Krapf, N. mss. 1997-2018LMC 2934

Papers of Norbert Krapf at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

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Creator Krapf, Norbert, 1943-
Title: Krapf, N. mss.
Dates: 1997-20182018
Quantity: 14 boxes
Abstract: The Krapf, N. mss., 1997-2018, consist of the papers of Indiana poet and writer, Norbert Krapf. The collection includes submission and publishing correspondence, reviews, responses, readings, promotional materials, drafts, proofs, manuscripts, some audiovisual materials, and personal correspondence with mentors and collaborators.
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Lilly Library

Biographical Note

Norbert Krapf was born in 1943 in Jasper, Indiana. He grew up in Indiana, and attended both St. Joseph's College and the University of Notre Dame to study English and American Literature. After leaving Indiana to work as a professor of English at Long Island University for 34 years, he moved back to his home state to write full time. Krapf has published 28 books, most notably collections of poetry, and served as Indiana Poet Laureate for two years (2008-2010).

Scope and Content Note

Publications are generally in chronological order, and each title contains correspondence with the publisher, reviews, responses, readings, promotional materials, as well as some drafts, proofs, and manuscripts. In addition, some titles include audiovisual materials (CDs, cassette tapes), as noted in the inventory. Personal correspondents are generally arranged alphabetically by last name, with some exceptions. This series includes personal correspondence with literary mentors and collaborators. The emails and letters within each correspondent are arranged mostly in chronological order.

Correspondents include: Zelda Austen, Martin Booth, Christie Cooke, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, John Groppe, Helmut Haberkamm, William Heyen, James Alexander Thom, Scott Russell Sanders, Susan Neville, Wendell Berry, Ted Kooser, Mari Evans, Monika Herzig


This collection is arranged chronologically by publication according to original order (including original folder titles), followed by correspondents.

Publications are arranged into 13 subseries: The Country I Come From (2002), Looking for God's Country (2005), Invisible Presence (2006), Imagine CD (2007), Bloodroot (2008), The Ripest Moments (2008), Sweet Sister Moon (2009), Songs in Sepia and Black and White (2012), American Dreams (2013), Catholic Boy Blues (2014), Shrinking the Monster (2016), Blue-Eyed Grass (1997), Somewhere in Southern Indiana (1993)


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Krapf, Norbert, 1943-

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[Item], Krapf, N. mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

