O'Connor mss., 1911-1941LMC 1945

Papers of John J. O'Connor, 1911-1941, at the Lilly Library, Indiana University

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Creator O'Connor, John Joseph, 1885-1960
Title: O'Connor mss.
Dates: 1911-1941
Quantity: 136.25 linear feet109 boxes
Abstract: The O'Connor mss., 1911-1941, consist of the legal and political papers of New York lawyer John Joseph O'Connor, 1885-1960.
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Lilly Library

Biographical Note

John Joseph O'Connor, 1885-1960, congressman from New York. O'Connor graduated from Harvard College Law School and was admitted to the Massachusetts bar in 1910 and the New York bar in 1912. In New York City he was senior partner in the law firm of O'Connor and Bain. In 1923 he was elected as a Democrat to the 68th Congress and represented the 16th New York district until 1939. O'Connor served as chairman of the Committee on Rules for the 74th and 75th Congresses, his last in office. He was an unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic nomination in 1938, but received the Republican nomination instead, though he was not re-elected. He practiced law in New York City and Washington, D.C. until his death in 1960.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of the papers of John Joseph O'Connor, including his political papers, those pertaining to his law practice, as well as some personal papers. The political papers include notes, printed items, etc. on bills before Congress, correspondence with constituents and others, speeches, and veterans' claims. Papers concerning his law practice include correspondence, contracts, and clippings. Miscellaneous items include personal correspondence, tax papers, bills and receipts, certificates, and photographs.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Political; II. Law practice; III. Miscellaneous.


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Subject Headings


O'Connor, John Joseph, 1885-1960


Lawyers --New York
Legislators --New York --Archives
United States—Politics and government—20th century


New York (State) --Politics and government --1865-1950

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Item], O'Connor mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Acquisition Information

Gift. 1960.

Table of Contents


Law practice


Arranged chronologically, then roughly alphabetically within each year.
unless otherwise indicated 1925
Box 1 McKeever, James D. (dec.). Veteran's benefits claim by Ella McKeever; ref: Victor E. Colucci
Box 1 McNiff, James. Citizenship; ref: M.J. Delehanty
Box 1 Manger, Sam
Box 1 Mannix, John. Government appointment
Box 1 Maristany, Maria. Immigration (special approval); ref: James F. Egan
Box 1 Martin, Joseph L., et al. Visitors to Washington, D.C.; ref: Basil O'Connor
Box 1 Meagher, Lilly. Extension of stay in U.S.; ref: John F. Carew
Box 1 Mekler, Mocha Libe. Visa request; ref: John McDonnell
Box 1 Mele, Dominick. Duplicate document request, Army discharge and certificate of naturalization
Box 1 Melzer, Benjamin, et al. Deportation; ref: Nathan Katz
Box 1 Memorial services: Riordan, Cockran, Ganly, Smith
Box 1 Messeling, R. Visa recommendation for Sol Leizerowitz; ref: John Mossel 1924-25
Box 1 Mitala, Gaetano. Extension of stay in U.S.
Box 1 Moreschi, John. Citizenship status inquiry; ref: Wm. H. Hickin
Box 1 Morris, Peter C. ( dec.). Veteran claim, widow, Elizabeth Morris; ref: John A. Boland
Box 1 Motion pictures, House debate concerning 1925-26
Box 1 Mt. Tacoma. Correspondence hearings concerning
Box 1 Mulqueen, Elloe. Re-entry into U.S.; ref: John F. Carew
Box 1 Murphy, Hon. Charles F. Death of 1924-25
Box 1 Murphy, Michael J. Civil service recommendation 1924-1926
Box 1 M (miscellaneous) 1926
Box 1 National Guard convention, resolution by
Box 1 National Parks. Correspondence concerning legislation. 1924-26
Box 1 National Research Council
Box 1 Naturalization, legislation
Box 1 Naturalization Bureau. Correspondence 1924-25
Box 1 The New Armenia
Box 1 Niagara Falls. Hydro-electric power studies
Box 1 Noble, W. Clark, sculptor. Correspondence re: "The Mothers' Memorial"
Box 1 Nolan, John T. ref: Lillian R. Sire
Box 1 Noone, Thomas Joseph. Citizenship papers; ref; Paul Poveromo
Box 1 Norkos, Konstantas. Deportation; ref: Maurice Gevirtz
Box 1 N (miscellaneous)(contains: Napolis, Edward S., 1926)
Box 1 O'Donnell, Terence J. Veteran pension claim 1924-25
Box 1 Oil industry analysis
Box 1 Oliva, Ciro. Extension of stay in U.S.; ref: Thomas H. Aurelio
Box 1 Opium. History and documents, pamphlet, World Peace Foundation
Box 1 Oregon trail. Record of House hearings
Box 1 Oysters. Correspondence re: oyster industry
Box 1 Perrasso, Jennie. Visa request; ref: John Ball Osborne, Consul General, Genoa
Box 1 Perniciaro, Petro. Visa passport applications; ref. John Mossel
Box 1 Port Authority, New York. Legislation and correspondence 1924-26
Box 1 Poverono, Mrs. Francesco. Visa for husband in Italy
Box 1 Powers, Joseph. Post office job transfer; ref: George Breen
Box 1 Prinz, Klara. Extension of stay in U.S., permanent admission to U.S., ref: Herman L. Falk
Box 1 Racanelli, James. Veteran claim; ref: Paul Poveromo 1924-25
Box 1 Ranone, Frederick D. Post office transfer
Box 1 Reiss, Toni Freida Glänzel. Visa request
Box 1 Richard, Wm. L. Correspondence and memorial re: Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Co.
Box 1 Rock, Louis. Marine Corps discharge; ref: John H. Lee
Box 1 Rooney, Roderick S. Annapolis appointee; ref: James F. Egan
Box 1 Ryder, Gertrude. Fine, ref: Martin G. McCue
Box 1 Siegel, Max. Citizenship; ref: John Lee
Box 1 Sinkinson, James Oliver Ithell. West Point appointee; ref: Judge Olvany
Box 1 Sirkorsky, Henry George. Visa for wife, Nerissa; ref: Frank L. Briarly
Box 1 Skelly, Patrick H. Veterans claim
Box 1 Slackman, Rachel. Deportation; ref: Paul Poveromo
Box 1 South Carolina defaulted bonds. document request; ref; Maurice Bloch
Box 1 Strumaitis, A.B. Customs dispute
Box 1 Stunoon, Bridget, et al. Deportation; ref: Martin G. McCue
Box 1 Sub-treasury Building. Rotary Club resolution
Box 1 Sullivan, Joseph J. Navy discharge request; ref: Frank L. Briarly
Box 1 Urgo, Jimmie. Veterans claim
Box 1 Washington property. 1925-29
Box 1 West Point appointments. see also: Sinkinson, James, Oliver Ithell, Jr. 1925-26
unless otherwise indicated 1926
Box 1 Adjutant General's Office, war Dept. West Point appointments 1923-26
Box 1 Baker, Florence Adele. Veterans claim; ref: J. Wilfred Eidt 1925-26
Box 1 Becker, George Valentine. Veterans claim
Box 1 Behan, Anna. Deportation; ref: John J. Barrett, Jr.
Box 1 Bershaw, Dilton. Passport application; ref: William Lurie 1929
Box 1 Beveridge, Albert D., Jr. Annapolis appointee; ref: James A. Farley
Box 1 Brunhuber, Louis ( dec.). War record request from son, George Brunhuber
Box 1 Captains of Tammany Club districts, old lists 1925-26
Box 1 Casey, Henry F. Pension claim
Box 1 Chace, Elizabeth. Pension claim; ref: James Morrow
Box 1 Christmas cards 1927
Box 2 Cox, Francis D. Pension claim
Box 2 Declaration of Independence, 150 anniversary banquet
Box 2 Dempsey, Catharine. Pension claim
Box 2 Frost, Dr. Maxwell. Army appointment 1925-32
Box 2 Gallagher, Edward I. Private re: Civil War damage claim 1926-28
Box 2 Georgakopoulos, Taxiarchis. Deportation
Box 2 Gisonda, Paolo. Visa request; ref: Charles Di Sapio
Box 2 Glenn, Charles. Visa for nephew Robert Glenn; ref: James M. Vincent
Box 2 Gogelewski, Wladyslaw. Permit to re-enter U.S. 1926-27
Box 2 Goldman, Motel. Visa request
Box 2 Goldzand, Mr. & Mrs. Meyer. Visa
Box 2 Gravina, Charles. Visa for brother, Attilio Gravina 1926-27
Box 2 Greenberg, Minnie Tony. Visa, ref: William p. Kenneally
Box 2 Griffin, Hon. Anthony J. Legislation re: submarine safety
Box 2 Harms, Albert Heinrich. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Harrasnaey, Samuel. Investigation re:
Box 2 Hartzelius, Carl. Documents request
Box 2 Hassett, James J. Civil Service applicant
Box 2 Heath, Howard V. Visa for wife, Clara Catherine Heath and Visa for German deserter 1927
Box 2 Herberg, Emil. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Hergert, Elizabeth. Permit to return to U.S.; ref: C.F. Hermann
Box 2 Hoek, John J. Naturalization of friend
Box 2 Hoffman, Otto Josef. Permit to return to U.S.; ref: C.F. Hermann
Box 2 Hughes, Charles, et al. Courtesy of port request
Box 2 Iacono, Antonio. Deportation
Box 2 Izzo, Maria Christina. Visa, ref: Joseph Flynn
Box 2 Jalama, George A. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: George L. Donnellan
Box 2 Kadlubowski, Leizer. Visa request; ref: May Schneider, John McDermott
Box 2 Kaltenbach, Franz. Visa request
Box 2 Karaian, Anna M. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Katsikas, Athanasios K. Visa request; ref.: Nicholas Canellos
Box 2 Keating, Richard. Request for appointment to U.S. district attorney's office 1933
Box 2 Kefauver, Christine. Private bill re: Panama Canal workers
Box 2 Kelly, Catherine. Veterans claim re: husband, James Joseph Kelly
Box 2 Kelly, James. Naturalization application; ref: George Breen
Box 2 Kelly, Patrick. Visa; ref: John W. Gurnett
Box 2 Kip, Kermit F. Post office documents request
Box 2 Kleinogel, Elsie. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Koether, Heinrich. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Kohl, Leonhard. Visa
Box 2 Krause, Sydney. Patent 1927
Box 2 Kucharchik, Martha. Visa request from husband, Samuel Kucharchik; ref: Theodore: Concevitch
Box 2 Kurz, Mano. Extension of passport
Box 2 Lamere, Georgette Alice. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: George L. Donnellan
Box 2 Lana, Antonio. Permit to return to U.S.
Box 2 Larkin, Joseph M.A. Sick leave; ref: Edward J. Dowling
Box 2 Lasker, Bruno. Documents request
Box 2 Lattermann, George A. Extension of stay in U.S.; ref: C.F. Hermann
Box 2 Lauria, Rocco. Visa
Box 2 Levy, Mrs. Travel affidavit document; ref: C.F. Hermann
Box 2 Lieberman, Hyman. Post office job transfer
Box 2 Lipsky, Shulin ?. Visa request by brother, Samuel Lipsky; ref: Wm. P. Kenneally
Box 2 Loewenthal, Adolph. Permit to return to U.S.; ref; C.F. Hermann
Box 2 Lonergan, Thomas J. ( dec.). Adj. Comp. ?-Veteran benefit claim by widow, Mary T. Lonergan; ref: John A. Mossell 1926-27
Box 2 Lonitzo, Franz. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: C.F. Hermann
Box 2 Lucia, Ppietro. Visa; ref: Arnold Furst
Box 2 MacFadden, Bernarr. Publications re: venereal disease
Box 2 McAleer, Catherine. Pension claim; ref: Wm. J. Lamey
Box 2 McGrath, Elizabeth. Lost discharge and pension claim
Box 2 McKenna, William V. Civil service exam score
Box 2 McKenna, Royal T. Football tickets
Box 2 McLaughlin, William F. Post office job transfer
Box 2 McMahon, Rose. Pension claim
Box 2 Magliocco, George. Passport request from father, Paul Magliocco
Box 2 Markowitz, Sidney. Parole application 1926-28
Box 2 Mantanus, Karl. Permit to stay in U.S.
Box 2 Martino, Louis D. Letter of introduction to consul in Italy
Box 2 Maugeri, Samuel. Civil service appointment
Box 2 Mathews, Patrick. Visa; ref: Joseph Hand
Box 2 Maurer, Richard. Re-entry permit request
Box 2 Meyer, George Anthony ( dec.). Veteran compensation claim from wife, Helen Taylor Meyer; ref: William P. Kenneally
Box 2 Mistretta, Salvatore. Visa for Guiseppa Cuttitta Mistretta; see also Charles C. Bartt
Box 2 Mongello, Michele. War record request
Box 2 Monnelly, Elizabeth. Naturalization 1925-26
Box 2 Mooney, Chas. A.
Box 2 Morawe, Klara. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Mueller, Otto. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Murphy, Patrick, et al. Immigration (? - deportation); ref: John F. Carew
Box 2 Masrallah, Ally. Extension of stay in U.S.; ref: William Lurie
Box 2 Naughton, Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Passport
Box 2 Neuhoff, Helene. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 New York State. Claim of NY state for federal tax refund
Box 2 Novak, Malke. Visa request from bother, Morris Novak; ref: William P. Kenneally
Box 2 O'Connor, Rev. Thomas Matthew. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 2 Oldfield, William A. Democrat contributions
Box 2 Oliver, Julian. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: John F. Carew
Box 2 Olvany, George W. Request for judgeship appointment for O'Connor's brother and courtesy of port request 1925-26
Box 2 Pasternack, Fred. Deportation; ref: G.H. Breckwoldt
Box 2 Paterno, Charles J. Veterans insurance increase request
Box 2 Paul, William A. veterans claim
Box 2 Paya, Maria Romon. Visa request; see also Bardesi, Rafael Edward; ref: Fred W. Bain
Box 2 Pazzollo, Giuseppe. Visa; ref: John Mossel
Box 2 Pelissier, Albert c. Safe conduct letter; ref: Frank Briarly
Box 2 Pettersen, Siri Tyra, et al. Deportation; ref: Clarence Powell
Box 2 Pflueger, Frieda. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Pizzarro, Francesco. Lost citizenship certificate
Box 2 Plum, Erna. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Radowski, Meyer. Visa; ref: William P. Kenneally
Box 2 Radel Oyster Co. Legislation re; damage claims against War Dept.
Box 2 Reid, James. Deported with family
Box 2 Reilly, Eugene. Permit to re-enter U.S.; ref: William P. Flood
Box 2 Riso, Salvatore. Visa; ref: Robert Ferrari
Box 2 Robinson, Guy St. John. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: Richard J.D. Keating
Box 2 Robinson, Joe T. U.S. senator: coal bill
Box 2 Rose, Mrs. J. Meyer (Esther). Passport application
Box 2 Roselli, Margherita Sforza. Visa petition by son, Vincenzo Rozelli; ref: Paul Poveromo
Box 2 Rothengarten, Harriet. Civil service job request
Box 2 Russo, Maria Donata. Visa application by son Antonio Luonge; ref: Charles L. Kohler
Box 2 Sabiston, Robert Malcolm. Annapolis appointee principal, see Annapolis file 1926-27
Box 2 Signore, Felomeno Di Sorbo. Visa petition by son, Italo Beniamino Signore; ref: Charles DiSapio
Box 2 Signorile, Angelo. Extension of U.S. stay, request by cousin, Antonio Virdo; ref: Martin G. McCue
Box 2 Silcox, Joseph William. Army transfer, discharge application by wife 1925-26
Box 2 Simitsi, Haido Christou. Visa application; ref: E. Alexis
Box 2 Simone, Vito. Form 633 immigration visa for wife, Maria Mariani
Box 2 Smith, Ledger Cowley. Discharge from Navy request by wife, L.C. (Margaret Mary) Smith; ref: Rev. Father John P. Chadwick
Box 2 Speiser, Dr. Mortimer. Veterans claim
Box 2 Spritz, Charles. sea duty transfer request; ref: Michael S. Cruise
Box 2 Steamboat inspectors, legislation and correspondence re:
Box 2 Sundack, Harry. Discharge from Army; ref: Michael F. Blake
Box 2 Swift, George. Courtesy of port; ref: Royal T. McKenna
unless otherwise indicated 1927
Box 2 Bass, Miss Annie F. Pension claim 1924-27
Box 2 Borah, Senator William E. Fund raising 1927-28
Box 2 Cockran, William Bourke, congressman. Memorial addresses 1924-1927
Box 2 Connelly, Michael S. ( dec.). Veterans claim from wife, Grace C. Connelly
Box 2 Cox, Michael. Pension claim
Box 2 Cox, Michael. Certificate of authority to purchase war medal 1924
Box 2 Dempsey, Marcus Taylor. Principle candidate Wet Point, appointed Dec. 20, 1927. 1928-30
Box 2 DeMetropolis, George. Annapolis appointee. See Annapolis file 1927-28
Box 2 DeNonno, Rev. Daniel. Visa request for sister, Clara De Nonno
Box 2 Dolan, Francis J. Annapolis principle candidate
Box 2 Driscoll, Michael T. Pension increase application
Box 2 Fellowship forum. Correspondence re: presidential candidacy of Alfred E. Smith
Box 2 Fode, Catherine. Courtesy of port
Box 2 Frankel, Harry. Pension claim
Box 2 Gambino, Salvatore. Veterans claim 1927-28
Box 2 Garvalowski, Wilhelm. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 2 Garvey, Alfred. Return permit
Box 2 Geheran, Frank A. Civil service job request
Box 2 Gentile, Vincenzo. Passports for family
Box 2 Gerray, Lily and Mary Cartner. Courtesy of port
Box 2 Giardina, Santa. Deportation 1927-28
Box 2 Gibbons, John J. Discharge from marines
Box 2 Gilon, Alfred N. Veterans hospital transfer
Box 2 Ginocchio, Lena Wanless (Mrs. Stephen). Visa [passport request?]
Box 2 Gismundi, Rosa, et al. Visas
Box 2 Glass, Walter. Visa
Box 2 Glass, William F. Pension increase application 1927-30
Box 2 Goodwillie, Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Courtesy of port
Box 2 Gottlieb, Simon. Visa request by brother, Abraham Gottlieb
Box 2 Gratzer, Adolph. Visa request by Katherine L. Parry
Box 2 Greenspan, Philip. Discharge from marines
Box 2 Grisafi, Vincenzo. Deportation
Box 2 Grogan, Catherine. Visa 1926-27
Box 2 Gruen, Miss Rezcin. Visa 1927-28
Box 2 Hackenburg, Frederick L. NY state assemblyman 1924-27
Box 2 Hage, Annie Marie Johansson. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Hanna, Ellen. Pension claim
Box 2 Hanna, Nellie. Pension claim
Box 2 Harms [Harmless?] welding machine. Patent inquiry
Box 2 Harris, Mrs. Orlando. Pension claim
Box 2 Hawes, Thomas H. Naturalization
Box 2 Hayes, Anna E.B. Veterans claim
Box 2 Heinig, Willie. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Hennessey, Rev. M.J. Congressional directory request
Box 2 Herc, Bernard. Diplomatic letter
Box 2 Herreshoff, Mary. Veterans bureau claim
Box 2 Hirschfield, Sarah. Visa application
Box 2 Horvath,Victoria. Visa for France, Visa application, also visa for Mrs. Nicholas Kunst 1925
Box 2 Howe, Cornelia, et al. Courtesy of port
Box 2 Hratko, Andrej. Deportation
Box 2 Hulse, Harold A. Civil service job request
Box 2 Hutton, Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Courtesy of port
Box 2 H miscellaneous 1925-1927
Box 2 Inoich, Nano (Emanuel). Extension of U.S. stay
Box 2 Ingelson, F. Visa
Box 2 Jacklitsch, John. Passport
Box 2 Jackson, N.T., Inc. and Department of commerce. Customs suit
Box 2 Jacoobowsky, Vladimir. Visa application
Box 2 Jaulus, Mr. & Mrs. Jack. Courtesy of port, diplomatic letter; ref: M.J. Cruise
Box 2 Jaworski, John A.C. Corps of Engineers commission request
Box 2 Johansen, Franz Venzel. Extension of stay in U.S.
Box 2 Johnson, Arthur A. Veterans insurance
Box 2 Johnston, John B. Letter to A.E. Smith defending Bourke Cockran
Box 2 Juhasz, Rosalie. Visa petition 1927-28
Box 2 Ku Klux Klan. Miscellaneous re: 1926-27
Box 2 Kahn, Franz. Detention at Ellis Island
Box 2 Karpa, Ivan. Deportation
Box 2 Kayne, Harry. Petition, form 633 preference immigration visa) to consul at Montreal, from wife Ella Gellis Kayne
Box 2 Keating, John L. Tree and flower leaflets
Box 2 Kelly, John J. ( dec.). Veterans compensation claim by wife, Delia Kelly
Box 2 Kenneally, William P. Diplomatic letter from Sec. of Labor James J. Davis; courtesy of port
Box 2 Keuker, Franz. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 2 Kiernan, Marie L. Seed & distribution
Box 2 Konstantinu, Mrs. Stavriane. Visa
Box 2 Koumounedourow, Anna. Visa
Box 2 Kovacic, Mrs. Fanika. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 2 Krantz, Dr. Hugo. Courtesy of port
Box 2 Kustenmacher, Felix. Congressional record request
Box 2 LaForgia, Giuseppe. Visa 1927-28
Box 2 Lauk, Charles J. Adjusted war compensation; ref: Royal T. McKenna
Box 2 Lekos, Theodora. Deportation
Box 2 Levy, Albert. Diplomatic letter, courtesy of port; ref: William P. Kenneally
Box 2 *Litterer, Martin. Civil service inquiry; pension claim 1927 1933
Box 2 Litterer, Mary. Pension claim
Box 2 Livreri, Antonio. Permit to re-enter U.S.
Box 2 Loconte, Antonia. Deportation
Box 2 LoPinto, joseph. Deportation
Box 2 LoRe, Vincenzo and Mary. Visa application by brother William Liggio; ref: William Domidion
Box 2 McCarrick, Ethel. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 2 McGuire, Margaret. Pension claim
Box 2 McKenna, John J. Inquiry re: Treasury Department
Box 2 McNamara, James. Deportation
Box 2 McQuade, Helen M. Sick leave payment request
Box 2 McShane, Julian J., ensign. Inquest into death of Maddallina, Giuseppe, et al. Deportation
Box 2 Magnenat, Renee. Return permit
Box 2 Magri, Rev. Dante. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: Martin G. McCue 1927-28
Box 2 Maitland, A.G.C. Visa
Box 2 Manos, William. Veterans claim 1925-27
Box 2 Margolies, Pauline. Courtesy of port
Box 2 Margolla, Nicola. Re-entry permit
Box 2 Mecklosky, Abraham. Visa for mother
Box 2 Mellini, Vincenzo. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 2 Merchant Marine. Legislative information re 1925-27
Box 2 Moller, Hans. Return permit
Box 2 Monastar, Joseph. Civil service appointment request
Box 2 Mossel, John A. Miscellaneous requests 1924-27
Box 2 Munot, Lydia. Diplomatic letter, courtesy of port; ref: Michael J. Cruise
Box 2 Munsey, Frank A. Memorial essay
Box 2 Murphy, Annie. Pension claim 1927-29
Box 2 Murphy, George. Parole; ref: James R. Hayes
Box 2 Murphy, Peter J., et al. Port courtesy
Box 2 Murtha, John Thomas, Jr. Principal, West Point">
Box 2 Napolis, Edward S. Information request re: Interstate Commerce Commission regulations
Box 2 Narcotics legislation. Correspondence
Box 3 Navy 1926-1932
Box 3 Neary, James T. Document request
Box 3 Nestel, P.F. Documents request
Box 3 New York democrat. Postal classification of 1926-27
Box 3 Nicaragua. Publications and correspondence
Box 3 Nichols, Warren. Documents request
Box 3 Nutt, Haller. Private bill re: relief of Army officers
Box 3 Nysenbaum, Abraham. Extension of U.S. stay 1927-28
Box 3 Oberti, Mrs. Giovanni. Visa
Box 3 O'Brien, William J. Pension claim 1927-30
Box 3 O'Connor, D. Basil. Miscellaneous 1925-27
Box 3 O'Connor, James B. Documents request
Box 3 O'Connor, Stephen. Immigration bond premium
Box 3 O'Connor, T.V. N.Y. shipping Board
Box 3 O'Donnoghue, Martin. Assistant U.S. Attorney recommendation; ref: J.F. Dulligan
Box 3 Openshaw, Martin. Diplomatic letter and visa
Box 3 Opitz, George. Visa
Box 3 Ottomanelli, Giovanni. Visa petition 1927-28
Box 3 Patterson, Daniel W. Application for law practice at Treasury Dept.
Box 3 Patti, Luigi. Veteran death compensation 1927-29
Box 3 Pedoni, Antonio, et al. Deportation
Box 3 Petrak, Anna & Margaret. Visas
Box 3 Piaggio, Vincent. Government appointments 1927-1928
Box 3 Polak, Ernest. Veterans Bureau claim; ref: John F. Carew
Box 3 Powers, John J. Private bill re: pension 1926-27
Box 3 Randisi, Vincenzo. Visa
Box 3 Regan, martin J. Pension claim
Box 3 Renkin, Martin H. Courtesy of port
Box 3 Rennick, Lucille. Firing from Navy
Box 3 Richard, Florience Scott. Naturalization 1927-28
Box 3 Ronn, Daga Linnea. Visa
Box 3 Rubin Hyman. Deportation
Box 3 Rudy, Jacob M. see also: Nanaglou, Aristotelis: Property claim against Turkish Government
Box 3 Rutigiliano, Nicholas, alias Charles C. King. Discharge from Army
Box 3 Ruze, Marta. Visa
Box 3 Ryan, William, et al. Visas
Box 3 Searles, Robert M. Visas 1928
Box 3 Sforza, Antonio. Protest of Italian military service
Box 3 Sidoli, Giuseppe. Return permit
Box 3 Siegel, Bertha. Passport and courtesy of port
Box 3 Sloan, James (dec.). Veteran pension bonus
Box 3 Smith, James. Publications request
Box 3 Snifely, John R. Information request re: W. Bourke Cockran
Box 3 Soothoff, Kenneth. Plattsburg training camp
Box 3 Soussloff, Marie. Deportation extension of U.S. stay
Box 3 Spacciante, Achille. Non-quota visa petition by father, Giuseppe Spacciante
Box 3 Spatz, Charles. Army discharge application
Box 3 Sperling, Miklas. Extension of U.S. stay 1927-28
Box 3 Stamos, Helen. Re-entry permit
Box 3 Sterba, Johann, et al. Visas
Box 3 Stern, Lawrence. Commerce Department appointment
Box 3 Stone, Marie. Courtesy of port
Box 3 Suslow, Harry. Naturalization
Box 3 Susperata, Antonia. Treated at Ellis Island hospital
Box 3 Sveslosky, Joseph. Visa 1927-28
Box 3 Swift, Alden B. Courtesy of port
Box 3 Szolnocsan, Rozal Juhasz. Non-quota visa
Box 3 West Point appointments 1927-29
unless otherwise indicated 1928
Box 3 Adelhelm, August. Return permit
Box 3 Aero Bocker Corp. Patent applications; ref.: Joseph Flynn
Box 3 Affinito, Salvatore: Giovanni. Passport; ref: Louis Greenstein
Box 3 Albright, Robert. Job promotion
Box 3 Anderson, Charles S. Pension claim 1924-31
Box 3 Ayne, Francis. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 3 Balek, Rev. Francis. Return permit
Box 3 Ball, Mr. Courtesy request, visitor to Washington
Box 3 Ballie, Agnes. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: John F. Carew 1928-29
Box 3 Barona, Natalia (Natalia Barona Civita, 1930). Visa; ref: Paul Poveroma 1928-30
Box 3 Barron, Maggie. Private bill re: invalid pensions
Box 3 Bassford, Wallace. Job in Democratic National Committee
Box 3 Bastion, Joseph Edward, Jr. First alternate, West Point
Box 3 Bedrossian, John. Property claim against Turkish Government 1928-30
Box 3 Belorusetz, Chantza. Non-quota visa
Box 3 Bennett, Isabelle. Civil service reinstatement
Box 3 Berkes, Bela A., et al. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 3 Beyer, Henry J. Pension claims, 1928? 1924-30
Box 3 Berger, Herman. Discharge from Army purchased by wife, Margaret Berger
Box 3 Bibilos, Sofia. Non=quota visa petition by husband, George Bibilos
Box 3 Bingham, Robert. Return permit
Box 3 Blom, John. Post office transfer
Box 3 Bohrer, Conrad & Louise. Visas
Box 3 Bozzano, Teresa. Visa; ref: Rev. Daniel DeNonno
Box 3 Bristo, Bartolo. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 3 Brodsky, Idel. Visa; ref: Isidor Feldman
Box 3 Brodsky, Sonia & Samuel. Non-quota visa petition by son, Aaron Brodsky
Box 3 Buckley, Elizabeth. Pension inquiry
Box 3 Burk, Charles C. Visa; see also: Pasian, Elba and Lofano Dominick 1924-28
Box 3 Burke, George M. Veterans claim 1928-30
Box 3 Burkhard, Alice. Pension application
Box 3 Byrnes, John A. Bureau of Fisheries
Box 3 Byrnes, M.J. or Joseph M. Brown. Civil service position
Box 3 Caldwell, John, Jr. Plattsburgh citizens military training camp
Box 3 Canfield, Harry C. Agricultural yearbooks
Box 3 Caranzano, Charles. Visas for parents
Box 3 Carew, John F. Book request
Box 3 Carpini, Maria Delli. Passport. see also: Chiodi, Maria 1928-30
Box 3 Chiodi, Maria. American passport; see also: Carpini, Maria (Chiodi is maiden name)
Box 3 Casa, Vito (alias for Mantello, Giovanni). Deportation
Box 3 Cashin, Thomas Patrick. navy transfer
Box 3 Cassidy, Mary. Veterans claim; ref: John J. Owens (capt.) 1928-29
Box 3 Cirringione, Rosalia. Visa; ref: John F. Carew
Box 3 Clausen, Hans. Interstate Commerce Commission
Box 3 Comerford, Joseph R. Civil Service appointment; ref: James Dulligan
Box 3 Connelly, Francis Gabriel. Principal West Point
Box 3 Conway, Laurence H. Pension claim
Box 3 Cooper, John E. Post office promotion
Box 3 Coyle, Joseph. Visa
Box 3 Creuser, A.M. Visa 1928-30
Box 3 Criticos, Constantinos. Deportation
Box 3 Culhane, Daniel J. ( dec.). Veterans claim
Box 3 Cullinan, Patrick. Veterans claim
Box 3 Curley, Thomas Francis. Pension claim 1928-29
Box 3 Currie, Ruben O. Pension claim
Box 3 Customs Guards. Legislation and correspondence
Box 3 D'Addio, Filippo A. Naturalization; ref: Joe Flynn
Box 3 Dalekou, Velpomeni Othono. Non-quota visa
Box 3 Daly, John W. Pension payment
Box 3 D'Argenzio, Michaeli. Deportation 1927-28
Box 3 Del Vecchio, Pasqua, et al. Visas; ref: Paul Poveromo 1928-29
Box 3 Derkes, Joseph. Veterans compensation
Box 3 De Santis, Gerardo, et al. Visas 1928-29
Box 3 DiCarlo di Angelo, Nicola. Visa
Box 3 DiChiara, Salvatore. Extension of U.S. stay 1928-29
Box 3 Dickson, Susan. Return permit
Box 3 Di Giulo, Maria. Return permit; ref: Paul Poveromo
Box 3 Dimini, Mr. & Mrs. Giovanni. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 3 Donas, Cevia (or Celia). Visa
Box 3 Donohue, Joseph A. Employees disability insurance
Box 3 Doody, Ellen M. Library of Congress job
Box 3 Doukas, Apostolos. Return permit
Box 3 Doyce, Louis P. Pearl industry, document request 1928-29
Box 3 Ducoeur, Felicien. Deportation
Box 3 Duffy, John J. Veterans Bureau widows claim by widow, Annie Duffy 1928-30
Box 3 Duva, Salvatore: Bernard. Court martial
Box 3 Edwar, Lillian. Naturalization
Box 3 Egan, James F. Visa
Box 3 Eisler, William N. Veterans hospitalization
Box 3 Farrell, Marie Charmann. German legacy
Box 3 Faunce, Herbert Joseph. Discharge from Navy, ref: George J. Gillespie
Box 3 Feldman, Abram. Visas request by uncle, Isidor Feldman; see also: Brodsky, Sonia
Box 3 Feldman, Nuta. Non-quota visa petition by son, Isidor Feldman; see also: Brodsky, Sonia
Box 3 Ferrari, Rosa. Non-quota visa
Box 3 Ferrari, Victor. Naturalization
Box 3 Finnegan, Frank J. Documents
Box 3 Finnerty, John J. Civil service
Box 3 Focarozzo, Elena, et al. Visa
Box 3 Foley, William T. West Point and Annapolis 1928-29
Box 3 Foreman, Rose L. Courtesy of the port
Box 3 Forte, Luciana. Promotion in naturalization service; ref: Paul Poveromo
Box 3 Frunk, John G. Visa for mother
Box 3 Gergelcik, Julia. Visa
Box 3 Gianni, Salvatore. Naturalization
Box 3 Gill and Company. Suit by U.S. Shipping Board
Box 3 Gilligan, James P. Pension
Box 3 Giovanola, Pietro and Ines. Return permit
Box 3 Giussani, Luigi. Duplicate naturalization certificate: ref: Henry Claussen
Box 3 *Glen Falls Insurance Co. Private bill, passed House Mar. 30, 1928
Box 3 Glickson, Asna. Extension of U.S. stay 1928-32
Box 3 Gottrex, Benjamin. Increase pension
Box 3 Gramlich, Frederick Martin. Principal Annapolis
Box 3 Greer, Private Joseph A. Army discharge
Box 3 Greig, Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Visas
Box 3 Harrington, Paul Herbert. Annapolis principal
Box 3 Healy, Martin J. Legislation document request
Box 3 Hegedus, Ferencz. Alien property claim 1927-28
Box 3 Helmbald, Louise M. Courtesy of port
Box 3 Hermann, Margaret and daughter. Courtesy of port
Box 3 Hochfelder, Julius. Congressional medal of honor
Box 3 Holton, Ellen Marie. Position in library
Box 3 Home Insurance Company. Private bill, passed House Nov. 30, 1928
Box 3 Hood, Eliza Marie (Lillie Paxton). Extension of U.S. stay request by husband, Sydney Paxton 1926-28
Box 3 Horn, Solomon. Discharge from Marine Corps 1928-29
Box 3 Houck, John. Courtesy automobile plate, West Point; ref: Albert B. Rossdale
Box 3 How, Celestine W. White House courtesy tour
Box 3 Hubbard, H. Warren. Candidate for Congress
Box 3 Hunter, Dr. James R. Reinstatement at veterans hospital
Box 3 Hunter, W.A. Admission to practice before: Treasury Department income tax unit
Box 3 Iacobellis, Stefano. Visas for family
Box 3 Indich, Isser. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 3 Ingwer, Mayer. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 3 Intrabartolo, Pasquale. Visa
Box 3 Judges. I: legislative information re: adding federal judges 1926-30
Box 3 Judges. Additional: Judges II: correspondence re: adding federal judges, 70th Congress, 1st session 1926-28
Box 3 Koldenbach, Lester R. Shore: duty transfer request
Box 3 Karadimitri, Eftihia. Non-quota visa
Box 3 Kearns, Michael. Land grant claim
Box 3 Kefauver, Russell. Appointment to Annapolis, 1929, correspondence 1928-33
Box 3 Kenny, James P. Naturalization
Box 3 Kettley, Margaret A. Widow of Frank W. Kettley, pension claim; ref: E.J. Roche 1928-32
Box 3 King, Elbert W. First alternate, West Point, to Francis J. Connelly
Box 3 Klein, Adolf. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 3 Kloni, Nafsika Antoniou. Non-quota visa
Box 3 Koliszar, George. deportation
Box 3 Krupnick, Rachel. Visa
Box 3 Kugelman, Gisela. Return permit
Box 3 Kullmann, Hermann. Return permit
Box 3 Laios, George N. Application for machinist, Navy Yard; ref: E.J. Riche
Box 3 Lehel, Eugenio. Visa
Box 3 Lesser, Frank K. Increased pension 1928-30
Box 3 Levy, Isidore. Veterans claim
Box 3 Licata, Angelina Romano. Return permit
Box 3 Lindbergh, Charles A. Clippings
Box 3 Linley, Frances Eileen. Visa; ref: Martin G. McCue 1928-29
Box 3 Lodge, Margaret. Return permit
Box 3 Loughran, James B. Pension claim
Box 3 Loughran, Patrick. Naturalization
Box 3 Lowenthal, Morris. Pension claim
Box 3 Lucia, Columbus A. Post office clerk appointment; ref: Martin G. McCue
Box 3 Lynch, John. U.S. employee's compensation claim
Box 3 McAleen, Kate. Pension increase
Box 3 McCay, William J. Civil service appointment; ref: Clarence H. Murphy, Edward Patrick. Veterans claim
Box 3 McGuire, John J. Forestry service appointment
Box 3 McKennis, Herbert. Documents request re: rep. Wainwright
Box 3 McPartland, John R. Veterans claim 1928-31
Box 3 Madden, Michael (dec.). War risk insurance; beneficiaries: sister, Mrs. James (Delia Madden) McAllister
Box 3 Mahler, Max. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 3 Marzigliano, Stefano and Anna. Visas 1928-29
Box 3 Masciandaro, Giuseppe. Non-quota visa; petitioner: daughter, Marie ( Mariangela) Grande
Box 3 Mastronardi, Francesco. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 4 Meehan, Edward J.Congressional Record Request
Box 4 Meehan, Joseph. Deportation
Box 4 Meli, Charles. Naturalization
Box 4 Mennell, Beryl Lucille. Return Permit
Box 4 Meyer, Emil. Complaint of Brutality at National Soldier's Home
Box 4 Moffatt, Isabelle. Naturalization
Box 4 Monaco, Antonio and wife.Clelia Pappano Monaco: Visas
Box 4 Monahan, John. Post office job 1927-28
Box 4 Moore, Richard Channing. Second Alternate, West Point
Box 4 Morea, Luca. Non-quota visa
Box 4 Murphy, Edward Patrick.Veterans claim
Box 4 Murphy, Patrick E.Lighthouse keeper appointment
Box 4 Murray, William. Aviation school application
Box 4 Nadler, Charles. Mining documents request
Box 4 Narjes, Grete. Visa; Ref.: John J. Owens
Box 4 Naughton, Nora. Return Permit
Box 4 Neal, James. Private bill re: honorable discharge 1925-28
Box 4 Nissen, Frederick
Box 4 Nolan, Mary Rose, et al.Visa
Box 4 O'Connell, Jeremiah E.Agriculture: Legislation
Box 4 O'Connor, John J.Pension
Box 4 Oder, Jakob. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 4 Odukaletz, Ewmeny. Return permit
Box 4 O'Farrell, J.J.Documents request
Box 4 Onorato, Nicola. Naturalization
Box 4 Olvany, George W. (Judge). Diplomatic letter
Box 4 William J. Olvany, Inc. Cooling and Air Conditioning Corporation. Bios
Box 4 Orlando, Carmelo and Giuseppe. Non-quota visa; petitioner: mother, Giuseppina Orlando
Box 4 Paradine, John A. Position in steamboat inspection service
Box 4 Pauno, Frank.Return of naturalization certificate
Box 4 Paxton, Marie Margaret. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 4 Peoli, F. Cassandra. Pension claim
Box 4 Petrucci, Mariano. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 4 Petruolo, Guiseppe. Deportation
Box 4 Piscopo, Vincenzo. Deportation
Box 4 Pontello, Joe. Veterans claim 1928-29
Box 4 Poveromo, Francesco. Visa
Box 4 Powers, Joseph M. Post office transfer
Box 4 Quattromini, Cecilia and Maria. Visas; ref: John Santoro
Box 4 Rackoff, Irwin Ira. Documents request
Box 4 Rao, Paul P.I.C.C. regulations inquiry
Box 4 Rapoport, Chaia Sura. Visa
Box 4 Reichel, Abraham. Patent
Box 4 Ricco, Frank. Pension claim; 1928-30
Box 4 Richardson, Florence. Position in senate office building
Box 4 Riverdale Egg Company: Veteran Bureau Bio; 1928-29
Box 4 Rixon, William John. Veterans Claim; 1928-29
Box 4 Rockwell, Frank James. Lost discharge duplicate
Box 4 Roessler, Johanna. Return permit
Box 4 Roettger, Frederick. Return permit
Box 4 Rolleri, Francesca. Naturalization
Box 4 Rolleri, Giacomo and Maria. Non-quota visa; petitioner: Mother, Francesca Rolleri
Box 4 Rosenbaum, Piake-Oina, et all. Visas
Box 4 Rothlein, Irving. Patent
Box 4 Rubenstein, Samuel. Parole
Box 4 Sabbatino, Peter L.F. Washington visitor's courtesy request
Box 4 Sabelli, Francesco. Extension of U.S. stay; Ref: Edward S. Napolis
Box 4 Saqqal, Niam M. Naturalization
Box 4 Savatteri, Agostino. Discharge from army
Box 4 Scanlon, Wilfred B. Civil Service appointment
Box 4 Schirmer, Mrs. Gustave. White House Courtesies
Box 4 Schmidt, Catherine M. Documents requests; 1928-31
Box 4 Schutt, John. Return permit
Box 4 Schwartz, Buster Vincent. Discharge from Marine Corps
Box 4 Schwartz, Joseph W. Documents request re: alien property law
Box 4 Scott Company. Client of O'Connor, senate investigation of
Box 4 Seeman Brothers. Re F.D.A. food import legislation
Box 4 Shaffer, Leo (Leib Safir). Visitors visa; 1928-29
Box 4 Sheehan, Daniel F. Pension claim
Box 4 Shevlin, John A. Discharge from Army; 1924-28
Box 4 Sidirokastritis, Helen. Visa; 1927-28
Box 4 Singer, Sam. Non-quota visa
Box 4 Sirovich, William I. Rep. memo from
Box 4 Skach, Valeria. Return permit
Box 4 Smith, William. Executive pardon application
Box 4 Solimine, Lucia Rinaldi, et al. Non-quota visa
Box 4 Spiller, Winifred. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 4 Stedanian, Zaven. Visa
Box 4 Steinkamp, Meta. Pension claim; 1928-29
Box 4 Svatek, Helen, et al. Visa
Box 4 Tchertkoff, Joseph Boris. Visa; 1928-29
Box 4 Teichmann, Gertrud. Return permit
Box 4 Tiernan, William C. Passport
Box 4 Traynor, John. Visa
Box 4 Triglia, Celestino. Compensation
Box 4 Touhy, Lawrence. Visa
Box 4 Turekian, Anna, et al. Visas
Box 4 Turekian, Hanum. Non-quota visa
Box 4 Vara, Guiseppa (Piazza). Non-quota visa petition by daughter, Caterina Piazza Cusumano
Box 4 Vau, Tony. Naturalization; Ref: Joe Flynn
Box 4 Walker, Leo F. Veterans claim 1928-29
Box 4 Weinberg, William L. Naturalization 1928-29
Box 4 Welner, Anna. Visa
Box 4 Wiskind, Abraham. Naturalization
Box 4 Zarifian, Warren G. Naturalization
Box 4 Zarifian, Serop II. Visa 1928-29
unless otherwise indicated 1929
Box 4 Acquista, Vincenzo. Return permit
Box 4 Agostino, Francesco Nicodemo. Return permit
Box 4 Annapolis. I, correspondence 1924-29
Box 4 Annapolis. II, admission information
Box 4 Annapolis. III 1929-30
Box 4 Annapolis. IV
Box 4 Aspromonte, John. Civil Service application
Box 4 Azarra, Daniel. Discharge from Navy 1929-30
Box 4 Ayres, Harold G. Court Martial
Box 4 Alice, Maurice. Non-quota visa 1929-30
Box 4 Altherr, Huloa E. Civil Service
Box 4 Aluotto, Guiseppe. Visa, see also Lisa, Antonio; Ref: Gerald F. Gohan
Box 4 Ancona, Rocco. Non-quota visa 1929-?1930
Box 4 Andreatini, Paul, et al. Deportation
Box 4 Angerame, Luigi. Registry of alien 1929-30
Box 4 Bain, Fred W.
