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5. ZANUCK MSS. II, 1954-1969 10 Items (Short Box ALF)

Zanuck, Darryl Francis, 1902-1979
The Zanuck mss. II, ca. 1954-1969, consist of a collection of letters by the Academy Award-winning film producer Darryl F. Zanuck to his wife Virginia Zanuck.
Zanuck, Darryl Francis, 1902-1979
The Zanuck mss., 1935-1951, consist of inter-office correspondence and notes to and from Darryl Francis Zanuck, 1902-1979, producer, and other officials of the Twentieth Century-Fox film studio.

7. Young mss., 1941-1974 9 Boxes (8 boxes, 1 oversize)

Young, Harry L.
Consists of prompt scripts, ground plans and elevations, light plots, sound plots and type recordings, property and costume plots, and printed playbills for twenty-seven New York stage productions.
Young, Frederick Charles
The Young, Louisa mss., 1914-1919, consist of World War I correspondence to Louisa (Louie) Young of Bath, England, primarily from her son, Private Fred C. Young, who served with the British Army in India and Mesopotamia.
Yellen, Samuel, 1906-1983
The Yellen mss., 1863-1968, consist of the correspondence and writings of Samuel Yellen, 1906-1983, author and professor of English at Indiana University at Bloomington.

12. Yeats mss., 1889-1954 109 Items

Yeats, W. B., 1865-1939
The Yeats mss., 1889-1954, consists of letters and writings of William Butler Yeats, 1865-1939, and materials about him, collected by Allan Wade, 1881-1955, compiler of A Bibliography of the Writings of W. B. Yeats... (London, 1951), and editor of The Letters of W. B. Yeats... (New York, 1955).

13. Wyndham mss., 1813-1841 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Wyndham, Charles, 1796-1866
The Wyndham mss., 1813-1841, consist of letters from Charles Wyndham, 1796-1866, army officer, to his father, Sir George O'Brien Wyndham, 3rd earl of Egremont, 1751-1837, patron of art; to his sister Charlotte Wyndham, 1795-?; and to his wife Hon. Elizabeth Anne (Hugh) Wyndham, ?-1873.

15. Wright mss., 1878-1907 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Wright, Thomas, 1859-1936
The Wright mss., 1878-1907, are letters and papers of Thomas Wright, 1859-1936, relating to his The Life of Walter Pater ... (London, Everett & Co., 1907), 2 volumes.

16. Wright, D. mss., 1955-1967 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Wright, David John, 1920-1994
The Wright, D. mss., 1955-1967, consist of letters and literary papers of David John Wright, 1920-1994, author. Included are also some letters to Martin Seymour-Smith, 1928-1998, poet.

19. Wrage mss., 1957 10 Items (1 folio)

Wrage, Klaus, 1891-1971
The Wrage mss., 1957, consist of sketches by Klaus Wrage, 1891-1971, illustrator, upon which some of the block prints in his Dante Blockbuch... [Eutin, am Kellersee], Handabzug- Holmpresse-Klaus Wrage, [1957], are based. (Lilly PQ4303 .W7).

21. Wordsworth mss. III, 1805-1956 7 Items (1 folio)

Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850
The Wordsworth mss. III, 1806-1956, consist of correspondence of William Wordsworth, 1770-1850, and of Mrs. Dorothy (Wordsworth) Dickson; a photograph of a chalk drawing of Wordsworth; and a photograph of Mrs. Dickson.
Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850
The Wordsworth mss. II, 1848-1909, consist of letters and papers of the family of William Wordsworth, 1770-1850, and their friends. They are concerned chiefly with family matters, financial accounts, and the welfare of Dora Wordsworth, 1858-1934, his granddaughter, after the death of her mother.

24. Storm mss., 1853-1958 8 linear feet (39 volumes; 2 folders)

Wooley, Elmer Otto, 1883-1964
The Storm mss., 1853-1958, consist of letters and articles of and pertaining to Theodor Storm, 1817-1888, author, assembled by Elmer Otto Wooley, 1883-1964, professor.

