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The Indiana University Archives is the largest and most comprehensive source of information on the history and culture of IU. This site includes finding aids for the records of university and campus organizations as well as the personal papers of IU faculty, staff, and alumni.

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Agnes Davis papers, 1927-1967, bulk 1940-1946

Agnes Davis was a soprano and professor of voice in the Indiana University School of Music. Her career highlights include winning the Atwater Kent singing competition in 1927 and touring with the USO from 1943-1945. Collection includes both business and personal correspondence, newspaper clippings documenting her career, and several programs from her performances.
Collection ID: C93

Alan Stanley Horowitz papers, 1938-1992, bulk 1960-1975

Alan Stanley Horowitz was curator of paleontology and part time professor of geology at Indiana University from 1966-1996. His collection consists of materials relating to his research interests and position at IU, including research relating to his work in the geological and paleontological fields and publications and records relating to professional organizations with which he was involved.
Collection ID: C351

Alfred Diamant papers, 1950-2010, bulk 1960-1996

Alfred Diamant was a professor of Political Science at Indiana University from 1967 to 1988 and served as the Chair of Political Science and West European Studies. He taught all levels of political science from introductory to doctoral courses with a special interest in comparative government. This collection consists of Diamant's academic papers including class material, student correspondence, and personal publications.
Collection ID: C565

Allen D. Grimshaw papers, 1917-2008, bulk 1960-1995

Allen Day Grimshaw was a Professor of Sociology at IU from 1959-1994. The collection consists primarily of his research, published works, and teaching files as they relate to IU.
Collection ID: C480

Alma Eikerman papers, 1915-1995, bulk 1947-1990

Alma Eikerman (1908-1995) was a metalsmith and professor at Indiana University (1947-1978), where she developed the Department of Fine Arts metals program. This collection spans most of her lifetime, providing documentation of her artwork, teaching career, travels, family, friends, and students.
Collection ID: C621

Alpha Kappa Delta Indiana Alpha minutes, 1942-1961

Alpha Kappa Delta is the International Sociology Honor Society founded in 1920. The organization seeks "to investigate humanity for the purpose of service" as well as promote scholarship and excellence to the study and research of sociology. The AKD Alpha of Indiana chapter at was formed at Indiana University in 1936. This collection contains one minute book recording organization membership and activities from 1942-1961.
Collection ID: C562

Alpha Lambda Delta, Indiana University Chapter records, 1924-2009, bulk 1931-1959

The Alpha Lambda Delta fraternity was founded in 1924 at the University of Illinois as an honor society for freshmen women. The chapter at Indiana University was established in 1931. This collection consists of membership information, rules, awards, and the history of the organization.
Collection ID: C639

Alpha Phi Omega Mu Chapter records, 1927-2008, bulk 1988-2000

Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity founded on leadership, friendship, and service. The Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was established at Indiana University on December 15, 1929. The collection consists of correspondence, minutes, pledge records, newsletters, awards, videotapes, photographs, and scrapbooks.
Collection ID: C355

American Association of University Professors, Indiana University chapter records, 1929-2010, bulk 1983-2003

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) is a nationwide organization established in 1915, and is open to membership by faculty, librarians, and academic professionals at accredited public and private colleges and universities. Its mission is to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define professional values and standards within higher education, and to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good. There is evidence that the Indiana University Bloomington Chapter of the American Association of University Professors was active on campus as early as 1916 and remains active to the present. The collection consists of group publications, minutes, notes, correspondence, and other related materials.
Collection ID: C394

American Association of University Women, Bloomington Branch records, 1907-1997, bulk 1940-1989

The American Association of University Women, Bloomington Branch was established on 12 February 1913 as the Association of Collegiate Alumnae with 60 charter members. They later became the AAUW in 1921. The goal of the group was to improve the status of women in higher education and to debunk myths concerning women academics. This collection is comprised of correspondence, financial records, governance files, meeting notes, reports, and scrapbooks. The collection also contains numerous subject files including those relating specifically to the Bloomington branch, and those relating to the Indiana and national divisions of the organization. These files contain materials on the history of the organization, various programs, committees, membership, conventions, and publications relating to the organization.
Collection ID: C209

American Forum for Global Education records, 1963-2005, bulk 1975-1982

The American Forum for Global Education (1986-2008) was a nonprofit organization created through the merger of Global Perspectives in Education, Inc. (1976-1986), which was a former branch of the Center for War/Peace Studies of the New York Friends Group, and the National Council on Foreign Language and International Studies. The American Forum for Global Education provided professional development, curriculum materials, lesson plans, and resources to educators for teaching students about global/international history, culture and sociopolitical issues. This collection is predominantly comprised of publications of the American Forum for Global Education and its predecessor organizations.
Collection ID: C350

American Veterans Committee Bloomington, Ind. Chapter scrapbook, 1946-1949

The American Veteran's Committee was a liberal organization for World War II veterans. It was formed in 1943 and disbanded in 2008. This collection is comprised solely of one scrapbook compiled by members of the Bloomington, Indiana chapter. The scrapbook features correspondence and newspaper clippings about chapter events and news from the years 1946-1949.
Collection ID: C570

Andrew Wylie papers, 1808-1858, bulk 1828-1851

Andrew Wylie assumed the position as the first president of Indiana College in 1829, and he died on 11 November 1851 of pneumonia which he developed after accidentally cutting his leg while chopping wood. This collection consists of Andrew Wylie's personal papers, and includes records documenting Wylie's tenure at Jefferson and Washington Colleges; correspondence with family and professional colleagues; Wylie's sermons, lectures, and writings; bills, contracts, and receipts relating primarily to building and maintaining the family residence; and biographical information on Wylie.
Collection ID: C1