Box 4 Baumann, Charles Ludwig. Passport information
Box 4 Baxter, William J. Memo re: New York Assembly Bills 1930
Box 4 Benetti, Giacomo and Maria. Non-quota visa; ref: son, Carlo Benetti 1929-30
Box 4 Berko, Antal D. Diplomatic letter
Box 4 Besse, Stanley. Government appointment
Box 4 Bianchi, Teresa.
Box 4 Binovsky, Maria. Visa; ref: Frederick L. Hackenburg
Box 4 Blackburn, George. Voluntary Departure: from U.S.; ref: John F. Carew
Box 4 Bladon, Thomas F. Documents requests 1929-31
Box 4 Blank, Philip. Documents request
Box 4 Blondiau, Polia. Visa
Box 4 Bock, Carl. Naturalization 1928
Box 4 Bonfield, Clara and daughter. Visas
Box 4 Bruger, Emil. Postmaster examination
Box 4 Bruno, Antonina. Naturalization
Box 4 Calendar Reform (Legislation Re)
Box 4 Calabrese, Sebastian. Veterans claim
Box 4 Callagy, Martin V. Position in Washington
Box 4 Callahan, A.J. Veterans compensation
Box 4 Callahan, Joseph Andrew. Penitentiary
Box 4 Callahan, Charles T. Hospital transfer special
Box 4 Campbell, Patrick. Veterans Bureau Appeal 1929-30
Box 4 Canova, Palmira. Visa; Ref: Edward Broderick
Box 4 Caprio, Vincenzo. Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, private bill 1929-30
Box 4 Carew, John F. 1929-31
Box 4 Carey, Florence R. Visit to Washington
Box 4 Carpenter, Katherine, et al. White House courtesies
Box 4 Cavalier, Vito. Prison leave; Ref: Mrs. Paul Poveromo
Box 4 Census. Reports and correspondence re: 1929-30
Box 4 Chafiroff, Alexander. Deportation
Box 4 Cheevers, Philip Aloysius. Hospital transfer
Box 4 Chisholm, Edna Blanche. Extension of U.S. stay; see also Reynolds, Thelma C.
Box 4 Ciaccio, Carmelo. Discharge from army
Box 4 Clifford, Jerome G. Documents request re: tariff bill
Box 4 Cocheu, Fred C. Documents request for congressional directory
Box 4 Cohen, Wilfred E. Parole.
Box 4 Cohn, Joseph L.N.Y. Evening Graphic and Press Club
Box 4 Colomartino, Mouro. Position in Brooklyn Navy Yard
Box 4 Conkling, Miss H.C. Wants Lawyer
Box 4 Connelly, Frank (Francis). Extension of U.S. stay 1929-30
Box 4 Conroy, George. Documents request re: farming and poultry
Box 4 Corley, Mamie. Naturalization
Box 4 Cortellino, Guiseppe. Visa
Box 4 Coscia, Paul. Discharge from Navy
Box 4 Cruise, Michael J. 1928-29
Box 4 Crump, Walter Daniel. Veterans claim
Box 4 Cudmore, J. Homer, M.D. Documents request re: pension board
Box 4 D'Aiello, Pietro. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 4 D'Amico, John and wife (Letteria Bonina). Visas 1928-29
Box 4 Darcy, John J. Navy transfer
Box 4 Deegan, Daniel J. Documents request re: flowers
Box 4 Delia Pasqua R. Siletti. Non-quota visa
Box 4 Del Prete, Olympia. Deportation
Box 4 Detroit Fidelity and Surety Co. Private bill to reimburse company; see also Eisenstein, M.B.
Box 4 Dileo, Vita Miglionica. Non-quota visa
Box 4 Dillon, Edmund and Dennis. Deportation
Box 4 Dolan, James J. Increased pension
Box 4 Dolce, Marie. Passport
Box 4 Doran, Mrs. M. Appeal for plumbers pension
Box 4 Downing, William R. Post office reinstatement; ref: Detective O'Dea
Box 4 Driscoll, George, et al. Port Courtesy
Box 4 Dutton, Harry M. Post office reinstatement
Box 4 Earle, Anna C. Position in Veterans Bureau
Box 4 Elefont, Josef. Deportation
Box 4 Elliott, Roland A., Jr. Principal candidate West Point; Ref: Joseph L. Cohn, Evening Graphic
Box 4 Erber, Fanny Schusterman. Return permit
Box 4 Faillo, Cologero. Visa
Box 4 Fallon, John V. Documents request re: agriculture: and census
Box 4 Fay, Patrick A. Pension claim; ref: Buckley, Denis J.
Box 4 Fidgeon, Ruth V. Letter of introduction to immigration commissioner
Box 4 Figuero, Francesco. Legalized entry permanent? ?-departure: of alien
Box 4 Finnegan, Eugene J. Appointment requested for friend
Box 4 Fitzpatrick, John R. Memo 1929-?1928
Box 4 Fredburg, Josephine Kaas. Veterans claim; see also Kaas, Andres
Box 4 Fuchs, Machla. Visa; ref: Morris H. Panger
Box 4 Gahan, Gerald F. See also Aluotto, Giuseppe, and Lisa, Antonio; ref: William N. Smelser
Box 4 Gamburg, Mowsha, et al. Visa
Box 4 Gardner, Malcolm. Employment
Box 4 Garylee, Joseph. House and senate passes
Box 4 Geary, John. Request to stay at soldiers home
Box 4 Gentilella, Francesca. Return permit
Box 4 Gernon, James L. Documents request; ref: Kermit F. Kip
Box 4 Ghilgione, Carmelina. Visa
Box 4 Giacobbe, Anna. Visa 1929-30
Box 4 Giavi, Margherita Maria. Passport application; ref: Paul Poveromo
Box 4 Gillen, Bernard J. Position in Bureau of Engraving
Box 4 Gillies, Mr. & Mrs. John J. Diplomatic letter; see also Letabridge, Arthur
Box 4 Glazer, Alter. Visas
Box 4 Glevy, John F. Post office Transfer
Box 4 Goldberger, Mrs. Joseph. Private bill, pension
Box 4 Goodman, Harry
Box 4 Gordon, John. Veterans claim 1929-30
Box 4 Gracie, Col. Archibald. Statue in Hall of Fame (Capitol) 1929-30
Box 4 Greenstein, Louis
Box 4 Guilfoyle, Thomas. Civil service appointment; ref: James F. Dulligan
Box 4 Haggerty, John J. West Point application
Box 4 Hall, Alfred. Transfer to Narcotics Division
Box 5 Handleman, Maurice. Theft conviction 1929-31
Box 5 Hanley, W. J. Position in Post office
Box 5 Hardy, Anna J. Gold Star Mothers Act; ref: John F. Carew
Box 5 Harnett, Edward. Postal retirement
Box 5 Harris, Louis. Passport (?-tracing of embezzler)
Box 5 Hayden, Harold. Veterans Compensation; ref: Kip, Roosevelt, and O'Connor 1929-30
Box 5 Hearn, Theodore J. Immigration
Box 5 Hite, Betty. Jailed
Box 5 Holicki (Holitzki), Jacob. Illegal Alien
Box 5 Howard, Clinton Norman. Campaigner in New York
Box 5 Hughes, John C. Visas
Box 5 Jacobs, David R. Deportation
Box 5 James, Jennie. Return permit; ref: Felix Solomon
Box 5 Jordan, Lieut. Lewis P. Army transfer 1929-30
Box 5 Justiz, Harry M. Immigration law inquiry
Box 5 Kahane, Solomon. Visa
Box 5 Kadetz, Sophia N. Civil Service; ref: Joseph A. Gavagan, M.C.
Box 5 Kanelstein, Chaim. Deportation; ref: William Lurie
Box 5 Katavick, Andrew. Naturalization; ref: Harry Clausen
Box 5 Kelleher, John. Gambling conviction
Box 5 Keohane, W.F. Information request re: navy
Box 5 Kerrigan, James. Army record; ref: Lillian R. Sire
Box 5 Kessler, Harry Edward. Veterans claim; ref: John F. Carew
Box 5 Kilmetiz, Constantinos J. Non-quota visa; ref: John Kilmetiz, father.
Box 5 Kilmetz, John. Naturalization
Box 5 King, William Vincent. Pension increase 1929-30
Box 5 Klein, Jenny. Deportation
Box 5 Kohn, Cornelia. Extension of U. S. stay; ref: Edward Polak
Box 5 Kutil, Anne McCready. Non-quota visa petition by husband, Joseph
Box 5 Kutil.
Box 5 Kutsakian. Pure: Food Act, violation of
Box 5 La Guardia, M.C. Information and inquiries re
Box 5 Lanman, Anne. Documents request
Box 5 Laterveer, Frederick K. Michael. Naturalization
Box 5 Lay, Mary Hannah. Naturalization
Box 5 Leaders. New York Democrat Dec. 14, 1929
Box 5 Leitner, John. Army transfer
Box 5 Lethbridge, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Diplomatic letter; ref:
Box 5 Lidsky, Hirsch. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: Patrick S. Dowd
Box 5 Lisa, Antonio. Visa, see also Aluotto, Guiseppe; ref: Gerald F.
Box 5 Gahan
Box 5 Lodrini, Germano. Passport application
Box 5 Lonigro, Vito. Return permit
Box 5 Losquadro, Felice. Visa
Box 5 Lurie, William. Visa inquiries 1929-30
Box 5 MacClinton & Bruckheimer. Bill for Steno work
Box 5 McBride, Margaret. Visas; ref: John McBride 1929-30
Box 5 McGibney, John P. Visit to Canada
Box 5 McKenna, Margaret. Widows pension 1929-30
Box 5 McKeon, Hugh Peter. Private bill; re: military pension 1929-30
Box 5 McLean, Thomas Raymond. Veterans claim
Box 5 McNamara, James. Post office transfer
Box 5 McQuade, George T. Ship construction loan
Box 5 Maloney, J. A. Payment; ref: John F. Carew
Box 5 Morgali, Ralph. Sea service trip
Box 5 Markowsky, Abe, Cywia, et al. Visas
Box 5 Marroni, Ettore. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 5 Marvel, Edward. Trademark inquiry
Box 5 Mastrototaro, Giuseppe. Non-quota visa
Box 5 Mastrototaro, Leonardo. Non-quota visa
Box 5 Mazza, Michele. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: Edward S. Napolis 1929-30
Box 5 Merson, Sam. Naturalization
Box 5 Metropolis Trust Co. Dispute over name
Box 5 Mey, Alfred. Naturalization
Box 5 Miller, Euan S. Deportation; ref: Walter A. Hirsch
Box 5 Misciagna, Teresa. Non-quota visa; petitioner: Fiancé (Paolo Gisonda)
Box 5 Moore, William Henry. Veterans compensation claim
Box 5 Morabito, Joseph. Civil service
Box 5 Murray, Jeannello M. Non-quota visa
Box 5 Nichols, Warren I. Documents request re: railroads
Box 5 O'Bryan, Edward M. Request for legal advice
Box 5 Occhiogrosso, Tomo, et al. Visas
Box 5 O'Connor, D. Basil
Box 5 O'Connor, John J. Private bill correcting military record [this is not the congressman]
Box 5 O'Connor, Joseph A. Civil Service
Box 5 O'Grady, Gene. Birthday poem
Box 5 Olexova, Milada. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: Frederick L. Hackenburg
Box 5 Oliver, Frank? [Fred Smith, c/o Frank Oliver, M. C. ]. Patent attorney inquiry
Box 5 Panama Trip. and 1925 1929
Box 5 Panzarella, Giuseppina. Visa 1929-30
Box 5 Pappas, Andromaki. Visa
Box 5 Pappazian, Sepouhy. Visa; ref: son, N.W. Etyemezian
Box 5 Paterno, Domenico. Passport
Box 5 Pecoraro, George. Arrest Warrant
Box 5 Pell, Herbert Claiborne. Documents request 1929-31
Box 5 Piscopo, Donato. Return permit
Box 5 Pitelli, Daniel. Discharge from army request by sister, Antonette Federici; Thomas M. Farley
Box 5 Poveromo, Maria G. Casa Massima. Visa
Box 5 Prescott, William N. Position
Box 5 Prohibition, legislation and publications re:
Box 5 Prohibition. Reed-Borah debate
Box 5 Quantrill, William Clark. Inquiry re: civil war guerilla
Box 5 Rachels, John. Navy discharge
Box 5 Randolph, Hollins N.
Box 5 Reilly, John E. Pension increase
Box 5 Reynolds, Thelma C. Extension of U. S. stay; see also: Chisholm, Edna Blanche
Box 5 Rice, Mary Ann. Re-entry permit
Box 5 Rimbach, Richard. Documents request re: tariff hearing
Box 5 Ringleman, Gustave A. Veterans compensation claim
Box 5 Rippa, Mary. Naturalization
Box 5 Rocher, Vincent (Joaquin). Return permit
Box 5 Rolden, Nicholas. Veterans claim
Box 5 Romano, Patrick. Position request
Box 5 Rosenbaum, Morris. Deportation; ref: William Lurie
Box 5 Rosenfeld, Hyman. Veterans claim 1929-31
Box 5 Rosselli, Diego. Naturalization
Box 5 Rotondo, Nunzia. Visa
Box 5 Ruddy, Mary. Transportation to Honolulu; ref: John F. Carew
Box 5 Saal, Theodore: H. Customs employees
Box 5 Santella, Nicholas. Re-instatement as deputy collector, internal revenue
Box 5 Schaefer, Rhea. Position job request
Box 5 Schipper, Charles. Parole
Box 5 Schnalle, Walter. Return permit
Box 5 Sebastianelli, Americo. Extension of U. S. stay 1928-29
Box 5 Sermal, Martin. Return permit
Box 5 Sonti, Amedio. Naturalization
Box 5 Spatari, Carlo. Patent application
Box 5 Squillari, Vittorio. Deportation
Box 5 Stationery Account. Office supplies duplicates 1929-31
Box 5 Steigerwald, Justin. Veterans compensation
Box 5 Straw, Mrs. H. Foster. Courtesy of Port
Box 5 Sullivan, Maurice. Wants lawyer
Box 5 Tauber, Arthur. Visa
Box 5 Temple, Joseph B. Civil service record
Box 5 Tenner, L. Post office appointment
Box 5 Tetro, Mauro. Correction of war record; ref: Paul PoveromoVeterans claim 1924 1929-30 (2 folders)
Box 5 Theatre: Guild. Reentry permit for goat
Box 5 Theiss, Johann. Visa, 1929- [1928]
Box 5 Ticiento, Felix. Courtesy of port
Box 5 Toeplitz, George. Farm bank bonds, constituent urging investigation
Box 5 Triglia, Arturo. Naturalization
Box 5 Trinacria Perfumery Co. Alcoholic permit renewal; Ignazio Spampinato Trading as Trinacria Perfumery Co.
Box 5 Triolo, Corinda. Non-quota visa; Petitioner: husband, Carmelo Giacobbe
Box 5 Tullo, Alessandro. Release from Italian army
Box 5 Varga (Warga), Agnes. Naturalization
Box 5 Weinberg, Dora. Visa
Box 5 Weller, Royal Hurlburt. Funeral
Box 5 West Point. Appointments, 1929 [1925-30]
Box 5 Wheeler, Mildred. Documents request re: naturalization
Box 5 Whipple, Serburne. West Point applicant
Box 5 Widmar, Kurt A. Visa
Box 5 Winestock, Mrs. C.J. (Ellen). Pension claim
Box 5 Wright, Katie. Visa; ref: James J. Nolan
Box 5 Zilli, Caterina. Extension of U.S. stay; see also: De Franceschi, Luigia 1929-30
unless otherwise indicated 1930
Box 5 Alperovich, Treina. Visa; ref: Sam Alpern
Box 5 Anderson, Mrs. S.A. Extension of U.S. stay 1929-30
Box 5 Annapolis
Box 5 Arculeo, Arthur Michel. Discharge from Navy
Box 5 Ariesohn, & Moore, Inc. Income tax
Box 5 Arvedson, George C. Crank letter re: customs legislation
Box 5 Auleta, Vincent H. New York State Assembly
Box 5 Axinn, Charles. Return permit; ref: Andrew L. Somers, M.C.
Box 5 Bailey, Maj. Neill E. Coordinator for traffic; promotion to Brigadier General
Box 5 Beau, Lieut. Lucas Victor. National Guard Flying Field; Foreign Service delay; ref: Dr. Rodman Hyman
Box 5 Beirne, John Joseph. Court Martial
Box 5 Benkert, Johanna. Inquiry into birth date
Box 5 Berman, Louis. Correspondence re: river and harbor legislation 1930-31
Box 5 Bonini, Antonio M. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 5 Boisi, Mrs. M. Veterans claim
Box 5 Bradford, Erma P. Position in Bureau of the Census
Box 5 Brady, Bernard. Deceased pension inquiry; ref: Martin G. McCue 1931
Box 5 Brown, Alphonse. Passport; ref: Joseph A. Gavagan
Box 5 Buccioni, Armando. Deportation; ref: William F. Brunner, M.C. 1929-30
Box 5 Burns, Edwin Kauffman. Veterans claim; ref: A.F. Benzen 1930-31
Box 5 Butler, William. Navy service record; ref: Larney A. Hartnett
Box 5 Byrne, Martha. Legislation re:Old Ironsides and war memorial 1927-30
Box 5 Cahill, Dr. George F. Legislation re: Narcotics Bill
Box 5 Cahoon, Mrs. Joseph H. Gold Star Mother
Box 5 Caleb, Eglantine. Visa; petitioner: Husband, John Caleb
Box 5 Canzonieri, Rosina. Visa
Box 5 Captains of New York Precincts, Democratic
Box 5 Carroll, Leo G. Visa inquiry
Box 5 Canales, John (Jean). Certificate of registry; ref: Henry Clausen
Box 5 Carrol, William J. Post office Dismissal
Box 5 Castoro, Nicolo. Return permit
Box 5 Cheuces, Andrew. Veterans claim
Box 5 Christmas Cards
Box 5 Churchill, Elizabeth. Position in Census Bureau
Box 5 Collins, Rose Anne. Return permit; ref: George Breen
Box 5 Colucci, Victor E. Proposal for Post office Legislation
Box 5 Conlon, John V. Immigration Office job; see: Rapp, Gates, and Kline
Box 5 Constitution. Proposed Amendment
Box 5 Coughlin, Ellen A. (widow). Pension application; ref: Martin J. Kennedy, M.C.
Box 5 Cowen, Mark [I]. Uniform contract, D.C.; ref: Michael J. Cruise 1928
Box 5 Cowen, Mark [II]. Uniform bid 1930-31
Box 5 Crawford, Thomas J. Correction of army discharge record; ref: Thomas M. Farley
Box 5 Cross, O.H. Inquiry about former M.C.
Box 5 Curry, John F. Campaign fund
Box 5 Czike, Louis. Private bill, 71st Congress re: alien bond repayment; see also Chumplik, Joseph
Box 5 Chumplik, Joseph. Deportation; see also Czike, Louis 1928-30
Box 5 Dacus, Edwin Wallace. Discharge from army; ref: Lucy Schaefer
Box 5 Daly, Mary F. Pension
Box 5 D'Avello, Silvio. Passport
Box 5 Dawson, William. Naturalization
Box 5 DeBrigard, Louis. Immigration; ref: D. Basil O'Connor
Box 5 Degen, John L. Veterans claim 1930-31
Box 5 Dell's Arsina, Alberico. Deportation
Box 5 DeMetropolis, George. Request for leave from Annapolis
Box 5 De Rose, Frank. Lost army discharge
Box 5 Desiderato, Ferma and Son. Visas
Box 5 Detmer, Julian F. Correspondence re: trade bill
Box 5 Deutsch, Rose. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: Ethel Cherry
Box 5 Devine, William Charles. Pension claim
Box 5 De Zanger, Harry. Certificate of registry
Box 5 Doherty, Daniel. Increase in pension 1931
Box 5 Dolfis, George. Bid on refreshment stand at National Zoo
Box 5 Drucker, Meyer. Visa; ref: son, Irving Drucker
Box 5 Duffy, William J. Document request
Box 5 Dundon, Joseph. Veterans claim; ref: Michael Cosgrove, Kennedy
Box 5 Dunn, John. Increase in pension 1923-30
Box 5 Dziezyk, Stanislaw. Visa 1927-30
Box 5 Eagan, Margaret.Position
Box 5 Ely, Major-General Hanson E. Chief of Staff promotion
Box 5 Engers, Simeon Leon. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: Joseph A. Gavagan, M.C.
Box 5 Enslew, Flora. Private bill re: death compensation introduced by Andrew L. Somers of N.Y.
Box 5 Fackre, Julia Angelina. Passport
Box 5 Fallen, Dominick. Visa; ref: Martin J. Kennedy
Box 5 Falson, Frank. Veterans claim
Box 5 Farley (or Farrelly) Terence Alphonsus. Deportation; ref: Thomas J. Sheridan
Box 5 Fattizzi, Vito. Visa
Box 5 Fee, Anne. Visa; ref: Thomas M. Farley
Box 5 Filippone, Rosaria. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 5 Fitzmaurice, Stella. Widow's pension; see also Fitzmaurice, John H.
Box 5 Fitzmaurice, John H. Pension; see also Fitzmaurice, Stella 1926-30
Box 5 Fitzpatrick, William J. Veterans claim; ref: Mrs. P. Frances V. Turner
Box 5 Flynn, Joseph. Visa; ref: Thomas M. Farley
Box 6 Flynn, Terence. Position
Box 6 Forsythe, John H. Special pension; ref: Charles Shankman and Thomas M. Farley
Box 6 Gallagher, William T.
Box 6 Gallo, Fortune. Radio station power increase
Box 6 Gietl, Frank W. Veterans claim
Box 6 Gigliani, Priscilla. Drug importation
Box 6 Gladstone, Louis. Naturalization; ref: Paul P. Rao
Box 6 Glass, Carter. U.S. Senate
Box 6 Glose, C. William. Aeroplane accident; ref: J. T. Kingsley
Box 6 Gluck, Adolf (decd'). Naturalization records
Box 6 Gobbett, David W. Veterans claim
Box 6 Gochounian, Sourpouhi. Naturalization; ref: Henry Clausen
Box 6 Goldman, Sydney. Railroad article
Box 6 Goldzand, Malka. Visa
Box 6 Gottweis, Wilhelm. Deportation
Box 6 Grande, Filomena Tanzi. Re-entry permit
Box 6 Granville-Gieringer, Carl. Passport issued March 7, 1927
Box 6 Grant, George. Pension increase 1931
Box 6 Green, Thomas L. Visitor
Box 6 Hackett, James E. Veterans claim
Box 6 Hamill, Peter J. Memorial of the N.Y. State legislature
Box 6 Hauck, Philip Frederick. Annapolis principle; ref: Martin J. Kennedy
Box 6 Hecht, Irving. Position
Box 6 Herman, William A. Medical student
Box 6 Hertz, Emanuel. Publications request; ref: John F. Carew
Box 6 Hoen, M.S. Visas; ref: John F. Carew
Box 6 Hofman, George, et al. Visa; ref: Kermit Kip
Box 6 Holland, Joseph M. Pension 1927
Box 6 Holland, Joseph M. Increase in pension 1931
Box 6 Hopkins, Peter F. Position in customs
Box 6 James, Joseph. Certificate of registry, ref: Felix Solomon
Box 6 Jennings, Michael L. Retirement
Box 6 Janowitz, Diana (Maiden name, Dinah Friedman). Return permit 1931
Box 6 Johnson, Albert Williams. U.S. District Judge 1931
Box 6 Keegan, Joseph Sylvester. Navy transfer
Box 6 Kelly, Edward. Traffic court
Box 6 Kelly, Joseph. Parole
Box 6 Kennedy, John Joseph. Veterans insurance; ref: Frank L. Briarly
Box 6 Kiernan, James. Deportation
Box 6 King, Cyril C. Veterans claim
Box 6 Kireakedes, Chris. Visa
Box 6 Klein, Eugene. Visa
Box 6 Kovar, Joseph. Deportation; ref: father Schott
Box 6 Kraus, Fred. Pension
Box 6 Kuehne, Gerhard. Mortgage
Box 6 La Rosa, Guiseppe, et al. Visas
Box 6 Leach, Mary J. Deportation; ref: Charles C. Burke
Box 6 Le Boutillier, G. Pennsylvania Railroad Vice President; tax legislation
Box 6 La Cava, Domenico. Post office transfer
Box 6 Lee, Capt. M.A. Job transfer
Box 6 Lee, Gen. Robert E. Memorial addresses
Box 6 Leibovitch, Leah. Visa; ref: Joseph T. Griffin
Box 6 Leitner, John. Civil service job; ref: Kermit Kip
Box 6 Leslie, Gladys Young. Citizenship
Box 6 Leubner, Adele. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 6 Levy, Isidore. Hospitalization; ref: Andrew L. Somers M.C.
Box 6 Linehardt, Paul C. Customs fine; ref: John F. Carew
Box 6 Liroff, Solomon. Civil Service
Box 6 Litterer, Martin. Pension increase
Box 6 Low, Aaron. Visa
Box 6 Lucci, Enzo. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 6 Luegmayer, Karoline. Extension of U.S. stay; ref: Ethel Cherry
Box 6 MacTavish, W.C. Passport for sister
Box 6 MacDermott, Patrick. Visa
Box 6 McCaffery, James. Veterans claim
Box 6 McCarthy, James W. Pension
Box 6 McGue, Martin G. Workers pension and dinner party
Box 6 McDermott, Joseph D. Veterans claim
Box 6 McDonald, Bernard A. Veterans claim
Box 6 McHenry, Paul L. Pension
Box 6 McKenna, John. Documents request
Box 6 McKenna, Mary. Bulletins request
Box 6 McKenna, William J. Position
Box 6 McKeown, Philip. Visa
Box 6 McKim, Mead & White. Architects: Government contract
Box 6 McNally, Bernard. Visa
Box 6 McNally, J. Harry. Patent application
Box 6 McNeill, Joseph John. Veterans claim 1930-31
Box 6 McGrath, Cornelius. Suspension as immigration inspector
Box 6 Malone, Thomas J. Veterans claim 1930-31
Box 6 Marsalisi, Mariano. Alcohol permit
Box 6 Metchis, Moe. Veterans claim
Box 6 Miller, William J. Pension; ref: Mary Haggerty 1930-32
Box 6 Mazzilli, Domenico. Naturalization
Box 6 Michaud, Lucien. Veterans claim and army record inquiry
Box 6 Mongelli, Domenico. Non-quota visa
Box 6 Morano, John. Pension, check delayed
Box 6 Mossell, John A. Post office employees
Box 6 Murphy, Bridget. Citizenship certificate
Box 6 Murphy, Michael A. Anti-vivisection, legislation re; ref: Harry Clausen
Box 6 Mustakas, Maria. Visitor visa; brother: Stephen Mustakas
Box 6 Nolan, Marcus, et al. Assault and robbery, trial for; ref: Joseph A. Gavagan
Box 6 Nagel, Otto, et al. Extension of U.S. stay
Box 6 O'Brien, Frank. Veterans claim
Box 6 O'Brien, John P. Documents request
Box 6 O'Brien, Margaret. Re estate of incompetent veteran; ref: Susan M. McPartland
Box 6 Olsen, Folmer G. Deportation; ref: John F. Carew
Box 6 O'Neill, Edward H. Post office re-instatement 1931
Box 6 O'Sullivan, Ellie. Re-entry permit
Box 6 Paolucci, George, et al. Naturalization
Box 6 Patents. Application booklets
Box 6 Paterno, Gerard. Visa
Box 6 Perceval, Charles T. Enlistment in army
Box 6 Polisnik, Louis. Veterans claim 1928 (2 folders)
Box 6 Pratt, Ruth, M.C. Voting record
Box 6 Presidents Historical pamphlet for Election 1928
Box 6 Raphael, Harriet. Teaching position
Box 6 Ravento, Tony. Veterans claim; ref: Gary Owen
Box 6 Reapportionment of U.S. Representatives
Box 6 Reilly, Patrick. Passport
Box 6 Rivers and Harbors Bill. Hearings and Correspondence
Box 6 Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Box 6 Roosevelt and O'Connor Law Firm. Lease suit
Box 6 Ryan, James. Pension increase; ref: Louis Davis Hopkins 1931
Box 6 Ryan, Patrick & Thomas. Visas; ref: Thomas M. Farley
Box 6 S-306. Senate bill re: marine laws governing tow boats
Box 6 St. Patrick's Day Speech. [and 1930 ?-1926 1932]
Box 6 Sathmary, Helen M. Naturalization; ref: Louis J. McNally
Box 6 Shapiro, Myer. Deportation; ref: Joseph A. Gavagan
Box 6 Schlosser, Otto. Application for Certificate of Registry; ref: A.M. Creuser
Box 6 Schmuck, Peter J. West Point Vacancies
Box 6 Scott Welded Products, C. H. Scott. Government contract 1930-31
Box 6 72nd Congress
Box 6 Seichter, Charles (Karl). Certificate of Registry; ref: Harry Clasen
Box 6 Shields, Patrick A. Veteran's case
Box 6 Skeffington, John. Documents
Box 6 Smith, Burton. Compensation
Box 6 Solomon, Felix. Concerned c/o executive clemency
Box 6 Solomons, Jacob. Post office transfer
Box 6 Somers, A.L. Visa case
Box 6 St. Jacques, Pvt. David. Army Air Corps, Technical School
Box 6 Storace, Augustus. Veteran claim
Box 6 Sturniolo, Frank. Veteran claim
Box 6 Swartz, Miss L. Private case
Box 6 Synnott, Lieut. Matthew. Veteran ins. Sister: Manie Synnott
Box 6 Tallen, Miss Irene Rose. War mothers; Gavagan
Box 6 Tarabella, Bruno. Visa; ref: Fred W. Bain
Box 6 Tariff (Hoover Statement)
Box 6 Tauton River. Conservation Project
Box 6 Tiernan, Patrick. Veteran claim
Box 6 Telephone Bill
Box 6 Tolivia, Maria Elvina. Extension of stay
Box 6 Trade Marks
Box 6 Troy, Matthew C. Marine Corps Commissioner
Box 6 Tuttle, Macowin. Concerned with reception
Box 6 Unemployment. Clippings, letters & pamphlets
Box 6 Universal Draft
Box 6 Velati, Ferinando. Return permit
Box 6 Veterans. Letters & messages
Box 6 Veteran Law. Act of July 3, 1930
Box 6 Veterans Hospitals
Box 6 Vierbuchen, Rudolph. Return of driver's permit
Box 6 Vinson, Carl. Personal request
Box 6 Vivisection. Pro & con letters
Box 6 Vollbehr Collection. Purchasing for Library of Congress
Box 6 Washington, George. Political Philosophies
Box 6 Washington Property
Box 6 Walters, Frank. Pension
Box 6 Weintraut, Paul. Re: Louis Cohen
Box 6 Weisenberg, Ignantz. Immigration; Ref: Phillip Donahue
Box 6 Western Union Tel. Co. Bills unpaid
Box 6 Wertheimer, Max. Documents
Box 6 Willeger, Miss Alice. Extension; ref: Morris & Jos Weinstock
Box 6 Wilson, Woodrow
Box 7 Wollcott, Clarence. Restoration in Post office
Box 7 Worden, Clarence. Re: Finkelstein
Box 7 Zentgraf, Rev. George J. Promotion
Box 7 Ziadi, Dib. S. Ref: Bob Chase
Box 7 Zommer, Joseph A. Position
unless otherwise indicated 1931
Box 7 Adams, George Kenneth. Adjusted Compensation
Box 7 American National Institute. Prix de Paris, S.915
Box 7 Anderson, George V. Documents
Box 7 Annapolis. Nomination applications
Box 7 Anti-injunction Bill
Box 7 Archie, Charles. Honorable discharge
Box 7 Ballias, Mrs. Ellen. Visa; petitioner: Gus Ballias (husband); ref: A.E. Fisher (brother)
Box 7 Beck, James M. Concerned with constitutional book
Box 7 Beckert, Frank T. Transfer from Navy yard to G.P.O.
Box 7 Berney, Charles. Parole & transfer; ref: Wm. F. Brunner, M.C. 1930
Box 7 Berney, Paul. Increased compensation
Box 7 Boland, Frank H.K. Documents; American Hotel Assn.
Box 7 Boulder Dam Jobs. Employment solution
Box 7 Boue, Dr. Charles. Passport; ref: John T. Erehn
Box 7 Brandmarker, J. Leon. Documents
Box 7 Breen, George. Personal letter
Box 7 Bridgeport Dredget Dock Co. 1929
Box 7 Briegel, Jess. Circulars & pamphlets
Box 7 Broderick, Joseph. Prohibition report
Box 7 Brunner, Wm. F. Summer session of N.Y. legislature
Box 7 Burns, Terence D. Prohibition exam; ref: Marguerite Cooney (sister)
Box 7 Camp Wyanore. Reunion
Box 7 Captains
Box 7 Carlin, Thomas G. House Res. 15057
Box 7 Caro, Nathan L.
Box 7 Census. Aliens
Box 7 Census Data. Population of N.Y.
Box 7 Chomym, Luka. Naturalization; ref: John R. Ryan
Box 7 Christensen, John Grahm. Request for address
Box 7 Christmas cards
Box 7 Citizen's wives. Admitting alien husbands
Box 7 City of New York
Box 7 Clarke, James F. Death claim; ref: widow Mrs. Mae Clark, Thomas Clarke (brother)
Box 7 Communism. Fish report
Box 7 Concrete Steel Co.
Box 7 Congedo, Rev. Father. Sacred Heart Church
Box 7 Congressional Districts. Reapportionment
Box 7 Congressional record, 72nd Congress, 1st Session
Box 7 Cowan, Wm. J. Documents
Box 7 Criscuolo, Giovanni (John). Deceased; bonus certificate; ref: N. Joseph Slicklen, Esq.
Box 7 Crummy, Rose Anna. Naturalization records
Box 7 Currie, Margaret. Visa for visitor; mother: Mrs. M. Currie; ref: Mrs. Mary A. Haggerty
Box 7 Curry, William.
Box 7 Daniels, John J. Specifications of non- shatterable glass
Box 7 Daniels, Mrs. Rose. Teacher's license
Box 7 Danise, Guiseppe. Naturalization
Box 7 Delehanty, M. J. Naturalization
Box 7 Denman, Miss Helen C.
Box 7 Dittiger, Anton & Katherina. Deportation
Box 7 Dixon, Walter E. Government expenses
Box 7 Domidian, Wm. Documents
Box 7 Doolin, John A. Wickersham. Report
Box 7 Dowdican, James J. Retirement check
Box 7 Duffy, John R. Bonus information; see also: Donnelly, Mary C.
Box 7 Dulligan, James F. Veterans case
Box 7 Depass, David L. Licensed to practice chiropractics
Box 7 Edwards, Alfred G. Skyville
Box 7 Enright, Edmund. Documents; Criterion Adv. Co.; Graybar Building
Box 7 Enquitable Casualty & Surety Company. Private Bill; Joseph Friedman $1000 1932
Box 7 Equitable Casualty & Surety Company. Private bill 1932
Box 7 Equitable Casualty & Surety Company. Private bill; Sigwald Anderson $5000 1932
Box 7 Equitable Casualty & Surety Company. Private bill, claims committee; bail bond John Towarnicki $500
Box 7 Equitable Casualty & Surety Company. Private bill, claims committee; bail bond Franceso Martini $3000
Box 7 Equitable Casualty & Surety Company. Private bill, claims committee; bail bond Joseph Sauerino $500
Box 7 Equitable Casualty & Surety Company. Private bill, claims committee; bail bond Max Harris $10,000
Box 7 Equitable Casualty & Surety Company. Private bill, claims committee; bail bond Sam Sells $500
Box 7 Equitable Casualty & Surety Company. Private bill, claims committee; bail bond William Perry $500
Box 7 Equitable Casualty & Surety Company. Private bill, claims committee; cancelled; bail bond Patrick Hickey $1000
Box 7 Equitable Casualty & Surety Company. Private bill, claims committee; bail bond John Gribben (alias John Murphy) $1000; cancel see Equitable letter Dec. 19th
Box 7 Faconti, Dolores. Patent decision
Box 7 Fairbank, Alexander M. Retirement
Box 7 Farley, James M.
