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The Indiana University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Repository works towards providing historical and archaeological information about the peoples of Indiana and the Midwest. Holdings include the Great Lakes/Ohio Valley Ethnohistory Collection, as well as the institutional records of the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology and the manuscripts of prominent regional archaeologists.

Our Collections

Glenn A. Black Mss, 1917-1970

The Glenn Black Papers, 1917-1970 consists of the files of the first State Archaeologist for Indiana and former Indiana University professor, Glenn Black, 1900-1964, primarily relating to his research and archaeological digs at Native American sites.
Collection ID: MSS0002

Great Lakes - Ohio Valley Ethnohistory Collection, 1953-1966

The Great Lakes-Ohio Valley Ethnohistory Collection, 1953-1966, is a unique assemblage of primary and secondary resources pertaining to the Native American occupancy of the region. These items were assembled to support the Great Lakes-Ohio Valley Ethnohistory Project. This U.S. Department of Justice funded research activity was responsible for the preparation of in-depth reports concerning American Indian land use and tenure. These reports were intended to be used in the government's defense against cases involving alleged treaty inequities and which were brought before the Indian Claims Commission, a body and a process authorized by federal legislation signed into law on August 13, 1946.
Collection ID: 2014/001

Griffin, James B. (James Bennett) Mss., 1946-1952

The historical narrative of Walam Olum has multiple spellings and translations. For the purposes of this finding aid, the narrative will be spelled Walam Olum. The collection consists of manuscripts, records, and correspondence compiled by archeologist James B. Griffin concerning the Delaware project, a series of archeological sites based in the Delaware River Valley in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. The project was an effort by the Indiana Historical Society to identify the material culture of the Delaware Indians located in the Delaware River Valley in order to see if Indiana had traces of the same material culture.
Collection ID: 2016-001

Institutional History Mss, 1966-1969, bulk 1962-1985

Prior to the Glenn A. Black Lab of Archeology, the Indiana Historical Society was the only institution in Indiana assuming the responsibility for local prehistory including: an active program of site survey, excavation, preservation, basic research, publication, and student training. In the 1960s, the Indiana Historical Society proposed transferring their material holdings to Indiana University, which included a monetary grant to construct and equip an archeological laboratory on the Bloomington campus. Materials included in the transfer from the Indiana Historical Society to the Glenn A. Black Lab of Archeology included: state archeological survey files, the Society's artifact collection, library, physical equipment, and the Angel Mounds State Memorial. The archeological lab was named in honor of Indiana's Historical Society archeologist, Glenn A. Black and dedicated in 1971.
Collection ID: 2017.001

Peebles, C.S. Papers, 1963-2012

The Peebles, C.S. Papers, 1963-2012, work included in this collection covers topics in pre-Columbian morturary practices, geophysical application in archaeology, information technology, and others. Records in this collection consists of his teaching materials; data from archaeological research including field notes, artifact drawings, photographs, burial records, and excavation maps, primarily from the pre-Columbian sites of Moundville and Lubbub Creek; published and unpublished archaeology monographs; Computing and technology records and correspondences; and GBL administrative records.
Collection ID: 2015.003

Reports of Investigations of the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology, 1964-2019

Reports of Investigation (ROIs) created by the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology or their Cultural Resource Management (CRM) office from 1964-2019.
Collection ID: ROIGBL

The Eli Lilly Archaeology Papers, 1885-1977

The Eli Lilly Archaeology Papers, 1885-1997, consists of correspondences specifically relating to archaeology.
Collection ID: 2014/002