Anna Borovkoff's teaching manuals, 1955-1965, bulk 1961-1965

Anna Borovkoff was a Resident Lecturer in Russian for the Indiana University Department of Slavic Languages and Literature from 1960-1974. The collection consists of Borovkoff's teaching manuals for the Russian language.
Collection ID: C380

Annie L. Butler papers, 1960-1979, bulk 1968-1978

Annie L. Butler taught in the Indiana University School of Education from 1960-1979. Her area of expertise was early childhood education. This collection primarily contains Butler's professional correspondence and publications, including manuscripts of Play as development and Early childhood programs, which she co-authored.
Collection ID: C313

A. Peter Brown papers, 1944-2003, bulk 1973-2000

A. Peter Brown served as a member of the musicology faculty at the Indiana University School of Music from 1974 until his death in 2003. Brown's name is most closely associated with that of the composer Josef Haydn, on whom Brown wrote and co-authored no less than four books, as well as the critical score for Haydn's Die Schöpfung. Representing the whole of his scholarly career, this collection includes materials from Brown's time as a doctoral student, and as a scholar and teacher, comprised of correspondence, teaching files, grants materials, and research and writing files. Brown's research files make up the bulk of the collection.
Collection ID: C336

Arthur M. Weimer papers, 1909-1987, bulk 1963-1985

Arthur M. Weimer served in various capacities at Indiana University, beginning with his initial hiring as professor in the School of Business in 1937. He ascended quickly, serving as Dean of the Indiana University School of Business from 1939-1963, a seminal period in the school's fundamental development into a national leader and academic model for business education. Weimer was active in numerous professional business organizations and assumed a number of federal consultant positions with the U.S. Government. The collection consists of materials related to Weimer's academic and professional life, including correspondence, Indiana University course materials, writings, various awards and items of recognition, as well as items related to his involvement in professional organizations and federal committees.
Collection ID: C392

Arthur Reed Hogue papers, 1926-1984, bulk 1950-1970

Arthur Reed Hogue was an Indiana University professor of history, 1950-1974. His papers consists of correspondence, research materials, publications, committee files, speeches, and course materials. Prominent in the collection are Hogue's files related to a book he edited entitled Charles Sumner, an Essay by Carl Schurz as well as Hogue's Origins of the Common Law.
Collection ID: C257

Arthur R. Metz papers, 1853-2018

Arthur R. Metz was a student at Indiana University from 1904-1909 and one of the first recipients of the IU Distinguished Alumni Service Award. He was a doctor who served in multiple capacities including for hospitals, railroads, the military, corporations, and universities and also was a member of many medical organizations. The collection consists of Metz's family records, school materials, personal and professional correspondence, personal photographs, military and travel materials and photographs, magazine and newspaper clippings, medical and organizational publications, and professional certificates. There are also papers and photographs documenting the Metz Foundation and Metz Suite.
Collection ID: C718

Avis Tarrant Burke papers, 1858-1984, bulk 1916-1980

Avis Tarrant Burke was the wife of Indiana University fine arts professor Robert E. Burke. Avis was active with the IU Extension Division and wrote several articles for its bulletin. Together she and Robert traveled extensively, which served as the subject of articles she wrote for the Bloomington newspaper from 1932-1953. After her husband's death, Avis developed a reputation for her philanthropic work, including her donation of nineteenth-century clothing and eighteenth and nineteenth-century fans to Indiana University, which now comprises a core part of the Elizabeth Sage Costume Collection at IU. The collection consists of correspondence, files on groups and organizations with which Burke was involved, essays, articles, general and travel diaries, as well as a small amount of records from the Tarrant family, including 19th century love letters written to Avis's mother, Avis Booth Tarrant.
Collection ID: C96

Barbara and Charles Jelavich papers, 1870-2006, bulk 1962-1991

Both graduates of the University of California, Berkeley, Barbara and Charles Jelavich were hired at Indiana University in 1962 as specialists in Eastern European History by then Chair of the History Department Robert Byrnes. The majority of the collection reflects the work of Barbara while a small portion of the work of Charles is included with publications.
Collection ID: C584

Barbara Shalucha papers, 1935-1992

Barbara Shalucha founded the Hilltop Garden and Nature Center in Bloomington, Ind. in 1948 and served as its director until 1986. Shalucha first came to Indiana University as an instructor in the Botany Department. She was hired for her special perspective on applied botany which incorporated youth involvement. The Barbara Shalucha papers comprise 7 cubic feet and span 1935-1992. The collection includes correspondence, speeches, publications, subject files, and teaching materials.
Collection ID: C76

Bartholomew H. Burrell letter to Mortimore Crabb, 5 February 1864

This small collection holds a single letter from Indiana University student Bartholomew H. Burrell to Mortimore Crabb, who resided in Burrell's hometown of Brownstown, Ind. The letter, dated 5 February 1864, details difficulties the campus literary societies were having with university administration.
Collection ID: C486

Bernard M. Fry papers, 1930-1993, bulk 1958-1984

Bernard M. Fry was a librarian and Dean of Indiana University's Graduate Library School from 1967 to 1980. Before his time at IU, Fry served in various librarian and bibliographer positions at Mary Washington College, the Library of Congress, US Army Corps of Engineers, the Atomic Energy Commission, the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Commerce. His papers include his research, writings, materials related to his association with Pergamon Press, and correspondence related to his professional activities before his tenure at IU.
Collection ID: C166

Bert J. Vos papers, 1870-1930, bulk 1920-1930

Bert J. Vos was a professor of German at Indiana University from 1908-1937, and Professor Emeritus of German from 1937-1945. Collection primarily consists of research notes relating to Vos' publications.
Collection ID: C364

