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Archives of African American Music and Culture

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The Archives of African American Music and Culture (AAAMC) is a repository for materials covering a wide range of African American musical idioms and cultural expressions from the post-World War II era. Highlights include interviews, researcher documentation, and publicity materials featuring Black performers, artists, radio personalities, and music industry executives.

Our Collections

Adelaide Hall Collection, 1928-2003

The collection contains photographic materials, articles, programs and ephemera related to Hall's performance career.
Collection ID: SC 134

Albert Russell Photograph Collection, circa 1952-1957

Six photographs from the 1950s, representing the Regals as well as the new Orioles group formed in 1955 by the merger of the Regals with the original Orioles, and featuring Al "Diz" Russell who remained with the group until 2016.
Collection ID: SC 91

Al Hobbs Interview, 2007

Video recording of an interview with the legendary gospel music pioneer Al Hobbs by Keith McCutchen and Fredara Hadley at Hobbs' Indianapolis home in June of 2007.
Collection ID: SC 147

Angela Brown Collection, 1979-

A collection consisting primarily of programs, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, awards, correspondence, memorabilia, audio recordings and video related to Angela Brown's career.
Collection ID: SC 155

Anthony Gomes Performance, 1998-11-18

A live performance of the Anthony Gomes Band followed by a discussion at Indiana University on November 18, 1998.
Collection ID: SC 15

Arizona Dranes Okeh Records Correspondence, 1926-2004, bulk 1926-1929

The collection consists primarily of contracts and correspondence between Arizona Dranes and the Consolidated Music Publishing House (owner of the Chicago OKeh Records franchise) from 1926-1929. Contracts for Nov. 15, 1926, include one song not commercially released (and possibly not recorded), "He's Got Better Things for You." Also included are articles about Dranes and this collection by the donor, Malcolm Shaw, and gospel historian Dr. Daniel E. Walker.
Collection ID: SC 135

Bala Baptiste Collection, 1946-2013

The collection consists primarily of interviews and articles regarding radio stations and music in New Orleans, including information about the first African American deejays in New Orleans and the Poppa Stoppa radio program.
Collection ID: SC 138

Black Grooves Collection, 2000-2021

Press releases and administrative materials pertaining to the AAAMC website Black Grooves. The majority of material in this collection and on the website pertain to recordings in the AAAMC's general collections.
Collection ID: SC 37

Black Music magazine, 1973-1977

35 print issues published between December 1973 and July 1977 of the magazine Black Music.
Collection ID: SC 164

Black Radio : Telling It Like It Was, circa 1920s-1997, bulk 1991-1995

Production materials documenting Smithsonian's thirteen-part program on the role of radio in transforming the African American community in the twentieth century. The program was produced in 1996 by Jacquie Gales Webb for Smithsonian Productions, with assistance from the AAAMC. The collection contains over 400 hours of interviews and historical aircheck tapes in addition to articles, research files, program scripts, and transcripts. The audio interviews feature conversations with over 150 well-known disc jockeys, radio professionals, record company executives, journalists, and scholars. The historical airchecks include station identifications and jingles, radio interviews with prominent Black figures, coverage of historical events, and programs highlighting or influenced by the contributions of Black performers, disc jockeys, and other important persons in radio.
Collection ID: SC 39

Blondell Hill Gospel Music Collection, 1916-1964, bulk 1940-1964

This collection consists of gospel song books and sheet music, song texts, photographs, and other ephemeral material related to Blondell Hill's participation with choirs in Richmond, Indiana, Petoskey, Michigan, and Harbor Springs, Michigan.
Collection ID: SC 158

Bobby Jones Collection, 1975-2001

The collection consists primarily of awards received by gospel music artist and television host Bobby Jones. Also included in collection are various articles and programs associated with Jones.
Collection ID: SC 60

Brian Lassiter Southern Rap Collection, 1985-2013

The Brian Lassiter Southern Rap Collection contains 3 series made up of various promotional materials, magazines and various media types related to the topic of Southern Rap music.
Collection ID: SC 167

Calloway Collection, 1966-2014

This collection documents the careers of the Calloway family including brothers Reggie, Vincent, and Gregory and their mother Gloria Calloway Larson, who variously formed and/or managed the groups Sunchild, Midnight Star, Calloway and Sharp. Included are personal papers, correspondence, business and financial records, tour itineraries, publicity materials, press clippings, programs, photographs, and time-based media in both published and unpublished audio and video formats.
Collection ID: SC 169