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Table of Contents



The Country I Came From (2002)
box 1 Sales, bookstores, etc.
box 1 Readings
box 1 Responses
box 1 World Literature Today Review
box 1 Reviews
box 1 Comps and reviews
box 1 Publication rejections
box 1 Public relations
Looking for God's Country (2005)
box 1 Orders
box 1 Readings, promo
box 1 Endorsements
box 1 Responses
box 1 Sales
box 1 Public relations
box 1 Reviews
box 1 Cover
box 1 Copyediting
box 1 Interviews
box 1 Uncorrected proof
box 1 Time Being Books (publisher) correspondence and manuscript
box 1 Early manuscript versions and publisher correspondence
box 1 Riedel collaboration: early manuscript
box 1 Riedel collaboration: Archer (publisher) correspondence
box 1 Riedel collaboration: later manuscripts
box 1 Time Being Books pre-production correspondence
box 1 Copyediting correspondence
box 1 Manuscript with notes 2003
box 1 Bound proofs, copyright registration
box 1 Video
box 1 Time Being Books file, blurbs, etc.
box 1 Correspondence, contracts, disc
Invisible Presence (2006)
box 2 Responses
box 2 Interviews
box 2 Announcements
box 2 Sales, bookstores, etc.
box 2 Orders
box 2 Readings, correspondence
box 2 PR, circulars, publicity
box 2 Reviews
Scope and Contents
Includes correspondence
box 2 Marketing questionnaire
box 2 Production design
box 2 Darryl Jones correspondence, photos
box 2 Linda Oblack (IU Press) correspondence
box 2 Editing, sequencing, revising poems
box 2 Poem revision printouts
box 2 Poem manuscript revised June 2005
box 2 Darryl Jones essays
box 2 Poem groups, correspondence
box 2 Copies of images and poems
box 2 Drafts, etc.
Imagine CD (2007)
box 3 Imagine CD with Monika Herzig production, reading notes, remissions
Bloodroot (2008)
box 3 Responses
box 3 Sales, etc.
box 3 Readings
box 3 Laura Baich (IU Blog) correspondence
box 3 Promo website
box 3 Linda Oblack correspondence
box 3 Janet Rabinowitch correspondence
box 3 Flyer
box 3 Reviews
box 3 Production
box 3 Sections with Pierini photos
box 3 Sections of Bloodroot manuscript 2007
box 3 June Silay correspondence
box 3 Dave Pierini correspondence (3 folders)
box 3 Table of contents
box 3 Proposal (IU Press)
box 3 Reading lists
box 3 Local news
box 3 Proof
box 3 Final manuscript (3 folders)
box 3 Final manuscript CDs
Scope and Contents
Includes CDs
The Ripest Moments (2008)
box 4 Responses
box 4 Readings
box 4 Interviews
box 4 Reviews; notices
box 4 Promo and circulars
box 4 Foreword revision
box 4 Production
box 4 Fact and photo queries
box 4 Author questionnaire
box 4 Photos
box 4 Indiana Historical Society Press (IHSP) correspondence
box 4 Acceptance letters and photos
box 4 Proofs (3 folders)
box 4 First drafts of chapters (3 folders)
box 4 Draft 1997-1998
box 4 Chapter drafts, undated
box 4 Edited draft 2005
box 4 Book contract: Stewart Rafert correspondence
box 4 IU Press correspondence
box 4 The Sunday Before Thanksgiving responses
Sweet Sister Moon (2009)
box 5 Promo
box 5 Indiana Humanities Council event
box 5 Flyer
box 5 Readings, poem lists
box 5 Responses
box 5 Cover
box 5 Reviews
box 5 Blurbs
box 5 Permissions
box 5 Time Being Books, Word Tech Editions permissions
box 5 Table of contents
box 5 Address list
box 5 Proofs (3 folders)
box 5 Pre-production revisions
box 5 Submission queries
box 5 Revisions
box 5 Manuscript 2006
box 5 "Children of the Morning Star (previous title)," inquiries
box 5 "Children of the Morning Star," draft
box 5 "Children of the Morning Star," first manuscript
Songs in Sepia and Black and White (2012)
box 5 Manuscript
Scope and Contents
Includes CDs
box 5 Photos (2 folders)
box 5 Linda Oblack correspondence (2 folders)
box 5 Permissions
box 5 Poem texts, photo lists, and Richard Fields correspondence
box 5 Proof
box 5 Table of contents
box 5 Author questionnaire
box 5 Proposal
box 6 Responses
box 6 Letter to Wendell Berry
box 6 Reviews
box 6 Sales
box 6 Promo/public relations
box 6 Launch video correspondence
box 6 Launch event
box 6 Readings/signings
box 6 Marketing memo (IU Press)
box 6 Flyer
box 6 Blurbs
box 6 Permissions (World Tech Edition)
box 6 Website
box 6 Proof corrections
box 6 Linda Oblack correspondence, proof and production
box 6 Richard Fields correspondence
box 6 Covers
box 6 Orders
box 6 Chandra Mevis (production)
box 6 Mandy Clarke (marketing and publicity)
box 6 Acknowledgements
box 6 Author biography
