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Archives of African American Music and Culture

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The Archives of African American Music and Culture (AAAMC) is a repository for materials covering a wide range of African American musical idioms and cultural expressions from the post-World War II era. Highlights include interviews, researcher documentation, and publicity materials featuring Black performers, artists, radio personalities, and music industry executives.

Our Collections

Adelaide Hall Collection, 1928-2003

The collection contains photographic materials, articles, programs and ephemera related to Hall's performance career.
Collection ID: SC 134

Albert Russell Photograph Collection, circa 1952-1957

Six photographs from the 1950s, representing the Regals as well as the new Orioles group formed in 1955 by the merger of the Regals with the original Orioles, and featuring Al "Diz" Russell who remained with the group until 2016.
Collection ID: SC 91

Al Hobbs Interview, 2007-06-08

Video recording of an interview with the legendary gospel music pioneer Al Hobbs by Keith McCutchen and Fredara Hadley at Hobbs' Indianapolis home in June of 2007.
Collection ID: SC 147

Angela Brown Collection, 1979-

A collection consisting primarily of programs, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, awards, correspondence, memorabilia, audio recordings and video related to Angela Brown's career.
Collection ID: SC 155

Anthony Gomes Performance, 1998-11-18

A live performance of the Anthony Gomes Band followed by a discussion at Indiana University on November 18, 1998.
Collection ID: SC 15

Arizona Dranes Okeh Records Correspondence, 1926-2004, bulk 1926-1929

The collection consists primarily of contracts and correspondence between Arizona Dranes and the Consolidated Music Publishing House (owner of the Chicago OKeh Records franchise) from 1926-1929. Contracts for Nov. 15, 1926, include one song not commercially released (and possibly not recorded), "He's Got Better Things for You." Also included are articles about Dranes and this collection by the donor, Malcolm Shaw, and gospel historian Dr. Daniel E. Walker.
Collection ID: SC 135

Bala Baptiste Collection, 1946-2013

The collection consists primarily of interviews and articles regarding radio stations and music in New Orleans, including information about the first African American deejays in New Orleans and the Poppa Stoppa radio program.
Collection ID: SC 138

Black Grooves Collection, 2000-2021

Press releases and administrative materials pertaining to the AAAMC website Black Grooves. The majority of material in this collection and on the website pertain to recordings in the AAAMC's general collections.
Collection ID: SC 37

Black Music magazine, 1973-1977

35 print issues published between December 1973 and July 1977 of the magazine Black Music.
Collection ID: SC 164

Black Radio : Telling It Like It Was, circa 1920s-1997, bulk 1991-1995

Production materials documenting Smithsonian's thirteen-part program on the role of radio in transforming the African American community in the twentieth century. The program was produced in 1996 by Jacquie Gales Webb for Smithsonian Productions, with assistance from the AAAMC. The collection contains over 400 hours of interviews and historical aircheck tapes in addition to articles, research files, program scripts, and transcripts. The audio interviews feature conversations with over 150 well-known disc jockeys, radio professionals, record company executives, journalists, and scholars. The historical airchecks include station identifications and jingles, radio interviews with prominent Black figures, coverage of historical events, and programs highlighting or influenced by the contributions of Black performers, disc jockeys, and other important persons in radio.
Collection ID: SC 39

Blondell Hill Gospel Music Collection, 1916-1964, bulk 1940-1964

This collection consists of gospel song books and sheet music, song texts, photographs, and other ephemeral material related to Blondell Hill's participation with choirs in Richmond, Indiana, Petoskey, Michigan, and Harbor Springs, Michigan.
Collection ID: SC 158

Bobby Jones Collection, 1975-2001

The collection consists primarily of awards received by gospel music artist and television host Bobby Jones. Also included in collection are various articles and programs associated with Jones.
Collection ID: SC 60

Brian Lassiter Southern Rap Collection, 1985-2013

The Brian Lassiter Southern Rap Collection contains 3 series made up of various promotional materials, magazines and various media types related to the topic of Southern Rap music.
Collection ID: SC 167