Carl MaultsBy Collection, 1986-2021

The materials in this collection relate to Carl MaultsBy's activities as a composer, arranger, conductor, organist, keyboardist, singer, author and former music industry executive. Included are scores and recordings of his compositions as well as concert programs, photographs, notated music, sound recordings, videos and information about his performances and recordings.
Collection ID: SC 17

Carl Tancredi Collection, 1950-2011

Periodicals covering popular and rhythm & blues musicians and recordings, but primarily collected for their articles focusing on vocal harmony groups and quartettes of the 1950s-1960s. Also included are articles by Tancredi and airchecks from his internet radio program, "Work With Me Annie."
Collection ID: SC 140

Charles Coleman Papers, 1944-1986

This collection consists of printed and manuscript scores of music by Charles Coleman, including sacred and secular choral works, as well as ephemeral materials related to the composer.
Collection ID: SC 9

Charles Connor Collection, circa 1950s-2007, bulk 1985-2007

Materials documenting the period Charles Connor, known as "Little Richard's original drummer," spent on the road with Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Dee Clark, Larry Williams, Chuck Willis, and others. Included are more recent articles, interviews, and audio recordings of Connor and an unpublished book manuscript.
Collection ID: SC 41

Charles E. Sykes Motown Collection, 1957-2003

Research on the Motown Record Corp., including photographs, Motown-related videos and television programs, and audio and video interviews with vocalists, instrumentalists, arrangers, songwriters, producers, technical staff, management, and consumers. Interviews include Thomas "Beans" Bowles (saxophonist and first road manager of the Motor Town Revue), Maxwell Powell (image specialist at Motown's Division of Artist Development), Bobby Rogers and Ronald White (vocalists with the Miracles), Sylvia Moy (songwriter), and Michael McLean (audio technician).
Collection ID: SC 58

Craig Seymour Collection, 1968-2006

The collection consists of articles, clippings, and interviews compiled during research for Seymour's book, Luther: The Life and Longing of Luther Vandross (2004), and subsequent research on topics related to R&B musicians, black music genres, the black gay community and gay musicians. Also included are audiocassettes containing interviews conducted by Seymour with Luther Vandross, various R&B musicians and record company personnel, as well as a large collection of mixtapes and commercial CDs.
Collection ID: SC 144

Craig Werner Interviews Collection, 1997-1998, undated

The collection consists of interviews conducted by Craig Werner with various musicians, including Bobby Womack, Ruth Donahue, and original members of Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Collection ID: SC 137

David "Honeyboy" Edwards Classroom Performance, 1998-09-10

Honeyboy Edwards performing live at Indiana University for Professor Glenn Gass's History of Rock Music class, videotaped by the Archives of African American Music and Culture in Ballentine Hall 013.
Collection ID: SC 11

David "Panama" Francis Photograph Collection, circa 1940s-1970s

A collection of 13 photos copied from the personal collection of David "Panama" Francis for use by Portia K. Maultsby and the Smithsonian Institution for the 1986 symposium and accompanying booklet and exhibition, Rhythm and Blues, 1945-1955. Francis participated as a panelist. The original photographs may now be in the possession of the Smithsonian Institution.
Collection ID: SC 92

Debbie May Gospel Music Collection, 1985-2001

This collection consists of commercial gospel music videocassettes, commercial audio recordings, paper documents, schedules, promotional materials, photographs, and other ephemeral material related to Debbie May's career as a music producer.
Collection ID: SC 62

Deborah Smith Pollard Collection, 1979-2015

The Deborah Smith Pollard collection includes more than 200 gospel music magazines and other publications from the 1980s to 2000s. The collection also includes Pollard's gospel music television specials, over 50 interviews she conducted with gospel artists and industry figures, airchecks of Pollard's radio program "Strong Inspirations" and radio programs hosted by other announcers.
Collection ID: SC 80

Denise Dalphond Detroit Techno Collection, 1979-2012

A collection of recorded interviews and transcripts, photographs, press clippings, posters, and research materials related to Detroit techno music. The bulk of the collection materials span the years 2007-2011 and include audio and written interviews with notable Detroit techno artists such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Mike Banks, Anthony Shakir. Also included are video footage from Movement Festival and photographs from Dalphond's dissertation research.
Collection ID: SC 159

DMC DJ Competition Videos, 1987-1999

Video documentation of the first decade of the annual DJ competitions in the United Stated and abroad, hosted by DMC (Disco Mix Club) and Technics. Includes World DJ Championships, World Mixing Championships, USA DJ Championship, and American Mixing Championship Finals.
Collection ID: SC 10