Beta Phi Mu Chi Chapter records, 1973-2010, bulk 1995-2002

The Chi Chapter of Beta Phi Mu, the international honor society for library and information studies, was established at Indiana University in 1971. Collection consists of administrative files that were created by various officers of the Chi Chapter from the first years of the group's existence through 2010.
Collection ID: C325

Betty Jo Irvine papers, 1963-2013, bulk 1970-1998

This collection consists of the personal research, publications, correspondence, and teaching materials of Betty Jo (B.J.) Irvine, the Director of the Indiana University Fine Arts Library from 1969 to 2007. It also contains work related to her activities with professional organizations such as Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA).
Collection ID: C648

Betty van der Smissen papers, 1954-2008

Betty van der Smissen was an alumna of the University of Kansas and Indiana University and an educator, writer, and consultant in the field of outdoor recreation and risk management. Contents of this collection date from 1954 through 2008 and consist mainly of teaching material such as course syllabi, correspondence, readings, and exams; research and drafts of publications; handbooks and self-assesment material for park and recreation agency accreditations; and material related to van der Smissen's participation in professional organizations and conferences.
Collection ID: C707

Beyond the Pale Productions records, 1997-2003

The not-for-profit group Beyond the Pale Productions was founded in 1998 to promote avant-garde and improvisational jazz in the Bloomington, Indiana area. This collection includes includes press releases, newspaper clippings and flyers announcing upcoming concerts as well as background information on individual artists.
Collection ID: C283

Bloomington and Monroe County historical collection, 1818-2006, bulk 1897-1914

Collection contains various scrapbooks, publications, yearbooks, reports, and a small amount of correspondence relating to Bloomington, Indiana, and Monroe County.
Collection ID: C219

Bloomington Faculty Council records, 1969-2019

The origins of the Bloomington Faculty Council can be traced back to a University reorganization begun by university president Elvis J. Stahr. In 1969 the Bloomington Faculy began their own council for policy and academic decisions, as the University Faculty Council became a legislative body for all faculty in the Indiana University system. This collection consists of the agendas, minutes, circulars and supporting documents of the Bloomington Faculty Council, the governing body of the university faculty on the Indiana University -Bloomington campus. The collection is organized into six series: Agendas, Minutes, Circulars, Supporting documents, Committee Files, and Subject Files.
Collection ID: C179

Bonnie Louise Williams scrapbooks and papers

Bonnie Louise Williams attended Indiana University from 1966 to 1970, graduating with a B.A. in Geography. This collection includes scrapbooks and papers pertaining to the academic and social activities of Williams.
Collection ID: C727

Borns Jewish Studies Program records, 1972-2010

The Robert. A. and Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program was established on the Bloomington campus in 1972 with the aid of a Lilly Endowment. It is now one of the largest and oldest programs supporting the interdisciplinary study of the Jewish people and civilization. The collection consists of the program's administrative and subject files documenting the creation and growth of the program and includes correspondence, reports, newsletters, videos, and photographic material.
Collection ID: C407

Bradford family papers, 1831-1941, bulk 1880-1935

Joseph Bradford began acquiring land in Martinsville, Indiana, in the mid-1800s. The Bradford Sand Mining Company was founded by Joseph's son, Perry Bradford, in 1877 in Morgan County, Indiana. The family business was passed on to Albert and John Bradford in the early 1900s. It remained in the family until 1938 when John Bradford deeded 900 acres of the Bradford property to Indiana University. This property is currently known as the Bradford Woods. The Bradford family papers span 1831-1941 and consist of various financial and business records related to their property, as well as documentation of family history and family correspondence. The correspondence primarily dates from 1898 and consists largely of letters written to the Bradfords by Eliza (Bradford) and husband Dr. Grant Monical from Camp George in Georgia and later Cuba where Grant was a Captain in the Spanish-American War.
Collection ID: C331

Burton Dorr Myers papers, 1906-1956, bulk 1942-1947

Burton Dorr Myers came to Indiana University in 1903 as professor and head of the Department of Anatomy, and served as the School of Medicine Secretary from 1903-1920, Assistant Dean from 1920-1927, and Dean from 1927-1940. After retiring in 1940, he wrote the three volumes represented in this collection, his History of Indiana University v.2, History of Medical Education in Indiana, and Trustees and Officers of Indiana University 1820-1950. This collection consists of drafts, correspondence, research materials, notes and other publications from the years 1906-1956.
Collection ID: C82

California and Western Conference Cost and Statistical Study records, 1950-1961, bulk 1954-1955

In 1953, the University of California, Indiana University, and several other members of the Big Ten conference met and unanimously endorsed a proposal of the president of the University of California to undertake an inter-institutional statistical survey. The survey focused on three broad areas: Administration and general; Instruction and research; and Physical plant. By 1961, their findings had been published and distributed to the participating institutions. Collection consists of raw data, forms, correspondence, meeting minutes, and final reports, primarily originating from the Indiana University administrators participating in the project.
Collection ID: C99

Camilla Williams papers, 1947-2010, bulk 1978-1996

Camilla Williams was an internationally acclaimed soprano opera vocalist who broke racial bias barriers in society as well as professionally. Miss Williams came to Indiana University in 1977 as a professor of voice at the Jacobs School of Music. The collection contains performance posters, correspondence, clippings about her career and former student's accomplishments, photographs, awards, plaques, and scrapbooks.
Collection ID: C497

