Harris, L. mss., 1931-1977

Papers of Leon A. Harris, 1931-1977, at the Lilly Library, Indiana University

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Creator Harris, Leon A.
Title: Harris, L. mss.
Dates: 1931-1977
Quantity: 9 Linear Feet9 boxes
Abstract: The Harris, L. mss. consists of materials related to the writing and publication of Upton Sinclair, American Rebel (Crowell, 1975), by author Leon A. Harris, 1926-2000.
Language: English
Repository: Lilly Library

Biographical Note

Leon A. Harris, Jr., 1926-2000, was born in New York City on 20 June 1926, and his family moved to Dallas, Texas, when he was a child. Harris graduated from Harvard University in 1947 and began working at A. Harris & Company, a department store which his grandfather had founded in Dallas in 1886. In 1961, Harris sold the company to Federated Department Stores, which also owns Macy's and Bloomingdale's. At this time, he began writing full-time and published several books, including The Fine Art of Political Wit (1964), Only to God: The Extraordinary Life of Godfrey Lowell Cabot (1967), Upton Sinclair, American Rebel (1975), Merchant Princes: An Intimate History of Jewish Families Who Built Great Department Stores (1979), and several children's books. Harris died in Dallas, Texas, on 17 August 2000.

Scope and Contents

The Harris, L. mss. consists of the correspondence of Leon A. Harris, 1926-2000, author, engendered in the writing of his book Upton Sinclair, American Rebel (published by Crowell in 1975) and drafts of the book. The letters from 1931-1964 are those to and from Upton Beall Sinclair, 1878-1968, author and social reformer, which Harris acquired during his research. The later letters to Harris are from many who knew Sinclair, were swayed (or not) by his works, or have written about him. Others are from libraries which supplied copies of Sinclair's letters and accompanied the copies with the rules and regulations regarding their use.

A group of miscellaneous items associated with Harris' research include: Allatt checklist of material about Sinclair, 1963-1967; book jackets for Upton Sinclair, American Rebel; books contemporary with Sinclair's life; chronology of Sinclair's life, 1878-1968; chronology of the United States, 1862-1968; Cicero (drama) by Sinclair, mimeo copy; oral interviews (transcripts) with Earl Russell Browder, Melville Henry Cane, Ronald Gottesman, Carey McWilliams, David and Jean (Weidman) Sinclair, Norman Thomas, Alden Rogers Whitman; people file; physical description of Sinclair; publications by Sinclair, 1894-1968; The Sinclair CALM by Ronald Gottesman; work data on research; printed material.

The drafts of Upton Sinclair, American Rebel include: Early draft, Chap. I-II, IV-XXV, T.D. with corrections; Later draft, Chap. I-XXV, carbon of T.D., heavily corrected; Final draft, Chap. I-XXV, xerox of T.D.; Notes; Old, T.D. & xerox, many corrections and cut-offs; Notes: Final master, T.D. with many corrections; Notes: Xerox (3 copies); Text and notes: pp. 474-662, carbon and T.D.; Bibliography: A.D.; Bibliography: T.D. & Xerox - 4 copies, 3 with corrections; Bibliography: Xerox - 2 copies with corrections. Accompanying the drafts are Examination copies for approval and correction by A) Edward Allatt and Ronald Gottesman, carbon; B) David and Jean (Weidman) Sinclair, Xerox; C) Alden Rogers Whitman, carbon; D) unidentified copy, T.D. and carbon. Resource or working materials for the book are arranged first by chapter and then in a group of 26 general folders.


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Subject Headings


Allatt, Edward, 1924-
Browder, Earl, 1891-1973
Cane, Melville, 1879-1980
Gottesman, Ronald
McWilliams, Carey, 1905-1980
Sinclair, David, 1901-1987
Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
Thomas, Norman, 1884-1968
Whitman, Alden


Authors, American
Authors, American --Correspondence
Authors, American--20th century--Biography
Labor unions and socialism

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Harris, L. mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