Donald Porter Collection of The Spaniels Photographs, circa 1956-1980s

Photographs of Pookie Hudson and the Spaniels, including the Original Spaniels (whose members were from Gary, Indiana), the post-1956 Spaniels, and various later groups performing under the name Spaniels.
Collection ID: SC 85

Donna Lawrence Collection, 1987-2010, undated

Materials documenting audiovisual exhibits produced by Donna Lawrence Productions.
Collection ID: SC 61

Ed Castleberry Collection, 1951-1999

The collection consists of personal papers, photographs, and a video documenting the career Ed Castleberry, a pioneering black radio disc jockey and newscaster.
Collection ID: SC 87

Eddie Gilreath Collection, 1967-2020

Eddie Gilreath was one of the first African American music industry professionals to hold executive level marketing and sales positions with major record labels including Motown, Warner Bros., Elektra Entertainment, Geffen, and MCA/Universal Distribution, promoting major artists across multiple genres. Included are personal papers and correspondence, marketing reports, press clippings, photographs, certified gold and platinum album plaques, clothing, and time-based media in both published and unpublished audio and video formats.
Collection ID: SC 171

Edith Casteleyn Dutch Gospel Choirs Collection, 1981-2019

Includes the personal papers of Edith Casteleyn, founder and director of Dutch community gospel choirs in the Netherlands, as well as scrapbooks, recordings, videos, clippings, programs, publicity materials, and photographs documenting the Soesterberg Gospel Choir, Friendship Gospel Choir, Life Line Gospel Choir, Alive! Gospel Choir, Rainbow Gospel Singers, and other choirs directed by Casteleyn.
Collection ID: SC 98

Evelyn Simpson-Curenton Collection, 1964-2021

This collection spans the active career (1964-) of Evelyn Simpson-Curenton as well as holds materials highlighting the renowned Singing Simpsons, and Evelyn's sister, Joy Simpson. It consists of CDRs, LPs, DVDs, and home-video tapes; along with several concert programs, photographs, personal letters and more.
Collection ID: SC 178

Every Voice and Sing: The Choral Music Legacy of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (radio series), 2007

Every Voice and Sing: The Choral Music Legacy of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities is a 5-part series on Black choral music that explores the social/political context of the Civil War/Reconstruction era that brought about the formation of these Historically Black Colleges and Universities and their amazing Singing Groups. The project is collaborative production of EVT Educational Productions, Inc. and JAZZ88.3FM WBGO Radio of Newark, New Jersey. The series was broadcast by over 240 public radio stations.
Collection ID: SC 36

Extensions of the Tradition concert series, 1994-2017

Extensions of the Tradition is an annual event featuring a concert of music by black composers with related exhibits and programs, co-sponsored by Indiana University's African American Arts Institute, the AAAMC, and the Jacobs School of Music. The event is documented through program booklets, flyers, photographs, and video and audio recordings.
Collection ID: SC 123

Gayle Wald Collection of Rosetta Tharpe Materials, circa 1930s-1950s

This collection includes clippings, sheet music, and one photograph related to gospel musician Rosetta Tharpe.
Collection ID: SC 143

George Nelson Collection, approximately 1950-1982

Collection consists of black and white photographs from the 1950s through the early 1980s related to KYOK in Houston. Including are images documenting the activities of KYOK's deejays in the studio and surrounding communities, particularly in connection with listener contests and station-sponsored events such as dances and the "We Love You" concert. Also included are photographs of KYOK publicity materials and publicity photographs of many of the rhythm and blues artists, jazz, and blues artists featured on the station.
Collection ID: SC 89

Gertrude Rivers Robinson Collection, 1938-2012

The papers of Gertrude Rivers Robinson contain music manuscripts and sketches, correspondence, press clippings, class notes and coursework, lecture materials, audio recordings, photographs, slides, films and videos documenting her life and career as a composer, ethnomusicologist and pedagogue, including her research on the Balinese gamelan tradition.
Collection ID: SC 20

Gospel News Journal, 1966-1968

The collection includes 11 issues of the periodical Gospel News Journal. The collection does not contain a complete run of the journal, but includes issues from Volumes 2-5, dating from 1966-1968.
Collection ID: SC 59

