior to publication in the Paris Review January 1998
box 26 If God Were Alive Today. Preface only to unpublished novel September 22, 2002
box 26 A Man Without a Country. Typescript of preface; mock-up of book jacket
box 26 Mother Night. Preface to the American Edition in Russian, list of credits for staged reading, adapted and directed by Frances Miksits Feb. 14, 1986
box 27 Timequake.
box 27 Multiple drafts and portions of chapters, master copy and various printer's copies
box 28 Multiple drafts...cont. (9 folders)
box 28 Correspondence and other materials concerning the translation and Vonnegut's tour of Germany in 1998
box 28 Welcome to the Monkey House. Mock-up of CD cover
box 28 Welcome to the Monkey House. Revised draft, with photocopy, for Playboy magazine 1968
Writings - articles, short stories, booklets, etc.
Arranged alphabetically by title or subject. Mostly photocopies of typescripts with some original typescripts unless otherwise indicated
box 28 Al Hirschfeld, The Maker of Icons. For collection in book form of Hirschfeld drawings June 1998
box 28 The Art of Kurt Vonnegut: Catalog of Original Silkscreens, with Joe Petro III. 1997
box 28 April in East Hampton. Catalogue copy for April Gornik Show at Glenn Horowitz Gallery in East Hampton Summer, 1999
box 28 Bernard Vonnegut: The Rainmaker (The New York Times Magazine Jan. 4, 1998
box 28 Can Writing be Taught? (New York Times Apr. 28, 1999)
box 28 Enchanted IOUs. Portfolio produced with Joe Petro III. Layout and cover letter. 2001
box 28 The End Is Near (In These Times Oct. 29, 2004)
box 28 [Festschrift for Morgan Entrekin's birthday] Jan. 8, 2005
box 28 God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian. Reports on afterlife recorded for PBS station WNYC. Typescript of one report and printer's copy of compilation printed as premium for donation to the station
box 28 I am here to serve the people of the United States of America...[first line] June 16, 1988
box 28 In-the-Bone Reading (unknown magazine 1999)
box 28 In the Manner That Must Shame God Himself (Harpers Nov. 1972)
box 28 [Interviews with]: Joel Bleifus for In These Times magazine, Joel Bleifus for Playboy magazine, Walter Miller for Essential Vonnegut - mockup of CD packaging and cover letter only; Eric Solstein 2003 2005 1999
box 28 Knowing What's Nice (In These Times Nov. 17, 2003)
box 28 Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !&#*!@ (In These Times Feb. 17, 2003)
box 28 The Lake (Architectural Digest 1987)
box 28 Last Words for a Century (aka: Fuh-kar-wee Indians and the Christian Year (Playboy 2000) Jan. 1999)
box 28 A Midsummer's Night Benefit, first sketch...for the book of a musical parody of "A Midsummer's Night Dream," by Shakespeare of course January 9, 2000
box 28 The old university town of Weimar,...[first line] (The Nation March 12, 1998)
box 28 [Poetry]. Typescripts, photocopies of published poems, reprint
box 28 Preface. (unpublished undated)
box 28 [Prefaces]. Bartlett's Words to Live By and Thornton Wilder's The Ides of March
box 28 Reunions (Forbes ASAP Oct. 4, 1999)
box 28 Stormy Weather. Submitted to The New York Times op ed page Nov. 3, 1998
box 28 Strange Weather Lately (In These Times June 9, 2003)
box 28 This has always been not only a racist society...[first line] undated
box 28 Vonnegut's Last Conversation with Kilgore Trout October 1, 2004
box 28 Zoology 101 (Forbes ASAP). For a collection of essays on biotechnology Mar. 15, 1999
box 28 Printed magazines, tear sheets and photocopies of articles by KV
box 33 Printed. Photocopies of columns by KV, fromThe Cornell Daily Sun 1941-1943
Writings - quotes
box 28 Includes blurbs on book jackets, group collected for a portfolio, copy for postcards. Printed, typescripts and photocopies
Writings - speeches and lectures.
