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The University Archives at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) was created in April, 1975 by Vice President and Chancellor Glenn W. Irwin, Jr. to serve as the official repository for University records that have long-term historical, administrative, legal, and/or fiscal value. It accessions such records by authority of the University’s administration, preserves them for future use, and organizes them for controlled access. Its primary purpose is to serve the administrative, teaching, research, and public service needs of the University and other user communities. In order to fulfill this purpose, the University Archives collects as comprehensively as possible those records that have enduring value to documenting the history of IUPUI, its administration, and the schools, programs, and services that it administers.

Our Collections

Department of Athletics Records, 1971-2005

Records from the Department of Athletics, which oversees the intercollegiate athletics programs at IUPUI.
Collection ID: UA085

Department of Economics Records, 1969-1991

The Department of Economics is a unit of the School of Liberal Arts. The department was formed from the merger of faculties from the Indiana University-Indianapolis Downtown Campus and the Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension on the creation of IUPUI. Records include correspondence, minutes, reports, publications, and other materials.
Collection ID: UA006

Department of Physical Therapy Records, 1926-1990

Physical therapy has long had a presence in the treatment offered in the Indiana University hospitals. In 1956 a bachelor of science program in physical therapy was established under the division of Allied Health in the School of Medicine. Graduate programs in physical therapy were later established. The Department of Physical Therapy is currently under the IU School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Records include correspondence, reports, patient files, publications, and other materials.
Collection ID: UA030

Department of Religious Studies Records, 1831-1995

At the time of the formation of IUPUI, there was no departmental organization for the religion courses and faculty; courses were taught by associate faculty from nearby private colleges or IU Bloomington and supervised by the Philosophy Department. Soon, however, the Department of Religious Studies was created under the School of Liberal Arts. Records include primarily materials from conferences sponsored by the department and materials from faculty member Jan Shipps.
Collection ID: UA013

Herron School of Art and Design Records, 1902-2014

The Herron School of Art and Design has provided instruction in both fine and commercial art since 1902. Founded by the Art Association of Indianapolis as part of the John Herron Art Institute, the school became part of the Indiana University system in 1967 and one of the schools of IUPUI in 1969. The school's faculty, students, and alumni have won several prestigious awards and gained national recognition for their work. The school was located in buildings at 16th and Pennsylvania Streets until 2005, when it moved into Eskenazi Hall on the IUPUI campus. Records include correspondence, minutes, reports, newsletters, exhibition programs and promotional material, publications, videotapes, and glass slides.
Collection ID: UA026

Human Resources Administration Records, 1953-2005

Previously called the Personnel Division or Office of Personnel Services, Human Resources Administration reports to the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. Records include correspondence, reports, personnel policies, publications, and other materials.
Collection ID: UA067

Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System (IHETS) Records, ca. 1953-2007

This collection contains the records of the Indiana Higher Education Telecommunications Service (IHETS) and its related entities. IHETS arose from the passage of the Indiana Higher Education Telecommunications Act by the Indiana General Assembly on March 11, 1967. The service oversaw statewide telecommunications systems connecting university campuses and partner institutions, including voice, video, and data networks.
Collection ID: UA075

Indiana University Medical Center Records, 1898-1997

The Indiana University Medical Center is the collective administrative identity of the hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other facilities that provide medical services in conjunction with the Indiana University School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, and School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Long, Coleman, Riley, University, and Wishard hospitals fall under the administrative aegis of the IUMC. Records include correspondence, minutes, reports, financial data, patient records, and other records.
Collection ID: UA078

IU Board of Trustees Records, 1966-2012

The Indiana University Board of Trustees is the governing body of Indiana University. By agreement in the merger of the Indianapolis campuses of Indiana University and Purdue University in 1969, the resulting IUPUI would be governed by the IU Board of Trustees. Records include minutes, agendas, and other records.
Collection ID: UA081