Carleton T. Hodge papers, 1964-1983, bulk 1969-1972

Carleton T. Hodge, a professor of linguistics and anthropology, served in various teaching and administrative positions at Indiana University from 1964-1983. Notable are his work in the Intensive Language Training Center, the Research Center for Language Studies, and the African Studies Program. The Carleton T. Hodge papers primarily consists of personal correspondence and a small amount of administrative records from his work with the Research Center for Language Studies and the African Studies Program, including newsletters, reports, and proposals.
Collection ID: C314

Carl H. Eigenmann papers, 1884-1925

Indiana University alumnus, professor and administrator. A well-known ichthyologist, Carl H. Eigenmann earned his BS, MA and PhD at Indiana University. Eigenmann taught in the Dept. of Zoology for over 40 years, served as Dean of the Graduate School when it was first established in 1908 until his death, and was founder and director of the Indiana University Biological Station in northern Indiana. Collection consists of personal papers, correspondence, and writings of Eigenmann in six series.
Collection ID: C63

Carlos O. Miller papers, 1946-2012

Carlos O. Miller was a faculty member within the Department of Biology at Indiana University from 1957 until his retirement in 1987. This collection includes publications, research notes, and correspondence.
Collection ID: C546

Carolyn J. Fink's "Nightingales in the Branches" manuscript, 1955

The collection contains a manuscript of "Nightingales in the Branches", Carolyn J. Fink's memoir about life at Indiana University after World War II.
Collection ID: C626

Catherine Ruby Force's Indiana University scrapbook, 1915-1920

Catherine Ruby Force was an undergraduate student at Indiana University (A.B. Botany, 1919) from 1915-1919, during which time she was a member of Delta Gamma sorority and the Botany Club. This scrapbook documents her time at Indiana University and includes photos of Force's friends and family, as well as booklets, pamphlets, cards, and other memorabilia from sorority events and gatherings.
Collection ID: C659

Cecilia Hennel Hendricks family papers, 1843-1971, bulk 1896-1970

This collection consists of the family papers of Indiana University professor Cecilia Hennel Hendricks spanning the period from 1839 through 1970. Included are papers relating to the academic careers of Cecilia, Associate Professor of English, and her sister Cora, Professor of Mathematics at Indiana University, as well as manuscripts and writings by both women. Also found in the collection are papers and correspondence of family members: father Joseph B. Hennel, mother Anna M. Thuman Hennel, Cecilia's husband John Hendricks, and sister Edith Hennel Ellis.
Collection ID: C413

Cecil K. Byrd papers, 1954-1996, bulk 1977-1990

Cecil K. Byrd was a long-time faculty member of the Indiana Universities Libraries, and in particular the Lilly Library. During the course of his career, he held the titles of Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections, Associate Professor, Assistant Director of Libraries, University Librarian, and finally professor and librarian emeritus. Byrd also served as Dean of Faculties and later director of the American University of Cairo. His personal papers consist largely of materials related to his activities after his retirement from Indiana University. Included in the collection are papers concerning the American University in Cairo, his work as emeritus professor and librarian at the Lilly, and a small amount regarding his published works.
Collection ID: C567

Charles B. Heiser papers, 1936-2007

Charles B. Heiser was a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Botany at Indiana University and considered to be an authority on capsicum, tortora and gourds. The collection consists of his research and correspondence.
Collection ID: C473

Charles C. Deam papers, 1881-1983, bulk 1900-1953

Indiana's first state forester; Deam was a taxonomic botanist known for his work on trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers of Indiana. Collection consists of diaries, correspondence, copies of published books, library records, financial records, notations on specimens, records of sale of Deam's library and herbarium to Indiana University, articles about him, information about his family, and a paper by Deam on the pharmacy business. Includes correspondence from Charles A. Weatherby, curator of Gray Herbarium at Harvard University.
Collection ID: C22

Charles R. Forker papers, 1937-2013, bulk 1959-2013

Charles R. Forker was a professor of English at Indiana University from 1959 to 1992. He was a known Shakespeare scholar and teacher. Collection consists of Forker's correspondence, research, teaching files, and publications.
Collection ID: C578

Charles S. Hyneman papers, 1920-1985

Charles Hyneman was a Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Indiana University. Collection contains biographical materials, copies of articles, manuscripts, research notes, lectures, teaching materials, papers and reports relating to his work for the federal government during World War II, and general correspondence. Includes manuscript copies of American founding experience (published in 1994), Government and politics in the United States (not published), and some chapters of an unfinished book to have been co-authored by Hubert H. Humphrey on the American political system. Correspondents include Hubert H. Humphrey, Sander Vanocur, and Herman B Wells.
Collection ID: C2

Charles W. Hagen, Jr. papers, 1946-1989, bulk 1959-1965

Charles W. Hagen was an Indiana University alumnus, administrator and professor of botany. The collection of his papers is organized into four series including correspondence, reports and subject files. Prominent in the subject files series are Hagen's faculty annual reports spanning 1946-1964. Frequent correspondents in the collection include former students John R. Allan and Ralph E. Alton.
Collection ID: C244

Charlie Nelms papers, 1967-2016, bulk 1988-2013

Charlie Nelms (b. 1946) served in executive leadership roles for the Indiana University system for a total of twenty-four years between 1978 and 2007. This collection spans Nelms' personal life and professional career in university administration at IU and other institutions. The collection includes writings, correspondence, publications and reports, and ephemera.
Collection ID: C701

Charlotte Lowe Bryan papers, 1873-1948

Charlotte A. Lowe, born September 7, 1867, in Indianapolis, Indiana, was the wife of William Lowe Bryan. The collection consists of personal papers, correspondence, and writings of Charlotte Lowe Bryan in four series: American Association of University Women, 1932-1933, consisting of loan fund reports for the Bloomington chapter; Addresses and presentations, 1929-1937, containing copies of speeches given both by and for Bryan; Correspondence, 1873-1937, containing correspondence both to and from Bryan; and Publications, 1933-1937, consisting of typescripts and galley sheets of articles written by Bryan.
Collection ID: C46