box 6 Exhibits, events
box 6 Photo printouts: Jasper Trip
box 6 Table of contents drafts
box 6 Proposal pairings
box 6 Gert Niers evaluation and response
box 6 Proposal printout 2010
Scope and Contents
Includes CDs
box 6 Poem lists
box 6 Proposal drafts
box 6 Front matter
box 6 Interviews
box 6 Nancy Lightfoot correspondence
box 6 Manuscript prep guidelines
box 6 Local news
American Dreams (2013)
box 6 Contract
box 6 Descriptions
box 6 Orders
box 6 Readings
box 6 Reviews
box 6 Responses
box 6 Promo
box 6 Permissions
box 6 Blurbs
box 6 Questionnaire
box 6 Proof corrections
box 6 First proof
box 6 Final revision
Catholic Boy Blues (2014)
box 7 Newspaper clippings
box 7 Reader's guide
box 7 Draft (Version of 26 June 2011)
box 7 Draft (Version of 29 November 2011) (2 folders)
box 7 Draft (Version of 9 January 2012) (3 folders)
box 7 Draft (Version of 21 June 2012) (2 folders)
box 7 Draft (Version of 15 April 2013)
box 7 Poem worksheets (4 folders)
box 8 Proof
box 8 Copyright
box 8 Galley correction
box 8 Expenses, shipping, blurb authors, review copies
box 8 Fisher PR
box 8 Archbishop Joseph Tobin correspondence
box 8 Indy launch
box 8 Interviews/features
box 8 Reviews
box 8 Kerry Temple correspondence (Notre Dame Magazine)
box 8 Bishop Gerald Gettelfinger correspondence
box 8 Criterion Article: Natalie Hoefer
box 8 Jamie Manson correspondence
box 8 Bishop Thompson correspondence
box 8 Letter to NYT
box 8 Letter to Pope Francis
box 8 Chicago Blues Fest 2014
box 8 SNAP Chicago 2014
box 8 SNAP correspondence
box 8 Call to Action Conference Memphis 2014 (2 folders)
box 8 ACTA Memphis brochures
box 8 ACTA Publishing, Greg Pierce correspondence
box 8 ACTA Publishing cover
box 8 ACTA contract negotiations
box 8 ACTA In Extenso
box 8 ACTA corrections
box 8 ACTA press release
box 8 Greystone files
Scope and Contents
Includes CDs
box 8 Michael D. Hoffman correspondence
box 8 Oldenburg Franciscan Center author workshop
box 8 Readings
box 8 Queen Anne concert and reading series
box 8 Awards
box 8 Alpha and Omega Award
box 8 Susanne Schwibs correspondence
box 8 Responses
box 8 Blurbs
box 8 Richard Beck/Greystone contract dissolution
box 8 Greystone proposal
box 8 Proof corrections (2 folders)
box 8 Hardcover flaps copy
box 8 Cover photo
box 8 Marketing strategy
box 8 Online description
box 8 Sales
box 8 Dana Gioia correspondence
box 8 Michael D'Antonio correspondence
box 8 Father Michael O'Mara correspondence
box 8 Andrew Harvey correspondence
box 8 "From the Edge of the Prairie" (anthology)
box 8 File discs January 2012
Scope and Contents
Includes CDs
box 8 Jason Berry correspondence
box 8 Matthew Fox/Krapf talk/reading
box 8 Matthew Fox visit
box 9 Matthew Fox correspondence (4 folders)
box 9 Wanda Wetli correspondence
box 9 Angela Roesler correspondence
box 9 Early Greg Pierce correspondence (ACTA)
box 9 Website page drafts
box 9 Private Catacomb reading
box 9 Common Good Books, St. Paul reading, G. Keillor bookstore
box 9 Book launch, Indy Inter-Faith Center
box 9 Broadway United Methodist reading
box 9 Bartholomew County Library reading
box 9 Call to Action reading, Memphis
box 9 Madison, IN Library Village Lights reading
box 9 Indy Reads Books reading
box 9 Diocese of Evansville reading
box 9 SNAP reading
box 9 Chuck and Barb Stevenson Private Catacombs reading
box 9 Fairfield meeting with Matthew Fox reading
box 9 Branches magazine
box 9 Alpha and Omega Award
box 9 Documentary with Susanne Schwibs conflict
box 9 Archbishop Tobin
box 9 Father Michael O'Mara
box 9 Notre Dame review
box 9 Various reviews
box 9 Review/article: Sky Blue Window
box 9 Blog review, George Vecsey, New York Times
box 9 Mary Gail series on childhood trauma/abuse
box 9 Blog review, Matthew Fox
box 9 Herald review, Candy Neal
box 9 Amazon review, Carole Gall
box 9 Publisher review, Richard Beck
box 9 Review, Gert Niers
box 9 Review, John Groppe
box 9 Interview, Indy Star
box 9 Interview, Sharon Gamble, WFYI NPR, Indy
box 9 Interview, Cheryl Castille, KRUS, University of Louisiana
box 9 Krapf and Gordon Bonham CD correspondence
box 9 Publisher, Richard Beck correspondence
box 9 Greystone orders
box 9 Indiana Anthology Greystone
box 9 University of Louisiana Press correspondence
box 9 Publishing inquiries
box 9 North Atlantic Books
box 9 Antler Press correspondence
box 9 Cover
box 9 Production, Richard Beck
Shrinking the Monster (2016)