IU-Indianapolis Downtown Campus Records, 1915-1985

Indiana University started offering regular classes in Indianapolis in 1891. An Extension Division was created in 1912 and began to offer a small number of courses for credit. A gradual increase of class offerings and enrollments in Indianapolis occurred in the following decades. The university occupied a variety of buildings in downtown Indianapolis over the years in what over time became known as the Downtown Campus (DTC). Courses in liberal arts, social sciences, mathematics, and the natural sciences were offered by the Downtown Campus, whereas Indiana University's professional schools located in Indianapolis (i.e., the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Law, etc.) offered separate programs loosely connected to the other. The creation of IUPUI in 1969 more closely fused the various separate entities of Indiana University in Indianapolis together. Records include correspondence, minutes, reports, publications, and other materials.
Collection ID: UA059

IUPUI Office for Women Records, 1983-2000

IUPUI administrators created the IUPUI Task Force on the Status of Women Faculty in 1994 to investigate how women were appointed and promoted on the campus and to assess the campus climate for women's success. The task force recommended in 1996 the creation of a campus office to facilitate improvements on the IUPUI campus for women. Administrators created the IUPUI Office for Women (OFW) in October, 1996, with the goal to improve the campus environment for women faculty, staff, and students. The director of OFW also serves as chair of the newly created IUPUI Commission on Women to develop opportunities and improve equity and the campus envirnment for women. Records include minutes, correspondence, reports, and publications.
Collection ID: UA092

IUPUI University Theatre Records, 1968-1996

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, University Theatre existed from 1968 to 1993 under the direction of Drs. J. Edgar and Dorothy Webb, during which more than 98 full-length theatrical productions were presented. Originating in the basement of the Marott Building at 902 N. Meridian Street, the theatre was moved to the Mary Cable Building on the main campus in 1981. Beginning in 1976, touring productions of children's theatre provided full-length, fully-staged and costumed plays for school- age children throughout central Indiana. In 1983, Dr. Dorothy Webb initiated a national children's theatre playwriting competition, which is ongoing and now known as the Waldo M. and Grace C. Bonderman IUPUI National Youth Theatre Playwriting Competition. University Theatre was closed in 1993 because of heavy budget cuts sustained by the School of Liberal Arts and a theatre major was no longer offered by IUPUI. The records consist of materials related to the University Theatre productions, the Children's Theatre productions, the National Youth Playwriting Competition and Symposium, grants awarded and administrative records.
Collection ID: UA003

IUPUI Women's Club Records, 1968-1985

This collection contains the records of IUPUI Women's Club, a social club of IUPUI women employees. The club started as the Women's University Club of Indiana University, Indianapolis in 1968 and changed its name in 1970 when Indiana University merged its Indianapolis programs with Purdue University. Constitution and bylaws, materials related to membership, meeting minutes, finance committee's papers and materials related to programs are included.
Collection ID: UA071

Jan Shipps Papers, 1970-2005

This collection contains the papers of Professor Jan Shipps, a faculty member at IUPUI from 1973-1995. She taught in the Departments of History and Religious Studies and in the American Studies Program. She served as the director of the Center for American Studies and as a research associate for the POLIS Center. She is a nationally recognized expert on Mormonism and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This collection contains correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, and research materials relating to Shipps's work as a faculty member and administrator and to her research interests.
Collection ID: UA101

Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Records, 1959-2021

The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University (COP) was established at IUPUI in 1987.The Center began offering academic courses in 1988. The Center also conducted research in various aspects of philanthropy and worked with other academic centers around the country involved in Philanthropic Studies on projects designed to educate the public about philanthropy and to increase philanthropic activity. In 2012 the IU Board of Trustees voted to establish the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, and the school was formally inaugurated in 2013. The records in this collection detail the academic, research, and service activities of the school and document its relationship to other academic institutions and organizations involved in philanthropy and philanthropic studies. The records include correspondence, minutes, reports, and publications.
Collection ID: UA018

Nutrition and Dietetics, Department of, 1920-2000

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Indiana University Purdue University- Indianapolis (IUPUI) was founded in 1918. The department offered a graduate-level dietetic internship program where interns worked at Indiana University Medical Center and Riley Hospital for Children.
Collection ID: UA102

Office of the Chancellor Records, 1914-2017

This collection contains the records of the Office of the Chancellor. The chancellor is the chief executive officer of IUPUI and oversees the development and the operation of the campus. In 1974 the chancellor received the additional title of vice president of Indiana University and in the title was changed to executive vice president of Indiana University. The chancellor is also IUPUI's principal representative to the general community.
Collection ID: UA041