Calloway Collection, 1966-2014

This collection documents the careers of the Calloway family including brothers Reggie, Vincent, and Gregory and their mother Gloria Calloway Larson, who variously formed and/or managed the groups Sunchild, Midnight Star, Calloway and Sharp. Included are personal papers, correspondence, business and financial records, tour itineraries, publicity materials, press clippings, programs, photographs, and time-based media in both published and unpublished audio and video formats.
Collection ID: SC 169

Carl Tancredi Collection, 1950-2011

Periodicals covering popular and rhythm & blues musicians and recordings, but primarily collected for their articles focusing on vocal harmony groups and quartettes of the 1950s-1960s. Also included are articles by Tancredi and airchecks from his internet radio program, "Work With Me Annie."
Collection ID: SC 140

Charles Coleman Papers, 1944-1986

This collection consists of printed and manuscript scores of music by Charles Coleman, including sacred and secular choral works, as well as ephemeral materials related to the composer.
Collection ID: SC 9

Charles Connor Collection, circa 1950s-2007, bulk 1985-2007

Materials documenting the period Charles Connor, known as "Little Richard's original drummer," spent on the road with Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Dee Clark, Larry Williams, Chuck Willis, and others. Included are more recent articles, interviews, and audio recordings of Connor and an unpublished book manuscript.
Collection ID: SC 41

Charles E. Sykes Motown Collection, 1957-2003

Research on the Motown Record Corp., including photographs, Motown-related videos and television programs, and audio and video interviews with vocalists, instrumentalists, arrangers, songwriters, producers, technical staff, management, and consumers. Interviews include Thomas "Beans" Bowles (saxophonist and first road manager of the Motor Town Revue), Maxwell Powell (image specialist at Motown's Division of Artist Development), Bobby Rogers and Ronald White (vocalists with the Miracles), Sylvia Moy (songwriter), and Michael McLean (audio technician).
Collection ID: SC 58

Craig Werner Interviews Collection, 1997-1998, undated

The collection consists of interviews conducted by Craig Werner with various musicians, including Bobby Womack, Ruth Donahue, and original members of Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Collection ID: SC 137

David "Panama" Francis Photograph Collection, circa 1940s-1970s

A collection of 13 photos copied from the personal collection of David "Panama" Francis for use by Portia K. Maultsby and the Smithsonian Institution for the 1986 symposium and accompanying booklet and exhibition, Rhythm and Blues, 1945-1955. Francis participated as a panelist. The original photographs may now be in the possession of the Smithsonian Institution.
Collection ID: SC 92

Debbie May Gospel Music Collection, 1985-2001

This collection consists of commercial gospel music videocassettes, commercial audio recordings, paper documents, schedules, promotional materials, photographs, and other ephemeral material related to Debbie May's career as a music producer.
Collection ID: SC 62

DMC DJ Competition Videos, 1987-1999

Video documentation of the first decade of the annual DJ competitions in the United Stated and abroad, hosted by DMC (Disco Mix Club) and Technics. Includes World DJ Championships, World Mixing Championships, USA DJ Championship, and American Mixing Championship Finals.
Collection ID: SC 10

Donald Porter Collection of The Spaniels Photographs, circa 1956-1980s

Photographs of Pookie Hudson and the Spaniels, including the Original Spaniels (whose members were from Gary, Indiana), the post-1956 Spaniels, and various later groups performing under the name Spaniels.
Collection ID: SC 85

Ed Castleberry Collection, 1951-1999

The collection consists of personal papers, photographs, and a video documenting the career Ed Castleberry, a pioneering black radio disc jockey and newscaster.
Collection ID: SC 87

Eddie Gilreath Collection, 1967-2020

Eddie Gilreath was one of the first African American music industry professionals to hold executive level marketing and sales positions with major record labels including Motown, Warner Bros., Elektra Entertainment, Geffen, and MCA/Universal Distribution, promoting major artists across multiple genres. Included are personal papers and correspondence, marketing reports, press clippings, photographs, certified gold and platinum album plaques, clothing, and time-based media in both published and unpublished audio and video formats.
Collection ID: SC 171