Box 7 Fitts, George R. Report on Rules committee
Box 7 Fitzgerald, Maurice. Undertaker bids
Box 7 Frauendorfer, Heinrich. Deportation
Box 7 Gabruiner, Leon. Visa; wife: Rebecca Gabruiner; brother-in-law: Victor Handelman
Box 7 Grady, Daniel. Position; ref: E.J. Roche
Box 7 Grant, George. Veteran claim
Box 7 Growoll, Hedwig. Visa; ref: Otto Unzelman
Box 7 Gulf Refining Company. Unemployment; ref: Captain A.A. Tanos
Box 7 Hall, Dr. Investigation
Box 7 Halsey, William F. Retirement from Coast Guard; ref: Basil O'Connor
Box 7 Hand, Pitt B. Documents
Box 7 Hansen, Ferdinand. Income tax; Romanoff Caviar Company, Gramercy Park Hotel
Box 7 Hickey, Thomas F. Civil Service Exam
Box 7 Holmes, Rev. John Haynes. Fish committee
Box 7 Hopkins, Miss Evelyn. Visa; ref: John A. Davis
Box 7 Igoe, James T. Aeronautical chambers
Box 7 Jones, Henry. Re-instatement; registry mail clerk
Box 7 Kahn, Rosa. Special travel document
Box 7 Kalendian, Vahan. Visit of His Grace Bishop Leon Tourian
Box 7 Kane, Thomas. Coast maps
Box 7 Karobeyc, Samuel. Veteran claim
Box 7 Keating, Joseph W. Bureau of Engraving; Foreman's position
Box 7 Keller, John. West Point; ref: uncle Joseph W. Keller
Box 7 Kelleher, John. Veteran compensation; ref: Hazel Brindell
Box 7 Kelly, Louis. Deportation; ref: Thomas J. McGee
Box 7 Kelly, Margaret Mary. Naturalization; ref: Richard J. D. Keating Esq.
Box 7 Keat, Everett. Fish & Game Laws
Box 7 Krenn, Anton. Visa; ref: Josephine Krenn
Box 7 La Scala, Joseph. Marine Corps discharge
Box 7 Lax, Samuel. Illegal Alien Act
Box 7 Leiter, Mrs. Selig. Ref: A. Welles Stump, Esq.
Box 7 Lenox, John E. Personal matter
Box 7 Litchfield, Electus D. Architect
Box 7 Literary Guild. Subscription matter
Box 7 Livoff, Solomon. Reply to reduction
Box 7 Longworth. Appraisal
Box 7 Lopez, Juan. Private bill 72nd Congress
Box 7 Lorefice, Bessie. Visa; ref: Kenneally & John R. Ryan
Box 7 Loughran, William. Deportation; ref: Edward G. O'Connor
Box 7 Lowney, M. J. Documents
Box 7 Lundean J. Louis. Request for Museum publications
Box 7 Lynch, Frank M. Navy transfer (Marine Corps)
Box 7 Lynch, William D. Parole & veteran claim
Box 7 La Scala, Joseph. Marine Corps discharge
Box 7 McClaury, Richard. Position
Box 7 McConnell, Edward C. Charity case
Box 7 McCosh, Cecil. Ref: Fred Hackenburg
Box 7 McCurdy, Frank M. Real estate information
Box 7 McGrath, Dennis. Veteran compensation
Box 7 McIntyre, Robert L. Salias Motor Sales M.C.
Box 7 McTurck. Coles C. Terry, Esq.
Box 7 Maloney, Francis P. Claim against District of Columbia
Box 7 Manca, Albino. Extension of stay. Ref: Lillian R. Sire
Box 7 Martin, Charles. Army discharge
Box 7 Mastalir, John. Commission army reserves
Box 7 Madlik, Charles O. Veteran claim
Box 7 Mermer, Charles F. Bonus
Box 7 Michels, Catharine. Passport renewal; ref: Walter Hirsch
Box 7 Monaghan, Joan. Veteran claim
Box 7 Moore, Williams. Appointment of liaison officer
Box 7 Morton, Harry F. Personal matter
Box 7 Moultrie Memorial Association
Box 7 Murphy, Edward. Naturalization; ref: Martin G. McCue
Box 7 Nagle, Charles. Pension
Box 7 Neal, John Miller. Ref: Mrs. Laura Cauble
Box 7 Neary, Edward J. The Swick Bill
Box 7 Ninoch, Frank. Certificate of entry
Box 7 Nolan, Leo James. Visa; ref: Emma H. Shattenkirk
Box 7 North, A.L.
Box 7 O'Brien, PatrickJ. Special bill; increase in pension
Box 7 O'Connell, David. Eulogy
Box 7 O'Connell, Mary. World War Widow Pension
Box 7 O'Connor, J.J. Personal messages
Box 7 O'Connor.McFadden. Speech
Box 7 O'Connor, John H. Documents
Box 7 O'Connor Organization. Reference to Candidacy as majority leader
Box 7 O'Connor, Edward J. Application prohibition agent
Box 7 O'Connor, Minnie. Deportation
Box 7 O'Connor, Walter B. Principal West Point
Box 7 O'Hare, Maurice F. Lost Check
Box 7 Olvany, William J. Document info
Box 7 O'Reilly, Charles J. Veteran claim
Box 7 O'Sullivan, Raymond J. Personal
Box 7 Owens, Margaret. Visa; ref: James F. Dulligan
Box 7 O'Connor, Mary. Personal
Box 7 Payne, John H. Retirement
Box 7 Pendleton, Charles R. Documents
Box 7 Petsulis, Elias. Veteran claim; widow: Margaret Petsulis
Box 7 Paradine, Thomas E. Documents
Box 7 Prohibition. Various letters
Box 7 Prohibition. Sirovich Resolution
Box 7 Quayle, John. Eulogy
Box 7 Raidler, Eugenia T. Return permit; ref: Wilfred Eidt
Box 8 Reapportionment, 72nd Congress
Box 8 Retirement. New York State
Box 8 Rice, Charles T. Naturalization of American Citizens Abroad
Box 8 Rice, Maurice H. Documents
Box 8 Rightmyre, Frederick A. Increased pension; ref: Sarah J. Loomis
Box 8 Robinson, Charles. Bonus
Box 8 Robinson, Charles S. Bonus
Box 8 Rock, Samuel. Visa; ref: wife: Mary's Rock
Box 8 Roosevelt, F.D. Personal letter
Box 8 Rudy, Frank. Accident
Box 8 Russell, James I. Narcotic Service
Box 8 Ryan, W.E. Application for a position
Box 8 Salerno, John F. Document
Box 8 Schaefer, Lucy. Typewriter information
Box 8 Schlomberg, Alexander. Bonus loan
Box 8 Schoenthaleb, Charles. Veteran claim; ref: George Breen
Box 8 Schwartz, Estate of. Private bill; 72nd Congress-1st session
Box 8 Schwartz, Lilli. Justice department; re-instatement
Box 8 Seger, Clara. Pension; ref: James F. Dulligan
Box 8 Shankman, Charles. Soldiers home
Box 8 Shashadian, M. Verification of Entry
Box 8 Silver. Prewar status
Box 8 Silver. Stabilization
Box 8 Silver, Maxwell. Special patent; ref: William F. Kavanagh
Box 8 Sisters of St. Dominic. Documents
Box 8 Skinner, Mabel. Documents
Box 8 Smith, Jim. Personal letter
Box 8 Smith, James V. Remarks
Box 8 Somers, Andrew L.
Box 8 Stationery account
Box 8 Steck, Frank E. Veteran claim
Box 8 Steingut, Irwin. Legislative correspondent dinner
Box 8 Stokes, Earl J. Bonus loan
Box 8 Sussman, Sidney ( Synscha Rysman). Deportation; ref: William Lorie
Box 8 Szyf, Mojzesz. Visa; wife: Rose Szyf (Schiff); ref: George Breen; visa
Box 8 Telephone bills
Box 8 Thompson, Charles. Private bill
Box 8 Thorpe, Merle
Box 8 Tolbert, Ward V.
Box 8 Tudor, Robert. Personal letter
Box 8 Tonnell, James N. Personal letter
Box 8 Unemployment. Varied reports and press statements
Box 8 Unemployment. Various letters
Box 8 Vaughn, D.L. (dec.). Certificate of indebtedness; state of Missouri; ref: James A. Dulligan
Box 8 Veterans employment
Box 8 Viso, Nicasio & sister. Extension; ref: Rev. Father Congedo
Box 8 Victor, Rev. Brother. Personal letter
Box 8 Wagner Bills. Public employment office
Box 8 Wall, John. Veteran claim
Box 8 Walsh, Annie. Visa
Box 8 Ward, Maj. Gen. F.W. House bill 12918
Box 8 Warren, Victor. West Point 1st alternate; ref: James A. Farley
Box 8 Washington, George. Tribute
Box 8 Washington, George. Bicentennial Celebration
Box 8 Webster, Mrs. M. Brooks. Passport; ref: Peter L. F. Sabbatino, Esq.
Box 8 Weeks, J. Arthur. Transportation of Mother to Honolulu
Box 8 Weller Eulogies
Box 8 Weller, Leonora
Box 8 West Point
Box 8 West Point Improvement
Box 8 World Court
Box 8 Wickershan Report
Box 8 Wilson, Charles H.
Box 8 Wylk, Rudolph. Parole; ref: Albert E. Schwartz
Box 8 Zabriskie, Mrs. Elmer. Bulletins
Box 8 Zogob, Mrs. Mitchell
unless otherwise indicated 1932
Box 8 Ambruscato, Gaetano. Naturalization
Box 8 Agriculture. Allotment of Land
Box 8 Aggugia, Ernest. Return permit
Box 8 Air Mail
Box 8 Anderson, Nell
Box 8 Annapolis
Box 8 Averna, Salvatore. Hospitalization
Box 8 Anti-injunction Bill
Box 8 Apotheker, Henry
Box 8 Architects. Resolutions and the McDuffie Bill
Box 8 Armao, Michael C. Medical School
Box 8 Army, Navy Stores
Box 8 Army Officers
Box 8 Ashbrook, Frank G. Wild Life Committee
Box 8 Association of the Bar. Document; New York City
Box 8 Aver, Anna. Deportation
Box 8 Austrain, Carl J.
Box 8 Ayres, Howard
Box 8 Bachmann, Carl G.
Box 8 Baer, Charles E. Position as painter
Box 8 Bain, Fred
Box 8 Bank Head
Box 8 Banking
Box 8 Bankruptcy Bill
Box 8 Banks, Daniel J. Veteran claim
Box 8 Banks, Philip J. Veteran claim; ref: William P. Kenneally
Box 8 Barondess, Benjamin
Box 8 Barrett, Michael ( dec.). Pension; ref: John Forde
Box 8 Baumgart, Herbert. Insurance; ref: Jacob Hamburger Esq.
Box 8 Beam, Harry
Box 8 Beardell, H.J. Documents
Box 8 Beck, James M.
Box 8 Beck-Linthicum
Box 8 Becker, Irving (dec.). Veteran claim
Box 8 Beer. H. Res. 10017 (4 folders)
Box 9 Beer bill. H. Res. 10017 (4 folders)
Box 9 Beer. Petition of Rep. and Speaker Garner
Box 9 Bennett, Kingsley A.
Box 9 Birth Control. Opposition of H. Res. 11082
Box 9 Blank, Paul. Documents
Box 9 Bloomer, M.B. Lumber
Box 9 Bohan, Katherine. Civil Service Nurse
Box 9 Bohman, Frederick. Deportation; ref: John Daniels
Box 9 Boland, Frank A. K. Request for copy of Senate 173
Box 9 Bonds. Bill no. 7230
Box 9 Bonus. Pro and con letters concerning the Bonus Bill (2 folders)
Box 9 Bonus. Soldiers
Box 9 Boone, Charles. Letters referring to the appt. of Frank Ross Lacky
Box 9 Bortner, L.D. Request for employment
Box 9 Boscaino, Frank. Letters to oppose salary cuts
Box 9 Bowers, Claude G. Speech of
Box 9 Boy Scouts. Thank you letters for George Washington Bicentennial Commission poster
Box 9 Brady, Henry. Personal regards
Box 9 Brand, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest. Visa
Box 9 Brennan, Frank E. Taxi board
Box 9 Brewood. Bill
Box 9 Briggs, Clay Stone. Ref: Mr. J.H. Painter
Box 9 Busby, Jeff. Speech on the unbalanced budget
Box 9 Brown Bear. Admiralty Island
Box 9 Brown Club
Box 9 Brown, Edward. Years Agenda
Box 9 Brown University. Request for Contributing article to the Brown Daily Herald
Box 9 Briegel, Jess. Documents
Box 9 Burk, Charles C. Reference to Irving Pereira and Leon E. Truesdell
Box 9 Burns, Edwin R. Veteran claim
Box 9 Burns, Mary T. Remarried widows pension
Box 9 Butler, E. Anthony. Publications
Box 9 Byrns, Joseph W. Committee on Appropriations
Box 9 Caine, George William. Wife, petitioner, Gertrude Rose Caine; ref: David C. Mills
Box 9 Campaign. Public refund decision no. 854
Box 9 Camp Upton. F. H. Payne
Box 9 Cannon, Bishop. Error in article
Box 9 Cano, Alfred Etal. Deportation; ref: Louis Stiglich
Box 9 Carew, John F. Request for books
Box 9 Carley Bill. House Bill 9975
Box 9 Carmmillo, Louis. Alien Registry; ref: Paul Poveromo
Box 9 Carr, Mary. Pension
Box 9 Carruthers, Frank D. Request for an appointment to a government domestic service position
Box 9 Cartwright, Wilburn
Box 9 Caruthers, F.D. Request for employment
Box 9 Cassar, Antonio. Return permit
Box 9 Castiglia, Gaetano. Check returns; ref: David I. Shivitz
Box 9 Caucus. Preamble and rules...
Box 9 Chace, William. Burial expenses
Box 9 Chain Stores. House Res. 46 and 456
Box 9 Chevally, Rene J. Bulbs
Box 9 Chicago World's Fair
Box 9 Child Actors. Mary T. Norton's Amendment to the Child Labor Law
Box 9 Children's Bureau. Labor Rules
Box 9 Chirow Estate. Tax; ref: Albert E. Schwartz
Box 9 Child Labor. Role in agriculture of Colorado
Box 9 Chmelir, Rudolf. Visa; ref: Felix Solomon
Box 9 Christgau, Victor. Personal
Box 9 Clarke, Neil A.G. Re-examination for civil service commission
Box 9 Christmas Cards. List
Box 9 Citizen's Military Camps. Army Appropriations Bill
Box 9 Civil Service. Examinations
Box 9 Civil Service Law. Classification Law
Box 9 Clark, Frank. For power commission
Box 9 Clark, Henry A. Re: Congressman McFadden
Box 9 Clark, Van Antwerp. Lost Mail
Box 9 Clements, Hall Kane. Personal reply
Box 9 Cockerill, Frank. Wife's mental illness?
Box 9 Cohen, W. W. Thank you letters
Box 9 Coinage. Value of U.S. Currency
Box 9 Collier Bill
Box 9 Columbia Casuality Co. Senate 1259
Box 9 Collier, James W. Tariff Commission
Box 9 Collins, William. Visa; petitioner's son John Joseph Collins
Box 9 Collogrossi, Giulietta Consiglio. Visa
Box 9 Compton, Richard. Judge Wilkerson
Box 9 Condon, J. Edward. Diplomatic career
Box 9 Condon, Joseph W. Ref: Mrs. J. Curry
Box 9 Connelly, Thomas J. Increase in pension; war medal
Box 9 Congratulations
Box 9 Congressional Committee. Request for printing fee
Box 9 Congressional Record. 72nd 2nd session
Box 9 Connell, Edward S. West Point; re: Robert Hall
Box 9 Connelly, Peter J. Esq. Income tax case; ref: George Gavagan
Box 9 Consumer Party. Edward Thimme
Box 9 Conte, Ciro. Immigration; ref: James F. Dulligan, Esq.
Box 9 Contractors. House Res. 9975, House Res. 10372, House Res. 11337
Box 9 Convention. Miscellaneous Bulletins
Box 9 Cook, Harrison I. Re: J.F. Curry
Box 9 Copper
Box 9 Copyright
Box 9 Copyright Bill
Box 9 Corbin, Frank J. Temporary appointments
Box 9 Cosentino, Michael. Alternate to Annapolis
Box 9 Costigan-La Follette bill
Box 9 Cotton
Box 9 Cowdin, J. Cheever. National Trade Revival Series
Box 9 Cox, James M. Speech
Box 9 Cowen, Mark. Shannon Committee
Box 9 Craig, Charles. Farm Relief Plan before Committee oN Agriculture
Box 9 Crowley, John D. Rankin Bill
Box 9 Crusaders. Membership letter enclosed
Box 9 Cruise, Michael. Personal Letter
Box 9 Cruising Ships
Box 9 Cultivated Oyster Farms Corp. Post office Fraud Order
Box 9 Currency. Power to Regulate Value
Box 9 Curley, Hon. James M. Mayor Boston
Box 9 Curry, John F. Request for Census Bulletin
Box 9 Curry, William. Arrangements for burial expenses
Box 9 Daalder, Charles. Naturalization
Box 9 Daly, Marcus. Committee on Foreign Relations
Box 9 Damico, Louis. Deportation; ref: Teresa W. Ball & Martin G. McCue
Box 9 Darling, James and Smith, Frank. Ref: Dennis Mahoney
Box 9 Davis, Chester W. Memorandum on foreign and domestic actions
Box 9 Davis, Stanley F. Beer plan
Box 9 Davis, John W. Speech
Box 9 Davis, W.G. Documents
Box 9 Del Castillo, Rafael. Investigation of investment trusts
Box 9 De Metropolis, George. United States Naval Academy
Box 9 Debts
Box 9 Democratic National Committee. Bureau of Publicity
Box 9 Democratic Convention. New Apportionment of Delegates
Box 9 Democratic Union Photo. The Jeffersonian
Box 9 Democratic State Committee. List of members
Box 9 Department Consolidation. Board of Directors of the Maritime Association
Box 9 Dickstein, Samuel. Deficiency Appropriation Bill
Box 9 District of Columbia. Letter about privileges in the Capital
Box 9 Dobson, Bridget and Mary. Passports; ref: Lucy Schaefer
Box 9 Documents
Box 9 Domidian, William. Seeds
Box 9 Donegan, Harold. Congratulatory letter
Box 9 Dooling, John J. Census figures
Box 9 Dooling, John T.
Box 9 Dowd, Patrick. Service record; ref: William P. Kenneally
Box 9 Downs, Patrick. Veteran claim
Box 9 Downing, Margarita E. Widows pension; ref: James F. Dulligan, Esq.
Box 9 Dowsing, John E.
Box 9 Doyle, John C. Jr. Ref: John Caldwell Myers Esq.
Box 9 Dulberg, Joseph. Medical School
Box 9 Durkin, Thomas Charles. Principle to West Point
Box 9 Dwyer, Bridget. Widow pension; ref: George Breen
Box 9 Eagan, John T. Board of Child Welfare
Box 9 Edwards, Alfred C. Assessments
Box 9 Elkins, Harry M. Civil Service; ref: Lucy Schaefer
Box 9 Emergency Officers
Box 9 Epstein, Henry. Democrats in Minnesota
Box 9 Endorsements. Miscellaneous letters
Box 9 Ershba, Rose W. Return permit; husband: Max Bernstein; ref: Max I. Shivitz
Box 9 Everglades Park. House Res. 12381
Box 9 Ezaar, Jacob. Documents
Box 9 Faconti, Dolores. Condition of banks
Box 9 Fallon, George J. Veteran Claim
Box 9 Farley, James. Letters concerning various issues 1932-33
Box 9 Fallon, John C. (dec.). Insurance claim; ref: John Joyce
Box 9 Farley, Thomas M. Message
Box 9 Farrell, John J. Telephone company's salary to son
Box 9 Farrell, MaCarigs. Position at Bellevue; ref: John A. Owens
Box 9 Farm Board. Monopoly in agricultural prices
Box 9 Farm Relief. Agricultural marketing act
Box 9 Fasullo, Peter. Letter from War Dept. Records; ref: Miss Schaefer
Box 9 Fay, Malcolm N. Letter commenting on letter in tribune
Box 9 Federal Prisoners. Report on county jails
Box 9 Ferry, Dorothea & Genevieve. Steno exam
Box 9 Fiala, Joseph. Redemption burned money
Box 9 Fiesinger, W.L. Documents
Box 9 Finance Companies. Ref. Senate Bill 1153
Box 9 First Deficiency
Box 9 Finn, Mary. Father: James Finn; ref: John T. Eagan
Box 9 Fisher, Frederick. Campaign
Box 9 Fitz, H.H. Documents
Box 9 Fitze, Gertrude. Documents
Box 9 Fitzpatrick, J.J. Inauguration preparations
Box 9 Flint, John H. Certificate in Lieu Army and Navy; ref: Nicolas Santella
Box 9 Flint, Mariane. Public Health Pay
Box 9 Flynn, Mary. Pension
Box 10 Foreign Loans. Press release
Box 10 Foreign Service. General information for employment
Box 10 Frank, James. Meeting for statewide security corporation stockholders
Box 10 Frank, John Alexander. Request for architectural employment with post offices
Box 10 Franklin Simon & Company. Credit problems
Box 10 Fried, Harry E. Increase in pension; ref: Edward B. Kelly
Box 10 Friedman, Edward. Recommendation for legal case
Box 10 Friederich, Mary K. Naturalization
Box 10 Fuller, Claude A. Documents
Box 10 Furey, Georgiana. Increased pension
Box 10 Fur Tax Bill. Industrial Council Of Cloak, Suit, and Skirt Manufacturers, Inc.
Box 10 Fusco, Michael. Position
Box 10 F miscellaneous
Box 10 Galleagher, William B. Seeking employment
Box 10 Garabed. Industrial Messiah-The Free Energy
Box 10 Garner, John. Ref: Matters concerning the 18th amendment
Box 10 Geddes, Ray H. Letters concerning various issues
Box 10 Geological Survey. Map distribution
Box 10 Gibbons, Charles H. Jr. Personal letter
Box 10 Glasscock, Tom M. Documents
Box 10 Glover, D.D. Request for Farmers' Bulletins
Box 10 Godfrey, Charles Hull. U.S. Navy medical record
Box 10 Goldman, Philip. Alias Peasach Chavrashinsky, naturalization, ref: Richard J. D. Keating, Esq.
Box 10 Goldschneider, Helen. Civil Service Rating, ref: George Breen
Box 10 Goodyear Rubber Co. Patent Information
Box 10 Goss, Bill
Box 10 Grand Central. Post office Building
Box 10 Granfield, W.J. 1933 Agricultural Year Books
Box 10 Granite. New York Federal Court House and the Federal Building Program
Box 10 Greene, Thomas W. Transfer to Otisville Sanitarium, ref: Senator King
Box 10 Greenspan, Benjamin, Esq. Personal gratitude
Box 10 Griffin, A.J. Liberalization of house rules
Box 10 Griffin, Joseph T. Personal letter
Box 10 Gross, M. Louise. Prohibition bills
Box 10 Grunder, Anthony G. Navy court martial; ref: Sussette McConnell (sister-in-law)
Box 10 Hamlin, E.M. American Zinc, Lead and Smelting Company
Box 10 Hand, Richard B. Immigration
Box 10 Haron, Jacques. Visa, Children - Henry, Sylvia, Antonine; mother: Sautine K. Haron; ref: Paul Poveromo
Box 10 Harris, Frank. Personal letter
Box 10 Harris, Joseph H. Pension; ref: Kermit F. Kip. Esq.
Box 10 Hart, George A. Ref: David I. Shivitz
Box 10 Harvey, John Rush. Notes and instructions
Box 10 Haswell, Ernest C. Courtesy cards, ref: Felix Solomon
Box 10 Hechinger, Sidney L. Veteran claim 1931-32
Box 10 Heller, Milton L. Documents
Box 10 Henderson, Thomas. Veteran claim; ref: William J. Curry
Box 10 Hennessey, Hoey. Personal letter
Box 10 Hernon, John J. Veteran claim
Box 10 Hess, Frederick A. Position in Bureau of Engraving
Box 10 Hettler, Fred W. Postmastership
Box 10 Heyne, Erich R. Petitioner (wife) Mollie Elianof Heyne; ref: Paul Poveromo
Box 10 Hindle, James. Position
Box 10 Hirth, Helen. Return permit; ref: Bernard Newman
Box 10 Hochberg, Cina, et al. Visa; ref: David I. Shivitz
Box 10 Hodgman, W.K. Personal
Box 10 Hoebelt, Cyric A. Revenue Law
Box 10 Hofner, Marie. Letter concerning various issues
Box 10 Hogan, Eileen. Deportation; ref: James F. Dulligan, Esq.
Box 10 Home Loan Bank Laws
Box 10 Home Loan Bank Bill. Reports and Memorandums
Box 10 Hooper, Gertrude C. Payroll information
Box 10 Hoover. Intergovernmental debts
Box 10 Hospitals. Principles of uses and limitations
Box 10 Hotel Willard. Request for reservations
Box 10 Howell, Clarence. Request for employment
Box 10 Hoyt, Jeanne L. Personal letter
Box 10 House Joint Res. 212. 72nd Congress; 1st session
Box 10 House Joint Res. 485. Amendment to the XVIII Amendment; 72nd Congress, 2nd session
Box 10 House Joint Res. 504. 72nd Congress 2nd session, Committee on Foreign Affairs
Box 10 House Res. 127. Amending private and consent calendar rules
Box 10 House Res. 150
Box 10 House Res. 9891 and House Res. 10023.
Box 10 House Res. 10017
Box 10 House Res. 10017. Corrected
Box 10 House Res. 12643. O'Connor Tax Bill, 72nd Congress 1st session
Box 10 House Res. 13013. O'Connor Beer Bill; 72nd Congress 2nd session
Box 10 House Res. 13031. Amend Revenue Act 1918 to tax beer 7.50 per barrel; 72nd Congress 2nd session
Box 10 House Res. 13040. To amend National Prohibition Act; "3.2 Beer"; 72nd Congress 2nd session
Box 10 House Res. 13462. 72nd Congress 2nd session (2 folders)
Box 10 Hull, Cordell. Agricultural remarks
Box 10 Hull, Morton D. Volstead Act
Box 10 Hundertmark, C. State Bonus; ref: Butler B. Hare
Box 10 Hunger Markers
Box 10 Ilinsky, Countess. Customs seizure; ref: Fred W. Bain
Box 10 Imhof, Arthur. Position
Box 10 Immigration. House Res. 10602
Box 10 Immigration. Letters concerning the Moore: Immigration Bill
Box 10 Inauguration. Tickets and arrangement letters
Box 10 Invitations. Request letters and rejections
Box 10 Jankovich, Laszro. Passport information
Box 10 Janssen, August Jr. Personal note
Box 10 Jarman, Mrs. A. H. War Mineral Commission (Interior); ref: J. J. Fitzpatrick
Box 10 Japan. The Shanghai Crisis
Box 10 Jarvis, R.I. Address
Box 10 Jenkins, Edison J. Documents
Box 10 Jochim, Frank. Position; ref: Walter Hirsch
Box 10 Johns, Arthur
Box 10 Judges
Box 10 Kalaidjian, Rev. M.T. Calling card
Box 10 Karskey, Simon. Extension; ref: William H. Dixon, Esq.
Box 10 Kay Lowell Hat Shop. George Washington Bust
Box 10 Kelleher, Thomas James. Veteran death claim; ref: Rudolph Von S. Domkowitz
Box 10 Kelly, H.L. Letter Recommendation
Box 10 Kelly, Walter J. See also: Middleton, Janet E.
Box 10 Kenefick, Morrell. Promotion; General Accounting Office
Box 10 Keogh, Ross F. Documents
Box 10 Kidnapping. Harold Page
Box 10 Kidnapping. Senate Bill No. 1525
Box 10 Kieffer, George S. Spanish War; pension increase
Box 10 Kingsley, J.F. Governors Bonus Stand
Box 10 Kip, Kermit F. Post Office Site
Box 10 Kleinman, Regina. Deportation; ref: Kermit F. Kip. Max L. Seidler
Box 10 Knights of Columbus. Political Comments
Box 10 Kock, Arnold T., Esq. Frederick R. Zachan
Box 10 Koghler, Robert H. Bayport Property
Box 10 Krantz, Henry E. Documents
Box 10 Kuebert, Frank. Documents
Box 10 Kyne, Nora. Return permit; ref: Joseph Johnson
Box 10 Lapley, William. Letter to Mr. John R. Alpine
Box 10 La Guardia, F. L. Political Education by Radio
Box 10 Lame Duck Amendment
Box 10 McCart, Samuel W. Miscellaneous letter
Box 10 Land Banks. Various letters
Box 10 Lang, Joseph A. Veteran claim
Box 10 Legion-unemployment. Resolutions
Box 10 Lethbridge, Arthur. Credit problem
Box 10 Levine, Maurice. Veteran claim; ref: Albert E. Schwartz, Esq.
Box 10 Lewis, J. Hamilton. Personal letter
Box 10 Lewis, John M. Personal letter
Box 10 Lincoln. Address of Hon. Burnett M. Chiperfield
Box 10 Link, Everett M. Second alternate Annapolis
Box 10 Lipman, Ida Kritzer. Warrant; ref: Samuel Plumer
Box 10 Lipnicky, Mary. Ref: Fred L. Hackenburg
Box 10 Litchfield, Electus D. Repeal of Prohibition Act
Box 10 Loffler, Frederick. Veterans claim
Box 10 Long, Christine. Position
Box 10 Long, Huey. The Career of a Tinpot Napoleon
Box 10 Lonigan, Hugh J. Obsolete Gun
Box 10 Loughran, Bridget. Widow pension; ref: Martin G. McCue
Box 10 Lumber. Kendall Bill
Box 10 Lunney, Patrick. Annuity claim
Box 10 Lundy, John A. Veteran claim; ref: Garry Owens
Box 10 Lurie, William. Penalty case
Box 10 Lynn, Mrs. Frances. Workmen's compensation
Box 10 Lyons, Mary. Widow's pension; John W. Lyons
Box 10 McTavish, W.C. Request for legal advice
Box 10 McAvoy, Katherine. Veteran: Bureau transfer
Box 10 McCarthy, Thomas F. Pension claim; retirement claim 1924-1927 1931-1932
Box 10 McClukly, Walter. Ref: John J. Daniels
Box 10 McCormack, Edward J. Veteran claim; Ref: mother: Mary McCormack, father: Oliver Murphy O.F.M.
Box 10 McCue, Martin G. Personal letter
Box 10 McCue, Martin G. Personal letter
Box 10 McDermott, Fred J. Position
Box 10 McDermott, Leo J.
Box 10 McDonald, Edwin J. Real Estate Appraisals
Box 10 McGough, John H., Esq. Personal Letter
Box 10 McKeon, Caroline. Pension; ref: Thomas M. Farley; see: Kerwin, Thomas
Box 10 Kerwin, Thomas ( dec.). Spanish War widows pension; ref: Thomas M. Farley; widow: Caroline McKeon
Box 10 McLaughlin, Edmond. Bonus certificate; father: William J. McLaughlin
Box 10 McLaughlin, Richard ( dec.). Adjusted compensation; war risk insurance 1931-32
Box 10 McNulty, Edward F. Veteran claim
Box 10 McNulty, John
Box 10 Machado, J.A. Garner's "Pork Barrel" Relief Bill
Box 10 Mack, George. Personal telegram
Box 10 Madden, Daniel F. Personal letter
Box 10 Mahon, William J. Reconstruction Corporation Finance Law
Box 11 Mahoney, Frank P. Veteran claim
Box 11 Mahoney, John J. Retirement legislation
Box 11 Mail truck contracts
Box 11 Maloney, Francis P.
Box 11 Manganese
Box 11 Mansfield, J.J.
Box 11 Mansfield, Thomas. Insurance; ref: Bill Curry
Box 11 Manton, Martin
Box 11 Manzone, Leonardo. Naturalization
Box 11 Marienacci, Placido
Box 11 Marine Corps League
Box 11 Marshall, Simon D.D.S.
Box 11 Masonic Lodges
Box 11 Masonic Posters
Box 11 Maternity Bill
Box 11 Matters, Thomas H. Documents
Box 11 May, Frederick. Ref: Carlton Z. Solomon
Box 11 Mead, James M.
Box 11 Mehl, Charles H. Transfer in Veteran bureau
Box 11 Merchant Marine
Box 11 Mesenzehl, W.D.
Box 11 Messinger, Abraham. Visa; ref: Alfred E. Schwartz
Box 11 Messinger, Morris. Civil service appointment; ref: Albert E. Schwartz
Box 11 A.C. Messler Company. Senate 439, relief of
Box 11 Mifsud, Charles
Box 11 Mileage
Box 11 Military Academy
Box 11 Millard, Charles D.
Box 11 Milligan, J. W. Boardman.
Box 11 Mills, David C.
Box 11 Mittman, Etka, Marie, and Louis. Father: Louis David Mittman
Box 11 Molloy, John
Box 11 Molloy, Pat
Box 11 Mohohan, Robert. Transfer in Bellevue; ref: Anning S. Prail
Box 11 Monticello
Box 11 Moody, Ira A. Government insurance
Box 11 Moran, John Joseph Sr. Third alternate Annapolis; ref: J.F. Curry
Box 11 Moran, Katherine. Census record
Box 11 Mount Iacomo
Box 11 Mouso, Elmer. Pension
Box 11 Mott, Alice. Position
Box 11 Moynahan, Bernard M. Principle to Annapolis
Box 11 Munzinger, Charles J. Transfer
Box 11 Murray, Edward G.
Box 11 Murray, William J.
Box 11 Murray, Oliver
Box 11 Muscle Shoals (2 folders)
Box 11 Nepolis, Ed. S. Documents
Box 11 Narcotics
Box 11 National Capital Press
Box 11 National Guard
Box 11 National Industrial Conference Board
Box 11 National Press Club
Box 11 Naturalization
Box 11 Naval Militia
Box 11 Navy Yard Employees
Box 11 Nazzaro, Joseph James. West Point Principle
Box 11 Nebbia, Carmelina Fratianni. Visa; husband: Albert Marius Nebria; ref: Nicolas Santella
Box 11 Newman, Enos S. Position reconstruction, class=GramE>finance corporation
Box 11 Nemeth, Vincent. Return permit, ref: Martha G. McGue
Box 11 Newman, Grover. Customs service ref: H. S. Beardell New York, Democrat
Box 11 Nicholas, Warren
Box 11 Nolan, W.I.
Box 11 Oakes, Arthur G. Estate of
Box 11 O'Connor, Charles F.
Box 11 O'Connor, D. Basil
Box 11 O'Connor, James G.
Box 11 O'Connor, James Leo
Box 11 O'Connor, John. Beer speech, etc.
Box 11 O'Connor, John. Documents
Box 11 O'Connor, John. Will contest; ref: Mrs. George Grant
Box 11 O'Connor, John J. O'Connor-Hull bill.
Box 11 O'Connor, John J. Bills, 72nd Congress
Box 11 O'Connor, John J. Leadership.
Box 11 O'Connor, John J. O'Connor-McFadden.
Box 11 O'Connor, John J. Personal
Box 11 O'Connor, John J. Tax Bill.
Box 11 O'Connor, William J. Veteran claim
Box 11 Oil, taxes on
Box 11 O.K. Tool Company. Ref: Kermit Kip Esq.
Box 11 Old Age Pensions
Box 11 Olive, Frater, O.Y.M.
Box 11 Olwell, Margaret. Naturalization; ref: Mary Flynn
Box 11 O'Malley, C.A. Documents
Box 11 O'Neill, Mrs. A.T. Promotion
Box 11 O'Rourke, Charles. Pension, ref: George Heppler
Box 11 Ostheimer, Anna. Visa; aunt and uncle: Mr. and Mrs. George Vogel; ref: Michael J. Cruise
Box 11 Panza, Francesco
Box 11 Paper
Box 11 Passport Fees
Box 11 Patents
Box 11 President's Message. 72nd Congress 2nd session
Box 11 Pay-Cut 1932
Box 11 Peace
Box 11 Pearson, Adelaide. Documents
Box 11 Peckham, Clarence
Box 11 Pell, Herbert C.
Box 11 Pensions
Box 11 Pereira, Mrs. Veteran compensation, ref: Charles C. Burke
Box 11 Perkins, Van Ostrand. Principal Annapolis
Box 11 Persoff, Hyman. P.O. Charges
Box 11 Perth, Amboy
Box 11 Phillips, Miss Lena M. Chicago World's Fair
Box 11 Philippines
Box 11 Photographs
Box 11 Pfaff, Leona. Transfer; ref: Marguerite Roche
Box 11 Pinelli, Peter A. Documents
Box 11 Plants
Box 11 Platforms. Democrat 1932
Box 11 Polar Year
Box 11 Police. Washington
Box 11 Pope, Gr, Uff. Generoso.
Box 11 Pou, Edward
Box 11 Port of New York
Box 11 Puerto Rico
Box 11 Post, Langdon W.
Box 11 Post, Lawrence F.
Box 11 Post Office Department
Box 11 Postage
Box 11 Poveromo, Paul
Box 11 Power
Box 11 Pratt, Mrs. Ruth. Voting Record
Box 11 Presse, Daniel. Steno-typist exam
Box 11 Preston, Joe
Box 11 Preusse, Charles F. Documents
Box 11 Prohibition (2 folders)
Box 11 Prohibition. Laws
Box 11 Prohibition. Special
Box 11 Prohibition. Unofficial Committee
Box 11 Public Building. Special
Box 11 Public Debt
Box 11 Putnam, Herbert
Box 11 Quinn, Patrick. Position
Box 11 Quill, Ann. Appointment as nurse; ref: J. Chester Brady
Box 11 Rackliff, Herbert L.
Box 11 Radaelli, Giuseppe. Ref: Vahen H. Kalenderian
Box 11 Radio Rules
Box 11 Radio Speech
Box 11 Railroad Retirement
Box 12 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Box 12 Reid, John Jr.
Box 12 McCue
Box 12 Reilly, Thomas. Page; father: Arthur Reilly; ref: Martin G. Releases
Box 12 Relief Laws
Box 12 Reserve Officers
Box 12 Remirez, Esteban. Bicentennial Celebration
Box 12 Rankin Bill
Box 12 Rao, Paul
Box 12 Raskob, John J.
Box 12 Rasqin, Almon G.
Box 12 Reapportionment
Box 12 Reapportionment. New York
Box 12 Reardon, Edward F. Seeds
Box 12 Retirement. Legislative
Box 12 Realdine, John. Veteran claim; ref: John J. Fitzpatrick
Box 12 Reaney, Josephine. Private pension bill
Box 12 Ridgway, John W. Pension increase; ref: F. L. Hackenburg
Box 12 Rodesk, Maurice
Box 12 Rodriguez, Armando. Hospitalization
Box 12 Romeo, Michael. Deportation; ref: William Lurie
Box 12 Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. Speeches, Democratic National Convention, 1932 platform, etc. (2 folders)
Box 12 Roosevelt-O'Connor
Box 12 Rosenbach, Ella A. Steno exam; ref: M.J. Delehanty; Civil Service
Box 12 Rosenberg, Jesse.
Box 12 Rothenberg, Selma. Steno exam
Box 12 Rothschild, Erika. Re-entry permit
Box 12 Ruis, Jose Manuel (Jose Maria Ruiz & Temprado). Extension of stay; ref: James F. Dulligan
Box 12 Russia
Box 12 Ryan, Frank J.
Box 12 Ryan, Verrill Thomas. Reinstatement in Navy
Box 12 Sabin, Mrs. Charles H.