Harry Allen Collection, 1988-2007

Collection includes articles, magazines, transcripts, lectures and interviews. Time-based media content primary pertains to his Indiana University lectures in 1998, sponsored by Archives of African American Music and Culture.
Collection ID: SC 34

Heather Augustyn Collection, 1944-2018, bulk 1997-2018

The collection consists primarily of interviews regarding ska music and musicians conducted by Heather Augustyn. Also included in the collection are interview summaries, research files and ephemera, published books and recordings, and photographic prints and slides.
Collection ID: SC 172

Helaine Victoria Press Collection, 1988-1991

This collection consists of postcards focusing on women of the Harlem Renaissance and women in social protest, along with documentation, correspondence and research pertaining to Helaine Victoria Press.
Collection ID: SC 46

Hot Buttered Soul Lecture Collection, 2014

Collection documenting the AAAMC's 2014 panel discussion and exhibit, Hot Buttered Soul: The Role of Foodways & Musicmaking in Building and Sustaining African American Communities, which explored the intersections between sacred and secular music genres and traditional foodways as signifiers of African American life and culture. Featured panelists include Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson, Dr. Tyron Cooper, Dr. Alisha Lola Jones, and Dr. Mellonee Burnim. Includes audio, video, image, and research files.
Collection ID: SC 127

IU Soul Revue Alumni Interviews, 2014

This collection consists primarily of audio and video files of interviews with alumni of the IU Soul Revue and African American Arts Institute at Indiana University, including students, administrators, and directors of performing ensembles. The majority of the interviews were conducted with individuals who were members of the IU Soul Revue during its first ten years, under the direction of Dr. Portia K. Maultsby.
Collection ID: SC 50

Jack Gibson Collection, 1942-2000

Jack "The Rapper" Gibson was a pioneer in Black radio, as well as an innovator, a leader, and a mentor to many in the radio and music industries. His work as a Black radio deejay spanned the early days of Black radio in the 1940s through the Civil Rights Movement, and included stints at WERD-Atlanta, WLOU-Louisville, WMBM-Miami, WCIN-Cincinnati, and WABQ-Cleveland. After retiring from radio in 1961, he became a successful music industry executive working for Motown, Decca, and Stax Records. In 1976, he launched the industry magazine Jack the Rapper, the oldest Black trade publication targeted to radio, and for the next twenty years organized the annual "Jack the Rapper's Family Affair," a Black music convention drawing generations of performers and music industry executives. His professionalism, continuous fight for racial equality and justice, and endearing human qualities made him a legend in the industry. This collection documents his long career in radio and music through personal correspondence, clippings, memorabilia, photographs, publicity materials, airchecks, interviews, lecture materials, and over 500 issues of his trade magazine "Jack the Rapper's Mello Yello."
Collection ID: SC 14

James Brown Memorial Tributes, 2006-2008

This collection documents the week surrounding the death of James Brown and the proceeding funeral ceremony. It also consists of documentation highlighting Brown's performance on the Indiana University, Bloomington campus a few months prior to his death.
Collection ID: SC 32

James Spooner Collection, approximately 2000-2007

Collection consists of casting, production, and promotional materials used by James Spooner in the production of his film White Lies, Black Sheep and materials associated with the film Afro-Punk including interview footage, promotional materials, film festival awards, and periodicals in which the film and/or Spooner was highlighted.
Collection ID: SC 154

Jared Nickerson Collection, 1987-1997

The Jared Nickerson Collection consists of one series relating to the press materials, magazines, newspaper clippings, and business transactions of the Black Rock Coalition (BRC) from 1987-1997.
Collection ID: SC 153

Jock Hickman Photograph Collection, 1950s-1970s

A collection of publicity photos copied from the personal collection of Jock Hickman for use by Portia K. Maultsby and the Smithsonian Institution for the 1986 symposium and accompanying booklet and exhibition, Rhythm and Blues, 1945-1955. For the majority of these images copies exist at both the AAAMC and the Smithsonian Institution.
Collection ID: SC 93

Jocko Henderson Collection, 1971-2003

Doug "Jocko" Henderson was a pioneering "rapping" deejay primarily associated with Philadelphia radio station WDAS in the 1970s. Collection primarily documents Henderson's Get Ready company, which published materials to be used in schools to teach American history, spelling, and the dangers of drug abuse using rap lyrics. Also included is material documenting Henderson's bid for a seat in the United States House of Representatives in Pennsylvania. Materials include audiocassettes, teaching manuals, correspondence, photographs, business cards, press clippings, flyers, and other memorabilia.
Collection ID: SC 136