George Nelson Collection, approximately 1950-1982

Collection consists of black and white photographs from the 1950s through the early 1980s related to KYOK in Houston. Including are images documenting the activities of KYOK's deejays in the studio and surrounding communities, particularly in connection with listener contests and station-sponsored events such as dances and the "We Love You" concert. Also included are photographs of KYOK publicity materials and publicity photographs of many of the rhythm and blues artists, jazz, and blues artists featured on the station.
Collection ID: SC 89

Gospel News Journal, 1966-1968

The collection includes 11 issues of the periodical Gospel News Journal. The collection does not contain a complete run of the journal, but includes issues from Volumes 2-5, dating from 1966-1968.
Collection ID: SC 59

IU Soul Revue Alumni Interviews, 2014

This collection consists primarily of audio and video files of interviews with alumni of the IU Soul Revue and African American Arts Institute at Indiana University, including students, administrators, and directors of performing ensembles. The majority of the interviews were conducted with individuals who were members of the IU Soul Revue during its first ten years, under the direction of Dr. Portia K. Maultsby.
Collection ID: SC 50

Jack Gibson Collection, 1942-2000

Jack "The Rapper" Gibson was a pioneer in Black radio, as well as an innovator, a leader, and a mentor to many in the radio and music industries. His work as a Black radio deejay spanned the early days of Black radio in the 1940s through the Civil Rights Movement, and included stints at WERD-Atlanta, WLOU-Louisville, WMBM-Miami, WCIN-Cincinnati, and WABQ-Cleveland. After retiring from radio in 1961, he became a successful music industry executive working for Motown, Decca, and Stax Records. In 1976, he launched the industry magazine Jack the Rapper, the oldest Black trade publication targeted to radio, and for the next twenty years organized the annual "Jack the Rapper's Family Affair," a Black music convention drawing generations of performers and music industry executives. His professionalism, continuous fight for racial equality and justice, and endearing human qualities made him a legend in the industry. This collection documents his long career in radio and music through personal correspondence, clippings, memorabilia, photographs, publicity materials, airchecks, interviews, lecture materials, and over 500 issues of his trade magazine "Jack the Rapper's Mello Yello."
Collection ID: SC 14

James Spooner Collection, approximately 2000-2007

Collection consists of casting, production, and promotional materials used by James Spooner in the production of his film White Lies, Black Sheep and materials associated with the film Afro-Punk including interview footage, promotional materials, film festival awards, and periodicals in which the film and/or Spooner was highlighted.
Collection ID: SC 154

Jocko Henderson Collection, 1971-2003

Doug "Jocko" Henderson was a pioneering "rapping" deejay primarily associated with Philadelphia radio station WDAS in the 1970s. Collection primarily documents Henderson's Get Ready company, which published materials to be used in schools to teach American history, spelling, and the dangers of drug abuse using rap lyrics. Also included is material documenting Henderson's bid for a seat in the United States House of Representatives in Pennsylvania. Materials include audiocassettes, teaching manuals, correspondence, photographs, business cards, press clippings, flyers, and other memorabilia.
Collection ID: SC 136

Jodie Hearon Photograph Collection, 1953-1972

Thirty-nine photographs depicting rural life in Mississippi circa 1953-1964.
Collection ID: SC 26

John A. Jackson Collection, 1963-2005

The collection includes 47 audiocassettes and partial transcripts of interviews conducted by Jackson primarily for his book, A House On Fire: The Rise and Fall of Philadelphia Soul, as well as related articles and book drafts.
Collection ID: SC 141

