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The Indiana University Archives is the largest and most comprehensive source of information on the history and culture of IU. This site includes finding aids for the records of university and campus organizations as well as the personal papers of IU faculty, staff, and alumni.

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Indiana University Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance records, 1925-2015, bulk 1945-1975

49 cubic feet (51 boxes) Collection ID: C299
The Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance originated in the Department of Speech beginning in 1945. The Department offers courses and degrees in theatre, drama, and contemporary dance. This collection contains administrative records from before and after the Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance had split from the Department of Speech. It also contains records and production materials from the University Theatre, Brown County Playhouse, Indiana Theatre Company, and IU Theatre Circle.

Indiana University Student Association records, 1953-2010, bulk 1973-2010

79.6 cubic feet (82 boxes) Collection ID: C234
Student government at Indiana University was officially formed in April 1948 due in large part to the influence of IU President Herman B Wells. Following a series of name changes, student government in 1973 became known as the Indiana University Student Association (IUSA). In 2019 they changed their name again to Indiana University Student Government (IUSG). This collection consists of the records of the IUSA including: Meeting minutes and agendas; resolutions; administrative files; records of the IUSA President , Vice-President for Senate/ Congress, Vice- President for Administration, Treasurer and the Supreme Court; association, committee and department files; and issue, project and subject files. These records primarily cover the period from 1973-2010.

Leon E. Pettiway's National Institute on Drug Abuse research, 1988-1993, bulk 1990-1992

28.4 cubic feet (29 boxes) Collection ID: C579
Leon E. Pettiway was a professor of criminology at Indiana University from 1994-2012. One of his major contributions to the field were a product of his research for the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) where he employed the assistance of former offenders and recovered drug users to conduct interviews of active drug users and offenders in North Philadelphia. This collection consists of interviews conducted as part of that project as well as the data that resulted from them.

Claire Robertson papers, 1964-2012

31.8 cubic feet (40 boxes) Collection ID: C633
Claire Robertson is an Emeritus Professor of Women's Studies and History at Ohio State University and has been a visiting scholar, lecturer, and adjunct professor at Indiana University, Bloomington at various times since 1978. This collection consists of a portion of Robertson's teaching materials, research, and writings on the history and culture of women in Africa, as well as records related to her career and professional activities at Indiana University.

Indiana University Board of Trustees minutes, 1835-1859, 1883-2017

17.4 cubic feet Collection ID: C218
The Indiana University Trustees serve as the governing board of the university. Created in 1820, the current Board meets six times per year. Among the Board's powers are their capacity to possess all the real and personal property of the university; to expend the income of the university; and to all bylaws necessary to carry these powers into effect. The minutes in this collection include official acts, resolutions, policies, agreements, and other business pertaining to the governance of Indiana University between 1838-1859 and 1883-2017.

Indiana University Faculty Council records, 1947-1970, bulk 1961-1969

6.4 cubic feet Collection ID: C181
The Indiana University Board of Trustees created the Faculty Council in 1947 as a representative council that would conduct the everyday business of the university in close relationship with the administration. With a major university restructuring in 1969, the Council was divided into the current Bloomington Faculty Council and University Faculty Council system. Contained in the collection are the Faculty Council's agendas, minutes, and supporting documents. The collection is organized into four series: Minutes and Agendas, Annual Summaries, Circulars, and Supporting documents.

Union Board records, 1912-2021, bulk 1922-2010

38.4 cubic feet (39 boxes) Collection ID: C409
The Union Board serves as the governing body for the Indiana Memorial Union, which organizes various events and activities for students on the Indiana University Bloomington campus. Established in 1909, the Union Board has since developed into the largest student programming body at Indiana University. The Collection consists of minutes of Union Board meetings and a variety of administrative documents and materials related to past programs, activities, and events.

Indiana University Student Senate records, 1938-1996, bulk 1944-1973

9.6 cubic feet (15 boxes) Collection ID: C206
The Indiana University Student Senate was formed in 1948 due in large part to the influence of IU President Herman B Wells. The Student Senate was charged with upholding the ideals proclaimed in the Student Government Constitution. This collection is predominantly comprised of administrative files such as meetings minutes, bills and resolutions, and subject files covering the period 1938 through 1979.

Bloomington Faculty Council records, 1969-2019

20.2 cubic feet Collection ID: C179
The origins of the Bloomington Faculty Council can be traced back to a University reorganization begun by university president Elvis J. Stahr. In 1969 the Bloomington Faculy began their own council for policy and academic decisions, as the University Faculty Council became a legislative body for all faculty in the Indiana University system. This collection consists of the agendas, minutes, circulars and supporting documents of the Bloomington Faculty Council, the governing body of the university faculty on the Indiana University -Bloomington campus. The collection is organized into six series: Agendas, Minutes, Circulars, Supporting documents, Committee Files, and Subject Files.

Indiana University Faculty Council records, 1969-2015

9.2 cubic feet (23 boxes) Collection ID: C180
The origins of the University Faculty Council can be traced back to a University reorganization begun by university president Elvis J. Stahr. In 1969 the University Faculty began a council for policy and academic decisions for the broader multi-campus University system, as the Bloomington Faculty Council became a legislative body for the faculty on the Bloomington Campus. This collection consists of the agendas, minutes, circulars and supporting documents of the University Faculty Council, the governing body of the university faculty throughout the Indiana University system.