Box 12 St. Lawrence Waterway
Box 12 Salaries
Box 12 Salary Reduction
Box 12 Sales tax
Box 12 Sansone, Francis P. Adjusted compensation application
Box 12 Santella, Nicolas. Disability allowance
Box 12 Saxe, John Godfrey
Box 12 Scauri, Giacomo. Naturalization
Box 12 Scheitlin, Henry F. Documents
Box 12 Schembri, Attilo. Naturalization
Box 12 Schlagman, Hyman. Documents
Box 12 Schlomberg, Alexander. Veteran claim
Box 12 Schmidt, Catherine. Documents
Box 12 Schneider, George J. Documents
Box 12 Schools approved by Labor
Box 12 Schwartz, Albert E.
Box 12 Scrugham, J.G.
Box 12 Sea Service Bureau
Box 12 Seery, Dick
Box 12 Senney, Howard I. Ref: Kip, Kermit F.
Box 12 Shannon Resolution
Box 12 Shay, Henry W.
Box 12 Sheehy, John E.
Box 12 Sheppard, Mrs. John S. Prohibition
Box 12 Shipley Saddlery and Mercantile Company.
Box 12 Shivitz, David I. Ref: Samuel Plumer
Box 12 Shouse, Jovett
Box 12 Shults, Mrs. P.C.
Box 12 Silver
Box 12 Sirovich, William
Box 12 Slevin, John. Pension; ref: Thomas F. Hall
Box 12 Smart, Richard J. Hospital transfer
Box 12 Smith, Alfred E. Speech of
Box 12 Smith, Blanche M.
Box 12 Smith, Elmer, Esq.
Box 12 Smith, Ray. Documents
Box 12 Smith, William Caldwell. Government insurance 1931-32
Box 12 Smith, William J. Bayport property
Box 12 Solomon, Felix
Box 12 Solomon, Isaac Alter. Deportation; ref: David I. Shivitz
Box 12 Speakership (2 folders)
Box 12 Spring, William. Documents
Box 12 Stationery account
Box 12 Stanislawska, Shewa and Icia. Visa; ref: Bernard Newman
Box 12 Steers, Evelyn F.
Box 12 Stern, Mrs. Benjamin. Documents
Box 12 Stewart, Percy
Box 12 Stockholders Protective Committee.
Box 12 Studer, Luigi. Reduction of Bond; ref: Lillian R. Sire
Box 12 Stump, A. Welles.
Box 12 Sugar.
Box 12 Sulzberger, Myron.
Box 12 Summers, Hatton W.
Box 12 Sutphin, William H.
Box 12 Sweeley, R. S. Civil service
Box 12 Sweeney, William F. Veteran claim
Box 12 Tannenbaum, Jack. Restoration, Good Time (Atlanta); ref: Morris Berney
Box 12 O'Connor Tax bill (5 folders)
Box 12 Taxes
Box 12 Tax refund speeches (2 folders)
Box 12 Tax refund speech.
Box 12 Tax refunds
Box 12 Taxi Cabs
Box 13 Telephone bills
Box 13 Terzi, Giustino. Deportation; ref: Richard J. D. Keating
Box 13 Thommen, Louis A. 2nd alternate Annapolis
Box 13 Tocci, Leon. Veteran claim; ref: Edward Burrows
Box 13 Training Cruises
Box 13 Treadway, Allen T.
Box 13 Treasury-Post Office Appointment. 72nd 2nd session
Box 13 Trubanoff, Sergius
Box 13 Unemployment
Box 13 Usury
Box 13 United States Supreme Court
Box 13 Utterback, John G.
Box 13 Vago, Oscar
Box 13 Verilli, Saverio. Immigration; ref: Teresa V. Ball
Box 13 Verrett, Clark E. Veteran claim
Box 13 Veteran Laws
Box 13 Veterans
Box 13 Vocational Education
Box 13 Wagner, Anna. Census
Box 13 Wagner, Robert F.
Box 13 Walker, James J.
Box 13 Wallace, Bertha E.
Box 13 Walsh, Mrs. Michael. Pension; ref: Dr. Cook
Box 13 Walton, Mary
Box 13 Wamsley, L.E.
Box 13 Ward, Francis P.
Box 13 Ward, Truman.
Box 13 Washington. The Masons
Box 13 Washington Posters
Box 13 Washington Property
Box 13 Weber, Charles H.
Box 13 Weintraub, Paul
Box 13 Weller, Leonora
Box 13 Whalen, John A. Position
Box 13 Whalen, John F.
Box 13 White, Rock
Box 13 Wilentz, David T.
Box 13 Wheat
Box 13 White, Francis H. Position on ship
Box 13 Whittaker, Don F.
Box 13 Wilcox, Elsie C. Appointment as junior typist; ref: Phil Donahue
Box 13 Willard, Irma DeB. S. Historical information
Box 13 Wilson, Charles H.
Box 13 Winer, Louis.
Box 13 Wise, John. State bonus; ref: Langdon W. Post
Box 13 Woodcock, A.W.H.
Box 13 World Exchange Bank
Box 13 Yebbins, Walter J. Position in Government Printing Office as carpenter; ref: Reuben Haskell
Box 13 Zimmerman, A.J. Ref: William J. Granfield
Box 13 Zizza, Antonio
unless otherwise indicated 1933
Box 13 Alfandary, Mrs. Authentication of documents; ref: David I. Shivitz
Box 13 Absentee Voting
Box 13 Aeronautics
Box 13 Adamski, Roman W. Insurance claim; ref: Dunn, Daly and Bain
Box 13 Department of Agriculture
Box 13 Agriculture and Scientific Bureau. Documents
Box 13 Ahrens, E.H.
Box 13 Aime, Brother Victor
Box 13 Airports
Box 13 Alber, Louis J.
Box 13 American Farm Economics League
Box 13 The American Russian Slavonic Democratic Club
Box 13 Applications. Civil War Widow's Pension
Box 13 Annapolis
Box 13 A (Miscellaneous).
Box 13 Ammel, Roy W.
Box 13 Applications. Muscle Shoals
Box 13 Applications. Pardon and Restore Civil Rights
Box 13 Ardolino, Edward
Box 13 Army
Box 13 Army-Navy Club
Box 13 Assessments on real property opinions in certiorari proceedings
Box 13 Aviation
Box 13 Avers, Ray E. Documents
Box 13 Bain, William J. Mortgage
Box 13 Bain, Fred W. Documents
Box 13 Bacharach, Isaac
Box 13 B (Miscellaneous).
Box 13 Bank Bill
Box 13 Bankhead, W.B.
Box 13 Banking(Branch)
Box 13 Banking Board. New York; Resolutions
Box 13 Bankruptcy Bills. House Res. 14133 McKeown; House Res. 14110 La Guardia; House Res. 4921 Hastings; House Res. 4923
Box 13 Bankruptcy Bills. House Res. 14359 Report 300
Box 13 Banks
Box 13 Barbaro, Salvatore. Application for citizenship
Box 13 Barnaba, Anna Notarsterfano. Visa
Box 13 Barlett, Ralph. Jobs; Ref: Arnold T. Koch
Box 13 Bartlett, Ray K. Veteran claim
Box 13 Bates, W.T.
Box 13 Beam, Harry P.
Box 13 Bean, Victor
Box 13 Beck, James M.
Box 13 Beer Bill
Box 13 Beer Bill. District of Columbia
Box 13 Begley, John S.
Box 13 Behr, Ken
Box 13 Bennett, David G.
Box 13 Bemis, Elsie. Secretary to Congressman Granfield
Box 13 Bergnet, Louis. Ref: Bernard Newman
Box 13 Beusch, Kurt and Herbert. Enlistment in Navy
Box 13 Birmingham, Irene
Box 13 Birmingham , S.W.
Box 13 Bishop, Harold C. Tiffany
Box 13 Black Bill
Box 13 E.W. Bliss Company. Torpedos
Box 13 Bloom, Sol. George Washington
Box 13 Blythe, John J.
Box 13 Bochert, Harry
Box 13 Bohensky, Frank E. Documents
Box 13 Boland, Patrick J.
Box 13 Bonneau, J. Lew. Firm Data
Box 13 Bonner, Laura M.
Box 13 Bonds
Box 13 Books (List)
Box 13 Bouchard, M.J.
Box 13 Bowen, Alfred W.
Box 13 Boynston, Tom D.
Box 13 Boyle, Charles Patrick. Veteran claim
Box 13 Boyle, John
Box 13 Brandt, A.W.
Box 13 Braun, Irving . Deportation
Box 13 Breen, George
Box 13 Brennan, Catherine. Documents
Box 13 Broderick, Joseph A.
Box 13 Brooklyn Mortgage Guaranty and Title Company
Box 13 Brown, Edward A.
Box 13 Brunner, W.F.
Box 13 Bruns, Irving Lindsay
Box 13 Buck, F.W.
Box 13 Budget
Box 13 Burke, Edward R.
Box 13 Burns, Joseph P. Temporary work during holidays in Post Office (New York)
Box 13 Burt, Harry A. Documents
Box 13 Butler , Nyckoff and Reld
Box 13 Buy American
Box 13 Cabinet
Box 13 Calabro, John J. Veteran claim, ref: Charles D. Sapio
Box 13 Calhoun Bridge & Company
Box 13 Callahan, Agnes. Widows Pension claim
Box 13 Callahan, Frederick J. Court material
Box 13 Callaghy, Martin V. Resignation
Box 13 Camera, Nicolas Joseph
Box 13 Harry T. Campbell and Sons Company (2 folders)
Box 13 Cantwell, Thomas. Telegram
Box 13 Carew, John F.
Box 13 Carisio, Giacomo. Visa, James F. Dulligan, Esq. interested
Box 13 Carito, Arico
Box 13 Carnesi, John
Box 13 Casey, John J.
Box 13 Cassela, Concetia Cimino. Ref: William G. Copeland
Box 13 Cassidy, Daniel P.
Box 13 Cassidy, P.A.
Box 13 Celler, Emanuel
Box 13 Chamberlain, George E. Position
Box 13 Chandler, Claude
Box 13 Charop, Sigmund C. Post office Reinstatement
Box 13 Clausen, Henry
Box 13 Chavez, Dennis Jr.
Box 13 Churchill, Thomas W. Letter to diplomatic offices
Box 13 Childs, Thomas M. Jobs
Box 13 Civil Service positions
Box 13 Claney, Robert H.
Box 13 Clark, Frank. Letter of introduction
Box 13 Clarke, Thomas F.
Box 13 Clarkin, Peter A. Veteran claim
Box 13 Clubs
Box 14 Cochran Resolution
Box 14 Coe, Charles
Box 14 Cohen, Benjamin V.
Box 14 Collins, P.J.
Box 14 Collins Manufacturing Company. Permission to use of N.I.R. 4 emblems as watermark
Box 14 Commercial National Bank. Mrs. Griffiths interests
Box 14 Community Trust Bank
Box 14 Congressional Digest
Box 14 Congressional Record. 73rd Congress Special Session
Box 14 Coniglio, Salvatore. Visa; ref: Paul Poveromo
Box 14 Conn, Russell. Removal of Awning over sidewalk Ambassador Hotel
Box 14 Connelly, Bill
Box 14 Connolley, Douglas S. Appointment
Box 14 Connery bill.
Box 14 Connors, James F. Post office transfer
Box 14 Conry, Martin. Jobs; ref: John T. Eagan
Box 14 Consentino, Domenico. Visa
Box 14 Consolidated Gas Company. Documents
Box 14 Codney, James J. Documents
Box 14 Cooper, Edward W.
Box 14 Cooper, Robert. Aircraft Books
Box 14 Copelof, Maxwell
Box 14 Corbin, Edwin M. 1st alternate West Point to Donald Strickland; ref: Harrison I. Cook, William Keating
Box 14 Corbin, Frank J. Job; bank examiner, special agent in Department of Justice, or any of the positions mentioned on the enclosed list
Box 14 Coulomb, Henry R.
Box 14 Cowen, Mark. Information
Box 14 Crawford, Daniel
Box 14 Crawford, John. Civil service appointment; senior highway construction supervisor
Box 14 Crane, Robert. Position with Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Box 14 Crehan, John J., Esq.
Box 14 Crofton, George H. Documents
Box 14 Cronin, William S.
Box 14 Crop. Production loans, 72nd Congress 2nd Session
Box 14 Crosser, Robert. Speaker
Box 14 Crowdis, Walter Scott
Box 14 Crove, Camille. Naturalization
Box 14 Crowther Bill
Box 14 Cunneen, Terence F.
Box 14 Curley, James M.
Box 14 Curry, Robert.
Box 14 C (miscellaneous)
Box 14 Dailey, Vincent
Box 14 Daley, Arthur E.
Box 14 Dallas, John G. Foreign assignment for son in army
Box 14 Dalton, John E. Ref: Morris M. Leffer
Box 14 Daniels, J. J. Form R.F.C.
Box 14 Davison, F. Trubee
Box 14 Davis, Edwin L.
Box 14 Davis, John W.
Box 14 Dawson, John G.
Box 14 Debts
Box 14 Decoppet and Doremus
Box 14 Deficiency Bill, 1st
Box 14 De Jongh, Teresa (Grace de Gough). Admission to this country
Box 14 Delaney, John J.
Box 14 Del Castillo, Rafael, Jr.
Box 14 De Leeuw, Peter. Veteran claim
Box 14 Delehanty, James L.
Box 14 Delehanty, M.J. Documents
Box 14 De Mores, Joseph. Temporary work in Post Office during holidays
Box 14 Dennim, Hannah. Ref: George Breen
Box 14 Dennis, William M. Currency
Box 14 Depiazza, Joseph. Lost citizenship papers
Box 14 Depression
Box 14 Dermody, Thomas F. Job
Box 14 Dern, George H.
Box 14 Dickstein, Samuel
Box 14 Dietershagen, Aloysivs. Citizenship
Box 14 Dillon, Alice . Position; ref: Alice Dillon Moffatt
Box 14 Dingell, John D.
Box 14 Distasi, Frank. Veteran compensation; ref: Sanone 1931-1933
Box 14 District of Columbia. Appropriation
Box 14 District Appropriation Bill.
Box 14 Doherty, Leo P., Esq.
Box 14 District Leaders
Box 14 Dodge, William C. Campaign
Box 14 Donnelly, Edward Charles. Veteran claim
Box 14 Donovan, John F.
Box 14 Dougherty, Leo P.
Box 14 Dougherty, J.D.
Box 14 Driscoll, Joseph F. Documents
Box 14 Douglas, Mary F. Crop production
Box 14 Drohan, William C., Esq.
Box 14 Dulligan, James F.
Box 14 Dunlop, Thomas M. Documents
Box 14 Dunn, Albert. Documents
Box 14 Dunn, Joe
Box 14 Dunn, Phillip. Surrogate
Box 14 Dunnigan, John J.
Box 14 Dwyer and Reufield. Documents
Box 14 Eagan, John F. Miscellaneous
Box 14 Economy Bill
Box 14 Edelstein, Samuel. Post office transfer
Box 14 Eggers, Katrina. Edwards, C.S.
Box 14 Edwards, J.R.
Box 14 Efficiency Ratings
Box 14 Eggers, Katrina. Extension of stay
Box 14 Eghiyan, Eli S. Civil Service
Box 14 Eisemann brothers. Tax matter
Box 14 Electric Clocks
Box 14 Electricity Tax
Box 14 Election Contests
Box 14 Elfredink, Calla M. Documents
Box 14 Elks
Box 14 Ellenbogen, Henry
Box 14 Embargo bill
Box 14 Emery, Julius. Salary reduction
Box 14 Emery, Julius. Compensation
Box 14 Englebright, Harry L. Documents
Box 14 Ettinger, Virgil P. Documents
Box 14 Engineers
Box 14 Erck, Rosalie. Position; clerical & research work
Box 14 Evans, A.W.
Box 14 Evans, John M.
Box 14 E miscellanoues
Box 14 Fanning, Edward B.
Box 14 Farber, Mr.
Box 14 Farber, John C.
Box 14 Farley, James A.
Box 14 Farley, J.I.
Box 14 Farrell, John J.
Box 14 Farm Bill. House Res. 13991 (2 folders)
Box 14 Fay, James H.
Box 14 Federal Aid
Box 14 Federal Court House
Box 14 Federated American War Veterans. Documents
Box 14 Fielder, Martin J.
Box 14 Finn, Alexander
Box 14 Carl Fischer Company
Box 14 Fisheries
Box 14 Fitzgerald, M.G. Speakership
Box 14 Fitzsimmons, James E.
Box 14 Five Day Week
Box 14 Florio, Peter
Box 14 Flynn, Edward J.
Box 14 Flynn, Mary. Veteran claim; widow's compensation
Box 14 Flynn, Terence. Position in hospital
Box 14 Foley, James A.
Box 14 Foreign Insurance Company
Box 14 Fountain, Arthur L. Parole
Box 14 Francis, Lulu S.
Box 14 Frechtel, Harry
Box 14 Freedlander, Joseph M. Architectural
Box 14 Fuller, Claude
Box 14 Fur Tax Bill
Box 14 Gervais, Ida. Book by Thomas Campbell
Box 14 Galgano, Frank R.
Box 14 Gannon, Mortimer
Box 14 Garvan, Francis P.
Box 14 Garvin, Francic P.
Box 14 Gelai, Jaime. Visa; wife (citizen): Ardonsinda Rafaela Gelpi; ref: William P. Kenneally
Box 14 Geppert, George A.
Box 14 Gerard, James W.
Box 14 Gerry, Guy Eugene. Piggery at Civilian Conservation Corps
Box 14 Giabone, Leone. Passport
Box 14 Gibbons, Billy
Box 14 Gibbons, Jean
Box 14 Gied, Mrs. F.W. Veteran Compensation
Box 14 Gill, Henry C.
Box 14 Gillies, George M.
Box 14 Gilulu, Moses
Box 14 Giordano, Natalie. Post office Promotion
Box 14 Glass Bill
Box 14 Glass, William F. Veteran claim
Box 14 Glasler, Lena. Visa
Box 14 Glassman, Leo M.
Box 14 Glynne, Michael
Box 14 Gold, Louis
Box 14 Golden, Arnold M.
Box 14 Goldsborough, T. Alan. Mr. Hand's Speech
Box 14 Goldschmidt, H.
Box 14 Gosch, Ralph.
Box 14 Gracie, George
Box 14 Grand Central Post Office Bill
Box 14 Granfield, William
Box 14 Grand, George
Box 14 Great Eastern Vans Incorporated
Box 14 Griffin , W.W.
Box 14 Gross, David. Veteran claim
Box 14 Gurnett, John W. Appointment
Box 14 Gurrieri, Joseph
Box 14 Hackenburg, Fred L. 1928-1933
Box 14 Hamburger, Paul. Visa
Box 14 Hamilton, Albert
Box 14 Hammet, John H. Position as assistant bank examiner
Box 14 Hancock, Frank
Box 14 Hand, Charles S. Reoperation of pneumatic tube postal systems in Boston , Philadelphia , Chicago and St. Louis
Box 14 Handleman, Maurice. 1931 1932
Box 14 Hansen, Ferdinand. 1932,1933
Box 14 Harnett, Charles A. Document
Box 14 Harley, Francis C. Invitation
Box 14 Hart, Joseph. Lost discharge; ref: William P. Kennelly
Box 14 Hartley, Fred J.
Box 14 Heizman, Max. Lease of monies now held in Bank in Germany
Box 14 Hencken, Lionel E. Documents
Box 14 Higgins, William M. Veteran claim
Box 14 G Miscellaneous
Box 14 Haber, Martha. Ref: Almon G. Pasquin
Box 14 Harvalik, Edward C.
Box 14 Hagen, Melvin C.
Box 14 Hearn, William. Re-instatement in Navy
Box 14 The Heil Company
Box 14 Herbert, Thomas. Veteran claim
Box 14 Hernon, John J. Veteran claim
Box 14 Hicks, William M.
Box 14 Higgins, Joseph J.
Box 14 Higgins, Paul D.
Box 14 Higgins, William M. Veteran claim
Box 14 Hiram-Walker & Sons
Box 14 Hirsch, Walter A.
Box 14 Hoeppel, J.H.
Box 14 Hogan, James A. C.M.T.C.
Box 14 Hollander, Leonard A. John Carroll University
Box 14 Holyoke Post Office
Box 14 Home Mortgage Relief
Box 14 Home Owner'sLoan Corp.
Box 14 Hooke, Walter G.
Box 14 Hoover-Roosevelt Letters
Box 14 Hoover, Dickerson N. Jobs
Box 14 Houpt, Wilber E.
Box 14 Howard, Edgar. Documents
Box 14 Howell, James A. Election contest
Box 14 Howell, Lewis E. Accident in Coast Guard; ref: Almon G. Pasquin
Box 14 House Res. 113. 73rd Congress ( Carley); contracts erection and alternation of building
Box 14 House Res. 146. 73rd Congress; Reapportionment
Box 14 House Res. 147. Big Brother and Big Sister Federation, etc.
Box 14 House Res. 9975. Letters endorsing
Box 14 House Res. 13462. 73rd Congress, 2nd session; committee on census 1932
Box 15 House Res. 715, 73rd Congress
Box 15 House Res. 1153, 73rd Congress. Renew patent of Thomas Welch
Box 15 House Res. 1154, 73rd Congress. Patrick McKernan
Box 15 House Res. 1155, 73rd Congress. Relief of John Z. Lowe
Box 15 House Res. 1156, 73rd Congress. James G. Hardy and Company
Box 15 House Res. 1696, 73rd Congress. Collier
Box 15 House Res. 1697, 73rd Congress. Beer bill (Blaine)
Box 15 House Res. 1698 (formerly House Res. 12643 - 72nd Congress)
Box 15 House Res. 1699, 73rd Congress. Beer bill
Box 15 House Res. 1700, 73rd Congress. Fur tax
Box 15 House Res. 3048, 73rd Congress. Relief, William Martin
Box 15 House Res. 3459, 73rd Congress. Franklin Surety
Box 15 House Res. 3460, 73rd Congress. Manufacturers Relief International Sales company ( Postnikoff)
Box 15 House Res. 3759, 73rd Congress.
Box 15 House Res. 5073
Box 15 House Res. 13462, 72nd Congress, 2nd session
Box 15 House Res. 13742
Box 15 House Res. 13872
Box 15 Huggard, Margaret. Pension claim
Box 15 Hughes, M.C.
Box 15 Hull, William E.
Box 15 Hunt Production Company report
Box 15 Husid, Joseph. re: John A. Mossel
Box 15 Hutson, C.W. Alleged use of franks
Box 15 H miscellaneous
Box 15 Ickes, Harold L.
Box 15 Igoe, James T.
Box 15 Income tax returns
Box 15 Independent Sand and Gravel Corporation (Code)
Box 15 Indian Motorcycle Company
Box 15 Indians
Box 15 Industrial Recovery bill
Box 15 Industrial Recovery bill (House Res. 5755)
Box 15 Insinga, Giuseppina
Box 15 Inspection station
Box 15 Insurance companies. Senate 1094
Box 15 Invitations
Box 15 Irving Trust Company
Box 15 I miscellaneous
Box 15 Jacott, Dorothy M.
Box 15 Jameson, Guilford S. Position
Box 15 Jarett, Sanford. Documents
Box 15 Jenckes, Virginia E.
Box 15 Jenkins, Thomas
Box 15 Jessup, Philip S. Position
Box 15 Jews
Box 15 Jones, J. Edward
Box 15 Jorgenson, Ingeborg M.
Box 15 Kammerer, Paul T., Jr.
Box 15 Kane, Glen L.
Box 15 Kate, Nathan S.
Box 15 Kaylor, V.B. Documents
Box 15 Kearns. Consumer's Brewery Company permit
Box 15 Kearns, Tom
Box 15 Keeshin, J.L.
Box 15 Kenoe, John. re: P.F. McGowan
Box 15 Keleher, William T.
Box 15 Kelley, Edward A.
Box 15 Kenney, Edward A.
Box 15 Kenny, P.F.
Box 15 Kent, Everett
Box 15 Keohane, William. Documents
Box 15 Kiernan, Mariel
Box 15 Kindred, John J.
Box 15 King, Joseph. Jobs
Box 15 King, William V. Vet claim
Box 15 Kingsley, J.T. Documents
Box 15 Kip, Kermit T.
Box 15 Kirch, Antoinette. Scott Welded Products
Box 15 Knast, Richard. Documents
Box 15 Kocialkowski, Leo
Box 15 Koenig, Kerman. re: M.J. Cruise, Civil Service Commission
Box 15 Kogos, Domitrus. Visa
Box 15 Kraus, Fay. Reinstatement, Internal Revenue Service
Box 15 Kraus, Fred. Veteran claim
Box 15 Krellberg, Alfred S. Immigration
Box 15 Kurz, John B. re: R.T. Allen, jobs
Box 15 K miscellaneous
Box 15 Lachpelle, Sylvia C. Documents
Box 15 Lagomarsino, Virgilio. Visa, see: Arcangulo Sciutto
Box 15 La Guardia, Major
Box 15 Lambert Novelty Mirror Works, Inc. Documents
Box 15 Lamborn and Company
Box 15 Lame Duck amendment
Box 15 Laurie, William. Letter of endorsement
Box 15 Lang, Joseph A. Veteran claim
Box 15 Lanzetta, James J.
Box 15 Lange, Hazel W. re: Almon G. Pasquin pension claim
Box 15 Larkin, James J.
Box 15 LaRoux, Peter. Registry of arrival
Box 15 Laughlin, Leo L. re: Captain Collins, position
Box 15 Lawrence, Albert E. Veteran claim, C-2167529
Box 15 LeBrun, George A.
Box 15 Lefferts, M.C., Jr.
Box 15 Lee, Mildred A.
Box 15 Lehman, Herbert
Box 15 Lenihan, Henry. re: Henry Clausen, post office promotion
Box 15 Lesser, Frank R. Pension
Box 15 Lester, Henry V. re: Harry E. Champion
Box 15 Levy, Meyer. Social workers
Box 15 Lillis, John A.
Box 15 Lilly, Edward c. Pension
Box 15 Limandri, Michael. Veteran claim, C551-526
Box 15 Lemig, John J. re: William Supthin, post office transfer
Box 15 Liquor. Taxes and prices
Box 15 Little Congress
Box 15 Livingston, Robert R.
Box 15 Loans
Box 15 Lonergan, Augustine
Box 15 Love, W.J.
Box 15 Lowell impeachment
Box 15 Lowell, Kay
Box 15 Lowe, J. Charles
Box 15 Lovelle, James
Box 15 Lowney, Timothy E.
Box 15 Lunney, Patrick
Box 15 Lynch, Frank. Veteran Claim
Box 15 Lynn, David
Box 15 Lyons, John J.
Box 15 Lyons, Mary. Veteran claim of John Lyons
Box 15 L miscellaneous
Box 15 MacKeen, N.D.
Box 15 McAlinder, Daniel
Box 15 McAree, James
Box 15 McCabe, Matthew P. Veteran claim
Box 15 McCanna, Joseph P. Job
Box 15 McCarthy, H.H. Italian income taxes
Box 15 McCarthy, J.H. Jobs
Box 15 McClintic, James V.
Box 15 McCormick and Son
Box 15 McCormick, Vincent Francis. Principal to Annapolis
Box 15 McCreary, Emory. Disability allowance
Box 15 McDermott, John C. Admission Supreme Court
Box 15 McGean, James J. Medical record
Box 15 McHenry, Paul. Veteran claim
Box 15 McInerney, James J.
Box 15 McIntyre, George. see also: Miller, Valdamar A.
Box 15 McKenna, E.J. Documents
Box 15 McManus, Joseph E. Re: Margaret (Mrs. Joseph E.) Manus and the attorney general vet
Box 15 McNeill, Joseph. Veteran claim
Box 15 McNeill, Joseph J.
Box 15 McPartland, Mary C. Furlough
Box 15 McQuaid, G.F. Veteran claim, C1032627
Box 15 McSorley, John P.
Box 15 McWilliams, Thomas J.
Box 15 McNelly, Clarence L.
Box 15 Maher, Daniel. Letter of endorsement to Mr. Huria of RFC
Box 15 Mahoney, David
Box 15 Mahoney, Frank
Box 15 Mailing list
Box 15 Malloy, George. Veteran compensation
Box 15 Maloney, Francis T.
Box 15 Manchester Bond and Mortgage Corporation
Box 15 Maralian, J. Reforestation enlistment
Box 15 Mareira, Joao Francisco. Deportation
Box 15 Markey, John B.
Box 15 Maris, Roland F.
Box 15 Maroni, John F. Re: James A. Farley, Air Corps
Box 16 Marr Brothers
Box 16 Marshall, Elaine. Visitors entry card
Box 16 Marston, Hunter S.
Box 16 Martin, John A. Documents
Box 16 Martin, William. House Res. 3048
Box 16 Martin, William H. Position as engineer with PWA
Box 16 Martorelli, K. Re: Kermit Kip Incorporation, assignment of trademarkMason, John
Box 16 Masucci, Giuseppe. Deportation
Box 16 Mateicich, Louis. Deportation
Box 16 Matthews, James F.
Box 16 May, William F. Documents
Box 16 Meikle, Ernest G. Whiteoak timber for liquor barrel staves
Box 16 Merchants' Association of New York. A.M. Travers, documents
Box 16 Middleton, Janet E. Re: Walter J. Kelley
Box 16 Miley, Robert. Suggestions for CCC
Box 16 Miller, Valdamar A. Re: McIntyre, George, Virgin Islands
Box 16 Morgan, P.J.
Box 16 Moroney, Alphonsus P.J. Post office transfer
Box 16 Morron, James
Box 16 Morton, Mrs. David Holmes. Invitation
Box 16 Morton, John J.
Box 16 Mott, James W. Documents
Box 16 Muccio, Louis. Veteran claim
Box 16 Mueller, Helen I.
Box 16 Muraglio, Dino
Box 16 Muraglia, Leonardo. Visa
Box 16 Murphy, Annie. Widow's pension claim
Box 16 Murphy, Edmund. Re: John F. Carew
Box 16 Murphy, Martin
Box 16 Murphy, Thomas F. Furlough
Box 16 Murphy, William J.
Box 16 Murray, Stephen J. Jobs
Box 16 Myers, John Caldwell
Box 16 Myrle, Ellis. Re: Thomas Cantwell
Box 16 M miscellaneous
Box 16 Napoletano, Helen. re: husband Domenick Napoletano, Paul Poveromo deportation
Box 16 National Anti-crime Conference
Box 16 National Committee (Democratic). List of officers and members
Box 16 National Federation of Post Office Clerks. Invitation
Box 16 National Press Club. Constitution and by-laws
Box 16 National Recovery Administration. Correspondence with General Hugo S. Johnson
Box 16 National Retail Beer and Liquor Dealer's Association. Invitation
Box 16 Naval affairs
Box 16 Navy enlistment
Box 16 Navy bill
Box 16 Navy clothing depot. Bowne, W.H. invitation
Box 16 Neary, Stanley J. Veteran claim
Box 16 Nelson, Fred O., Jr.
Box 16 Neuberger, Harry. Connection with N.R.A.
Box 16 Neville, John F. Veteran claim
Box 16 Nevin, Ward G.
Box 16 New England Manufacturer's Bureau. Jefferson William, torpedoes
Box 16 Newman, Bernard
Box 16 Neuschatz, Mrs. Dale
Box 16 Newton, Marie L. Compensation
Box 16 Nimer, Louis J. Re: Thomas M. Farley
Box 16 The Nimro Company. " Fli-dope" (insect repellant)
Box 16 N miscellaneous
Box 16 O'Brien, John J. Veteran claim
Box 16 O'Brien, Thomas J.
Box 16 O'Connor, Basil. Miscellaneous
Box 16 O'Connor bills. 73rd Congress
Box 16 O'Connor, James G.
Box 16 O'Connor, James L.
Box 16 O'Connor, John J. Personal
Box 16 O'Connor, Richard J. Veteran claim
Box 16 O'Connor, Thomas. Veteran claim
Box 16 O'Connor, Vincent J. Letter of introduction
Box 16 O'Connor, William J.
Box 16 O'Connor, William M.
Box 16 O'Donnell, William
Box 16 Oil
Box 16 Olvany, William J. Documents
Box 16 O'Neill, Martin J. Navy record
Box 16 O'Ryan, John
Box 16 Osterman's National Bank
Box 16 Osterwald, Helen. Letter of endorsement
Box 16 O'Toole, Edward
Box 16 Overton, John H.
Box 16 Owens, John
Box 16 O miscellaneous
Box 16 Palanjian, Hike. Naturalization
Box 16 Papaccio, James
Box 16 Paradine, Thomas E. Documents
Box 16 Parker, Homer C. Agriculture yearbooks
Box 16 Patman bill
Box 16 Patronage
Box 16 Pay cut
Box 16 Pelunis, Yvonne. Job
Box 16 Perkins, Frances
Box 16 Perusse, Edward C.
Box 16 Perry, J.P.H.
Box 16 Photos
Box 16 Photos with President
Box 16 Piotrowski, Razio. Re: Walter J. Kelly, visa
Box 16 Piscina, Marea. Mr. Dulligan interested
Box 16 Pitcairn, Harold
Box 16 Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company. Supply glass for federal buildings
Box 16 Plumer, Samuel
Box 16 Plummer, Arthur M.
Box 16 Political
Box 16 Pomerene, Atlee
Box 16 Pope, John Russell. Archives building
Box 16 Pope, John Russell. Architect
Box 16 Porter, A. Veteran claim
Box 16 Post, Langdon W.
Box 16 Postal salaries
Box 16 Potter, Mary G. Passes for House and Senate gallery
Box 16 Pou, Edward W.
Box 16 Powers, D. Lane
Box 16 Powers, James
Box 16 Pramuk, Stephen A. Record
Box 16 Presidents' program
Box 16 Prohibition dates
Box 16 Poljack Manufacturing Company see: A.W. Evans, Englewood, N.J.
Box 16 P miscellaneous
Box 16 Quigley, Laurence F.
Box 16 Railroads
Box 16 Rainer, Henri T.
Box 16 Rallison, Arthur
Box 16 Ramsay, Robert L.
Box 16 Rankin, John E.
Box 16 Rasquin, A.
Box 16 Ratification
Box 16 Raymond, Anna E.
Box 16 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Box 16 Reforestation
Box 16 Reddy, Mabel
Box 16 Reel, George
Box 16 Reilly, Albert Thomas. Veteran claim, C2170415
Box 16 Repeal
Box 16 Repeal ballot
Box 16 Retirement (state)
Box 16 Rice, Levi S.
Box 16 Richey, C.L.
Box 16 Riddle, James L. Position with federal home loan bank
Box 16 Ridgeway, J. Arthur
Box 16 Riefkin, Philip M.
Box 16 Right of a Senator, a member of Congress or a resident commission to practice before any federal board, bureau of department
Box 16 Riordan, Raymond G.J. Position, Navy yard
Box 16 Robert, L.W. Information regarding architectural carving federal court house, New York City
Box 16 Roberts, Cyrus S. Retirement fund
Box 16 Roberts, M.A. Book borrowed by Mr. Chase and not returned
Box 16 Rock, Bernard J. Re: John T. Eagan, post office transfer
Box 16 Rogers, Will
Box 16 Romano, Michael. Position
Box 16 Room assignments. Architect of the Capitol
Box 16 Roosevelt clubs. Zies
Box 16 Roosevelt, Eleanor (Mrs. Franklin D.)
Box 16 Roper, Daniel C.
Box 16 Rosa, Victor. Position, tile layer
Box 16 Rosenman, Samuel I.
Box 16 R.O.T.C.
Box 16 Rules
Box 16 Ryan, John C. Re: Thomas M. Farley, re-enlistment in Army
Box 16 Ryan, Thomas G.
Box 16 Ryan, Thomas Jefferson. Bureau of Standards report
Box 16 R miscellaneous
Box 16 Sand and gravel
Box 16 Sand, stone, and gravel code. M. Ryan and Company
Box 16 Senate 5475
Box 16 Sabath, Adolph J.
Box 16 Sabbatano, Ethel. Re: Bernard Newman, Esq.
Box 16 Sabbatino, Peter L.F. Income tax
Box 16 Saidel, Myer
Box 16 St. Jean, George. Jobs
Box 16 San, Joseph H. War risk insurance cases
Box 16 Santoro, John. Jobs
Box 16 Sansone, Francis P. Documents
Box 16 Spafford, Edward E. Invitation
Box 16 Savage, Robert W.
Box 16 Schaefer, Lucy
Box 16 Schlomberg, Alexander. Veteran compensation
Box 16 Schoenbach, Joseph. Claim
Box 16 Schloss, Hugo H. Re: Walter Hirsch
Box 16 Schoolman, Max. Highgate Springs, Vermont inspection station
Box 16 Schravesande, Leonard William. Error in age in certificate of naturalization changed
Box 16 Schuetz, Leonard W.
Box 16 Schulkind, Edward B. Bankruptcy law
Box 16 Schultzman, George
Box 16 Scott, Carlysle H.
Box 16 Schuren, Otto Joseph
Box 16 Sciutto, Arcangelo. James F. Dulligan interested, visa
Box 16 Scott, Joseph. Re: Lucy Schaefer
Box 16 Seaman, Olen, Jr.
Box 16 Securities Act
Box 16 Seery, Edward
Box 16 Senes, Maurice F.
Box 16 Senter, Mollie. Documents
Box 16 Severin, William. Re: William Domidion
Box 16 Shannon, Joseph B.
Box 16 Shapario, Mrs. Re: Charles C. Burk, visa
Box 16 Sheehy, J.E.
Box 16 Shephard, Otis H.
Box 16 Sheridan, George. Re: George Breen
Box 16 Shillito, James
Box 16 Shipping
Box 16 Signer, Madeleine
Box 16 Silverman, Rebecca. Pardon
Box 16 Sinclair, Upton
Box 16 Sirovich resolution
Box 16 Sicher, Samuel A.
Box 16 Sisson, F.J. Rooms
Box 16 Skillman, Edgar Hunt. Enlistment Navy
Box 16 Smith, Claire. Re: Edward Broderick, Esq., passport
Box 16 Smith, Clifton F.
Box 16 Smith, Frederick J.
Box 16 Smith-Hamburg-Scott Welding Company. Names placed on Borders' list of government departments
Box 16 Smith, Myron Bement
Box 16 Smith, J. Spencer. Board of Commerce and Navigation
Box 16 Snedecor, James H.
Box 16 Social trends report
Box 16 Speakership information
Box 16 Speeches
Box 16 Spedick, C. Elmer
Box 16 Spen, Henry
Box 16 Sporting goods tax
Box 16 State convention. Delegates
Box 16 State committee
Box 16 State Housing act. New York
Box 16 State of New York. Senate
Box 16 Stationery account. New
Box 16 Stearus-Reegan Company
Box 16 Stevens, Mary Alice
Box 16 Stewart, manning
Box 16 Stock exchange reform committee
Box 16 Straus building pharmacy
Box 16 Strickland, Donald E. Re: James A. Farley, principal West Point
Box 16 Stump, Nesbitt. telegrams
Box 16 Sullivan, Anna. Transfer
Box 16 Sullivan, Eugene F.
Box 16 Sullivan, John H.
Box 16 Superintendent of folding room. Documents
Box 16 Sutton, Jerome H.
Box 16 Swig, Simon
Box 16 S miscellaneous
Box 16 Tariff
Box 16 Tatro, Joseph A.
Box 16 Taylor, Edwin I.
Box 16 Taylor, William B. Re-enroll in C.C.C.
Box 16 Taxation
Box 16 Tax on liquors
Box 16 Tax refunds
Box 17 Teare, Harry E. Re: Raymond O'Sullivan, first alternate to Annapolis
Box 17 Telegrams
Box 17 Telephone bills
Box 17 Tennessee Valley Authority
Box 17 Terminal railway post office, transfer to post office
Box 17 Terracotta
Box 17 Terry, Coles C.
Box 17 Texas company
Box 17 Tighe, William
Box 17 30 hour labor bill
Box 17 Toole, Jane. Re: Elizabeth M. Barry, widow's pension WC 883323
Box 17 Toomey, Mrs. Gene
Box 17 Transportation
Box 17 Twomey, Denis. Visitor's visa
Box 17 T miscellaneous
Box 17 Umstead, William B.