Johnny Otis and Bill Griffiths Video Collection, circa 1975-1977

Original video masters for thirteen Johnny Otis Show television programs, taped in a Los Angeles studio by Griffiths circa 1975 and featuring such guest artists as Delmar "Mighty Mouth" Evans, Marie Adams & the Three Tons of Joy, Joe Turner, Shuggie Otis, Pee Wee Crayton, and Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson. Also included are five hours of unedited footage from Johnny Otis's Oldies But Goodies musical revue, a live show in L.A. that featured popular artists of the rock & roll era lip-synching to their hit recordings. Taped by Griffith from 1975-1977, over 100 songs are performed by artists such as Emma James, Richard Berry, the Penguins, the Coasters, Shirley & Lee, Ted Taylor, Bobby Day, and the Medallions.
Collection ID: SC 100

Johnny Otis Collection, 1949-2012

Approximately 800 radio aircheck tapes of radio programs of black popular music (live and prerecorded), hosted by Johnny Otis, and featuring live interviews with blues and rhythm & blues artists from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Artists interviewed include Little Esther Phillips, Al Frazier, Mary Wells, Zola Taylor, the Coasters, Horace Silver, the Robins, Etta James, Big Jay McNeely, Bobby Day, Bumps Blackwell, Pee Wee Crayton, Jimmy McCracklin, and Joe Liggins. Also included are photographs, memorabilia, books, and compact discs.
Collection ID: SC 106

Karen Shearer Collection, 1935-1996, bulk 1974-1992

Collection consists primarily of interview transcripts, program transcripts, and artist publicity materials used in the production of the Westwood One Radio programs Special Edition, That's Country Music, Rock Chronicles, My Top Ten, and History of Rock 'n Roll. It also contains materials from various specials including programs on Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones.
Collection ID: SC 129

Katherine Lewis Collection, approximately 1949-1999

Collection consists of materials related to Lewis's work at the WERD radio station in the 1950s and '60s. Founded by Jesse B. Blayton, Sr. in October 1949 in Atlanta, Georgia, WERD was the first black owned and operated radio station in the United States. The collection materials comprise 7 black and white and 7 color photographs documenting WERD's early history. Content includes the exterior of the WERD studio building, publications related to WERD such as photographs of an issue of The Printed WERD, and a portrait of J.B. Blayton Sr.
Collection ID: SC 86

Lee Bailey Collection, 1990-1998

The collection consists primarily of audio tapes of two radio programs produced by Bailey Broadcasting Services: The Hip Hop Countdown & Report (1991-1998) and RadioScope: The Entertainment Magazine of the Air (1990-1996). Press releases for RadioScope broadcasts are also included.
Collection ID: SC 38

Logan H. Westbrooks Collection, 1936-2016

The collection of music industry professional Logan H. Westbrooks contains professional and personal papers, photographs, sound recordings, video recordings, digital files, posters, books, memorabilia, artifacts and other material documenting his life and work from the 1930s through the 2010s. Professional papers pertain to his employment at Capitol Records, Mercury Records, CBS Records, CBS International, Soul Train Records, Source Records, and his management firm Ascent Music Inc. Personal papers pertain to his upbringing in Memphis, TN, the Church of God in Christ, lectures at California State University and Indiana University, philanthropic activities, and civic service. Topics include African American music industry executives; record labels; recording industry in United States, Africa, and Jamaica; African American musicians; black churches; rhythm and blues, soul, jazz, and funk music; radio and African American disc jockeys.
Collection ID: SC 156

Luvenia A. George Collection, 1905-2003, bulk 1935-1998

The collection consists of materials related to Smithsonian Institution programs, including the Duke Ellington Youth Project, in addition to gospel sheet music and related research materials from George's personal collection.
Collection ID: SC 115

Marietta Simpson Collection, 1967-2019

The collection consists primarily of programs, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, awards, correspondence, memorabilia, posters, clothing, audio recordings and video related to Marietta Simpson's career.
Collection ID: SC 168

Mellonee V. Burnim Collection, 1861-1996, bulk 1976-1996

The collection includes Burnim's dissertation research on African American religious music conducted primarily in Indiana between 1976-1979 with an emphasis on gospel music performance and practice; and post-dissertation research on African and African American religious music conducted between 1980-1996 in the U.S., Cuba, Liberia, and Malawi. Also included is documentation of the 1984 Smithsonian American Folklife Festival and gospel sheet music. The collection was primarily recorded on analog audio formats and includes audiocassettes, open reel tapes, videocassettes, open reel video, slides, sheet music, song texts, and additional documentation.
Collection ID: SC 7