Indiana University Commission on Multicultural Understanding records, 1979-2010

12.8 cubic feet (14 boxes) Collection ID: C676
The Commission on Multicultural Understanding was established in 1982 at Indiana University. The organization strove to make IU an environment in which students could feel safe and at home, regardless of race, age, religion, ability, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. The collection consists of minutes, reports, and correspondence regarding the yearly operation of the organization as well as details audiovisual and other educational resources on topics such as race, religion, gender identity, sexual identity, sexuality, and rape awareness.

Indiana University Council records, 1929-1940, bulk 1930-1936

.3 cubic feet Collection ID: C233
The University Council was created by a vote of the general faculty on 10 January 1929. The purpose of this group was to consider any question of academic policy affecting the University as a whole. This collection is organized into three series: Minutes, Reports and recommendations, and Memos.

Borns Jewish Studies Program records, 1972-2010

13 cubic feet Collection ID: C407
The Robert. A. and Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program was established on the Bloomington campus in 1972 with the aid of a Lilly Endowment. It is now one of the largest and oldest programs supporting the interdisciplinary study of the Jewish people and civilization. The collection consists of the program's administrative and subject files documenting the creation and growth of the program and includes correspondence, reports, newsletters, videos, and photographic material.

Indiana University Strategic Directions Charter records, 1994-1998

6.4 cubic feet (7 boxes) Collection ID: C60
The Strategic Directions Charter is an initiative enacted by Indiana University President Myles Brand in 1995 in response to acknowledged fundamental changes in the environment for higher education. The Charter's goal is to enact institutional changes and plans which will sustain the University's excellence, enabling it to emerge as a model for America's New Public University. A steering committee and topical task forces were created to guide Strategic Directions Charter initiatives and review proposed projects for funding. The collection includes administrative documents as well as files from funded and un-funded proposals submitted for rounds one, two, and three (1996-1998) of the Strategic Directions Charter initiative.

Indiana University Athenian Society records, 1830-1886, bulk 1840-1865

2 cubic feet (3 boxes) Collection ID: C135
One of the two chief literary societies on campus, the Athenian Society was founded at Indiana University in 1830. Literary societies gave students practice in speaking and writing through regular orations, essays, and debates, as well as filling a social role. Collection consists of minutes, correspondence, publications, addresses, and announcements. The Publication series includes copies of the Athenian, a monthly periodical of writings submitted by members of the Athenian Society that were of "a high literary character," including what the editors considered "chaste and elevated literature." These span December 1845 through November 1846. Most prominent in the collection are the minutes from the weekly meeting of the Society.

Indiana University faculty minutes, 1835-1964, bulk 1835-1947

18 Boxes Collection ID: C236
General meetings of the Indiana University faculty began in 1835, to discuss the industriousness of its students, calling student rolls, and hearing reports on the work and standing of each of the students. Disciplinary measures, dismissals, and exams for students were also discussed during many of the meetings throughout the nineteenth century. By the 1920s, the faculty had grown to such a point that it was necessary to create a representative body of the faculty, but the faculty as a whole continued to meet with some regularity. Today the faculty body rarely meet, but may be convened by the IU president, the Secretary of the University Faculty Council, or on petition signed by voting faculty members numbering no less than 5% of all voting faculty members.

Indiana University Cyclotron Facility Cooler Storage Ring records, 1980-2006

6 cubic feet (6 boxes) Collection ID: C692
The "Indiana Cooler" storage ring at the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility (IUCF) was a storage ring for light ions, consisting of a circular magnet lattice of about 100 meters in circumference. The storage ring was built to facilitate the novel technology of electron cooling, which made possible the use of an internal target and enabled unprecedented experiments in nuclear research. The collection includes research notes, log books, administrative documents, correspondence, research proposals, photographs, and illustrations related to the operations of the Cooler storage ring and the nuclear research output that was produced with the use of the Cooler.

David H. Weaver papers, 1969-1996, bulk 1980-1996

4 cubic feet (4 boxes) Collection ID: C389
David H. Weaver was a professor in the Indiana University School of Journalism from 1974 to 2011. As a professor, he had a primary focus on teaching research methods and political communication to graduate students and in his earlier years, beginning news writing and editing and public opinion to undergraduates. The content of this collection consists of subject files relating to his publications, research, and professional activities and includes correspondence, drafts and publications, press releases, as well as conference and committee files.

Joseph Charles Muhler papers, 1919-1997, bulk 1955-1977

25.6 cubic feet (27 boxes) Collection ID: C356
Joseph C. Muhler was an assistant professor of chemistry at Indiana University from 1951 to 1972, and research professor of dental science and director of the School of Dentistry's Dental Research Institute from 1972 until his retirement in 1984. Muhler was the leader of the team that developed the original formula for Crest toothpaste in the 1950s, and his interests included that of preventative dentistry and its practices. The collection consists primarily of papers related to Dr. Muhler's research interests and his activities at IU, including original research, publications, correspondence, teaching files, student theses and materials relating to professional organizations. Records related to his Crest research are included in the collection.

Grunwald Gallery of Art records, 1970-2015, bulk 1990-2015

4 cubic feet (4 boxes) Collection ID: C581
Since 1983, the Grunwald Gallery of Art, formerly the School of Fine Arts Gallery (SoFA), has presented contemporary works by both professional and student artists in a special exhibition format. The records in this collection include exhibition publicity, audio and visual materials, and photographic slides spanning 1970-2015.