Box 17 Unicorn Stevedoring Corporation
Box 17 Uniforms
Box 17 U miscellaneous
Box 17 Vapeas, Andronire V. Immigration visa
Box 17 Valentine, James R.
Box 17 Van Duzer, William A. Documents
Box 17 Van Gosig, William. Headstones
Box 17 Vermel, Harry
Box 17 Veterans
Box 17 Veterans. Spanish war
Box 17 Virgin Islands
Box 17 Vitani, Domenico Marino
Box 17 Vole, George. Veterans claim
Box 17 Von Daur, Blanche
Box 17 V miscellaneous
Box 17 Waldman, Louis S.
Box 17 Wall, John. Veteran, disability allowance
Box 17 Wallace, Harry. Re: Michael T. McCarron
Box 17 Wallace, Secretary
Box 17 Ward, Matthew D. Reinstatement in shipping board
Box 17 Walker, Basil C. Documents
Box 17 Ward, Truman
Box 17 Warren, John N. Release from penitentiary
Box 17 Washington Post article
Box 17 Ways and Means
Box 17 Weinberg, Tobias B.
Box 17 Welch, Charles S. Re: Northam Warren, hearing before Ways and Means, House Res. 5664
Box 17 Weppler, George A.
Box 17 Werner, Theodore B.
Box 17 Wessells, Helen
Box 17 Wet votes
Box 17 West Point Hotel
Box 17 West Point
Box 17 West Point. Latest
Box 17 Wholesale Liquor Dealers Committee
Box 17 Wine. Summary of arguments
Box 17 Wilmat, James
Box 17 Winston, E.J. see also: Breslin, John J.
Box 17 Wise, Joseph M. Documents
Box 17 Witzell, Otto William. Appointment to Annapolis
Box 17 Wolfe, Kenneth W.
Box 17 Wolfork, George. Veteran claim, C1587530
Box 17 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Alma G. Zimbalist
Box 17 Wood, R.T.
Box 17 Woodin, William H.
Box 17 Womack, Egbert H.
Box 17 Wright, Nicholas. Pension
Box 17 Wyman, William I. Jobs
Box 17 W miscellaneous
Box 17 Yates, Roy T.
Box 17 Yost, Elaine. Appointment
unless otherwise indicated 1934
Box 17 Aal, Cary. O.K. to Democratic National Committee
Box 17 Agricultural adjustment act and its operation
Box 17 Architectural Guild of America
Box 17 Agricultural and Scientific Bureau. Documents
Box 17 Agricultural yearbooks
Box 17 Air mail
Box 17 Alcohol packing
Box 17 Alcohol tax unit
Box 17 Alekare, Anastisea. Naturalization
Box 17 Allen, Joseph D. Loan from HOLC
Box 17 American Federation of Government Employees
Box 17 American Russian Slavonic Democratic Club
Box 17 Anderson, Anna M. Foreclosure
Box 17 Andrews Association, James J. Toastmaster at dinner dance
Box 17 Annapolis
Box 17 Anti-furlough bill. House Res. 9046
Box 17 Appicella, Salvatore. Extension of stay
Box 17 Applications: C.S. Commission. Temporary appointment transfer reinstatement, or promotion, etc.
Box 17 Appointments. People in New York and outside who you have secured appointments for. List of People endorsed
Box 17 Appropriations for executive office and sundry independent executive, bureaus, boards, commissions and offices
Box 17 Appropriation bill. House of Representatives amendment increasing funeral delegation
Box 17 Arthur, Ann M.
Box 17 Asmus, Julia
Box 17 Bain, Frank
Box 17 Bain, Francis A.
Box 17 Bakst brothers
Box 17 Barcene, Filiberta. Nurse - registration
Box 17 Barker, Francis J. Veteran claim
Box 17 Barker, Frank. Return passport from Ireland
Box 17 Barker, Marian B. Documents
Box 17 Barket, Thomas. Veteran claim
Box 17 Barrett, Katherine. Widow's pension
Box 17 Bartlett, Mary L. Regarding House Res. 5812
Box 17 Barto, Frank. Currency
Box 17 Bayern, Herman A.
Box 17 Beard, Eugene S. Veteran claim
Box 17 Begley, John S. Miscellaneous
Box 17 Berney, Morris. Letter of introduction
Box 17 J.W. Beretia Engineers. House Res. 9185
Box 17 Berg, Mr. and Mrs.
Box 17 Birth control
Box 17 Black, Loring M., Jr. Bills
Box 17 Blanton, Thomas
Box 17 Blom, John
Box 17 Boland, Frank A.K. Loan of a copy of hearings before Ways and Means Committee on N.R.A.
Box 17 Boles, William. Restoration to citizenship
Box 17 Bonds bill
Box 17 Bourrienne, E. Loan for H.O.L.C
Box 17 Bowles, William. Restoration of citizenship
Box 17 Boyd, John D. Placed on farm by the government
Box 17 Boyle, Charles R. Veteran claim
Box 17 Brady, Louise W. Loan from H.O.L.C.
Box 17 Braun, I.B. Appointment
Box 17 Bran, Pauline. Loan from Home Owner's Loan Corporation
Box 17 Breen, George J. Miscellaneous
Box 17 Bride, W.W.
Box 17 Brindell, Anna M.
Box 17 Brown, Ernest N. Metropolitan police courtesy card
Box 17 Brown, Edward A.
Box 17 Brugnoli, Giovanni. Re: James F. Dulligan, deportation
Box 17 Brunner, William F.
Box 17 Burke, John T.
Box 17 Burke, Martin J.
Box 17 Burke, William Stephen
Box 17 Burns, John. Position
Box 17 Burns, Joseph W. Remarks - Accomplishments of the special session of the 73rd Congress
Box 17 Burstein, Moishe. Immigration visa
Box 17 Burt, Harry A.
Box 17 Bussey, Lillian
Box 17 Butler, Nicholas Murray. Preservation of Supreme Court room
Box 17 Byrnes, John A. Application for P.W.A
Box 17 Cahill, Mary F. Documents
Box 17 Cain, Thomas J. Loan from Home Owner's Loan Corporation
Box 17 Caldwell, Marguerite. Services volunteered
Box 17 Campaign. Tammany Hall leadership
Box 17 Brindell, Anna M.
Box 17 Cannon, Bridget. Age
Box 17 Cantwell, Thomas. Miscellaneous
Box 17 Capitol Blue Print Company. Blue printing for federal building, N.Y.C.
Box 17 Capurso, Thomas. Veteran claim
Box 17 Carney, Russell
Box 17 Carnival, Sebastian. Penalty on boat
Box 17 Carroll, E.R.
Box 17 Cartwright bill
Box 17 Carroll, Bradish J., Jr. Jobs
Box 17 Casey, John J.
Box 17 Caucus
Box 17 Captain Downey. Class B case
Box 17 Cavanaugh, Robert J.
Box 17 Cohen, Michael. Cutting of granite to be used on post office annex, N.Y.C.
Box 17 Cole, W.I. Harry E. Woolever
Box 17 Collins, Jeremiah. Change of title
Box 17 Collins, W.E. Documents
Box 17 Chandler, Claude
Box 17 Chapin, Henry E. Documents
Box 17 Charles, Chester. Furlough
Box 17 Chavrio, Vladimir D. Job
Box 17 Cherry, Leslie Crane. Re-instatement in post office
Box 17 Chesnol, Charles V.
Box 17 Carew, John F. Miscellaneous
Box 17 Collins, William H.
Box 17 Comiskey, Mary
Box 17 Committee on Legal Status Of Women, N.Y. League of Women Voters, Dorothy Kenyon, women discharged from N.Y.C. post office due to economy act
Box 17 Congedo, James M.
Box 17 Congressional districts. Reapportionment
Box 17 Congressional records. Mailing list
Box 17 Connolly, Thomas J. Veteran claim
Box 17 Connors, Katherine. Veteran claim
Box 17 Conroy, Edward F. Position, P.W.A.
Box 17 Consentino, Domenico. Visa
Box 17 Conte, Maddalena M. Visa
Box 17 Contested election cases
Box 17 Convoy, Dennis
Box 17 Cooledge, Charles. Veteran claim
Box 17 Coolidge, Margaret. Widow's claim
Box 17 Copyright bill
Box 17 Corner, James H. Veteran claim
Box 17 Casta, Giovanni. Admission to the U.S.
Box 17 Costa, Mr. and Mrs. Tommaso. Quota immigration visa
Box 17 Costello, Mary. Furlough
Box 17 Coughlin, Rev. Charles E. Discourse
Box 17 Congressional Bond holders Committee
Box 18 County committeemen. 16th congressional district, New York, list
Box 18 Creamer, John D.
Box 18 Crehan, John J.
Box 18 Crawford, Harry E.
Box 18 Crimins, James
Box 18 Crowley, Charles J. Appointment with president
Box 18 Cruise, Michael
Box 18 Cuccia, Charles
Box 18 Cummings, Homer. Speech
Box 18 Curry, Terence
Box 18 Customs Service. Assistant appraisers of merchandise
Box 18 Contractors operating under codes bill. House Res. 9002
Box 18 Civil Works Administration
Box 18 Clarke, Thomas
Box 18 Cody, John V. Retirement, post office
Box 18 Cohen, Goldman and Company. House Res. 7637
Box 18 Christmas greetings. Telegrams
Box 18 Daalder, Charles. Recommendation for position
Box 18 Dailey, Mark A.
Box 18 Dale, O.G., Jr.
Box 18 Davey, Frederick. Veteran claim
Box 18 Davis, Chester W. Controversy over lease of American legation in Warsaw
Box 18 Deegan, Thomas F. Vaile irrigation project
Box 18 De Filippi, Santiago. Re-entry permit
Box 18 Delehanty, M.J. The Delehanty Institute documents
Box 18 DeLuca, Carlo. Private bill
Box 18 DeMarco, Tony. American passport and visas for children
Box 18 DeMille, Anna G. House Res. 3674
Box 18 Democratic National Club
Box 18 Dempsey, James. Certificate of arrival
Box 18 Denson, W.A.
Box 18 DePriest, Oscar
Box 18 DePriest resolution
Box 18 Detroit bank case
Box 18 DiBiasi, John P.
Box 18 Dickstein, Samuel
Box 18 D'Sapio, Michael U. Enrollment in Citizens' Military Training Camp
Box 18 Discharge rule
Box 18 Dillon, John J.
Box 18 Dishwashing machines
Box 18 Dobkin, Dmitry
Box 18 Dobrosky, Ben. Relief of work
Box 18 Doherty, Rose. Visa
Box 18 Donaghy, Elizabeth. Currency
Box 18 Donohue, Philip F. Colonel Howard
Box 18 Donohue, William
Box 18 Dorsey, Henry J.
Box 18 Dougherty, J.D.
Box 18 Duck stamp act
Box 18 Dockweiler, John F.
Box 18 Driscoll, George F. Modification of post offices
Box 18 Drucker, Marcus, Phillip and Isidore. Re: David I. Shivitz, visas
Box 18 Duffy, Edward F.
Box 18 Duffy, James. Veteran claim
Box 18 Dulligan, James F. Miscellaneous
Box 18 Eagan, John T.
Box 18 Economy act
Box 18 Egbert, Anna. City retirement
Box 18 Federal court house
Box 18 Election
Box 18 Electric radiators
Box 18 Emergency conservation work
Box 18 Emery, Julius, Compensation
Box 18 Englishby, Walter. Veteran claim
Box 18 Enright, Jane F. Loan application
Box 18 Equitable Casualty and Surety Company. Bill
Box 18 Erie Basin transfer
Box 18 Ettinger, Virgil R. Documents
Box 18 Farrell, Philip. Veteran hospitalization
Box 18 Farris, W.B., Jr. Copeland bill
Box 18 Fabrizzi, Aldo. Parole
Box 18 Fagan, J.J., Jr. Divisional Cope Authority assessment
Box 18 Fallon, George W. Position
Box 18 Farmers' bulletins
Box 18 Federal aid bill
Box 18 Federal Deposit Guarantee Corporation. Re: Edward J. O'Connor
Box 18 Feldman, Samuel
Box 18 Fiori, Joseph P.
Box 18 Fisher, Irving. Manuscript "Money and Banking"
Box 18 Fitzpatrick, William J. Veteran claim
Box 18 Fitzsimmons, James E.
Box 18 Flood, William. Income tax collections for N.Y.C.
Box 18 Federal Emergency Administration. Public works information to applicants for positions
Box 18 Federal employees. Pay restoration
Box 18 Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Box 18 Federal loan (P.W.A.), N.Y.C.
Box 18 Federal office building
Box 18 57th Street Bridge bill
Box 18 First National Bank of Hempstead
Box 18 Fischer case
Box 18 Foreign insurance
Box 18 Foreign trade zones
Box 18 Fountain, Arthur L. parole
Box 18 Francis, C.C. Documents
Box 18 Frank, Alexandria. Re-entry to U.S.
Box 18 Franke brothers
Box 18 Freeport. House Res. 9322
Box 18 Frost, C.M.
Box 18 Fur bill
Box 18 Gabriel, John J. Application for Security Exchange Commission
Box 18 Gallagher, Patrick
Box 18 Galvin, Daniel. Veteran claim
Box 18 Garden pool. Specifications for construction
Box 18 Gay, Mrs. G.S. Letter of introduction
Box 18 Geissler, Max. Bill for the relief of
Box 18 George Washington bicentennial celebration
Box 18 Gillespie, Michael. Resignation from Army, enlistment in Navy
Box 18 Gilmartin, John J. Morro Castle disaster
Box 18 Gold bill
Box 18 Goldhirsch, Solomon
Box 18 Gordoni, Amedel. Transfer from treasury laborer to post office laborer
Box 18 Gorman, Edward M.
Box 18 Gottfried. Post office, Brookline, Massachusetts
Box 18 Government salaries
Box 18 Grabowski, Amelia. Visa
Box 18 Granfield, William J. Dinner
Box 18 Greene, Herbert
Box 18 Green and MacNelly Incorporated
Box 18 Griffin, Catherine
Box 18 Griffin, W.W. Post office station "Y" at Brooklyn
Box 18 Griffin vs. Young
Box 18 Groman, Abraham. Veteran claim
Box 18 Grover Cleveland Memorial Committee dinner
Box 18 Grunwald, Mrs. Kurt
Box 18 Hamlin, Simon M.
Box 18 Hamilton, Albert
Box 18 Hamilton, Betty. Merchandise seized by customs officers
Box 18 Hanafan, Timothy J. Veteran claim
Box 18 Handleman, Maurice. Parole
Box 18 Harand, Robert. Immigration bill
Box 18 Harrington, Frank T.
Box 18 Harrington, Matthew J.
Box 18 Hart, Edward
Box 18 Hartgrove, Bernard
Box 18 Hartley, Fred J., Jr. Miscellaneous
Box 18 Hartnett, Lawrence. Appeal C.W.A.
Box 18 C.H.R. Heurich Brewing Co. Beer
Box 18 Heydon, Howard R.
Box 18 S. Haskel and Sons
Box 18 Haviland, Holmes B.
Box 18 Heagney, H.A.
Box 18 Hearings of Congressional Real Estate Bondholders Reorganization Committee testimonies and minutes
Box 18 Healey, Arthur D. Letter of recommendation
Box 18 Heaney, Patrick J.
Box 18 Hearings to investigate the Bureau of Internal Revenue and certain practices of the Federal Reserve Board
Box 18 R. Nelson Hickman relief bill. House Res. 8194
Box 18 Higgins, Daniel P.
Box 18 Higgins, Fred J. Veteran claim
Box 18 Higgins, Michael William. Veteran claim
Box 18 Hill, Edward. Extension of stay
Box 18 Hill, Sam B. memorial to Senator Jones
Box 18 Hoover, J. Edgar. Positions
Box 18 House Building Committee
Box 18 Housing. State of New York
Box 18 Howard, Lawrence J. Veteran claim
Box 18 House Res. 258. Naval
Box 18 House Res. 6462
Box 18 House Res. 7077. bill, relief of John C. Ryan
Box 18 House Res. 7186. Relief of Joseph N. King
Box 18 House Res. 7866. Bill to permit government employees to designate own beneficiaries
Box 18 House Res. 8057
Box 18 House Res. 8383. For the relief of Carlo Scarabello, re: Paul Poveromo
Box 18 Huggard, Margaret. Veteran claim
Box 18 Hurta, Emil
Box 18 Hutcheson, C.H. C.W.A.
Box 18 Hutchins, Helen
Box 18 Immigration bills
Box 18 Independent offices bill
Box 18 Insurance companies
Box 18 Interboro Bridge Company
Box 18 International Arms and Fuze Company. Senate 2809
Box 18 Interstate and foreign commerce bill to regulate, Senate 2910
Box 18 Investigation - Tin. House Res. 404
Box 18 Irby, Franklin S. Private bill, House Res. 8318
Box 18 Jackson, Thomas J. Physical disability retirement from Army
Box 18 Jackson, Thomas J. Position in Army retained
Box 18 Jackson, Willard B. Utilities bill
Box 18 Jacobs, William H. Letter introducing James F. Dulligan
Box 18 Jaffe, Theodore R. Veteran claim
Box 18 Jason, Lillian L. Immigration bill
Box 18 Jay, Norbert. Stamp bulletin
Box 18 Jarrett, V. Farmers National Bank Company
Box 18 Johnson bill
Box 18 Joint resolution 136
Box 18 Jones, Charles E. Autographed picture
Box 18 Jones, Henry. Reinstatement in railway mail service
Box 18 Jones, William. re: Ross F. Keough
Box 18 Kain, Margaret. Documents
Box 18 Kaplan, Abraham
Box 18 Katz, C. Summer. Position in law office, New York
Box 18 Katz, Norris. Dishonorable discharge from C.C.C.
Box 18 Keague, Mary. Pension
Box 18 Kearne, Owen P. Veteran claim
Box 18 Kearney, Bernard
Box 18 Kearns, Thomas
Box 18 Keating, John F.
Box 18 Keating, John G. Documents
Box 18 Keating, Richard J.D.
Box 18 Keegan, Patrick
Box 18 Keegan, Joseph B. Miscellaneous
Box 18 Kellerman, Albert. Liquor labels
Box 18 Kenneally, William P. Miscellaneous
Box 18 Kennedy, Martin J.
Box 19 Kiefer, George S. Veteran claim
Box 19 Kiely, Joseph. Veteran claim
Box 19 King, Joseph N. Discharge from Navy changed from dishonorable to honorable
Box 19 Kip, Kermit. Miscellaneous
Box 19 Koch, Arnold T.
Box 19 Kolb, Hugo. Gallery pass
Box 19 Kraus, Fred. Veteran claim
Box 19 Krellberg and Fitzsimmons, Esq.
Box 19 Labor disputes act
Box 19 LaForgia, Michele. Citizenship
Box 19 LaGuardia, Fiorello H.
Box 19 Lamneck, A.P.
Box 19 Langan, Mary. Veteran claim - widow's
Box 19 Laredo Bridge Company
Box 19 Larrabee, William H. Income tax refunds
Box 19 Lasher, Willis W.Socialization of medicine
Box 19 Lea, Clarence F.
Box 19 Levine, Max. Re: James Morrow, insurance claim, C-1710170
Box 19 Lewitts and Sons
Box 19 Lewin, Alice Curtin
Box 19 Library of House of representatives information
Box 19 Limandri, Michael. Veteran claim
Box 19 Lindeman, Meyer Max. Citizenship
Box 19 Liquor
Box 19 Liquor control legislation, District of Columbia
Box 19 Lloyd, Wesley.Letter of recommendation
Box 19 Loans to industry. Remarks on floor of House
Box 19 Longshoreman's compensation act
Box 19 Lonto, Frank.House Res. 6836
Box 19 Lowenstein, M. and Sons
Box 19 Mahon, William J.
Box 19 McAndrews, Charles. Veteran claim
Box 19 McArthur, Donald P. National defense act
Box 19 McAuliffe, Timothy. Application form for National Housing Administration
Box 19 McAvoy, J.J.Pension
Box 19 McCarthy, Joseph F.
Box 19 McCormick, Frank E. Revocation of license of radio station WBRE
Box 19 McCormick, Robert and Roy Yates.Housing
Box 19 McDaniel, Cloud and Maeser
Box 19 McDonough, M.J. Home financing
Box 19 McDonough, William. Home relief
Box 19 McFadden radio bill
Box 19 McFadden resolution
Box 19 McGrew, Olive S.
Box 19 McGuirk, W.E.Sugar
Box 19 McGurrin, James. Documents, Congressional directory
Box 19 McHenry, Paul. Veteran claim
Box 19 McInerney, James J.
Box 19 McKenzie, William
Box 19 McLoughlin, George V. Memo
Box 19 McLean, Donald. Coinage 77½ cent coins
Box 19 McLeod, Clarence J. McLeod banking bill
Box 19 McMahon, Catherine. Position - campaign
Box 19 McManus, Edward J. Change discharge
Box 19 McNaboe, John J. Bill reapportion congressional districts, New York
Box 19 McNamara, Andrew. Housing
Box 19 McNamara, John.Transfer in posit office
Box 19 McNamara, William R.Football tickets
Box 19 McNary, Colonel. Army appropriation bill
Box 19 McNulty, John N.Reinstatement in C.S.C.
Box 19 McQuaid, George E. Veteran claim
Box 19 McTigue, Gerald G. R.O.T.C. camp
Box 19 Mahoney, David. Miscellaneous
Box 19 Malenky, Lous
Box 19 Manor Haven project
Box 19 Masiello, Joseph
Box 19 Massucci.Re: Charley de Sapio
Box 19 Mattioli, Nazzoreno. Deportation
Box 19 May, William F.Veteran claim
Box 19 Mediterranean importing company permit
Box 19 Mehas, Celia
Box 19 Memorial exercises
Box 19 Menze, Scott J.Veteran claim
Box 19 Merchants Association of New York.Documents
Box 19 Merchant marine
Box 19 Mertin, Adolph
Box 19 Meyers, Max E.Senate 1639, federal union credit system
Box 19 Mifsud, Charles
Box 19 Miliken, John F.
Box 19 Milk investigation.Hearings before Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce
Box 19 George W. Millar and Company
Box 19 Minnesota fire bill
Box 19 Mitchell, John. Amendment #301 to Communication bill, House Res. 2910
Box 19 Moldenke, Alfred B.
Box 19 Mistretta, Vincenzo. Pension claim
Box 19 Molinelle, Helen
Box 19 Molloy, Thomas E. Appointment
Box 19 Monaghan, Frank. bond
Box 19 Monell, N.S.Veteran claim
Box 19 Montague, Amy A.C.Documents
Box 19 Montague, Gilbert H.Documents
Box 19 Moran, Edward C.Campaign
Box 19 Moran, W.H.
Box 19 Morean, W. Forbes
Box 19 Morressy, J. Emmett
Box 19 Morris, Mary. House gallery passes
Box 19 Muldoon, William E.
Box 19 Mulligan, Margaret G. Income tax
Box 19 Murdough, Frank A. Tugwell-Copeland bill, Fletcher-Rayburn bill
Box 19 Murphy, Edward P. Veteran claim
Box 19 Murphy, Fred W.
Box 19 Murphy, Mary
Box 19 National committeemen and women list
Box 19 National park standards
Box 19 National Recovery Administration. Newspaper clipping
Box 19 National Savings Bank. Re: William J. Smith
Box 19 National Securities Exchange Act
Box 19 National democrat
Box 19 National Emergency Council
Box 19 National housing act
Box 19 Nationality bill
Box 19 Navigation charts
Box 19 Navy
Box 19 Nazis
Box 19 Neilson, George
Box 19 Nestel, Phillip F., Jr. Enlistment in Navy
Box 19 Neville, John F.Veteran claim
Box 19 Neville, Joseph M.Letter of introduction
Box 19 New congressmen
Box 19 New York City claim bill
Box 19 New York Convention and Visitors Bureau
Box 19 Nicola, John.Veteran claim
Box 19 Niles, Blair (Mrs. Robert Niles, Jr.).Loan of books from congressional library
Box 19 Nolan, Luke. Soldier's state bonus
Box 19 Norman, Frank
Box 19 Norton, Mary T.Newark airport
Box 19 Nugent, Anne. Citizenship
Box 19 O'Beirne, Malachy. Army record
Box 19 O' Brien, Frank. Veteran claim
Box 19 O'Brien, Henry C.
Box 19 O'Connor, D. Allen. Extension of home owner's loan act ot include all improved income producing estate
Box 19 O'Connor, Arthur. Citizenship
Box 19 O'Connor, Basil. Miscellaneous
Box 19 O'Connor, John J. Personal
Box 19 O'Connor, John J.Certificate #5273, Federation Bank and Trust Company
Box 19 O'Connor, J. Michael
Box 19 O'Connor, James G.Tom Kearns
Box 19 O'Connor, Mary E.
Box 19 O'Connor, Patrick J.
Box 19 O'Connor, Thomas E.
Box 19 O'Connor, Timothy F.
Box 19 Oil code
Box 19 Old age pension
Box 19 O'Leary, Jerry. Civil service application for pipe-fitter
Box 19 Olvany, George w. Manor Haven project
Box 19 Olvany, William J.Bill for bridge between Brooklyn and Staten Island
Box 19 O'Malley, Thomas. Enumerators - farm census
Box 19 Oreste, Victor C. Civil service appointment
Box 19 O'Sullivan, Jeremiah J.Ref: Mrs. Rogers
Box 19 O'Toole, Edward
Box 19 O'Toole, Jane. Increase in pension
Box 19 Pan American Lumber Company. Certification of documents by Panama legation
Box 19 Parham, Edward F. Appointment
Box 19 Parliamentary law
Box 19 Patronage Committee
Box 19 Pell, Herbert. Documents
Box 19 Perrin, Enright Ray. Appointment
Box 19 Peters, Edward D. Veteran claim
Box 19 Philippine bill
Box 19 Piccoli, Eno. Extension of passport
Box 19 Pickett, John F.Income tax penalty
Box 19 Piscina, Maria.Visa
Box 19 Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
Box 19 Pesce, Maria, daughters of. Visa
Box 19 Pomeroy, Oscar.Veteran claim
Box 19 Postal Service.Payless furloughs
Box 19 Postal sites
Box 19 Prall, V.O. Documents
Box 19 Price control and allotment of business pamphlet
Box 19 Private bills list, 73rd Congress, 2nd session
Box 19 Projects under the title 2 of the N.R.A.
Box 19 Proposed legislation
Box 19 Prout, John T. Father Duffy chapter dinner
Box 19 Pruyn, Francis L.
Box 19 Public Works Administration
Box 19 Purdum, S.W.Post office garage, Rochester, New York
Box 19 Quigley, Lawrence F.
Box 19 Quinn, Elizabeth
Box 19 Quinones, J. Ramon
Box 19 Rackoff, William J.
Box 19 Ratio station WLWL
Box 19 Railroad pension bill
Box 19 Rainey funeral
Box 19 Rand, Mrs. Lawrence
Box 19 Ranney, John E.
Box 19 Rasmussen, Aage ( dec.). Father Carl Rasmussen special bill
Box 19 Real estate. Farms, etc.
Box 19 Real estate. Bondholders
Box 19 Redfield, Emanuel.Documents
Box 19 Reddy, Mabel.Retain position
Box 19 Regent Ramblers Social Club dinner
Box 19 Reilley, Daniel. Veteran claim, burial benefits
Box 19 Releases. Presidential
Box 19 Remonetization of silver
Box 19 Resolution 287.Taxing laws by Internal Revenue
Box 19 Revenue act of 1932
Box 19 Richardson, Sinclair
Box 19 Richardson, William M.War risk insurance
Box 19 Rightmyre, Margaret. Widow of Frederick A. Rightmyre, pension claim
Box 19 Rixon, William J.
Box 19 Roberts, Charles A.Documents
Box 19 Robertson, Willis A.
Box 19 Rochester Cooperative Van and Truck Owners' Association, Inc.
Box 19 Rock, John
Box 19 Rosenberg, Jesse L.Jose P. Lopez, Eugenio Pazos
Box 19 Rondi, Celesti. Extension of stay
Box 19 Rosner, Leo.Veteran claim
Box 19 Rudner, Samuel
Box 19 Rules
Box 20 Rutherford, Judge.K.K.K. petitions to Congress re: broadcast censorship
Box 20 Ryan, James J.
Box 20 Ryan, Joseph T.
Box 20 Sabath, A.J.
Box 20 Sanders, Bob
Box 20 Saul, Hyman. Home owners bond
Box 20 Savings Bank of Richmond Hill.Re: William J. Smith
Box 20 Schaefer, Lucy.Miscellaneous
Box 20 Scheitlin, Henry F.
Box 20 Schneider, Edward J.Promotion in No. 2 post office
Box 20 Schools
Box 20 Schumann, Carl
Box 20 Sciutto, Arcangelo. Visa
Box 20 Scott, C.H.
Box 20 Segal Lock and Hardware Company
Box 20 Sell, Lewis L.
Box 20 Selwin, John. Spanish War veterans
Box 20 Senate 2897. Interstate sales tax
Box 20 Senate 2910. Amendment to section 301
Box 20 Senate 3419
Box 20 Senate game bills
Box 20 Sexton Contracting Corporation
Box 20 S. Herbert Golden Company
Box 20 Sheridan, Thomas Il.Francis F. Murray
Box 20 Sias, Marie Jeanne. Visa
Box 20 Sirovich, William I.
Box 20 Sisson, Fred J.
Box 20 Skinner, Mabel
Box 20 Sloane, George F.
Box 20 Smith, Burton. New York old age pension
Box 20 Smith, William J.
Box 20 Society for the Native Born of the U.S.A.
Box 20 Sokolor, William. Documents
Box 20 Solomon, Felix
Box 20 Soracco, Louis. Position Government Printing Office, cylinder pressman
Box 20 Sorrentino, Angelac and daughter.Mr. Dulligan interested, visa
Box 20 Sonther, Joaquin B. Veteran claim
Box 20 Southerland, Julian J.Dismissed from Naval Academy
Box 20 Spanish War Vets
Box 20 Speakership
Box 20 Spen, Henry
Box 20 Spence Engineering Company
Box 20 Spielmann, Valentine. Loan
Box 20 Spitz, David.Documents
Box 20 Spinsck, S.S.Liquor prices
Box 20 Standing, Select and Special Committees, House of Representatives
Box 20 State government
Box 20 State of New York Senate bills
Box 20 Stationery account
Box 20 Stebbins, E. Vail. House Joint Res. 136
Box 20 Stopperless Water-Bottle Company
Box 20 Storekeeper gauger
Box 20 Strong resolution
Box 20 Sub-Committee on Rules to Revise the Rules of the House
Box 20 Sugar
Box 20 Sullivan, John H.Mrs. Medeiros
Box 20 Superintendent of folding room documents
Box 20 Sweeney, John F.Documents
Box 20 Tariff. President's plan
Box 20 Tax bill
Box 20 Tax on cocoanut oil
Box 20 Taylor, David H.
Box 20 Taylor, Annie
Box 20 Taylor, Edwin D.Job
Box 20 Terminal railway postal clerks salary reduction
Box 20 Thatcher, Edwin T.Housing bill
Box 20 Thenen, Dora
Box 20 Thompson, George
Box 20 Thompson, Uldric, Jr.Private bill
Box 20 Thompson, Mary. Permit to secure books from Congressional library
Box 20 Therney, Dennis A. Job
Box 20 Traeger, A. Documents
Box 20 Traffic regulations.Ground Capitol and House office buildings
Box 20 Triborough Bridge Authority
Box 20 Trimble, South. Painting of Hoboken piers
Box 20 Tromka, A.
Box 20 Tudor, Robert L.
Box 20 Tugwell bill
Box 20 Unemployment insurance bill
Box 20 U.S. police health service.Additional funds
Box 20 Utilities Consumers' League
Box 20 Varriale, Nicola. Deportation
Box 20 Verde River irrigation and power district
Box 20 Veteran legislation
Box 20 Veterans. Information regarding changes in veterans benefits contained in Public #484, 73rd Congress and Public #141, 73rd Congress
Box 20 Veto
Box 20 Vitelli, John M. Veteran claim
Box 20 Wagner-Connery labor bill.House Res. 8423
Box 20 Walker, Goulard and Plehn Company. Bids on paper
Box 20 Wallace, Henry a.
Box 20 Waugh, Lester R.
Box 20 Weldeman, Carl M. Miscellaneous
Box 20 Weinert, Harry. Veteran claim
Box 20 Wertz, Harry E.Veteran claim
Box 20 Wesselhoff, George. Application form for National Housing Administration
Box 20 West Point
Box 20 Wettach Company, A.J. Postponement of final inspection of establishment
Box 20 Whiskey trust
Box 20 White House. Letters
Box 20 White, Morris
Box 20 White, Peter J.77th Division Association war memorial
Box 20 White, Wilbur M.Letter of introduction
Box 20 Wholesale Liquor Dealers Committee.Invitation
Box 20 William, Jefferson
Box 20 Wilson, Agnes E.Loan
Box 20 Wilson, Charles
Box 20 Winestock, Mrs. C.J. Veteran claim
Box 20 Witty, George. Test made of brick by Bureau of Standards
Box 20 Wolf, Manny. Personal letter
Box 20 Wolfolk, George. Veteran claim
Box 20 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Appointment
Box 20 Yourevitch, Anna. Visas for children
Box 20 Worsham, L.D.Army and Navy tickets
Box 20 Young, J.C. Cutting of wages of mechanics at Brooklyn Navy Yard
Box 20 Zabb, Jack L.
Box 20 Young Democratic Clubs of America
Box 20 Zeichner, Louis. Re: David I. Shivitz, reinstatement in post office
Box 20 Zeif, William. Documents
Box 20 Ziocheck, Marion A. Letter of endorsement
unless otherwise indicated 1935
Box 20 A.A.A. amendment bill
Box 20 Abkarian, S.H. Application for clemency: Mateos Leylegian and Nichan Larkissan
Box 20 Absentee Voter's Bureau
Box 20 Agriculture and market laws. State of New York
Box 20 Agriculture yearbooks
Box 20 Alexander, Alexander. Miscellaneous
Box 20 Alexander, Edward A. Miscellaneous
Box 20 Alexander, Henry. Letter of introduction
Box 20 All Country Abstract Company
Box 20 Alschuler, Samuel. Impeachment
Box 20 American Federation of Government Employees. H.J. Res. 97
Box 20 Anderson Benjamin. Veteran claim
Box 20 Andrews, James J. Miscellaneous
Box 20 Annapolis
Box 20 Appellate law printers. Bid on printing
Box 20 Application forms. Civil service, veteran preference
Box 20 Application forms. Securities and Exchange Commission
Box 20 Arbocz, Jules R. Inter-Racial Civic and Education Alliance Of America
Box 20 Ardolino, Edward. Miscellaneous
Box 20 Army Navy Country Club. Protest against project near club
Box 20 Army appropriation bill
Box 20 Army promotion bill
Box 20 Auleta, Vincent H. Introduction to Basil O'Connor
Box 20 Autographed photographs. Leaders of the House
Box 20 Bakmazian, Daram. Citizenship
Box 20 Baldwin, Arthur J. Project
Box 20 Bankhead, W.B.
Box 20 Banking act of 1935
Box 20 Bankruptcy bill amendment
Box 20 Banks, Daniel J. Refund on fines paid during the war
Box 20 Baronas, Gersonas. Visa
Box 20 Bassin, Mischa. Immigration visa
Box 20 Batten Mills. Loan from R.F.C.
Box 20 Bender, Melvin T. Premises at 70-72 State Street
Box 20 Bentley, W.H.
Box 20 Berg, Eugene G. Compensation from Board of Sanitation
Box 20 Berkis, William. Letter of introduction to chief clerk, Patent Office
Box 20 Bertoglio, Mario. Visa
Box 20 Alfred M. Best Company
Box 20 Billhardt, R. Documents
Box 20 Bird refuge
Box 20 Black-Connery bill. 30 hour week
Box 20 Bodoian, Zarouhi. Visitor's visa
Box 20 Boland, Frank A.K. Hotel associations
Box 20 Bohrer, Conrad. Immigration visa
Box 20 Bonner, Loretta M.Loan from H.O.L.C.
Box 20 Bonus
Box 20 Bowman loan, H.O.L.C. Hon. George W. Thompson interested
Box 20 Brady, Thomas. Compensation and funeral expenses, William Brady deceased
Box 20 Breen,George. Miscellaneous
Box 20 Brennan, Frank. Appointment
Box 20 Brian, A. Morgan. Letter of introduction to Basil O'Connor
Box 20 Bridge bill. forms
Box 20 Briegel, Jess
Box 20 Broe, Edward. Application for first citizenship papers
Box 20 Brogan, Joseph A. Enlistment in C.C.C.
Box 20 Brooklyn Mortgage Guaranty and Title Company. Lender under Federal Housing act, ref: Richard Maloney
Box 20 Brown, Cecelia. Loan on house in South Ozone Park from H.O.L.C.
Box 20 Brown, Charles. Jobs
Box 20 Brown University
Box 20 Brunner, William F. Miscellaneous
Box 20 Budlunsky, Bennie. Veteran claim
Box 20 Burke, Martin J. Loan from H.O.L.C.
Box 20 Burke, William S. Veteran claim
Box 20 Burlew, E.K. Jobs
Box 20 Burns, Patrick F.Correct immigration status
Box 20 Caccioppo, Luigi. Visa
Box 20 Cahill, David V.
Box 20 Cahill, Raymond T. Interview
Box 20 Callahan, Agnes. Veteran claim
Box 20 Cannon, Raymond
Box 20 Cantwell, Thomas V. Miscellaneous
Box 20 Carbone, Maria Belcastro and daughter. Visa
Box 20 Carew, John F. Philippine rope
Box 20 Cargas, Panagiotis. Visa
Box 20 Carlin, Thomas G.House Res. 1759, relief bill
Box 20 Carney, J. Russell
Box 20 Carron, Michael. Re-entry into the U.S.
Box 20 Carter, Vincent
Box 20 Case, Craneano Kilbourne Company Bros.
Box 20 Catinella, Frank P. Extension of stay for Caiazzo, Galuzza, and Amabile Cohn, Sol H.
Box 21 Census of American business
Box 21 Central Stamping Company
Box 21 Central Statistical Board. Annual report
Box 21 Chairmanship. Rules Committee
Box 21 Cheeks, William. R.F.C. loan for Chevy Chase Manor, Inc.
Box 21 Chiana, Maria C. Visa
Box 21 Christopher Engineering Company.Miscellaneous
Box 21 Chute, Irene. Old age pension
Box 21 Cirulli, Zola. Restoration of citizenship
Box 21 Civilian Conservation Corps. Job specifications
Box 21 Clarkin, Peter A. Veteran claim
Box 21 Clarkson, Lewis M.
Box 21 Clausen, Henry. Miscellaneous
Box 21 Cohen, William W. Jewish blind
Box 21 Cohn, Sol A.
Box 21 Colegrove, Kenneth. Rules committee hearings
Box 21 Colden, Charles J. Delegate to Inter-Parliamentary Union
Box 21 Collins, James. Veteran claim
Box 21 Collins, William H. Nichols case
Box 21 Comment on election results Nov. 8, 1935
Box 21 Committee, Standing, Select and Special
Box 21 Committee on Invalid Pension Rules
Box 21 Concrete Steel Company. Relief bill
Box 21 Congedo, Joseph M. Message from the President to King of Italy
Box 21 Congressional committee. List of members
Box 21 Congressional directory. Distribution
Box 21 Congressional Record. List of people to receive document
Box 21 Cooley, Harry G. Veteran claim
Box 21 Cooper, Edward W. Miscellaneous
Box 21 Coordinator of transportation. Report and bills recommended
Box 21 Copyright bill
Box 21 Corning, Parker. National savings bank
Box 21 Costello, J. George. Employee wages
Box 21 Costello, William C. Samuel Mendelsohn and Alexander Kahn
Box 21 Costigan-Warner Anti-Lynch bill
Box 21 Cotton Control Act
Box 21 Cox, E.E. Miscellaneous
Box 21 Cox, Edward. Deportation charges
Box 21 Cox, James. Trouble over invoice bonds
Box 21 Crane, Teresa. Old age pension, New York
Box 21 Craven, Isabel
Box 21 Cronin, John F. Appointment
Box 21 Cronin, Peter. Miscellaneous
Box 21 Cruise, M.J. Miscellaneous
Box 21 Cumming, Hugh S. Public health surgeon in Naples, Italy
Box 21 Cummings, Homer. Lawyers
Box 21 Daalder, Charles. Loan from H.O.L.C.
