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Indiana University Kokomo Campus Archives

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Kokomo, Indiana 46902, United States
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The IU Kokomo Campus Archives collects, preserves, and provides access to resources created by or about the Kokomo campus since its establishment in 1945. Highlights include photographs, scrapbooks, campus publications, and select special collections relevant to the history of Kokomo, Indiana.

Our Collections

100th Infantry Battalion (Separate) collection, 1947-2022

The 100th Infantry Battalion (Separate) was a racially segregated U.S. Army unit comprised of Americans of Japanese ancestry (AJA) from Hawaii, except for Caucasian officers. The unit's outstanding training records and demonstrated loyalty lifted the "4-C Unsuitable for Service" classification for other AJA and led to the formation of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, who later joined the 100th overseas. These American soldiers, simultaneously fighting the Axis Powers overseas and racism at home, are survived by their descendants, The Sons & Daughters, who work to share their parents' stories. This collection is made possible by 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans, formerly known as Club 100, and consists of donations made by veterans' Bernard Akamine and Ray Nosaka's children, Drusilla Tanaka and Ann Kabasawa, respectively, as well as by IU Kokomo faculty and students who visited Club 100 on class trips in 2006, 2008, and 2014.
Collection ID: KIBS

Kokomo Extension Division Monograph Collection, 1945-1965

This collection is comprised of books that were part of the Kokomo Extension Division Library collection prior to the establishment of the current Indiana University Kokomo campus on Washington Street in 1965. Indiana University established its first extension division in Kokomo, Indiana, in 1945. First located in a house on West Taylor Street, the division moved to West Sycamore Street in 1946 and expanded to include the Seiberling Mansion, Carriage House, and Elliott House.
Collection ID: KED

Kokomo Oral History Collection, 1993-2020

This collection is comprised of audio recordings and transcripts of oral history interviews conducted for the 50th and 60th anniversaries of the IU Kokomo campus, as well as interviews of Kokomo campus faculty, staff, and alumni conducted as part of the Indiana University Bicentennial Oral History Project.
Collection ID: KOH

Midwest Migrant Farm Worker Collection, 1963-1996, bulk 1963-1977

This collection is comprised of paper records, objects, photographs, and research files donated by Dave Cormier, assistant coordinator of Labor Studies, and other people active in organizing for farm workers. As described by Cormier, "the primary focus is on materials from the first grape and lettuce boycotts, the volunteer boycott support committees which were set up in northern and central Indiana, the activity with migrant workers during that period here in the Midwest, and related information from the UFW from that period."
Collection ID: MMFW

New Media, Art and Technology Board Games, 2010-2020

This collection of commercially-produced and student-created board games is intended for use in New Media, Art and Technology courses.
Collection ID: KBG

Robert Coughlan Papers, 1914-2003, bulk 1940-1978

John Robert Coughlan was a journalist and author, notably publishing articles in LIFE and Fortune magazines prior to ghostwriting Rose Kennedy's memoir, Times to Remember. Coughlan was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by Indiana University in 1988. His papers, gathered and annotated by his wife, Patricia Coughlan, include correspondence, notebooks, manuscripts, photographs, ephemera, and publications.
Collection ID: RCP