Wylie House Museum

Wylie House Museum

317 East 2nd Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47401, United States
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Built in 1835 by Indiana University’s first president, Wylie House Museum is now part of the IU Libraries and is open to the public for guided tours. A rich archival collection contains thousands of Wylie letters that span more than a century, hundreds of photographs, and ephemera.

Our Collections

Andrew Wylie, Jr. Family Collection, 1821–1945

The Wylie family members represented in this collection are all family or in-laws of Andrew Wylie, Jr., eldest son of Indiana University's first president, Andrew Wylie. The collection consists of correspondence written by Andrew Wylie Jr., his father, his wife, his siblings, aunts and uncles. Also included are letters written by Wylie's father-in-law, Daniel Bryan, other members of the Bryan family, and a few from other individuals.
Collection ID: 2010.4.1

Elizabeth Bishop and Louise Bradley Collection, 1924-1979

The Elizabeth Bishop and Louise Bradley Collection, 1924-1979, consists of letters and other writings by poet Elizabeth Bishop, 1911-1979, and the 1930-1933 diary of her friend Louise Bradley, 1908-1979.
Collection ID: 2014.003.0001

Morton C. Bradley, Jr. Correspondence, 1919-1970

Morton C. Bradley, Jr. was a great-grandson of Theophilus A. and Rebecca D. Wylie of Bloomington, Indiana. He was born and lived his whole life in Arlington, MA and went to Europe on a Bacon Scholarship in 1934 to study art. Later in life, he became a well-respected paintings conservator, sculptor, and collector of 19th century paintings. The bulk of this collection consists of the letters he wrote home to his family while in Europe (1934-1936).
Collection ID: 2005.3.2146

Theophilus Adam Wylie Family Correspondence, 1806-1930, bulk 1850-1930

The individuals represented in this collection are primarily members of the Theophilus A. Wylie family, immediate and extended. However, there are many hundreds of letters written to the family by friends far and wide. The bulk of the collection dates from 1850 through 1930, roughly the lifespan of Louisa Wylie Boisen, daughter of Theophilus A. and Rebecca D. Wylie, who was largely responsible for preserving the letters. The entire body of correspondence was part of the bequest to Wylie House Museum from Morton C. Bradley, Jr., great-grandson of Theophilus A. Wylie.
Collection ID: 2005.003.2849

The Wylie, Boisen and Bradley Families' Papers & Ephemera, 1802-1991, bulk 1870-1920

The families represented in this collection are all family members or descendants of Theophilus Adam Wylie of Indiana University. Many of the earliest family members were closely associated with the university themselves. The collection includes legal documents, essays and biographical writings, financial records, business records, newspaper clippings, wedding invitations, academic records, journals, programs and drawings. The collection has been collated together from ephemera discovered amongst correspondence, books from the Theophilus Adam Wylie Library and papers held by Morton Bradley Jr.
Collection ID: 2005.003.1848