Scope and Contents
Mostly typescripts with some correspondence and other related materials.
box 28 The Imagination of the State. Panel discussion at International P.E.N. Congress in New York City 1986, Jan. 17
box 28 Tribute to Elsa Bonner 1986, Feb. 11
box 28 Florida State University, Tallahassee (see also: poster) 1997, Mar. 21
box 28 Rice University, Houston, Texas, graduation address 1998
box 28 Agnes Scott College, Atlanta, Georgia, graduation address 1999, May 15
box 29 Faith Sale, memorial service remarks 2000, Jan. 7
box 29 Tribute to Joseph Heller 2000, Apr. 4
box 29 Shortridge HIgh School Class of 1940 reunion, Indianapolis 2000, June 17
box 29 Smith College 2000, Sept. 5
box 29 Indiana Civil Liberties Union, Indianapolis 2000, Sept. 16
box 29 Carl Sanburg Award, Chicago 2001, Oct. 12
box 29 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York City. September 11 remembrance 2001, Oct. 23
box 29 Beekman School, New York City, graduation address 2001, ca. June.
box 29 St. Marks on the Bowery, New York City. September 11 remembrance 2002, Sept. 11
box 29 Tribute to Donald Farber 2002, Sept. 29
box 29 Clemens lecture 2003, Apr. 30
box 29 Tribute to George Plimpton 2003, Oct. 14
box 29 "Listen." Recorded at DG Systems, NYC 2003, Nov. 3
box 29 Tribute to Jules Feiffer 2004, Feb. 21
box 29 Lehigh University, graduation address 2004, May 24
box 29 Eastern Washington University, Spokane 2004, Apr. 17
box 29 Ollie M. Lyon, Jr., memorial service remarks. 2005, Jan. 28
box 29 Tribute to Dan Berrigan 2006, June 10
box 29 "The Family Business or Cosa Nostra"; tribute to Nelson Algren undated.
Writings by Others
box 29 Blanchard, Duncan. The Lighter Side of a Life in Science
box 29 Buckman, Robert. What You Really Need to Know About Cancer. Photocopy of cover and dedication to KV
box 29 Davey, Lynn. Early Childhood Development: What Matters Most?
box 29 Herzog, Roman. Speech...Dresden on 13 February 1995
box 29 Kasper, Becky. A Letter to Vonnegut Aug. 1999 (2 folders)
box 29 Nielson, Thomas. Caught in a Timequake: Time and History in the Fiction of Kurt Vonnegut. Thesis, Odense Universitet 1998
box 29 Reese, Preston. Dear Mr. Vonnegut. 1996
box 29 Sigler, Sean D. (fifth grade teacher, Gardner Street School, Los Angeles, CA). How to Survive the Future: The Quotes of Kurt Vonnegut...With the Help from the kids of Room 21 (Gardner Street) School.
box 29 Szpek, Ervin, Jr. Ex-POWs of Slaughterhouse Five (newsletter). 1997-1999 2002
box 29 Thom, James Alexander. A Major League Asterisk. Speech to the Indiana Civil Liberties Union Oct. 10, 2003
box 29 Weide, Robert B. The Morning AfterMother Night.
box 29 Biographical. Photocopy of Alex Vonnegut journalphotocopy of letter to father 1902-1903 May 29, 1945 Recounts experiences from his capture near Luxemburg on Dec. 19, 1944 to his recuperation, Le Havre P.O.W. repatriation camp; photocopy of newspaper article announcing KV as missing in action, Indianapolis Times, Jan. 15, 1945; etc. (2 folders)
box 29 Artifacts: Three buttons; two copies of sticker: "Rare Earth 'We could have saved it, but we were too darn cheap and lazy.--Kurt Vonnegut'; two coasters with drawings by KV
box 29 Family:
box 29 Krementz, Jill. emph: Something about the Author Autobiography Series
box 29 Prior, Nanette (daughter). Two poems by NP; announcement of art show; catalog of paintings by husband Scott Prior; etc.