Box 21 Dailey, Vincent. Jobs in H.O.L.C., New York City
Box 21 Dalk, Lillian.N.R.A. violation
Box 21 Danillo, Georges. Immigration visa
Box 21 Danubian Review. January issue
Box 21 Day, Joseph P.
Box 21 Delaney, Edmund J. Appointments for lawyers
Box 21 Delehanty, M.J. Civil service information
Box 21 Delgross, Manie
Box 21 Deni, Matilde. Visa
Box 21 Department of State. Resolution
Box 21 Dessaur, Norman. Bid on tags to be placed on bales of cotton
Box 21 Devin, Barker. Importation of production expert
Box 21 Devine, William Charles. insurance of a mortgage
Box 21 Dillon, John J.George W. Millar and Company, Navy Department bio
Box 21 Dingwall, Eleanor M. Enlistment of son in Marine Corps
Box 21 Dinolfo, Antonio and wife. Deportation
Box 21 Di Piazza, Joseph. Veteran claim
Box 21 Donald, Douglas. Detail at Xavier High School
Box 21 Donnelly, Miss. Citizenship papers
Box 21 Dougherty, J. Daniel. Miscellaneous
Box 21 Downey, H.C. Class B case
Box 21 Downey, Joseph E. Veteran claim
Box 21 Drucker, Philip, Marcus and Isidor. Visas
Box 21 Duffy, James P. Loan from H.O.L.C
Box 21 Dugan, C.R. Interview
Box 21 Dugan, Genevieve. Job for brother
Box 21 Dulligan, James F. Jobs
Box 21 Duncan, Elmer. Veteran claim
Box 21 R.B. Dunning and Company. Dynamite contract
Box 21 Eagan, John T. Documents
Box 21 Economy act. Section 213
Box 21 Edwards, E.C.W.P.A. and veterans
Box 21 Efinger, William
Box 21 Ehrentreu, Samuel J. Monopoly on boy scout uniforms
Box 21 Elske, Michael C. Veteran claim
Box 21 Equal rights amendment
Box 21 Erie Basin Transfer Company. Trucking bid
Box 21 Esch, Henry. Naturalization
Box 21 Fagan, Arthur. Veteran claim
Box 21 Fagan, George J. Veteran claim, Spanish War
Box 21 Farber, John C. Interview
Box 21 Thomas M. Farley Association
Box 21 Farmers' Bulletins. - 165,600 Jan. 23, 1935
Box 21 Fay, James H. Anawanda Ball
Box 21 Federal Deposit Insurance Company. Extension
Box 21 Federal Housing Administration. Miscellaneous
Box 21 Federal Power Commission. Preliminary report
Box 21 F.E.R.A. projects. Non-federal state list
Box 21 Federal Reserve Bank and R.F.C. matter
Box 21 Federal Reserve Board building. Joseph H. Freelander
Box 21 Federal transients. Relief funds
Box 21 Feldman, B.J.
Box 21 Feldman, Samuel
Box 21 Felix, Anne E.
Box 21 Ferrante, August P. veteran claim
Box 21 Fetherson, J.F. Documents
Box 21 53-04 97th Place Corporation. Bids
Box 21 57th Street Bridge
Box 21 Finley, Thomas M.
Box 21 Fish of New York. Radio talk
Box 21 Fisler, Helen W. Loan from H.O.L.C.
Box 21 Fitzpatrick, William J. Veteran claim
Box 21 Flamm, Irving H. Bankruptcy act
Box 21 Flanagan tobacco bill
Box 21 Follmar, Vincent T. Cotton
Box 21 Foran, Michael. Veteran claim
Box 21 Foreign service list, as of January 1935
Box 21 Forsythe, John H. Veteran claim
Box 21 Frazier-Lemke refinance bill
Box 21 Frear, James A. Mrs. Provost's bill
Box 21 Freed, Allie S. Committee for Economic Recovery
Box 21 Fuchs, Mrs. Arthur. County hospitalization of mother
Box 21 Fulmer cotton net weight bill
Box 21 Fulmer forestry bill. House Res. 6914
Box 21 Fur tax
Box 21 Garagolo, Mrs. Francis. Deportation of husband
Box 21 Garwood post office
Box 21 Gavagan, Joseph A. Miscellaneous
Box 21 Geissler, Max. Relief bill
Box 21 Geraro, William F. Veteran claim
Box 21 Getti, Ugo. Re-Entry permit
Box 21 Gilblom, Archer. Loan from H.O.L.C.
Box 21 Gill, William. Puerto Rico
Box 21 Gillespie, Michael E. Desertion from Army
Box 21 Ginsberg, Bernard. Post office sub-station
Box 21 Glen, Miles Newton. Change of beneficiary on adjusted service certificates
Box 21 Gold
Box 21 Gold bill rule
Box 21 Goldberg, I
Box 21 Goldman, Kurt
Box 21 Goldschmidt, H. Jewelers
Box 21 Goodman, Herman. Work in law firm (O'Connor, N.Y.)
Box 21 Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Box 21 Government contracts. Information concerning
Box 21 Granfield, William J.
Box 21 Granite
Box 21 Greene, Elizabeth O. Miscellaneous
Box 21 Greene, John Hubert. Passport matter
Box 21 Greenfield, Samuel M. Permission to visit West Point
Box 21 Greenhart
Box 21 Griffin, Anthony J. ( dec.). Memorial
Box 21 Griffin, W.W. Copyright and trademark information
Box 21 Groman, Abraham. Court martial
Box 21 Grumwald, Mabel L. Rent house
Box 21 Guffy coal bill
Box 21 Guy, Alice
Box 21 Haggerty, Edwin Ray ( dec.). Claim for services rendered in Brooklyn Navy Yard by daughter
Box 21 Halleran, John J. Cement
Box 21 Hamilton, Theodosia S. Passport
Box 21 Handleman, Maurice. Parole
Box 21 Hansen, Ferdinand. Letter of introduction for Mrs. Hansen
Box 21 Hantsche, Emil G. Legislation
Box 21 Hardy, James G. House Res. 1156
Box 21 Hardy, Lamar
Box 21 Harlan, Byron H. United States codes
Box 21 Harnedy, Patrick W. Loan from H.O.L.C.
Box 21 Hartigan, John P.
Box 21 Harvey, Arthur. Documents
Box 21 Haynes, Ernest A. Replacement of check
Box 21 Heagney, H.A. Miscellaneous
Box 21 Hegeman-Harris Company. Contract with Department of State
Box 21 Heimberger, George P. Flower seeds
Box 21 Heitman, Lula K. Documents
Box 21 Henry, John P. Dinner
Box 21 Hesse, Otto J. Veteran claim
Box 21 Hickey, Eugene J.
Box 21 Hickey, Leo J. Documents
Box 21 Hickey, Timothy J.
Box 21 Higgins, Daniel P. Employment of private architects by Treasury Department
Box 21 Higgins, John P. Religion in Mexico
Box 21 Hind's precedents. Printing of pensions
Box 21 Hines, Albert B.
Box 21 Hoeppel, J.H. Miscellaneous
Box 21 Holliday, A. Randolph. Relief bill
Box 21 Home Owner's Loan Corporation. Report of operations, New York
Box 21 Home Owner's Loan Corporation. List of applicants for jobs
Box 21 Hops. Senate 626
Box 21 Horowitz, Charles. Documents
Box 21 Hotel and restaurant business, N.R.A. code authority
Box 21 House Office Building Commission
Box 21 H.J. Res. 94. Participation of the U.S. in the California Pacific International Exposition at San Diego, California
Box 21 H.J. Res. 117. Amendment to the relief bill
Box 21 H.J. Res. 147. Introduced by Mr. Celler
Box 21 H.J. Res. 155
Box 21 H.J. Res. 156
Box 21 H.J. Res. 189. Relating to the continuance of certain employees in cases of death or resignation of members of the House of Representatives delegates and resident commissioners
Box 21 H.J. Res. 220. Department of Science, Art and Literature
Box 22 House Res. 12
Box 22 House Res. 40
Box 22 House Res. 42 or 55
Box 22 House Res. 62
Box 22 House Res. 46. To Investigate H.O.L.C.
Box 22 House Res. 61
Box 22 House Res. 64
Box 22 House Res. 67. Investigation of insurance companies
Box 22 House Res. 117. Work relief bill
Box 22 House Res. 119. To appoint a special committee on emergency relief legislation
Box 22 House Res. 126. Amend rules of house
Box 22 House Res. 148. To Amend rules of House in reference to private calendar introduced by Mr. O'Connor
Box 22 House Res. 149. Preservation of public archives
Box 22 House Res. 150
Box 22 House Res. 155. Pink slip
Box 22 House Res. 175
Box 22 House Res. 189. Introduced by Mr. Sirovich
Box 22 House Res. 194
Box 22 House Res. 196
Box 22 House Res. 203
Box 22 House Res. 1399. Measurement of vessels using the Panama Canal
Box 22 House Res. 1410. To provide that the executive heads of departments may occupy seats on the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives
Box 22 House Res. 2024. Travel allowance to Spanish-American War Veterans
Box 22 House Res. 2077
Box 22 House Res. 3263. Pettengill long and short haul bill
Box 22 House Res. 3612
Box 22 House Res. 3662. Minnesota fire claimants measure
Box 22 House Res. 3864. Eastman bill
Box 22 House Res. 3923. Bill for the relief of William Martin
Box 22 House Res. 3924. Bill for the relief of Patrick McKernan
Box 22 House Res. 3925. Bill for the relief of John C. Ryan
Box 22 House Res. 3926. Bill for the relief of International Manufacturers Sales Company of America
Box 22 House Res. 3927. Bill for the relief of Carlo Scarbello
Box 22 House Res. 3928. Bill for the relief of Joseph N. King
Box 22 House Res. 4016. Marine Corps
Box 22 House Res. 4280. Bill for the relief of Emil Chalopa
Box 22 House Res. 4298. Massingale cost of production bill
Box 22 House Res. 4300. To fix the date of the annual meeting of Congress and for other purposes
Box 22 House Res. 4301. Emergency construction of public highways
Box 22 House Res. 4348. National air defense
Box 22 House Res. 4550. Fixing liability of owners of vessels
Box 22 House Res. 5051. Amend the civil service act of Jan. 16, 1863 (22 Statute 403) and for other purposes
Box 22 House Res. 5221. To amend A.A.A. act with respect to rice
Box 22 House Res. 5278 and 5279. World war veteran legislation
Box 22 House Res. 5845. Military disaffection bill
Box 22 House Res. 3457. Auto financial responsibility bill
Box 22 House Res. 5292
Box 22 House Res. 5822. Relief for Albert Hamilton
Box 22 House Res. 5576. Navy to proceed with construction of certain public works and for other purposes
Box 22 House Res. 5529. To prevent profiteering in time of war and to equalize the burdens of war and thus provide for national defense and promote peace
Box 22 House Res. 5992. Measurement of vessels using the Panama Canal
Box 22 House Res. 6055. Lucy A. Weaver
Box 22 House Res. 6113. R.F.C.
Box 22 House Res. 6213. Relief of Henrietta Jacobs
Box 22 House Res. 6533
Box 22 House Res. 6653
Box 22 House Res. 6732. Rivers and harbors
Box 22 House Res. 6795. Immigration bill
Box 22 House Res. 7082
Box 22 House Res. 7120. Immigration bill
Box 22 House Res. 7160
Box 22 House Res. 7212. Bill for the relief of Max Geissler
Box 22 House Res. 7260. Security bill
Box 22 House Res. 7321. Amend Tariff Act of 1930 (3 folders)
Box 22 House Res. 7349. Wilson--Levee set bill
Box 22 House Res. 7372. To repeal excise tax on manufacturers of furs
Box 22 House Res. 7762.
Box 22 House Res. 7940. Summer's bill
Box 22 House Res. 8000. To amend section 602½ of the revenue act
Box 22 House Res. 8158. Optometrists' bill
Box 22 House Res. 8163. Immigration and naturalization bill
Box 22 House Res. 8186
Box 22 House Res. 8279. To authorize the R.F.C. to make loans to institutions organized for the purpose of making loans for payment of taxes on real estate and for other purposes
Box 22 House Res. 8458 and House Res. 8459. Federal employees sick and annual leave
Box 22 House Res. 8598. Regulation and transportation of dangerous cargos by water
Box 22 House Res. 8834. To abolish the oath required of customs and internal revenue employees prior to the receipt of compensation and for other purposes
Box 22 Howell, Lewis E. Veteran's legislation
Box 22 Howson, Mrs. Roger. Legislative measures
Box 22 Huben, W.J. Appointment
Box 22 Hutchins, Edward. Letter of Introduction
Box 22 Huntington, Warner Dare. Record of 44th Congress
Box 22 Hutchins, Helen. Annoyance of amateur broadcaster
Box 22 Independent Theatre Owners' Association. Dinner
Box 22 Income tax returns. Public inspection
Box 22 Insinger, Albert. Restoration of citizenship
Box 22 Iseroo, Anthony F.
Box 22 Internal revenue receipts according to districts
Box 22 Permission to testify before house sub-committee on Copeland bill S5
Box 22 Jamison, W.D. Window seat
Box 22 Jencks, Henry A. Proposal to create a department of public relations for civil aviation under the Civil Works Division and earmark $25,000,000
Box 22 Judges bill
Box 22 Kahn, Alexander. Miscellaneous
Box 22 Kahn, Florence P. Miscellaneous
Box 22 Kane, Mrs. F.J. H.O.L.C. loan
Box 22 Kaplan, Jules. Letter of Introduction
Box 22 Kassell, Mollie. Immigration visa
Box 22 Katzenstein, Stanley S.
Box 22 Keating, John G.
Box 22 Keating, William f.
Box 22 Kelly, Edward J.
Box 22 Kellog, H.C. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
Box 22 Kelen, Stephen. Naturalization, permission to register
Box 22 Keenan, Joseph B. Sherlock plan of motor vehicle registration
Box 22 Kelley, Francis C. re: book Blood Drenched Altars
Box 22 Kenneally, William P. Miscellaneous
Box 22 Kellerman, Albert. Appointment
Box 22 Kelley, Edward F. Veteran claim
Box 22 Kennedy, Martin J. Miscellaneous
Box 22 Kennedy, Robert J. Admitted to bar
Box 22 Kiefer, George S. Veteran claim
Box 22 Kindred, John J. Miscellaneous
Box 22 King, Albert Prince. Veteran claim
Box 22 King, Nellie C. Loan from H.O.L.C.
Box 22 Kip, Kermit F. Waddington book
Box 22 Klipin, Ralph
Box 22 Knox, John C.
Box 22 Kornbluh, Herman J. Appointment with Mr. Hopkins
Box 22 Krause, Emil. Captain who desires to attend command and staff school, Fort Leavenworth
Box 22 Krock, Arthur
Box 22 Kuehne, Gerard. Appointment with Basil O'Connor
Box 22 Kupheiser, Lilton. Deportation, alien matter with Dept. of Labor
Box 22 Lachapelle, Silva. Documents
Box 22 LaChiana, Giuseppe. Deportation
Box 22 Lange, Hazel W. Veteran claim
Box 22 Leadership. Miscellaneous
Box 22 Leadership statements
Box 22 Leadership
Box 22 Leadership. Letters from members
Box 22 Lias, William
Box 22 Lang, Joseph A. Matter released to representative Daley to Pennsylvania
Box 22 Larkin, William F. Veteran claim
Box 22 Lee, O.C. Documents
Box 22 Levine, Max ( dec.). Veteran claim
Box 22 Library of Congress
Box 22 Limandri, Michael J. Veteran claim
Box 22 Liquor. District of Columbia
Box 22 Liquor. State control laws and regulations relating to distilled spirits
Box 23 Litman, Benjamin. Letter of introduction to Congressman Calliacochia of New Jersey
Box 23 Loans to charitable organizations
Box 23 Lobby investigation. utility bills
Box 23 Lobby Investigation Committee
Box 23 Loder, Carrie. Pension
Box 23 Long Beach Public Library. Documents
Box 23 Lubin, Mrs. A.A. Trevor. Veteran (widow)
Box 23 Luce, Herbert P. Publicity of income tax returns
Box 23 Lum, Elsie M. Pension
Box 23 Lundeen, Bill. Professor Morse's letter
Box 23 Lynn, David. Capitol power plant
Box 23 Lyons, Mary. Widow's veteran claim
Box 23 McAndrews, Charles. Vet claim
Box 23 McArwee, John
Box 23 Michael T. McCarron Association advertisement
Box 23 McCarthy, Eugene A.
Box 23 McCarthy, John J. Veterans pension
Box 23 McClay, Frank J. Loan from H.O.L.C.
Box 23 McConnell, Edward C. Veteran claim
Box 23 McCormack, John W. House Res. 1933
Box 23 McDaniel, Clarence
Box 23 McDermott, John C.
Box 23 McDermott, Joseph D. Veteran claim
Box 23 McDonald, Bernard. Veteran case
Box 23 McDougall, William D. N.R.A.
Box 23 McGuirk, William E.
Box 23 McIntyre, George. Industrial Savings Bank and Loan Company of Charleston, West Virginia vs. Singleton
Box 23 McKay, Richard F. Invention - pipe cutter
Box 23 McKeogh, Raymond S.
Box 23 McLaughlin, Nellie. Golden Star of America
Box 23 McLean, Donald. Miscellaneous
Box 23 McLeod, Clarence J. Miscellaneous
Box 23 McNaboe, John J.
Box 23 McNamara, Andrew F. Housing
Box 23 McSwain, John J. Room in H.O.B.
Box 23 Maffia, John J. Post office contract station #81
Box 23 Magi, Giovanni. Extension of stay
Box 23 Mahon, Edward F. Letter of introduction to Congressman Sutphin, New Jersey
Box 23 Mahon, Thomas ( dec.). Copy of application for passport
Box 23 Mahon, William J. Miscellaneous
Box 23 Malloy, Catherine. Old age pension
Box 23 Mandarino, Vincenzo Luigi. Entry into U.S.
Box 23 Manley, Henry F. Information re: Goettel
Box 23 Manor Haven Harbor project
Box 23 Manton, Martin T. Additional judges for southern and eastern district, New York
Box 23 Map. Manhattan
Box 23 Maralin, John. Enlistment in C.C.C.
Box 23 Marsupian, Agop. Visa
Box 23 Martin, John P. Veteran claim
Box 23 Martin, H. Tracy. Letter to Hopkins re: work for 200 engineers let out of Treasury Department
Box 23 Masucci case. Deportation
Box 23 Matsusaki, Hayata. Discharge from Navy
Box 23 Matters, Thomas H.
Box 23 May, William W.
Box 23 Meehan, Frank J. Jobs
Box 23 Merjian, Mrs. Higul. Preference immigration quota, visa
Box 23 Mendelsohn, Irving A. Job
Box 23 Mentz, Joseph
Box 23 Marifield, Ethel B. Documents
Box 23 Mertin, Adolph. Housing plan
Box 23 Messler, A.C. Loan
Box 23 Metcalfe, Ernest
Box 23 Mexico
Box 23 Migdalski, R. Frank
Box 23 Milam, Wade F. Lady of the Waldorf, Countess von Hagen
Box 23 Milionis, Eftalia Evanthia. Immigration visa
Box 23 Milk control. New York state
Box 23 George W. Millar and Company. Ref: John J. Dillon, bids for paper, Government Printing Office
Box 23 Mincikovac, Yustina. Visa, William P. Flood interested
Box 23 Minnesota fire bill
Box 23 Mohle, May B. Home Owners' Loan Corporation loan
Box 23 Moritz, Theodore L. Waclawski vs. Kissel-Skiles Company
Box 23 Mosle, Alexander
Box 23 Moyles, John J. Veteran claim
Box 23 Muldowney, Michael. Contested election case
Box 23 Mullaney, Frank. Civil service information
Box 23 Mullins, Captain
Box 23 Murphy, Alexander. Veteran claim
Box 23 Charles F. Murphy Association
Box 23 Murphy, Dennis J.
Box 23 Murphy, Edward P. Veteran claim
Box 23 Murphy, Frank. Textile trace in the Philippines
Box 23 Murphy, John D. R.F.C. loan for F.M. Hoyt Shoe Corporation
Box 23 Murphy, John J. Work shoes
Box 23 Nagin, Max. Pardon
Box 23 National. American merchant marine
Box 23 National debt
Box 23 National Democratic Committeeman and women. Also state chairmen, list
Box 23 National housing act. Purpose of the act
Box 23 National Recovery Administration. Supreme Court decision
Box 23 National television experimental station
Box 23 Negro population
Box 23 Neville, George W. Jobs.
Box 23 Newspaper clipping. Lobby investigation (2 folders)
Box 23 Nicola, John. Veteran claim
Box 23 Nimer, Louis J. Veteran claim
Box 23 Nordskog, Andrae B.
Box 23 Oakland Chemical Company. Code Complaint
Box 23 Oberlander and Oberlander. House and Senate passes
Box 23 O'Brien, John J. Veteran claim
Box 23 O'Brien, Mary. Veteran claim (widow)
Box 23 O'Connell, Loretta. Pension
Box 23 O'Connor, Basil. Miscellaneous
Box 23 O'Connor, James. Flood control
Box 23 O'Connor, John J. Bills and receipts - personal
Box 23 O'Connor, John J. Invitations
Box 23 O'Connor, John J. Personal
Box 23 O'Connor, John. Speakership - Dec. 1932
Box 23 O'Connor, John. Documents
Box 23 O'Connor, John K.
Box 23 O'Connor, J.F.T. Comptroller of the currency
Box 23 O'Connor, Mary E.
Box 23 O'Connor, Michael
Box 23 O'Connor, William J. Veteran claim
Box 23 Oil
Box 23 Oil patent pool
Box 23 Old age pension bill
Box 23 Oliver, Meilech. Cancellation of bond labor department
Box 23 Olvany, George W. Miscellaneous
Box 23 Oppenheimer, Fred
Box 23 Oseasohn, William
Box 23 O'Shea, John J.M. Service corporation for H.O.L.C.
Box 23 Ott, Francis C. McKeller resolution
Box 23 Owens, John J. Miscellaneous
Box 23 Owens, Mary A. Veteran claim
Box 23 Palmer, Leslie R., estate of
Box 23 Palmer, Vincent J. Compensation
Box 23 Palmer, Wayne Francis. Book for C.C.C. libraries, Men and Ships of Steel
Box 23 Paper for Government Printing Office
Box 23 Parker Dam
Box 23 Parliamentary law
Box 23 Party enrollment
Box 23 Patronage
Box 23 Pay restoration. Government employees
Box 23 Peebles, A.J. Letter of introduction
Box 23 Peele Company. Government bios
Box 23 Pell, Herbert Claiborne. Bulletins
Box 23 Penchot, Amos R.E. Banking Act
Box 23 Perry Manufacturing Company. Turnstiles
Box 23 Personal letter from John Steven McGroarty
Box 23 Peyser, Theodore A.
Box 23 Pfeifer, Joseph L. Mushrooms
Box 23 Philippine trip
Box 23 Pictures. Art Division, F.E.R.A.
Box 23 Pink slip. Income tax
Box 23 Plymouth Cooperage Company
Box 23 Poesch, F.W. Income tax matter
Box 23 Pomeroy, Oscar S. Veteran claim
Box 23 Port of New York Authority
Box 23 Post office - Station "Y," Brooklyn, New York
Box 23 Postinikoff, A.S.
Box 23 Powell, William H.
Box 23 Power Authority, New York
Box 23 Prange, Hattie. Flower seeds
Box 23 Press releases. John J. O'Connor
Box 23 Price, Mrs. Evan
Box 23 Private calendar
Box 24 Private calendar rule
Box 24 Program. Opening day of Congress
Box 24 Public Works Administration. State list
Box 24 Public utilities. Government compensation
Box 24 Public utilities fortnightly
Box 24 Puerto Rico Democratic and Social Union
Box 24 Quinones, Jose Ramon
Box 24 Radio Station WHBL
Box 24 Radio Station WLWL
Box 24 Radio Station WVFW. Retain station
Box 24 Railroad industry
Box 24 Randall, John T. Claim
Box 24 Rao, Charles. increase of taxes on oil leased properties
Box 24 Rao, Paul P. Decoration
Box 24 Rapp, William J.
Box 24 Rasmussen, Carl. Relief bill
Box 24 Real Estate Bondholders' Committee
Box 24 Reapportionment
Box 24 Reapportionment. Assembly and congressional
Box 24 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Box 24 Reid, Florence. Miscellaneous
Box 24 Reilly, George. Boats to sell to government
Box 24 Reilly, Phil. Appointment
Box 24 Relief legislation
Box 24 Remarks, John J. O'Connor
Box 24 Remsen, Richard. Passes for White House
Box 24 Requests for rules. Rules Committee 74th Congress, 1st session
Box 24 Retirement law. U.S. Civil Service
Box 24 Ricart, Frank. H.O.L.C.
Box 24 Ridgely, Harold C. Bible
Box 24 Riley, Margaret C. Appointment
Box 24 Riley, Margaret C. Interview
Box 24 Rinaldo, Anthony. Duplicate copy of discharge
Box 24 Rittenhouse, Jacob ( dec.). Burial expenses
Box 24 Rixon, William J. Veteran claim
Box 24 Robinot, David H.
Box 24 Robinson, Charles. Civil Service information
Box 24 Rodgers, Cleveland. Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Box 24 Roseblatt, G.
Box 24 Rosner, Leo. Veteran claim
Box 24 Rudolph, Brother. Permission to examine files of House and Senate
Box 24 Rules Committee
Box 24 Rules reported. 74th Congress, 1st session
Box 24 Rules and reports. Forms
Box 24 Rules, reports and minutes. Forms
Box 24 Rutingliano, Frank. Loan from Home Owners' Loan Corporation
Box 24 Russell, William J.
Box 24 Ryan, Edward Nicholas
Box 24 Ryan, William E. Democratic caucus
Box 24 Sabath, Adolph J. Miscellaneous
Box 24 Sabattino, Peter L.F. Letter of introduction from Congressman Taylor of Tennessee
Box 24 Sanders, Charles F. Appointment with President
Box 24 San Diego exposition
Box 24 Santo, Emery J. Commissioner of immigration
Box 24 Savage, Robert W. Miscellaneous
Box 24 Scanlon, Daniel ( dec.). Funeral expenses
Box 24 Schaefer, Lucy. Miscellaneous
Box 24 Schleifer, Herman. Registration for citizenship
Box 24 Schmalz, Marie D. Department of Justice appropriation bill
Box 24 Schwab, William. Inmate in Rockland County Hospital, Rockland County, New York
Box 24 Secor, John D. R.F.C. matter
Box 24 Security bill
Box 24 Securities and Exchange Commission. Rules adopted for enforcing public utility holding company act
Box 24 Selig, Samson. Diplomatic letters
Box 24 Senate - State of New York. Concurrent resolutions
Box 24 Senate Joint Res. 89. Claim bill, United States vs. Vermont
Box 24 Senate Joint Res. 137
Box 24 Senate 373. Claims of Robert A. Watson
Box 24 Senate 1080. A bill making provisions in reference to personal injury suits by seamen
Box 24 Senate 1190. Hot oil bill
Box 24 Senate 1269. Eastman bill
Box 24 Senate 1452
Box 24 Senate 2430. Amend bankruptcy act
Box 24 Senate 2530. Philippine rope imports
Box 24 Senate 2582. Ship subsidy bill
Box 24 Senate 2665. Change name of Interior Department to Conservation and Works
Box 24 Senate 2904. Sumners-Ashurst bill
Box 24 Senate 2912. Repatriation bill
Box 24 Senate 3150
Box 24 Senate 3503
Box 24 Sharkey, Joseph. Letter of introduction to Senator Copeland
Box 24 Sherlock registration plan
Box 24 Shipman, William and William F. Johnson. Transfer - veteran
Box 24 Shuler, George K. Relief bill
Box 24 Siemers, George. Veteran claim
Box 24 Silver
Box 24 Silverman, Age
Box 24 Silverstein, Howard E. Invitation to attend Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce
Box 24 Singer, Nathan. Immigration visa
Box 24 Sirovich, William J. Walter Ransburg
Box 24 Smith, Charles B. Assembly bill 2929
Box 24 Smith, Harold P. Permission to visit a patient at Walter Reed Hospital
Box 24 Sokolski, Albert
Box 24 Solomon, Carlton. Parole for father
Box 24 Southerland, Julian J. Resignation from Naval Academy
Box 24 Spagnoli, Miss. Visas for children
Box 24 Spanish war veterans
Box 24 Special agents. Department of State
Box 24 Speech of Hon. John J. O'Connor. Legislative appropriation bill May 15, 1935
Box 24 Speeches. John J. O'Connor May 14, 1935
Box 24 Spen, Henry. Letters of introduction
Box 24 Spence Engineering Company. Atlanta, Georgia University housing project
Box 25 Staderman, Richard A.
Box 25 Stanley, William. Jobs, Department of Justice
Box 25 Starr, William L. Post office installed in veteran hospital, Bronx, New York
Box 25 Stationery account
Box 25 Steagall, Henry B.
Box 25 Stein, Hilda. Immigration visa
Box 25 Steinhauser, O.C. Fulmer bill
Box 25 Stich, Benjamin. Position for daughter
Box 25 Stone, E. May Belknap. H.O.L.C. loan
Box 25 Stoney Point Bird Refuge
Box 25 Storace, Augustus. Veteran claim
Box 25 Streit, Saul. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Streson, Gustave. Contract labor clause
Box 25 Studley, Elmer E.
Box 25 Sullivan, John H. Ref: Manual A. Mederios
Box 25 Swift
Box 25 Swig, Hyman S. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Sylvan, T.P. State savings and loan associations
Box 25 Syran, Arthur. Documents
Box 25 Tappalardo, Salvatore. House and Senate gallery passes
Box 25 Tariff
Box 25 Tax bill
Box 25 Tax on eggs
Box 25 Taylor, Bernard. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Taylor, Frank J. Personal
Box 25 Taylor grazing act
Box 25 Tennessee Valley Authority bill
Box 25 Texas centennial
Box 25 Telegrams at government rate. Information
Box 25 Thompson, George W. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Thompson, Mary. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Thornton, Luther
Box 25 Tilson, John Q.
Box 25 Tin
Box 25 Tobitt, Janet. Visitor's visa
Box 25 Tomes, Edward
Box 25 Treasury and post office appropriation bill
Box 25 Tuck, Frederick W., Jr.Sayville Holding Corporation
Box 25 Tumelty, Joseph A.
Box 25 Turnier, Margaret H. Church of St. John the Evangelist
Box 25 Unemployment insurance
Box 25 Usefoff, Harold B. Reinstatement in Army
Box 25 U.S. harbor workers' act
Box 25 U.S. Broadcasting Corporation. Examiner's report #1-40
Box 25 United States News
Box 25 Utility Holding Company bill. Lobby investigation (6 folders)
Box 25 Van Schaick bills
Box 25 Veterans
Box 25 Vickers, John. N.R.A. case
Box 25 Voelker, Edith K. Gallery passes
Box 25 Voucher. Clerks to members of Congress
Box 25 Wadlin, Grafton M. Silent motor
Box 25 Wagner-Connery labor relations bill
Box 25 Wagner-McLaughlin bill. To incorporate the American National Theatre and Academy
Box 25 Wall, John. Veteran claim
Box 25 Wallace, David. E. M. Gallamer
Box 25 Warren, Lindsay C.
Box 25 Warren, Philip
Box 25 Wazeter, Francis X.
Box 25 Weaver, Lucy A. Relief bill
Box 25 Weinbaum, Mary. Novoye Russcoye Slovo (Russian newspaper)
Box 25 Weissman, Philip. House Res. 4442
Box 25 Welling, Misses Antonia and Anna. Loan on home from Home Owners' Loan Corporation
Box 25 West, Charles. Farm Credit Administration
Box 25 West Point. Vacancy 1936
Box 25 Westfried, Arlette. Extension of stay
Box 25 Whalen, Grover. Mail designation for Floyd Bennett Field
Box 25 White, John F. Chaplain, marine Hospital, Staten Island
Box 25 White, Joseph A.
Box 25 Windheim, Marek
Box 25 Wolf, Henry. Visa
Box 25 Wolfe, Thomas L. Wilson bill
Box 25 Wong, Joe. Re-entry permit
Box 25 Woodman, Harold
Box 25 Woodstock, Fred J. Veteran claim
Box 25 Work Progress Administration
Box 25 Work relief bill
Box 25 Work relief projects in New York State. Approved by President
Box 25 World court
Box 25 Young, Stephen M. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Zito, Vincenzo. Extension of stay
unless otherwise indicated 1936
Box 25 Ackermann, Friedrich E. Permission to apply for immigration visa
Box 25 Agriculture Adjustment Administration. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Agriculture yearbooks. Distribution
Box 25 Airport. District of Columbia
Box 25 Alaska industrial survey resolution
Box 25 Alaska reindeer
Box 25 Andrews, James J. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Andrews, John B.
Box 25 Andrews, Paul Michael. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Annapolis
Box 25 Anti-lynching bill
Box 25 Appelbaum, Chuna Ruwin. Executive clemency
Box 25 Appellate Law Printers, Incorporated
Box 25 Ardolino, Edward. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Asdourian, Avedis. Immigration visa for brother-in-law
Box 25 Austin, A.W.E. Band compositions
Box 25 Baby parade. Letters of congratulations to the winners
Box 25 Baertl, Freda. Passport extension
Box 25 Bain, Francis A.
Box 25 Baker,Robert. Mr. Commager
Box 25 Bakmajian, Param. Information in reference to entry into this country
Box 25 Baldwin, Arthur J. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Bankhead, William B. Speech
Box 25 Barbour, M.E. Exportation of east Texas oil
Box 25 Barcene, Andria. Hospitalization
Box 25 Barker,Francis. Veteran claim
Box 25 Barkin, Leroy M. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Barry, William B. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Bartz, Morris. Naturalization papers
Box 25 Bates, William S. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Behrendt, Paul. Visa
Box 25 Beiter, Alfred F. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Belcher, Frank G. San Diego Exposition
Box 25 Berman, Anne. Ref: Jodie Ross
Box 25 Beyer, Arnold. Mother, Mary Beyer, hospital transfer, change of discharge
Box 25 Biggins, John E. Sayville building
Box 25 Biggs, John. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Bird refuge. Mr. Herman interested
Box 25 Birmingham, Stephen W. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Bituminous Coal Commission. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Black, Bernard J. Veteran claim
Box 25 Black legion. Investigation
Box 25 Bloom, Sol. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Bohrer, Conrad. Edward V. Dempsey interested, immigration visa
Box 25 Boland, Frank A.K. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Bonus. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Bousios, Basil N.H. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Bowles,Richard. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Bray, Joseph L. U.S. News
Box 25 Bray, William J. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Briegel, Jess. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Brown, Edward A.Ref: Tullisee
Box 25 Brown, Wilson. Appointment
Box 25 Brunner, William F.Letter of congratulations
Box 25 Buckley, John. Appointment
Box 25 Buckley, William (dec.).W.P.A. compensation due at death
Box 25 Buckley, William P.
Box 25 Buffer,Joseph. Immigration inquiry
Box 25 Burke, John H. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Burke, William J.W.P.A.
Box 25 Burke, William S. Veteran appeal
Box 25 Burt, Harry A. Treasury report on salaries paid to corporation employees
Box 25 Byrd, Madeline. Buffalo hunt monument
Box 25 Byrne, William T. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Caffrey, John A. Information regarding electrical engineers
Box 25 Calkins, Charles E. Documents
Box 25 Cannon, Clarence. Election information
Box 25 Cannon, Raymond J. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Cantwell, Thomas V.Miscellaneous
Box 25 Captains. Assembly districts, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th and 15th
Box 25 Caravel Industries Corporation.Navy Department bids
Box 25 Cargas, Panagiotis. Immigration visa
Box 25 Carroll, Bradish J. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Carroll, Norbert. Appointment
Box 25 Carroll, William G. Collection of bonds
Box 25 Carron, Michael. Immigration visa
Box 25 Carter, Boake. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Carter, Bridget May. Bring children from England
Box 25 Cary, Glover H. Ref: Tom Dugan
Box 25 Catholic. Senate and House
Box 25 Cavicchia, Paul G. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Chamberlin, John R. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Clark, E. Burcham. Insurance
Box 25 Clarkson, Peter A. Hospitalization
Box 25 Berman, Henry. F.H.A. loan
Box 25 Clausen, Henry. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Cochran, John J. Ref: Louis Goldstein
Box 25 Cohen, Jack Warren. Briefs
Box 25 Collins, Martha. Veteran pension
Box 25 Collintine, James. Father J. Leonard Boyle interested, duplicate copy of citizenship papers, Army discharge and adjusted service certificate
Box 25 Columbia Basin project. Grand Coulee Dam
Box 25 Communists. Miscellaneous
Box 25 Congressional directory
Box 25 Congressional record list
Box 25 Connelly, John T. Collect brother's bonus
Box 25 Conroy, Tom. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Consiglio, John. Citizenship papers
Box 26 Constant, Charles. Adjusted service certificate
Box 26 Convention (Democratic National). Miscellaneous
Box 26 Copyright bill. Senate 3047
Box 26 Costlow, John M. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Council for Industrial Progress. Analysis of production, wages and employment in the manufacturing industries 1914-1933
Box 26 Coughlin, Father Charles E. (3 folders)
Box 26 Court
Box 26 Cox, John C.
Box 26 Coyne, Charles M. Increase in pension
Box 26 Crehan, John J. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Cruise, M.J. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Crump, John S. Letter of endorsement
Box 26 Crusius, Malcolm
Box 26 Crystal, Douglas D. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Cunningham, Thomas F. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Cupley, Edward W. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Curran, E.T. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Curry, Elizabeth. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Darrell, Edgar J. Reinstatement in Navy
Box 26 Davidson, G. Aubrey. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Davis, Chester W. Ref: Adamowitz brothers
Box 26 Dawson, Harry W. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Deben, Sophie P. Citizenship
Box 26 DeAlcazer, Mae. Extension of stay
Box 26 Deficits
Box 26 Delehanty, M.J. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Delfino, Umberto. Application for clemency
Box 26 Democratic National Congressional Committee. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Dempsey, John. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Deni, Matilde. Immigration visa
Box 26 Devine, Patrick. Immigration visa for sister-in-law
Box 26 Devine, W.C. Mortgage
Box 26 DeVinne Brown Company. Bid on printing of souvenir program or journal at convention
Box 26 Devlin, James. Immigration visa
Box 26 Dickerson, J.P. Community bank building, Sayville, Long Island
Box 26 Dickstein, Samuel. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Dillon, John J. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Disaffection bill. Kramer sedition bill
Box 26 Discharge rule
Box 26 Donnellan, George H. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Donohue, Philip F. Ref: Harry Brady
Box 26 Donovan, James A. Radio station in Laurence, Massachusetts
Box 26 Dooling, James J. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Dooling, John T. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Dorman, Elizabeth. Donation
Box 26 Dorsey, Frank J.G. Speech
Box 26 Dougherty, J. Daniel. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Doyle, William F.
Box 26 Driscoll, Arthur T. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Driscoll, George F. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Driver, William. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Duffy copyright bill
Box 26 Dugan, Genevieve. Job for nephew
Box 26 Dulligan, James F. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Dye, Wilson A. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Eagan, John T. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Edmiston, Andrew. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Edwards, Everett C. Veteran claim
Box 26 Egerer, Eileen C. Admission to Skidmore College, Saratoga, New York
Box 26 Ehrentreu, Samuel J. Boy scout uniform monopoly
Box 26 Eibenschutz, Irene. Extension of stay
Box 26 Elco Realty Company, Incorporated. R.F.C. loan
Box 26 Election expenditures. Statement of receipts and expenditures of candidate for election as a representative to Congress
Box 26 Election 1936
Box 26 Electric home and farm authority. Chart
Box 26 Ellenbogen textile bill
Box 26 Elliot, F.S.