Michael Graham Photograph Collection, circa 1940s-1980s

A collection of 26 photos copied from the personal collection of Michael Graham for use by Portia K. Maultsby and the Smithsonian Institution for the 1986 symposium and accompanying booklet and exhibition, Rhythm and Blues, 1945-1955.
Collection ID: SC 40

Michael Jackson Commemorative Publications, 2009

A collection of Michael Jackson commemorative publications assembled by staff.
Collection ID: SC 149

Michael Lydon Collection, 1970-2002, bulk 1995-1997

Collection includes audiocassette recordings of interviews about Ray Charles for Lydon's book Ray Charles : Man and Music (2004), a radio series about Ray Charles based on Lydon's book, complete or partial transcripts for many of the interviews organized loosely into book chapters, interviews with and about other African American musicians, class lectures given by Lydon at Indiana University and related publicity materials, and original music performed by Lydon.
Collection ID: SC 31

Michael McAlpin Collection, 1993-1997

The Michael McAlpin Collection consists primarily of print materials used in the production of the PBS television documentary Record Row: the Cradle of Rhythm and Blues. Included are production materials and interview transcripts created during Dr. Portia Maultsby's collaboration on the project as AAAMC director as well as VHS tapes of the rough cut, final broadcast version, and local coverage of the documentary.
Collection ID: SC 49

Mickey Tucker Collection, 1948-2021

Papers, photographs, music manuscripts of original jazz and classical compositions, sound recordings and videos documenting the career of jazz pianist Mickey Tucker.
Collection ID: SC 174

Murray Forman Collection of Hip Hop Magazines, 1978-2007

Magazines and articles collected by Murray Forman during research for his book, The 'Hood Comes First: Race, Space, and Place in Rap and Hip-Hop (Wesleyan University, 2002).
Collection ID: SC 139

Nelson George Collection, 1946-2005, bulk 1960-1984

The collection consists primarily of materials collected during research for Nelson George's book Where Did Our Love Go?: The Rise and Fall of the Motown Sound (St. Martin's Press, 1985). This includes interviews (audiocassettes and transcripts), photographs, newspaper clippings, magazines, photocopies of legal documents, manuscripts, and correspondence.
Collection ID: SC 133

Patrice Rushen Lectures at Indiana University, 1993-1997, undated

This collection includes press clippings, publicity materials, photographs, programs, CDs, and audio and video documenting Patrice Rushen's lectures and performance at Indiana University in April 1997.
Collection ID: SC 68

PBS Artist Publicity Photographs, 1972-1989

A collection of 100 publicity photographs of Black artists featured in PBS television programs from approximately 1972-1989.
Collection ID: SC 94

Phyl Garland Collection, approximately 1945-2006, bulk 1972-1992

The Phyl Garland Collection consists primarily of personal papers, including original typescripts for Garland's columns in Ebony and Stereo Review, and related research and photographs. Also included are 41 original audiocassette recordings of interviews conducted by Garland (except as noted) primarily with various African American musicians, artists, and filmmakers. Topics include African American composers and musicians as well as various genres of music including, but not limited to, jazz, R&B, soul, rock, classical, and blues. Record company publicity materials include publicity photos and press releases for over 900 artists.
Collection ID: SC 111

Portia K. Maultsby Collection, 1981-1986

Series G, "Music Industry Interviews," consists of transcripts and audiocassettes of interviews primarily conducted by Portia K. Maultsby between 1981-1986 as part of her research on the Black music industry. The remainder of the series in this collection are still in the process of being accessioned and are unavailable for general research and public use.
Collection ID: SC 18G

Prince Commemorative Publications, 1991-2018

A collection of Prince commemorative publications assembled by the AAAMC following the artist's death on April 21, 2016.
Collection ID: SC 163