Chase C. Mooney papers, 1823-1974, bulk 1936-1974

Chase C. Mooney was a professor of history at Indiana University. After receiving his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in 1939, Chase Curran Mooney began his teaching career at Brenau College in 1939. In 1946 he joined the history faculty at Indiana University, where he remained until his death in 1973. As a distinguished member of the faculty, Mooney participated in numerous history department committees and successfully worked to bring the Journal of American History to IU in 1963. With research interests focusing upon African Americans, the U.S. Civil War, and the history of the American South, he produced numerous book reviews, articles, and two major monographs, Slavery in Tennessee in 1957 and William H. Crawford, 1772-1834 which was released posthumously in 1974. Mooney's papers contain student files, correspondence, research and manuscripts relating to his publications, including Slavery in Tennessee and William H. Crawford, teaching files, files relating to committees at Indiana University, and subject files all relating primarily to his work as a professor and to his research interests.
Collection ID: C333

Claire Robertson papers, 1964-2012

Claire Robertson is an Emeritus Professor of Women's Studies and History at Ohio State University and has been a visiting scholar, lecturer, and adjunct professor at Indiana University, Bloomington at various times since 1978. This collection consists of a portion of Robertson's teaching materials, research, and writings on the history and culture of women in Africa, as well as records related to her career and professional activities at Indiana University.
Collection ID: C633

Clarence Bulliet letters to Katherine Adams, 1902-1904

Clarence Joseph Bulliet (later Bulleit) was born March 16, 1883 and died October 20, 1952. An American author, art critic and poet, this small collection consists entirely of correspondence sent to his fiancee Katherine Adams during his time as a student at Indiana University, 1902-1904.
Collection ID: C552

Clarence M. Flaten papers, circa 1890s-1982, bulk 1935-1974

Clarence Flaten (1910-1974) was Supervisor of Photography at the Indiana University Audio-Visual Center from 1949-1974 and a faculty member in the IU School of Education from 1958-1974. This collection documents Clarence Flaten's family life, professional career at Indiana University, and military service during World War II through photographs, film, correspondence, course materials, publications, military personnel files, and other materials.
Collection ID: C660

Class scraps broadsides, circa 1892-1906 and undated

Class scraps at Indiana University were a series of violent events in which the students of opposing classes competed in physical challenges such as capture the flag or general brawls or fist fights. This collection includes broadsides, often mocking and vulgar, printed in advance of the competitions.
Collection ID: C731

Communications Workers of America Local 4730 records, 1988-2013, bulk 1990-1996

Since 1993, the Communications Workers of America has represented Indiana University's clerical and technical workers. The collection consists of newsletters, brochures, fliers, memos, press releases and newspaper clippings.
Collection ID: C398

Conference on Problems of American Foreign Policy records, 1950-1961, bulk 1950-1956

This series of conferences was held annually at Indiana University from 1950 through 1956. They were organized by a committee under the general direction of the university president's office in cooperation with the U.S. Dept. of State and with funding from the Lilly Endowment. Collection consists of correspondence, financial records, working papers, invitations, programs, and publicity materials.
Collection ID: C241

Cosmopolitan Club records, 1916-1970, bulk 1922-1958

The Indiana University Cosmopolitan Club was founded in 1916 and received its charter from the Corda Fratres Association of Cosmopolitan Clubs in 1918. The Club was dedicated to fostering understanding and fraternity between foreign and American students in order to promote international cooperation and peace. The collection consists of correspondence, programs, financial records, membership lists, and newspaper clippings. Also included are publications, including issues of the Club newsletter, the Cosmo reporter.
Collection ID: C237

Council of Chief State School Officers, Director of International Education's records, 1972-2003, bulk 1994-1998

Established in 1927, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) undertakes projects to help U.S. state education agencies develop and implement educational policies and advocates for educational reforms at the state and national levels. Dr. Fred Czarra was the Director of International Education and Specialist in Social Studies and Interdisciplinary Learning at the Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) from 1986-2006. The collection includes CCSSO committee meeting minutes, grant projects and reports, correspondence, curriculum standards, lesson plans, and publications, as well as a small amount of Czarra's personal papers.
Collection ID: C368

Cravens family papers, 1891-1972, bulk 1920-1922

The John W. Cravens family were Indiana University alumni and employees. John William Cravens arrived in Bloomington in 1885 to attend Indiana University, where he earned his AB in History in 1897 and AM in Journalism in 1920. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Cravens was appointed University Registrar, a position he held until his retirement in 1936, in addition to University Secretary, 1915-1936 and Secretary of the Board of Trustees, 1898-1936. His second wife, Mellie Parker Greene, also attended Indiana University. Upon her arrival in Bloomington in 1906, Mellie secured a job in the University Library but the following year found a position as secretary to President William Lowe Bryan. She remained an administrative employee of Indiana University until 1954. Ruth Ralston Cravens, daughter of John Cravens from his first marriage, graduated from Indiana University in 1920. She served as an administrative assistant to IU President Herman B Wells from 1942-1956. This collection consists of the papers of the John W. Cravens family, including John's speeches, research and draft articles on the history of Indiana University, the IU trustees, and his Educational publicity article. Ruth's papers consist entirely of correspondence, but the material from Mellie includes speeches and biographical material.
Collection ID: C50