Box 26 Emerson, Mrs. Disapproval of sick leave
Box 26 Englisby, Walter. Veteran claim
Box 26 English, Joseph J. Interview
Box 26 Enright, May H. Relief for father and mother
Box 26 Espinoza, Eusebio. Deportation
Box 26 Farber, John C. Bankruptcy bill
Box 26 Farley, James A.
Box 26 Farley, Robert Daniel. Duplicate bonus bonds
Box 26 Farm Credit Administration. Report on loans and discounts, December 1935
Box 26 Farmers' Bulletins
Box 26 Farruga, Mrs. M. Immigration matter
Box 26 Farrugio, Mike
Box 26 Fay, James H. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Federal Housing Administration. Extension of act
Box 26 Federal act projects
Box 26 Federal theatre project
Box 26 Ferguson, Phil. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Fernandez, J.O. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Ferrara, F.J.C.C.C. check
Box 26 Ferrer, Richard J. Old age pension
Box 26 Ferris, Joseph W. House Res. 11175
Box 26 Fidgeon, Arthur. Immigration case
Box 26 Fifty-Seventy Street Bridge
Box 26 Fisher,Joseph. Transfer to Mitchell Field
Box 26 Fisher, Louis
Box 26 Fitzpatrick, Edward F.
Box 26 Fitzpatrick, William J. Veteran claim
Box 26 Fitzsimmons, J.E. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Fixel & Fixel Attorneys at Law
Box 26 Flannery, J. Harold. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Fleiss, Dorothy. Immigration visa
Box 26 Flood control
Box 26 Florida canal
Box 26 Flynn, Mrs. B.Government claim
Box 26 Flynn, Mary. Hon. John T. Eagan interested, veteran claim
Box 26 Foley, Samuel J. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Forano, Aime J. Committee assignment
Box 26 Ford, A.L. Miscellaneous
Box 26 Fountain, Arthur L. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Frazier-Lemke bill
Box 27 Frederick, Karl T. Appropriation for biological survey
Box 27 Freelander, Joseph H. House Res. 8474
Box 27 Friedler, Hencia, et al. Immigration visa
Box 27 Froman, Henry C. Duplicate discharge
Box 27 Fry, Elizabeth. Veteran claim of husband
Box 27 Fur tax
Box 27 Gag rules and bills
Box 27 Galgano, Frank R. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Gamble, Walter A. Discharge from Navy
Box 27 Garner, John N. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Garrick, James. Transfer in union
Box 27 Geological survey. Report of New York flood of 1935
Box 27 Geppert, G.A. H.O.L.C. loan, patent claim
Box 27 Gerrity, Anna.Deportation
Box 27 Gilbert, Helen. W.P.A. complaint
Box 27 Gillette, G.M. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Giordano, Mary. H.O.L.C. loan
Box 27 Goldman, Kurt
Box 27 Goudchaux, Emmita Rodriguez de Weill. Extension of stay
Box 27 Governor's Island Airport
Box 27 Grace, James W. Appointment
Box 27 Grace, W.J. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Granfield, William J. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Gray, Finley H. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Greaney, John J. Veteran claim, C-495817
Box 27 Greene, Jerome D.U.S. Harvard Tercentenary Commission
Box 27 Greenfield, Helen. Civil service rating
Box 27 Greer, George. Forzly passport
Box 27 Gregory, Noble J. Committee assignment
Box 27 Griffin, William. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Grogan, Jane. Pension increase
Box 27 Grossman, Harry. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Grunberg, Emile. Letter of introduction
Box 27 Guffey-Dockweiler bill. To eliminate the excise tax on coconut oil
Box 27 Guffey-Vinson coal bill
Box 27 Hall, Thomas. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Halleran, John J. Airport
Box 27 Handleman, Maurice. Parole
Box 27 Hansen, Ferdinand. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Harding, John F., Sr. Miscellaneous
Box 27 John F. Harding Social Club.Contract
Box 27 Hardy, Lamarr
Box 27 Harmony Boys Social Club. Souvenir journal
Box 27 Harowitz, Aron. Stay deportation
Box 27 Harris, William. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Hart, Elizabeth. Neutrality
Box 27 Hartman, Dorothy. Documents
Box 27 Hawley, Betty. Appointment
Box 27 Heagney, H.A. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Hebrew National Orphan Home
Box 27 Hecht, Darwin. Parole
Box 27 Hegarty, John J. Documents
Box 27 Henry, John M. Article
Box 27 Henson, Matthew. Pension
Box 27 Hernon, John J. Hospitalization in veteran hospital in Florida
Box 27 Herrschaft, Frederick. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Higgins, Edward J. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Hill, Knute. Condolence message
Box 27 Hill, Samuel B. Tax on automobiles based on horsepower
Box 27 Hines, Frank T. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Hodgins, William H. Veteran claim
Box 27 Hoechstetter, H.L. Appointment
Box 27 Hoeppel, John H. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Holiday greetings
Box 27 Holst, Albert M. Al.
Box 27 Home Owners' Loan Corporation. Sweeney investigation
Box 27 Honan, Charles. Miscellaneous
Box 27 Honde, Daniel J. Re-entry permit for Louis Eltzbacher
Box 27 Hopkins, Harry L. Relief situation in New York City
Box 27 Hopkins, John. Veteran claim
Box 27 House Building Commission
Box 27 H. Con. Res. 63. Adjournment resolution
Box 27 H.J. Res. 394. Investigation of Federal Communications Commission
Box 27 H.J. Res. 625.To provide that the last regular session of the 75th Congress shall begin on Jan. 5, 1937
Box 27 House Res. 146
Box 27 House Res. 367. Authorizing the study of the Koch report by Interstate Commerce Commission and for other purposes
Box 27 House Res. 380. By Mr. McLeod, relief policies
Box 27 House Res.408
Box 27 House Res. 418
Box 27 House Res. 460. Flood control
Box 27 House Res. 513
Box 27 House Res. 527. Authorize congressional investigation of the "Block Legion"
Box 27 House Res.558. Joint committee to notify President that Congress is ready to adjourn
Box 27 House Res.2827. Workers unemployment, old age and social insurance bill
Box 27 House Res. 3002. Frazier-Lemke
Box 27 House Res. 3251. To improve the executive civil service
Box 27 House Res. 3263. Pettingill long and short haul bill (2 folders)
Box 27 House Res. 3923. A bill for the relief of William Martin
Box 27 House Res. 3924. For the relief of Patrick McKernan
Box 27 House Res. 3925. For the relief of John C. Ryan
Box 27 House Res. 3927. For the relief of Carlo Scarabello
Box 27 House Res. 3928. For the relief of Joseph N. King
Box 27 House Res. 4178. Relief of the International Manufacturer's Sales Company of America, Incorporated
Box 27 House Res. 4280. For the relief of Emil Chalupa
Box 27 House Res. 4300. To fix the date of the annual meeting of Congress and for other purposes
Box 27 House Res. 4463. Russian railway service
Box 27 House Res. 4688. Relief of the blind
Box 27 House Res. 4886, 4887. Providing for the employment of skilled shorthand reporters in the executive branch of the government
Box 27 House Res. 5051. To appeal section 213, Economy act
Box 27 House Res. 5252. Ref: Samuel Woodfill
Box 27 House Res. 5600. Birth control bill
Box 27 House Res. 5844. Create a U.S. travel commission
Box 27 House Res. 6055. Lucy A. Weaver
Box 27 House Res. 6203. To apply laws covering steam vessels to vessels of 15 gross tons and over propelled by internal combustion engines
Box 27 House Res. 6213. For the relief of Henrietta Jacobs
Box 27 House Res. 7086. Mount Olympus National Park bill
Box 27 House Res. 7212. For the relief of Max Geissler
Box 27 House Res. 7245. Claim of the city of New York
Box 27 House Res. 7321
Box 27 House Res. 8179
Box 27 House Res. 8163. Kerr immigration bill
Box 27 House Res. 8293. To amend the longshoremen's and harbor workers compensation act
Box 27 House Res. 8380. Bill for relief of Thomas J. Jackson
Box 27 House Res. 8496. Repatriation bill
Box 27 House Res. 8631. Fulmer bill
Box 27 House Res. 8824 (Senate 3409). Relief of Gellaty
Box 27 House Res. 8916. Making provisions in reference to personal injury suits by seamen
Box 27 House Res. 9101
Box 27 House Res. 9216. National income and credit issue act
Box 27 House Res. 9258. Pension bill
Box 27 House Res. 9195. Bill for the relief of Mary McCormack
Box 27 House Res. 10264. Authorize the coinage of $.50 commemorative coins for the 15th anniversary of Cincinnati as a center of music
Box 27 House Res. 10382. To amend the bankruptcy act
Box 27 House Res. 10407. Chain stores, to impose an excise tax on stores in the District of Columbia and on other purposes
Box 27 House Res. 10485
Box 27 House Res. 10847. Granting the War Department permission to purchase ground for burial purposes
Box 27 House Res. 10924. To allow certain deductions from gross incomes under the income tax act of 1934
Box 27 House Res. 11009. To amend the bankruptcy act
Box 27 House Res. 11026. Relief of James G. Hardy and Company
Box 27 House Res. 11123.Relief of Edward A. Foote, Jr. and others
Box 27 House Res. 11152. Pension for Federal Bureau of Investigation men
Box 27 House Res. 11186. Marcantonio bill
Box 27 House Res. 11365
Box 28 House Res. 11375. Red River bill
Box 28 House Res. 11418. Agriculture appropriation bill
Box 28 House Res. 11496. Relief of Dennis Keohane
Box 28 House Res. 11505. Disabled emergency officers bill
Box 28 House Res. 11631. Relief of Timothy J. Long
Box 28 House Res. 11642. Change the name of the Department of Interior to the Department of Conservation
Box 28 House Res. 11687. Cartwright road bill
Box 28 House Res. 11714. Tax bill
Box 28 House Res. 11968. R. F. C. flood loans
Box 28 House Res. 12061. Authorize the President to designate an acting high commissioner of the Philippines
Box 28 House Res. 12180. For the relief of Alice Steinhardt
Box 28 House Res. 12454. Relating to personal injury suits by seamen
Box 28 House Res. 12827. To prescribe the effective date of naturalization in certain cases
Box 28 House Res. 12951. Regulation tank ships
Box 28 Housing, government
Box 28 Howell, Clark, Jr. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Howes, W. W. Anonymous letters being investigated
Box 28 Hutchins, Helen. Complaint radio interference
Box 28 Hutton, Emily. Naturalization
Box 28 Hyams, Walter. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Hyde, Abraham T. Veteran claim
Box 28 Igoe, James T. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Igoe, Michael L. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Jackson Day dinner
Box 28 Jackson, John J. Res. 1301
Box 28 Jacobsen, Bernhard. Condolence message
Box 28 Jansen, H. A. Autograph
Box 28 Jefairjian, Hagop. Examination for naturalization
Box 28 Jencks, Henry A. Aviation program
Box 28 Jobe, William. Collect back pay
Box 28 Jordon, John J. North River Bridge Company
Box 28 Journey, Chesley W.
Box 28 Judge's bill
Box 28 Jun, William D. Veteran claim
Box 28 Kahan, Alexander. House Res. 6961
Box 28 Kane, Charles. Hotel Committee, Democratic National Convention
Box 28 Kane, Peter. Post office bid
Box 28 Kaplan Company. Bid, post office site
Box 28 Kaplan, Julius H. Restoration of gold refiner's license
Box 28 Kargas, Panagiotis. Immigration visa
Box 28 Kaufman, Rose. Arrest in Poland
Box 28 Kavanagh, William L. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Keary, Patrick. Citizenship papers
Box 28 Kelen, Stephen. Documents and miscellaneous
Box 28 Kennedy, Martin J. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Kennedy, Will P. Newspaper article
Box 28 Keudell, Loretta. Introduction to Congressman Buckley
Box 28 Kindred, John J.
Box 28 Kip, Kermit F. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Kirling, John. Relief
Box 28 Kirwan, Michael J. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Kiviat, Julius. Naturalization
Box 28 Klaye, Samuel. White House passes
Box 28 Knox Broadcasting Company
Box 28 Koppleman, Herman P. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Kowyn, Catherine
Box 28 Krellberg, Alfred S. Documents
Box 28 Krementic, Peter. Kirincic, Joseph, deportation
Box 28 Kress Engineering Company
Box 28 Krikerion, Mrs. Arxie. H. O. L. C. loan
Box 28 Krock, Arthur. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Kufheiser, Lipman. Deportation
Box 28 Kyle, William B. Miscellaneous
Box 28 LaFave, George E. Father Coughlin
Box 28 Lanzetta, James J. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Larkin, Rose A. H. O. L. C. loan
Box 28 Lavery, James F. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Lea, Clarence F. Miscellaneous
Box 28 League for women for President and other public office
Box 28 Lebezou, Anna. Immigration visa
Box 28 Lee, James J. Relief information
Box 28 Leibell, Vincent L. Telegram of congratulations
Box 28 Leichtman, Jacob. Diplomatic letter
Box 28 Lennon, Catherine. Burial expenses for husband
Box 28 Lieberman, Nathan. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Liederman, John. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Leiffert, C. J. Bonus information
Box 28 Leonard, John J. ( dec. ). Claim of widow, Mrs. Ella Leonard
Box 28 Lesinski, John J. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Levine, Max (dec.). Widow's pension claim
Box 28 Levy, David L. Patent for preserving hides and skins
Box 28 Libert, Michael J. Duplicate Army discharge
Box 28 Lincoln,Nanette. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Lincoln, Ethel Irving. Citizenship papers for mother
Box 28 Lind, Walter A. Gallery passes
Box 28 Linehan, James T. Permission to take examination
Box 28 Linnane, Frank P. Veteran claim
Box 28 Lobby inquiry
Box 28 Lobby investigation. Utility bill
Box 28 Loder, Carrie. Veteran claim
Box 28 Loeffelhofz, Max and Kurt. Immigration visas
Box 28 Lynch matter
Box 28 C. M. London and Company. R. F. C. information
Box 28 Lord, John J. H. O. L. C. loan
Box 28 Lorish, Logan S. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Lougee, E. F. Continuance and design laboratory
Box 28 Loughlin, Edward V. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Ludlow, Louis. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Ludlow, Isabelle Morrison. Navy claim
Box 28 Brother Luke. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Lyden, James F. Information regarding accountant's position, Department of Justice
Box 28 Lyle, J. J. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Lynch, Frank. Veteran claim
Box 28 McCabe, Joseph V. National cemetery near New York
Box 28 McCaffrey, Edward. Veteran information
Box 28 McCarthy, John J. Veteran appeal
Box 28 McCaw, Thomas. Documents
Box 28 McCook, Philip J. Ref: Samuel Woodfill
Box 28 McCord, Robert. Miscellaneous
Box 28 McCormack, E. A. Job, claim, etc
Box 28 McCreary, Emory L. Veteran claim
Box 28 McDonald, Eddie. Veteran claim
Box 28 McDonald, Joseph. Mary McDonald, veteran claim
Box 28 McElhill, Frank B. Executive clemency
Box 28 McGinley, Arthur. Bonus
Box 28 McGinley, William J. Religion in Mexico
Box 28 McGreen, Thomas C. Gerald Donovan interested, veteran appeal
Box 28 McGroarty, John Steven. Miscellaneous
Box 28 McIntyre, Robert. Sayville Holding Corporation
Box 28 McKenna, Mrs. and Son. Relief case
Box 28 McKeon, Caroline
Box 28 McKeon, John J. Veteran claim
Box 28 Mackin, James J. Ref: Father Higgins
Box 28 McManus, J. L. Laurence Simpson
Box 28 McNamara, Norah. Re-entry permit
Box 28 McQuaid, George. Veteran claim
Box 28 McSweeney, Edward. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Magnanti, Angell. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Maguire, Walter D. Veteran claim
Box 28 Mahon, William J. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Mahoney, Maurice. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Majority leader. June 1936
Box 28 Malloy, Peter. Collection of bonus
Box 28 Malone, Francis J. J. Citizenship papers
Box 28 Mannion, Pauline. Citizenship papers
Box 28 Manuelian, A. D. Letter of introduction
Box 28 Maroney, Ellen. Immigration visa
Box 28 Martens, W. H. House Res. 10982
Box 28 Martin, Charles H. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Martin, Mrs. Harry. Old age pensions for mother and father
Box 28 Martin, Henry. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Martin, John J. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Martin, John Peter. Veteran claim
Box 28 Martin, Tracy. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Mastick, Seabury C. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Matters, Thomas H. , Jr. Miscellaneous
Box 28 May, William F. Veteran case
Box 28 Mayer, Leo Kenneth. Miscellaneous, file sent to Dulligan
Box 28 Mead, Theodore. Discharge from training ship Marfola
Box 28 Meehan, Mark K. Citizenship papers
Box 28 Memorial address. Stephen A. Rudd
Box 28 Merchant marine
Box 28 Merritt, Matthew J. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Mertin, Adolph. Winifred Gardens
Box 28 Miller, Edward. Veteran claim
Box 28 Milton, Mrs. H. L. Low number on automobile license plates
Box 28 Minnesota fire claims
Box 28 Mitchell, Arthur W.
Box 28 Moore, Robert E. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Moore, Thomas F. Veteran claim
Box 28 Moorehead, Robert J. Farm loan information
Box 28 Moran, B. T. Letter of introduction to Comptroller of the Currency
Box 28 Moran, W. H. Private bill
Box 28 Morrison, Joseph L. Isabelle M. Ludlow, veteran claim
Box 28 Morrison, John A. Complaint in reference to treatment in marine hospital
Box 28 Mosca, Rose. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Moser, Guy L. Miscellaneous
Box 28 Mossel, John A.
Box 28 Mullen, Mary. Death certificate in case of Frank Barker
Box 28 Mundy, L. Newspaper clippings
Box 28 Murphy, Harry S. Veteran hospitalization
Box 28 Murray Hill Industrial High School. Change name
Box 28 Mygatt, Tracy D. Appointment
Box 28 National Education Association
Box 28 National Union for Social Justice (2 folders)
Box 28 Naval reserve law
Box 28 Nemeth, Vincent. Nemeth, Margaret, deportation
Box 28 Neutrality bill
Box 28 New congressmen
Box 29 Newman, Walter
Box 29 New York Board of Trade, Incorporated. Anti-basing point bill
Box 29 Nicholas, Honorable and Mrs. Letter of congratulations
Box 29 Nicola, John. Veteran claim
Box 29 Niles, David K. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Nolte, Anthony. Fred Sullivan interested, immigration visa
Box 29 Norris, Jean H. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Norton, Mary T. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Norton, J. McKee. Citizenship
Box 29 Nurse practice bill
Box 29 O'Brien, Eugene. Discharge from Navy
Box 29 O'Boyle, Mrs. M. E. Veteran claim
Box 29 O'Brien, John J. Veteran claim
Box 29 O'Brien, Mary. Veteran claim
Box 29 O'Connell, Harold J. First International Snake Exposition
Box 29 O'Connor, Bill. Miscellaneous
Box 29 O'Connor, John J. Documents
Box 29 O'Connor, John J. Invitations
Box 29 O'Connor, John J. Personal
Box 29 O'Connor, John J. Messages of congratulations
Box 29 O'Connor, Mary. Bank claim
Box 29 O'Connor, James. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Old age pension plans
Box 29 Oliver, Nathan S. Cancellation of bond, National Surety Company, Meilech Oliver
Box 29 Oliver, Victor. Citizenship and passport
Box 29 Olsen, Norman T.
Box 29 O'Malley, Thomas. Miscellaneous
Box 29 O'Meara, A. A. Keith
Box 29 O'Neill, Francis. Appointment
Box 29 O'Shea, John. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Owen, Clarence F.
Box 29 Owens, John J. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Paderefsky, Aida. Housing
Box 29 Pafumi, Francesco. Deportation
Box 29 Pallman, E.
Box 29 Palmisano, Vincent L. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Pan-American Union. Report of activities
Box 29 Parker, Joshua
Box 29 Pastnikoff, A. S.
Box 29 Patman, Wright. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Paulson,Francis. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Peirson, C. W. Autograph
Box 29 Perlman, Max. Appointment
Box 29 Perrin, Harry B. Veteran case
Box 29 Perry's Victory Memorial Commission. Special report
Box 29 Peters, Edward D. Veteran claim
Box 29 Pettingill, Samuel B. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Phelan, James F. Duplicate citizenship papers
Box 29 Plaue, Max. Visa information
Box 29 Plymouth Cooperage Company
Box 29 Political
Box 29 Pollack, Elma. Deportation
Box 29 Port of New York Authority
Box 29 Postmasters. Information regarding appointment - first, second and third classes
Box 29 Potter, Richard F. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Poultry congress
Box 29 Poveromo, Antoinette. Loan from H. O. L. C.
Box 29 Press releases
Box 29 PrimaryMiscellaneous 1936
Box 29 Processing taxes
Box 29 Public utilities fortnightly
Box 29 Public Works Administration. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Puerto Rican bill. Committee to study economic and political conditions in Puerto Rico
Box 29 Puerto Rican insurance bill. House Res. 8621, Senate 3140
Box 29 Quinones, Jose Ramon. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Radcliffe, Harry S. Reprint in reference to the foreign trade zones bill
Box 29 Radio address. Honorable John J. O'Connor over WOV, September 13th "The Coming Election"
Box 29 Radio interview. Mr. O'Connor and Mr. Essary
Box 29 Radio station at Albany. License
Box 29 Radio station WBNX
Box 29 Radio station WLWL
Box 29 Radio station WMBQ
Box 29 Radio station WTMV
Box 29 Radio station WWAE
Box 29 Rao, Paul P. Decoration
Box 29 Real Estate Bondholders' Committee
Box 29 Reavis, C. Francis
Box 29 Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Summary of activities
Box 29 Reilly, Arthur. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Reilly, George. Restaurant concession, Passamaquoddy Dam project
Box 29 Reilly, Gerard. Jobs
Box 29 Reilly, Frederick D. Veteran claim
Box 29 Reilly, John A. Transfer
Box 29 Rice, Mortimer A. House Res. 7293
Box 29 Rice, Helen. Speech of July 16, 1932
Box 29 Rich, Robert F.
Box 29 Richardson, William M. Veteran claim
Box 29 Ridgely, Harold C. Bible
Box 29 Riley, Morgan. Appointment
Box 29 Ritchie, A. Miller. Information
Box 29 Ritter, Halsted L.
Box 29 Roberts, Jason M. Adjusted compensation
Box 29 Robinson, John J. Verification of entry
Box 29 Robinson, Joseph T. Speech January 28, 1936
Box 29 Rodgers, Cleveland
Box 29 Rodriguez, Francisco. Veteran claim
Box 29 Rohe, Anton. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Rollins, Malcolm G. Hospitalization
Box 29 Romano, Umberto. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Roudin, Victor. Tax refund bills
Box 29 Rudd, Stephen. Memorial remarks
Box 29 Rudolph, Brother. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Rules
Box 29 Rules Committee
Box 29 Russian railway corps bill
Box 29 N. Ryan Company, Incorporated. Sand and Gravel
Box 29 Ryan, Elmer J. Wire of congratulations
Box 29 St. Jean, Edward
Box 29 St. Regis Paper Company
Box 29 Salamone, Anthony. Foreign property
Box 29 Sander, Charles F. Multiple dwelling aid
Box 29 Saunders, Mrs. C. Second installment of former husband's bonus
Box 29 Sayville School project
Box 29 Schaefer, Lucy. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Scheffler, Harry. Veteran claim
Box 29 Scheitlin, Henry F.
Box 29 Schuler, Julius (Lutz) Joachim. Immigration visa
Box 29 Schulte, William T. Radio station
Box 29 Schultz Brewing Company
Box 29 Schwabacher, Albert. Immigration visas
Box 29 Schwager, Charles. Immigration of Jews to Palestine
Box 29 Schwartz, Albert. National Savings and Loan Institution
Box 29 Scott, Byron N. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Scott, M. V. Hoeppel
Box 29 Scrutities and Exchange Commission Preliminary report
Box 29 Segal, Morris. Invitations for bids
Box 29 Seldon, Samuel. Low cost housing for civil service workers
Box 29 Senate Amendment #105. Foreign mail service from Juneau, Alaska to White Horse, Canada to Fairbanks, Canada
Box 29 Senate Jt. Res. 151. To Celebrate birth of Charles Carroll
Box 29 Senate Jt. Res. 234. Authorizing the Senate Special Committ on Investigation of Lobbying Activities to employ counsel in certain legal proceedings
Box 29 Senate Jt. Res. 247. Recognition of the 300th anniversary, Harvard University
Box 29 Senate 5. Food and drug bill
Box 29 Senate 373. Relief of Robert A. Watson
Box 29 Senate 1110. Relief of A. Randolph Halliday
Box 29 Senate 1152
Box 29 Senate 1567. War minerals relief act
Box 29 Senate 2039
Box 29 Senate 2265. Disabled veterans
Box 29 Senate 2647. Bill to pay sub-contractors for work on Hempstead post office
Box 29 Senate 2775. To renew and extend certain letters patent, 74th Congress, 1st session
Box 29 Senate 3154
Box 29 Senate 3257. Bonus for provisional veterans
Box 29 Senate 3467. To amend the shipping act
Box 29 Senate 4266. To amend the social security act
Box 29 Senate 4400. Relief of Barbara Jaeckel
Box 29 Senate 4483. Provide for the issuance by the Post Office Department of a special series of stamps in commemoration of the 300th anniversary, Harvard University
Box 29 Sessel, Ben F. Munitions inquiry
Box 29 Seymour, N. Gilbert. Stuyvesant Square
Box 29 Shaughnessy, Edward J. Immigration cas
Box 29 Shay, Henry W. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Shay, J. J. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Shea, Francis. Collection of bonus
Box 29 Shea, Joseph. Information re: patents
Box 29 Sheenan, M. Veteran case
Box 29 Shenadoah National Park
Box 29 Shepherd, Osborne. Report
Box 29 Sheridan, Matthew B. Veteran claim
Box 29 Sherlock, John F.
Box 29 Shuler, George K. Private bill
Box 29 Silicosis
Box 29 Silva, James A. Honorable discharge from Navy
Box 29 Singer, Nathan. Immigration visa
Box 29 Sisson, Fred J. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Erna Sitter and Frank Reithofer. Immigration visas
Box 29 Slater, Mr. and Mrs. J. Elliot. Letter of introduction to U. S. consuls
Box 29 Smith, William J. Miscellaneous
Box 29 Snyder, J. Buell. Letter of endorsement
Box 29 Social justice. Letter to editor
Box 29 Social Security Board. Information
Box 29 Soogjian, Karnik. Immigration visa
Box 29 Speech. Proposed tax bill, also comments on speech
Box 29 Speeches. John J. O'Connor
Box 29 Spen, Henry. Miscellaneous
Box 30 Spence, Paulsen.
Box 30 Spence Engineering Company.
Box 30 Spero, Murray ( dec. ). Bonds
Box 30 Spindel, Theodore. Parole
Box 30 Staderman, Richard A. Tercentenary of Harvard University
Box 30 Stand, Bert.
Box 30 Stationery account
Box 30 Stein, Hilda. Immigration visa
Box 30 Steinhauser, O.
Box 30 Stephenson, George Nicholas. Shore duty
Box 30 Storace, Augustus. Vet claim
Box 30 Stuart, Max. Diplomatic letter
Box 30 Sullivan, Frederick J. Autograph of President Roosevelt
Box 30 Sullivan, Max
Box 30 Sullivan, John J. (Private). Discharge
Box 30 Sussman, Charles
Box 30 Sweeney, William F. Veteran claim
Box 30 Taube, Valentina. Passport
Box 30 Tax bill
Box 30 Taylor, Charles G. Admission to Veterans hospital
Box 30 Ten Eyck project
Box 30 Terpening, L. H.
Box 30 Testin, Frank. Immigration visa
Box 30 Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Box 30 Thommen, Louis. Physical examination for West Point
Box 30 Townsend Plan
Box 30 Thompson, J. E.
Box 30 Thynne, Nora A.
Box 30 Tonry, Richard J.
Box 30 Toomey, Mrs. Gene. Loan from H. O. L. C.
Box 30 Trimble, South
Box 30 Trinchere, John A.
Box 30 Troy Broadcasting Company
Box 30 Truckmen
Box 30 Tucker, Ray
Box 30 Tudor, Robert L.
Box 30 12th A. D. news
Box 30 Twohig, James J.
Box 30 Uhl, Rudolph and Frank. Birth Certificates
Box 30 Udovicich, Eugene. Deportation
Box 30 Union postal clerk
Box 30 United Mine Workers. W. P. A. project
Box 30 U. S. Constitution Sesquicentennial Commission. Tentative report
Box 30 Van Dusen, Mabel F. Amendment to Senate 827
Box 30 Van Duzer, W. A. Parking permits
Box 30 Vessio, Ignatius. Citizenship
Box 30 Veterans service pensions
Box 30 Vocational education bill
Box 30 Vaughan, Mrs. E.
Box 30 Wade, Malachi and Reilly, John E. Veteran claim, pension increases
Box 30 Wagner, Ellen Bogen bill. Housing bill
Box 30 Wagner, J. H. Information re: citizenship
Box 30 Wakefield, Homer
Box 30 Walbert, Martin W. Proposal amendment to Constitution
Box 30 Walsh, Francis T. J. H. O. L. C. loan
Box 30 Walsh-Healey bill. Government contracts bill
Box 30 War minerals bill
Box 30 Weinberger, Mr.
Box 30 Weinberger, Harry H.
Box 30 Welch, Ada W. Emergency relief for District of Columbia
Box 30 Welty, B. F. Amendment to the Constitution
Box 30 Weppler, Fred L. Duplicate Army discharge
Box 30 Wolf, Eric. Introduction to American consul
Box 30 Werner, Joseph ( dec. ). Pension for widow
Box 30 Werner, Theo D.
Box 30 Werwinski, Ignatius K. Resolution to commemorate the death of General Pulaski
Box 30 West Point
Box 30 Whalen, Grover
Box 30 White, Compton I.
Box 30 White, George S. Re: Mr. Lerb
Box 30 White, John J. Letter of criticism
Box 30 White, Raymond J.
Box 30 White, William R. Superintendent of banks
Box 30 Wiederman, Carl M. Radio license for station at Saginaw, Michigan
Box 30 Wolfolk, George. Veteran claim
Box 30 Wong, Joe. Citizenship
Box 30 Works Progress Administration
Box 30 World's Fair New York
Box 30 Wright, Nicholas. Vet claim
Box 30 Wright, Roscoe. W. P. A.
Box 30 Wynne, John J. Commemorative coins for the celebration of the 250 anniversary of the "Chapter of Liberties" granted by Governor Dongan of New York State
Box 30 Young, Edward D. Regain agency for National Surety Company
Box 30 Zyngier, Nusyn. Immigration visa
Box 30 Radio speech "What's Ahead of Congress"
Box 30 Mr. O'Connor, answer to Senator Fred Steiner of Oregon Republican Convention in Cleveland
Box 30 Editorial from the Washington Post of The Irish of it February 18, 1936
Box 30 Coughlin's radio speech February 23, 1936
unless otherwise indicated 1937
Box 30 Agger, Jens
Box 30 Agrafiotis, Christopher John
Box 30 Agriculture yearbooks. Distribution
Box 30 A'Hern, Nora or Honora. Date of birth
Box 30 Ahearn, William J. Message of condolence
Box 30 Alajayian, K. Documents
Box 30 Alekanian, Yervant. Certificate of arrival
Box 30 Alfange, Dean
Box 30 Allaire, Frank. Re:John McMahon
Box 30 Allen, Robert S. Washington Merry-Go-Round
Box 30 Alvarez, Nicolas Fernandez. Release from arrest in Spain
Box 30 American Farm Bureau Federation Farm Program
Box 30 American Federation of Labor
Box 30 American Jewish Congress
Box 30 American Labor Party
Box 30 American Title and Guaranty Company. F. H. A. loan
Box 30 Anderson, C. Arthur
Box 30 Anderson, H. B. Establishment of a national department of health
Box 30 Anderson, L. K. Excise tax on games
Box 30 Anderson, Stanley S.
Box 30 Andrews, Walter P.
Box 30 Annapolis
Box 30 Anti-lynching bill
Box 30 Willson, Charles C.
Box 30 Wise, Stephen S. United Palestine appeal
Box 30 Appropriation bill for 1938. Hearings (Senate), State, Justice, Commerce and Labor Departments
Box 30 Ardolino, Edward
Box 30 Army-Navy tickets requests
Box 30 Artists Union of New York
Box 30 Asciolla, Tony. Discharge from C. C. C.
Box 30 Ashworth, William. Little congress
Box 30 Atlas Buick Corporation. R. F. C. loan
Box 30 Automobile Manufacturer's Association
Box 30 Aviation Committee. Establishment of a standing committee
Box 30 Black, Judge. Resignation from Supreme Court
Box 30 Black, Loring M. Claim of the Recording and Computing Machines Company
Box 30 Bituminous Coal Commission. Coal prices in New York
Box 30 Birmingham, Stephen W.
Box 30 Binding
Box 30 Bayer Brothers Leather Company, Incorporated. Kleberg bill
Box 30 Battle, George Gordon
Box 30 Bass, John
Box 30 Barrymen, William
Box 30 Barrows, George H.
Box 30 Barry, William B. Admission to the Supreme Court
Box 30 Barnes, Tom M.
Box 30 Barrett, Edwin J.
Box 30 Barker, Mary
Box 30 Baltimore Mail Lines
Box 30 Baltes, Jacob C. Veteran claim
Box 30 Barbour, Dan
Box 30 Barker, Jacob. United Federal Workers
Box 30 Baldwin, Arthur J.
Box 30 Barbour, Mrs. M. E.
Box 30 Baker, Jacob. Administrative economy
Box 30 Bechmidt, Charles S. Veteran legislation
Box 30 Beldock, George
Box 30 Benninger, Mrs. Albert. Message of condolence
Box 30 Benson, Mary M. White House passes
Box 30 Bernhardt, Herbert E. Addition Veterans' hospital in New York City
Box 30 Bernstein, Saul. Yorkville public schools
Box 30 Berolzheimer, Charles
Box 30 Best, Paul
Box 30 Beyer, James. Documents
Box 30 Bickford, Leland. Townsend information
Box 31 Black, Connery. Labor bill
Box 31 Blank, Phil. Documents
Box 31 Bleigh, Harry B. Gallerypasses
Box 31 Bloom, Sol
Box 31 Bonneville Dam
Box 31 Boland, Frank A.K.
Box 31 Bovajian, Vaheand Novart. Immigration visas
Box 31 Bowling, Katherine J.D. Veteran claim of husband
Box 31 Boyer, Lewis L.Post Office at Lewistown, Illinois
Box 31 Boyle, John. Pension from Welfare Department
Box 31 Breen, Eileen. Condolence message
Box 31 Breen, George
Box 31 Briskman, J. Commodity mortgage certificate plan
Box 31 Buckley, David A., Jr.
Box 31 Bruno, Claire. Flower seeds
Box 31 Brunner, William F.
Box 31 Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, Cleveland, Ohio. Appointment of Donald Richberg to Supreme Court
Box 31 Brophy, Richard R. Increase in veteran compensation
Box 31 Brooke, Mrs. Frank E. Reorganization of Civil Service
Box 31 Brooks, Sparks L.
Box 31 Broderick, Estelle. Tax on cosmetics
Box 31 Brindell, Anna M.
Box 31 Briegel, Jesse
Box 31 Bresnihan, Catherine. Re-entry permit
Box 31 Byrns, Joseph W., Jr.
Box 31 Butler, Estate of James
Box 31 Burns, John
Box 31 Burns, Annie. Old age pension
Box 31 Burling, Mathilda. Senate 1516
Box 31 Burlew, E.K.
Box 31 Burke, William S. Veteran claim
Box 31 Burke, M. J.
Box 31 Buenhuels, William B. Autograph
Box 31 Buckley, David A.
Box 31 Caesar, Peter F. Congressman Oliver (ME)
Box 31 Cahill, David V.
Box 31 Callagay, Martin V.
Box 31 Calver, George W. Re: Miss Julia Altman
Box 31 Cantwell, Thomas V.
Box 31 The Capitol Daily
Box 31 Carnevale, A.R.
Box 31 Carsone, Joseph E. Discharge from Army
Box 31 Carroll, William G.
Box 31 Carron, Michael. Immigration visa
Box 31 Carty, Bridget May. Immigration visas for her daughters
Box 31 Caruthers, Allen. War claim
Box 31 Case, Norman S.
Box 31 Casey coal bill
Box 31 Cashin, William E.
Box 31 Cashin, Rose
Box 31 Cassel, Mary Jane. Bonds
Box 31 Cassiddy, Alice. Veteran claim
Box 31 Caulfield, Margaret M.
Box 31 Census unemployment, Edward Blake
Box 31 Central Trades and Labor Council
Box 31 Champion, Harry
Box 31 Chapman, Donald B. Discharge from Marine Corps
Box 31 Charnak, Nathan. Private bill
Box 31 Child labor bill
Box 31 Chittenden, J.D.
Box 31 Church, Ralph E. Request for rules
Box 31 City Projects Council. Appointment
Box 31 Civil Service Grievance Committee
Box 31 Clark, Harley L.
Box 31 Clark, John R. Appointment
Box 31 Clarke, Thomas F.
Box 31 Clausen, Henry J.
Box 31 Cochran, John J.
Box 31 Cochran, John J. Repeal of section 213 of the Vicil Service Act of January 16, 1883
Box 31 Cohen, William W.
Box 31 Cole, William P., Jr.
Box 31 Collins, Cornelius F.
Box 31 Collins, James (dec.).Duplicate check
Box 31 Collins, Martha.Veteran claim XC-934, 004
Box 31 Collins, William T.
Box 31 Churches and clergymen. Mr. O'Connor's district
Box 31 Concurrent resolution #7.Sit-down strikes
Box 31 Condiles, Gust. Citizenship papers
Box 31 Congedo, Joseph
Box 31 Congressional directory. Distribution
Box 31 Congressional election. Statistics of election, November 1934
Box 31 Congressional Record. Distribution
Box 31 Conroy, Thomas D.
Box 31 Copeland, Mrs. Royal C. Inaugural reception
Box 31 Corbett, William F. Message of condolence
Box 31 Cosmetic tax
Box 31 Costello, John M.
Box 31 Cote, Arthur J.Documents
Box 31 Cotter, John F.
Box 31 Cotton vote
Box 31 Coughlin, Edward J.
Box 31 Council of state governments
Box 31 Courtney, William A.
Box 31 C.I.O.
Box 31 Cox, Mrs. John C.Veteran case
Box 31 Cready, E.M. Louis-Ludlow bill
Box 31 Crehan, John J.
Box 31 Crowe, Eugene B.
Box 31 Cronin, Joseph. W.P.A. claim
Box 31 Cruise, Gerald V.
Box 31 Cruise, M.J.
Box 31 Crump, Edward H.
Box 31 Cudmore, J. Homer
Box 31 Cusack, William J. Transfer of cousin
Box 31 Custom guards
Box 31 Daly, Mary. Increase in pension
Box 31 Dahlberg, Carl W. Invasion of Japanese into American fisheries
Box 31 Dan River Cotton Mills, Incorporated. Claim
Box 31 Daole, Renato. Citizenship
Box 31 Davies, John E. Veteran claim
Box 31 Decker, Jane E.
Box 31 Degnan, Thomas L. ( dec.). Veteran claim XC1,055, 763
Box 31 De Hostos, Filipo L. Welfare of Puerto Rico
Box 31 Delaney, James J.
Box 31 Delano, Capt. John S.
Box 31 Del Castillo, Rafael, Jr.
Box 31 Delehanty, Hon. J.J.
Box 31 Delfino, Umberto. Executive clemency
Box 31 Democratic National Congressional Committee
Box 31 Democratic State Committee. List
Box 31 Bennett, Prescott. Good will message to President De Valera
Box 31 Derise, Anthony. Transfer of brother to Rockland State Hospital
Box 31 De Rosa, Salvatore. Citizenship
Box 31 De Saro, Ethel McConnell
Box 31 De Silvio, Armand
Box 31 Dickstein, Hon. Samuel
Box 31 Dictograph Products, Inc.