Office of the Dean of the Faculties/Executive Vice Chancellor Records, 1966-2007

This collection contains the records of the Office of the Dean of the Faculties and of the Executive Vice Chancellor. The dean of the faculties is the chief academic officer at IUPUI and oversees the development and administration of academic programs, faculty appointments, professional development, promotion and tenure, and academic support operations. The executive vice chancellor is the second highest ranking administrator in the IUPUI administration. The title was created in 1973, and generally the person holding that position has also been the dean of the faculties. The collection includes correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, university publications, and files documenting the dean of the faculties/executive vice chancellor's role in the development of IUPUI's academic programs and the administrator's involvement with community, regional, and national organizations.
Collection ID: UA044

Office of University Architect Records, 1945-1983

The Office of University Architect is a separate unit, based at Indiana University Bloomington, with an office on the IUPUI campus. The office plans and coordinates building and infrastructure projects, and works closely with Campus Facilities Services and the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. Architectural drawings for IUPUI campus buildings and facilities are housed separately. Records include building and construction specifications, manuals, and other materials.
Collection ID: UA065

Purdue University. Indianapolis Campus Records, 1941-1976

Purdue University began to offer technical training courses in Indianapolis during World War Two (1939-1945) in cooperation with a federal government program to prepare for wartime industrial production needs. Purdue's Indianapolis presence continued after the end of the war, at first cooperating with the Indiana University Extension Division in Indianapolis to offer liberal arts and social sciences courses to Purdue students, and later in developing its own general education coursework as well as deepening its engineering and sciences offerings. In the 1950s Purdue acquired property on East 38th Street in Indianapolis and in 1961 opened its new building there housing its Indianapolis Extension operation. With the creation of IUPUI in 1969 the East 38th Street campus continued to serve as a place for science and engineering classes until new buildings were completed downtown on the IUPUI campus.
Collection ID: UA060

Purdue University Records, 1943-1997

Purdue University was founded as a state Land Grant university in 1869 at West Lafayette, Indiana. It has created several regional, or extension, campuses, including a campus in Indianapolis (see UA-060, Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension) that became IUPUI. Records include correspondence, minutes, reports, bulletins, publications, and other records.
Collection ID: UA079

School of Medicine Records, 1848-2013

The Indiana University School of Medicine emerged from a number of private, proprietary medical schools that existed in Indianapolis in the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. The most important of these private medical schools were the Medical College of Indiana and the College of Physicians and Surgeons, both of which operated in Indianapolis. In the first decade of the twentieth century efforts began to try to merge these private schools under the state universities then in Indiana, Purdue University and Indiana University. The merger of several medical schools under Purdue University was short-lived. In 1903 Indiana University established first year (classroom) medical studies at Bloomington, and in 1907 merged with the Medical College of Indiana and the remnant of the Purdue medical school to establish clinical instruction in Indianapolis. In subsequent years the School of Medicine was housed in Indianapolis on a large campus with several hospitals, clinical, and research facilities. First year medical studies were moved to Indianapolis by the 1950s.
Collection ID: UA073

School of Physical Education and Tourism Management Records, 1873-2009

The Indiana University School of Physical Education opened in 1866 as a private school for the instruction of gymnastic teachers and is the oldest continuously operated school of physical education in the country. The school's faculty and graduates have played a major role in the introduction of physical education into the public school curriculum and in the development of physical education as a discipline. The school, first known as the Turnlehrerseminar (Gymnastic Teachers' Seminary) and then as the Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union, was started by the American Turners, an athletic, cultural, and social organization founded by German immigrants in 1850. The school originally trained instructors for the athletic programs run by Turner societies, but by the late nineteenth century many of the school's graduates were teaching in public schools as school systems began adding physical education to their curriculum. The Normal College, which moved to Indianapolis in 1907, merged with Indiana University in 1941. In 1946 the school became a department within the Indiana University School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, then in 1971 became an autonomous school under its current name. Records include correspondence, minutes, faculty and student records, financial records, alumni records, publications, and other records.
Collection ID: UA036