Creative Writing Annual, 1931-1947

The Creative Writing Annual was an annual compilation of essays, short stories, poems, and illustrations produced by freshman composition students in the Indiana University Department of English. This collection includes volumes created from 1931 to 1947. Professor John Robert Moore began the magazine as a final project for students in his English 105: Advanced Composition for Freshmen course in 1931.
Collection ID: C668

Daniel J. Crowley research files, 1924-1980

Daniel J. Crowley was a folklorist with research and ethnographic interests in African and African diaspora communities. This collection consists of collected folktales Crowley had planned to use to create a tale-type index.
Collection ID: C596

Daniel Kirkwood papers, 1864-1895

Daniel Kirkwood was an astronomer and professor of mathematics at Indiana University almost continuously from 1856 until 1886. Collection consists of papers of Daniel Kirkwood in two series: Correspondence and Publications. Correspondence, 1864-1895, consists of both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Some noted correspondents are Cyrus Nutt, president of Indiana University 1860-1875, Joseph Swain, IU president, 1893-1902, astronomer Sherburne W. Burnham, and Arthur C. Mellette, governor of the Dakota Territory from 1861-1889. The Publications series, 1864-1891, consists of articles written by Kirkwood. Several of the publications are photocopies of the originals.
Collection ID: C52

Daniel W. Biddle correspondence, September 1893-March 1895

Daniel W. Biddle (1870-1954) was a student at Indiana University from September 1893 through Spring 1895. This collection consists of letters that Daniel W. Biddle wrote to his parents and his friend Janie Bartee during his attendance at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana from 1893-1895. The letters document Biddle's social and academic life at IU through details on his interactions with his roommates, classmates, and professors; his studies and laboratory work; and events on campus and in the Bloomington community, including an 1895 student protest supporting the removal of IU to Indianapolis.
Collection ID: C700

Danilo Orescanin speeches, 1976-1983, bulk 1976-1979

Danilo Orescanin was a long time administrator associated with Indiana University in a variety of administrative roles. This collection contains speech files from his time as Chancellor of IU Northwest between 1976 and 1983.
Collection ID: C225

Danilo Orescanin speeches, 1983-1987

Danilo Orescanin was a long time administrator associated with Indiana University in a variety of administrative roles. This collection contains speech files from his time as Vice President for University Relations between 1983 and 1987.
Collection ID: C226

David A. Rothrock papers, 1885-1910

David Andrew Rothrock was a professor of mathematics at Indiana University from 1892 to 1937 and Director of Admissions from 1937-1938. The collection consists of manuscripts of published materials, teaching materials, notebooks kept while he was a student at the University of Chicago and Leipzig University, and one piece of correspondence The teaching materials include mathematical computations and exercises, writings about theories, notes from specific classes he taught, and student papers from a seminar.
Collection ID: C33

David Bidney papers, 1930-1974

David Bidney was hired at Indiana University as an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology in September of 1950 where he remained until his retirement on 1 July 1974. The David Bidney papers comprise 6.4 cubic feet and span 1930-1974 and includes correspondence, course materials, and information on his professional organizations, writing, and research.
Collection ID: C183

David D. Banta papers, 1857-1895

Judge David D. Banta was an instructor in the School of Law at Indiana University as well as an officer of the Indiana University Board of Trustees. This collection consists of three series and is largely comprised of manuscripts of Banta's history of Indiana University.
Collection ID: C112

David F. Finley papers, 1812-1878, bulk 1825-1873

David F. Finley was a Monroe County, Indiana, businessman and landowner during the nineteenth century. His papers are organized into six series: Property records; Tax records and appraisments; Receipts; Correspondence; County highway and building records; and Subject files. Information about Finley's Indiana and Kansas properties is most prominent in the collection.
Collection ID: C248

David G. Frey papers, 1877-2000, bulk 1937-1992

David G. Frey was a professor of zoology at Indiana University who specialized in limnology (aquatic ecology) and Cladocera (water flea). The collection consists of Frey's personal correspondence, reprints of most of his publications, as well as extensive research files encompassing his years as a limnologist.
Collection ID: C532

David H. Weaver papers, 1969-1996, bulk 1980-1996

David H. Weaver was a professor in the Indiana University School of Journalism from 1974 to 2011. As a professor, he had a primary focus on teaching research methods and political communication to graduate students and in his earlier years, beginning news writing and editing and public opinion to undergraduates. The content of this collection consists of subject files relating to his publications, research, and professional activities and includes correspondence, drafts and publications, press releases, as well as conference and committee files.
Collection ID: C389

David Kaser papers, 1933-2000

David Kaser was a professor in the School of Library and Information Science from 1973 to his retirement in 1991. This collection consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence, including letters to family and professional colleagues; date books listing Kaser's appointments, classes, and meetings; publications including copies of his books, journal articles, and reports, primarily dealing with the history of the development of American libraries, academic library administration, and the design and construction of library buildings; biographical and personal information which includes his resume, a list of his publications, and information on his consulting activities; and teaching records which includes VHS recordings of two courses which Kaser taught.
Collection ID: C161

David Starr Jordan papers, 1874-1929, bulk 1895-1929

David Starr Jordan was born in Gainesville, New York on January 19, 1851 to Hiram J. and Huldah Lake (Hawley) Jordan. He received his BA and MS degrees from Cornell University in 1872. In 1879 Jordan was hired as professor of Natural History at Indiana University, and in 1885 he was elected as the seventh president of IU. Jordan held that position until 1891, when he left IU to become Stanford University's first president. Jordan died in 1931. The David Starr Jordan papers total 1.2 cubic feet and span the years 1874-1929. The Jordan papers are divided into two series: Correspondence and Publications, lectures, and addresses.
Collection ID: C297

