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The IU Paleontology Collection was formally established as a public trust research repository for fossil material in 1903. The Collection is available for study by the international scientific community and it contains more than a thousand nomenclatorial type specimens, 1.3 million fossil specimen lots, and thousands of photographs, negatives, 35mm slides, manuscripts, and field notebooks detailing the history of paleobiological research at Indiana University.

Our Collections

Alan Stanley Horowitz Media Materials, ca. 1940-1999

Alan Stanley Horowitz was curator of paleontology and part time professor of geology at Indiana University from 1966-1996. His collection consists of materials relating to his research interests and position at IU, including geological and paleontological research, publications, and records relating to professional organizations with which he was involved.
Collection ID: PC005

Charles Deiss Media Materials, 1928-1947

Charles Deiss was the chair of the Department of Geological Sciences and the Indiana State Geologist. Deiss is well-known for his work on Cambrian faunas and stratigraphy from western North America.
Collection ID: PC004

Donald E. Hattin Media Materials, ca. 1959-2016

Donald E. Hattin served as a professor of geology at Indiana University from 1954 to 1995. His collection consists primarily of materials relating to his research, published works, and teaching files.
Collection ID: PC006

Edgar Roscoe Cumings Published Research Media Materials, 1908

Edgar Roscoe Cumings was a long-time chair of the Geology Department of Indiana University from 1904 to 1942. Cumings notably led work on the Cincinnatian (Late Ordovician) of Indiana, the Silurian reefs in the northern part of the state, and on the fauna of the Salem Limestone.
Collection ID: PC003

Jesse James Galloway Media Materials, 1947-1959

Jesse James Galloway was a professor of Geology and Paleontology at IU from 1931-1953. Galloway’s collection consists of materials relating to foraminifera, stromatoporoids, and bryozoans.
Collection ID: PC002

N. Gary Lane Media Materials, bulk, ca. 1973-1995

Norman Gary Lane was a geology and paleontology professor at IU from 1973-1995. The Lane collection consists of media materials and research notes relating to his work spanning the period from 1973 to 1995.
Collection ID: PC001