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The Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive (IULMIA) is one of the world’s largest educational film and video collections. The archive contains more than 86,000 items spanning nearly 80 years of film and television production, including many rare and last-remaining copies of influential 20th-century films. IULMIA is a member of the distinguished International Federation of Film Archives, the leading association for film preservation.

Our Collections

Agency for Instructional Technology papers, 1972-2012, bulk 1977-1990

The Agency for Instructional Technology (formally 1973-2015) was a non-profit organization based in Bloomington, Indiana that produced and distributed educational television and multimedia programs to schools in the United States and Canada. This collection contains the organization's administrative records, publications, and production files.
Collection ID: VAE1281

Indiana University Audio-Visual Center teacher's guides collection, 1928-2004

The Indiana University Audio-Visual Center (IU-AVC) was a service of the Indiana University Extension Division that produced, collected and distributed educational films and videos to institutions and organizations throughout the United States. The films, videos and all paper documentation that made up this century old film distribution unit of Indiana University was transferred to the IU Libraries in the early 2000's. As part of what is now the core holdings of the IU Libraries Moving Image Archive, in addition to the films and videos that made up the early years of the Archive, the paper teacher's guides that correspond to instructional films and videos spanning the late 1920's into the early 2000's are an important historical record of this history.
Collection ID: VAE3268

Media School video game periodical collection, 1960-2014, bulk 1982-2007

The Media School Video Game Periodical Collection includes more than 4300 catalogs and magazines related to various aspects of games and gaming, with special emphasis on video and computer games, computer programming, and home video formats and equipment. The collection is comprised of two accessions of print materials gifted to IU by Stony Brook University Libraries and The Strong National Museum of Play in 2016 and 2018, respectively. These collections were brought to IU through Media School professor Dr. Raiford Guins, who is a leading expert on video game history and preservation. Notable items include complete runs or strong representation from the following publications: Antic: The Atari Resource, Amiga World, DieHard GameFan, EGM2, Game Developer, GamePro, Next Generation, Nintendo Power, and the Official U.S. Playstation Magazine. Collection is described to the item-level.
Collection ID: VAE4381

Peter Batty collection, 1986-1988

Peter Batty (born 1931) is a writer, director, and producer from the United Kingdom. He has written, directed and produced documentary films since 1973. This collection contains administrative records and production files from Batty's television mini-series, The Divided Union.
Collection ID: VAE1552

Robert Goodman collection, 1958-2006, bulk 1987-1994

Robert Goodman (born 1953) is a writer, director, producer, and educator from Pennsylvania. He has produced documentaries, commercials, marketing videos, and other non-theatrical film and video works since 1977. Goodman has served as CEO of Goodman Associates, Inc. since its inception in 1986. This collection contains administrative records, professional activity documentation, and production files from Goodman's career.
Collection ID: VAE0789

Teaching Film Custodians paper collection, 1960-1962

Teaching Film Custodians, Inc. (TFC) began in the 1920s and merged with Indiana University in 1973. The mission of the company was to provide educational films to schools, colleges and universities and to promote the value of the motion picture. This collection of paper materials consists of dubbed newsreel scripts in five languages and their English translations.
Collection ID: VAE3472