Dean of Women's Office records, 1876-1951, bulk 1917-1945

The Dean of Women's Office at Indiana University was created in 1901 and existed until 1946. Duties of the office covered all aspects of coed's lives, from the classroom to a social environment. The collection consists of administrative files created by the Dean of Women's office from 1917-1945.
Collection ID: C165

Della J. Evans papers, 1894-1956

Della J. Evans was an Indiana University alumna who graduated in 1897. She was a writer and sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Julian Allen. Collection consists of sketches, correspondence, journals, essays, plays, short stories, and poetry.
Collection ID: C164

Delmas E. Aldridge wrestling scrapbook, 1929-1979, bulk 1929-1932

Delmas E. Aldridge was a member of the Indiana University wrestling team from 1929-1932. He collected newspaper articles, photographs, and correspondence related to the team and compiled the materials into a scrapbook.
Collection ID: C656

Denis Sinor papers, 1939-2008, bulk 1961-2006

Denis Sinor was a faculty member of Indiana University in the Uralic and Altaic Program (now the Department of Central Eurasian Studies) from 1962 to 2011. Sinor founded the Department of Uralic and Altaic Studies in 1965 and the Asian Studies Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies (now the Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies [RIFIAS]), both of which he served as director for until his retirement from IU in 1986. He was active in many organizations during his tenure at Indiana University, most significantly the Journal of Asian History (JAH), Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and National Defense Education Act (NDEA). This collection consists of Sinor's correspondence with various organizations, IU, and personal contacts.
Collection ID: C434

Director's records, 1959-1973, bulk 1962-1965

The Faculty Seminar on Political and Administrative Development was established by the Dept. of Government (now Political Science), in 1962. Originally funded by a grant from Carnegie Corporation, it became better known as the Carnegie Seminar. Consists of correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, proposals, and annual reports.
Collection ID: C158

D. Joan Neff's Indiana University scrapbooks, 1945-1949

Doris Joan Richards Neff graduated from Indiana University in 1949 with a BA in Physical Education with High Distinction. This collection consists of four scrapbooks she compiled while she was at IU, one for each school year, containing materials related to her social activities during that time.
Collection ID: C597

Dolores C. Whitney papers, 1946-1964, bulk 1946-1948

Dolores C. Whitney graduated from Indiana University with an M.S. in 1950. This small collection consists of two scrapbooks and artwork.
Collection ID: C470

Donald F. Carmony papers, 1949-1984, bulk 1955-1980

Donald F. Carmony was an Indiana historian; member of the Indiana University faculty, 1939-1980; Director of the IU South Bend Extension Center, 1944-1950; Associate Dean of the IU Extension Division, 1950-1959; and editor of the Indiana Magazine of History, 1955-1975. His collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, and other materials relating to History Department of Indiana University; university committees; professional, state, and local organizations, notably the American Association of State and Local History, Bloomington-Monroe County Bicentennial Commission, and New Harmony Plan Commission; and general correspondence with faculty, administrators, and the public, much of which deals with historic preservation issues. Does not include research notes or teaching materials.
Collection ID: C4

Dunn family collection, 1851-1974, bulk 1851-1955

A prominent family in the Bloomington community, Indiana University purchased land from the Dunn family in order to relocate the university to its current site after the devastating fire of 1883 at the Seminary Square location. Family members represented in this collection include George Grundy Dunn Sr., Moses Fell Dunn, and William McKee Dunn. The collection includes correspondence, writings, deeds and other real estate documents, insurance contracts, miscellaneous receipts, cemetery drawings and plot plans for Dunn Cemetery, located on the I.U. Bloomington campus, and family photos.
Collection ID: C97

Earl Brown papers, 1881-1908, bulk 1895-1908

William Earl Brown was a native of Bloomington, Indiana, where he completed his primary and secondary education. He continued his education at IU and earned a Bachelor's degree in History. This collection consists of his school books and class work from the 4th grade to the 12th grade, as well as records of the courses he took as a student at IU and papers he wrote for various classes.
Collection ID: C494

Edgeworthalean Society constitution, by-laws, and minutes, 1841-1844

The Edgeworthalean Society was a ladies' literary society founded in 1841 by twelve women of Monroe County in Bloomington, Indiana, and was named after the English author, Maria Edgeworth. The goal of the society was to cultivate and improve the minds of the women through recitations, composition arguments, reading, writing, diction, analyzing sentences, and so on. Each meeting a question for debate was posed and roles assigned for the next meeting. The society met on a weekly basis in the Monroe County Female Seminary which was founded for women in 1818. The date of the last recorded meeting minutes was June 14, 1844. There is no indication of why the society ended. The collection consists of one minute book containing the society's constitution, by-laws, and meeting minutes.
Collection ID: C496

Edmund Battersby papers, 1968-2013

Edmund Battersby was an internationally renowned concert virtuoso pianist and professor at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. This collection contains materials from his professional career as a touring musician including: posters, programs, sheet music, and correspondence, the bulk of which stems from the 1970s to the 1990s.
Collection ID: C733

Edna Hatfield Edmondson correspondence, 1922

Edna Hatfield Edmondson was a faculty member in the Indiana University Extension Division from 1919 through 1942. This collection consists of letters that Edmondson wrote to Frank R. Elliott, Director of Publicity at IU, while she was on a trip to Japan with the Indiana University baseball team in April-May 1922.
Collection ID: C705

Edward E. Edwards papers, 1915-1942, bulk 1936-1942

Edward Everett Edwards was a researcher and educator in the area of finance and education. As a long-time friend and colleague of Herman B Wells, he became involved in the University first as a student, then as Wells's assistant and as a professor of finance. This collection contains papers that were created or collected chiefly during his time as assistant to Wells, including his research for the University and his work with professional organizations like the Indiana Banker's Association.
Collection ID: C558

