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1. Albeville mss., 1653-1690 1 Linear Feet (1 box)

The Albeville mss., 1653-1690, consists of documents related to the Glorious Revolution of 1688 in Great Britain, including letters to Marquis d'Albeville Ignatius White, 1626-1694.

3. Beckman mss., 1940-1966 4 Linear Feet (4 boxes)

Beckman, Fredrik Woods, 1886?-1978.
The Beckman mss., 1940-1966, consists of the papers and correspondence of United World Federalists leader Fredrik Woods Beckman, 1886-1978.

5. Berry mss. II, 1937-1982 3 Linear Feet (3 boxes)

Berry, Burton Yost, 1901-1985
The Berry mss. II, 1937-1982, consist of the correspondence of United States diplomat and antique collector Burton Yost Berry, 1901-1985.

6. Bowers mss., 1911-1949 1 Linear Feet (1 box)

Bowers, Claude G. (Claude Gernade), 1879-1958
The Bowers mss., 1911-1949, consists of the correspondence of newspaperman and diplomat Claude Gernade Bowers, 1878-1958.

8. Bowers mss. III, 1868-1972 6 Linear Feet (6 boxes)

Bowers, Claude G. (Claude Gernade), 1879-1958
The Bowers mss. III, 1868-1972, consist of correspondence, speeches, writings, photographs, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia relating to Claude Gernade Bowers. The correspondence, dating from 1902-1972, is chiefly between members of the Bowers family, with almost five hundred letters from Sybil (McCaslin) Bowers to Claude Bowers before their marriage. Of particular interest are the letters of the 1930's written by Bowers to his daughter Patricia, giving information about personalities and events in Spain. There are also a number of letters from Holman Hamilton to Patricia Bowers.

9. Burton mss., 1940-1967 153 items (1 box)

The Burton mss., 1940-1967 and 1976, are the papers of Lindley James Burton, 1921-1968, professor of Mathematics at Lake Forest College, Illinois, concerning various phases of the work of the United World Federalists movement in Illinois.

10. Butler mss., 1835-1937 10597 items

Butler, Amos W. 1860-1937.
The Butler mss., 1835-1937, includes papers, 1877-1937, of Amos William Butler, 1860-1937, zoologist, anthropologist, and sociologist, and a few papers, 1835-1871, of his father, William Wallace Butler, 1810-1903, merchant and farmer.