26. Wooley mss., 1862-1865 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Wooley, Carey A, 1839?-?
The Wooley mss., 1862-1865, comprise a collection of Civil War letters; a diary, January 1-July 11, 1865, and the discharge, July 5, 1865, of Cary A. Wooley, who was born in Ripley County, Indiana, in 1839? and enlisted on August 10, 1862.

27. Wood, W. mss., 2007-2008 0.6 linear feet (2 boxes)

Wood, Willard
The Wood, W. mss. consists of three corrected drafts, 2007, of Jean-Christophe Rufin's Le Parfum d'Adam, as translated by Willard Wood (The Scent of Adam) and a cd with accompanying text files.
Woodward, S.C.
The Woodward, S.C. mss., 1767-1961, consist of correspondence, autographs and pictures of actors, actresses, managers, dramatists, musicians, and other persons connected with the theatre from the collection of Sidney C. Woodward, journalist.

29. Woodward mss., 1844-1905 0.6 linear feet (2 boxes)

Woodward, John Trotter, 1819-1877
The Woodward mss., 1844-1905, consist of the correspondence of John Trotter Woodward, 1819-1877, physician of Buena Vista, Monroe County, Indiana, with his family and friends, accompanied by related family materials.

30. Wood, S. mss., 1898 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Wood, Stanley L., 1866-1928
The Wood, S. mss., 1898, consist of seven of the eight black and white watercolor illustrations by Stanley Llewellyn Wood, 1866-1928, for the book Convict 99. A True Story of Penal Servitude by Marie C. and Robert Leighton, published by Grant Richards, London, 1898.

32. Wood mss., 1862-1923 29 Items (13 volumes; 1 folder)

Wood, Hiram, 1819-1878
The Wood mss., 1862-1923, consist of the account books, deeds, etc. of Hiram Wood, 1819-1878, and his son Eugene Waldo Wood, 1848-1925.
Woodburn family.
The Woodburn mss. II, ca. 1911-1974, consist of letters and papers of the Woodburn family. The majority of the collection belongs to James Albert Woodburn, 1856-1943, and his son, James Gelston Woodburn, 1894-1980.

36. Boerner mss., 1779-2015 7 linear feet (4 boxes; 5 bound)

Wolzogen, Caroline von, 1763-1847
The Boerner mss., 1779-1828, consist of manuscripts, journals, and correspondence by and relating to German writers Caroline von Wolzogen, Oskar Seidlin, and Friedrich von Schiller, along with related research material from German literary scholar and Goethe researcher Peter Boerner.

40. Bernstein mss., 1931-1934 1 Linear Feet (1 folio)

Wolfe, Thomas
The Bernstein mss., 1931-1934, are photostats of correspondence between Thomas Wolfe, 1900-1938, novelist, and Mrs. Aline (Frankau) Bernstein, 1881-1955, stage set designer, and a book review by Wolfe.
Wokoun, William
Consists of radio scripts collected by psychologist William Wokoun, 1931-1984. The scripts are mostly for NBC-affiliated, Chicago-based programs and were collected by Wokoun when he worked part-time at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago as a high school and college student.

44. Wissing mss., 1994-2016 42.5 linear feet (34 boxes)

Wissing, Douglas A.
The Wissing mss., 1994-2016, consist of the papers of Indiana University alumnus and Bloomington-based journalist Douglas Wissing. The collection includes his freelance articles as well as several book projects, including two books on US aid to Afghanistan.

47. Winter mss., 1864-1906 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Winter, William, 1836-1917
The Winter mss., 1864-1906, consist of letters written to drama critic William Winter, 1836-1917, largely from theatrical or theatre-related people.

48. Winston mss., 1998-2008 30 Items (2 boxes)

Winston, Krishna
The Winston mss., ca. 1998 - 2011, consist of drafts of German literature translations by Krishna Winston, a professor in the German Studies Department at Wesleyan University.