box 29 Vonnegut, Bernard. Writings by and about BV; memorial service program
box 29 Vonnegut, Edith. emph: Domestic Goddessdate: 2006;date: 1997;date: 1995
box 29 Vonnegut, Lily. date: 2006
box 29 Vonnegut, Mark. emph: The Eden Express
box 29 Inventory cards: Fortitude (2)Welcome to the Monkey House 1967-1968 1968
box 29 Itineraries
box 29 Photographs: KV shaking President Bill Clinton's hand at White House State reception for President Vaclav HavelGold Medal for Drama Committee, KV, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee, Brendan Gill; KV at reunion of boyhood friends Sept. 16, 1998 12/4/97 July 10, 1999
box 29 Printed:
box 29 Articles about KV 1997-2007
box 29 Reviews for various books (7 folders)
box 29 Miscellaneous
box 30 VHS tapes:
box 30 Albion College Apr. 18, 2002
box 30 Mark Twain House Apr. 30, 2003
box 30 New Mexico University Apr. 26, 2002
box 30 Spokane Apr. 17. 2004
box 32 Artwork by KV: One original painting, five silkscreened paintings, one silkscreened quote
box 32 "I Don't Know What It Is About Hoosiers…." Silkscreen Print
box 32 Posters:
box 32 Joseph Heller, William Styron, Kurt Vonnegut - War Stories: Reality and Metaphor, A Colloquium...Florida State University, Tallahassee Mar. 21, 1997
box 32 One Book One City, Indianapolisposter and brochure 2007
box 34 Poster for The Year of Vonnegut Indianapolis 2007
VII. Additions II
Writings - Major Works
box 35 Player Piano (1952)
box 35 Handwritten notes
box 35 Typescript with handwritten corrections
box 35 Miscellaneous typescript pages with handwritten corrections
box 35 5 typescripts to insert between chapters with handwritten corrections
box 35 Typescript with handwritten corrections and 5 pages written earlier.
box 35 Chapters I-XVIII typescripts with handwritten corrections (approx. 236 pages) (3 folders)
box 35 Chapters I-XXXVIII typescript carbon copies with handwritten corrections (approx. 405 pages) (4 folders)
box 35 Chapters XXV-XXIV typescript with handwritten corrections (approx. 100 pages)
box 35 Setting copy with Vonnegut's handwritten corrections and copyeditor's notes (4 folders)
box 35 Galley proofs with Vonnegut's handwritten corrections and publisher's memo
box 35 Screenplay typescript by Pressman Williams Enterprises Inc. 1969
box 35 Sirens of Titan (1959)
box 35 Handwritten notes by Vonnegut and other person
box 35 Novel summary typescript with annotations using earlier title, "Sirens of Triton"
box 35 Miscellaneous typescript pages with handwritten corrections
box 35 Chapter typescripts (Chapters 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14) (2 folders)
box 36 Typescript with handwritten corrections (4 folders)
box 36 Mother Night (1961)
box 36 Typescript with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "Spy Story" (approx. 20 pages)
box 36 Typescript using earlier title, "Nation of Two" (approx. 100 pages)
box 36 Typescript with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "Nation of Two" (approx. 200 pages) (3 folders)
box 36 Typescript carbon copy with handwritten corrections, copy 1 (approx. 230 pages) (2 folders)
box 36 Typescript carbon copy with handwritten corrections, copy 2 (approx. 230 pages) (2 folders)
box 36 Cat's Cradle (1963)
box 36 Typescript with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "Ice-9" and a few miscellaneous pages (approx. 30 pages)
box 36 Typescript with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "Ice-9" (approx. 70 pages)
box 36 Typescript carbon copy with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "Ice-9" (approx. 110 pages)
box 36 Typescript carbon copy with handwritten and taped-in typescript corrections using earlier title, "Ice-9" (approx. 70 pages)
box 36 Typescript carbon copy with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "Ice-9" (approx. 50 pages)