box 10 Excerpt, Teresa Hartnett
box 10 Review, Natalie Hoefer, The Criterion
box 10 Final proof with correspondence (2 folders)
box 10 Janice Werner correspondence
box 10 Counseling and spiritual direction
box 10 Submission ACTA
box 10 Review, Fran Salone-Pelletier
box 10 In Extenso PR, orders, etc.
box 10 Announcements
box 10 Curtis Trent correspondence
box 10 Review copies correspondence
box 10 Acceptance, ACTA
box 10 Style sheet
box 10 Orders
box 10 Review and promo
box 10 Illumination Book Award
box 10 ABQ reading
box 10 Book launch, Indy Reads Books
box 10 Promo and PR
box 10 Interviews
box 10 Reviews
box 10 Press release
box 10 Mary Gail O'Dea correspondence
box 10 Foreword
box 10 Corrections
box 10 Unproofed typeset with correspondence (4 folders)
box 10 Responses
box 10 Last proof corrections
box 10 Copyedits with correspondence (5 folders)
box 10 Archbishop Tobin correspondence
box 10 Cover and subtitle
box 10 Corrected proof
box 10 Final copyedits
box 10 Final manuscript correspondence
box 10 Front and back matter
box 10 Cover
Blue-Eyed Grass (1997)
box 11 Reviews
box 11 Klara Krapf story
box 11 Cochelin/Krapf correspondence (7 folders)
box 11 Original manuscripts of poems
box 11 Manuscript revisions
box 11 Klara Krapf cycle
box 11 If I Could
box 11 Goethe and Others in Weimer
box 11 In the City of Bach
box 11 The Meditation Room
box 11 St. Martin's Day
box 11 The Name on the Wall
box 11 Tannenbaum 1940
box 11 Letter to Klara Krapf
box 11 To Babetta Reinstein
box 11 Meditation in the Israelite Cemetery
box 11 To the Brothers and Sisters of Klara Krapf
box 11 Songs for Klara Krapf's Ashes
box 11 Stanza from a Crematorium
box 11 Franconian Visit for Klara Krapf
box 11 A Jewish Cemetery in Franconia
box 11 A Freight Yard in Wurzburg
box 11 Fragments on Theresienstadt
box 11 List of manuscripts for Time Being Books
box 11 Dream of a Cave
box 11 Steine fur die toten
box 11 The Name of a Place
box 11 Tugendorf
box 11 Hesslar
box 11 Flax
box 11 The Woman in the Erlangen Photograph
box 11 Franconian Flames
box 11 Digging
box 11 Homage to Tilman Riemenscheider
box 11 Rural Lines after Bruegel
box 11 At Durer's Self-Portrait
box 11 A Swabian Scene
box 11 A Scene from the Spessart
box 11 Frau Brummer in the Garden
box 11 Stag Hunt
box 11 The Summer the Poppies Bloomed
box 11 Black Forest Snowball
box 11 Black Forest Song
box 11 Still Life
box 11 A Hill on the Rhine
box 11 Waking in Europe
box 11 Black Forest Woodcarving
box 11 Freiburg im Breisgau
Somewhere in Southern Indiana (1993)
box 12 Poem manuscript list
box 12 Subtitle lists
box 12 Revisions
box 12 A Terre Haute Story
box 12 Tulip Poplar (2 folders)
box 12 Two Bricks and a Board
box 12 Tillie, Josie, and Marie
box 12 Squirrel at the Birdfeeder (2 folders)
box 12 Jasper: The Foundation
box 12 Shooting a Squirrel
box 12 A Pioneer Wedding
box 12 The Pigeons of St. Henry, Indiana
box 12 Remembering Heavy Snows
box 12 When the Call Came
box 12 Cutting Wood
box 12 For an Old Friend
box 12 A Postcard from Missouri
box 12 A Civil War Veteran
box 12 Butchering
box 12 Flight
box 12 Driving Back Roads Late at Night
box 12 German Fries
box 12 Curving Back
box 12 Hills
box 12 Hoosier Songs
box 12 My Father Young Again
box 12 St. Meinrad Archabbey
box 12 Southern Indiana
box 12 The Blessinger Brothers
box 12 Uncle
box 12 The Words of Southern Indiana
box 12 Somewhere in Southern Indiana
box 12 Theodore Dreiser's Cathedral
box 12 Boy Scouts Camping Out
box 12 Sisters
box 12 Persimmon
box 12 Paw Paw
box 12 Pin Oak
box 12 Sugar Maple
box 12 Shagbark Hickory
box 12 Walnut
box 12 Dutchman's Breeches
box 12 Purple Trillium
box 12 Chamomille
box 12 Indigo Bunting
box 12 Skinning a Rabbit
box 12 Darkness Comes to the Woods
box 12 Sun Also Shines
box 12 Daniel Conducts
box 12 Student Papers
box 12 Review
box 12 Cassette Tapes
box 12 Zelda Austen (3 folders)
box 12 Martin Booth (3 folders)
box 12 Christie Cooke (2 folders)
box 12 Jenetta Calhoun Mish (4 folders)
box 13 Glick Indiana Author Award Correspondence (2 folders)
box 13 John Groppe (3 folders)
box 13 Helmut Haberkamm (11 folders)
box 13 William Heyen (5 folders)
box 13 Ted Kooser
box 13 Wendell Berry
box 13 Mari Evans
box 13 Susan Neville
box 13 Scott Russell Sanders
box 13 James Alexander Thom
box 14 Monika Herzig (22 folders)
box 14 Monika Herzig, related papers and notes
box 14 Monika Herzig, music