49. Winston mss., ca. 1998-2011 2.5 linear feet (2 boxes)

Winston, Krishna.
The Winston mss., ca. 1998 - 2011, consist of drafts of German literature translations by Krishna Winston, a professor in the German Studies Department at Wesleyan University.
Wilson, William Edward, 1906-
The Wilson mss., 1891-1983, consists of the papers of William Edward Wilson, 1906-1988, Indiana University James A. Work Professor of English at Bloomington, Indiana, author, and newspaperman.
Wilson, Robert Alfred Jump, 1922-
The Wilson, R.A. mss., 1960-2001, consist of the correspondence of bookseller Robert Alfred Jump Wilson,1922-2016, and poet John Wieners, 1934-2002, related to the publishing of Wieners' Ace of Pentacles (Lilly PS3545 .I18 A62) in 1964.

54. Wilson, J.S. mss., 1918-1919 0.4 linear feet (1 box)

Wilson, James Sprigg
The Wilson, J.S. mss., 1918-1919, consist of a scrapbook of Colonel James Sprigg Wilson, Chief Surgeon of the American Expeditionary Force in Siberia for a year, relating to that expedition.

55. Wilson, H. D. mss., 1969-1992 12 linear feet

Wilson, H. D. (Henry Donald), 1923-2006
The Wilson, H. D. mss., 1969-1992, consist of correspondence, proposals, and other material related to H. Donald Wilson's involvement in the founding and development of LexisNexis.
Wilson, George Robert, 1867-1941
The Wilson, G.R. mss., 1913-1941, consist of the papers, manuscripts and Dubois County, Indiana, historical notes, compiled and often illustrated with pen and ink drawings, by teacher, surveyor, and historian George Robert Wilson, 1867-1941.

59. Willis mss., 1942-1945 6 Folders

Willis, Hugh Evander, 1875-1967
The Willis mss., 1942-1945, consist of letters and documents of Hugh Evander Willis, 1875-1967, professor of law at Indiana University, dealing with Professor Willis' plan for achieving lasting peace through a federation of the world and with his proposals for the constitution of the United Nations.
Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963
The Williams, W.C. mss. II, 1913-1978, consist of letters from poet William Carlos Williams, 1883-1963, to his son William Eric Williams, 1914-1995, most of which were written while William Eric was a college student, and of letters to Williams's widow, Florence (Herman) Williams, 1890-1976, or to his publisher at New Directions Press, James Laughlin, 1914- , pertaining to requests for Williams material by editors and researchers.
Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963
The Williams, W.C. mss., 1909-1955, consist of letters from poet William Carlos Williams, 1883-1963, to his wife Florence (Herman) Williams, 1890-1976, during their courtship years and those periods of separation caused by travel or hospitalization.

62. Calas mss., 1939-1945 26 Items (1 folder)

Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963
The Calas mss., 1939-1945 and 1967, consist of letters from William Carlos Williams, 1883-1963, poet, to Nicolas Calas, 1907-1989, art critic and educator. The material deals primarily with Williams' appraisal of Calas' critical writing and its effect on Williams' own work.

65. Williams, R. mss., 1862-1866 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Williams, Rudolph, 1844?-?
The Williams, R. mss., 1862-1866, are Civil War letters to and from Rudolph Williams, 1844?- , and William H. Rudulph, 1840?- , both of whom served in Company K, 111th regiment, Ohio infantry.
Williams, Oscar, 1900-1964
The Williams, Oscar mss., 1920-1966, consists primarily of correspondence, 1927-1966, notebooks, agreements, anthology material, poetry, and financial records of American poet and anthologist, Oscar Williams.
Williamson, Henry, 1895-1977
The Williamson, H. mss., 1924-1956, are letters from Henry Williamson, 1895-1977, author of Shallowford, North Devon, England, to Ann Thomas; writings by Williamson, and a Synopsis of the Years, 1931-1948, by Ann Thomas.