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Purchase: 1979

Table of Contents

Correspondence 1937-1977

American Rebel


Correspondence 1937-1977
box 1 Folders 1-21: Correspondence 1937-1977
Arranged chronologically.
Scope and Contents
List of correspondents:
Alinsky, Saul David
Allatt, Edward
Anderson, Robert Bernerd
Ashford, Gerald
Baldwin, Roger Nash
Bannister, Robert Corwin
Baxandall, Lee
Bayh, Birch Evans
Behrmann, Samuel Nathaniel
Bellow, Saul
Belt, Elmer
Bentley, Eric
Bland, II, John Randolph
Bland, Richard Howard
Blanshard, Paul
Bliven, Bruce Ormsby
Bloodworth, William Andrew
Boni, Albert
Borough, Reuben W.
Boydston, Jo Ann (Harrison)
Braybrooke, Neville
Bronstein, Dale W.
Browder, Earl Russell
Buddy, George
Bunche, Ralph Johnson
Bundy, McGeorge
Caesar, Irving
Canham, Erwin Dain
Cantwell, Robert Emmet
Carmichael, Stokely
Catledge, Turner
Catton, Bruce
Caylor, George, N.
Cercone, William F.
Champion, Myra
Clark, Ramsey
Cohen, Wilbur, Joseph
Collier, Phyllis (Fenington)
Cormier, Frank
Cousins, Norman
Cowley, Malcolm
Cranston, Alan
Cronkite, Walter
Dahlberg, Edward
De Gruson, Eugene, Henry
Deutsch, Babette
Dies, Martin
Dos Passos, John
Dougan, Robert Ormes
Douglas, Paul Howard
Dubinsky, David
Durant, William James
Edel, Leon
Esslin, Martin
Evans, Henry Scarritt
Fargis, Paul McKenna
Farmer, James
Farrell, James Thomas
Fast, Howard Melvin
Fiedler, Leslie Aaron
Filler, Louis
Fischer, John
Folsom, Michael Brewster
Freeman, Muriel
French, Warren Graham
Friedel, Frank Burt
Friedman, Milton
Fuller, Lon Luvois
Galbraith, John Kenneth
Gallup, Donald Clifford
Gandhi, Indira (Nehru)
Gardner, John William
Geffen, Felicia
Ginsberg, Allen
Gordon, Darley (Fuller)
Gordon, Robert M.
Gottesman, Ronald
Graham, Elliot
Green, Ernest S.
Haldeman, Henry J.
Handlin, Oscar
Halpern, Seymour
Harriman, William Averell
Harris, Leon A.
Harrison, John Marshall
Hayakawa, Samuel Ichiyé
Hazlitt, Henry
Heller, Walter Wolfgang
Hicks, Granville
Hill, Steven Phillips
Hoagland, Hudson
Hogan, William
Hook, Sidney
Hoover, John Edgar
Huebsch, Benjamin W.
Humphrey, Hubert Horatio
Hutchins, Robert Maynard
Johnson, Claudia Alta (Taylor)
Jones, Howard Mumford
Jones, James
Jung, Franz
King, Alan
Kirstein, Lincoln
Klein, Herbert George
Kling, Dollie (Kimbrough)
Koestler, Arthur
Krasnoff, George
Kristol, Irving
Krock, Arthur
Laidler, Harry Wellington
Laxness, Halldór Kiljan
Leedham, Linnea
Lerner, Max
Lesser, Sol
Lipset, Seymour Martin
Lorant, Stefan
Lyons, Eugene
McCloy, John Jay
McNamera, Robert Strange
McWilliams, Carey
Mailer, Norman
Marcuse, Herbert
Mayhew, John D.
Menninger, Karl Augustus
Moley, Raymond
Morison, Samuel Eliot
Morse, Wayne Lyman
Morton, Frederic
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick
Muelder, Walter George
Mumford, Lewis
Marin, Luis Monõz
Muravyev, Dmitry
Murphy, Elizabeth K.
Musmanno, Michael Angelo
Namikawa, Ryo
Nash, Ogden
Naumberg, Elsa H.
Nearing, Scott
Neutra, Dione (Niedermann)
O'Connor, Richard
Packard, Vance Oakley
Peale, Norman Vincent
Peters, Harry
Powell, Lawrence Clark
Randall, David Anton
Randolph, Asa Philip
Reisberg, Arlene
Reuther, Victor George
Rhine, Joseph Banks
Riseley, Jerry B.
Samuelson, Paul Anthony
Scammon, Richard Montgomery
Schlesinger, Arthur Meier
Schulberg, Budd
Schwartz, Alan U.
Seldes, George
Sevareid, Arnold Eric
Sinclair, David
Sinclair, Jean (Weidman)
Sinclair, Mary Craig (Kimbrough)
Sinclair, Upton Beall
Smith, Datus Clifford
Smith, Lorna D.
Snow, Charles Percy
Snow, Baron
Stone, Irving
Stone, John Anthony
Stout, Rex Todhunter
Styron, William
Swados, Harvey
Terkel, Studs Louis
Tunney, John Varick
Untermeyer, Louis
Vagts, Miriam (Beard)
Vartan, Cynthia Kirk (Smith)
Vonnegut, Jr., Kurt
Voorhis, Horace Jeremiah
Walsh, Denny Jay
Ward, John Lewis
Warner, Robert Mark
Warren, Earl
Weeks, Edward Augustus
White, Theodore Harold
Whitman, Alden Rogers
Wilder, Billy
Williams, Rhys
Williams, Wallace Edward
Wilshire, Logan Gaylord
Wilshire, Mary
Wilson, James Harold
Zeisel, Hans
Zobel, Don Charles
American Rebel
box 1 Folders 22-23: Bibliography. T.D and Xerox. (6 copies)
box 1 Binder: bibliography. A.D.
box 2 Folders 1-25: Early draft. Introduction and chap. 1-25. (missing chap. 18)
box 3 Folders 1-22: Later draft. Chap. 1-25. T.D. (missing chap. 3)
box 3 Folders 22-38: Later draft. Acknowledgements, introduction, chap. 1-16. Carbon.
box 3 Folders 39-54: Later draft. Notes for introduction and chap. 1-16. Carbon.
box 4 Folders 1-9: Later draft. chap. 17-26. Carbon.
box 4 Folders 10-18: Later draft. notes for chap. 17-26. Carbon.
box 4 Folders 19-45: Final draft. Introduction and chap. 1-26. Xerox.
box 5 Folders 1-28: Final master. Notes and acknowledgements, introduction, and chap. 1-26. T.D.
box 5 Folders 29-56: Notes and acknowledgements, introduction, and chap. 1-26. Xerox.
box 5 Folders 57-86: Examination Copy A (Allett & Gotteman) notes and acknowledgements, chap. 1-26, and notes for chap. 15-25.
box 6 Folders 1-27: Examination copy B (David and Jean Sinclair) introduction, chap. 1-26.
box 6 Folders 28-62: Examination copy C (Alden Whitman) introduction, chap. 1-25, notes for chap. 15-25.
box 6 Folders 63-78: old notes
box 6 Folder 79: Text for pp. 474-83, notes for pp. 453-58, 558-62, and 656-62.
box 7 Resources material I: chap. 1-24.
box 8 Resources material II: chap. 24.
box 9 Miscellaneous.