Reclaiming the Right to Rock : Black Experiences in Rock Music Collection, 2008-2010

This collection consists of documentation and one-on-one interviews from the AAAMC's two-day conference on Black rock hosted on the Indiana University-Bloomington campus on November 13-14, 2009. The conference and related activities were open to local and regional musicians, scholars, students, and brought together Black rock musicians from different generations and regions with music critics and scholars to discuss the socio-political history, musical developments, and the future of Black rock.
Collection ID: SC 151

Rick Roberts Collection, approximately 1957-1979

Collection consists primarily of materials related to Roberts's work at KYOK-AM in the 1960s and '70s including images of KYOK sponsored events such as the "We Love You" concert and associated publicity materials, a beauty pageant, radio contests, and on-site broadcasts throughout Houston. Also included are photographs of KYOK radio personalities and staff as well as candid and publicity photographs of visiting R&B artists.
Collection ID: SC 88

Rita Organ Collection of African American musician photographs, 1948-1987

Publicity photographs, including movie and television stills, of African American musicians representing classical, jazz, gospel, soul and rhythm and blues genres.
Collection ID: SC 8

Robert Marovich Collection, 2007-2013

Bob Marovich is a gospel music historian, author, and radio host. This collection consists of one series made up of recordings and transcripts of interviews that Marovich conducted with a variety of gospel music pioneers while writing A City Called Heaven: Chicago and the Birth of Gospel Music. The interviews discuss the musicians' lives and careers, as well as spirituality and the gospel genre as a whole.
Collection ID: SC 82

Ronald C. Lewis Collection, 1986-2020

The Ronald Lewis collection contains press releases, article clippings, concert flyers, posters, advertisements, sound recordings and video documenting Lewis' career as a musician, record label owner, and producer in Louisville, KY.
Collection ID: SC 126

Roni Sarig Collection, 1984-2007, bulk 2000-2007

Interviews with key figures in southern hip hop music and related secondary source materials including articles, press clippings, press releases and photographs.
Collection ID: SC 148

Rowena Stewart IU Lectures, 2001

Press materials, itinerary, promotional materials, and media recordings from Rowena Stewart's 2001 lecture at Indiana University, "Music: An Interpretative Voice in the Extraordinary World of Museums."
Collection ID: SC 23

Skipper Lee Frazier Collection, approximately 1970s-1980s

Photographs documenting the career of Houston deejay Skipper Lee Frazier, copied from his personal collection. Additional photo descriptions with biographical information transcribed from an interview with Frazier are available in accession folder. The collection consists of 12 b&w photographs with negatives primarily documenting Skipper Lee Frazier's activities in connection with KCOH in Houston during the 1970s and '80s.
Collection ID: SC 95

Something in the Water : The Sweet Flavor of Dayton Funk, 1980-2004, bulk 1997-1998

This collection consists primarily of interviews conducted by AAAMC assistant director Stephanie Shonekan and director Portia K. Maultsby for the exhibit, Something in the Water : The Sweet Flavor of Dayton Funk, hosted by the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center in Wilberforce, Ohio. The exhibit was organized by NAAMCC curator Michael Sampson and Portia K. Maultsby with consultation by Ricky Vincent and was on display from October 3, 1998 through February through February 1999.
Collection ID: SC 65

Soul and Funk: The Naptown Sound, 2003-2005

The collection consists primarily of interviews conducted by AAAMC Project Manager Jason Housley for the 2005-2006 Indiana Historical Society Exhibit, "Soul and Funk: The Naptown Sound," as well as related production materials and photographs.
Collection ID: SC 113

Stan Lewis Collection of 45 rpm Records, 1965-1985

Selection of 45rpm singles issued in the 1960s-1980s on record labels owned by Stan Lewis in Shreveport, Louisiana. Includes rhythm and blues, blues, and gospel music on Jewel Records and Stan's Record Division subsidiary labels Ronn Records, Paula Records, Susie Q Records, and Head.
Collection ID: SC 48