68. Williamson mss., 1885-1940 0.4 linear feet (1 box)

Williamson, George Charles, 1885-1940
The Williamson mss., 1885-1940, consist of correspondence and papers of George Charles Williamson, 1858-1942, author, relating to the Sette of Odd Volumes, a London society of which Williamson was a member.
Williams, Kenneth P. (Kenneth Powers), 1887-1958.
The Williams, K.P. mss., 1820-1958, consists of letters and papers of Kenneth Powers Williams, 1887-1958, professor of mathematics at Indiana University and author of Lincoln Finds a General.
Williams, Jonathan, 1750-1815.
The Williams, Jonathan mss., 1738-1869, consist of letters and papers of Jonathan Williams, 1750-1815, merchant and soldier, grand-nephew of Benjamin Franklin and first superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

72. Williams-Kuhn mss., 1921-1932 9 Items (1 folio)

Williams, Gaar, 1880-1935
The Williams - Kuhn mss., 1921-1932, are the pen and ink cartoons of Gaar Williams, 1880-1935, and Charles H. Kuhn, 1892-1989, both cartoonists for The Indianapolis News at one time.

74. Robinson mss., 1898-1990 1.5 linear feet

William H. Robinson, Ltd
The Robinson mss., 1930-1960, consist of materials relating to the firm of W.H. Robinson and to the careers of the Robinson brothers, Lionel (1897-1983) and Philip (1902-1991).

75. MacClintock mss., 1908-1928 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

William Darnall MacClintock
The MacClintock mss., 1908-1928, consists of the travel diaries of William Darnall MacClintock, 1858-1936, professor of English, written in the form of letters to his family.

77. Wiggs mss., 1874-1936 32 Items (1 box; 1 folio)

Wiggs, George Washington, 1853-1938
The Wiggs mss., 1874-1936, are the papers of George Washington Wiggs, 1853-1938, grain dealer on the Chicago Board of Trade, member of the Press Club of Chicago, and an Indiana University graduate of 1874.
Whitehouse, Francis M., 1848-1938
The Whitehouse, F. mss, 1848-1938, consist of architectural renderings, photographs, scratch board sketches, and pen & ink sketches of works produced by noted Chicago architect, Francis M. Whitehouse.
Whistler, Laurence, 1912-2000
The Whistler mss., 1963-1967, 1973, consist of correspondence of the British poet Sir (Alan Charles) Laurence Whistler with Jean Frampton, the typist of his memoir The Initials in the Heart (1964) and other works.

86. Asquith mss. II, 1881-1957 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Whibley, Charles, 1859-1930
The Asquith mss. II, 1881-1957, consists primarily of the letters of English writer and journalist Charles Whibley, 1859-1930, to English novelist Lady Cynthia Asquitch, 1887-1960.

87. Wharton mss., 1836-1975 2.5 linear feet (2 boxes; 1 folio)

Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937
The Wharton mss., 1836-1975 (bulk 1900-1937), consists of the correspondence, diaries, and writings of novelist Edith Newbold Jones Wharton, 1862-1937.
Wenning, Henry W., 1911-1987
The Wenning mss., 1958-1987, consists of appraisals, correspondence, invoices and sales records, and catalogues of Henry W. Wenning, 1911-1987, a rare book dealer specializing in modern first editions.

93. Wells mss., 1831-1938 0.1 Linear Feet (1 folio)

Wells, William
The Wells mss., 1831-1938, consists of correspondence from prominent statesmen and authors, some of which is addressed to Shakespearean commentator William Wells.

96. Welles mss., 1930-1950 120 Linear Feet (40 boxes, 147 bound radio scripts, 23 oversize folios, 30 LP boxes)

Welles, Orson, 1915-1985
The Welles mss., 1930-1950 (bulk 1936-1947), consists of the correspondence, papers, and memorabilia of actor, writer, producer, and director Orson Welles 1915-1985.

97. Welles mss. III, 1941-1958 0.4 linear feet (1 box)

Welles, Orson, 1915-1985.
The Welles mss. III, 1941-1958, consists of three original screenplays and one original play script by actor, writer, director, and producer Orson Welles, 1915-1985.

99. Weldon mss. II, 1992 0.2 linear feet (1 box)

Weldon, Fay, 1931-
The Weldon mss. II, 1992, consists of the manuscript, art work, and book production materials for A Question of Timing by British author Fay Weldon, 1931- .