box 36 Miscellaneous pages, including notes, editor's queries, summaries, chapters and pages using earlier title, "Ice-9". Includes typescripts and manuscripts
box 37 Typescript (12 pages), miscellaneous pages, and handwritten notes
box 37 Photocopy of typescript (approx. 35 pages)
box 37 Typescript with handwritten corrections (approx. 70 pages)
box 37 Typescript with handwritten corrections (approx. 180 pages) (2 folders)
box 37 Typescript with handwritten corrections (approx. 280 pages) (3 folders)
box 37 Typescript carbon copy (approx. 280 pages) (3 folders)
box 37 Setting copy with Vonnegut's handwritten corrections and copyeditor's handwritten notes and related materials (4 folders)
box 37 Galley proofs with Vonnegut's handwritten corrections and copyeditor's handwritten notes
box 37 Dramatic adaption typescript drafts with handwritten corrections
box 37 God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater; or Pearls Before Swine (1965)
box 37 Typescript with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "Some Sweet Beginnings" (approx. 15 pages)
box 37 Typescript and miscellaneous pages with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "The Rosewater Foundation" (approx. 45 pages)
box 37 Typescript with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater; or The Volunteer" (approx. 47 pages)
box 38 Typescript carbon copy using earlier title, "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater; or, The Volunteer" (approx. 50 pages) and typist's invoice
box 38 Typescript with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater; or, The Volunteer." Pages stapled together into 10 foot long ream
box 38 Typescript with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "Rosewater". Pages stapled together into 4 foot long ream
box 38 Typescript with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "Rosewater". Pages stapled together into 3 foot long ream
box 38 Typescript with handwritten corrections (approx. 173 pages) (3 folders)
box 38 Typescript carbon copy with handwritten corrections (approx. 300 pages) (3 folders)
box 38 Dramatic adaptation typescript draft and manuscript materials.
box 38 Dramatic adaptation typescript with handwritten corrections. Pages stapled together into 16 foot long ream
box 38 Dramatic adaptation typescript with handwritten corrections. Pages stapled together into 10 foot long ream
box 38 Breakfast of Champions "early versions (70 – 71)" (1973)
box 38 Chapter One typescript with handwritten corrections (approx. 10 pages), 3 copies
box 38 Chapter One typescript with handwritten corrections (approx. 16 pages) and miscellaneous typescript pages
box 38 Typescript with handwritten corrections using earlier title, "Breakfast of Champions; or Goodbye Blue Monday" (approx. 95 pages) (2 folders)
box 38 Miscellaneous typescript pages
box 38 Film adaptation typescript pages with handwritten corrections
Writings - Short fiction, plays and screenplays
box 38 "The Rover Boys in the American Southwest, August 1939" short story typescript with handwritten corrections
box 38 Fragments from binder 1, including materials for: dramatic adaptation of God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, short fictions "Guardian of the Person" and "While the Wine is Sweet." Typescripts, manuscripts, and sketches (2 folders)
box 38 Fragments from binder 2, including materials for:Cat's Cradle, Mother Night, and dramatic adaptation of God Bless you Mr. Rosewater.
box 38 Typescripts, manuscripts and sketches
box 38 Uncle Upstairs play typescript
box 38 Heidi Again play typescript
box 38 Daedalus play typescript materials and manuscript materials
box 38 "Carbons for Television Synopses, Volume One", including television synopses ofSlice of Life, Player Piano, Hoosier Symphony, Money Talks, Slaughterhouse Five, and The Bagman
oversize (No Box) Trunk that housed Kurt Vonnegut's manuscripts, from Edie Vonnegut's home