Teresa Hairston Collection, 1950-2013, bulk 1980-2013

This collection documents Dr. Teresa Hairston's work in the gospel music industry from the late 1980s into the early twenty-first century and consists of materials related to the publication of her gospel music magazines Score, Gospel Today, and Gospel Industry Today as well as events and television programs produced by Dr. Hairston. Included are publicity materials, photographs, press kits, magazines, correspondence, business records, and time-based media in both published and unpublished audio and video formats.
Collection ID: SC 162

The Afro-American in Indiana radio series, 1971-1983

Audio recordings of taped radio show episodes, primarily from the series The Afro-American in Indiana, but also including the additional programs Reflections in Black and Black Heritage, as well as a radio special and recordings from a NAACP convention. The radio shows, hosted by Fr. Boniface Hardin, featured multiple high-profile guests. The episode topics includes sports, music, education, historiography, slavery, the American Civil War, Reconstruction, segregation, the Indiana Constitution, the United States Constitution, church, religion, the NAACP, WWI, WWII, medicine, black businesses, the Institute of Afro American Studies, prison, labor history, and more.
Collection ID: SC 165

The Black Composer Speaks Collection, 1958-1987, bulk 1970-1977

This collection includes interviews and research materails used for the production of the book The Black Composer Speaks (1978), a project initiated by the Afro-American Arts Institute at Indiana University, and co-edited by Lida M. Belt, David N. Baker and Herman C. Hudson. The majority of the interviews were conducted by Lida Belt (Baker).
Collection ID: SC 35

Tom Draper Collection, 1970-1998

Draper's collection documents the career of an African American music executive and covers his tenures at RCA Records and Warner Bros. Records.
Collection ID: SC 160

Tony Douglas Collection of Jackie Wilson Photographs, circa 1950s-1960s

A small collection of photographs from the 1950s-1960s. The bulk of the photographs feature Jackie Wilson. Also included is early Motown recording artist Gino Parks.
Collection ID: SC 22

Travis Gardner Collection, approximately 1960s-1970s

Black radio photograph collection documenting events and personnel, including photos with rhythm and blues musicians, at Houston station KCOH in the 1960s and 1970s. Photographs were copied from the personal collection of Gardner. Accompanied by a transcription of an interview with Gardner which includes descriptions of each photograph.
Collection ID: SC 96

Undine Smith Moore Collection, 1951-1981

This collection consists of published and manuscript scores of Moore's music, as well as photographs of Moore and videos containing performances and interviews.
Collection ID: SC 102

Vy Higginsen Collection, 1982-2012

The collection consists primarily of materials related to the gospel musicals Mama, I Want to Sing; Mama, I Want to Sing II; and Born to Sing! Mama 3. It includes scripts, programs, promotional materials, posters, photographs, videos, and sound recordings. Records of the Mama Foundation include programs, press clippings, publicity, and posters.
Collection ID: SC 28

Wade in the Water: African American Sacred Music Traditions, 1994

The collection consists primarily of audiocassette copies of the 26-part radio series Wade in the Water, produced by NPR in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, and concieved and hosted by Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon.
Collection ID: SC 75

What Must Be Done radio series, 1968

These materials comprise a thirteen-part radio series of public service broadcasts produced by Sam Chase for WLIB radio in New York in cooperation with Newsweek Magazine.
Collection ID: SC 157

William Banfield Collection, 1983-2007

This collection consists of manuscript scores of Banfield's music, promotional and ephemeral material relating to Banfield, and recordings and transcripts of interviews that Banfield conducted with a variety of African-American composers as well as recordings of Banfield's radio show, Landscapes in Color.
Collection ID: SC 99

Winona Fletcher Collection, 1939-1987, bulk 1982-1987

This collection documents the activities of Dr. Winona Fletcher as Producing Director of the Indiana University Afro-American Arts Institute's 1986 revival of the Federal Theatre Project's 1939 production Prelude to Swing, entitled Prelude to Swing +50.
Collection ID: SC 2