Edward Grant papers, 1950-2001

Edward Grant, a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History and History and Philosophy of Science taught at Indiana University for over thirty years. This collection consists of 24.6 cubic of Edward Grant's papers. Consists of correspondence, research, drafts, publications, and course and lecture notes. By far the largest series in the collection is the Teaching series and includes materials from Grant's years teaching as a graduate student at the Univ. of Wisconsin and then later at Indiana. The bulk of the series, though, consists of folders relating to the courses he taught in the IU Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science. The Publications series contains information on many of Grant's publications, including his books Much ado about nothing and Source book in medieval science.
Collection ID: C184

Edward H. Buehrig papers, 1945-1984, bulk 1960-1968

Edward H. Buehrig, University Professor Emeritus of Political Science, taught at Indiana University, Bloomington, for 47 years. During this tenure, Buehrig took several leaves of absences to serve with the United Nations, teach at the American School in Beirut, and author numerous books concerning international politics. The collection is comprised of correspondence with Buehrig's colleagues and students, records pertaining to his published works, documents related to the League of Nations, and his course materials.
Collection ID: C335

Edward W. Najam papers, 1937-2005

Edward Najam arrived at IU in 1954 and remained as a professor of French until his retirement in 1987. Professor Najam took an early lead in advancing foreign language study nationwide in the early sixties and emerged as a leader in developing methods of teaching foreign languages. Najam's papers contain awards and diplomas, biographical information, correspondence, and publications.
Collection ID: C391

Effa Funk Muhse papers, 1895-1915, bulk 1904-1915

Effa Funk Muhse was Indiana University's first woman to earn a Ph.D. at Indiana University, bestowed upon her in 1908 (Zoology). Prominent scientists Carl Eigenmann and Charles Zeleny advised Muhse's doctoral dissertation, "The Cutaneous Glands of the Common Toad," which was published in the American Journal of Anatomy in 1909. After obtaining her Ph.D., Muhse entered the lecture circuit speaking on topics from the Mendelian laws of heredity to rural sanitation to eugenics, before settling in Washington, D.C. Muhse's laboratory notes and drawings are included in this collection, as well as copies of the papers she published and laboratory slides.
Collection ID: C593

Eggshell Press records, 1966-1968

Eggshell Press was the name of the mimeograph machine housed in the spare bedroom of Carol B. Chittenden and her husband from fall 1967 to August 1968. During this time, most of the flyers and memorandum that were passed out during and after demonstrations, rallies, vigils, and marches on Indiana University's Bloomington campus were printed on the Eggshell Press. Collection consists primarily of publications printed by the Press.
Collection ID: C292

Elisha Ballantine sermons and lectures, 1872-1879, undated

Elisha Ballantine was a professor of mathematics, languages, and Greek at Indiana University from 1854 until his death in 1886. Collection consists of nine of Ballantine's religious sermons and lectures, including a eulogy for student Anton F.E. Boisen.
Collection ID: C295

Elmer O. Wooley correspondence and publications, 1935-1952

Elmer Otto Wooley was a professor of German at Indiana University. Collection consists of correspondence and publications. The correspondence consists of two sets of letters compiled and edited by Wooley and presented to Indiana University President Herman B Wells. Two of the publications in the collection are about Theodor Storm, a German poet who greatly interested Wooley.
Collection ID: C281

Emma K. Schmidt Indiana University scrapbook, 1916-1918

Emma K. Schmidt was a student at Indiana University from 1916 to 1918. This collection consists of a scrapbook she made to document her time at IU and includes information on campus buildings, booklets from campus events, local newspaper clippings, school and financial documents, and miscellaneous memorabilia. There is also an IU Red Book, a publication with class and event schedules, faculty and student directories, and information pertaining to different groups or organizations on campus.
Collection ID: C662

Emma Phillips family papers, 1899-1967, bulk 1919-1967

Emma J. Phillips was born in 1900 in Alexandria, Indiana to schoolteachers J. W. Phillips and Arvia Phillips. She graduated with Distinction from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages in 1923. Upon graduation, she returned home to teach French and English at Alexandria High School. In 1934, she completed her Master of Arts in English with her thesis titled The Technique of George Whyte - Melville's Novels. In 1967, she received a Ph.D. in English from Indiana University. Her dissertation was titled Mysticism in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson. She died on April 11, 1991 in Alexandria, Indiana. The collection consists of course notes, assignments, theses, miscellaneous correspondence, clippings, pamphlets published by professional societies, and commencement materials.
Collection ID: C616

Ernest P. Bicknell papers, 1914-1959, bulk 1914-1929

A graduate of Indiana University, Ernest P. Bicknell is best known for his work with the American Red Cross, most notably during the First World War. His humanitarian service earned him great respect and numerous awards from European governments. The collection contains material related to his Red Cross service in Europe, including scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs, and two awards.
Collection ID: C520

E. Ross Bartley papers, 1918-1970, bulk 1925-1930

E. Ross Bartley worked in public relations for Indiana University, U.S. Vice President Charles G. Dawes, and presidential candidate Alf M. Landon. Collection consists of Bartley's writings and speeches, correspondence, files related to organizations with which Bartley was involved, and newspaper clippings. Within the correspondence series, the papers dating from 1925-1928 make up the bulk of the series and primarily pertain to his career as secretary to Vice President Charles G. Dawes but does not include any correspondence with Dawes himself. Bartley's writings and speeches that are included in the collection focus primarily on college public relations.
Collection ID: C311