Box 31 Digiose, Dominick. Veteran claim and job, C-1,054,989
Box 31 Dillon, John J. Paper bids
Box 31 Di Sapio, Laura. C.M.T.C. (Citizen Military Training Camp) entry blanks
Box 31 Discharge rule
Box 31 District of Columbia tax bill
Box 31 Dockweiler, Henry. Duplicate naturalization papers
Box 31 Dockweiler, Hon. John F. Message of condolence
Box 31 Documents
Box 31 Doherty, Cornelius. Immigration visa
Box 31 Doherty, Daniel. Increase in pension, C-2, 605, 610
Box 31 Doherty, John A. Letter of introduction
Box 31 Dolan, Rev. James
Box 31 Donohue, John
Box 31 Donohue, Philip F.Family of, condolence message
Box 31 Donahue, Vincent J.
Box 31 Dooling, Hon. James
Box 31 Dooskin, Leo
Box 31 Doris, Tom. Resignation
Box 31 Dougherty, J. Daniel
Box 31 Drew, Hon. Ira Walton
Box 31 Dubord, F. Harold
Box 31 Dubuque, Commander Earl C.
Box 31 Duffy, Mrs. Warren J.
Box 31 Dulligan, James F. (2 folders)
Box 31 Dunbar, Mrs. Rodrick H. Compensation
Box 31 Durbin, Andrew T.
Box 31 Durbin, Hon. Francis W.
Box 31 Dwyer, Chas. Return of papers from Census Bureau
Box 31 Eagan, Hon. John T.
Box 31 Early, Eugene. Appointment with South Trimble, Jr.
Box 31 Eastern States Electric. R.F.C. loan
Box 31 Eberharter, Herman P.
Box 31 Ernst, Elizabeth. Parliamentary inquiry
Box 31 Evans, Merlin M. Calendar refill pads
Box 31 Ewing, Orman W.
Box 31 Export Steamship Corporation. Trans-Atlantic flying boat operation
Box 31 Farber, John C.
Box 31 Farm legislation
Box 31 Farmer's Bulletin. Distribution
Box 31 Farm tenancy bill
Box 31 Farrugia, Michael. Deportation
Box 31 Fasola, Dr. F.B.
Box 31 Fay, Hon. James M.
Box 31 Fay, John J. Re: McCloskey
Box 31 Federal Communications Commission
Box 31 Federal Home Loan Bank Board. Foreclosure policy, Homeowners Loan Corporation
Box 31 Federal Reserve Board. Extension
Box 31 Federal Theatre Project
Box 31 Feldman, B.J.
Box 31 Feldman, Jacob. Duplicate citizenship papers
Box 31 57th Street Bridge
Box 31 Fidgeon, Ruth
Box 31 Fitzgerald, William J.
Box 31 Fitzpatrick, E.J.F.H.A. project
Box 31 Fitzhugh, Armistead. Fine arts
Box 31 Fitzsimmons, Sadie. Veteran claim
Box 31 Flaherty, Hon. Thomas T.
Box 31 Flanagan, Mrs. Hallie. Investigation of dismissals from Federal Theatre Project
Box 31 Flannery, Rev. Joseph J.Re: Angelo Pardi
Box 31 Flemming, Don. J. Transfer from Pilgrim State Hospital to Manhattan State
Box 31 Flink, Max. Post office sub-station
Box 31 Flood, Hon. Wm. D.
Box 31 Florio, Peter
Box 31 Flynn, Mary. Veteran case, C-2367071
Box 31 Fogerty, John
Box 31 Foray, John M.
Box 31 Ferkas, David
Box 31 Franco, Dr. Persio C.
Box 31 Franklin, David. RetailersD license
Box 31 Frascona, Joseph L.
Box 31 Freelander, Joseph H.
Box 31 Freid, Mrs. Joseph. Injuries suffered in federal building on Christopher St., N.Y.C.
Box 31 Fries, Julios
Box 31 Fuchs, Arthur
Box 31 Fuhrer, E.J. Advertising of baby bonds
Box 31 Fur tax
Box 31 Furlan American Democratic Club
Box 31 Gaffney, Hugh F.
Box 31 Galloway, H.B. Repeal of emergency tax on gasoline and lubricating oils
Box 31 Gannett, Frank E.
Box 31 Garoyan, Ovanes. Immigration case
Box 31 Garrett, Hon. Clyde L.
Box 31 Gaynor, James A. Senate 714
Box 31 Gellert & Arthur, Ingold, Mesers. Registration as brokers and dealers transacting business on over-the-counter markets
Box 31 Gerte, Walter. Maritime Commission information as to card for sea
Box 31 Gibbons, William. Admission state merchant marine academy
Box 31 Gifford, Hon. Chas. L.
Box 31 Gila project
Box 31 Gill, Charles E. Appointment
Box 31 Gillespie, George J.House Res. 1591
Box 31 Gillett, Ransom H. National guard appropriation bill
Box 31 Gilligan, John F.
Box 31 Gimaki, Lissin. Final citizenship papers
Box 31 Ginsburg, Bernard
Box 31 Gitlan, Rose. Newspaper license
Box 31 Glantz, Milton
Box 31 Gleason, Father D.J.
Box 31 Glynn, Martin C. Veteran Administration
Box 31 Gnome Bakers, Inc. Processing taxes
Box 31 Gogerty, George J. Veteran pension
Box 31 Golding, Jerome J. Veteran's claim, C-1, 036, 448
Box 31 Goldman, Hon. Albert. Sale of buddy poppies in the post office by Veterans of Foreign Wars
Box 31 Gompers, Lewis. Civil Service bills
Box 31 Gonzales, Jose C.
Box 31 Googner, Liele. Visas for wife and four children
Box 31 Gordon, Wm. A. Tax information
Box 31 Gorson, Joseph N. Letter of introduction to Attorney General John J. Bennett, Jr.
Box 31 Gould, Anthony R.U.S. news
Box 31 Gould, Margarite M. Citizenship
Box 31 Grace, James A.
Box 31 Grady, Peter J.Low number on license plate for car
Box 31 Granfield, Hon. Wm. J.
Box 31 Graves, Commissioner Mark. Income tax laws
Box 31 Green, William. Sit-down strike
Box 31 Greenwood, Hon. Arthur H.
Box 31 Greer, Hon. George F.
Box 31 Greever, Hon. Paul H.
Box 31 Gregory, Hon. Noble J.
Box 31 Griffin, Mrs. B.Griffin vs. Young
Box 31 Griffin, William. Condolence message
Box 31 Griffiths, F.J.
Box 31 Grossman, Harry
Box 31 Grossman, William S.
Box 31 Grunwald, Mabel Lester
Box 31 Grush, William D. Private bill
Box 31 Guffey coal bill
Box 31 Hager, Rabbi Joseph. Jewish New York 5698
Box 31 Halperin, John
Box 31 Hamilton, Frank. Construction of ships
Box 31 Hamilton, Hon. Norman R.
Box 31 Hammer, Rev. Henry
Box 31 Hancock, Hon. Frank
Box 31 Handleman, Maurice. Parole
Box 32 Harbison, William Albert
Box 32 Harbord, George Felix. Deportation
Box 32 Hardy, Hon. Tomas
Box 32 Harrison-Black-Fletcher bill. Federal aid to schools
Box 32 Harris, Robert M. Farm bill
Box 32 Hastings, Howard E. Extension of re-entry permit
Box 32 Hauser, Anthony. Immigration visa
Box 32 Hawaiian trip
Box 32 Harden, Mrs. Charles E. Condolence message
Box 32 Headley, Albert J.
Box 32 Healy, Frank H. Veteran claim, C-1, 004, 534
Box 32 Healey, William
Box 32 Heinrich, John. Veteran claim
Box 32 Hellman, Ludwig. Deportation
Box 32 Henderson Boll Company
Box 32 Hendricks, Hon. Joe
Box 32 Henrich, John S. Income tax matter
Box 32 Herman, Harry G.
Box 32 Hertz, Emanuel
Box 32 "HIAS" Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of America
Box 32 Highways
Box 32 Hildreth & Rodgers. Radio station
Box 32 Hill, Hon. Knute
Box 32 Hillman, Hon. Sidney
Box 32 Hoar, Hon. Roger Sherman. Re: Justice Black
Box 32 Hospel, Mrs. John H. Parole for husband
Box 32 Hof, Henry
Box 32 Hoffman, Charles. Labor unions
Box 32 Hoffman, Nathan. Gallery passes
Box 32 Hofman, Arthur W. 42nd National Convention Jewish War Veterans
Box 32 Hogan, Michael J.
Box 32 Holland, George H.
Box 32 Hook, Hon. Frank E.
Box 32 Horton, Henry J. ( dec.). Bonus
Box 32 House, Nathan C. Documents
Box 32 House Building Commission
Box 32 House Joint Res. 128
Box 32 House Joint Res. 175.Request for rule
Box 32 House Joint Res. 375.Tax bill
Box 32 House Joint Res. 395. Investigation of employment and relief
Box 32 House Joint Res. 442
Box 32 House Joint Res. 452. Request for rule
Box 32 House Joint Res. 473. Picketing in front of foreign embassies
Box 32 House Joint Res. 524. Corporate surplus tax
Box 32 House Res. 3.Customs service employees
Box 32 House Res. 17.Rules
Box 32 House Res. 18. Daily hour of meeting of the House of Representatives
Box 32 House Res. 45. A bill to reimburse for expenditures in forming local N.R.A. organizations
Box 32 House Res. 60. Investigation into motion picture industry
Box 32 House Res. 78. Select Committee to Investigate Real Estate Bondholders Reorganization
Box 32 House Res. 88. To investigate national activities in the United States
Box 32 House Res. 90
Box 32 House Res. 92. Radio (3 folders)
Box 32 House Res. 96. Requesting information regarding the automobile strike
Box 32 House Res. 106. Amending House Res. 60
Box 32 House Res. 147. To limit the length of trains
Box 32 House Res. 184
Box 32 House Res. 271. Investigation of Indian affairs
Box 32 House Res. 282. Dies resolution, investigation of un-American activities
Box 32 House Res. 287. Request for rule
Box 32 House Res. 322. Increase pay of waiters in House restaurant
Box 32 House Res. 346. Meeting House of Congress
Box 32 House Res. 535. Immigration bill
Box 32 House Res. 1611. Tydings-Miller fair trade bill
Box 32 House Res. 1954. Sheppard-Hill bill
Box 32 House Res. 1984. Credit unions
Box 32 House Res. 2139. For the relief of Alice Steinhardt
Box 32 House Res. 2140. For relief of James G. Hardy & Co.
Box 32 House Res. 2141. For the relief of Timothy Joseph Long
Box 32 House Res. 2142. For the relief of Carlo Scarbello
Box 32 House Res. 2143. For the relief of Emil Chalupa
Box 32 House Res. 2144. For the relief of Henrietta Jacobs
Box 32 House Res. 2145. For the relief of Max Geissler
Box 32 House Res. 2146. Relief of Lucy A. Weaver
Box 32 House Res. 2277. Reclassify salaries of employees in custodial service of the Post Office Dept.
Box 32 House Res. 2927. Amend the Interstate Commerce Act
Box 32 House Res. 3022. Racing bill of the District of Columbia
Box 32 House Res. 3134. Impose tax on fuel
Box 32 House Res. 3150. Reclassify railway mail service employees
Box 32 House Res. 3408. Request for rule
Box 32 House Res. 3679. Relating to border commuters
Box 32 House Res. 3795. Optional military training bill
Box 32 House Res. 4015. To amend section 603 of the Revenue Act of 1934
Box 32 House Res. 4016. To amend paragraph 1733 of subtitle # of the Tariff Act of 1930
Box 32 House Res. 4195. A bill to make radio officers legally officers aboard vessels of the American Merchant Marine
Box 32 House Res. 4451. Salvatore Branchicella
Box 32 House Res. 4581. Relief of Denis Keohane
Box 32 House Res. 4594. Amend the Revenue Act of 1936
Box 32 House Res. 4647. Study period for post office clerks
Box 32 House Res. 4650
Box 32 House Res. 4710. Immigration bill
Box 32 House Res. 4721. Request for rule
Box 32 House Res. 4722. Patman bill
Box 32 House Res. 4947. To amend the National Defense Act of 1916
Box 32 House Res. 5011. Increase salary of deputy U.S. Marshall
Box 32 House Res. 5030. Increase in pension
Box 32 House Res. 5244. Retirement of disabled emergency officers
Box 32 House Res. 5366. Dies oil bill
Box 32 House Res. 5030
Box 32 House Res. 5417. To provide for the measurement of vessels using the Panama Canal and for other purposes
Box 32 House Res. 5431. Relief of Cyrus M. Lasner
Box 32 House Res. 5495.
Box 32 House Res. 5687. Immigration bill
Box 32 House Res. 5691. Request for rule
Box 32 House Res. 5813. Authorizing the director of census to collect and publish monthly statistics concerning quantities of soybeans, peanuts, flax seed, etc.
Box 32 House Res. 5853. Request for rule
Box 32 House Res. 5931. A bill to cure the huge importation of foreign starches
Box 32 House Res. 6092. Request for rule
Box 32 House Res. 6150. Florida canal bill
Box 32 House Res. 6215. Repeal for subjection (D) of Section 148 of Revenue Act
Box 32 House Res. 6278. To restrict the export of scrap
Box 32 House Res. 6384. Request for rule
Box 32 House Res. 6391. Dies immigration bill
Box 32 House Res. 6485. Civic education
Box 32 House Res. 6487. Windfall tax provision revenue act
Box 32 House Res. 6586. Request for rule
Box 32 House Res. 6587. To extend the provisions of the Civil Service laws to certain positions in the Treasury Department
Box 32 House Res. 6738. Customs administrative bill
Box 32 House Res. 6791. To amend the Tariff Act to limit the free importation of cigars under the personal use exception provision to 5 in number
Box 32 House Res. 6815. Relating to personal injury suits by seamen
Box 32 House Res. 6963. Sabath bill to create a conservator in bankruptcy
Box 32 House Res. 7052
Box 32 House Res. 7152. Tax bills
Box 32 House Res. 7200. Black-Connery Fair Labor Standards bills of 1937 (4 folders)
Box 32 House Res. 7216. Assignment of officers from the Navy to the Bureau of Marine Inspection
Box 32 House Res. 7258
Box 32 House Res. 7273. To place the air transport industry under federal regulation by the Interstate Commerce Commission
Box 32 House Res. 7274. Apprenticeship
Box 32 House Res. 7331
Box 32 House Res. 7365
Box 32 House Res. 7410. Exempting college fraternities and sororities from social security
Box 32 House Res. 7477. To provide a method for fixing wages, hours, and working conditions of custodial employees of the federal government in the District of Columbia and in the field service and for other purposes
Box 32 House Res. 7494. Request for rule
Box 32 House Res. 7642. Request for rule
Box 32 House Res. 7646. Request for rule
Box 32 House Res. 7676
Box 32 House Res. 7858. For the relief of Sylvan Greenbaum
Box 32 House Res. 7873. Air mail bill
Box 32 House Res. 8129. Amend Interstate Commerce Act
Box 32 House Res. 8428 and 8431. Legislation re: federal employees
Box 32 Howarth, George. Labor troubles
Box 32 Hubbel, Delmer F.
Box 32 Hubbert, Walter W.
Box 32 Hunt, Herbert. Service period
Box 32 Inaugural program
Box 33 Hunter, Hon. John F.
Box 33 Ickes, Harold A. Parking privilege
Box 33 Igoe, Hon. Michael L.
Box 33 Indianapolis News. Letter to editor
Box 33 Ironside, Fred A., Jr.
Box 33 Jackson, Thomas J. Private bill
Box 33 Jaros, Andrew. Citizenship
Box 33 Jencko, Henry A.
Box 33 Jenckes, Hon. Virginia E.
Box 33 Jericho Plumbing Supply Co., Inc.
Box 33 Jewish Peoples Committee
Box 33 Jimerson, Emigene. Old age pension
Box 33 Johnson, Hon. Joseph
Box 33 Jones Inlet. Charles W. Loas interested
Box 33 Journal contracts
Box 33 Joyce, William B.
Box 33 Judge, jury, prosecutor
Box 33 Kahan, Alexander
Box 33 June, Col. William D. Veteran claim
Box 33 Kahn, Kurt. Immigration visa
Box 33 Kantor, Dr. Max M. Diplomatic letter
Box 33 Kapaka, John. Tickets for opening of Congress
Box 33 Kargas, Panagiotis. Visa
Box 33 Keables, C.B.Tax levy on chain stores
Box 33 Kearney, Bernard. Railroad retirement pension
Box 33 Keating, Jack. Re: John E. Brennan
Box 33 Keenan, William. Reduction of sentence
Box 33 Kefauner, Christine R.
Box 33 Kelleher, Hon. William T.
Box 33 Kelen, Stephen. Deportation
Box 33 Kelly, Hon. John J. House Res. 6453
Box 33 Kenneally, Hon. William P.
Box 33 Kennedy, Hon. Joseph B. Removal of ships from N.Y harbor to St. James River
Box 33 Kent, Joseph
Box 33 Kilcullen, T.J. Documents
Box 33 Kindred, Mrs. John J. Condolence message
Box 33 King, Alice. Complaint
Box 33 King, Robert E.
Box 33 Kingelberg, Louis
Box 33 Kline, Howard M.
Box 33 Kloeb, Hon. Frank L.
Box 33 Knobel, Mrs. Ida. Widow's pension
Box 33 Knoblock, O. Ernest. Postal employees legislation
Box 33 Kock, Arnold T. Congratulations
Box 33 Kolesar, Andrew. Citizenship
Box 33 Kolmar, Inc.
Box 33 Kress, Maude W. Promotion of Lt. Commander Clarence Cameron Kress
Box 33 Kufheiser, Lipman. Deportation
Box 33 Labor weekly newspaper
Box 33 Lambert, John. Editorial Washington Times
Box 33 Lamneck, Hon. Arthur P. Request for leaving
Box 33 Larsen, Rev. Joseph E.A.
Box 33 Lanzetta, Hon. James J.
Box 33 Lawrence, Dr. Joseph S.
Box 33 Lawyers Security League. Employment of lawyers in W.P.A
Box 33 Leadership
Box 33 La Vecchia, Luigi. Deportation
Box 33 Lax, Samuel. Immigration information
Box 33 Legislation Council. General information
Box 33 Lehlbach, Hon. Frederick L.
Box 33 Lehlbach, Frances M. (Mrs. Frederick R.)
Box 33 Leonard, Louise W. Widow's pension (veteran)
Box 33 Lepkowski, V.L.
Box 33 Lesinski, John. Condolence message
Box 33 Lesser, Jacob J. Indictment
Box 33 Letter carrier's outlook
Box 33 Leventen, Dr. A. L.
Box 33 Lewis, Elmer A. Dates on bills
Box 33 Lewis, Jack
Box 33 Lewis, Lawrence
Box 33 Lewin, Leon
Box 33 Liquor tax
Box 33 Lochmuller, L.C. Railroad Retirement Act
Box 33 Lodwick, Albert I.
Box 33 Lo Medico, Thomas
Box 33 Lotz, Cecilia. Claim - General Accounting Office
Box 33 Laughlin, Hon. Edward W.
Box 33 Lubin, Max ( dec.) Veteran claim XC-1,062,904
Box 33 Lucas, George C. Railroad legislation
Box 33 Ludlow amendment. Referendum on war
Box 33 Ludlow, Hon. Louis
Box 33 Lynch, J. Frank
Box 33 Lyons, Mrs. John. Widow's pension (veteran)
Box 33 Lynch, Hon. Joseph R.
Box 33 McAvoy, J.A.
Box 33 McCabe, Elizabeth. Temporary admission to this country
Box 33 McCarran longevity bill
Box 33 McCarthy, John J. Veteran claim, C-1,053,682
Box 33 MacKay Radio & Telephone Co., Inc. Notice of appeal
Box 33 McDonald, Edward. Veteran claim
Box 33 McDowell, C.A. Plan for practical experience for mine-rescue crews
Box 33 McGee, Bertha E. Veteran claim
Box 33 McGoldrick, James J. Insurance claim, Veterans Administration
Box 33 McGough, John H.
Box 33 McGrannery, Hon. James P.
Box 33 McGroarty, Hon. John Steven
Box 33 McIlvaine, W.R.
Box 33 McKeown, William. Treasury Department report
Box 33 McLeod, Hon. Clarence J.
Box 33 McLaughlin, Anna. Veteran claim
Box 33 McMahon, Brian
Box 33 McMahon, John B.
Box 33 McMahon, John D. Civil Service Commission
Box 33 McMullen, J.H.
Box 33 McNeill, Edward A.Veteran claim
Box 33 McNeill, Joseph
Box 33 McPike, Sara
Box 33 McPhillips, Michael S.
Box 33 McQuaid, George E. Veteran
Box 33 Mackin, James
Box 33 Mackin, Loyal I. Veteran claim, C-1,587,541
Box 33 Madison, Fleming E.
Box 33 Madison Square Boys Club
Box 33 Mahon, Edw. L.
Box 33 Mahon, William L.
Box 33 Mahoney, Mrs. John J.Condolence message
Box 33 Maier, Dr. Walter A.
Box 33 Malley, Mary F. Veteran claim
Box 33 Mannix, James M. Veteran claim
Box 33 Manton, Bridget. Immigration visa
Box 33 Maphis, Harriet C. Re: Tracy Martin
Box 33 Marks, Leona H. Domestic help included in old age pension benefits
Box 33 Marmar, Beatrice. Appointment
Box 33 Marsh, Capt. F. A.
Box 33 Martin, Henry
Box 33 Martin, John P.Increase in veteran compensation
Box 33 Martin, Mary. Immigration visa
Box 33 Maser, Fred J. Parole
Box 33 May, William F.
Box 33 Mayer, Adolphe
Box 33 Mazyck, L.A. Licensing of marine engineers
Box 33 Neeman, Edw. J. Farm tenancy problem
Box 33 Memorial addresses
Box 33 Mercado, Cecilio. Immigration case
Box 33 Mertin, Adolph
Box 33 Meyer, Andrew G. Gallery passes
Box 33 Michitsch, Franz. Permission from Secretary of Labor to apply for re-entry to the U.S.
Box 33 Mid-town tunnel
Box 33 Miller, Jane. Old Age pension (proof of age)
Box 33 Miller, Hon. John E.
Box 33 Miller parking meters
Box 33 Mishell, Louis
Box 33 Mittell, Sherman F.War Madness
Box 33 Molinelle, Helen H.
Box 33 Molski, Renald J. Honorable discharge
Box 33 Monfried, Lazarus
Box 33 Moorehead, Robert J. National farm loan
Box 33 Morey, Samuel
Box 33 Morgan, Keith.Jobs
Box 33 Morrison, Mr. G. Elliot.R.F.C. loan
Box 33 Morrissy, Mrs. T.L.
Box 33 Morrow, James
Box 33 Mosier, Hon. Harold G.
Box 33 Moran, Joseph F. ( dec.). Veteran claim XC-480,013
Box 33 Morgan, Hon. W. Forbes. Democratic book of 1936
Box 33 Morrello, Charles J. Information re: Wellington Foundation, Inc.
Box 33 Morris, C.C.
Box 33 Morse Drydock and Repair Co. Private bill
Box 33 Mossell, Hon. John A.
Box 33 Mouton, Hon. Robert L.
Box 33 Mullady, Thomas. Hospitalization
Box 33 Mullin, Hon. Gerald
Box 33 Munson, Mr. R. H.
Box 33 Murphy, Cecil E. Restoration of driver's license
Box 33 Murphy, Harry S. Hospitalization
Box 33 Murphy, Postmaster J.T.
Box 33 Murphy, Edward Patrick. Increase in pension
Box 33 Murphy, Michael A.
Box 33 Murray, Francis L.
Box 33 Murray, Walter G. Increase in pension
Box 33 National Association of Exterminators and Fumigators. W.P.A. rodent control industry
Box 33 The National Economy League
Box 33 National Education Association, Senate 709
Box 33 National housing
Box 33 National Labor Relations Board appropriation
Box 33 National Negro Congress
Box 33 National Retailer's Mutual Insurance Company
Box 33 Neuhoff, Samuel. Parole
Box 33 Neutrality bill. Reynold's bill
Box 33 Newark Post Office
Box 33 Newspaper clippings
Box 33 New York World's Fair
Box 33 Nimer, Louis J. Dental work in veteran's hospital
Box 33 Nocilla, Eva. Veteran claim
Box 33 Nominees. 75th Congress. Also: Election statistics
Box 33 Non-sectarian anti-Nazi league
Box 33 Norton, Hon. Mary T.
Box 33 Nuisance taxes
Box 33 Oberlander, Nathan T. Gallery passes
Box 33 O'Brien, Rev. John J.E.
Box 33 O'Brien, Hon. John P.
Box 33 O'Connell, Rev. Joseph S.Retain W.P.A. secretary
Box 33 O'Connor, Basil
Box 33 O'Connor, D. Alan
Box 33 O'Connor, Harrison
Box 33 O'Connor, Hugh. House Res. 4743, pension forpeace-time veterans
Box 33 O'Connor, Hon. James G.
Box 33 O'Connor, Hon. John. Speech on tax evasion resolution June 8, 1937
Box 33 O'Connor, Hon. John. Personalcartoons
Box 33 O'Connor, John (7 folders)
Box 34 O'Connor, John. Invitations (2 folders)
Box 34 O'Connor, John. Personal
Box 34 O'Connor, John. Letter to members at end of session
Box 34 O'Connor, John, Jr.
Box 34 O'Connor, John, Jr. Autograph
Box 34 O'Connor, Hon. J.F.T.
Box 34 O'Connor, Patrick J. Veteran
Box 34 O'Connor, William J.
Box 34 O'Dougherty, George
Box 34 Ohnigian, Harry. Winner of O'Connor cup for healthiest boy on the east side
Box 34 Oliferowitch, William. Documents
Box 34 Olvany, Hon. William J.
Box 34 O'Malley, Hon. Thomas
Box 34 O'Neill, Hon. Francis C.
Box 34 O'Reilly, Mary. Immigration visa
Box 34 O'Rourke, Hon. John
Box 34 O'Shea, John
Box 34 Osserman, Stanley
Box 34 O'Toole, Mrs. Edward
Box 34 Owens, John A.
Box 34 Owens, Mrs. John A.
Box 34 Owens, John J.
Box 34 Pacific Egg Producers. Bills to impose an excise tax on imported eggs and egg products
Box 34 Pafumi, Francesco. Importation case
Box 34 Palestine
Box 34 Palmer, Wayne F. Sale of book -Men and Ships of Steel
Box 34 Paris, John. Passport
Box 34 Parseghian, Newart. Immigration matter
Box 34 Patman, Hon. Wright. Bill to amend Robinson-Patman Act
Box 34 Patrick, Carolyn
Box 34 Patterson, Col. Richard C. Private bill, Senate 1396
Box 34 Patterson, Hon. Lester W.
Box 34 Paull Pioneer Music Corp.
Box 34 Pegler, Westbrook. Article Washington Post
Box 34 Pell, Hon. Herbert Claiborne
Box 34 Pelley, Hon. William Dudley
Box 34 Perrine, Russell J. Letter of recommendation
Box 34 Peterson, Amanda
Box 34 Pettengill, Bill
Box 34 Phillips, Hon. Alfred N. House Joint Res. 336 & House Res. 7053
Box 34 Pierce, Hon. Walter M.
Box 34 Pictures of members
Box 34 Plunkett, Adm. Charles P.Construction of ships
Box 34 Political
Box 34 Pollack, Elmer. Extension of stay
Box 34 Potter, Richard F.
Box 34 Pope, Gene
Box 34 Poulson, Hon. Francis
Box 34 Prall, Hon. Anning S.
Box 34 President's message to Congress January 12, 1937
Box 34 President's message to Congress. Recommendation to reorganize judicial branch February 5, 1937
Box 34 Press statements
Box 34 Primary election. Designating petition
Box 34 Pro-Palestine Federation of America
Box 34 Proudian, A.T. Condolence message
Box 34 Psihamas, James. Veteran claim
Box 34 Public Works Administration
Box 34 Quayle, Oliver A., Jr.
Box 34 Quiñones, J. Ramon
Box 34 Quinto, Dr. Pietro. Parole
Box 34 Radio Station WIBX
Box 34 Rafailovich, Dr. M.Claim c/o French government
Box 34 Raia, Giuseppe. Citizenship
Box 34 Ralston, Commander B.B.Naval measures
Box 34 Ramsay, John E.
Box 34 Randolph, Hollins N.
Box 34 Rao, Paul P. Admission to Supreme Court
Box 34 Rayburn, Hon. Sam
Box 34 Ready, Monsignor Michael, Jr.
Box 34 Red Rider bill
Box 34 Reidy, James. War debts
Box 34 Reilly, Gerard D.
Box 34 Renner, Alfred. Documents
Box 34 Reorganization bill
Box 34 Reorganization of the executive departments, hearings before Joint Committee on Government Organization
Box 34 Reorganization of government
Box 34 Repetti, John A. Amendment to old age pension plan
Box 34 Resolutions, memorials and petitions filed in House
Box 34 Revenue bill
Box 34 Reydel, Joseph T.Civil service information
Box 34 Reynolds, T. Everett
Box 34 Richardson, Sinclair. Immigration bill
Box 34 Richter, Paul
Box 34 Ridgely, Harold C. Old bible
Box 34 Ridgeway, Ellen
Box 34 Rindone, Salvatore. Transfer of money from Italy
Box 34 Rixon, William J. Position and veteran claim
Box 34 Roberti, P. Congressman Sirovich's bill for relief of aliens
Box 34 Robert, Hon. Lawrence Wood
Box 34 Roberts, V.S. H.O.L.C. foreclosures
Box 34 Robinson, George L. Steel strike
Box 34 Robinson-Patman Act. Amendment
Box 34 Robles, Sebastian
Box 34 Rollins, Malcolm G. Hospitalization
Box 34 Rosenberg, Jesse L.
Box 34 Rowntree
Box 34 Rowe, Samuel. Parliamentary procedure
Box 34 Pay, Hon. Alphonse. Election contest
Box 34 Rules Committee
Box 34 Ruppert, Jacob
Box 34 Ruschke, W. Egmont. Private bill
Box 34 Russum
Box 34 Rylock Company
Box 34 Ryther, W.W. Autographed picture of the President
Box 34 Sabath, Hon. Adolph J.
Box 34 Sage brush
Box 34 Sagendorph, G.A. Undisputed profits tax
Box 34 Salgado, C. Puerto Rico Democratic & Social Union Inc.
Box 34 Saloman, Harold B.
Box 34 Salzano, Sylvester B.
Box 34 Sammarco, Raffaello. Veteran claim
Box 34 Sander, Mrs. Charles F.
Box 34 Santo, Emery J.
Box 34 Sayville School Project
Box 34 Schaefer, Hon. Edwin M.
Box 34 Schaefer, Lucy
Box 34 Schaffer, Harry H.House Res. 88
Box 34 Schlanger, Stanley M. Gallery passes
Box 34 Scheffler, Harold I. Veteran claim C-2173105
Box 34 Scheittin, Henry F.
Box 34 Schoenfeld, Herman J.
Box 34 Schalnick, Samuel. Parliamentary inquiry
Box 34 Schoonmaker, Nancy. Candidate for Congress
Box 34 Schottland, Joseph
Box 34 Schuldt, Mrs. John. Proof of old age
Box 34 Schultz, George G.
Box 34 Schwager, Charles
Box 34 Schwartz, Raymond M.
Box 34 Schweiter, Malcolm A. Re: Amendment to corporate surplus tax law
Box 34 Scott, Carl
Box 34 Scruggs, W.P.
Box 34 Section 213. Economy Act
Box 34 Securities and Exchange Commission. Laws
Box 34 Segal, Morris
Box 34 Senate Joint Res. 68.Work relief investigation
Box 34 Senate 149 Authorizing an investigation and study of the broadcasting industry, of broadcasting in the U.S. and of interstate and foreign communication by radio
Box 34 Senate Joint Res. 155.Tax evasion
Box 34 Senate 423. Disabled emergency officers
Box 34 Senate 1077. To amend Federal Trade Commission Act
Box 34 Senate 1166. A bill for the establishment and operation of federal mortgage banks
Box 34 Senate 1516. Home for Gold Star mothers
Box 34 Senate 1899. Reimburse losses sustained during N.R.A.
Box 34 Senate 2359. Transfer to Department of Agriculture power and authority and the functions now exercised by U.S. public health in relation to milk sanitation
Box 34 Senate 2650. Request for rule
Box 34 Senate 2670. Wildlife bill
Box 34 Senate 2675. To amend certain sections of the Federal Credit Union Act
Box 34 Senate 2899. For the relief of Frederick C. Perkins
Box 34 70-car train bill
Box 34 Sexauer, Fred H. Legislation affecting country milk plant employees
Box 34 Shanley, Hon. James A.
Box 34 Shannon, Hon. Joseph B.
Box 34 Shafer, Hon. Paul W.
Box 34 Shapiro, Milton. Documents
Box 34 Shea, Francis E. Transfer in Navy
Box 34 Sheridan, Matthew B. Veteran claim
Box 34 Shuler, Hon. George K. Private bill
Box 34 Shulhof, Otto
Box 34 Siegel, Mrs.
Box 34 Siemers, George. Complaint
Box 34 Simon, Herman. Visitor's visa
Box 34 Siragusa, Benjamin S.
Box 34 Sit-downstrikes
Box 34 6th Ward Republican Club
Box 34 Slaughter House
Box 34 Smallman, Josoeph.Restoration of chauffeurs license
Box 34 Smart, Richard J.Complaint
Box 34 Smith, Edwin (dec.).Funeral expenses and 6 mo. salary for widow Josephine Smith
Box 34 Smith, Henry C.
Box 34 Smith, Joseph.Railroad retirement pension
Box 34 Smith, Katherine. Tickets - bingo party
Box 34 Smith, King. Rooms for use of grand jury
Box 34 Smith, Walter J.A.
Box 34 Smith, William J.Re: railroad pension law
Box 34 Smythe, William. Parole
Box 34 Social justice (3 folders)
Box 35 Social Security Board. Analyses of state unemployment compensation laws
Box 35 Social service resource directory, New York\
Box 35 Solomon, Felix. Light globes
Box 35 Salon, Leon V. Sirovich bill for a Department of Science, Art and Literature
Box 35 Spain
Box 35 Spen, Henry
Box 35 Stand, Hon. Bert. Bill for the relief of the widow of Jack Ryder
Box 35 Stationery account
Box 35 Steering committee
Box 35 Steffens, Rev. Albert C.M.
Box 35 Steele, Mrs. Shropshire
Box 35 Stephen, Mr. V.E.Reciprocal trade agreement c/o Brazil
Box 35 Stern, Daniel
Box 35 Steuerman, David. Letter to American consuls
Box 35 Stevens, Rita. Apartment at Greenbelt
Box 35 Stock exchange (4 folders)
Box 35 Stone, Seymour
Box 35 Strike situation
Box 35 Stubbs, Mrs. Henry F.Condolence message
Box 35 Sugar bill. Puerto Rico quota (2 folders)
Box 35 Sullivan, Hon. Christopher D.
Box 35 Sullivan, Harry D.Civil service exam
Box 35 Sunday worker
Box 35 Supreme Court.Official reports
Box 35 Swift, Dr. Harry P.
Box 35 Swope, Hon. Guy J. Hearings
Box 35 Syran, Arthur G.
Box 35 Talks made over C.B.S., April 1937
Box 35 Tatro, Joseph A.
Box 35 Tax revision (3 folders)
Box 35 Taylor, David H.
Box 35 Taylor, Joseph. Job reinstatement in W.P.A.
Box 35 Terrill, Katherine. Department of Labor report
Box 35 Thomas, Hon. Albert
Box 35 Thompson, Charles
Box 35 Thompson, Hon. George W.
Box 35 Thurn, Walter N.
Box 35 Toomey, Mrs. Gene. Veteran claim C-227,335
Box 35 Townsend old age pension bill
Box 35 Train limit bill
Box 35 Trafton, Marter. Old age pension
Box 35 Tumulty, Hon. Joseph P.
Box 35 Tracy, D.W. National Labor Relations Board
Box 35 Tupper, E.A.
Box 35 Tyler, Mr. and Mrs. H.D.
Box 35 United Association of Railroad Veterans
Box 35 United States News
Box 35 Utility Consumers League
Box 35 Vallee, Rudy.House Res. 4947
Box 35 Vaura, Harry G.Conservation education bill
Box 35 Veeder, Henry
Box 35 Veterans Administration
Box 35 Veterans Organizations. List of those in district
Box 35 Veto message on House Res. 6763
Box 35 Vincent, Hon. Beverly M.
Box 35 Vinson, Hon. Carl (2 folders)
Box 35 Vitelli, John. W.P.A.
Box 35 Wade, Capt. James O.
Box 35 Wagner Labor Act
Box 35 Walter, Hon. Francis E.
Box 35 War referendum discharge petition
Box 35 War Veterans of Federal Theatre. Appointment
Box 35 Webber,Helen. Immigration matter
Box 35 Weber, William C.
Box 35 Webster, John
Box 35 Weintraub, Louis.Junior City Day
Box 35 Wene, Hon. Elmer H.
Box 35 Wertheimer,Max. Introductory letter to American consul general of Berlin, Germany
Box 35 West, Walter. Relief problems
Box 35 Whaler, Alexander. Veteran claim
Box 35 Wheeler, Harry A.
Box 35 Wheeler, Mrs. Lester. Veteran claim, XC-960,984
Box 35 Weingarten, Saul. Radio station
Box 35 White, Lt. Wilbert W.Congressional medal
Box 35 Wickham,Mary. Immigration visa
Box 35 Wile, Walter A.
Box 35 Williams, John H.War Department contract
Box 35 Wilson, Lyle C.United Press Association
Box 35 Windells, Hon. Paul
Box 35 Winner, Hawthorne
Box 35 Winston, Norman K.
Box 35 Wise, Dr. Stephen S.American Jewish Congress
Box 35 Worrall, Major Lawrence P.
Box 35 Wright, Nicholas. Veteran claim C-2,553,919
Box 35 Young, Alonzo
Box 35 Young, Katherine E.Documents
Box 35 Zaischupin, Joseph A.Veteran claim C-1,298,022
Box 35 Zionist Organization of America.Palestine mandate
Box 35 Works Progress Administration.Increased appropriation (3 folders)
Box 35 West Point (3 folders)
unless otherwise indicated 1938
Box 36 Allen, Hon. William
Box 36 The American Hebrew
Box 36 The American Issue
Box 36 The Irish Historical Society [contains biographical data, parents and grandparents, listing dates and places]
Box 36 American Jewish Congress
Box 36 American Labor Party
Box 36 American Legion
Box 36 Anderson, F.T.
Box 36 Anderson, Mrs. C. Arthur
Box 36 Anderson, Benjamin F.
Box 36 Annapolis (2 folders)
Box 36 Ansberry, Timothy T.
Box 36 Anti-lynching bill
Box 36 Announcement lists. Opening of Washington law offices (2 folders)
Box 36 Additional clippings. Reply to Jackson's speech denouncing "Big Business"
Box 36 Agricultural yearbooks distribution
Box 36 Alexander, Sam. Private bill Senate 2594
Box 36 Ardolino, Edward
Box 36 Aronov, Benjamin. Claim before General Accounting Office Dulligan interests
Box 36 Artificial limbs. Government competition
Box 36 Artist Union
Box 36 Austrian, Carl
Box 36 Agnaroorian, Archie
Box 36 Bain, Muriel
Box 36 Baker, Rev. J.B.
Box 36 Baltas, Jacob C.
Box 36 Bolzamo, Luis. Citizenship
Box 36 Bankhead, Hon. William B.
Box 36 Bannerman, Mary T.
Box 36 Banta, Edwin P.
Box 36 Barbour, Katherine. National defense
Box 36 Barkin, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel. Condolence message
Box 36 Barr, Mrs. A.J.
Box 36 Barrows, George H.
Box 36 Barton, Hon. Bruce
Box 36 Bates Duplicating Company
Box 36 Beckman, Simeon J.
Box 36 Beckman, John J. Increase in pension
Box 36 Beeris, Edward. Military Academy
Box 36 Behrendt, Dr. Paul. Immigration visa
Box 36 Belous, Charles
Box 36 Bennett, Hon. John J.
Box 36 Bennett, Mills